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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 24, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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this is around 12:40 overnight when san francisco police got the call. they tell me that a driver in a van was speeding and blew through a red light and hit a charger. they say that that charger had several people in it, and that everyone in the did not have a seat belt on. they tell me that one young woman actually sitting on someone's lap back there. this is really where you see the worst injuries for that car. one young woman was paralyzed. another had a punctured lung. one of them in surgery this morning. the driver taken into custody. and being tested for drunk driving. in the van, a startling discovery. police are telling me they found a significant amount of cocaine and the driver is facing seven felon counts on top of the drunk driving including possession. one passenger also facing charges tied to the cocaine
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found in the van. eight people injured. six in the charger. two in the van. really quite a scene out here this morning. that's what we have from san francisco. back to you guy this is the studios. an oakland man is in jail this morning accused of brutally killing a motorcyclist on interstate 580. police say 31-year-old eddie hall hit the motorcyclist with his para transit van on 580 on saturday afternoon. he reportedly didn't stop, but dragged the motorcycle under the van for more than a mile. police say when they pulled hall over he ran away. they caught up to him a short time later. the motorcyclist was riding with members of the hell's angel and was possibly a member himself. the accident forced a closure on interstate 580 for more than 12 hours. this morning police are still looking if r the man accused of shooting a fellow
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hell's angel member at a funeral in san jose. san jose police surrounded a home in stockton saturday after getting a tip that p 38-year-old steve ruiz was hiding inside. now investigators don't think he was ever there. neighbors say they were relieved when the standoff ended. >> it's scary. >> we live in a nice, quiet neighborhood. our children were scared. they're literally in the bedroom. they're still in the bedroom there. >> ruiz is accused of shooting 52-year-old steve tunsen at october 15th. police think he was beat up after the shooting but got away.
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plain-clothed officers are taking part in decoy operations after an increase in laptops thefts. police say the officers can be anywhere and will carry laptops equipped with technology. if someone snatching it, a backup officer moves in. the suspect gets away. people in antioch may smell gas this morning. pg&e will start venting natural gas from sections of pipe in the city. the smell of gas may be noticeable at homes and businesses in the area. they say no need to worry. the district attorney and sheriff are raising red flags on a controversial plan to release the prisoners. they are against plans to release them with a history of violent crimes when the sentences are up. they voted to ignore u.s.
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immigration officials and refused to hold the prisoners until they were deported. rosen and smith say releasing them would endanger the public safety. the county is too strapped for cash to house the inmates. fire officials are warning people living near big basin state park that you could see fire today. they are continuing the controlled burn in northern santa cruz county. crews will be on scene until the fire is completely out. >> good monday morning. not too bad to start you hout this monday morning. we could have thick fog.
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not the case. we're seeing the contrary. right now it's mostly clear as we wake up between the hours of 7:00 to 9:00. 61 in san francisco. 52 in novato. 51 in san francisco this morning. about 56 degrees. and we set your future cast in motion for fog and clouds. hugging the coastline now later tonight, high pressure will set back up over the great basin. that means we'll see the offshore flow tonight into wednesday. first, 5:05. let's check the drive with mike. >> let's get you to highway 4 where we have construction. it's not your closure that we talk about.
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maybe eastbound across bailey road. antioch is cleared. 58 on the right side of your screen. we're getting ready for the slam to hit highway 4. the venicia bridge and the carqinez bridge. no construction blocking your way at the toll plaza. i told you about palo alto construction. both have construction for at least another hour and the southbound side also has the construction. and i told you about this. an animal reported on the road. 280 at 92. typically it's a deer. it is a deer that was reported. good news. we're happy to report no problems. no animals hit through the area. no injuries.
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>> you'll like this next one. a man is recovering after getting stuck in a child's swing. they bet him $100 he couldn't fit into the swing at blue rocks springs park he got in, but he got stuck in the two leg holes on the swing. his friends ditched him. it wasn't until nine hours later that a groundskeeper found him. firefighters had to cut the swings chains and they took him to the hospital where they cut the man eventually out of that swing. what's up with his friends? >> you better pay him to repair that swing. >> 5:07 now. some bay area students getting the musical treat from a musical lemgd. plus, a new government report criticized the way your tax dollars are spent in iraq and how they are prepared for a
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troop pull out. and the trial of michael jack on's personal physician enters the fourth week this morning. . different look at the bay bridge this morning. 5:08 right now. and for the latest ,ws tr traffic and weather and some good conversation, find us on facebook at nbc bay area. dinner? candles?
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hello and welcome back. rescuers in turkey continue to sift through flattened buildings a day after a an earthquake killed more than 200
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people. 100 aftershocks have been reported including one with a manager any tud of six. not as high as originally expected. a government report said to be released today says the state department does not have a detailed plan to train iraqi police. only 12% of the mlts of dollars spent goes to training and advising the police force. the state department took over the job from the defense department earlier this month. they are trying to train iraqi police in preparation for the departure in september. >> the president is trying to make it easier for you to refinance your home.
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for that we turn to jackie live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, jackie. >> good morning to you. we're looking at futures modestly higher. there's optimism that the leaders will reach a deal to solve the region's debt crisis. weekend talks through wednesday. there's no economic data to watch today. but we are getting reports on housing, durable goods and confidence. the third glance at gdp or how well the economy performed this summer. about 40% of the s&p 500 this weekend. the dow jumped 267 points to 11,808. it's the dow's fourth straight weekly gain. the naz daz is rising to 2837. president obama will afouns a series of programs this week. all part of the jabs plan that don't need congressional
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approval. today that will make it easier for borrowers to refinance their mortgage. as long as they made their current payments and kept those up on time. on wednesday in denver the president will announce policy changes to ease the repayment of student loans. and nissan wants to break you of your fuel habit. aiming to sell 1.5 million zero emission vehicles. they also make the electric leaf. they have plans for a plug-in hybrid by 2016. they want to improve fuel efficiency by 35% from 2005 level levels. that's what we're watching at cnbc. over to you. meteorologist christina loren joins us with a look at
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your forecast. >> good morning. what a weekend. they were not accustomed to around here. hence why we're not known for the our lurks tans. we're going to see comfortable conditions to start you out this morning. no need for a jacket in san jose. you can see from the live picture of the bay bridge, it's just gorgeous. we got a little trough inching into the bay area. it will fall apart before it makes its way here. that pushed all the cloud cover way out to sea. this morning we'll see the fog. it won't last long. i think until noon today. then the clouds break apart. the sun will shine through. san francisco will easily make your way to 70 later on today. we stop the future cast at 11:00 a.m. you can see mostly clear conditions through the east bay
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and the south bay. a little bit of cloud cover hugging the coast. as per usual. high pressure regains control and sets up over the great basin. for us it won't get all that much warmer. but we'll dry out substantially. so that's certainly something to keep in mind if you have fire weather interest. 54 in san jose. 58 in san francisco. we'll continue to drop off for the next few hours. 77 at 5:00 p.m. as you make your way home from san jose. 69 in the city by the bay. really comfortable temperatures all week long. as weafead through saturday and sunday, halloween weekends, we start to get cooler. let's check the drive with mikey. >> scary voice, christina. over at the roadways we see a
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blip at 280. that just popped up. there's no construction crew there. so i will clek the incident reports and let you know if anything is going on. the northbound routes are looking good. construction cleared without any problem this is morning. we have the university avenue offramp closed until 7:00 this morning. willow will reopen at 6:00. both directions of highway 84 over the water. we see the traffic flowing nicely northbound with the taillights and southbound with the headlights past the coliseum. overnight construction was not an issue. now the sensor is showing 56.
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that's a little bit slower than we usually see. and we check the rails. no delays reported for the bart system. 39 trains arriving on time. ride the rails. it's fun. you people watch or you can sleep. back to you. >> 5:17 achl man suspected of shooting a police officer has died in police custody. and the this morning the cause of death remains a mystery. sacramento police say 32-year-old tyrone smith shot and injured a twin rivers police officer saturday. police found him several hours later. officered forced him to the ground and handcuffed him after smith tried to escape. he fell and passed out in the back of the patrol car and was pronounced dead at the hospital. a preliminary investigation shows no sign that his death was the result of police action. the trial of michael
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jackson's doctor resumes in this morning. the prosecution is expected to rest as the prosecution begins itsz case. he pointed the finger at dr. conrad murray last week for the death of pop superstar. he says murray committed 17 violations that could have killed jackson. dr. white is going to point out mistakes with the testimony. that he didn't know the drug. he didn't know the literature, and he was making all the assumptions just to have an opinion against the dr. murray. >> the defense has its own expert. he's expected to argue that jackson took a fatal combination himself and that murray did not use an iv drip. some san francisco students will get a special concert from an old alumnist.
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you know who that is. guitarist carlos santana will be at mission high school in san francisco today. he attended school there. he will meet with students and then perform for them. he's also donating 30 new guitars. today's concert is private. >> that has to be the coolest pep rally ever. >> it's 5:19. coming up. > etd netflix under a lot of n pressure and why you absolutely positively don't want to be a fed-ex driver today.
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good morning. welcome back, everybody. it's monday morning. a live look over san jose.
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laura? an 18-year-old woman remains in the hospital after being shot in an apartment in east pa palo alto. it happened before 10:00 last night on newell court near the interchange with highway 101. officers arrived and found the young woman suffering from a gunshot wound. she is expected to survive. kmvgt tors are not releasing any further details. areally the any? scammers hit several communities offering to curb side paint home addresses for $20. it's been asking homeowners to leave checks if for services. but the city's municipal transportation agency says it's fake. the agent i says save your money and don't write a check. apple has posted a video of steve jobs' private service on the website.
5:23 am
last night apple announced an 80-minute video titled celebrating steve. this is an aerial shot of the service held at apple's cupertino campus last week. singer norah jones and the band cold play performed. among those who spoke, former vice president al gore. jobs' wife attended the ceremony but did not speak. scott mcgrew, lots of harsh words about the apple founder. steve jobs drove a car but didn't put a license plate on it. . lots of details. lots of people reading the jobs biography today. it will be in stores as well.
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kindle raiders got it a few hours before midnight. more than profits, we care about subscriber numbers. the recent missteps still defend the price hikes but rehan embarrassed by the kwikster idea. the founder said he won't step down. he won't consider it for a second, he says. google my help with the purchase of yahoo! by private inventors. in many ways google is helped by the existence of yahoo! because it's competition. to pay for people to kmeet against you, it's an idea so crazy it might work. and finally, marla. we'll talk about libya. what does libya have to do with
5:25 am
internet addresses? have you heard of they borrowed the l.y. from libya. you have to pay libya if you want an internet address that ends in l-y. the stable in libya is driving up the price of internet addresses that end in l-y. you have to pay more thanks to it have revolution in libya. sfwl interesting. yeah. >> thank you, scott. laura? >> thank you very much. 5:25. san jose police investigating another murder. details are coming up. police the latest on the search for a kayaker that capsized during a day out on the bay. >> it was glassy, sunny. things changed. today we drop off temperatures by 10 to 15 degrees. then we get dry and breezy. a lot to talk about in your forecast this week. >> i have something to talk about, too, christina.
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a new accident in concord just as slow downs are starting in your bay area commute. we'll have the latest coming up. right now, let's take a gorgeous u live look outside. happy mupd to you. 5:26. irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. sunday morning ideas made easy. in 15 minutes, [ female announcer ] you call that bread? you can serve some warmth with your bread. and some flavor with your bread. and some layers with your bread. if you're serving bread honey, then serve it. grands! dinner ideas made easy. [people chatting] everyone, it's $37 a piece. paying with your smart phone instead of cash. that's a step forward. with chase person-to-person quickpay, you can send money
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with we'll have details on an overnight crash coming up in a live report. san jose police in the spotlight after another officer-involved shooting. the third this month. and the woman accused of killing michelle le is expected in court. taking a live look outside. beautiful look at the bay bridge. it is monday, october 24th. this is "today in the bay."
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good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us. charlie's angels over here. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm marla telless. jon kelley is off. it could be our last ha ra before things start to change. but really, no. i'm going to tell you now. no significant rain in the forecast. if you want that had rain to wash your car, fergts about it. 60 in hayward. 59 in san jose. but take a look at the difference between san jose and gilroy. some cities waking up nice and cool. we'll see the return of the fog at the coast. that will keep temperatures much cooler than yesterday. we'll sort it out for you and talk about a dry and breezy pattern that shapes up into
5:30 am
tonight. let's check the drive with mike. >> christina, i was going to show you the maps. we have a build throughout antioch. and an accident in concord as you're coming up to chicago highway to watch. >> good to know. we'll check back with you. a messy scene earlier this morning. a number of people are being treated after two cars were involved in an alleged drunk driving accident. christie smith joins us live from san francisco with more, including word that both drivers were arrested. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning. the scene is clear. the cars are gone. you can still get a sense of what happened here. from the tire marks to the sidewalk to the torn out fence. police suspect the to two
5:31 am
drivers involved were under the influence when they crashed, ininjurying eight people. all of them in either the car or the van. another young woman is paralyzed and undergoing surgery. the driver in the van was speeding and plowed through a stoplight into a charger overnight at 10th and howard. to make it worse, no one in the backseat of the car had a seat belt on. some sitting on each other's laps. the driver is facing several charges including dui plus transportation for sale. one passenger is facing charges for distribution of cocaine. that's what we have from here. reporting live, i'm christie smith, back to you in the studio.
5:32 am
an oakland man is accused of killing a person police say may be a member of the hell's angel. 31-year-old eddie hall was driving a van on 580 saturday afternoon when police say he hit a motorcyclist. he did not stop and dragged the motorcycle for more than a mile. hall briefly escaped police, but was later caught. officers say the man killed was riding with members of the hell's angels. it is not confirmed if he was a member. the accident cleared up interstate 580. san jose police are dealing with another officer-involved shooting. they reported to a man at the extended stay hotel around 8:00 yesterday morning. when they arrive earrived, the displaying strange behavior and one man opened fire in self defense. the suspect was hit several times, but is expected to survive. no officers were injured in the
5:33 am
shooting. this is san jose's seventh officer-involved shooting of the year. san jose police are also looking into the 37th homicide of the year. officers got a call about a fight on virginia street around 1:30 yesterday morning. they found a man lying on the sidewalk. he had been stabbed and doctors at the medical center couldn't save him. police do not have any information on a suspect. the woman accused of killing east bay nursing student michelle le is expected in court this morning. 27-year-old giselle esteban is expected to enter a plea and find out how much her bail will be. esteban is accused of killing 26-year-old le back on may 27th when le disappeared during a shift at kaiser hospital in hayward. le's body was found last month esteban skipped her court appearance earlier this month. she's pregnant and a doctor decided she's not well enough to
5:34 am
attend. it would involve electronic monitoring. jury selection begins in san francisco this morning for two alleged gang members. this is from february of 2009. louise herrera is charged with murdering freza, a technician with the public utilities commission. he was killed during the daily city bart station. herrera along with daniel is also accused of racketeering, conspiracy and murder conspiracy for members of a rival gang. police say the murder may have been a case of mistaken identity. officers were kaled for a kayaker that capsized. he got too close to a tug boat directing a tanker toward the pier. the kayak was caught in the current generated by the tug boat's propellers and
5:35 am
overturned. >> when i turned around to see how he was doing. his boetd was already over. tom, get out of the boat. there was no -- so he was already out and under. oh god. san francisco police and fire along with the u.s. coast guard searched the water for hours but they did not find him. they called off the search late last night. i want to check the forecast with christina loren. >> it was amazing how many sailboats you saw in the san francisco bay over the weekend. that will change dramatically. this is an area of low pressure that's going to try to sweep over this area where a trough will dig in. the high pressure is really in control of the weather pattern. we have a storm system riding
5:36 am
north. that will bring about a minor onshore flow. we have a shallow marine layer out there. it's capable of pushing inland. i don't think that will happen. what will happen is we'll see a good amount of cloud cover throughout the day. that will drop the temperatures by the coast. san mateo at 61 degrees. as you can see from future cast, we'll be mostly clear by 8:00 or 9:00. by 11:00, a fair amount of cloud cover hugging the coastline from marin through the peninsula. this is what we're looking at tonight and wednesday looks windiest. high pressure sets up over the great basin. it will bring about windy conditions. in addition to that, we have a dry air mass setting up. that will settle into the bay area. you'll probably have to break out the chap stick. could fall into the teens in the
5:37 am
santa fe mountains. we're expecting gusty winds. you can expect in san jose as you make your way out the front door. and if you're doing so right now; mike inouye has a couple of things to tell you about. >> this is the map i wanted to show you a few minutes ago. an accident between a pickup truck and a bicyclist. this are injuries to the bicyclist. from what it sounds like, we're still waiting for more details, but this is affecting port chicago highway at willow pass road. that means a major intersection in the area off 242. the slowing is also in the area for antioch westbound highway 4. that kicked off on schedule just before 5:30. there's your build for the bay area in the outer most regions. here's a look at sunol and 680. taillights around the bend into the south bay. no major slowing here in to fremont. but it's building as far as the volume goes here as well as the bay bridge. let's get a shot at this. now filling in all lanes.
5:38 am
meters lights will be turned on in about half an hour. >> pretty look out there. 5:38. the latest on efforts to rescue an injured hawk. we'll have good news coming up. the mayor of san francisco is accused of cheating. a number of his opponents calling this morning. >> and president obama on his way to california today. a live report on where he will be and what he is doing. coming up. and for the latest news, traffic and weather and good conversa obofaceus meok.d
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5:40 am
welcome back, everyone. good monday morning to you. taking a live look outside. this is san jose city hall. we are hearing reports that someone is climbing on the dome. or close to it this morning. could be one of the occupy
5:41 am
protesters that have settled at city hall. san jose police made a sweep last night, clearing out a whopping three people there. but we're hearing reports this morning and we'll oo keep tabs on it for you. the 2012 presidential election will likely turn on the economy. and this week it is the focus of the president and the people who want his job. while the gop candidates are criticizing the president, president obama will be mixing it up with the republicans on capitol hill. today in the bay's brian mooar is live in washington where the president is unveiling the slogan, "we can't wait." >> this is the president's new battle cry as he fights with congress over the jobs bill. those who want to be the president, the next president, the republican candidates are going to pivot from criticizing the president's iraq policy to the economy and jobs today.
5:42 am
texas governor rick perry is going to be unveiling his new plan to try to create jobs and fix the economy. really it's an effort to get noticed above herman cane in his 9-9-9 plan. but governor perry is being noticed for an interview he did over the weekend with "parade" magazine in which he revived the birther issue. the question of whether president obama was born in the united states. perry had dinner with donald trump. they talked about the issue and the interviewer asked governor perry do you believe president obama was born in the united states. he said, quote, well, i don't have a definitive answer. perry can't afford. that his numbers are down. support dropping from 30 some percent down to 16. marla? >> brian, thank you. the it is 5:42. i want to update you when it comes to the morning commute. a lot of green so far, mike.
5:43 am
>> that's good news. you are an expert. green means go. but this mines there's a disabled vehicle on the southbound of 101. we'll watch as crews try to clear that from the slow lane. a lighter volume will make that ease wrer. the construction is the only spot remaining is the onramp. the offramp there as well as university has cleared. university clearing an hour and a half earlier than we thought. i cross the bay to livermore itself. 580 moves smoothly through the livermore pass. a 15-minute driver to livermore. then an unusual slowdown is starting up.
5:44 am
plan for that unusual pattern. 680 moves nicely through walnut creek. in concord we still follow the accident. willow pass road at port chicago highway. it has moved off the roadway, but a lot of activity off the busy intersection just off the 242ment f old reliable antioch. the the slowing starts there for "l" street with the 33 miles per hour. really it's coming towards 20 when you stee roads. what what do you have on your maps? >> 5:44 a.m. slowing through antioch. only in the bay area, which is why his job is crucial. we're looking really good this morning in terms of your visibilities for now. we're expecting them to come down stamly throughout probably 7:00 to 9:00. then 11:00 a.m. a good amount of cloud cover hugging the coastline. the record-breaking warmth in oakland. broke a temperature record in okay land. that beat out the old record of
5:45 am
83. we'll shave off 10 to 15 degrees. you will easily make your way to 70 today. now later tonight, the high pressure starts to set up over the the great basin, driving the winds offshore. pushing the cloud cover out to sea. so we are expecting a wind event here in the bay area. the windiest day looks like wednesday. relative humidities are expected to come way down into the teens in some cities. keep that in mind waking up with us in the santa cruz mountains in the north bay. staying nice an comfortable thursday through friday. temperature wise. back to you guys. controversy is now surrounding the race to become san francisco's next mayor. seven candidates are asking election monitors to step in and oversee the voting process.
5:46 am
it comes after accusations of voter fraud on behalf of ed lee' supporters. it shows worker from an independent group supporting lee, helping voters fill out absentee ballots. >> it's outrageous what happened. we have a video tape that shows workers connected with independent expenditure, telling people how to vote and fill out their ballots. that's a clear violation of the elections law. >> if i heard that somebody was doing that on behalf of me, i would stand up and say that's absolutely wrong. i would be leading the full investigation of that. >> lee's campaign did not return the phone call. they told the chronicle what is seen on the video is not
5:47 am
illegal. the spokesman also said the workers in the video do not work for lee's campaign. he says it's just a political hit against lee. >> san jose wildlife centers taking care of a hawk found in the park with a nail in its head. this is video taken of the red tailed hawk's rescue on saturday. rescuers think squun intention hi hurt that bird, and the $10,000 reward is being offered for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who did it. the raiders have a buy. that's a good thing. six interceptions during yesterday's game. the blame can be spread around. the starter gave up three before leaving with an injury.
5:48 am
that's when newly acquired carson palmer took over. he was interceptioned three times as well. neither quarterback could help the raiders score. the silver and black also without their kicker. the raiders lose 28-0. game five of the world series is tonight. game 5 at 5:05. mr. obama touches down tomorrow in sfo for his second visit to the bay area in about a month. his first stop is las vegas today. now live with what is on the president's agenda. good morning, andy. >> hi, laura. hi, marla. i'm from your guy's neck of the woods. the bay area is home to me. the interesting thing about los angeles is people don't like to
5:49 am
get star struck. at least they don't like to show they're star struck. when the president is in town it's another story. people feel it. you can feel nit the vibe and the energy. traffic is one issue. really it's a matter of stars coming together with politics, and it's an entirely different level. at 4:50 the president will land and from there head over to hancock park, where is where we are now. he's going to take a helicopter over. the first one is going to be at the the home of producer james lassiter. that will be cohosted with will smith and jada pinkett smith. the price of admission is $35,800 a plate. and then from there the president will head over to ann tony owe banderas and melanie
5:50 am
griffith home. that's a group organized by a group of latino obama supporters. the price of admission will be between $5,000 and $35,800. and as for tomorrow, the president will tape an appearance with jay leno in the morning. that's the second time the president will tape an appearance with jay leno since being president. the fourth time overall. from there in the afternoon he'll head over to your neck of the woods to san francisco. so that's the cliff notes version as to what's expected here in los angeles. again, the thing about the people who live here, no one likes to be star struck, but when the president comes into town it's definitely a different story. >> he is certainly making a lot of money in this state. thank you, andy. >> a lot of celebrities helping him. 5:50. a new warning for expectant
5:51 am
mothers. details ahead. plus, a new man vying to be the bay area's come pet iitipet eating champion. a number of stocks set to pop. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at
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5:53 am
welcome back, everyone. live look. san jose city hall this morning. where there you see an occupier. the san jose police went in to sweep out all the occupy protesters overnight. only taking about three. but this man remains. looks like he scaled the wall. we'll try to pull back to see where it is at san jose city hall. but no doubt police will head out.
5:54 am
harvard researchers say more needs to be done to protect them from bpa. it may affect young girls, making them susceptible to depression and anxiety. they are more likely. to have behavioral problems. more medical experts are cautious over the findings. they say the way our body processes it's unlickly to cause health effects at realistic exposure levels. researchers say second-hand television can be harmful for kids under the age of 2.
5:55 am
it keeps kids and parents from interacting with each other. turn off the tv and wait until kids are in bed before watching your favorite program program. 19 wreerld matt is the newest winner of the wonton eating championship in singapore. before the competition matt talked about his strategy. >> i tried starving myself and fasting. i try to keep a liquid indict and stay alive with energy and everything. >> he ate 210 wontons to win the competition. chestnut ate 380 wontons last
5:56 am
year. >> it's 5:56. bev been talking about president obama's promise to help homeowners. >> the programs that have been sable but not worked out well. the idea has been to help regular homeowners to pay the mortgage on type every month refinance to lower rates. many people can't refinance because house prices have fallen. meaning they mayo more than it's worth. so we're going to keep an eye on the president's proposals today. a couple of stocks to watch. netflix reports profits after the closing bell. that stock that could jump over the week. he says apple could add 25%. this is cool.
5:57 am you take a photo and match it with historical photographs for the same spot. market street in history on the inside there. that finds h tis tor call picture and shows it to you. >> still ahead on "today in the bay." occupy oakland demonstrators get another warning. stop camping out or get the boot. and a new workweek so we have a new forecast to come over. a lot of changes coming with yesterday's highs and what we're expecting today. and it's a monday. gkebbg ys andth keys heang a out the door.
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there's obviously slowing out there. ♪ [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies with hershey's chocolate chips. for a moment of warm, gooey, togetherness. chocolate chip cookies... from pillsbury. and these are the ones you'll love on a school night. pillsbury crescent dogs with just a few ingredients you have an easy dinner... pillsbury crescent dogs... school night ideas made easy.
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