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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 25, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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we are covering the oakland situation. plus some oakland residents want to fire the mayor. thieves getting desperate in san francisco. so desperate they stole a bell. you're looking at a live picture of the golden gate bridge. it's tuesday, october 25th. this is "today in the bay." well, good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. it's 4:30. we believe some things are happening in oakland with the occupy situation. we will have lots more in a minute. in the meantime, let's get a check of weather with christina. >> good morning. we have interesting development fls the weather department. a red flag warning has been
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issued for the area. very dry conditions as we head throughout the day today. not only that, coupled with very gusty winds that will only intensify through this afternoon and tomorrow is looking downright blustery. we'll tell you what this means for you city and what the weather holds for today. another cool day. this is the story. we'll talk about that all morning long. let's check your drive with mike inouy inouye. >> we think we could see a clash in the east bay. occupy protesters and police appear to be on a collision course. christie smith is live in
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oakland. the city issued a second order to clear the camp if they don't leave. we are seeing police cars on the move from up above. tell us the latest. i can tell you there's a nervousness and attention building out here this morning at occupy oakland. clearly the people who have been camped out here are aware, they seem to be, that police are coming. we're hearing after getting eviction notice from the city last thursday, they're poised to say but we're seeing that people are setting up palettes around the entire tent area and moving dumpsters in anticipation. one person said she saw chp officers out here early driving around. at this point we haven't seen any police officers. i can tell you this started way back on october 10th.
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then last week the city gave them notice that this movement, occupy oakland with more than 150 tents, a kitchen, a library, a child center would have to go. but they stayed. one thing we noticed early on is children were camping out here. we talked about whether the children were still here. >> kids are gone. kids are out of here. this is open, safe space for everybody to be. that's why there's been kids here. that's why this is all about our future. number one concern is safety. >> and we are back here live. we're showing you a live picture of police crossing down franklin street. i can tell you where we park our cars in the morning, we're over by the coliseum,
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we stopped by and saw a very large police presence. far beyond the city of oakland. at this point oakland only has 160 police officers. they have most of them more than one person inside. so at this point, people are j dated standing around. we've seen them arguing. they've been waiting for this moment. we're starting to see police come down the street. we're at 14th and broadway. and everyone has been waiting for this. they've been moving dumpsters and barricades saying they would do mostly a peaceful resistance to this. early son, as soon as people heard about this, some of them packing, leaving on buses here. i'm going to go ahead. you can see them in rye yolt
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gear, getting out of their vans here. they're going to at least be forming some sort of line. we're across the street from occupy oakland. you can see what's going on here. it looks like it's getting tense. we can hear yelling and screaming from inside the plaza where people have been waiting for this. they knew this was coming. this was listed on occupy oakland that they wanted people to come and support them when the police showed up. it certainly looks like they're here this morning. i'm counting at least five vans. i see more of them coming down broadway here. so it looks like this is happening.
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it looks they're going to try to remove people this morning. we'll keep our eyes on it this morning. that's what we have going on now. >> we're going to stick with you live. how far are you from the occupy emp campment? how far from the police from the protesters? >> if you can see the sign across the street that says oakland commune, that's the beginning of the tent city they have set up. that's the beginning of the steps at the plaza. it goes all the way across the plaza and towards city hall. and this is really a large encampment. they have palettes set up there as sort of a sidewalk. they havekitchen. they have a garden. at this point you can hear people banging on garbage cans and shouting.
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kind of hard to hear what they're saying. but again more and more police officers are coming. so quite a tense scene this morning. >> i think we'll stay with you live as we watch the police officers surrounding the plaza. we watch them drive down in a long convoy of white vans to the center of oakland near city hall where they are confronting protesters. the mayor said they will not allow overnight camping. they warned the protesters several times before this weekend. we have christie smith live on the scene. >> reporter: one of the things i want to mention is the city is upset because it went beyond
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camping. they were getting complaints of drug use and harassing ch can you talk with us this morning? >> i can not. you are in the designated media area. we're going to ask you to stay here. >> okay. we'll check back with you in a little bit. one thing the city was saying is that this goes beyond camping. they were hearing of public urination and drug use and people being harassed. and police who were responding were being kept out. that's one of the things that led to the first eviction notice on thursday. then they issued another one. begin, it's tuesday. people are still here. it's come down to this. at that point i spoke briefly with a public information officer from the oakland police department who told us we're here in the media area. but, you know, it's one of those things where you have to, you know, kind of keep your eye on it. can tell you the protesters are rolling a dumpster around here
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when we first got here. and it looks like police are closer and closer. but this is a big park. it would be interesting to see if they were on the other side. the oakland fire department is here, too. they have a bull horn and they're talking to them. >> let's listen in, christie. >> bob redell is live, too.
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>> you can see the oakland police officers. >> bob, we're having a hard time understanding you. bob, play it again. see if we can understand you better. they started a perimeter in the background. they got the bull horn out, as christie was saying. let me see what they're saying. they're getting the orders right now. waiting to see what the protesters will do by my estimates there's got to be at least a couple hundred police officers when they arrived
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behind us. they pulled out in an early manner. they swarmed the area. giving the order to the occupy oakland crowd in the center of the plaza. someone makes the next move. now over here to left i hear protesters trying to enter -- there we go. they're about a crowd -- a small crowd. maybe 15 protesters with a bull horn. there's an equal nurl of officers standing there blocks the entrance. scott? >> that's bob redell in oakland. we continue to cover this.
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christie smith picture is coming back up now. the more pink of the two on the top as we hear chanting out of the occupy oakland encampment. police moved in, bringing that closer and closer to the plaza. the city said these people need to be out of the plaza between the hours of midnight and 6:00 a.m. we're getting close to 6:00 a.m. where they will let them back in. for now we assume they will clear tout the plaza near city hall in oakland. there are, of course, occupy encampments in san francisco. in san jose and other cities. this is where the action is. they staged the coliseum in the south as the trust moves away. we have this picture. the fire department is on scene.
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what are you hearing on the bull horn. >> reporter: it's difficult for me to hear, also. just a second ago on the other side of where the police are standing here we saw a huge puff of smoke. i'm unclear on what that was exactly. they're basically asking tor telling people they need to leave. and the line of police officers here, they are moving closer. we haven't seen any physical confrontation. they have lock weapons with them. in the past oakland has used the wooden dowels they had at one
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point near the port of oakland. they seem to have classic handcuffs with them. at this point they're trying to talk with the crowd. but the crowd is staying put on the plaza. at this point it's a standoff. it's a faceoff. >> i see them with the zip ties on their front hips. we don't know when or how the message will be given. there's going to be some sort of action here. the city warned the protesters several times about the need to cease the overnight camping in particular. but on some of the officers you see the big white line there is. those are zip ties for detaining and arresting.
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so we expect something. christie mentioned the wooden dowels. those are nonlethal. they can be fired into a crowd bean bags and tear gas not unusual as we watch these police officers bob redell. from your angle, can you give us the geography of where you are? where are you in comparison? >> can you come out to me? we have people behind me with the bull horn. we're at the plaza at 16th and san pablo. we're probably two blocks away from what we saw in the last couple of moments. here comes another one leaving the scene.
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somebody threw a glass bottle that shattered near police. here come some more protesters. good morning. quickly. we're live on nbc bay area. you decided not to stay. >> i have family. i have kids. i can't be going to jail. i just don't want to get arrested right now. >> what's the mood in there? what are people talking about? is there sense that more people will come out? >> a lot of people don't have nothing to live for. i have stuff i actually live for. and care about. >> you're you're saying they deponent feel like they have anything to lose. >> exactly. >> how many people would you say are still in there? >> a couple hundred.
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you believe they're going to stay? >> oh, yeah. >> best of luck to you. take care. that's one of a dozen, maybe 20 protesters we've seen fill straiting out. each for his own reason. you can see the area lit up is an area lit up. you have the group of protester who is are standing their ground. still maintaining the perimeter around the plaza. police are not letting them in. if you look over here to the right and into the background, that's broadway. officers have got that shut down in that perimeter. that gives you the since of how much the perimeter extends around here.
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the officers have their plastic ties. that's standard procedure when you have a protest situation like this. over here to the right you have a protester who is for some reason speaking with police, arguing with police. police are holding their ground. the best way to sum it is up is they've been here in probably 10 or 15 minutes. they have the plaza surrounded. right now it's a standoff. as i mentioned. a dozen, maybe a couple dozen protesters already deciding to voluntarily leave. they are letting them go and leave the perimeter. >> bob redell is reporting from downtown oakland. >> >> >>on. jon, we knews this was going to
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come. there is going to be some point where there's ability for them to assemble. it's curious on the timing. >> i would agree. you talked about from window to 6:00 a.m. >> we're an hour away from 6:00 a.m. >> and it's starting to come to a head. it's interesting what kind of decision are they going the be able to make. are they going to let them come back out there? you see the police force coming in. you see protesters not wanting to leave. it only takes one wrong move by a protesters to set off a chain reaction. it can really become a dangerous situation. >> i just listened with respect to the one man who said i'm going home. i made my point. i have children. it's time for me to go home. >> a lot of these people have nothing to lose.
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then it becomes more of the an idea of sticking out your chest. >> san jose was able to clear out protesters yesterday. we don't know exactly what will happen. are we hearing christie smith? does she want to jump in there? >> sure, i'll jump in. you were asking earlier what they were talking about. there's basically a police officer on a microphone who keeps literally reading in the riot act a statement from the city of oakland saying this is an unlawful assembly. >> christie, we just saw an explosion. police are getting closer and closer to this tent city. >> we're seeing bob's camera now. is that smoke or mist?
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it's definitely smoke. that's been going on for maybe ten minutes or so. it keeps coming from the same area behind the small building you see here. police are literally reading the riot act. this is an unlawful assembly. if you don't leave you're subject to arrest. they're reading this. they're getting closer to the crowd. some packed up and left early on. this line of police officers is getting closer and closer to the group. >> if you're just downing us, this is nbc bay area coverage of the occupy oakland raid. this is near city hall in oakland where police officers about 15 minutes ago descended in a ring around the plaza.
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we have two cameras. we believe this is coming from the protesters themselves. we don't think it's the depression gas. police on foot are carrying a tremendous number of zip ties for detaining and arresting people. they have come closer and closer to the protests. are they putting on gas masks? >> that's what it looks like. the police have something in their face. maybe something has gone off. >> what do you see, christie? >> i certainly am homing thest not gas.
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a group closer in ran away. i saw them pull this over their faces. i can't say anything is bothering me across the street. >> you would know it. >> yeah, i would know it. but see this guy? there's an officer here under the light there? they seem to have some sort of mask that they're putting on, and then the helmet goes on top of that. >> again, we think the initial smoke was coming from the protest itself. it came from the center of the camp. the you ever had a whiff of that gas, there's no tolerating it. we're going to assume it was a fire work or smoke. you're looking at live coverage. >> clearly preparing for for worst regarding what happened so
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far. this has come to a head with people doing things and drinking and drugs, et cetera, et cetera. >> we're looking at bob redell's camera now. there's bob. is this purely an oakland effort? >> i have not seen many other agencies out there. that did come from the protesters. opd believes it was some sort of gas device. right now nothing else has happened with regards to that. some protesters are lingering over there. i spoke with a sergeant, a
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lieutenant not long ago i asked him, ho do you think this is going? as well, better or worse? he said we don't know yet. we won't know until we move to where the tents are located. he was surprised by what we have been seeing over here. the number of protesters who are voluntarily leaving the sight. one gentleman said he's leaving because he has family. he has kids. he doesn't want to deal with being arrested. opd is letting them go. leave the perimeter. no questions asked. then you have people up there in the plaza. they are in a stalemate with police.
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you can see a pull horn. now to the right opd is putting on their gas masks. that's to pregnant them against the gas device that went off earlier. or it's an indication opd will be moving gas. you can see they are now entering the tent city, itself. they are pulling away the signs. they're pulling away the dumpsters. the protesters tried to barricade themselves. opd is pulling that stuff down. this would be the end of a roughly two-week occupation of the plaza by a few hundred people. oakland police making their way to the tent city itself. most protesters have moved to the west end of the plaza.
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you can see police in the background are just tearing tents apart, moving those down. >> we're going to keep your picture up. we're seeing bob's camera. most of the action happening on his side of it. there we see at least one police officer there. somebody is taking a picture as well. i certainly -- we're beginning to see arrests christie smith,
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good morning. christie smith can't hear us this morning. bob was doing such a great job of narrating. continue. >> so you have this line from the east end. you probably have, i'm just guessing 50 officers doing a slow move, tearing down the tepts as they move in. to the right you have a cluster of protesters. maybe a core of 30 to 40 protesters. they've now linked arms on the edge of p plaza. one has a bull horn. they're chanting something. it's too loud to hear. they're chanting something at police. you have a line of officers coming in. you have a few protesters who are standing there. hold on. they are ording them to back up.
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i'm going to hand this to laura, who will join us. also mike inuuy joins us. this will affect bart, will it not? we just got word from them, although their website reports 33 trains running on time they just closed the civic center station. training are running past the station. they are passing trains through. avoid the 12th street station. we'll let you know about the 19th street station. the system is running on time. obviously a lot of activity on the surface. height here we can see a live picture in the frame.


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