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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 21, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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security will be tight at three concord schools after someone made threats of a shooting. and plity of questions following the death of moammar gadhafi. it is friday, october 21st. we'll have all the details in "today in the bay." good friday morning to you. 6:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley. first want to get a look at the weekend forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> let's look ahead. we have one more workday. then you can enjoy a couple of days off. you're in the 40s versus upper 50s in places like sunnyvale. we're watching for really thick fog.
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otherwise we're headed to a lot of sunshine. beach weather. >> christina, it's going to be slower getting to work. 15 miles per hour slowing through pittsburgh and bay point and building at the toll plaza as well brk guys. in thu morning occupy san jose protesters not outside city hall. police swept through and arrested most of the protesters. the camp is smaller than camps in san francisco and in oakland. but oakland is giving orders to clear one of two camps set up there. christie smith joins us live outside of the i hall to show us what's happening right now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the protesters who have been out
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here for at least ten gays seem to have more to say, at least to us in, the media n the past. i'll show you what's going on this morning. they're saying basically they've gotten the note. the notice was posted last night at 8:00 on the city's website. over the past ten days they've provided written information and now in their opinion the conditions have deteriorated in the tent city where more than 100 tents were set up. they say they're keeping emergency crews out. protesters say they don't see it like that at all. one said she's staying put. >> well, it was just an intimidation tactic. it doesn't work anymore.
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we've been intimidated for years. it doesn't apply this time zblmplt you don't think anybody is going to leave? >> we're not going anywhere. the notice says people can be here to protest from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. but it doesn't give an end date of when people have to be out of here. >> you've been covering this for us for a little while. are the crowds growing or staying around the same size? >> reporter: well it's grown in the sense that -- you know, it's hard to see from here. but the tents back here go all the way back to city hall. there's easily over 100 of them. i took a walk through. there is a kitchen. there's a school. they have palettes set up that create a sidewalk to walk through the whole thing.
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some protisters left here saying there wasn't enough room. at least over that gives us good perspective, too. >> 6:04 now. security will be heavy at three schools in concord today because someone threatened to shoot students. someone sent a fax claiming they would open fire on concord high school. they will tightly guarded but some parents aren't taking any chances. >> i'm not bringing any of my kids to school tomorrow at all. whatsoever. i don't want anything to happen to them. >> i think it's a hoax. >> this is the third school
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threat in the east bay in just a week. then on friday a fifth grader at beuno vista elementary school received a racist death threat. that's still under investigation. 6:05 now. a young man behind bars in connection with a triple murder at an east beta too parlor. but the search is still on for another suspect. paul stevenson iii is expected of killing three people and trying to kill four others at the party. police say he matched a suspect sketch released days after the shoolting. he was arrested yesterday morning. right now a $10,000 reward is being offered for the second sho shooting suspect. the united nations wants an investigation. nato wants to figure out how to end the mission in libya. and there are more questions now
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after the death of former libyan dictator moammar gadhafi this morning. tracie potts is live with details. before we get to your report, we want to point out some of the images may be disturbing. >> let me reiterate that. these images show the moments just after gadhafi was captured by rebel forces. he was found in a drainpipe. he was unable to pull the gun because he was so dazed. he was shot at one point, and then eventually killed in the gunfire. there were celebrations in tripoli. in washington president obama saying we went into libya and did what we said we would do. now questions about the nato mission. what will u.s. role be? we spent $1.5 billion there. most of it on military action. what about other countries that
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might be interested in more u.s. involvement in their situation? there's been criticism of the obama administration that they have not dealt with these countries, these arab countries since last spring? what about long-term occupation efforts? very unlikely according to analysts in washington. it is a final end for many of the families. many of them saying they feel closure since moammar gadhafi has been confirmed as killed. this morning pg&e is denying they put junked gas pipe in the ground. but state records prove otherwise. the cpuc claims they found evidence that installed salvaged our junk pipe between 1948 and 1956. many of the lines are still in use. that's raising serious safety concerns. the pgmpde says using salvage
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pipe was common in past decades. they also are dealing with any risk posed by salvage pipes. no major damage, but people are still talking about to two earthquakes near berkeley. the second after 8:00 last night. both were less than a four magnitude. people all over the the bay area felt the shaking. they had depths of six miles. and they had interesting time i ing. >> you never know. did you feel it? zbli did not. >> i don't think anything could have woke me up then. let's check the forecast with christina loren. >> no matter what you're doing later on today you're going to feel the warm up. we have a nice day ahead of us.
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good sleeping weather as we wake up tomorrow morning with cloud cover. this is what we're looking at this morning. you can see old glory flying in the wind. fog is what we're watching for. through livermore looking good from san francisco to oik land. visibility is starting to drop off. so this is what we're looking at the for today. you can see future cast shows you we stop the clock at 11:00 a.m. awe little bit of fog over san francisco. that will rapidly clear throughout the day. 75 degrees in redwood city. 79 in los gatos and 76 in fremont. 80 concord.
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my next report is on the way. >> a lot of folks on their way to work for 580. that's the reason for some of the slowing on the maps. the accident there. now details i'm reading from the chp report. now this is really causing some slowdowns. the volume of traffic causing more slowing for livermore. once you get past the interchange, 580 is moving smoothly through the "y" and on 238 past 880. this doesn't sound like a big deal, but i'll track that. a lot of folks are heading to the peninsula. >> could potentially. it is 6:10. coming up, a driver makes a mess in san francisco.
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and i'm bob redell. the drivers of these cars right here, all they're allowed is to put $500 in them. ve t'lonon they call it the 24 hahal t stair. r.
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goods morning. 6:13 now. the 24 hours of lemons. take away the high end sports car and replace them with cluningers and what have you got? bob redell is live at what will be dubbed sears pointless this weekend for a unique endurance race. good morning, bob. >> reporter: hey, marla. the rule is simple. you have to have a car that you put no more than $500 into. that includes purchase price and
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everything. i got to tell you, that thing is really a piece of junk. >> yeah, absolutely. >> no, that's not it. i get them mixed up. what is this? >> this is mostly a 1983 volkswagen rabbit. >> did it come with the engine? >> we had to get a better one. >> reporter: how much did you spend on that? >> reporter: >> $50. >> so did you max out at $500? >> we're about to that. >> how does she run? >> very well. >> what's her top speed? we don't know. we done have a speedometer. you have a steering wheel. the roll cage is extra. you can spend as much money as you want on safety. >> exactly. safety equipment there's an unlimited budget. because safety is first. we have fun with it, but safety is first.
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decorations have a lot to do with it, and where you'll be in the start of the pack. there are over 100 people in the race this weekend. dave is from livermore. you're going with a porsche. >> it's an '87. >> you did the pac-man theme. >> we're a two-car team. we have pac-man and ghost. >> can you turn it over zm. >> sure. >> how much money did you spend on this car? >> we have about $450 to it. >> it looks like you're missing a horn. >> it doesn't have a steering wheel. >> go ahead and turn her over. i want to see what the sound is like. is this a porsche engine? >> yes. >> what's the top speed? >> no idea. >> do you have a speedometer? >> we have a speedometer. it only works half the time.
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>> good luck this weekend. 24 hours of lemons is tomorrow and sunday. it's going to be more like eight hours each day. over 100 race car drivers. sometimes during a race things will break down. they'll go on craigslist to try to drive a short list to fix it and get back in the race. it's quite the event. >> you could be buy three with that, then? >> you could. it will make your odds better for the next one. >> there you go. >> they're in it for the glory. very nice. >> meteorologist christina loren for a look at the forecast. >> i would love to see five guys pushing one of those cars. >> you probably will. >> i might have to head out there. we're looking good for your weekend forecast. really good looking weather
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ahead. we'll get crystal clear starts at the coast. the fog is not getting all that dense just yet in the city of san francisco. we are starting to see that in santa rosa and napa. yesterday we saw your visibilities drop off to where we haven't seen them in over two months. so this is what we're talking about for today. areas of fog at the coast. this will be great beach days. great beach weather saturday and sunday. sunday will be your pick for a warmer day. early sunday things start to change. fire weather watch in place. very dry air mass over the bay area. it will be windy enough to be concerned with fire danger. it's definitely something we need to watch for. here is where the visibilities are now.
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ten miles in san jose. still looking good through livermore, san francisco and oakland. here is where you're going to lose the visibility quickly between napa and santa rosa. you have deep pockets of fog. you can see we're going to lose a lot of cloud cover as of 11:00 a.m. mostly clear conditions over the bay area. 79 in los gatos. 80 in gilroy. towards next week, this is what will change. high pressure sets up over the bay, driving the winds offshore. clear conditions at the coast and breezy weather through the wind prone areas across the bay. also next week we have dry days ahead as the high pressure ridge moves in. seven-day outlook is coming up. >> let's take you to the roadways where we have an accident. the construction still going on southbound 101 at 880. that just cleared from the
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roadway. i'll zoom in. you see a little slowing because the volume of traffic is starting to build. so there's the southbound traffic. a little unusual for the slowdown to happen. one of our photographers is showing us a good steady flow of headlights. above him, this is the 680 interchange. we'll get your volume of traffic as 68 doing there sunol into san jose. the volume of traffic out of sunol into fremont and san jose is starting to build. we see slowing heading over the pass and through sunol itself. still speeds in the 50s and 60s. we end with the incident approaching the area. still have two big rigs reported here at the interchange. two other cars may be involved.
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probably going to go over to 20, 25 minutes. here's a mess of an zentd. san francisco firefighters found a big problem. that car drove into the fire department. still trying to find out what caused the accident. you would think they would be able to get out of that one. it looks like they rammed into a tree. >> not fun making that insurance call. well, san francisco's controversial cell phone radiation law will not go go into effect on tuesday as planned. the city is delaying the start date until a federal judge rules on the industry request to block the law. cell phone stores are required to put up posters and hand out fact sheets warning people about
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cell phone radiation. the phone companies say the warnings are based on opinion, not fact. 6:21 now. how the hottest cell phone of all is getting the attention of thieves m. plus steve jobs had really rough words for barack wel ll'lel w'louco yt uhangmip. t [ female announcer ] once you taste
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welcome back, everyone. we probably don't have to tell you how popular the iphone 4s is. a rber used the lure of a new iphone as bait in danville. a man responded to an ad and arraigned to meet them in a parking lot i think stead of an iphone t robber pulled out a knife and robbed the guy. that victim called police. they used dogs to search for the suspect. he went into mcdonald's and saw the guy robbing him sitting there eating. the police say they have enough evidence to catch him soon. supersize that one. here's an iphone robbery caught on camera in florida. the thieves saw a 6-year-old boy playing with the phone inside a restaurant. he left and went back inside and snatched the phone from the boy's hands and took off.
6:25 am
no arrests and no sign of the phone yet. the official biography of steve yobs hits bookstores on monday. the apple cofounder comes off harshly. >> he does. a lot of tough words for a lot of people. he accused google of ripping off the iphone. he thought the google android phones were, quote, ea stolen product. the head of google was on the board at apple. and would have been meeting with jobs on a regular basis. he said i'm going to destroy android. ly spend my last dying breath if i need to. and i will spend every penny of their $40 billion to right the wrong. now you remember the big names having dinner with president obama. there's steve jobs to the left of the president.
6:26 am
according to someone at the huffington post who read the book, he told mr. obama he'll be a one-term president then criticized american manufacturing saying the u.s. should adopt lax rules and regulations found in china, where apple products are made. a big welcome to tech leaders all over the world who gathered for the tech awards. hostedly liz claman. >> i'm surprised you weren't there. >> i have gone many years. it's a rough turn around to stay late and turn around and get back here. this time i did not go. >> and you're well rested. >> only get up at 2:00 in the morning. >> are you turning old man on us? >> when i was a kid -- >> 6:26 now. still to come on "today in the bay" police released a 911 call from the shooting that killed
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three people in cupertino. you'll hear some of them. and oakland orders protesters to clear a camp outside city hall. we'll have a live report up next. no that we're well into fall, it's a matter of time before we see the areas of low pressure bringing in rain and cold weather. not this weekend. we have a warm up. beach days ahead. i'll show you when and where coming up. and i know it's friday. i'll give you the latest. so i got this new job last week, but their health insurance doesn't cover my kid's pediatrician. which is not cool. she was so fantastic. she had this sock puppet that she would use to explain exactly what she was doing and why she was doing it.
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i just wish there was someone to explain to me how i'm going to find another doctor like that. [ male announcer ] we know a good doctor is hard to find. we have some of the largest networks in california so you can choose one that's right for you. blue shield.
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new this morning, the city is saying it's had enough. the conditions are so bad that occupy oakland protesters need to live from in front of city hall. will they do it? i'll have the story in a live report. and we're hearing tul calls
6:30 am
for help minutes after the shooting that killed three people. plus mark zuckerberg changes the security settings at his home. taking a look outside. it's october 21st. this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, reporting what matters to you. this is "today in the bay". good morning to you. thanks for joining us. 6:30. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> in for jon kelley. always easier to get out of bed knowing it's friday. you don't have to give yourself extra time. a warm-up and clear conditions at the coast. that means we're concerned with the potential for fire danger. watch out for dense fog in santa
6:31 am
rosa and napa. you're used to it. definitely dense enough that it could slow you down. mike has another incident. >> now we're used to slowtowns for the tri valley. this accident is really causing a problems westbound 580 at the dublin interchange. two other vehicles in the accident. this is really jamming up. the # slowing will start before you get there by the time you hit the roads. allow extra time. >> good advice. thank you. it is 6:31. this morning after ten days of demonstration, occupy oakland protesters are being ordered to pack up and go home. christie smith is live this morning outside of city hall. good morning. >> good morning to you.
6:32 am
we've been speaking to protesters around the perimeter. after receiving the notice from the city that they need to leave, they're thinking that police or deputies, the city, someone is going to come in the overnight hours. but they're on the corners looking for police. really the police department is only seven blocks away. they always drive down broadway. but the notice is pretty clear. poegsed that protesters need to vacate the city hall. after ten long days the city current guarantee the health and safety of the public. hundreds of tents are set out he here on the plaza. i took a walk through. there's a kitchen, a garden, a medical center. it's really a small city on the plaza here. but oakland is saying it's
6:33 am
getting pretty bad with threats of violence, asauls, graffiti and the rat problem is getting worse. one protester told me she hasn't seen all that, and they that govern themselves. really they care of themselves. so is she leave sng. >> so you feel fine being here? >> we're not going anywhere. we gave them a chance. now it's our time. what they're telling me again is they're going to stay as long as they can. the notice does say that people can be here during the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. to protest. so far pretty quiet.
6:34 am
we haven't seen any police action at all. >> they have seen some police action in san jose. this is new pictures where police swept through if camp outside of the city hall. they arrested the most protesters out there. some only received citations. 6:34. now we're getting the chance to listen to the chilling series from 911 tapes inside the cupertino quarry where a disgunt led employee went on a shooting spree with an ak-47. this is back on october 5th. you're about to hear the wounded men at the quarry describing the scene with the 911 zis patcher. >> people are dying now. >> can you get to any of these people? >> there's one right here. he's wounded. >> do you guys have any kind of cloth, any kinds of towels? >> i mean, no, i mean t there's blood all over. no cloth is going to stop what's going on right here. have you ever seen a massacre?
6:35 am
>> as you now hear, the dispatcher needed to assure an upset worker on the phone from the quarry office that help was on the way. every deputy on duty is on their way there. they're probably looking to make sure this guy is not hanging around. we have the fire department coming. multiple ambulances. everybody is on their way, sir. >> okay. >> okay. so i know it might seem like it's today taking a long time, but we're trying to get there as fast as we can, okay? >> all right. >> gives me chills just hearing tha that. >> do you know his last name? >> yeah. yeah. those 911 tapes were
6:36 am
released yesterday by the santa clara sheriff's office. the killer shot nine people he was confronted by police in a neighborhood the next morning. he died of a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. he has quickly become one of the most recognizable faces. the ceo hired a 24-hour personal security team to protect him at his new home in palo alto. zuckerberg had to deal with stalkers getting too close. this year he took out a restraining order against one man who was harassing him at his home and facebook headquarters. even zuckerberg is getting stalked, huh? >> just like christina loren. >> if you're one of those
6:37 am
people, feel free to add me on facebook. if you need your christina loren fix, i'm going to be here all weekend long. really looking forward to it. we're going to see a cool, cloudy start across the bay area. no exception where you live. it will be cool and cloudy. i brought the 80s back to the warmest inland cities. for this weekend warmer great beach weather ahead by the early portion of next week. warm, dry, something we're not used to around here. you will need the chap stick. 52 in livermore. 58 in hayward. the overnight lows will be much, much cooler. we lose the cloud cover. it's going to be very crisp. some of the coolest mornings we've had all summer long into fall coming up. high pressure is moving in as we
6:38 am
said throughout the day. temperatures will start to climb to 78 in san rafael. heat of the day between k and 4:00. this time of the year, 79 in los gatos and san jose. the changes set up driving the wind offshore. the winds warm up as they push from land to sea. that means 80s at the coast. you'll see temperatures in the upper 70s in san francisco as we kick off sunday. so that's your best beach day. 88 degrees in san jose. 78 degrees in san francisco. that will make for 82 degrees in places like santa cruz. i have the beach forecast. also, the raiders are in town this weekend. we'll look at that forecast as well. first, let's get you to work on time with mike. >> the raiders. we're looking forward to is t silver and black attack. right now we have the roadways. getting -- at least meeting with more cars wchl we have the slowing for 101 between 680 and guadalupe parkway. both directions are slow.
6:39 am
southbound is opposite your main commute. it's building northbound. we'll see some slowing there as well. a lot of folks are held up at the dublin interchange. the update on two big rig accident is now only one lane is blocked. a good deal of distraction. we'll get a lye look to see how things are shaping up at the toll plaza with the metering lights on. it's moving slowly. the jam is hauf the 880 overcrossing. coming up on "today this the bay" t occupy wall street camp is about to get a visit from batman. plus, what's next in libya? a live report from washington is coming up
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welcome back. this morning reaction is pouring into to the killing of libya's long time dictator moammar gadhafi and what it means for foreign policy in the middle east. tracie potts is live in washington with the details. we do want to poibtd out to viewers some of the images are disturbing. >> they are, marla. and the images are immediately
6:43 am
after gadhafi's capture when he was pulled out of a drainpipe in libya, he was shot and then later killed. he was captured alive, shot and then later killed in gun battle between his forces and rebel forces. at one point he had a gold pistol but was too confused to use it. he begged the rebels not to shoot him. today we heard from hillary clinton saying this is a new era in libya. that they are just beginning the process of democracy. will they be ready for free elections in eight months now? and what about u.s. policy in the middle east? there was criticism of the $1.5 million we've spent in libya but not other countries lc. will syria and other nations question why the u.s. is not more involved there, too? it is 6:44.
6:44 am
switching gears. so to speak. bob redell gets the motor running. hopefully. >> we'll see what he's up to after the break. and comingt uonadget friday. everybody move left. we'll show it to you. shut me down. after allegra-d, i can breathe. [ female announcer ] for fast, non-drowsy, 24-hour relief from even congestion and pressure. [ man ] after allegra-d, i have it all.
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welcome back, charlie's angels. >> that's your cue. go this way. >> i don't have to do anything? just posed for scott mcgrew. he's taking pictures of the whole thing.
6:47 am
we have a lovely forecast through the week. depends where you're living. it will be be on the hot side inland. especially in the tri valley. temperatures climbing in the upper 80s. i'll have the forecast coming up in moments. what a beautiful day for a ball game in oakland. as you can see now, we have still good visibility in the city of san francisco. really reduced visibility from santa rosa through the napa valley. a quarter mile there. the marine layer will push inland this morning. that means we'll have a mostly cloudy start. so at the coast and 70s inland, i put the 80s back on the map.
6:48 am
great beach days ahead. we're getting to october. temperatures do start to drop. enjoy the nice and warm weekend. then the focus shifts to the potential for fire weather. you see this ridge over the pacific ocean. you see the clouds around the ridge. through the weekend, it's going to set up right over us. that will bring your temperatures for the 70s and 80s today up to the 90s in the warmest cities. this is why. there's the big ridge. it moves in. it pushes the winds offshore. windy across the bay. clear at the coast. there's the music we love to hear. the oakland raiders taking on kansas city on sunday. 71 degrees at 1:00 p.m. in oakland. can't beat that, can you mike? >> i can not.
6:49 am
it's just going to be dry. mike, any problems this morning? >> yes, unfortunately. we have a big problem continuing for the 35-minute drive and building one lane continues to be blocked by double big rig accident involving two and possiblily three other vehicles over there. no major injuries but a big distraction hopefully clearing in the next 20 minutes. i'll update you on twitter, facebook or you can just call me at the station. honestly. we have slowing at "l" street continuing to live ridge. then continuing at 242. we have slowing in concord and walnut creek over the next 20 minutes as well. a smooth drive to the maze. east shore freeway, speeds are gradually winding down.
6:50 am
even from the golden gate bridge in the north bay. 24 hours of lemons is one of the premier races in auto sports. but take away the high end sposhts cars and replace it with cl clunkers and you get the lemons. the race where you might spot herbie the love bug. today bob redell is live for a unique endurance race. >> i think the love bug would be an upgrate to the cars you'll see in this race. entrance with his car this weekend. good morning to you. >> good morning. this car is an 85 volvo 240. put a mus taking oner in it. >> never mind the tree. >> that's part of the theme this
6:51 am
morning with the graveyard scene and the michael jackson thriller kos tup. >> you can't put more than $500 in the car. >> hard and fast limit. it's a prelemon race car. it gets around the track pretty good. i want to show you what the passenger seat looks like. it's a lawn chair. do you have a seat belt? >> no. >> do you care? >> no. do i need a tetanus shot to get in the thing? the backseat has been taken out. she works! how fast she go? >> probably 140 flat out.
6:52 am
we don't see that on these tracks. is she intentionally jerky? >> the motor is cold. it's trying to warm up. this car is won first over all before. all right, laura and marla, the race is actually saturday and sunday. it's more like eight hours each day. go online to get more information. as i was saying earlier. if the car breaks down, they will try to find parts nearby.
6:53 am
>> i can barely hear you over the purr of the gorgeous motor. >> yeah, it's a purr. >> i don't know if i should be offended you call it a she. that should be a he. >> dream on. >> switching gears now. 6:53. overnight police arrested nine protesters at the occupy san jose encampment. city officials say they had to remove the camp for sanitation reasons. in the meantime, the occupy oakland campers got an e eviction notice from the city. christie smith is joining us live from oakland with more on why and what could happen next. good morning. >> good morning to you. right now it's pretty quiet out here at occupy oakland. we keep seeing protesters walking around with signs saying they don't like the media. we have seen them drive by. but we haven't seen any officers get out of their car to approach
6:54 am
the scene here. one protester told me she thinks the notice was posted by the city to see what the protesters would do, what their reaction might be here at occupy oakland. and she said the reaction is really none for them. it's business as usual. they have hundreds of tents set up here at the plaza in front of city happen in sort of occupy wall street. if you walk inside, they don't want camera in there, but it's like a small city with a kitchen and art center. a medical center. it's large. but the city is saying after ten days it's become a health and safety issue. with more rats appearing, tlelts of violence and say assault even keeping emergency crews out when help is inside. what this doesn't say is when all the these protesters have to
6:55 am
get out of here. it does say they can be here in the daytime hours. no overnight camping. so far, business as usual. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. the occupy wall street camp could get a visit from the fictional billionaire bruce wayne. the crew of the next batman movie will shoot scenes two blocks away the dark knight rises hits theaters this coming summer. four seconds to go in the first half. when this halves a ref runs onto the field and blows a whistle. that's not a ref. it's a streaker. and then in the id l of that confusion, players start shoving each other and a bench clearing brawl gets started.
6:56 am
the real ref subjected to players. no one is sure what happened to that streaker. >> the big guy wanted the attention and doesn't get any of it. >> i think we saw about enough. >> 6:56. can't get enough of today's gadgets. >> today's gadget. i am one of the few people in the world who has one of these in hands. it's one of the very early production models of what's called a lytro camera. i have example pictures of what this looks like. see the spider? you can change the focus. even years after you take the picture. it's like living pictures, laura. artists are really excited about this. the ability on the website or on facebook to kind of mouse around the picture and see what you see. it is very cool. these don't come out. they won't hit the markets until january of 2012. $499. based on a stanford student's
6:57 am
idea. these are just absolutely super cool. can we get the picture of laura? >> i don't know. >> don't get too close there. whoo! >> you know, you guys are great for my ego. i love my coworkers. >> as soon as we figure out how to post them online, we'll post them online. not that one. 62 degrees in oakland. look at this. you'll be at 54 degrees. temperatures dropping off a little bit more. 70 in san jose at noon. 65 in san francisco as you break nor lunch. we will. but first the "today show.." live music from cold play. ne sysme suppo our
6:58 am
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