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tv   Today  NBC  October 17, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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good morning. good morning. tragedy on the track. the reigning indianapolis 500 champion killed in a fiery 15-car pileup. veteran racers say it's one of the worst crashes they have ever seen. now questions are being raised about the safety of that speedway. new twist. in kansas city breaks her baby silence, admitting she was drunk the night her daughter disappeared and that she fears she's going to be arrested. >> if they arrest me, people are going to stop looking for her and then i will never see her again. and i will never know what happened. >> this morning, our revealing new interview.
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and wild encounter. it's youtube's hottest video, that mountain biker getting run over by an antelope. we'll talk to the 17-year-old on the wrong end of the antlers today, monday, october 17, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> good morning. i'm ann curry. boy, dan wheldon, the driver killed in that horrific accident was extremely popular on the indy circuit. he was just 33 years old. he leaves behind a wife and two young sons. >> this was indy car's first fatal crash since 2006. wheldon was in the middle of the pack when two cars in front of him touched, triggering a multi car wreck. his car launched into the air, hit a fence and the wall and
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burst into flames. we'll get the latest and hear from some of wheldon's closest friends coming up straight ahead. >> pretty soeberring. on a different note, did you see the video over the weekend of lady gaga serenading the clintons? just another day in the life of the former president and current secretary of state. savannah guthrie caught up with hillary clinton. they talked about future plans, their relationship with president obama. they talked about chelsea's eye on politics. we'll talk to hillary clinton coming up. and on friday we promised a big announcement, and we'll have that for you in our next half hour. beginning with the deadly tragedy that has the racing world in mourning. nbc's george lewis is at the las vegas motor speedway. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt. veteran race drivers say they have never seen a pileup as bad as this one, cars crashing and spinning, dan wheldon's car flying through the air.
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just minutes into the race on the 12th lap with the cars hitting speeds of 230 miles an hour, the tires on two cars touched, sending them out of control. >> oh, here we go. >> a huge crash. >> multiple cars involved. >> oh, my. >> it looks like dan wheldon may be involved in it. >> reporter: wheldon had started the race at the back of the pack, part of a challenge to win $5 million if he got to the front and won. >> he has moved up ten spots. you're on board with him. >> reporter: he was jockeying for position when one of the out-of-control cars struck him, sending his car flying through the air, tumbling end over end and into the wall of the raceway, where it burst into flames. one of several race cars to catch fire in the 15-car pileup. medics quickly air lifted wheldon to a trauma center but doctors were unable to save his life. >> indy car is sad to announce that dan wheldon has passed away from unsurvivable injuries.
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our thoughts and prayers are with his family today. >> reporter: three other drivers were injured. wheldon's friends and racing colleagues reacted to the news of his death in shock. >> he'll be missed. and i just feel for his family. >> i lost one of my best friends, one of my greatest teammates. and i don't know what to say. i think i'm getting old. i have been through too many of these already. >> reporter: officials decided not to continue the race. the cars did a five-lap tribute to wheldon as the number of wheldon's car, 77, flashed on a pylon above the track. before the race in an interview with "extra," wheldon talked about the hazards of the sport. >> some people look at it as one of those things that you can just do. for me, i take it very seriously.
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there's a lot of responsibility with that. these indy cars travel around the indianapolis motor speedway at speeds in excess of 230 miles an hour. they need to be safe. >> reporter: wheldon won the indianapolis 500 two times -- in 2005 and again this year. 33 years old and originally from england, wheldon leaves behind a wife and two young sons. and for the people in the racing world for whom risk-taking just goes along with the sport, this scene will haunt them for the rest of their lives. some drivers had expressed misgivings about running a high-speed race with 34 indy cars on an oval track like this saying when the cars get bunched up the potential for deadly accidents was very high. that played out tragically here on sunday. matt? >> george, thank you very much. even wheldon himself before the race said, quote, it's going to be a pack race. you never know how that's going to turn out.
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i mean, 230 miles an hour is just an extraordinary rate of speed. >> that's right. the question now for investigators is was the track too fast? were there too many drivers on the field? certainly that will be addressed. meantime we have to think about his poor family and those two little kids and his wife. our hearts go out to them this morning. we are going to make a turn now to kansas city and new developments in the case of the missing baby lisa irwin. her mother is opening up about what she was doing the night her daughter was last seen. nbc ice peter alexander is in kansas city with details. peter, good morning. >> ann, good morning to you. >> reporter: we have not heard from baby lisa irwin's parents in more than a week until now. they tell nbc news this awful experience has brought them closer together and they are hopeful their baby daughter will be returned home to them soon and safe. during our 45-minute interview lisa's mother reveals she was drinking that night and also says she fears she might be
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arrested for her daughter's disappearance. i began our conversation by asking her why. >> well, i was the last one with her. judging on how the questioning went, that's kind of a fear that i have. and the main fear is if they arrest me, people are going to stop looking for her and then i will never see her again. i will never know what happened. >> reporter: nearly two weeks have passed since deborah bradley and jeremy irwin say their infant daughter, seen here in home video shot this year, vanished from her crib. you told us the police accused you of killing your daughter. >> mm-hmm. mm-hmm. >> reporter: how has it been for authorities to focus on you at times? >> terrible because my daughter's missing. the last thing i want to have to worry about is something like that. she didn't have to put any
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energy, any time or effort into anything but finding her. >> reporter: just before 5:00 on the night lisa disappeared, debor deborah, who's 25, was spotted on surveillance tape with her brother at a grocery store buying baby supplies and boxed wine. now for the first time deborah admits she was drinking at home in the hours before she says lisa vanished. were you drinking that night? >> yes. >> reporter: how much? >> enough to be drunk. >> reporter: so you were drunk? >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: a lot of people are going to say deborah, you were drunk that night. is there any chance you did anything that you hurt your daughter that you are just not telling us? >> no, no, no. if i thought there was a chance i would say it. no, no. i don't think that alcohol changes a person enough to do something like that. >> reporter: deborah now says she last saw her daughter when she put her to bed at 6:40 p.m., not 10:30 as the family first reported. it was the first time lisa's father, jeremy, an electrician, had ever worked an overnight
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shift, making repairs at this kansas city starbucks. do you in any way question she's not telling you or police everything she knows? >> no. there is no question to be had there. i know who she is. i know what kind of mother she is. >> reporter: when jeremy got home just before 4:00 in the morning he found the front door unlocked, several lights on and a window screen tampered with. police have tried to recreate how an abductor may have broken into the home through that window. does it seem feasible that someone could have gotten in while you and your two boys were sleeping and you wouldn't have heard a thing? >> our bedroom is on the exact opposite corner of the house and she sleeps with the fan on high. >> they must have been doing it much quieter than the police were. >> reporter: you said police told you that you failed a lie detector test. what question or questions did they say you failed? >> they said that i failed when they asked me where she was. >> reporter: deborah and jeremy
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say they refuse to let detectives reinterview lisa's 8- and 5-year-old half brothers. >> they said they heard noises. i don't know if that was before we went to sleep or after. i have not sat down and talked to them about it, specifically not to have to put them through anything else. >> reporter: on sunday, the missouri national guard joined the search for baby lisa, combing open and wooded areas near the irwin family home. also this weekend, inside the basement of this abandoned house in the neighborhood, investigators discovered a child's backpack and used diapers, but police discounted that finding. meanwhile, detectives have now questioned a local handyman with a criminal history who had been unaccounted for since before lisa's disappearance. still, police say they have no suspects, including lisa's parents. if the person who took your baby daughter is out there watching this right now, what do you say to them? >> she needs her family.
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we need her. we're losing more sanity as each day progresses. >> reporter: also today nbc news has learned the irwin family is expected to announce later this afternoon, ann, that they are bringing in an attorney to represent the family. the latest on that for you tomorrow. >> peter alexander, thank you very much. judge jeanine pirro is a pormer prosecutor and spent the last two weeks in kansas city following the story. good morning. >> good morning. >> so this news that deborah is now admitting she was drunk the night lisa disappeared and last time she saw the baby was at 6:40 and not 10:30. why would a family change its story? >> when you have a missing 10-month-old baby, the truth is absolutely essential. minutes count. i spoke with the mother, deborah, and the father at length, eye to eye. i said, what time did you put baby lisa to bed? she said, i put her to bed several hours earlier than the
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last time i checked on her, which was at 10:30. now, two weeks later we come out with a new time. why is that? time is essential. it creates new windows and new areas of investigation. that is very, very concerning. >> maybe concealing the fact that she was drunk, maybe being concerned about the repercussions from that? >> well, we know she was buying alcohol and the box of wine before 5:00. i spoke to the store clerk about that purchase. she seemed fine. she bought baby wipes, baby food. it would explain why she didn't hear the baby monitor, didn't hear the dog barking. but, you know, now she comes out and says, "i was drunk." people were believing her because her story was consistent. i spoke with her. she was very consistent. the neighbors said she loved that baby. the store clerk said she was a wonderful mother. the baby was always appropriately dressed and in good health. now she comes out with the last time i saw my baby was 6:40 and, by the way, i was drunk? this isn't what you want to
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bring out after the fact when time is essential. >> meantime deborah is saying the family is not allowing the boys, the stepbrothers of lisa, to be reinterviewed. they are just 8 and 5. what would explain why the police want to reinterview them and why the family would refuse? >> first of all, i think they're 8 and 6. and here's the problem. if the boys have any information -- we know the mother was drinking with the nextdoor neighbor and her 4-year-old daughter was watching videos with her sons. i think the opportunity to speak to the sons about someone they may have seen at or around the house and the kansas city police, and they are doing a fantastic job, they picked up this homeless guy, jersey, who has not been seen since the baby went missing, but every piece to the puzzle is important. time is essential. now you come out and say it was 6:40, four hours earlier than i told you last week? not good.
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>> it's clear the police department are keeping their sights on the family. are they at the same time also conducts a parallel investigation, looking at the possibility this could be a stranger abduction case? >> there is no question. they are looking at all avenues. they left no stone unturned. they have spoke to sexual predators who are saying, we're waiting for you to come and talk to us. this is a very competent department. they keep it close to the vest. this whole idea about her saying she's being arrested i don't believe that's the case. nothing i have heard on the ground indicates that that's imminent. >> thank you so much for your perspective. at 7:14 here's matt. >> thank you very much. now the american researcher who was stranded at the south pole after suffering a suspected stroke. this morning she's heading home. anne thompson has details on that. good morning. good to see you. >> good morning, matt. happy to tell you she's in christchurch, new zealand thshgs morning. this began with a first cargo flight of the warming season. it dropped off supplies at the
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south pole and picked up renee-nicole douceur. after seven weeks of pleading, renee-nicole finally left the south pole. she sent a photo of herself before heading out to meet the cargo plane that would take her away. that plane represented hope and risk. it was unpressurized and she worried what it could do to her brain, already injured by a suspected stroke. when i spoke to douceur over the weekend, she said the pilots agreed to fly at a lower altitude if necessary. >> i think i'm fairly comfortable that the plan they have will work if i run into difficulties. i'm just crossing my fingers and hoping to god that i won't run into any of that problem. >> reporter: the conditions were foreboding. the temperature, 72 degrees below zero with a windchill of 109 below around takeoff on the first leg of the journey to better care. after stopping to change planes in mcmurdo station in antarctica, she boarded a pressurized plane for the trip
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to new zealand and a hospital with machines to evaluate her condition. >> i have no idea if i'm just walking around with a ticking bomb in my brain. nobody knows until i get there. >> douceur said the suspected stroke left her with impaired vision and speech problems. among her questions, are these problems permanent and could they have been lessened if they had been airlifted out sooner. she'll start to get those answers tomorrow. >> she is on her way home. thank you very much. appreciate it. let's go to the news desk. natalie is standing by with a look at the headlines of the good morning. good morning. >> good morning to you, matt. good morning, everyone. the occupy wall street movement is muscling up with some $300,000 in donation as the protests have spread to four continents, a month after they began. hundreds of thousands of people have joined in. the president gave the movement a nod on sunday. nearly 100 protesters were arrested nationwide over the weekend. the new martin luther king, jr., memorial is now open to the public.
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on sunday president obama paid tribute to the slain civil rights leader in the memorial dedication. stevie wonder was there. the events weren't untouched by current events. king's children and president obama acknowledged that king himself would have approved of the occupy wall street movement. the president kicks off a three-day bus tour in his push for re-election and the jobs bill. the nearly $450 billion bill was rejected by the senate last week. the president is now urging congress to pass smaller pieces of the legislation. now to wall street. cnbc's melissa francis is at the new york stock exchange for us. me litsz is a, what are we watching there this week? >> good morning, natalie. we have an eye on the debt crisis in europe but we are also watching corporate earnings. some of the big names reporting this week a third of the s&p 500, citigroup and wells fargo on deck today. we're going to be listening to
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what they have to say about the future, is business coming back. it is not your imagination prices at the pump are creeping higher, up a full seven cents in the last week according to aaa. back to you. >> melissa, thank you. the days of an unpleasant surprise on your cell phone bill could be over according to a new agreement today between wireless carriers and the fcc. monthly service limits will get alerts warning them of charges. tens of millions of users are charged with overage charges each year. as you probably know by now it will be the cardinals versus the rangers in the world series. last night the cardinals scored their 18th trouncing and the brewers 10-6. the series opener is this wednesday night in st. louis. it's 7:18. back to matt, al and ann. my husband is happy as a cardinals fan. >> i think it will be a good series. i like the cardinals. i'm also a texas fan.
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we need the viewers in both locations. mr. roker has a check of the weather. >> and we love the brewers. they have the sausage race. >> you know, detroit. we love detroit. >> got the bases covered. let's see what we've got. in flori, just off the keys, we are looking at heavy rain. 60% chance of a tropical cyclone forming over the next 48 hours. we'll keep an eye on this. rainfall over the next 24 hours. one to four inches of rain throughout the keys into central florida. it will be a wet one. plenty of sunshine in the northeast. rain along the central mississippi river valley. beautiful in the pacific northwest with temperatures in the mid to upper 70s, make it 60s. temperatures in the 80s in los angeles. that's what's going on aro
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good monday morning to you. taking a live look from san bruno, we have a layer of fog. by 11:00 a.m., full on sunshine. 77 today in oakland. 83 in fremont. throughout the week our temperatures are going to drop off. watch out for the thickest fog this morning up in santa rosa. have a great day. we'll have the seven-day forecast in just minutes. at's you est weather. matt? >> al, thank you very much. just ahead, the unwitting victim of a bizarre hit-and-run. the mountain biker was taken out by an antelope. we have the exclusive live interview. first this islo look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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just ahead, a very big announcement about our show. >> also ahead, a day in the life of hillary clinton. will she ever run for president again? does chelsea have a future in politics? we'll hear from the secretary of state exclusively. first your local news and local
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and it has fiber that helps fill me up. ♪ [ male announcer ] great days start with quaker oatmeal. energy. fiber. heart health. quaker oatmeal. a super grain breakfast. good monday morning to you. it's 7:26. police clash with occupy protesters over the city as demonstrators refused to take down their camp. occupy sf protesters set up this live stream overnight showing police in riot gear bringing in a trunk to load up tents. police say they asked the occupiers to take down the tens several times.
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police say they've arrested seven people during the clash. two of them for assaulting an officer. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> welcome back, laura. the fog is also back. we have less than a quarter-mile visibility. santa rosa reporting half a mile visibility. down to that mile in napa. by 11:00 a.m. we're left with full-on sunshine. 86 in livermore. 86 in napa. 86 in san jose. we continue to drop off through tomorrow. 60st at the coast. kind of a foggy day. >> southbound starting with the
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good slow down. the accident took about 15 minutes to clear some lanes. slow on 85 as well as 280. another incident on 880. and a smoother drive up towards toll plaza. an accident westbound 80 still reported in lanes there. back to you. >> thank you very much. for the latest traffic and news updates, check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. we'll have another local news update in half an hour. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪ 7:30 now on this monday morning, the 17th of october, 2011. a little rain, a little cloud but it should be nice later in the day. a reason for all of us to smile. including the folks outside. without the umbrellas. inside studio 1a i'm ann curry along with matt lauer. ahead, the crash that gave matt flashbacks about a collision with a deer. the collision with the antelope was youtube's most-watched video last week. we're going to talk to that rider exclusively coming up this morning. >> also ahead, savannah guthrie
7:31 am
gets a behind the scenes look at hillary clinton's life as secretary of state and opens up about her plans for the white house in the future. is another run in those plans ahead? >> okay. we have a special announcement that you will not want to miss. >> all right. first, a programming note. are auto dealerships charging you for repairs you don't need? we took hidden cameras to investigate. you may be surprised by what we found. we'll have that tomorrow and wednesday on "today". >> we begin with the latest on the man accused of hacking into the computers and cell phones of celebrities. we talked to the suspect in his hometown of jacksonville, florida. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. christopher cheney said he's neither a hacker nor a paparazzi as he's been labeled. but he is the one who authorities say has been exposing the lives of celebrities online. in order to understand who is
7:32 am
this man, we spoke with him to get his side of the story. >> obviously it's something nobody wants to experience. >> reporter: 35-year-old christopher chaney says he's just a normal guy who didn't mean any harm. investigators disagree. they say he hacked into e-mail accounts and cell phones of more than 50 people including celebrities like scarlett johansson, christina aguilera, mila kunis. exposing their deepest secrets online. investigators say he posted nude photos for the world to see. >> have you thought about the people? people like scarlett joehansson? >> i feel terrible for everything they may be going through or had to experience bah of this. >> reporter: he says what pains him the most is letting the family down, especially his mom. he's now living with her under a court order until the trial begins in california. >> it's going to be hard. you know, i don't want to let him go. >> reporter: in an interview
7:33 am
last week, he admitted to a deep fascination with celebrities. saying once he got a look into their private lives he couldn't stop. it all started to crumble in february when a marshal startled him in the middle of the night. >> it was something out of a movie. there were guns drawn, laser sights pointed at me. never in my life would i thought i would have seen something like that. >> reporter: the fbi took his computer as part of the investigation. nine months later, they came back for him. he's now charged in a 26-count federal indictment. he's the one in the spotlight. now that you have seen it, how has your perception changed in terms of celebrities? >> i certainly have respect for what they have to deal with on a daily basis. i don't know how anyone can deal with it daily. >> reporter: 121 years is the maximum you could potentially get given all the charges against you, chris. how does that sound to you? 121 years.
7:34 am
>>'s terrifying. it's kept me awake at night. it's scary. >> reporter: cheney has not yet entered a plea. his attorney said guilt or innocence has not been established. they do not want to address the charges. he has a court appearance november 1st in los angeles. getting there will be the first time he ever sets foot on an airplane. ann? >> thank you very much. now a check of the weather from al. >> thank you very much, ann. as we look at the week ahead we have above normal temperatures in the east. a little bit wet. normal in the great lakes. above normal out west. mid-week period, the cooler air makes its way east with wetter weather into the northeast and showers in the pacific northwest. in the latter part of the week, rain in the pacific northwest. cooler throughout much of the eastern half of the country with showers up into new england. below normal temperatures as far south as florida. that's what's
7:35 am
good morning to you. well, the marine layer is back. we have pretty thick fog in the north bay. but in the city, not looking too bad. in fact, you can see from the top to the bottom of the buildings. at the surface you will find thick fog along the golden gate bridge. once the sun comes out in full force, you'll warm up quickly. very very cool day on wednesday. we climb back up in time for the weekend. weather all day long on the weather channel on cable or online. mr. lauer? >> thank you very much, al. now to the big announcement. i have been with "today" for over 14 years. i cannot tell you the joy that my time here has brought me sitting beside the likes of katie, meredith and ann. i have decided it's soon time for me to say good-bye. so this november, i am leaving. >> what?
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>> on my special, where in the world is matt lauer. >> oh, suckers! >> take a look. >> one of the most amazing locations you will ever see. it all began in the shadow of the great pyramids. bill clinton was the 42nd president. gas cost a little over a dollar and google was brand new, still just a noun. now, more than ten years later, where in the world has taken us to 46 amazing places, over a quarter of a million miles, in the air over 500 hours, creating memories for a lifetime. we visited some of the most beautiful and exotic places all around the globe. so we wonder is there really anywhere left we can go? so the answer is yes.
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we have found five new and exciting locations. it all kicks off on monday, november 7th. it should be a lot of fun. for details and highlights from the past nine trips and also fun games that have nothing to do with it, head to >> are your tips going to get any easier? >> the clues? no, no. >> they will get harder. >> sometimes you complain they are just plain miserable. i'm working on clues already for this year. no complaining. can we keep the whining to a minimum this year? >> are we going to get to see the matterhorn? >> maybe. it's the 10th anniversary. coming up, hillary clinton share a day in her life and opens up nsout her future abhendt talks about whether chelsea could follow her into politics. w ♪ ♪
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back now with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the life and hectic schedule of the secretary of state hillary clinton. savannah guthrie caught up with her. good morning. >> good morning, ann. hillary clinton is known for keeping a tireless pace. she's on track to be the most traveled secretary of state ever. but at age 63, she's getting ready to make a change. making clear she will leave this position at the end of the president's first term. >> good morning. >> reporter: from the moment she walks into the state department headquarters, hillary clinton is perpetually in motion. a frenzy of photo ops, phone calls, staff meetings, speeches, and the obligations of office. >> for that, i thank you. >> reporter: all before lunch.
7:41 am
>> you have the best clothes. >> reporter: after three years, hillary clinton can see the horizon. what's the one thing you want to be able to point to and have people say, hillary clinton left it better than she found it? >> despite difficult circumstances when president obama and i started our jobs we have reasserted american leadership. we are going to lead despite other countries coming to the forefront. we are going to lead because america is destined to lead. >> reporter: her tenure has seen a dramatic reordering of world power. hanging over it all, a global economic crisis. do world leaders see an america that's in decline? >> if they do, they are badly mistaken. we do have to get our house in order -- our economic house, our political house, but at the same time we cannot advocate leadership around the world because it comes back to bite us when we do. >> reporter: around the world clinton's approach is a
7:42 am
combination of blunt talk. >> those nations are standing on the wrong side of history. >> reporter: personal charm. >> i hope we get one good picture out of this. >> reporter: and above all, frequent flyer diplomacy. >> another day at the office, huh? >> so to speak. >> she has flown more than 600,000 miles on this government plane. she can reach world leaders at a moment's notice or hone the skill that's necessary, the ability to nap on command. >> a lot of people can't. i can pass out nearly anywhere. >> reporter: let's get practical. i saw your cabin. for those who think it may be glamorous work it's a pull-out couch. there is no hair and makeup team on board. >> that should be obvious when i get off the plane in the middle of the night. i'm worried i will scare the children. >> reporter: in washington she's become a force in her own right. at the white house several times a week it's easy to forget how bitter and hard fought the 2008 campaign was.
7:43 am
>> shame on you, barack obama. >> reporter: you have to be honest though. it was certainly awkward at first, wasn't it? >> of course. we had a hard fought election. i wanted to beat him and he ended up beating me. but he asked me to serve our country and him in his administration. why? because we both love our country. so i said yes. because at the end of the day, we have to be bigger than politics. >> reporter: do you think you are in the inner circle? >> i think on the issues that i work on in the national security arena, absolutely. >> reporter: does he ask you for political advice? >> every so often but i keep it to myself. >> reporter: as the president's political troubles mounted, some democrats have wondered out loud if it should have been hillary after all. that's got to feel good. it can't feel bad? >> you know, it feels irrelevant to me. because a decision was made. i think the president has done
7:44 am
an excellent job under the most difficult circumstances. >> reporter: dick cheney thought you would do a good job. do you feel vindicated? >> no. look, i feel -- maybe because i have been at this and do have 20 years of work behind me, i feel like this is all predictable. we are living in times that are hard to navigate. we need leadership that's willing to make hard decisions. i think the president has done that. >> reporter: what's surprising is how the woman who was once so polarizing. >> i'm not sitting here some little woman standing by my man. i suppose i could have stayed home and baked cookies. this vast right wing conspiracy, >> is now so popular, gallup's most admired woman nine years running.
7:45 am
what do people know about you now they don't know then? >> i think because i have been on the public consciousness for so long and on the television screens and people's homes, i think there is a comfort. >> reporter: they got used to you? >> yeah, oh, it's her again. >> the next president of the united states, bill clinton! >> reporter: 20 years ago this month her husband announced his presidential candidacy in little rock, two decades of a life lived in public. her ups, her downs and, yes, her dues. now clinton seems ready to step out of the spotlight. what do you think life will be like when, after 20 years in politics, it will be you and the former president at home, sitting around. >> i can't wait. obviously we'll be very active. but it's something i'm really looking forward to enjoying. when i get to go home on the weekend which is not often
7:46 am
enough, it's great to be doing as little as possible. i think, you know, after this 20 years that will be very welcome. >> reporter: one title i know you seek to have is grandmother. >> yes. you figured that out. >> reporter: i noticed chelsea has been doing more events. we saw her a couple weeks ago. doing an event with you. do you think she has the clinton bug for politics? >> i don't know. i think she does have the public service bug. that's in our dna. >> reporter: will you run for president in 2016? >> no. you know, i'm very privileged to have had the opportunity to serve my country. i'm really old-fashioned. i feel i have made my contribution. i have done the best i can. but now i want to try other things. i want to get back to writing and maybe some teaching, working on women and girls around the world. >> reporter: secretary clinton, politics is in your blood. people will not believe you are closing the door and locking it on running for office. >> they will have to watch and wait.
7:47 am
i have made my contribution. i'm grateful i have had the chance to serve. i think it's time for others to step up. >> reporter: the sense among insiders is clinton means it. she's done with public office. they also believe if the party came calling in 2016, it would be difficult for her to say no. talk about a day in the life. did you see the video over the weekend? >> i did. unbelievable. >> reporter: a tribute event for bill clinton's birthday. lady gaga singing a version of "bad romance" she calls "bill romance." looks like the former first lady and president -- that's a spectacle, shall we say? >> a spectacle in many regards here. her comment, a lot of americans embrace the idea of being bigger than politics, and certainly in the times we're in now, we wish everyone would sort of embrace that idea. >> she said the fact that president obama picked her for a key position has an impact around the world.
7:48 am
people can't believe two arch political rivals ultimately became allies. she said it shows the best of america. >> thank you very much for your report. up next, the crash seen around the world when a mountain biker was hit by an antelope. his story in an exclusive live interview right after this. an intew riar.ular toothpaste. new pronamel iso-active is a toothpaste in a can. it starts off as a gel... transforms into a foam and actually surrounds your teeth. it gets into all those nooks and crannies. dentists recommend pronamel. pronamel iso-active re-hardens the enamel that's been softened by acid you're consuming. acid doesn't just affect our front or back teeth but the whole tooth. pronamel iso-active helps protect against the effects of acid erosion.
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7:51 am
years. have you ever even heard of anything like this happening before? >> well, in the five years i have been riding i have never heard of an animal actually taking a person off their bike. i have been to quite a few game reserves in the last five years but i have never come close to the animals. >> nbc licensed this video. i can't tell you how many people have watched it over the last couple of days. about 10 million hits on youtube. when you watch the video, what goes through your mind, besides the antelope? >> well, the first time i watched it was after i saw the x-rays. i knew i was safe after that. the first time i watched it, i had a bit of a laugh myself, just out of shock about how enormous the animal was. it was scary. >> i mentioned you broke your helmet. miraculously you didn't have many other serious injuries.
7:52 am
you got a concussion. you were unconscious for a while. how long were you out? >> well, from the moment the buck hit me, i don't remember anything from then until actually sitting in the ambulance in the hospital. so between the buck hitting me and the ambulance i don't have a recollection of that. >> travis, you were riding behind him. you took the footage. first of all, why were you shooting this? what was your reaction when you saw the antelope come through? >> the reason i was filming was for the footage and it was just pure chance and luck that i ended up riding with the camera on my bike. when i first saw the buck hit evan, i was just in total shock. >> i can imagine. well, the video, as i mentioned,
7:53 am
has become a sensation on youtube. it would not be nearly as sensation gnat hal had the outcn different. thank you very much for joining >>. u. yoa h ucre coming up after this. i want healthy skin for life.
7:54 am
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7:56 am
good morning. it's 7:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. two armed and dangerous men could be hiding out in an east bay neighborhood after shooting a 9-year-old girl and 3 teenagers at a party. one of the girls is in critical condition. the 9-year-old girl was shot in the arm. the other two teenage victims have expected to be okay twochl men wearing dark hoodies walked up the driveway at a home and started shooting. the neighbors say they heard a popping sound, but at first they didn't realize they were hearing gunshots. >> you just heard like firecrackers at first. there was a party going. you got kids. i hear screaming. kids were crying. then the guy says somebody got
7:57 am
shot. >> the gunmen are still on the loose. police say they ran away. so far investigators have no lead on where the shooters may have gone. let's turn to better news in the forecast with christina loren. >> we had thick fog in the north bay, which we still do, but only in santa rosa. the visibilities are starting to come up. napa, we're at 10 mooils now. and we see the fog lift just a little bit. full sunshine from santa rosa to redwood city. by 1:00 p.m. you'll get clearing in santa cruz. the fog will drift over to morgan hill and san francisco. that will keep your temperatures more mild in the south bay. 86 degrees is the forecasted high in san jose. through tomorrow we start to drop off more so for wednesday. talking about a cool and cloudy day with temperatures in the low 70s inland. mid 60s at the coast. we warm up for the weekend. let's check your drive with
7:58 am
mike. >> the better news is the accident on the east shore freeway has cleared. it got really slow before they could clear that. now it's still slow off the way down towards the merge and the racetrack, coming off the bridge and all the way down through berkeley. the backup at the toll plaza is considerable. 24 is very slow through lafayette. 580 is slow towards the 680 interchange. we'll look at 680 itself where the fog will cause an issue in su sunol. >> for the latest traffic and news updates. check facebook.
7:59 am
8:00 am
we're back now at 8:00 on a monday morning, the 17th day of october, 2011. if you're just tuning in, you are looking at weather in the northeast and you may be thinking, wow, not a great day. this is the rain before the beautiful weather that will roll in here in a couple of hours. >> it will be nice. >> i'm going with that. that's my story. >> out on the plaza i'm matt lauer along with ann curry and al roker. coming up we'll catch up with two reality stars. >> juliana rancic and her husband have been documenting
8:01 am
her struggle with infertility on the reality show. after seeking treatment for a third time she'll make a shocking announcement today for the first time. >> also we'll catch up with bethenny frankel, the former real housewife making headlines for some of the wrong reasons lately. a couple of questions about stories that have come up. we're going to sit down with bethenny, and we're going to shake the truth out of her. look at her. we'll find out what's going on. >> that's a little violent. >> and tomorrow on "today" we have an exclusive visit with susan boyle. you remember how she went from obscurity to queen of the music world. she's opening up about her rise to fame and what she does with her newfound wealth. an exclusive with susan boyle tomorrow only on "today." >> think she bought a new house or something like that? >> i hope so. >> it was a little tiny. we heard about how tiny it was. >> natalie morales has a check
8:02 am
of the headlines. good morning, everyone. indycar has canceled tonight's season-ending banquet, a night after the fiery crash killed one of its most popular drivers. two-time indianapolis 500 winner dan wheldon's car went airborne and burst into flames as it hit the fence at las vegas motor speedway. drivers say it was the worst crash they have seen in the history of the sport. wheldon was 33. he leaves behind a wife and two young sons. the mother of baby lisa irwin, the missouri infant missing for nearly two weeks, said she last saw the baby hours earlier than first reported and says she was drunk the night lisa vanished. she was recorded on videotape buying boxed wine. her big fear is she'll be arrested and people will stop looking for lisa. a private memorial service held sunday for apple co-founder steve jobs.
8:03 am
silicon valley elite attended the gathering at stanford university. apple employees hold their own memorial on wednesday. cnet reports iphone 5 was the last big project jobs worked on from concept to finished design. now here's brian williams with a look at what's coming up on nbc "nightly news." brian? >> coming up tonight, the cancer drug shortages you may be aware of. critical life saving chemo and other drugs not available to those who need it so badly. and allegations of price gouging when they do become available. we'll have that for you tonight on "nightly news." natalie, back to you. >> thank you, brian. now a quick roundup of what has you talking online. the lady gaga performance that made bill clinton blush is a hit on yahoo. it at the birthday bash on saturday gaga serenaded him with customized song lyrics including billary and i and bill romance.
8:04 am
>> this song is for nobody, but hillary, you and i. >> she said she was going to have a marilyn moment. i thought, my god, i get lady gaga and i will have a heart attack celebrating my 65th birthday. >> mr. clinton called gaga the most talented performer out there. even for an old fogy like me, end quote. gaga said she wished the former president was up there playing the sax for her. love was in the air at the occupy wall street protest in cincinnati saturday. the pictures are being passed around on twitter. an ohio couple had their picture taken with protesters to show sympathy for the cause. and it may be a forbidden dance but a youtube shows why a lambada dance was dangerous. one cheerleader at the pan american games, the cheerleader there tumbled right into the swimming pool. another cheerleader pulled her
8:05 am
out. she ended up finishing the routine dripping wet but otherwise fine. 8:04 now. let's go outside to matt and ann. >> you know the top lady gaga wore? >> i saw it. >> i almost wore that. >> did you? on my 63rd birthday. let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> we should all be so lucky. hey, we have a bunch of future farmers of america here. [ cheers ] >> it's their national convention. america can't do without the farmers. thank you so much. and we have nice folks over here helping veterans. what are you doing? >> we're helping soldiers have the ability to call home with haircuts. the vfw uplink. >> thanks for your service. let's check your weather and see what's going on. pick city of the day, astoria, oregon, channel 8. whoa, oregon folks over there. afternoon sunshine.
8:06 am
temperatures in the mid-60s. as we check out the day we'll have beautiful weather in oregon. lots of sun. west coast is fantastic. down in florida, a broad area of low pressure causing showers and thunderstorms. may make it up the eastern seaboard. wet weather in the lower mississippi river valley. showers around the great lakes and interior parts of new york and new england. oregon ducks over here. [ cheers ] ann's alma mater. good monday morning to you. the fog is back. although, for the most part, it's not right up to the surface except in the north bay. starting to lift. by about 10:30, mostly sunny conditions all the way from santa rosa to san francisco. expecting some of that fog to linger over santa cruz throughout the day today. that will keep your temperature a little on the cool side. 75 in santa cruz versus 77 in oakland today. we all start to cool off tomorrow, even more so for wednesday. temperatures dropping between 10 to 15 degrees.
8:07 am
>> all right. a couple years ago matt and i kr dressed up like pirates. hey, matt, do you know why the pirates couldn't get into the movie? it was rated a rshsrrr. >> juliana rancic makes a personal announcement after this. [ female announcer ] now there's a delicious way
8:08 am
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8:11 am
back now at 8:10. giuliana rancic from our sister network e is here to share some personal news this morning. first, her story. for nine years she's been the e network's celebrity news personality, a staple at red carpet events. >> we have learned more about you tonight. thank you very much. >> saying what's hot and what's not on fashion police. >> we have been watching the fashions, talking about them all night. >> and co-host of the wildly popular e news reporting the latest celebrity scoops. >> they saved the big secrets for us. >> she's married to season 1 "apprentice" winner bill rancic. they fell in love, married and since 2009 have chronicled their lives on the style network
8:12 am
reality show that highlights their married life and struggle with infertility. >> thinking about having, you know, a kid again. >> reporter: including two in vitro fertilization treatments one that resulted in a miscarriage at 8 weeks. >> why are we being punished? >> reporter: three weeks ago they decided to try again taking treatments from a leading ivf clinic in denver leading everyone to wonder whether it would work this time. >> bye! cameras off! >> see you. bye. >> wish us luck. >> reporter: giuliana rancic, good morning. >> good morning. >> to the fans listening and watching now, they are expecting you to possibly announce that you might be pregnant. >> yes. >> you have other news. >> i do. through my attempt to get pregnant for the third time through ivf, we sadly found out that i have early stages of breast cancer. it's been a shock because i
8:13 am
recently found this out. a lot of people have been asking, you know, we saw in the season finale of the show that you got ivf, so what happened. are you pregnant? sadly, we have had to put that off because of the news. >> how you found out is important here. >> it is important. it's a pretty amazing story. when we went to do the third round of ivf, the only doctor who has ever said this to me said, you need a mammogram. i said, why? i'm 36. i'm too young. he said, i don't care if you're 26, 36. i won't get you pregnant if there is a small risk you have cancer. if you get pregnant it can accelerate the cancer. the hormones accelerate the cancer. so i got a mammogram -- >> you argued against it. >> i did. >> you didn't want it. why do i need a mammogram? >> absolutely. i wasn't prepared to get one until i was 40. so never in my wildest dreams i
8:14 am
expected anything to be wrong. i went kicking and screaming, to be honest. they called me the next day and said, we see something. we need you to come back. i remember i was driving to work. it was just a kick in the stomach. i knew something was wrong. i went in. they did, indeed, see something. now i was just days away from going to colorado to get ivf. i was on day seven or eight of the medications. i said, what am i supposed to do? they said, go to colorado to do the retrieval. then you can't get pregnant. we can't let you get pregnant. we'll biopsy you when you come back and see where you are. >> the mammogram was on the 11th, your birthday on the 17th and a few years later you found out the words when the doctors said the words to you. >> that's right. >> how are you doing emotionally? >> i'm okay. that was the hardest day. i went in to the hospital in
8:15 am
l.a. and when they came in to tell me they said it quickly. they just said, i'm sorry, you have breast cancer. i just remember, ann, it's like what you expect but so much more. it was like incredible instant sobbing and it was like the world crashed down around me. i just couldn't believe it. 36 years old. no family history. i just couldn't believe it. >> 85% of breast cancer diagnosis are for people without a prior history. you did have an aunt. >> i do have an aunt. i was tested for the breast cancer gene and i don't have a breast cancer gene, thank god. but i don't have a mother or a sister. you don't see it in my family a lot. i have just the one aunt who had it but is a survivor and is very perfect now. >> your husband bill who we have been watching in this reality show, how much has his support meant to you? >> it's been everything. bill is unbelievable. the best part about bill is he
8:16 am
lets me cry when i want to cry and doesn't say, hey, look at that person who's worse off than you are. he just lets me feel what i'm feeling. i think that's very important for a spouse to do. >> you know, i can't help but notice that during the interview and leading up to it, you have been shaking a little bit. it's still so new. >> yeah. >> yet you wanted to come in and talk about it, in part because you want to give a message to woman. >> oh, absolutely. i think a lot of us think we're invincible. women these days, we are busier than ever multi tasking, taking care of a million people and a million things a day. we have to start putting ourselves on the to-do list. i had a friend call yesterday. she said, i'm so sorry. can i do anything for you. i said, honestly, don't feel sorry for me. call your doctor tomorrow. make an appointment. that's what you can do for me. i want women to know if you can
8:17 am
just find it early, you could be okay. i will be okay. because i found it early. >> do you need radiation? >> i do. >> and you're going to push to have a baby? >> yeah. i'm doing surgery this coming week. then i go to radiation for six and a half weeks. yeah. i'm not going to give up. i want that baby. what's amazing is that the baby will have saved my life. because i have always said that this all happened to me because there was a master plan for why ivfs didn't work, why i didn't get pregnant. i truly believe god was looking out for me and when i would ask him why is this happening? why can't you give me a baby? i know he was looking out for me. had i gotten pregnant a few years down the line i could be a lot sicker. now i'm okay. so this baby will have saved my life. >> giuliana rancic, we wish you every luck -- you and bill.
8:18 am
thank you for talking with us this morning. >> thank ft aer isth. t gh afterck this. [ vending man ] hi there! that's not going to satisfy you. come on. it's time for a better snack. try this. it's yoplait greek. it has two times the protein of regular yogurt. you'll feel satisfied. [ female announcer ] yoplait greek.
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it burns! it's singeing me. it's the sun. get out of the office more often, with chili's $6 lunch break combos, featuring texas toast half sandwiches. chili's lunch break combos. we're back now with bethenny frankel, the mother and sbre pressure and star of "bethenny ever after." she's had a lot to deal with. more than just her busy schedule, controversies rocked her personal and professional lives. good morning.
8:22 am
what is it about you that lands you in the headlines all the time? >> i think my recent success has polarized people. all i ever wanted to do was be able to pay my rent. they say more money, more problems. i never had problems like this. >> your recent success, is this people jealous over the fact that you are doing well? are they trying to take you down a notch? >> there are certain people and certain bloggers that are freelance journalists. they write things and people believe them as fact. it's irresponsible journalism. i believe they want something to be wrong. they want it to be i somehow lied, cheated or did something wrong for success. >> let's give an example. you recently sold a portion of your company skinny girl, right? >> i sold skinny girl cocktails. >> and the prices that were out there were all over the place. the bottom line is there was an article written on huffington post where they said you inflated the sale price of the
8:23 am
company by a lot. what was the truth? >> forbes and the hollywood reporter reported numbers in excess of $100 million. >> correct numbers? >> they are credible publications. the number is irrelevant to me. the least interesting thing about me is how much money i have. when fans are wondering whether i said it was ten times more than it was, i'm left to defend myself. my fans are the ones who made this success. >> huffington post later said, we reget the error. are you satisfied with that apology? >> the bottom line is the public believes irresponsible bloggers who write anything they want. you have to trust your news sources like "today," like forbes. skinny girl cocktails is about to sell a million cases in nine months. it's remarkable. the money is irrelevant. but it's a success.
8:24 am
>> the other story that got a lot of headlines recently, apparently a lost at sea episode involving you and your husband and your therapist lost for 20 years. yet there was a crew from your reality show on board the boat and immediately people started saying, if there is a crew on board they are not lost at sea. this was a stunt for a reality tv show. >> first of all, my sound guy doesn't know how to swim. they lost a lot of tapes because of salt damage. they lost batteries. the story happened. basically the tow boat man accused me of lying. >> tim russell. >> he's been put on a gag order because she's saying we called the coast guard. it's like calling 911 without an emergency. i would be in jail. >> he said when you finally got to land you bent down and kissed the ground but not until the crew was rolling which made him think, this is a stunt. >> oh, no. the crew had been rolling since midnight the night before. my baby was in nantucket with a
8:25 am
baby sitter all night. i was hysterical. i did kiss the ground. people will know it's real. it's a bunch of nonsense. >> which is part of your appeal, your blunt talking. you call it as you see it. how do you feel about people who were behind the stories? >> i'm thinking about my fans who i love and who created my success and who i have a responsibility to. the reason i spent the last couple of weeks defending myself from lies is only to speak to them. i don't care who's writing garbage. i care about the public knowing what to believe. also, we are in a world where people believe the last thing they have seen on a computer. other people pick up these -- >> so incorrect morsels become the truth of the next story. >> by the way, none of this matters. giulana just came out with breast cancer. this is garbage. you worry and aboutour and
8:26 am
money is garbage. >> we'll be right back after your local news. good monday morning to you. it's 8:26 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. it was 22 years ago today that a massive earthquake rattled the bay area. today, officials will talk about preparing for the next big earthquake. loma prieta quake struck on october 17th, 1989. to mark the 22nd anniversary of the quake, department of emergency management will hold a symposium at san francisco city hall, focusing onep caromednine preparness and recovery.
8:27 am
8:26 right now. weather and traffic is next. keurig has over 200 varieties from 20 leading brands, including tully's. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. way to brew.
8:28 am
welcome back. the time is 8:28. really thick fog up in the north bay. from san francisco down through san mateo. watch out on your way to work, ragged patches. 86 in san jose. today you're wearing short-sleeved shirts. tomorrow bring a sweater with you. we'll drop off by about 10
8:29 am
degrees on average inland. down to 72 on wednesday. no threat, though. we start to warm up in time for the weekend. sunshine as we head through sbatd sunday. let's check your drive with mike. >> slowing for 580. that's better than it looked half an hour ago. we have a new accident that should be clearing westbound 580 right around that dublin interchange. hasn't been a major problem. should be clearing shortly. once you get through there, slowing in the castro valley. slowing just off the y itself. >> thank you, mike. check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. another update in half an hour. fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. yeah, this is pretty good.
8:30 am
are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. koppel. >> welcome aboard. >> kate snow. >> brian. >> harry. seth myers, fake news anchor. ♪ >> 8:30 on a monday morning. the 17th of october, 2011. we're glad these people are here. they want to hang out because friday we have a huge concert lined up. we have coldplay, one of the hottest bands in the world live
8:31 am
out on the plaza for a full half hour of music. >> falcon krel concerts are fun. coldplay is huge. get here early. >> i'm ann curry along with matt lauer, al roker and natalie morales. we have a lot to get to. >> the olympic games opening ceremony is just nine months away. how is london doing in preparation for the visits from people around the world? are the venues ready? what about security? we'll get an update on the dedicated olympians heading up the host committee. >> then we head into the kitchen today where marcus samuelsson is stopping by to help us out with pork chops. >> he's doing jerk pork. >> caribbean flavor. >> okay. >> with halloween just two weeks away, we are getting ready for the halloween extravaganza.
8:32 am
the spooktacular. plan your costume and be here monday, october 31, here on the plaza. >> meantime, we are also very excited today. one of our favorite people is here. we are talking about rowan atkinson. [ cheers and applause ] >> he's the star of johnny english. pleasure to have you here. >> thank you very much. >> you play an intelligence officer and in this movie you are trying to stop international assassins from creating worldwide chaos and it's not easy. >> not for someone whose skill set is not as great as he would like it to be. english's problem is he's not as great as he thinks he is. he's actually quite good. he's not a complete fool. but he's not as good as he thinks he is. he has too much self-confidence. that's the problem.
8:33 am
>> the first movie was a huge success. $150 million. >> it did well, yes. >> how much pressure do you feel for number two? >> i feel more confident than i did a couple of weeks ago. we have been released in far east and european territories where the film as done well. i sat in audiences from russia to australia to london. interesting to hear yourself in russian for the moscow premiere. i thought i sounded slightly effeminate. clearly a deliberate policy decision to make the brit sound more effete. they seemed to like it. >> and with movie success comes bigger budget, bigger guest stars. you have gillian anderson. >> and rosamond pike. she was in "die another day"
8:34 am
with piers brosnan. so, yes. we were keen to make it more like a james bond movie. you know, spend more money and give it a sense of importance. the plot and the narrative is important. when johnny english mucks up the joke, i believe it's funnier the more serious the context it's set in. >> as my young kids were watching the bean last night, will there be another? >> i think i may retire mr. bean. >> no, no! >> no! >> should he retire mr. bean? >> no! >> think of the children. >> i'm inclined not to see him get old. never say never. >> another bond movie. >> yes.
8:35 am
i was in a bond movie called "never say never again". >> you were! >> johnny english is opening on october 28th. >> mr. roker, how about a check of the weather? >> let's show you what's happening. we'll see showers and thunderstorms mid mississippi river valley. sunshine in the west. going to be gorgeous. heat continues. 85 in atlanta today. as we move into tomorrow, mild conditions. wet in the midatlantic states. showers in the southeast and gulf coast. beautiful weather western two-thirds of the country. warm texas into the southwest. good we're going to see a really nice day today once we get rid of all this fog. the thickest fog in the north bay. quarter mile visibility in santa rosa. oakland to napa, starting to drop in livermore. the sun will shine through,
8:36 am
warming us up. temperatures are above seasonal averages. 86 in livermore and san jose. we drop off by about 10 degreesw n wend5en, we aetow tomorrow b15daetween now and weesdny.da don't forget. you can check your weather any time day or night. go to weather channel on cable or >> thanks, al. coming up, the countdown to london 2012. what you can expect from this summer's olympic games. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
8:38 am
♪ we are back at 8:38 with today's kout countdown to londo. the opening ceremony is just 28 0 days away. we'll talk to the chair of the organizing committee. first his own olympic story. sebastian coe is a politician in great britain.
8:39 am
yet in the early '80s he was better known as seb coe, who made an indelible mark on the olympic games. he won four olympic medals, taking home gold in the 1500 meter and silver in the 800 meter races in both the 1980 and 1984 games. the only man to ever win back-to-back gold medals in the 1500. he also set records during his career. after hanging up the cleats in 1990 he became a member of parliament and went on to head up the successful olympic bid committee for london. >> we've done it! >> reporter: the host of the 2012 olympic games. he's now the chairman of the london 2012 organizing committees. good to have you here. >> that was a quick run through 30 years. >> the entire 30 years in one minute, ten seconds. are you ready? >> we're excited. we have a lot of work still to
8:40 am
do. we're in great shape. i think the nation is excited. while i travel around the world now talking to national olympic committees and a lot of the athletes we know will showcase their wares in the state and they are excited. >> when you get inside a year you can almost hear the clock ticking. what keeps you up at night? >> actually, you think like an athlete at this stage. it's getting to the finish line uninjured, getting to the finish line focused. our team is really in that sort of space. the next ten months will be challenging. it's making sure that operationally you are ready to deliver. the moment we are testing. we are doing a lot of test events which is crucial for the athletes. >> you talk about venues. everybody wants to talk venues. what's ready? what's not? what makes you nervous? >> 95% of the olympic park is
8:41 am
now done. that's the centerpiece of the games. we have temporary venues we are working on and overlay and things you need to do to turn the venues into great theaters of sport. >> what about traffic? i have been to london a lot. your traffic is not, as the british would say, brilliant. it can be tough. some of your events, by the way, will go right through the heart of london like the marathon and things like that. are you worried about it? >> in modern global cities, particularly some of the older designed cities, we are not beijing. we don't go three miles in one direction, hang a right and three miles in another direction. it has challenges. we do have an extraordinary public transport system. millions of people every day like me used public transport. we've got the right people in the right place asking the right questions. we will get there. but transport will always be a challenge. >> and so will security.
8:42 am
the day after you guys won the bid, there was a terrorist bombing come to be known as the 7-7 bombing. there were riots in the last year we watched play out on television sets. we wonder about whether crowds larger than that could be kept under control. how would you answer the question? >> we'll have a safe, secure games next year. the real issue is always in an olympic city about proportionality. people come to your city to celebrate extraordinary sport, humanity, friendship. we have millions of people coming to london. of course everything we do is underpinned by security. that has to be in balance. we will do this very well. i mean the british police force is the best in the world. london is a big global capital that has dealt with these sorts of issues for as long as i have
8:43 am
been alive in london. >> how is the home team looking? >> good actually. if you benchmark where we were before beijing we're in good shape. >> can you top the opening ceremony at beijing? that was epic. you have danny doyle, the director. >> the great danny doyle. his creative juices are flowing. >> seb coe, 282 days before opening ceremony. >> thank you. >> if you are addicted to your digital devices up next. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
back now with senator kirsten gillibrand. she's holding a summit and using an iconic image from world war
8:46 am
ii in order to do it. good morning. >> good morning. >> why do you believe women have the power to be a catalyst for our nation's economic recovery? >> women are such an economic engine in this country and largely up untapped. women are graduating half of the college degrees, more than half of the advanced degrees and women owned businesses are some of the fastest growing in the country. we need women at the forefront. >> you talk about using the rosie the riveter image from world war ii which told women to step up. how can women today step up? >> the reason we are using rosie the riveter, a lot of the men were fighting in world war ii and businesses needed employees so they had a call to action for women to come into the workforce. within 14 months 2 million women, by the end of the war, 6 million women. this is a call to action to america's women to say you are
8:47 am
part of the solution. we need you as part of the decision-making fabric of the country. studies show the women are part of decision-making and outcomes are better particularly on corporate boards. we have only 16% women on the fortune 500 corporate boards. we need more. >> you have other numbers you point to. i think this is something women may be surprised to learn. women earn just 78% of what men earn. that creates an average loss of $434,000 over a woman's career. that doesn't include lower social security payments and pensions. and women are just 3% of the fortune 500 ceos and women start businesses with eight times less capital than men. how much power do women have to be the juice in the economy? >> they have the great ideas, great business sense and good decision-making abilities. the conference is about giving them the tools they need to reach their full potential. for example, did you know that
8:48 am
only 7% of women negotiate their first salaries but 57% of men do. >> why? >> they need to know that they deserve more. they certainly deserve a dollar on a dollar. one study shows if women did earn a dollar on a dollar the gdp of america would go up 9%. >> it's good for everyone if women have the opportunities and their families and children. >> most families are two wage earning families. if you are losing 400,000 in your lifetime imagine that money going to college education, opportunities for your kids. we want america's women to understand they are needed. we need them in the work force. we need them making decisions and we need them on the political side. i'm one of 17 women in the senate today. we have 17% in congress. six governors. we need women to understand their voices are necessary because they have good ideas on the business and political side and when they are at the table
8:49 am
the outcomes are better. the decisions have a broader viewpoint. women have a different perspective on how to solve problems. we need their ability to bring people together, especially in washington when as we know washington is broken. the more women at the table the better it will be. >> you mentioned power in congress. the article in good housekeeping magazine about your frip with debbie wasserman schultz and gabrielle giffords, how much does the connection between the three of you bolster you given the fact that you are in a minority? >> it's wonderful to have such close friends in washington. the joke is if you want a friend in washington, buy a dog. it's not necessarily true. there are great girlfriends there. women often work well together. we can often reach across party lines. we can build consensus, reach compromise and get things done. we need to get things done in washington now. we have a tough economy.
8:50 am
many, many families across new york, across the country are suffering. we need people willing to work together and solve the problems. i think if we have more women at the table making the decisions, we'll have better outcomes and better decisions will be made. >> by the way, how is gabby doing? >> great. i saw her a week ago. she's strong, still inspiring us all. she's going to make it. >> senator kirsten gillibrand, thank you. >> thank you very much. >> we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam,
8:51 am
who made an unexpected arrival. [ woman ] he was 4 months early, weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces. [ female announcer ] fortunately, sam was born at sutter health's alta bates summit medical center. [ woman ] the staff was remarkable. they made me feel safe, trusting, cared for. [ giggles ] they saved his life. i owe all of them my son. [ female announcer ] alta bates summit medical center and sutter health -- our story is you.
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>> announcer: today's kitchen is brought to you by chili's lunch combos. go bold instead of the same old. >> this morning on "today's kitchen" how to spice up your pork, so to speak. marcus samuelsson is the owner and chef of red rooster in harlem. welcome back. good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> this is jerk pork. i have seen jerk foods in jamaica. where else does it show up in cuisine? >> these spices really come from africa. so it would make sense that the jerk spice and the flavor profile came through slavery essentially. you have allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg but also this guy.
8:53 am
the scotch bonnet. the hottest pepper in the world. >> obviously we are using that sparingly. >> very spiraringly. in the summer time they have jerk festivals in brooklyn. they have chicken, pork. >> the same spice combination for chicken and fish? >> and vegetables. it's always a bunch of allspice. that's key. i'm putting it all in there. then molasses. this is a combination between sweet and really a little bit of rum. no jamaican food without rum. >> you're making a sauce or a paste. i have seen it as a dry rub in the past as well. >> it can be dry rub. you can put olive oil in there. it can be a marinade. >> lemon juice? >> lemon juice. and allspice is the key here. it's what makes the jerk, i would say. and the heat combination. if you think really the jerk spice, if you want to do
8:54 am
jalapenos, you can do that. the chili determines how hot it will be. >> how far in advance are you marinating the pork chops? these are the biggest pork chops ever. >> if it was fish i would do it in two hours. for pork, i let it sit overnight. >> in the fridge. >> in the refrigerator, let it sit overnight. this can be the base for your sauce, too. save some. mix it with chicken stock for your own sauce. rub this on there, good. and we'll slap it on. >> can you really cook a piece of meat that thick on the grill? >> you put it on the grill, sear on both sides and put it in the oven for about 14 minutes in the oven. this is a big chop.
8:55 am
and the key is to let it rest. look at this chip here. this is a double chop. >> right. >> i love pork. >> you do? >> i love pork, too. it's one of these cuts that when you cook it on the bone it tastes so much better. >> still moist on the inside. >> and juicy. >> while i attack that, you're doing a sweet potato gratin. >> sweet potatoes and pumpkin. fall is here. you want to cook for the season. i have a little bit of honey. >> who said he wanted a little bit of hop any? we're here. >> how are you guys? >> great. smells amazing in here. >> who wants to try a pork chop? >> all of us. we're chomping at the bit here. >> real quickly, the finished product. can we taste it? >> absolutely. taste it. >> let me get the pork. >> here we go.
8:56 am
>> we have the pork here. >> this is the fred flintstone pork chop. >> i promised ann some. >> we'll try this and put the recipe on the website. marcus samuelsson, good to see yo we're my friend. we're back after your local news. we good morning. it's 8:56 right now. no need to worry if you hear a periodic loud noise that might sound like an explosion in the south bay. it's just pg&e, testing their gas line that runs through east
8:57 am
morgan hill. it's east of 101. part of pg&e's ongoing inspection. the work will continue through october 29th. crews will take the gas line out of service, vent that line, fill it with water and t reconnect i. we'll have a look at the morning commute after this.
8:58 am
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8:59 am
back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. for the latest traffic and news updates check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. another local news update for you in half an hour. have a great morning. the transfer of 33,000 inmates from state prison to local jails gives our counties the unprecedented opportunity to do what the state has failed to do, and that is rehabilitate. i'm suzanne shaw. counties spend $25,000, half the 53,000 it costs the state to jail someone. so this historic shift of inmates from state to local control not only saves us money, but gives counties millions to expand programs, drug treatment, job training and education so that lower level offenders can reenter our communities successfully.
9:00 am
past records show almost 20% of our parolees end up back in jail. now with local communities taking over, nbc bay area believes we can and should help these non-violent offenders change their lives. with visionary leadership, bay area counties can lead the way. more at back now with more of "today" on a monday morning, october 17, 2011. we promised blue skies earlier in the day and -- >> they're coming, baby. >> they are making their way to new york city. that's good news for all these people here. there is a patch of blue. >> there is. >> we have both cameras now pointed skyward. there you go. out on the plaza -- >> jimmy corrigan, nice move! [ cheers and applause ] >> sweet. >> now breathe. out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer along with ann curry, al roker,
9:01 am
tamron hall. the mother of the missing baby in kansas city has given a new and revealing interview admitting she was drunk the night her daughter disappeared and admitting she fears she will be arrested. more on that coming up. >> and we'll talk about how to deal with chronic inflammation. a lot of people in the medical community say there's a link between chronic inflammation and illnesses like heart disease and cancer. we'll tell you why your diet and lifestyle may have an impact. and for a lot of families struggling these days to make ends meet, health care is a big chunk of their budget trying to figure out how to pay for it is stressful if somebody lost a job or he or she is self-employed. buying your insurance can be daunting and expensive. we have expert advice to good affordable coverage. plus, it's probably the hottest video on youtube. the antelope smackdown. that's what they are calling it. >> oh!
9:02 am
>> we'll talk with the 17-year-old who was on the bike. how is he feeling now and what, if anything, he remembers. >> and what you don't see or hear is what the kid called that antelope before it went after him. it was not unprovoked. >> can we have a quick shoutout to the firefighters -- [ cheers ] >> they are from ohio. volunteer firefighters. hi to them. in the meantime -- >> let's go to natalie at the news desk with a look at the headlines. good morning. good morning, everyone. a fiery 15-car pileup at the las vegas motor speedway has the racing world in mourning. dan wheldon died sunday when his car flew over another and smashed into a fence in front of thousands of spectators. several other drivers were injured in the crash. many indycar drivers said it
9:03 am
was the worst crash they have ever seen. new revelations in the case of baby lisa irwin in kansas city who's been missing for two weeks. peter alexander is there with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we have not heard from lisa irwin's parents in more than a week until now. they speak to nbc news and say the awful experience brought them closer together than ever before. they are hopeful, they say, that they will have their daughter home safely soon. during our 45-minute interview they revealed the fact that mom says she was drinking that night and she says she also thinks she will be arrested for her daughter's disappearance. nearly two weeks have passed since deborah bradley and jeremy irwin say their infant daughter, seen here in home video shot this year, vanished from her crib. just before 5:00 on the night lisa disappeared, 25-year-old deborah was spotted on tape with her brother at a grocery store buying baby supplies and boxed wine. now for the first time deborah
9:04 am
admits she was drinking at home in the hours before she says lisa vanished. were you drinking that night? >> yes. >> reporter: how much? >> enough to be drunk. >> reporter: so you were drunk? >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: a lot of people will say you were drunk that night, is there any chance you did anything that hurt your daughter that you are not telling us? >> no, no, no. if i thought there was a chance i would say it. no, no. i don't think that alcohol changes a person enough to do something like that. >> reporter: deborah now says she last saw her daughter when she put her to bed at 6:40 p.m., not 10:30 as the family first reported. it was the first time lisa's father jeremy, an electrician, had ever worked an overnight shift making repairs at this kansas city starbucks. when jeremy got home before 4:00 in the morning he said he found the front door unlocked, several lights on and a window screen tampered with. police have tried to recreate how an abductor may have broken
9:05 am
into the home through that window. you told us police said you failed a lie detector test. what question or questions did they say you failed? >> they said i failed when they asked me where she was. >> reporter: deborah and jeremy say they refuse to let detectives reinterview lisa's 8 and 5-year-old half-brothers. >> they said they heard noises. i don't know if that was before they went to sleep or after. i have not sat down and talked to them about it, specifically not to have to put them through anything else. >> reporter: on sunday the missouri national guard joined the search for baby lisa, combing open and wooded areas near the family home. still, police say they have no suspects, including lisa's parents. also today, nbc news has learned the irwin family is expected to announce today, natalie, that they are bringing in an attorney. that's the latest from here. >> peter alexander, thank you. today, u.s. investigators are expected to question the mother of a newborn found dead
9:06 am
on a carnival cruise ship last week. nbc's jay gray is at port canaveral, florida, with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. a sad, bizarre case unfolding here. saturday, federal agents were at this port interviewing passengers, crew members from the carnival dream liner. they also gathered evidence from two guest cabins on the ship trying to figure out what led to the death of a newborn. crew members made the horrific discovery wednesday morning when the carnival cruise liner "dream" docked in st. martin. an employee found a dead newborn baby in a guest stateroom on the ship and according to federal agents, quote, carnival personnel subsequently reported the matter to dutch authorities in st. maarten. dutch authorities took custody of the infant's body and interviewed the mother.
9:07 am
law enforcement said the unidentified woman, a u.s. passenger, was cooperative and said she never knew she was pregnant until she gave birth. authorities say the investigation including an autopsy done on the baby girl thursday concluded the death took place prior to the ship's arrival in st. maarten and they have no jurisdiction in the matter. the case was turned over to the fbi. no charges have been filed. on sunday carnival's head cruise director wrote on facebook, the question, the state room stewardess who discovered the deceased newborn should be very much in our thoughts. carnival is providing her with all the care and help she needs. in my 25 years at sea it is one of the saddest situations i have ever heard. carnival has a policy that says women over 25 weeks pregnant should not sail. the mother of the child is expected back in the u.s. as the investigation continues. natalie? >> all right, jay gray, port canaveral, florida, thank you, jay. on a lighter note, fancy footwork made for close
9:08 am
competition at the box office. early estimates had hugh jackman's "real steel" with $16.3. an updated classic of "the thing" debuted in third. the last place finisher made the most impressive runner in sunday's toronto marathon. at 100 years old fajau singh set a new record becoming the oldest person to complete a full 26-mile course. it's enough to make the rest of us feel guilty for not making it to the gym. that's impressive. now back outside to matt, ann and tamron. matt, you have plenty of time to run a marathon. >> nice. thank you. >> 100 years old! eight hours. >> that's an accomplishment. we have a big concert on friday, coldplay. for the musical stylings now of tamron hall on the duck bill. let's hear this thing. >> really? >> go ahead. >> it was a gift. >> give it a shot. [ duck calling ] [ cheers ]
9:09 am
>> al, be careful. no, no. be careful, al. you need this job. >> tamron, are you doing that on news nation this afternoon? [ quack ] >> are you doing that on news nation? wow. you never know what you will see on the show. good stuff. fantastic. let's check your weather. we have a 60% chance of the re system off the florida keys becoming a tropical cyclone and making it up the coast. rainfall amounts from one to three inches over the next 24 hours. the rest of the country, we have showers working their way into the lower gulf into the central mississippi river valley. showers around the central great lakes. beautiful weather on the west coast and mountain snows in the northern rockies. looking for sunny skies in the southwest. and that's your latest weather.
9:10 am
good morning to you. well, we're clearing out nicely. most of the fog and low cloud cover above the surface in san jose. we have thick patches off the surface. less than a quarter mile of visibility in some spots. by about 10:30, 11:00, just hours away from a completely sunny sky. all the way from santa rosa to redwood city. expecting cloud cover to linger over santa cruz as we head throughout the day today. that's where the fog will hover. 77 on tuesday down to 72, big cooldown on the way toward mid week. and that's your latest weather. natalie? >> announcer: today's health is brought to you by pronamel. helps protect your teeth from acid erosion. >> al, thank you. this morning, chronic inflammation is often described as a silent epidemic that may be linked to heart disease, diabetes and cancer. what changes can you make to
9:11 am
help prevent it? dr. tanya beneson is our doc here at nbc. good morning. >> good morning. >> can we talk about inflammation? a lot of us think of swelling in the knees, joints. what's the difference between chronic inflammation and acute inflammation we have felt at one point or another. >> you are describing acute inflammation. you cut yourself, stub your toe. this is the way your body heals. you want it. that's good. chronic inflammation is a low level painless imperceptible amount of inflammation that causes tissue damage, cell damage, throws your immune system off and leads to disease. >> internally, the organs, all of that are dealing with inflammation. >> that's the silent part, exactly. >> and with lifestyle, it's such an important part of what can cause this chronic inflammation, right? >> and the key word is chronic.
9:12 am
this doesn't happen in a day that you have one bad meal or an extra drink. when you're eating unhealthy foods, too much food, you have belly fat, drink too much alcohol, smoke, you're sedentary, have stress and don't manage it well. all of these factors over time. so it's over time, years of this that creates chronic inflammation. >> so obviously you shouldn't smoke and drink. but when you talk about the illnesses that are perhaps linked to chronic inflammation, heart disease and stroke, pretty serious stuff. >> amazing research they have come up with. the concept of inflammation is a common link to so many diseases we know about already. cancer, heart disease, stroke, alzheimer's, premature aging, diabetes. we think of them as independent diseases. now we know they are all linked by the chronic inflammation and
9:13 am
there is something you can do about it. >> and there are symptoms. how do you know you are dealing with chronic inflammation? >> you don't. a good example of something in science and medicine that we are doing now, take heart disease. instead of checking the cholesterol profile, now you notice the doctor may order a c-reactive protein which checks you are at a higher risk for heart disease. take the statins, lipitor, that group of medications. it's not only a lipid buster. it decreases inflammation. that's one of the properties. this is really something that science is showing what we can do. >> it's all the buzz now. let's talk about lifestyle changes and nutrition. food has so much impact as to what can promote or prevent chronic inflammation. >> food has an impact because you eat every day. promoting inflammation you may not be surprised to hear.
9:14 am
things like saturated fat, fatty foods, high sugar, processed foods. these are things not found in nature so they inflame the cells. mood isn't medicine. even good things help over time but because you eat every day if you have a lot of health food choices, this will help over the long term. these are things like omega-3. what does that mean? these are fatty fish and if you're not a fish eater you can have walnuts or flaxseeds. this is a chemical component of omega-3 fats that battles the cell damage. and olive oil seems to have a component that ibuprofen has. fruits and vegetables. all that color, the stuff that makes fruits and vegetables colorful has special chemical actions to promote good health in the body. finally, white tea, green tea, black tea. it doesn't matter. >> antioxidants. >> it does matter -- you can't
9:15 am
have an occasional cup of tea and say you're covered. it's four, five cups every day. you can't have it once or twice to make a difference. >> ladies, thank you very much. good to have you here. up next, buying your own health insurance. we'll help you find the right fit for your family. later, are you hooked on your smartphone or other gadget? we'll tell you why you should disconnect from devices after this. did you know that acids in everyday foods can soften and wear away tooth enamel? once enamel's gone, it's gone for good. try... it uses an innovative gel-to-foam technology to surround your teeth, protecting them from the effects of acid erosion. pronamel iso-active strengthens and re-hardens acid-softened enamel. in fact, it's the number one dentist recommended brand for protection against the effects of acid erosion. try (new) pronamel iso-active today. this has been medifacts for pronamel iso-active. try (new) pronamel iso-active today. if you think occasional irregularity is no big deal,
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[ sniffs ] ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] with glade sense and spray you get a burst of fragrance when you walk by. get motion activated glade sense and spray and release the magic. sc johnson, a family company. this morning on today's money, buying health insurance. with millions of americans looking for work, buying your medical coverage can be costly and overwhelming. here to help us is cnbc's personal financial correspondent ms. sharon epperson. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> we have 13 million people looking for health insurance. >> at least 19 million. about 35% of those people are
9:18 am
self-employed or small business owners. one out of four, their employer offers coverage but they can't afford it or they may not get coverage. >> first of all a ppo. >> preferred provider organization. that's the ppo. you have a network of doctors you can choose from. if you choose in the network you will get a higher amount of coverage. >> hmo. >> health maintenance organization. people know about them. you have to stay in network to get the best services. >> hsa eligible plans. >> health savings account. you're actually going to be able to get like a 401(k) account to put money in pretax to pay for health insurance needs. it's a high deductible policy. if you're young and healthy that's a good plan for you. >> for freedom and flexibility but paying more you are looking at indemnity plans. >> that gives you the most flexibility in who to choose for your doctor. you will pay a portion for insurance needs there. >> you have important tips here. you talk mix and match. >> this is good for anyone. most people think they have to
9:19 am
stick with one insurance plan for the family. that may not work fending on your individual needs, your spouse's or children's needs. you may want two or more plans to figure out what's best for the family. >> do you need to bundle dental, doctor plan, stuff like that? >> some plans allow you to do that. see what works best for you. >> covering your adult child is interesting. >> that's something that's changed with the health reform law. you can cover your child up to age 26. it's not the best idea if your child is out of state. you may not have the network of providers allowing you to have the lowest cost for coverage. if the child is 19 to 25 they may be able to get an individual policy on their own. >> when buying for the family or just yourself you want to look around once a year? >> you have to. that's the best rule of thumb. if you are employed and get into the open enrollment period, that's once a year. buying on your own, do the same thing. things change in life. a chronic illness or you're
9:20 am
pregnant or may become pregnant. you want to look at the maternity benefits. >> does it make sense to take a yellow legal pad and compare all the options side by side? >> absolutely. most people look at the monthly premium. you also want to look at what's covered in terms of doctor visits, x-rays, emergency room, prescriptions and all of that. health can do it for you. >> if you like your doctor, you've got to take it into consideration that he may not take your insurance. >> exactly. that's something you want to look into. look at the doctors you have a relationship with. try to get in those plans. >> i thought it was interesting. there are licensed agents who can help with this. you can find a licensed insurance agent. you think go to the national association of health underwriters, and the independent insurance agents and brokers of america. those are three websites on
9:21 am >> you say an emergency fund is important. >> very important. particularly if you have a high deductible. you want to make sure you can cover it. having a solid emergency fund will be important for you. >> if your kids need frequent medical attention? >> again, that's the out of pocket costs. the doctor visits. make sure you're able to have a low monthly premium to deal with it. >> and you have to look at what you spent on health care last year. >> maybe someone in the family started to get more prescriptions and that changed the amount of money you put to health care. that happened to us this year. we have to look again at health policies to see what works best. >> what about pre-existing conditions? >> that can be difficult. the health insurance agent can help you figure out what plan may be best for you. >> lots of great information. thank you very much. still to come, if you haven't seen the video yet you're in the minority. we'll talk to the young mountain
9:22 am
biker knocked down by an antelope. first, these messages. irregularity is no big deal, think twice. it may be a sign that your digestive system could be working better. listen to this with occasional irregularity, things your body doesn't use could be lingering in your system, causing discomfort. but activia has been shown in clinical studies to help with slow intestinal transit when consumed 3 times per day. 7 out of 10 doctors recommend activia. and the great taste is recommended by me! to help get omega-3 dha into your kid's diet. flintstones gummies plus omega-3 dha is an excellent source of this key nutrient. ♪ we are flintstones kids, 10 million strong and growing ♪
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9:25 am
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you know what... i'll have this instead. [ female announcer ] swap one thing a day for a yoplait light at around 100 calories. it will add up to amazing. good morning, everyone. time now is 9:26. i'm jon kelley. this morning, police investigating what prompted a san jose officer to shoot and kill a man outside an apartment complex. just before noon, police say they got a call about a suspicious man on wooster avenue in san jose. they confronted the suspect in the back parking lot. >> a report came in, at least one report came in from the residential area here, a resident presumably, indicating that the person was acting in a suspicious manor or something to that effect and that that person was armed.
9:27 am
>> police say during the interaction with the suspect, one officer fired his weapon, killing the man. police won't say what actually led to the shooting. this is san jose's sixth officer-involved shooting this week. the second iweek. a 9:27 now. weather and traffic after this break.
9:28 am
welcome back. 9:28 now. we're starting to see the skyline. those mountains in the background coming in visibly now. santa rosa, deep pockets up there. holding on to that moisture a little longer. 75 in san francisco. 86 in san jose today. almost summer-like weather today. then major changes for tuesday and wednesday. onshore flow strengthens, area of low pressure moves on shore, dropping our temperatures and really deepen that marine layer. we're talking about coastal drizzle as we head through tomorrow, afternoon clearing and highs in the 60s and 70s.
9:29 am
wednesday, even cooler. mike, back to you. >> 880 by the coliseum. live shot shows about a minute and a half ago, traffic coming up past the coliseum to move an accident off the freeway to the off-ramp there. folks are on the shoulder, starting to move once again for 880 northbound, approaching 66. you'll see the slowdown out of san leandro. that should move pretty nicely. east shore freeway moving nicely as well now that all the accidents have cleared. 101 de la cruz, clear. back to you. >> appreciate it, big mike. for the latest traffic and news updates, check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. we'll have another update in one half hour.
9:30 am
♪ that, of course, susan boyle, the unlikely singing sensation who wowed the judges and the world. we have an exclusive interview with susan tomorrow. she'll share how she's handling being the toast of the town, what she's purchased with all the money and who she cuddles up with at night? that's what it says. >> simon cowell? >> i could have gone all day without that image. susan boyle tomorrow, only on "today." >> maybe a cat.
9:31 am
>> could be interesting. >> i'll watch, just for that. meanwhile, are you the types who can't put down the blackberry? i know you're both parents. >> we have no phones allowed during dinner. >> maybe it's time for an intervention. smartphone addiction is real and can be a problem not only for you but for your kids. we'll tell you how to set boundarieses in your life. >> kids are addicted young now. >> exactly. >> also, that's going to leave a mark. talking about this. 17-year-old biker -- ow, hurts every time -- riding through the south african wilderness pummelled by a leaping antelope. we'll talk to the 17-year-old who was on the bike. that's a great story for the grandkids. nobody got hurt. >> it's better in slow motion. whoa! in today's kitchen if you are
9:32 am
looking for a comfort food fix without the fat and calories ellie krieger is here to help us make meatloaf and mashed potatoes like mom's but with lots of flavor and less guilt. >> first al has a check of the weather. beautiful. >> it is. like the big lion king, mufasa. >> what? what did i miss? >> there was a line in "the lion king." above normal temperatures in the east and west. we have chilly conditions, showers. getting into the mid-week period the cool air spreads east. above normal in the western third of the country. then more cool air throughout much of the eastern half of the u.s. showers in the pacific northwest. look for above normal temperatures out west as well. good monday morning to you. starting to see a nice, clear sky over the city of san
9:33 am
francisco. still watch out for pretty thick fog through half moon bay, jant rosa as well. a quarter of a mile visiblity. 83 in fremont and 86 in accesan jose. running warmer than average today. we'll fall below your average by wednesday. low pressure starts to change our weather pattern. have a fantastic monday. the blackberry. >> ann left it. she was lost without it. >> perfect segue. coming up, is your smartphone taking over your life? clearly it is. >> put the phone down. >> walk away from the phone. so you earn 50 percent more cash. if you're not satisfied with 50% more cash, send it back! i'll be right here, waiting for it. who wouldn't want more cash? [ insects chirping ] i'll take it. i'll make it rain up in here.
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9:37 am
♪ this morning, are you addicted to your digital device? te texting, checking e-mails and listening to music, do you find it hard to enjoy a meal or walk down the street without being plugged in? good to see you. >> we were talking about even during meals how hard it is to turn it off, put it away. >> we used to hear people say
9:38 am
crackberry but it's a serious problem. >> it's true. >> how do you know you have a problem? >> is it affecting the life you want to have? is it affecting your relationship with other people? you were talking about dinner and the second you pick it up you check out of conversation you're having. so use it as a litmus test. when we fall out of a relationship with somebody back into the crackberry, blackberry, iphone or whatever -- and some of us have two or three -- you fall out of the relationship of who you are with. it impacts our families, our work lives and how we live life day to day. >> how do you compare it to other addictions like drugs or alcohol? is it fair to make that connection? >> absolutely. it's more widespread. take the worst case, people driving down the street checking e-mail, texting, calling. >> i have seen it. >> we have all heard stories of people having horrible crashes. that's worst case scenario. other ways we see it is it pulls people out of relationships with family and friends. if you have an alcoholic father
9:39 am
the whole balance of the system changes. if you have a parent always in the blackberry, not in relationship with the kids and involved in the family. it has a cost on the family, too. >> it's not multi tasking when you're doing this. >> we have trained ourselves that we have to be always on. even when we leave work we are no longer 9:00 to 5:00. we are 24/7. >> how do you set boundaries if you have the problem? >> set rules without negotiation or delay. come up with a change contract with your family that by hook or by crook, no excuses, you will live by. that means at certain hours of the day, you're not going to be involved with the blackberry, iphone or device. put it away and be involved with your family. this is a big one. the thing that pushes you in to clicking, you will feel it. it's a craving to click. what am i missing out? what call am i not getting? what news am i not getting? count the cravings to help you identify how present this
9:40 am
digital addiction is in your life. >> you mentioned on the break about turning it off completely. >> i love to turn it off. set some quarantine rules. use that word in your mind. talk to your family. meal time, family time, movie time and sleep time, we turn it off and put it away. look, i have worked with couples that i have seen in lovemakinging. the phone rings and the e-mail comes in. a text comes in. nothing blows the mood and helps damage a relationship like interrupting time with your family and loved ones. >> people say, listen, this is my job. i'm connected through this wireless device 24/7. how do you balance the expectations of work where you have to keep the phone on with family life? >> i hear you. we can always find excuses to do what we want to do. i believe we train people how we want them to treat us. if we are involved in a work relationship and we answer e-mails at 2:00 a.m. we are telling people that, hey, i'm
9:41 am
available 24/7. train people how you want to be treated. that's by setting boundaries around work and private life. >> speaking of how to train people, what if it's an issue with a spouse? how do you impose the rule? >> in a relationship where we are in a loving relationship we are constantly seeking compromise. don't have resentment. talk about it. i have seen troubles at home because of the blackberry and facebook and this and that. we set rules that we live by no matter what. >> what about the kids? we were talking about children. they have more devices. they are wired. that's a good thing. technology can be used for educational purposes. >> but they are wired and tired. the average teenager spends seven and a half hours a day connected. if you have kids, this is my rule. under 15, they have a dumb phone. they don't need a smartphone. just a regular cell phone.
9:42 am
>> old school? >> you have to hit it three times to text. do it. dumb phones for kids. if they can drive they get a smartphone. otherwise, old school, tamron. and fall out of texting, back into calling your kids. get away from the urge to be efficient with kids. it's not always about being efficient. it's about a relationship with them. if you are on the phone with your child and you hear their voice you get a better understanding of where they are at, how they are doing than by te texting. >> you run a tight ship. brad's book is "how to help the one you love." up next, the antelope seen around the world. we'll meet the young biker who had a wild ride in south africa right after this. ♪ doing the antelope dance apul? i wish. i got burned in the old oven again. ooooo! ouch! faulty thermostat. uneven heat. ahh!
9:43 am
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new crest complete. unlike ordinary toothpaste, you feel a deeper clean. it's a signal that tells you your whole mouth is clean. you're also protected. because most of life happens outside the bathroom. feel it working, know you're covered. with new crest complete, life opens up when you do. but you've got a meat and potatoes guy? pour chunky sirloin burger soup over those mashed potatoes and dinner is served. four minutes, around four bucks. campbell's chunky -- it's amazing what soup can do. back now with the internet sensation that has everyone asking, "why did the antelope cross the road"? >> that's right. 17-year-old evan van der spuy was biking when an antelope takes him down. the only thing he broke was his helmet. >> matt spoke with evan and the
9:47 am
man behind the camera, travis and asked how he's feeling after the dramatic macdown. >> i have a concussion over the weekend. but fine now. >> you have been mountain biking for a while now, i think five years. have you ever even heard of anything like this happening before? >> well, in the five years i have been riding i have never heard of an animal actually taking a person off their bike. i have been to quite a few game reserves in the last five years but i have never come close to the animals. >> nbc licensed this video. i can't tell you how many people have watched it over the last couple of days. about 10 million hits on youtube. when you watch the video, what goes through your mind, besides the antelope? >> well, the first time i watched it was actually in the hospital after i saw the x-rays. i knew i was safe after that. the first time i watched it, i had a bit of a laugh myself, just out of shock about how
9:48 am
enormous the animal was. it was a buck. it was scary. >> i mentioned you broke your helmet. miraculously you didn't have many other serious injuries. you got a concussion. you were unconscious for a while. how long were you out? >> well, from the moment the buck hit me, i don't remember anything from then until actually sitting in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. so between the buck hitting me and the ambulance i don't have a recollection of that. >> travis, you were riding behind him. you took the footage. first of all, why were you shooting this? what was your reaction when you saw the antelope come through? >> the reason i was filming it was for the event i was riding and just for the footage.
9:49 am
it was just pure chance and luck that i ended up riding with the camera on my bike. when i first saw the buck hit evan, i was just in total shock. >> i guess the antelope is okay as well. >> yes. right. >> just in case you were worried about the antelope. >> the interesting thing there was a coyote named wiley off the side ready to scoop him up. >> good thing he had the helmet. that's how important it was. >> absolutely. >> coming up next, getting your comfort food fix without the guilt. first this is "today" on nbc.
9:50 am
keurig has a wide variety of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. because it is.
9:51 am
this morning in today's kitchen, what's for dinner? comfort food with a healthy twist. elly krieger is here to show some recipes from her new
9:52 am
cookbook, comfort food fix. >> good to see you. >> this is right in time. i'm making meatloaf tonight. i'm using turkey. >> you may want to switch to this recipe. you can still use turkey, too. you know, i want comfort and health. all that delicious satisfaction. >> mm-hmm. >> i figured out how to do it tweaking recipes. it can make a huge difference. the meatloaf starts off. i amp up the vegetables. it's one of the keys. >> you can hide veggies in there. >> mushrooms are great with meat dishes because they taste meaty and it blends in texturewise so you get the comfort texture. i have carrots here. i do this with shepherd's pie, lasagna, the same technique but it works with meat dishes. >> tomato paste. >> garlic, thyme. classic meat loaf flavors. saute that. >> brown it up. >> this is what it looks like.
9:53 am
it looks just like the meat. once it's cool, put it in with the beef. you can use turkey if you want. >> this is a lean cut? >> use 90% lean or higher. that's what lean is. you're putting lots of flavor in here. >> instead of bread crumbs you're going with oats. >> this is one of the other comfort food fixes is to use whole grains when possible. you get great fiber and they really meld in. you can put in the eggs for me. you have to do it with your hands, you know? two eggs and worcestershire. you don't taste the oatmeal. >> right. >> but it adds moisture as well. >> what do you use for a coating? >> this is great. rather than ketchup with lots of refined sugar, i use tomato sauce, low sodium. some molasses which is a sweetener for sure, but it has minerals in it. it's unrefined. a little bit of mustard for a nice tanginess.
9:54 am
stir it up and pour it on. >> how long do you bake it in the oven? >> until it's done. >> can't argue with that. >> i would say -- >> bake it until it's done which might be 40 minutes, all right. a trade secret evidently. and you have mashed potatoes. >> what goes better with meat loaf than mashed potatoes? i'm steaming the potatoes. why boil them in water? you lose all the nutrients. in the same pot i dumped out the water already. it's really basically a one-pot thing here. mash them up and i will use a little butter. >> just a little. >> but literally a tablespoon. >> i like this. >> a little bit of bleue cheese. i use real ingredients, easy to find in a regular store. and low fat milk.
9:55 am
1% low fat milk. on the meat loaf you save 100 calories fer slice. o also on this, 100 calories but you get all the lusciousness. >> and dessert? >> apple crisp. everyone comes for dessert. >> meatloaf, mashed potatoes and apple crisp? >> sounds like the antelope is coming. >> and totally guilt-free. on the meal all together you saved 400 calories and you get gorgeous comfort food. >> amazing. >> ellie krieger, thank you so much. the recipes are on the website. >> still to come, how to dress like a celebrity for less. >> and a new member of the joy fit club who lost 220 pounds. first your local news.
9:56 am
good it's 9:56. i'm jon kelley. san jose police say they have absolutely no leads in a deadly
9:57 am
shooting case, even though it happened in the middle of the day right in front of thousands of people. steve townsend was sholt and killed at a cemetery while he was attending the funeral for a member of the hell's angels. by the time police arrived at the scene of the shooting, the victim had been driven away. the shooter was gone and, police say, others tried to cover up the crime scene. police, at this point, do not have a motive for the shooting. officers are not sure if the shooter is still on the loose or if he was killed and then hidden. your five-day forecast? you're in luck. christina loren is here to tell you all about it. >> just get in line. brilliant day shaping up. we'll cool off tomorrow and the day after. if you're looking for the sun and the warmth, today is your day. visible satellite imagery. the fog we do have is sit waited over santa cruz, agricultural area, santa rosa.
9:58 am
we are clearing nicely. 75 at santa cruz. cooler down there today with that fog lingering the longest in the south bay. 86 in los gatos. we will drop about 10 degrees between today's highs and tomorrow's highs and then 15 degrees between today and wednesday. break out those isotoner, mike. you'll need them. >> isotoner gloves. from 238 up past the coliseum, live look shows you in the last few minutes, we've just started moving a little bit better now. spacing between the cars. that will continue the next 20 minutes until things smooth out from san leandro up through this area. slow in the expressley there, but south of 84 in toward fremont. live look out there shows you the east shore freeway. golden gate field still remais,s
9:59 am
though the earlier accident cleared. >> check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. [ male announcer ] act for kids, with maximum fluoride for up to 40% fewer cavities act. stronger teeth and better checkups in every bottle.
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television hey, everybody. it is fun day monday, october 17th. >> today is my sister's birthday. happy birthday hala! >> she is in dubai. that's her. party on, hala. >> we won't tell how old she is.
10:01 am
>> how was your weekend? >> i don't remember it. i'm running on seattle blur. i've been taking the red buy back every week for seven weeks now. i'm on fumes. i'm here, i've got a pulse, i've got a purpose. >> i was watching channel 4, up propped a promo and your show in seattle. they are really nice promos. we'll be live thursday and we'll do two shows from thursday. people ask how we get tickets. >> just show up at the market there on pike place market. it's a beautiful area. it's a great city. >> it is a beautiful city. you know what? >> you had a big weekend. >> i did. >> let's hear about your weekend. >> i have been dating jay for one year! >> you had your one-year anniversary. you need to have four seasons with someone. >> look how funny that is. i'm not sure if it's because we are smashed.
10:02 am
we went to a hotel nearby and did -- >> i don't want to know what you did. jerry wants to know. >> he booked a massage for me that was to die for. it's the kind of massage where the person is almost going to break your back and you'd rather die that way, you don't care. it was incredible. >> it hurt so bad it's good. >> when you're in pain and you start laughing like a crazy person. >> there was somebody in my hotel like that last night making those sounds. i don't think a massage was going on. >> hello. >> how was it? >> great. it felt so natural and terrific. i can't believe it had been a full year. we didn't really have our first date until two weeks from now but we met at the book party this time last year. >> and you're working on your second book we'll talk about another tile. i have a big anniversary. >> one year of dating. as of tomorrow i had 25 years of
10:03 am
marriage. it's a little different. >> it is a little different. >> i don't remember what he looks like. i have not seen my husband or my daughter or bambino. put up a picture of bambino. frank is coming out this week. he'll be there. >> so our whole show is going. >> i know we have two shows there. >> everybody is going, frank is going, who else? >> cassidy has one of the leads in the school play, she can't. cody is recuperating from hurting himself out in california. >> but you'll have a big support system. >> you know who is not coming? lady gaga. >> she is very busy. >> i'd like to know what our fans and friends out there think of her performance. >> here is the deal. it was his latest celebration. >> i was having my first real
10:04 am
moment. i always wanted to have one, but i didn't yet. he was involved in an accident with a strand of pearls and here we are. >> let's hear. ♪ the dog house girl ♪ the dog house girl ♪ i don't want to be right ♪ i don't want to be friends put your hands up for bill. >> i love you so much. >> the song was bill's romance. >> how presidential. >> there was something a little bit, what do you think? it was weird. first of all she had the dress
10:05 am
with the you know was out. i don't know if it was part of the dress. >> i don't think it was very respectful. she is an outrageous performer and she is a very talented girl. hillary didn't mind. she seemed to be whupping it up. i don't know. >> at the end, bill clinton said i'm the only former president to have lady gga and the secretary of state at my birthday party. >> keep his day job. any way, happy birthday. >> here is good news. again, the quality of the sex is starting to work its way into the royal family. >> that is a good thing. >> prime minister cameron is proposing to throw out the laws that say only boys can become the head of the throne. now girls, too. so whether kate and will have a boy or a girl, that person whoever it is, boy or girl, can elevate to the throne.
10:06 am
>> as long as it's the first born. >> it could be the queen. >> if they only have one child any way and it's a girl. that's the way it has been. >> it's changing laws that date back to the 1700s. it's a big deal to move into the modern age with that. >> there is a big controversy over there. a lot of the parish people love the monarchy. just as many seem to resent their tax dollars going to the maintenance of them especially when they don't act royally. that would bother me if my tax dollars were going to some of the shenanigans. >> by the way, i'm still upset about my card. >> do they know you did this? >> no. i was walking in central park. >> with jay. >> it was with jane my friend who is in town. in my pocket i had my cell phone and blackberry and a card in between. i must have pulled out the blackberry in central park which was mobbed with people.
10:07 am
a l a lot of walk-a-thons. i just called and they officially canceled it. that's such a pain. all my bills are paid from that card. you have to redo that, change that. i hate it. speaking of cell phones, this is icky. >> here is a cell phone and it's somebody else's a british study says 1-6 of these phones contains fecal matter. >> ew! >> because people go to the bathroom. if you've been in a public bathroom stall and heard someone on the stall on the phone, they are in the stall on the phone. that's where it comes from in there, you should take a wipe and wipe it down. even sometimes if you wash your
10:08 am
hands -- >> why are we washing somebody else's phone? >> because you're i holding it. >> when you're borrowing someone's phone, think about it. >> you know the look people give you if you walk out of a stall and don't go to wash your hands? lots of times you go into a stall to do something else. >> such as? >> excuse me, sara! >> you're saying -- >> if you're fixing your spanx or putting something where it used to be -- well, she has a good point. if you touch the door, yes. >> by the way, why are we sitting here with the world's hugest margarita? >> why not. on october 14th, margaritaville broke the world record for the largest margarita. >> this isn't it. this is from it. >> 8,500 gallons. not this one. that big one.
10:09 am
look at that guy. 31 feet tall. >> he is so fun. >> serves 131,000 plus people. it's on display off margaritaville. >> and $5 will go to the wounded warriors softball team. just another good reason. there you go. las vegas is one of the unluckiest cities in the world, apparently. >> one of these magazines, "men's health" decided to find the luckiest and unluckiest cities. based on three things, getting hole-in-one, getting hit by light new england and people winning the lottery. the luckiest city are richmond, virginia, is number five. wilmington, delaware, number four. number three is phoenix, arizona, number two baltimore, maryland, and the luckiest city in the country according to this magazine is san diego, california. they get more holes-in-one,
10:10 am
least people getting hit by lightning and winning the lottery. >> and it's sunshine 300 days of the year and it's gorgeous there. i lung that the airport is so close to downtown. there is no reason not to love san diego. >> here are the least lucky cities. sioux falls, south dakota. nobody has won the lottery. nobody plays golf. number four is memphis, tennessee. number three, jackson, mississippi. number two, tampa. the least likely or least lucky place in the entire country is charleston, west virginia. people are watching there right now going, we don't feel unlucky. >> they must have a lot of lightning strikes. that's all we can figure. >> all right. talk to me. >> our favorite things. i wanted to tell you about this last week but i packed them. i love laura mercier products. they are fairly priced.
10:11 am
when i get up and run i don't like to put on make-up to run but i need sunscreen. this is the tinted moisturizer with spf of 20. it's oil-free. it's got the most beautiful covering. it just goes on very, very lightly. it's got a sheen, but it's natural and beautiful. >> love it. >> and this other one with is a primer for your skin you put on right before you do your make-up, regular make-up and it looks like a matte. it's beautiful. >> there is a guy who is one of the drivers around here. he is one of the drivers who drives people to stores and things like that at nbc. he stops at different places while he is waiting for his customers and takes photos of what he sees. he put it in a book and on a website. this is in a subway platform. they have such great -- he's an amateur photographer. look at some of these.
10:12 am
these are some great -- imagine he's waiting for people, waiting for someone to come out of a meeting and he takes -- >> look at these. they're works of art. >> he doesn't waste time. look at this one. a bus just going by. they're beautiful. some of the pictures are really great. >> people can purchase them. >> ricardo you can buy the book for $42. he's a nice, nice man, too. >> sara. >> in addition to not wasting time, it's neat he finds inspiration. i love a good read. recently i read lisa see's book "shanghai girl" and "dreams of joy." i'm reading a third one by her. it was just a good fictional read with historical content in there. she creates such good characters. i'm so into these if you want a good book. >> thank you.
10:13 am
stephen lang is here. "terra nova" the new series. >> look at him. he's got a beard on. >> i don't watch much tv. i was so gripped. >> coming up, celebrity buzz. [ male announcer ] it's true... consumers prefer wanchai ferry orange chicken... over p.f. chang's home menu orange chicken women
10:14 am
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10:16 am
you may remember actor stephen lang from "avatar" or one of his roles on broadway. >> he is taking you back to time to free the polluted world and save the race in a sci-fi called "taranova." >> good to be here. >> terrific reviews this thing has gotten. "l.a. times" said easily the most exciting show of the fall season. the concept is cool. it's jurassic park meets avatar. >> a little bit, i think. hopefully we are forging our own territory, our own signature. by the time we are through with the first season, you won't be thinking of "avatar" or "jurassic park," but "terra nova." >> we destroyed the planet we live on. >> 140 years from now, they are in dire shape, like now but 140
10:17 am
years worse with. overpopulated. a fracture in time appears. on page three. commander nathaniel taylor, me, i travel through this worm hole and end up 85 years in the past and found a colony terra nova to give humanity a second chance. >> nice to be able to have stephen spielberg call you and say, would you save the planet for us? >> i was handpicked out of a lineup. it was a police lineup. i'll take that one. >> is it a similar role to the one we saw you in "avatar." >> you'll think that way because they both have military backgrounds, they are both chiseled and gruff. in a short time, the trajectory is different. my whole in "avatar" he was a cynic and negative, i guess this guy is an idealist and very
10:18 am
golden hearted. >> you do care about these characters. >> it's very physical. you took a lot of, you had to use your own strength for this thing. >> oh, yeah. we are an action show, a family adventure show. there is a lot of cloping. my body is an atlas of bruises. >> is this a cg deal? >> australia is a long ways away, but there are not real dinosaurs there. we create them cgi. we have a wonderful group of animators who on a very short turnaround create some magnificent creatures. the mandate was to do creatures that haven't been seen before. so we have very colorful, vivid, new and vicious wonderful dinosaurs. >> it sounds like a great show, right?
10:19 am
>> you'll find out if you're getting picked up. >> i think they would be mad not to pick us up. >> you don't say no to stephen spielberg. >> we are happy for you. it's very family-oriented, which i like. >> which is a throwback. the show has been called a throwback in a way. in a sense it is because family viewing is a thing of the past. >> sadly. >> sadly. so we are trying to bring it back mondays at 8:00. >> there is population control so they had a third child they weren't supposed to do. >> big no no. >> thank you for coming by. >> thank you for having me. >> "terra nova" is on fox, another network. >> you could be our next fan of the week. it could be you. >> it might be. >> probably not. ♪
10:20 am
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we are back on this fun day monday with our fan of the week. >> sara sifted through the endless entries to turn up this week's biggest fan. >> our winner is, drum roll, please, jenna cauchi from west virginia who watches us on wsaz channel 3. she loves the fashion segments. the show helps her keep up with latest trends and products. jenna's dog milton enjoys watching the show. he wants to meet bambino some day. >> oh, how sweet. >> i see a couple in the future. jenna recently had surgery so she spends most of the days on the couch, but says the show made her recovery go quickly and kathie lee and hoda will be the first thing on her dvr. because we wish her a fast recovery, you are going on a cruise. royal caribbean international is
10:24 am
sending you and a friend, unfortunately not your dog, on a seven-day caribbean cruise freedom of the seas from port canaveral, florida. round trip airfare, cruise and airfare accommodations furnished by the royal caribbean international. congratulations, jenna, and we hope you feel better soon. >> i love our fans. we had kelsey was here. and when i was at the library of congress book signing, lynette was wearing the button that said "fan of the week." she was wearing it as part of her ensemble. >> her picture on facebook is your mug. >> thanks. you want to be fan of the week go to our website and we might pick you. still to come, everyone is talking about it. all the hollywood buzz. and how to steal their style with the latest lines of clothes. also a woman who dropped more than 200 pounds.
10:25 am
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10:27 am
francisco participants after demonstrators refused to take down their camp. occupy sf protesters set up this live stream, showing police in riot gear, bringing in a truck to load up the tent at justin herman plaza. they asked the occupiers to take down the tent several times. protesters refused, so police came in and started removing the tents themselves. protesters sat in front of police vehicles and would not let them leave. police say they arrested seven ofple during the clash, o them for assault on an officer. weather is next.
10:28 am
10:29 am
welcome back. live look at san jose. hazy, but the sun is coming in. temperatures are warming and the result, same situation applies to san francisco. beautiful by the bay. mountains off in the distance you can see now. banked up against the santa cruz coastline. by about 1:00 pm, you'll get a lot of clearing down there. your temperatures, with all that fog hanging around for the most part this morning, will be cooler in santa cruz. usually that's the warmest, in santa cruz. not the case today. 75 san francisco, 77 oakland and 82 redwood city, versus 86 in san jose. comfortable inland today. cool side tomorrow and even cooler as we head into your wednesday, jon. lot of sunshine, just in time for the weekend.
10:30 am
back to you. >> thank you so much, christina. you even make fog sound good. check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. join us tomorrow morning for today in the bay early at 4:30. ♪ we are back on this fun day monday with today's buzz, a round-up of all the people and events making headlines this week. >> bonnie fuller and roseanne colletti are here to help us keep up-to-date on all things make-up and more. earlier on our show, guiliana reveal she'd has breast cancer. >> she wanted everybody to know.
10:31 am
she feels her quest to have a baby saved her life. her doctor insisted she get a mammogram before starting the next round of treatment. the mammogram showed up the breast cancer. she just turned 37 years old. >> and they caught it early. >> thank goodness. >> if she had gone ahead and become pregnant, the growth of the tumor could have progressed at a faster pace, too. >> i like her attitude. i love when she says i don't want people to feel sorry for me. go get checked. >> exactly. what is interesting to watch while she goes through this would be, do they address it on the show, how will they deal with it and will this be the first reality show that deals with this in a serious way? >> they probably will. she'll help an awful lot of people. >> i think she will be very open about it. they'll continue to try to get pregnant after treatment. let's get to j. lo and bradley cooper. hello. what's the story here? >> that is an odd couple if it's true. >> a hot older couple.
10:32 am
we hear she likes him, despite the fact that everybody denies that. the camps deny it was anything but a business meeting when they had dinner a month or so ago. >> this was on the west coast in los angeles. they were spotted together in his suv. she did go to pains to try to cover her face. they are trying to keep it under wraps. >> look at me. >> stick it out the window. >> ashton kutcher was at the bill clinton birthday party solo. >> he was solo. i think this really means a lot. the fact demi wouldn't come to him with such a public event. he was wearing his wedding ring. we hear through sources that he's begging demi for forgiveness and not to divorce him, but the "london mail" is saying her family and her friends don't want her to get back with him. they want her to move on. he is still in plenty of hot water after that hot tub trick.
10:33 am
>> when she gave the interview, the woman allege lid having a sexual thing with him, she spilled the beans. it was on tape, too. you could see. >> oh, yeah. she did pictures. >> was there reaction after that came out or nothing? >> absolute silence. silence on twitter which is most important at all. she barely tweeted. they used to affectionately tweet back and forth. >> the moving van was spotted outside of their home. that led to further rumors. >> you know what blows me away, these guys who do this with these girls, do they believe this is the type of person who is going to keep it quiet? their beautiful memories of being with them that one night? of course they are going to milk it. >> it's amazing. according to the reports of people who were there he had a lot to drink, but still, he was supposedly on the lookout all evening for hot tub worthy women. he was looking for trouble.
10:34 am
he did tell them he was separated. >> at that moment, he is not thinking. clearly. >> is there a line in my show that says the trouble with trouble you don't know you're in trouble until you're in trouble. >> let's talk mel gibson. he's got a cheerleader in his camp. >> that was fabulous. robert downey jr received a big award this weekend and he had mel present it. he did that because mel saved him, saved his career when she ensured him to star in "air america" together years ago. so he said please forgive him his trespasses. if anyone out there is not guilty, and if you are not guilty and you are without sin, you don't belong here. it's gracious to have that coming to his corner. >> what is number one at the box office? >> not by much. >> it's very, very tight. "real steel" beat out "footloose" but it was neck and neck all weekend. >> thank you, ladies. up next all the people at
10:35 am
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10:39 am
she lost 220 pounds. >> before we meet her, let's take a look at her story. >> my name is cari, i'm 35 years old. working as hospitality and gaming consultant i was traveling on the road and eating unhealthy. the majority of my weight was gained throughout these years and during my three pregnancies. during my second pregnancy, i was so heavy already people didn't realize i was pregnant until i was born in 2002. in the fall 2007, i was at a
10:40 am
dental appointment with my two youngest sons. when it was our turn to go in, i realized i was stuck in the chair. people were snickering at me soon after i visited my nurse prigser and weighed in at 394 pounds. i had asthma problems, my blood pressure was out of control and i was constantly sick and had sleeping problems. i then started a diet and exercise program. after losing 160 pounds, i knew my journey wasn't over. changing my lifestyle wasn't enough. i now wanted to change my career. i decided to go back to school to get more education. after losing over 220 pounds, i'm proud to say i'm a certified personal trainer. i feel terrific and know this journey i'm on will continue the rest of my life. >> what an inspiration. >> wow! >> before we ask cari to come out, we ask our leader of the pack joy. we missed the joy fit. >> and this woman is a force. i asked her what is the best part about being so thin and
10:41 am
looking so fabulous, and she said immediately, i have my health. she's off all medications. in the past, she could not make it up a flight of stairs without taking a puff of an inhaler. now she is fine. >> that's incredible. >> and now helping other people. >> and her boys are eating healthy. it's a family affair. normally we talk about slashing calories. they are saving hard cash. this is a typical dinner, family dinner for the four of them, three boys and her they would get at mcdonald's. it was 3,810 calories, and cost them about $22. typical dinner meal before. now she's making dinner at home. she is making lean turkey burgers, whole grain buns for the boys, but she eats hers bunless. baked potatoes and a big batch of steamed broccoli, 2,000 calories and only $13. they not only save about 2,000 calories, they save $10. again, remember it's only one
10:42 am
meal. so this really adds up. >> it's incredible. i want to meet her, do you? >> yes. >> here is cari's before picture. let's see the new you. >> right here, right here. look at you. >> hot mama. >> tell us how long it took to you take off the 220 pounds. >> about two years. >> did it come off quickly? >> in the beginning it did. then i started plateauing and had to keep going. >> it's so hard when you have those habits you've been into for your life. you were gaining weight with pregnancies and after your pregnancies. that light bulb moment you describe being in the chair at the dentist's office. >> i was in the dent wisconsin my two youngest boys. it was our turn to go in and i got stuck in the chair. it was humiliate withing. people had to assist me to get out. >> your son looks proud of you sitting back there.
10:43 am
congratulations. and congrats on being a personal trainer, too. >> you talk about a complete life change. >> you did it. >> spreading back the word of health. >> we are happy for you. congratulations for coming on. >> if you know someone who should be considered for a spot on the joy fit club, head to klg and you can get joy's helpful nutrition advice. >> up next, how to get celebrity styles in the styles they design just for you. and walmart have teamed up to bring you a low-priced medicare prescription drug plan. ♪ with the lowest national plan premium... ♪ ...and copays as low as one dollar... ♪ ...saving on medicare prescriptions is easy. ♪ so you're free to focus on the things that really matter. call humana at 1-800-808-4003. or go to for details.
10:44 am
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[ sniffing ] ...something wonderful is as near as your nose. ♪ ♪ just pop up pop tarts. sprinkled with joy and frosted with fun... [ laughs ] ...they make ordinary extraordinary. [ cheering ] so you can make any day joylicious!
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10:47 am
time for "today's style" and how easy it's become to mimic the look of your favorite celebrity. >> because more of them are coming out with their own fashionable lines. we have some of the chic looks from celebrity labels. >> good to see you. >> this is a cool segment. you've gotten the lines from the different celebs and it's
10:48 am
affordable. >> everything is under $100? >> every piece on this table is under $100. >> take us to sophia vagara. >> sexy and sultry. two standouts are this motocross jacket, which is super hot. great to wear with jeans, great for fall. you need in your wardrobe a bright color bag. the bag is under $50. >> those boots are so hot. >> they are taller than me. >> we have to go around them to see you. let's go down kardashianville. >> their line is absolutely incredible. it's available at sears. the sunglasses are the standout. $30. >> great looking. >> for the three daughters, three inspirations. one wears a cat eye, one wears an oversized bubble shade. one wears the aviator. >> and the shoes are
10:49 am
sensational. >> they love the leopard print. >> they got that from their mother. >> and the bag is nice, too. >> super rock and roll. jessica simpson. >> she has very successful lines. >> super successful. her line is available at macy's. there are so many elements to her collection. she has 22 different lines and she is about to launch more. she is launching fine jewelry, launching a tween line with her sister. >> is this lucrative for these celebs? >> super lucrative. all these licensees agreement putting money in the bank. >> you always see her in these shoes that you don't love. >> no. >> and those big belt. >> i love the bohemian belt with the whipstitching. she has a bohemian look to her and the collection reflects that. >> let's go to j. lo. >> i love these. these are fantastic. >> so this collection makes you want to have a party or something.
10:50 am
her line is available at kohl's. this faux fur vest is reversible. it's $98. the other side is suede. >> these boots are crazy. >> it's this whole winter white collection. >> which i love. >> love the necklace. it's a party with the jet beading. >> lauren conrad. >> really young, feeling like she is, very west coast and vibe. love these men's wear inspired shoes. sweet jewelry, great boots and flats. >> and your girl ivanka. >> these are darling. >> love her line. all of the bags we are showing here under $100. they are really elegant, lovely, lady just like she is. >> they are. they look like they are very expensive. >> thank you very much. >> good job. >> there is a friend of ours sitting over there. can't wait to see him. ed dobson, if you're looking for strength and hope this man has
10:51 am
everything you need. [ male announcer ] at the safeway pharmacy you can get a flu shot with no hassle at all. i don't even need an appointment. [ male announcer ] it's about as easy as flu shots get. get your groceries and a flu shot, all in one trip. at safeway. is made with artificial did upreservatives?ite get your groceries and a flu shot, all in one trip. ♪ so get real. try sierra mist natural.
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10:53 am
that should make you feel better already. safeway. ingredients for life.
10:54 am
when doctors diagnosed ed dobson with als, lou gehrig's disease they gave him three to five years to live. that was 11 years ago. ed a pastor from michigan has come out with "he'd story" a multipart film series that will really move you. >> his goal is simple. by sharing his story he hopes to help others ask questions about their own struggles that ultimately help them realize no matter what they are facing, there is hope. take a look. >> early on in my life, i thought i was in control. als taught me i'm not in control. and the truth is, you don't control squat.
10:55 am
>> with humor, too. >> if that is the perfect thing for us to show, that tells you everything about it, doesn't it? ed and i in full disclosure, ed is my pastor when i'm down in florida. i didn't know you before your illness. >> no. >> i have never found you to be a person who lacked hope. i've seen you discouraged at times. you're very honest about this. you have times when you're fed up with it and angry. >> yeah. well, i think everyone who struggles goes through cycles. some days are good, some not so good. some hours are good, some not so good. >> i think it's interesting. you wrote this in book form. your son thought, wow this would make something nice for people to see visually. you've beaten the odds already. they gave you three to five years, here it is 11 years later and you're laughing with us. >> and i'm a tad happy to be
10:56 am
here. >> i bet you are. why the film? why was it important to put it in that form? >> well, we have a whole new generation that are into short films. i thought my struggles will relate to where they are so we decided to put them into films. >> you tell other people's stories, as well. you told a friend diagnosed with als. it's not just about your own struggle. >> no. what i discovered, whether you're going through divorce or disease or lost a loved one, all the issues are the same. we all struggle as humans. >> what do you hope people take away there this then, ed? >> that there are no easy answers. that life is tough, but in the midst of the toughness there is hope. >> this is a man who goes to the
10:57 am
holy land and climbs up the mount of olive -- what is that? where you do the sermon on the mount? >> the beatitudes. >> and grown men cry. you are a great inspiration to so many, ed. >> yeah, well, thank you. the films, you can watch actually the first film at he'd >> the book is called "prayers and promises." >> thank you. have a great day. >> thank you. >> tomorrow, how to unmommy your wardrobe and find your personal style. have a great day. vi taw.
10:58 am
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