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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 16, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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and won't say whether the suspect was armed. this is san jose's sixth officer involved shooting for the year. three of them have been fatal. in 2010, the police department had four incidents, one of them fatal. and in 2009, there were three officer-involved shootings, one of them also fatal. police say the rise in
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officer-involved shootings is part of a national trend. >> we can't really speculate as to what's driving the numbers to go up other than, you know, we can say that nationwide it seems there is a trend where individuals are more confrontational toward officers, so it is a dangerous field to be in at this point. >> in june, budget cuts forced the city to lay off 56 of its officers, but police say the department was restructured to keep the same number of officers r office on the street. there are some unanswered questions, ask in the coming days we hope to learn more about the suspect and what prompted the deadly shooting. >> thank you, kimberly. the state's largest group of doctors is taking a controversial position on marijuana. the california medical association is now calling for legalization, and the group adopted that position at its annual conference this weekend, becoming the first major medical group in the country to take
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that stance. at harbor side health center in oakland, patients claim marijuana can heal everything from arthritis to anxiety. he suffered a severe brain injury and says smoking marijuana keeps him from having seizures. >> seems to be good. i don't have any seizures and when i found myself not smoking, then i had a seizure. zlz but the proof of the medicinal value of cannabis requires more research which is one reason why the state's largest group of doctors is arguing for legalization. >> in the current situation it's called a category 1 which puts you in a category where you're unable to study it. >> the california medical association argues that marijuana should be legalized and regulated like tobacco and alcohol so science can prove or disprove claims made by marijuana advocates, including steve deangelo, harbor side's executive director. >> i'm 100% confident that as the cma and other researchers
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are given the opportunity to look for deeply into cannabis that they will find what i know, that it's a very effective medicine for a wide range of ailments. >> more important, the cma says its new position comes in response to a growing frustration that doctors are in a difficult situation. deciding whether to prescribe a drug that is legal under state law but illegal under federal law. the california police chief association is one of the cma's critics telling the "new york times," quote, given everything we know about the physiological impacts of marijuana, how it affects young brains, the number of accidents associated with driving under the influence, it's just an unbelievably irresponsible position. but deangelo, who is now in the fight with the irs over a $2.4 million tax penalty because of the questionable legality of his business predicts that once the science is proven, he has no doubt how the conflict between the state and the feds will end. >> i know the science about cannabis, and i know this is an incredibly medically effective substance. i know that it's very safe.
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and ultimately that truth cannot be hidden. >> by the way, 35,000 physicians belong to the california medical association, and again, it is the largest medical group in the u.s. to support legalizing marijuana. donation are pouring in to the occupy wall street moovlt in new york. just a few blocks down in the park where the protesters have gathered, you'll find food, medical supplies, housing and more. the food is housed in a former bank at the broadway exchange. we're told the goods are donated from all over the world and even the space is free. the park howuses a medical tent and kitchen. >> people have been sending us so much support, it's overwhelming. >> i think people feel a part of a community. they feel appreciated. they feel like they belong. >> so far organizers say
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$235,000 has also been donated to the movement. a peace movement was on this morning. this is 55-year-old cindy sheehan. she was one of 500 demonstrators arrested for failure to disperse. she attracted attention back in 1995 after her son was kidnapped in iraq. dan wheldon, two-time indy 500 winner died today in the indy car series season finale. during a 15-car wreck on lap 12 of the race, wheldon's car flew into the catch fence. the 33-year-old racer was airlifted from the track but later died. the remainder of the race was canceled and there was a
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five-star tribute to wheldon instead. >> we're all really sad. i just feel for his family. >> my wish for now is for his family, for his kids. certainly the ones that suffer most are the ones that stay here. >> wheldon is survived by his wife and two young children. also injured in the crash was bay area native j.r. hild brand from sausalito. still ahead at 11:00, the martin luther king, jr. memorial on the national mall. plus, solar energy making inroads quite literally in australia. we'll explain. and the day started with some showers ending in sunshine. as we head back to the work week, we're tracking a warm-up. a>>hower n-seve n-veyda
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paying with your smart phone instead of cash. that's a step forward. with chase person-to-person quickpay, you can send money directly to your friend's checking account. all you need is their email address or mobile number. don't worry honey, i'll show you. thanks everyone. so take a step forward... and chase what matters. in washington, d.c., hundreds of thousands of people gathered for the official martin luther king, jr. memorial. it was supposed to take place on the anniversary of the legendary "i have a dream" speech, but it had to be delayed because of hurricane irene. bryan moore has the details. ♪ >> reporter: on a brilliant autumn day on washington's national mall, dr. martin luther
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king, jr. took his place alongside lincoln, jefferson and washington. >> you will stand for all time among monuments to those who fathered this nation and those who defended it. >> reporter: tens of thousands attended the official dedication of the king national memorial. an event that weaves together musical tributes with political calls for social justice. >> do what we must do to create a better world. >> reporter: it was a celebration of a simple minister turned martyr, a towering figure in american history who stood barely 5'7 irj innch tall. >> now he's standing far above everybody. >> while we commemorate his memory today with this great memorial, let's not confuse and forget what he stood for and died for. >> reporter: a day to honor a man and a day of peaceful harmony that echoes across time.
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>> the true measure of any man is how his message continues on. >> reporter: a message now etched in stone in the nation's capitol. bryan moore, nbc news, washington. and in oakland today, it was a memorable day for the entire raiders organization and fans as they honored al daiflvis. this was the team's first home game since davis' death last week, and here's a look. >> i decided on the game of football. >> everyone feels the loss of raiders owner al davis, fans showing up at the alameda facility upon hearing the news, paying their respects bringing flowers, wearing their silver and black. ♪
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>> a tribute to al davis who declared the fire that burned in the organization and a will to live. >> what it represents, that fire inside, that fire for winning, that's al davis. >> some people thought he was losing his touch. not al davis. >> we're also learning tonight that al davis' son, mike davis, has been seeking guidance from former head coach john madden last week. madden, of course, was the raiders head coach from 1969 to 1978. at stanford today, apple held a memorial service for steve jobs. the memorial was private and the intention was to celebrate the co-founder's life with his
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family and close friends. apple is also planning a memorial on wednesday for its employees at cupertino headquarters. steve jobs died october 5 at the age of 56 of cancer, and governor jerry brown issued a proclamation yesterday declaring today steve jobs day in california. all right. nothing says fall quite like the annual half moon bay art and pumpkin festival. nbc bay area photojournalist steve field has a look. >> reporter: look into the camera and say, arrr. >> we're having lots of fun. lots of good food, lots of good drinks. lots of pumpkin ice cream. >> very good. >> very good. >> you try to get really messy and eating pie. but i didn't eat the pie so i
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just got messy. >> hollywood, here i come, baby. ♪ >> everybody, louder! >> yikes, that was a little scary. the tradition started in 1971 as a way to raise funds to revitalize main street and half moon day. it was start to go get a little run down. some leaders say the pumpkin festival has done more for half moon bay than any other festival in history. it takes hours to get there this weekend but it always looks like fun. >> and apparently if you eat pumpkin, you can do some amazing
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things. that amazing workout there. let's show you the weather. we have 50s and 60s outside. some patchy low clouds forming as we head towards tomorrow morning. right now still in the 60s in san francisco and oakland. 52 in san jose, 62 in santa cruz. we did have the sea breeze pickup this afternoon, much like we saw saturday which kept the temperature inland today. things are going to cool off the middle part of the week and we'll go for that roller coaster ride heading to the weekend. temperatures going to creep back up as we get to thursday and friday. we should see half the bay area or inland valley getting back into the 80s, and coming wednesday, this should be the last chance we're seeing showers for some time. the forecast actually looking quite dry as we go to the mildde of the month. we did have more cloud and showers early in the day. things have kind of dried out.
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we still have a few clouds going on by, but the clouds have brought thundershowers toward redding. that continues to exit northern california, so for tomorrow we'll see mainly clear skies after the patchy low clouds break off, and what's left of this low that's been spinning offshore, that's the culprit to the cooldown on tuesday, and maybe some showers in the far north bay on wednesday. for tomorrow, winds generally off to the north. not a main event, but it will lead to a one-day warmup on monday. then tuesday and wednesday as that area of low pressure approaches the coast, this is going to increase the sea breeze. it's going to cool us down and for areas north of sonoma county wednesday may see some showers on the coastal range on wednesday. that system goes on by thursday, friday and saturday. temperatures warming up again as we head toward next weekend. lows will be mainly in the 50s. we could see a little drizzle on the coast in the morning hours, near san francisco and to the marin county coastline, and for tomorrow as temperatures start
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to warm on up, it looks like a pretty nice day, especially areas south of san jose, otherwise 70s in alameda and oakland. still in the 60s around the coast, 66 up standard stinson beach out toward pleasanton and pleasant hill. monday will be the warmest day of the first half of the work week. that sea breeze is going to pick up with some extra clouds. wednesday, a slight chance of north bay showers and next weekend looks gorgeous again. back to the mid-80s next saturday and sunday. >> i like the forecast. thanks, rob. coming up, we'll give you a peek at some of the solar-powered cars that took off on a grueling course in australia today. plus -- >> the 49ers' unique alliance with the dallas cowboys. we hear about the unique almeho.ce n home. the latest from brian nelson.
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that and more coming up in just a little bit.
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solar panels just might be at the center of political controversy here in the bay area, but across the world, solar-powered cars are getting worldwide attention tonight. that's because australia's biannual solar challenge is going on this evening. it attracts teams around the world and the goal is to research solar-powered vehicles. it started in the northern city of darwin today and will run some 2,000 miles through the australian outback. today some 20 tre a a are from t ununited states and canada. they're very cool. we'll be right back.
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here's a look at some of today's sports highlights. a good day for the niners and the raiders. let's start with the raiders. going to take this one all wait
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back. the raiders pop the browns 27-14. it was a bitter sweet victory. quarterback jason campbell suffered a broken collarbone and could be out the rest of the season. delaney walker for the touchdown. the 49ers 5-1 on the season, and jim harbaugh and jim schwartz had a little shoving
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the transfer of 33,000 inmates from state prison to local jails gives our counties the unprecedented opportunity to do what the state has failed to do, and that is rehabilitate. i'm suzanne shaw. counties spend $25,000, half the 53,000 it costs the state to jail someone. so this historic shift of inmates from state to local
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control not only saiflz us money but gives counties millions to expand programs, drug treatment, job training and education so that lower level offenders can reenter our communities successfully. past records show almost 20% of our parolees end up back in jail. now with local communities taking over, nbc bay area believes we can and should help these non-violent offenders change their lives. with visionary leadership, bay area counties can lead the way. learn more at
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good singh -- good evening, i'm lawrence scott. we have a new focus on conversations and feature stories. you've seen all the game highlights for the entire weekend by now so we want to bring you something different. tonight we start with the 49ers and their bedfellows and their efforts to build a


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