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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 26, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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new this morning, after occupy oakland is raided, protesters turn up the heat. they say they're not going away and oakland police shot teargas into the crowd. i'm christie smith. i'm show you what it looks like this morning. protesters in san francisco fear police planning to raid them next. city officials actually taking their side. president obama posting a big gain after a bay area fund-raiser. what police were paying to attend the event. a live look outside wnlds, october 26th. this is "today in the bay." good movrng everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. it's 4:30. we continue to monitor the situation in oakland. christie smith has just stepped away to find out what the noise was you heard at the top of the
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newscast. in the meantime, here is meteorologist christina loren. >> this is one of the coldest mornings we've had in almost five months. make sure you grab that coat on your way out the door. temperatures are running cool. we still have two hours of additional cooling. i'm talking about the upper 30s in santa rosa and novato before all is said and done. this morning we'll talk about the dry clear weather. mike, you've got a disabled vehicle stirring up trouble. >> hopefully the person brought a parka. this is on 101 at the very beginning as folks are getting off that sky way westbound upper deck, this stall is in lane two and it could be an issue for folks, the few folks getting off into san francisco right now. scott will continue to watch this. i'll talk about the east bay construction coming up. protest rms regrouping in oakland. as you know, police raided their
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occupy oakland camp arresting dozens throughout the day yesterday. police clashing with protesters yesterday morning and then late again into the evening. this is evening video firing teargas into the crowds, this after protesters tried to force their way back into the plaza where they had been camped for two weeks. this morning police still blocking the plaza. "today in the bay's" christie smith live in oakland. there was that loud noise a second ago. do you have anymore information on that? >> reporter: i heard that loud crash right as i was speaking. i just went across the street and there is a plate glass window and it broke. there are reporters standing over there. we're trying to figure out how it broke because i didn't see any protesters or anyone standing near it. that's basically what it was. i wanted to show you what the scene looks like at 14th and broadway. this is where we were yesterday morning. police barricades still up at frank ogawa plaza. officers, a couple of them out here in riot gear this morning.
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there are a handful of protesters still out here with a couple of large banners, one of them saying oakland commune. this is the same banner that had been hanging at the occupy oakland tent city since early october when this whole thing started. and i wanted to show you a little bit of some of the youtube video we found of what happened yesterday when this whole thing escalated last night. we have some video from when police fired teargas canisters into the crowd at least five times last night into these protesters who were out here supporting occupy oakland. at one point they actually tried to take back the plaza at city hall that hundreds of officers had broken up earlier that morning. wanted to mention that last night police are saying that they gave warnings to this crowd that was roving through the streets to disperse. they say they didn't and that
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people were throwing rockets and bottles at them. there were flash bangs and protests. the evening protests they're saying grew to at least 1,000 people. unclear how many were arrested last night. at least one person hit by a can. protesters are saying it was more. officers are telling us they were assaulted, too. protesters are saying at this point they're not going away according to online information, twitter feeds. they're saying they'll be back here in larger numbers at 6:00 this evening. we'll keep an eye on it and check back in with you in a half hour. scott, back to you. >> thank you very much. the more quiet and peaceful occupy san francisco movement actually receiving support from some city leaders. john avalos, david campos, jane kim, eric marchr offering a city resolution in support of the san francisco version of occupy wall street. they say protesters have a right to continue a peaceful assembly. there are about 200 people, 50
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tents in san francisco. police say they're planning a raid on their camp but city officials say they haven't heard a thing about it. one protester said recently you know it's serious when it's spread to walnut creek. residents there have been holding weekly protests. the protests starts at 4:00 and goes until dark. this morning police in concord reviewing a police chase that killed an innocent person. a driver was talking on a cell phone last night. he sped off and led police on a chase down overhill road. the suspect crashed into a bmw coming off highway 242. the driver of that bmw was killed. police captured the suspect, recovered a gun from his vehicle. why police conducted a high-speed chase of a driver use
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ag cell phone is not clear this morning. the woman accused of killing michelle le can't fire her court appointed lawyer. esteban is charged with murder in the death of michelle le, held without bail in alameda county. she's scheduled to return to court in december to enter a plea. another northern california soldier has died in iraq. 29-year-old private first class steven shapiro died on october 21st, the same day president obama announced the u.s. troop withdrawal. shapiro was in hidden valley lake, south of clearlake in northern california. the pentagon says shapiro died from noncombat injuries but won't say they they were. his death is under investigation. an alert for folks in a santa clara neighborhood. more than 200 bikes stolen from
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garages at river mark, even second and third floor balconies. they say there wouldn't be surprise fd there was more than one bike involved. the crooks stealing all kinds of bikes, some on the high end worth thousands of dollars. the seban family keeps their's inside their apartment after one was stolen from a park garage. >> i feel they're less vulnerable to theft. we keep them inside to house. it's not convenient because it takes a lot of space. >> neighborhood associations and crime watches will xw sending out bike alerts. san francisco mayor ed lee brandished his veto pen for the first time since taking office, last night scrapping a plan by the board of supervisors to change health care legislation. current law requires employees -- employers to contribute to health care funding for uninsured workers. but those employers can take back any unused money in the fund after a year.
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now, the board had voted to amend the law to forbid those employers from taking back the money until 18 months after the worker has left the job. but lee vetoed that plan saying it wouldn't improve access to health care or protect jobs. let's check in with christina this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you, scott. good morning to you at home. we have a dry air mass overhead. ladies, that means you don't have to spend as long drying your hair. wind out of the northwest at 7 miles per hour in santa rosa. the northeast wind in oakland. we'll see all the winds shift out of the northeast as we head throughout the morning. this is actually setting up to be the breeziest time for us, right here between now and 11:00 a.m. really tied pressure gradient. your temperatures are gold. it's clear out there. you're at 419 degrees in novato. we'll hit the upper 30s. our coolest time of the day this time of year is just before sunrise. that doesn't even check in until about 7:30.
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we have more cooling before we hit our lows this morning. low relative humidity, gusty winds, keep that red flag warning in place through 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. that means if you're living in elevations before 1,000 feet you have high fire danger in your area. practice the best of fire safety throughout today and tomorrow with the very dangerous conditions. 71 in redwood city, not a bad day in santa cruz, 71 degrees. there is fog out there. whatever we see develop, it's going to go quickly once that sun comes up. >> construction eastbound direction from rail wood over tors summersville. in the same area approaching that from the westbound direction, a little slowing which is unusual. i have my eyes on this and trying to find the source. right now the source of your traffic, not much of a source, 13-minute drive westbound 580 out of the altamont pass. no accidents or incidents
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through the tri-valley. 880, a live shot past the coliseum. there is construction north of here, actually on the southbound side from fruitvale down to high street. you may see traffic breaks over the next half hour. i'll warn folks about it if i can. note this is warning enough there might be traffic breaks. >> mike, thank you much. president obama made a brief and lucrative visit to the bay area yesterday. 2:39. the president collecting more than $1.5 million during a fund-raiser at the w hotel. the obama administration wouldn't allow local reporters to cover that event. an estimated 200 guests paid at least $7,50 to attend it. singer jack johnson performed. outside, a different story. 1,000 protesters rallying, many of them voted for president obama. among the protests, marijuana supporters who say he went back on his campaign to stop the federal government's war on medical marijuana. the president's visit comes
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exactly a month after his last visit september 25th. he collected about $5.5 million during a pair of high-profile fund-raisers with silicon valley leaders. before the president arrived in san francisco, he stopped by "the tonight show" to record an interview with jay leno. we'll see what he had to say about his re-election campaign. college grads getting relief on the student loans. the plan the president wants to put in placeomg next. you're looking at a live picture of the bay bridge. we'll be back in just a minute. hey, your high speed internet here, at home...
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welcome back to you as we take a live look at traffic. we'll check in with mike many just a minute. paying off student loans could get easier for recent college grads. president obama will announce policy changes today to ease the pressure on graduates repaying those federal loans. one of the highlights of the program drops the interest rates on loans to 10% with debt forgiven after 20 years. the program will be based on how much money a student makes after graduation. student loan debt, all time high this year. college grads will owe more than a trillion dollars. that's more than americans owe on credit cards. as we get closer for halloween, for news before the bell it's jackie deangelis at cnbc. good morning. that's obviously not going to
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work. let's go to christina loren. >> can you hear me now, scott? we have an interesting day setting up across the bay area, something we don't usually see, relative humidities in the teens in some spots, especially in elevations above 1,000 feet. keeping the red flag warning in place as a result. that means we've got high fire danger, at least through 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. let's go ahead and take you through it. lots to go over in the weather department. winds coming out of the northeast. that's your direct offshore breeze in the city of oakland at 6 miles per hour. so what happens is we've got the winds, downsloping winds that warm up as they move from land to sea. for us today that's going to keep your temperatures rather uniform. i'm forecasting a 70-degree day in san francisco versus about 74 in san jose. not a whole lot of change. one thing you will notice this morning, it's cold out there. 41 degrees in novato. 43 in santa rosa. as we head through the next couple hours and we continue to drop off in temperature, we will
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hit the upper 30s which is something we haven't done in months. it's puffy coat weather. as we head throughout the day, we stay nice and dry. tomorrow actually looks drier. i think tomorrow will be the day when we see our relative humidities really drop down. gusty winds through about noon and warm temperatures, a little warmer in some cities. 71 in redwood city. 74 in los gatos. 74 in san jose. dry conditions as we said, will continue tomorrow. we will lose the winds tomorrow morning into tomorrow afternoon. this is what we're talking about, high pressure kicking in that offshore flow, pushing the marine air out to sea. for us it's not going to be all that warm today, but warm enough for us to stay in the realm of that fire weather watch. so we're going to watch out for that for you. otherwise your seven day outlook looks good. let me get that back up. you want to see your halloween forecast. >> show me that forecast! >> i don't think you want it bad
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enough. here it is. >> what day is halloween? >> halloween is on monday. that's the day you put on that marilyn costume, 72 degrees monday, 74 tuesday. i'd rather see you as elvis. president obama made an appearance on "the tonight show" last night. he stopped in burbank yesterday to tape the episode before heading up here for a fund-raiser. jay leno asked the president whether he was paying attention to the republican debates. >> i'm going to wait until everybody is voted off the island. once they narrow it down to one or two, i'll start paying attention. >> the president talked about the revolution in like yeah, his decision to pull troops out of iraq and talked about his lighter side talking about michelle obama's choice for
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halloween. the white house may be working out kinks in halloween preps. this is the house that goes crazy on christmas, too. a homeowner in riverside, an elaborate light and music display to a song from the movie "the nightmare before christmas." if you want to find it yourself, occupy wall streets anti-capital lift message inspiring people to capitalize on it. the effort to create an occupy brand coming up. parents and students in oakland learning the fate of their schools tonight, what they're planning to do in protest next. scott, as you might expect, an easy drive for the caldecott heading towards the maze. we'll take you to the south bayi ng up. i'll sort out that maze of roadways as well. wanna hear a joke ?
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yeah. sure. sure.
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what's the number-one killer of women ? well, you're still here, so that rules out crankiness. and track suits. heart disease. what, that's a joke ? no, it's an absolute fact, but the american heart association says you can save lives by passing it along to five women you love. awww. awww ! so i'm starting with three i tolerate. that's a joke ! find out more at welcome back to you as we take a look at traffic this morning. it's 4:51. hundreds of students and parents in the east bay will learn the fate of their schools. oakland unified school district will announce which elementary schools it may have to close. on the list, lack view, lazear, marshal, maxwell park and santa fay. teachers, parents and students planning a protest march.
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they'll mash at moss wood and then to oakland technical high school. we'll be at that meeting and bring you the latest. major league baseball and the owner of the l.a. dodgers headed tore a legal fight. according to bankruptcy papers filed monday in delaware, dodgers owner frank mccourt used nearly $200 million for his own personal gain, a major vilths of major league baseball rules. the stow family is one of the creditors that mccourt could owe money. the league suggests mccourt misused finances and that forced him to reduce security the season just before stow was attacked. fed up with what they say is a government crackdown and inaction by the state, medical marijuana advocates will try a second time to get their message to voters. the group is drafting an initiative for the 2012 ballot which will impose state
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oversight on the medical marijuana trade. organizers say the measure will help pot clubs by keeping the government off its back, the federal government, hoping to build momentum from their previous efforts with prop 19, that would have legalized medical marijuana use. voters rejected that measure last november, although 47% supported it. you might know his name -- you might not know his name -- i don't know. will you know his name? here is scott budman. >> we have a sensor that te e detects motion. >> reporter: matt rogers used to design ipods and ipads. then he left apple to design this, a thermostat. >> our goal was to take the cull nation of everything we've done in the past and build the best consumer experience possible for the thermostat. >> reporter: his company nest labs calls this the learning thermostat, as in, it learns
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about you and your house to lower your energy bill. >> it learns from you. you turn it down when you leave. it will remember, oh, you leave at 8:00 a.m. every day. >> reporter: it's simple because like apple there's a lot of technology inside you don't have to worry about. that technology was designed here inside a company that's quietly grown to 100 people with lots of jobs still open. think of it as a green tech product that wants to go from this to an object of desire. >> thermostats today are essentially white plastic boxes on the wall that haven't been innovated in 20 years. consumers are used to the iphone and ipad. we wanted to bring that to the thermostat. >> reporter: the nest thermostat costs about $250, about what the company claims you'll save on your energy xwal in a year if you use it. there's even an app to control it remotely. it may not seem as sexy as the ipod at first glance, saving
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money is always in style. if you're ready for a $250 update to a wall, you can pre order the nest thermostat on or the company says it will begin deliveries in mid november. i'm psychologist budman, nbc bay area news. good morning scott, good morning everybody. following the developments out of the former occupy oakland encampment. despite heavy police presence and teargas, demonstrators vowing to return. also in san francisco, city leaders may be working to improve the accommodations for demonstrators over there. we'll have more on that. plus, we're still digging around on what exactly sparked a fatal police chase in concord. some say it started with police trying to pull over a driver using his cell phone. a young great white is no longer a resident of the monterey bay aquarium. we'll tell you what happened to the shark and why. i'll see you in a matter of minutes at 5:00. >> that shark is no longer a
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shark. but when you're a jet -- >> you're always a jet. >> what's going on on the west side. >> let's look to the south bay and look at the west side. that's clear. in fact, the entire screen, psychologist, green means go. i'm going to circle this area. there's still construction for 880 between 101 and 280, a lane or two are closed. they're doing paving work and that may potentially be delayed. so far no reports of any of that from chp. a live look at 880 further north. this is past the coliseum. this is a dramatically different look than last time. it's hard to see the lights. a little fog is just drifting through. i checked with christina. that will indeed be the case from time to time. plan for that for your drive as well. >> thank you, much. it was bound to happen eventually. the anti-capitalist occupy wall street has become so popular, people are trying to capitalize on it. several sites cashing in on the
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occupy brand with t shirts that say 99% and september 17, 2011. a couple in long island filed an application to trademark occupy wall street as a slogan. some protesters say the movement wasn't supposed to be a profitable business. the couple says they support the movement. they wanted to get their hands on the trademark before someone else did. they said if they do get it, they'll give it to protesters. tod"today in the bay," jon d exur nupext. you can check us out on facebook. search nbc bay area morning news.
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>> reporter: occupy oakland protesters are still here in downtown oakland this morning after a wild night in the streets. police lobbed teargas at them. i'm christie smith. i'll show you what's going on this morning coming up in a live report. a red flag warning in effect this morning. we'll tell you what to look out for and the special rules in place.


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