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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 25, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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laura joins us at the desk with jon kelley. >> if you are just joining us right now, we're continuing to cover -- live coverage of occupy oakland. we have seen numerous oakland police officers dressed in heavy riot gear. christie smith is live on the scene this morning as well. they're escorting people out. some people have been accommodating police in one way or another, attempting to leave the area. let's go to christi with the latest on where she is at 14th and broadway. >> so far we have seen three
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people being escorted out here with the zip ties. some of them taken down 14th street. it looks like a large police vehicle is there for processing. tennessee o other side you can see a gentleman standing there. he was the first one brought out a minute ago. it high pressure a line of police officers, as bob mentioned. we can see officers inside the plaza at this point. they're just tearing things down. and we can see a couple of more people that they're bringing out this way. >> christie smith. thank you very much. police are being much more agres
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eive. you see individuals being taken away. bob, what's happen wrg you're at? >> from my perspective at the occupy oakland movement is about to come to an end. police are making arrests. the protesters are peaceful. they are not struggling with police. the ones i can observe from here. yerlier they had a bull horn talking to police. i'm trying to see what's going on here. but they have surrounded the remaining protesters. the police have occupied the plaza. so they have control of the plaza now. a couple of thel have up both hands displaying the peace
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symbol. an officer is still giving instructions to protesters to disperse. if you think an hour or so ago, there was a lot of attention. people didn't know what would happen. i got this just from speaking to a couple of protesters. this wouldn't -- i wouldn't say peaceful. but it's been nonviolent. the police takeover has been peagsful. i've not seen much in the way of anyone getting into fights with police. it's hard to say how many left. maybe as many as 15 or many.
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a smul group of them are huddled. one guy has a smile on his face. another woman kissing a person. they have their hands up displaying a peace symbol. again, there's probably 20 protesters. i would say over 100 oakland police. there they are going in, making the arrests of the final protesters. if you look to the right, this is what remains of the tent cities. a lot of structures are taken down by police. if i can get in here and take a look. they have protesters in custody.
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they are being led off by police. a lot of oakland police officers. again, laura and jon, worth noting that this has been con tervgs. there was yellg from protesters at police. nothing i witnessed was violent, except for the fact someone set off a smoke bomb. good morning. can we talk to you quickly? i can't talk to him. he's being led off. jon and laura? >> it's interesting to see everything going on. thir literally storming over the tents right now. it sounds like although the show of force is out there quite strongly that things are at
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least coming to somewhat of a peaceful close here. >> apparently police have cleared them out. know slowly taking control of the situation. >> these are live pictures coming to you br the occupy protest is being called to a close. they've been there a couple of weeks now. they put in the order on thursday for folks to clear out. now they assembled early this morning. attempting to get all the people out. christie smith is at 14th and broadway. >> sounds like bob is interviewing somebody. >> i love them. we're out here for peace. good night to you. >> bob, people are very passionate as they leave as well. you had seen some people able to leave by themselves.
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no problem. but people still expressing their passion. let's check in with christie smith at 14th and broadway. >> i'm hearing bob. i wanted to mention what we're seeing now is some of these police officers that have on those masks are walking out. it appears some of this is over. behind that people are still being arrested. it appears there's a couple of large vehicles to process all the people that they're bringing out this morning. but back behind this at the
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plaza not a whole lot is going on here. we're seeing people they arrested being process ed and taken out. police here are forming a line with the batons. at this point, i won't say peaceful, but much quieter in a way, than it was. there were some protesters on this side across the street here getting into shouting matches with police. the police are staying quiet. at this point it's down to processing people. this gentleman does not want to go. they're working to get him to a vehicle.
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it looks like the occupation at this point is ending. the area where you are has quieted down. >> yeah, we're in what used to be the tent city. he was pleased with how well this went in terms there have no violence outside of a couple of bottles thrown. but for the most part they were arrested peacefully. they went away peacefully. mentioned the protester who is are left leaving voluntarily
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leading up to this. >> sergeant, can i ask you a real quick -- >> no worries. right now their job is to maintain the perimeter and clean out this plaza. i say maintain the perimeter because you still have an element of protesters over here. if you follow me down the steps, an element of protesters still chanting. they're a relatively small group. i'm guessing 30 protesters. they've not tried to break the line that have set up. >> bob redell, real quickly, can you lear me? >>ive a question. it's been reported the plaza, obviously they're trying to shut it down, midnight to 6:00 a.m. a little less than an hour away. have police indicated at 6:00
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they would ledth let the protesters back? >> i can't imagine that happening. they want to make sure no one comes back in to reoccupy it. what is the time line? they haven't mentioned that to m me. >> jon kelley, it's scott mcgrew. we saw this begin around 4:20 our time. by 5:11 this is entirely over except for one young man who continues to put on a show and resist a bit. but for a city that faced so much trouble and had so much criticism of the police force. a chief resigned recently. it's had so much crime and a
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mayor that's been under fire. in fact in fact, there's a recall petition circulating against him. zbr so many eyes have been on oakland for so many reasons. live cameras now not going to supersede what the police need to do. everyone is closely watching what will happen this morning. and it comes to a peaceful resolution so far. now we see the oakland vans pull up. they have to take these people somewhere that they're taking into custody. >> they seem to focus on one man they put in the back of the van.
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he was kind of putting his feet down. when the doors were open, i saw other people inside there. the other thing is they had a light stand set beside us. the scene changed so much. they moved it near the plaza. it looks like they'll try to light it up and clear the plaza out. there are protesters behind us trying to shout us down. the police are not saying a lot to anyone. there's a spokesperson out here. i tried to ask her how things were going. she said she can't comment on anything until this is over. so there's still activity, but
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not the arrests we were seeing earlier. everyone is face to face. still a lot of eyes on everything going on here. no one was sure what would happen. we had an idea it would happen. the protesters said they wanted supporters to come down here. we didn't see a lot of struggle. that's where it stands for now. protesters lined up dumpsters and trash cans around the plaza. it looks like they're focusing on getting that out of the way. >> the show of force was tremendous in regards to the amount on the scene.
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quite cooperative. less than an hour they smoothed the situation that we see there. no doubt they're going to continue to be there all morning long, as you will yourself. the camp was said to be rat infested. quite a mess. what about the camp itself? is it simply a mess? >> i've moved to the side. the sides hanging up are hanging by a thread. it is a mess. it was organized. police are walking through it. but really everything is tossed aside. in fact, i'm stepping out of the
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shot so that i can see the plaza from here. i don't see any protesters in it. i'm not seeing protesters anymore. just police standing around looking at it. it is a mess. i have to say. >> i don't know. this van that we see right here says oakland police on it. a couple of protest rs are in that. they were marching them down to the green light. there's the north facility here a couple of blocks away on 7th street. that's one possibility. they want to make sure the situation is under control before they give official answers to what they're doing.
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but it's much quieter than it was. we're not really hearing anything. what is your guesstimate of how many people left on their own and how many were taken out of there? >> we got here at maybe 2:30. clearly they knew this would happen. i would say we saw a dozen pack up and get on buses before police showed up. i haven't seen a lot of people physically leave. maybe there are a dozen protesters or supporters. maybe i've seen 50 or 60 people
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arrested. they carry them out in groups. but quite of few of them. >> it's interesting to see the commotion t people. now you see the steady line of police in front of you. >> the people who were standing behind us and shouting at police officers are being quiet as well. when we arrived, people were realliage stated. trying to come up with a plan on what to do. we were seeing smoke. we didn't know if flash bombs were going on. people were agitated as well. what led to the sudden burst of calm? >> some of the protesters were
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asking what we thought we would do. and we kon say. so i think there was just sort of not knowing what was going to happen. they needed to leave. if they didn't leave they would be sublt to arrest. they decided to stay. so police moved in and arrested people. it happened very methodically. the police moved in and did what they said they were going to do. so -- we're seeing the result of it here. it's just much quieter out here now. >> an amazing, amazing display. less than an hour from when we saw the police come in and raid the plaza this morning. now this certainly could affect your morning commute. avoid this area right now. also a couple of bart stations are closed down.
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let's check in with mike right now. good morning. this is have christie is. avoid 14th and broadway. that's right by the 12th street station. that particular station is closed. you can enter or exit trains from the station. nearby, the 19th station that is remaining open. the air is moving smoothly. they want to reduce the amount of surface street congestion through the area. the rest of the trains are on time. here the overview of that. oakland is light as far as the traffic goes. the rest of the system is running without any delays.
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>> no on and off, as you mentioned. >> they have not said how long. they haven't said if they plan on closing more stations. i think they're waiting to see how things develop. it looks like things are peaceful. we'll monitor bart and the rest of the m systems. >> i'm surprised how far it's gone so far at the plaza. you can see the force of the oakland police department that came in ready. really prepared. >> they came in with a definite plan. they didn't waste time. they came in in a peaceful manner. they were sticking to a game plan. it didn't set off anything. the police did a great job. nothing seemed like it was going out of control.
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the police came in, calmly, collectively, moved forward. >> it looked like the froesers themselves cooperated. some left voluntarily. they said they made their stand and need to go home to their families. we saw a few that were taken away. a couple of people were put in there as well. a lot of protesters had no idea what would happen. they were asking reporters like christie what do you think will happen? begin, big credit for their game plan and executing it so smoothly. >> well, christie smith was out there about 2:30 this morning. you can see and hear the rumbles. police assembling in a different area before they went et into
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the plaza area. it's nothing hadn't asked to do before. they were asking since last thursday. the protesters occupied the camp since -- for a couple of weeks. we wanted to bring you live how it went about. i'm being told an up date for us. oakland is advising businesses to delay the start of work until further notice. as a result of police enforcement at the plaza this morning, the city of oakland is advising employers to consider them having delay they're arifle downtown until further notice. they are advised to delay their arrival. this is from the city of
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oakland. this is not from the oakland police department or any related agenc agency. >> and it will be tough do get down there. look at the calm. >> calm, cool and collected. by their body language. everything is under control. there is a point the protesters were going to defend their territory. the police descended on the area. a clear game plan as you take this plaza. there's a triangle there. >> the police do remain. you can't come back and claim
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this land now. it gives you a sense of everything that happened there this morning. the streets are clear. not only of traffic, be of the protesters we saw that took over the encampment. across the bay area and the nation as well. this is not over. they have cleared the plaza. the fight and troers continues. >> it was a situation where the police were counter acting here. they were preparing for pepper spray. they put on their gas mask. the grenades. they sent a message. these people thought at this point what are you going to do other than cause harm to people. that guy said i have a family.
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i can't get arrested. >> we'll continue to follow the occupy oakland raid. we have reporters live on the scene. and of course, we will cover the rest of the day's news for you. you're watching nbc bay area news. [ female announcer ] when something isn't right, you like to take care of it immediately. ♪
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hnchts new this norng . new this morning, the bay area is ready for another presidential visit. i'm marla tellez live in san francisco. at the same time the president talking about a way to save you home. occupy oakland. pd raid the camps. we'll have live reports. tuesday, october 25th, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us.
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it is 5:29. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning, everyone. i'm jon kelley. election find out what's happening on the tuesday forecast. >> relative humidities in the teens. we have a red flag warning in place. high fire danger as we head through today and tomorrow with very dry conditions and a building breeze. if you li in an elevation above 1,000 feet the red flag warning belongs to you. we'll talk about when it will expire and of course, we have a cool down in store for you today. mike had a lot going on, especially in oakland this morning, right? >> we are watching the city streets. the bart system is closed down service onto or off of trains at the oakland city center. 12th street station. that's downtown as a result of what's going on at the plaza
5:30 am
now. trains are running through the area. the rest of the system is on time. we're alluding to the activity in oakland related to occupy oakland. we have a lot going on. >> we want to continue to take you live to oakland. the occupy oakland protesters are gone. they are hout if steady force this morning, surrounding the plaza and the other areas there. it was actually somewhat of a peaceful protest. t raid that went on this morning. police told people they were violating civil law to be there. several people left voluntarily. a u couple of people put up some
5:31 am
struggles. there are people in the van to the left of your screen. a couple of people resisted arrest, so to speak. oakland police continue to show their force. the proes ters sent out tweets and e-mails asking for sport. asking for people to come to the plaza this morning. the tent city is now being wrapped up. it's a mess out there. we'll continue to follow this developing story this morning. parking light obama is making his return to the bay area this afternoon. he's attending a fund-raiser for the re-election campaign. marla tellez is live in san francisco with an update on president obama's visit to the
5:32 am
bay area. good morning, marla? >> john, good morning. we're outside the "w" hotel in san francisco. you can see the "w" lit up over my shoulder. it does not stand for warm. president obama not expected to bet a warm reception when he arrives here later today. just yesterday he was greeting customers at a local eatery before dining with magic johnson and will smith. that dinner cost $35,000 a plate. today his fund raising for the 2012 election continues with a luncheon here at the "w." the price tag for today's lunch is $7,500. that also includes a special performance by singer jack
5:33 am
johnson. only after he makes his way through the protesters here at 10:00 this morning. they're upset the recent crackdown. a complete 180 an cannabis clubs statewide. they'll be joined by anti-war protesters as well as occupy sf protesters. it's a premium opportunity for those guys. so they are expected to make their way over this morning. you'll recall president bauchl was here last month. he came out for a high priced fund raising meal. people here paid close to $36,000 a plate at the end of september. all in all, his visit only
5:34 am
expected to last a few hours at the most. we want to go back in studio and send it to mike with a look at the closures. >> good morning. the presidential visit is going the cause a stir to the city, no matter how brief. because he comes to ton, we have the closure from major treats in the area northbound 3rd from fulsome to mission. that's all around the vicinity of the modern art and "w" hotel. the intersection between 3rd and howard will be closed. that will probably affect the most people. so interstate 80 access will not be accessible. back to you, laura. the president's visit comes
5:35 am
a day after ree releases a new housing release plan. scott mcgrew joins us with a look at the plan. >> he's limited because he's aware it's near impossible to get anything through congress. the new plan is a rethink of the home affordable refinance program. that keeps it on the executive side of the government, away from congress. but the basic idea is to allow homeowners who have been current on payments to take vak of lower mortgage rates by refinancing. they owe more than their home is worth due to the housing crisis. you have to have been in your home for some time.
5:36 am
a mortgage before may 31st of 2009. be current on your payments. no late payments in the last six months. this may help a few more people. but not a ton, laura, strictly because it's so hard to find the money. the president doesn't want congress to be involved. >> many critics say the plan is just too limited. it didn't do enough. why do you think the president chose to go this route? >> it's strictly a money thing. the politics we're involved in is a sad fact. he's not going to get much of anything through congress barbara boxer proposed a similar program some time ago. it went nowhere.
5:37 am
>> and police are raiding the occupy oakland camp up there at the plaza. coming in and smoothly clearing that out. bob, good morning. tell us what's happening now. good morning, jon. this is one of the entrances to the plaza. you can see officers have formed a perimeter. you have probably a dozen protesters doing pretty much nothing right now. some of them were speak being police. taking pictures of us and the police themselves. this is one of places they entered the plaza. they went in with clearly overwhelming force. 200 to 300 officers in riot gear. they went in and surrounded the
5:38 am
tent city. what most noteworthy is how smooth this went. several people were arrested. but no violence, per se, yes, someone set off a smoke bomb. but there wasn't anything in terms of there being rough housing or anything i long those lines. several protesters left in slans. it's hard to say. maybe as many as 50. police do have a perimeter surrounding them. you can hear the protesters criticizing us as we speak. >> you've been doing a great job. don't let them get to you. >> great job reporting. both christi and bob.
5:39 am
>> let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. we have a red flag warning in place. as you know, they had campfires going today. tomorrow we have very, very high fire danger, so we really want to keep you privy to that. if you have a fire in your backyard, just a barbecue try to keep it under control. this is the first red flag warning we've had in eight months. you need to take it seriously. we have pretty good visibility. otherwise looking nice and clear throughout the day. that will be the story. we stop the future cast at 10:00
5:40 am
a.m. we'll see the marine layer push to sea by 10:00. so temperatures on the mild side. 68 in santa cruz. we have changes as we head into the weekend. probably a good time to check the fluids in your vehicle, right? >> you should always make it a regular practice. i say that, but i'm the guy without the fluids in his car. we have nice flow on the freeways approaching the bay bridge. the issue is just off the freeway. the big news of the day, we're following the raid this morning on the plaza, occupy oakland. that's between 13th and 14th on broadway. there's a lot of police activity there. avoid downtown if you can. merchants and the downtown area advised businesses to hold off a little bit this morning as well.
5:41 am
and this is highway 4 westbound with a typical slowing towards love ridge. and a little bit of slowing for the 57 through bay point as well. we'll have a look at if south bay coming up. we'll have other news of the day. more details on the efforts to stop gene kwan. ♪ [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies with hershey's chocolate chips. for a moment of warm, gooey, togetherness.
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opd is breaking up the occupy oakland protesters.
5:44 am
they were there for the entire situation. we'll have that coming up in a matter of minutes. the time is 5:44. >> pg&e is trying to fix another section of pipeline. the 300 b transmission line yesterday morning near the rural town of weed patch. that's 15 miling southeast of bakersfield. the line is the first section of 120 miles of pipe to fail during testing by pg&e. it's a result of the gas explosion, of course. that blast caused a crater in the ground. enormous ball of fire. crews will spend the week repairing the failed section to the mile long pipe. >> one of the nation's leading research institutions retracted
5:45 am
a controversial study about the relationship between pot clubs and crime. they suggested they may help reduce crime in the neighborhood. the study looked at the city of los angeles. this morning they think the think tank says researchers did not include crime to statistics. reported by the los angeles police department. they plan to reevaluate all of their data. >> all right. let's reevaluate the forecast. >> it's cooler and drier. good for the frizz. but then you have the wind whipping your hair around. >> you still look good. >> your hair looks fantastic. you can see it vividly right hire. that's when things are really going to start to this change
5:46 am
around here. high pressure hasn't yet had an opportunity to rebuild. but once it does, it will not only be breezy, but the trough will really dry us out. so we're talking relative humidities in the teens. that's very dry for us around here. especially because we're so close to the pacific ocean. you have west wind at 15 miles per hour. that wind will strengthen throughout the day today. 6 so it's illegal to throw cigarettes out the window. don't do it today. a little bit more on the mild side with the places that have the cloud cover. 56 degrees in san jose. nice and clear. we have fog in napa. take it easy. the fog will not last long. by 10:00 a.m. getting mostly clear conditions over the entire
5:47 am
entire bay area. 71 in redwood city. 6 in santa cruz. high pressure rebuilds throughout the next few hours. already starting to see the pressure ridge building in through the north bay or east bay cities. that will continue to push the fog offshore as we head through tomorrow. that's also going to bring in windy weather tonight in particular. winds start to relax on thursday. then halloween is looking good. >> bart ride, you can't get on or off because of occupy oakland. i'll show you where that's coming up. i want to show you this. this is the south bay with a little blip. we see early signs of slowing. the rest of the northbound speed sensors showing you close to the
5:48 am
limit. today being traffic tuesday, we have heavier flow here. thgs a 16-minute drive really slowing into livermore. holding steady at the dublin interchange. occupy oakland, 14th and broadway. avoid the downtown area for the time being. the rest of the maze moves nicely. a nice look when we come back at 880. >> thank you very up. the clock stopped tirking on occupy oakland as police simply raided the camp this morning. let's check in with christie smith live in oakland.
5:49 am
it's amazing how quiet it looks behind you. >> that's deceiving. first of all, that's the plaza that the protesters have been occupying since october 10th. police said they were trying to do a walk through to make sure it's empty. they think tds. right before we went on, the police officers were here on motorcycles. they seem to be heading in this direction to the other side of the street. it seems that supporters are gathering there. so there's a barricade set up. some of the motorcycle officers left where we are.
5:50 am
one protesters said they're shouting in greek. a protesters across the street said she was here the entire time. she tells me she was hit with tear gas. i was directly across the street and didn't have on a mask. i didn't feel anything. i didn't feel gas hit me at all. at this point the attention seems to be focused down there. there are a growing number of supporters shouting down police. that seems to be where the attention is right now. so i'm hoping to run down there soon and check on what's going on there. tles here it's much quieter than it was this morning. >> it's been amazing to see. >> a lot happening in oakland.
5:51 am
only her 10th month on the job. already on the way to oust her from office. they are looking for signatures for a recall petition drive. the man leading the recall effort say there is are several reasons to remove the mayor from office, including her refuel to reappoint the commissioner margaret gordon. >> total disregard for the competency of a commissioner. >> jean filed 71 signatures with the city clerk along with a notice of intent to start a recall petition. kwaun will have seven days to respond. then they have 160 days to collect 20,000 signatures in order to put the recall on the
5:52 am
ballot. >> what a day for oakland? the biggest county is jumping on the styrofoam band wagon. coming up next. jose company of a blockade. san
5:53 am
5:54 am
santa clara county officials will vote today to consider bans on styrofoam food and drink containers. if approved, supervisors would stop purchasing the product for county facilities and events. oakland, emeryville and berkly already have a ban on the containers. if passed the ban could go into
5:55 am
effect starting july of 2012. >> rumors say the farm makers are the latest. >> this is going to be interesting. groupon and zynga offering stocks for the first time. zynga is filing the ipo in november. wooek looex may be running out of money. they used to raise money through donations through papal and visa. thaw prohibited customers for using the services to don't. the wikileaks leader calls that a blockade f they lost 800 thourk subscribers over three months. shares fell more than 30%. we'll give you more coverage of
5:56 am
the dire situation coming up. we'll continue to follow what's happening in oakland. just after we left, christie smith, about 50 police officers in riot gear marching to a new location. live team coverage happening coming up. >> and low humidities, strong winds and low temperatures. where a red flag warning has been issued here in the bay area. and we have an early look at the halloween forecast coming up. >> and i'll let you folks know which station not to use this morning. sfl the bay bridge right now. traffic is not too bad. mike will give us more on traffic. christi will have the weather. and everything else that's happening. we'll be back. c
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
police still on watch in downtown oakland. we'll have live team coverage coming up. >> we'll also have a live report from san francisco. also in san jose, it turns out police shot a man with a toy gun. a live look outside right now. the week is getting rolling. it's tuesday, october 25th. this is today in the bay. >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. it is seconds away from 6:00. i'm laura grars ya


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