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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 25, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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after two eviction notices and no action, police raid occupy oakland. i'll show you how it went down. welcome wagon, it isn't. what greets president obama. what's awaiting him when he arrives in san francisco this afternoon for another fund-raising trip. that story, coming up. a red flag warning. east bay braces for extreme fire danger. the news at 11:00 starts now. good morning, everybody. thanks for being with us at 11:00. i'm marla tellez. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. it was quite the scene out at oakland this morning. tear gas, riot gear and cuffs. oakland police, under the cover of darkness, descended upon
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protesters. protester, pounding on drum, setting off firecrackers and holding firm as police swarm, dismantling camp and cuffing 75 of those who decided to stay put. frank ogala plaza was raided, giving people a chance to leave before they moved in. christie smith joins us from there. >> reporter: oakland police still have the entire plaza blocked off here while they go through all the things that were left behind after this raid. i tell you, this was hundreds of police officers from everywhere. they surrounded the protesters. they were shoulder to shoulder. protesters don't like how it went down. interim police chief says he's pleased. at 4:30, okay laakland police r
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up in riot gear. first, there were warnings, then they moved in to break up the tent city at frank ogala plaza, known as occupy oakland. >> they pushed people here and this way and tear gassed. all the media left. everyone had to leave. that's right when they raided. >> reporter: police say they deployed tear gas after they were pelted with bottles. after two notices to evacuate, the raid was on. some left on their own as the camp was surrounded. >> we did not use flash bang, m 1,000 and m 80 firecrackers were being thrown at the officers right by the kitchen area. the shotgun that you saw was used to deploy a drag stabilizer in order to isolate someone who was arming themselves. >> reporter: with bottles and cans, police say, it was police who got -- protesters who got
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rough with them. the camp was left with tents and belongings as protesters tell us it was too much too fast. >> the police took a barricaded we had created and basically created their own barricade around that, which seemed kind of lost to people into -- i'm sorry, into the plaza. >> reporter: some of the protesters or their supporters are still kind of hanging out here. through it all, the surprising thing, police say, there were no inju injuries. and most of the protesters will face misdemeanor charges. even with all this, though, demonstrators are saying it's not over at all. they're asking their supporters to reconvene at the main library at 4:00 this afternoon. the city is saying that demonstrators still have the right to protest. they just can't camp out and be
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here overnight. jon, back to you. >> christie smith, thank you very much. great job out there today. kind of a strange twist of fate. a grassroots effort is under way to throw the city's mayor out of office. jean kwon has been on that job three months but looking for signatures on a petition. they say that's growing the crime problem and growing state of the police force. 71 signatures have been filed with the city clerk along with the notice of intent to start a recall petition. she'll have seven days to respond to it. then the group will have 160 days to collect nearly 20,000 signatures in order to put the recall on that ballot. marla? thank you, jon. in less than two hours, air force one will touch down here in the bay area. of course, it's going to be carrying our president. he's heading to a campaign fund-raiser in san francisco. inside the event will be full of
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supporters, but outside is a much different story. bob redell is live in san francisco this morning, where protesters are gathering ahead of the president's campaign stop. bob, how is it right now? >> we got a small crowd out here. good morning to you, marla. organizers say they're expecting hundreds of people. right now maybe there's 100 here at third and howard across from the w hotel where the president will be arriving within the next couple of hours for a $7,500 a plate luncheon, fund-raising luncheon. this is his third visit in over six months in the bay area. you have a mix of causes being represented by these protesters, a lot of anti-war. if you're not familiar with this sign, stop keystone xl, that's a pipeline that would run from the tar sands of canada through the united states. climate sicientists, some have argued if you were to tap into that, you would be releasing so much carbon, it would be very
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detrimental. people here are trying to get president obama to stop that pipeline. you're with the pipeline group and worked for obama in his headquarters in '08. >> that's right. >> reporter: did you envision yourself now, years later, after you worked with his election to be out here protesting against one of his policies? >> not so much. i certainly didn't envision myself in handcuffs along with 1,200 other people and i don't think i envisioned myself with protesters out here to made history to elect an inspiring leader but we're asking him to live up to his promises. >> reporter: do you get the sense talking to your colleagues out here -- of course, your own opinion -- that these people that voted for him in '08 would vote for him in 2012, next year? >> people who worked for him, who gave so much money, maybe not this time. that's going to hurt him. the bottom line here is that this pipeline is really bad for
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america, deepens our dependence on oil. this is something he was strongly against in the campaign, against climate change. this is an opportunity to lead in that direction. and we're supporting him and asking him to do that and be the leader he said he would be. >> reporter: thank you very much. this luncheon at the w hotel is closed to local reporters, even though the main white house pool of -- press pool out of d.c. is allowed inside. that's unusual. the white house would not comment on why they're not letting the local press in there. you will be able to get a report on that but on the local news, their press people -- that's not going to happen. arriving to los angeles this morning. tapes an interview with jay leno for the tonight show that will be broadcasting tonight. >> bob redell, thank you so much. the president's stop will be a short one here in the bay area, only a few hours. no question about it, it will cause a lot of backup out on
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those roads. mike inouye has more on the commanding presence the president will have on the city streets. >> yeah. the commander in chief will definitely command the roads in san francisco this morning. mostly in the south market area near the w hotel. interesting. in about 15 minutes, streets in the area will close. northbound 3rd from fulton to mission and the intersection of 3rd and howard. that's going to affect most of the drivers heading off the bay bridge up toward market. street closures will be in effect until 11:30 this morning and 4:00 tonight. you might want it change your route if you're heading out the door for your lunch break. marla, over to you. >> mike, thanks. in other news now, the pregnant woman accused of killing east bay nursing student michelle le and dumping her body is scheduled back in court this morning. michelle esteban is asking for permission to fire her current
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attorney sbb assigned a new court-appointed lawyer. esteban was to enter a plea yesterday but the hearing was postponed until a judge could rule on that request. the 27-year-old is charged with murdering le, who disappeared from kaiser permanente medical center in may. her body was found several months later. as christina loren has been telling us, east bay firefighters are on high alert this morning. the national fire service is warning of extreme fire danger in the east bay hills. a red flag warning takes effect at 10:00 tonight and continues through 6:00 am thursday morning. this covers the hill regions of alameda and contra costa county as well as the diablo range. if you're curious, strong winds and dry air combine with low humidity and that can be dangerous. >> she joins us on set right here, right now to talk about that forecast and the extreme fire danger out there.
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good morning. good morning. we're going to extend that to all elevations above 1,000 feet. th us in an elevation above 1,000 feet, that red flag warning applies to you. you''ree gusty winds in addition to the areas named up through the north bay mountains, marin county really, really gusty winds headed through there tonight. strong and still are coming out of the south. it's the dry northerly winds. we see those winds shift later tonight. already it's a dry air mass ovovhead. this is what we're talking about. low relative humidity in the teens. gusty winds throughout the night, howling through those east bay hills. clear conditions as we head through tonight. very, very cold start tomorrow morning. highs come in at about 3:00 pm. 71 in livermore, 72 in fremont. and 72 in oakland.
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as we head through tonight, you're probably bundling up. clear, cold conditions to start out with. coldest nights we've had in four months out here. low to mid 40s and very, very, very dry air right here in the bay area. keep that chapstick handy as well. we'll keep you updated on that full forecast. >> appreciate it, christina. still ahead, public university under public scrutiny now. the salary scandal at scu. breaking away. some oakland schools say they're leaving the district. why the battle lines are being drawn. plus twi a he mainstream media in the coverage in oakland. we'll take a look, coming up. st
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welcome back to the 11:00 am news. clear shot of the transamerica building. christina loren will be along to tell us about the forecast. she'll fill in all the blanks in a matter of minutes. different things happened at frank ogala plaza, depending on
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who's reporting you believed, mainstream media or twitter's. twitter has made a name for itself, covering crisis like these. >> egypt and libya, during the earthquakes, for instance. it's been amazing for making a connection between the action and the outside world. during this morning's action in oakland, many on twitter reported things our reporters simply didn't see. that doesn't make what was said on twitter untrue, but it's hard to see what's right. here's our reporting. >> reporter: it's definitely smoke. >> that's reporter christie smith about 20 yards from what she is calling smoke. tweets like this one report a different scene. occupy oakland reports, quote, tear gas, rubber bullets and shotguns, then says opd tear gassed their own officers.
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global revolution live tweeted lrad sound weapons spotted. that's a military sound weapon and blog diva referring to claims there's actual gunfire saying, quote, actual footage of shots fired during the raid. we've been very clear to tweeters, we did not see a lot of things that they are reporting on twitter. if you have video of gunfire at frank ogala plaza, as people are claiming on twitter, give it to us. we will show it on television. turns out tear gas was used as you reported earlier. >> sure. >> i think the smoke that christie saw was not tear gas. she got a good whiff of it. you know the second you smell it. >> the interesting thing to point out is that we had two reporters on location, two different locations. there's some discrepancy. >> a lot of discrepancy. turns out often times a lot of people are right. >> thanks, scott. jon? more than 24 hours and occupy san jose protesters still
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perched high on a ledge near city hall. he's up there. protesters say the man's name is sean o'kelly. he's been up there since early monday morning, holding a homemade banner, expressing his dedication to the occupy cause. police say at this point they're not going to force him to come down but will be keeping an eye very close on him just to make sure that the guy is safe. no word on how he's actually getting food, water, whatever he may need. we'll keep you posted and look into that. also this morning, more trouble for the already cash-strapped oakland school district. faculty at two of the district's elementary schools have voted to break way from the district and become charter schools. becoming a charter, they say, means they'll have more control over hiring and teaching methods as well as how their money is spent. the move could cost the district more than $4 million. oakland, we know they're already in a bind when it comes to
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money. the district currently in the process of trying to close five elementary schools just to deal with the declining enrollment and funding. people who run the csu system are facing a judge this morning for giving pay raises to top execs without telling the public. a los angeles judge will decide if trustees violated the open meetings act when they voted to increase the salary range for campus residents. open meetings act requires trustees to provide public notice when the doors are actually opened to higher salaries. trustees voted in secret. people did not have a chance to speak out about their thoughts on the pending salary hike. fire danger throughout much of the bay area, unfortunately. meteorologist christina loren shows us what she's keeping an eye on. how's it look out there? >> not too bad, marla. good after -- early afternoon, i should say.
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that is the windiest period, tonight into tomorrow morning, in the extended forecast. even though you don't have a fire warning in your area, you need to be careful the next few days as dry air settles in. tomorrow, temperatures will be on the warm side. we have our winds out of the southwest at 12 miles an hour in fairfield, expecting these to be sustained about 25 miles an hour later this evening. let me step out of the way and talk about our concerns. really relative low humidity, relative humidities in the teens. gusty winds continue, up to 50 miles per hour. and warm temperatures as we head through tomorrow. we're keeping that red flag warning in place until 6:00 am thursday. you can see we're not expecting that marine layer to return until at least 8:30. we stopped the clock at 8:00 pm. no fog rolling back in. we'll stay nice and clear at the
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coast. 68 in oakland and 76 in los gatos. what's happening is high pressure sets up over the great basin and pushes that fog out to sea, clear start. cold tonight. very dry as we head through thursday. not as breezy. thursday looks like the day we'll start to see those winds relax. offshore flow will strengthen as we head into tonight and tomorrow. they'll keep that fog way off shore, negates that marine influence that typically cools us down. than halloween is looking pretty good around here. san francisco, might need a light jacket in the city come halloween. back to you guys. >> can't wear a jacket over my costume. >> no. >> yo gabba gabba would be disappointed. i'm telling you. lawmakers literally want you to hold the phone when you order your next latte. >> they're not talking about what's inside the cup, but the cup itself. the possible styrofoam ban in
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the works, coming up. search nbc bay area and you'll find us on facebook.
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welcome back, everybody. at 11:22, clear shot of the east bay hills with the oakland coliseum staring at you in the foreground. jon? abandoned animals in the east bay, they may be losing their home today. the animals in the alameda county itself actually wants to get rid of animal shelters to try to save some money. a local nonprofit has volunteered to take over the shelters if it gets partial funding from the city. alameda is looking at a plan to get another bay area shelter to run its shelter. the city will hold a news conference this afternoon to announce any and all final decisions. in the south bay, santa clara county officials say foam is for lattes, not for cups.
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styrofoam food and drink containers could be banned. oakland, san francisco, emeryville and berkeley already have a ban on styrofoam containers. if passed, the ban would go into effect july of 2012. months since charlie sheen coined all those phrases but the star is still, of course, inwinng. winning. making some major bank on, you guessed it, trick or treat time.
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welcome back, everybody. a live look at, of course, air force one in southern california, in the l.a. area. the president is getting ready to board air force one, bound for sfo, scheduled to land here in the bay area at 12:45. still about one hour and 20 minutes before his arrival for a
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$7,500 a plate luncheon at the w hotel in san o. he jci he just got finished taping the jay leno show "the tonight show" with jay leno. do i know the name of it properly? >> "the tonight show." >> yes. that airs tonight on nbc. he is in for some nice weather when it comes to the forecast. we'll check in with christina loren for a final look at that forecast. >> nothing to delay sfo. offshore breezes really picking up. gusty winds throughout the east bay hills, the north bay hills and, of course, the santa cruz mountains. red flag warning in place until 6:00 am thursday. you need to be practicing the best of fire safety. no cigarette butts out the window. if you are going to barbecue tonight, make sure that fire is completely out before you head indoors. offshore flow strengthens and thursday looks like the dryest day as high pressure pushes all that marine air out to sea.
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11:00 am tomorrow, we'll have that halloween forecast. stay tuned for that. i'm going to send it back to you, marla and jon. >> thank you, christina. say what you want to. charlie sheen has been out of the spotlight for a while. some say borderline crazy and others say brilliant business guy. he does know about opportunity when it comes to making money. >> for halloween the actor is turning it into a business opportunity. >> why wouldn't he? >> tmzus reports that he made r deal with halloween stores, granting them all the licenses. and charlie sheen masks a selling out. there's plenty of options to choose from. charlie sheen winning wig or wild thing costume from sheen's movie "major league." >> tiger blood, madonna dna. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ] are you makin' waffles? no, quiet.


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