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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 26, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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outside at the early majestic bay bridge. it's wednesday, october 26th. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. 5:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning everyone. i'm jon kelly. a quick check on the weather with christina loren. sounds like it will be cool outside and potentially a little dangerous. >> a little dangerous in elevations above 1,000 feet. who am i quoting. we want to make sure you're practicing the best of fire safety. tomorrow morning the red flag warning should expire around 6:00 a.m. you want to keep in mind it's very dry and breezy out there. this is one of the coast eld mornings we've had in months. 41 in novato, into the 30s before all is said and done.
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we have full forecast coming up. first what's going on? >> we have a disabled vehicle as folks are getting off the upper deck sky way. the disabled vehicle has cleared on my maps. i'm showing it to you right here. an earlier accident that busted up the sand barrels, officially called tenuater barrels. chp will let that dissipate with traffic. >> oh really? clean it up. >> traffic will do it. i'm sure it will, your paint. one day after being tear-gassed arrested and dismantled, occupy oaklands are regrouping this morning. "today in the bay's" christie smith live with the latest on the movement that's continuing. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. right now there are about a dozen protesters standing out here near frank ogawa plaza. we saw a couple of chp officers drive by, maybe five or six cruisers and the protesters waved at them. i wanted to show you what
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they're doing out there this morning. they've got some of the signs that were out here in the tent city over there now at the barrier that police have up this morning. now, one of the protesters i just spoke with briefly, he says he was one of the more than 90 people arrested yesterday morning. he got out of jail and said he walked right back into the protests in the street. when we got here, he says that, you know, he just wanted to join everything else that was going on. wanted to mention, about 30 minutes ago when i went on, there was the sound of breaking glass. we went to check that out. that was actually a plate glass window across the street. there is a bullet hole there. we think that that was shattered -- someone hit it before and it shattered this morning. now, i wanted to also show you some video where police lobbed that teargas last night at some of the protesters and their supporters who filled the streets of downtown. police say they were actually trying to get the plaza back. at least one woman was hit by
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one of those canisters. police say that a couple of their officers were hit by cans and bottles and even paint. this after the breakup of the encampment, the tent city going on since october 10th. there were two eviction notices served. it all went down yesterday morning. protesters are vowing that really this isn't over. one of them told me that his goal is to see that the occupy oakland movement actually gets frank ogawa plaza back. he says they're going to keep this up, keep the pressure on and they will be back here in large numbers they say basically every day at 6:00. we'll keep an eye on it for you and check back in in about 30 minutes. >> amazing how it continues. thank you very much, christie. we can also tell you occupy walnut creek starting up again today. for the third wednesday in a row, protesters will gather outside the city's b.a.r.t. station at the corner of ignacio valley road and california boulevard. organizers say nurses unions will be maintaining the event
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dubbed main street meets wall street. it plans to occupy the area starting at 4:00. hundreds have attended each of the past gatherings. concord police found a woman's body inside a vacant home. police say the body was found yesterday afternoon on glenside court during a security check. they don't know how she was killed, but say it's a suspicious death. they're following up on several leads. anyone with information about the case is asked to call concord police. a late night explosion in a san francisco neighborhood jolted people out of their beds. it happened around 10:30 last night near portola drive and market street. it turns out a pg&e transformer exploded startling a number of people. about 300 homes in the area lost power. crews are working to get power restored now. pg&e says they're not sure what caused that transformer to explode. 5:05 right now. as christina mentioned at the
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top of the show. high alert in the hills. a head flag warning is in effect for the north and east bay hills. in response the national park services band camp fires, char goal crills an smoking at marin county parks. it affects point reyes and golden get in marin county. red flag conditions, if you didn't know, happen when strong winds combine with warmer temperatures and very low humidity. >> that's exactly what we have today. want to check in with christina. >> we're actually going to see the strongest offshore flow this morning, tuflly all the way through midday. then by about noon we'll start to be on the other end, the down slope side. we're actually looking okay when it comes to so far what we've had in terms of fire weather. it hasn't been that bad, that warm or dry just yesterday. this morning, offshore flow not strong enough to push all the fog out of the way. we have patchy fog developing out there. whatever we do see in terms of
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your fog, not going to last long with that offshore flow increasing for the next few hours at the very least. 43 in novato. 41 in some cities. chilly conditions in the north bay. make sure you grab a jacket. about two additional hours of cooling before we hit our lows for this morning. low relative humidities, especially in elevations above 1,000 feet. gusty winds picking up between now and 11:00 p.m. warm temperatures today make for the dangerous combination make for the red flag conditions. we'll keep that in place until 6:00 a.m. thursday. after we head through thursday, the winds will start to relax. tomorrow looks very, very dry. in fact, that's where we'll see the driest air settle in. the winds will relax. 71 in redwood city, 71 in santa cruz. 71 in los gatos. i have the halloween outlook ready to go. a lot of us will be outdoor, trick-or-treat. give me some candy, mike. >> trick-or-treat, smell my
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feet. you didn't offer that. let's go to the roadways. highway 4, we have an accident that's just reported from chp. the details still a little catchy. that is your commute direction coming through concord. sounds like three of the five lanes are blocked. chp has yet to get to the scene. eastbound out of the area we have construction heading into antioch, not a major concern. just a lane or two there. we'll get a live look outside and see how things are shaping up across the south bay. lower deck has that construction from treasure island towards the incline. not presenting any slowdowns. >> speaking of halloween, a new law could change the way halloween is celebrated or at the day. the connecticut state representative wants to change the date of halloween from october 31st to the last saturday of october. representative tim larson says
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halloween is a $7 billion industry. moving the date could create more jobs. many parents support the move saying it will keep therapy kids from being out on a school night. halloween falls on a monday this year. >> one of my favorite holidays of the year. good excuse to buy candy. >> and to dress up. >> exactly. the time is 5:08. possible help today for people dealing with college loans. we'll have details coming up in a live report. the state attorney general getting ready to file suit against a pair of bottled water makers. give you a live look outside. yes, it's still dark out there. mike will have more traffic and christine with more weather. we'll be back in a few minutes. >> for the latest news, traffic and weathe g conversation, find us on facebook @nbcbayarea. and dry mouth relief. h
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this is "today in the bay." this is where it all happens. the heart of the control room, the great people that make it all happen. big blue ibm will soon have a brand new ceo. sam pom san know retired giving way to ibm's first ever ceo, virginia rom difficult, previously in charge of marketing. her appointment takes place january 1st. for the rest of your news before the bell, we turn to jackie deangles live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning. taking a look at futures this morning higher after yesterday's selloff that was triggered by a surprise drop in consumer confidence and disappointed earnings from 3m. traders expect more disappointment today out of europe as leaders are supposed to unveil their bailout plan.
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amazon could way on the tech sector. third quarter profits plunged as it spends heavily to rule out new products like the kindle fire tablet. data on durable goods and home sales and earnings from boeing, conoco phillips and ford. watch for those. yesterday the lau lost 207 points closing at 11,706. nasdaq down 51 to 2,638. the cost of a higher education continues to go up. the college board says public school increases are still outpacing private school hikes and both are topping the average rate of inflation by a significant amount. in public schools the average tuition and fees not including room and board rose 6% to 20,770 for out of state students. at private schools it's risen 4% to $28,500. inflation as measured by the consumer price index is up 3.6% in the past year. president obama will unveil a plan today to help students repay their loans.
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the main part of the proposal, letting people who have both direct government loans and government-backed private loans consolidate them into one single loan. that switch would help borrowers essentially refinance their private loan interest rate to a lower government one, possibly saving up to half a percent. that's it for us here at cnbc, back to you. >> thank you very much, jackie. appreciate the report. now time to get updated with christina on our forecast. >> you notice it was cooler this morning? >> certainly. >> crisp. >> where is that cabana boy who fans us? oh, wait, we don't have one. here he is. >> graping are coming. >> we're looking good this morning. we actually have that fire weather watch still in place. red flag warnings through 6:00 a.m. thursday. this morning when we are expecting the strongest winds and the lowest humidities at least for today, really not that bad out there. fairfield has about 19% relative humidity and a strong breeze
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coming through there. overall our local hills right now not really feeling the impact of this offshore flow just yesterday as we head through the next two hours, the offshore flow will increase and we're expecting to get gusty as we head through the next few hours. offshore flow will strengthen through the midday hours. by tomorrow, not as breezy, but very, very dry. we have this really dry air mass that will settle in overnight. your temperatures this morning, oh, it's cold out there in some spots. 41 in novato. likely hit about 39 through the next couple hours. additional cooling for the entire bay area. grab your jacket. that parka weather has returned. you're out of the north at 18 miles per hour right now in fairfield, staying nice and breezy. we'll keep that red flag warnings warning in place for elevations above 1,000 feet. i think because it's been rather mild at least thus far that they'll be able to expire it right on time. 74 in san jose and 75 degrees in gilroy.
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all right. halloween forecast, we'll get to that in just a minute. i want to show you what happened. this big ridge of high pressure that sets up over the great basin. that drives the santa ana winds through the los angeles mountains. for us we'll see a minor impact, nothing like the wind they're expecting down there today. they have a major red flag warning in place for all of the los angeles area. that's because of the offshore flow. halloween, monday, 72 in san jose, 63 in san francisco. so nothing scary. no showers to look forward to. but it is going to be cool. so you want to keep that in mind as you pick out your costume, right, mikey? >> that's right. think about the weather when you pick your costume out because christina said so. we always listen to christina. we always look at the speed sensors as well. northbound overall, green means go, that's great. right here, center of the screen, i'll circle it for you, slowing in both directions between 101 and 280. there's construction that should be clearing up about now. that's probably what's going on.
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we'll track this very carefully though. also tracking antioch and concord. we're looking at the concord flow westbound at port chicago highway at three your westbound commute, direction lanes are blocked by an accident. it sounds like they have to clear the cars and debris. westbound, no delays through antioch and pittsburgh. livermore, no delays out of the altamont pass. a 14-minute drive heading through pleasant ton and dublin to the dublin interchange. oakland, 880, a much clearer view than a few minutes ago. little clouds and low fog drifted through this area. that might be the case in spots. overall not looking too bad right now. nice flow through oakland. in and out of the bay area in matter of hours. president obama stopped by san francisco for a quick fund-raising trip yesterday making about $1.5 million in just under three hours. the event was closed to the public. but outside the president was greeted with some engineers.
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>> what the feds are being permitted to do is an atrocity. and the fact that president obama has gone against his promise to us indicates to me just how deep his level of hypocrisy truly goes. >> many former supporters of the president now his biggest critics. they're upset because they say he went back on his promise to stop the federal government's war against medical marijuana. 5:17 right now. it will be more than a month before we finally hear the plea from the woman accused of killing east bay nursing student michelle le. gisele esteban was returned to court on december 2nd. the judge ruled yesterday she couldn't fire her lawyer as requested. the 27-year-old is accused of killing le in may of this year. it is 5:18 right now.
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california's attorney general will file suit today against two bottled water companies. harris says aqua mantra and balance water illegally claim their bottles are are biodegradable. harris is demanding the water be removed from store shelves immediately. the suit will also name enzo plastics, the company that makes those bottles. san jose streets are among the worse in the the bay area. guess what? the city is too broke to fix them. now property owners may be asked to fix the pothole problem. san jose officials considered to ask voters to approve a parcel tax to keep the roads in good shape. property owners could be asked to contributed up to $400 a year over the next ten years. now, the city leaders can't come up with the proper funding, more than half the streets? san jose will be in poor condition by the year 2020. >> get your shovel and sand out. >> exactly. held.
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5:19. why the father of the man who killed two men in ft. bragg said it all could have been prevented if supervisors had opted to take advantage of a little dshlg known state law. a warning for one south bay neighborhood after dozens of thefts. in the past few months what thieves have been li. investors completely misunderstood that company and its stock? we'll take a look. ♪
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good wednesday morning everyone. you made it halfway through the week. they're beating you to the chase at least to the bay bridge. 5:21. the father of the man accused of killing two people in ft. bragg says it all may have been prevented if the county invoked laura's law.
5:22 am
they pleaded with them to start using laura's law. it allows counties to require outpatient treatment for mentally ill people who refuse help. bassler's father says his son was mentally ill and had delusions but he fused to get treatment. police now warning people in one santa clara neighborhood to watch out for bicycle thieves. they ripped off more than 200 bikes since july. police think there's more than one thief working here in this area because bikes have even been stolen from upper level balconies. one family we talked to say they keep their bikes inside because of the thefts. >> so they're less vulnerable to theft. and we keep them inside the house. it's not very convenient because it takes up a lot of space in the apartment. >> local crime watches and neighborhood associations now putting out alerts to people who live in the area. a bay area animal shelter getting a second chance this morning. the city of alameda has reached
5:23 am
a deal with a non-profit group to keep the city shelter open. alameda will pay $300,000 per year for operations over the next 15 years. in exchange volunteers will be responsible for all shelter services and for general maintenance. the non-profit will take over in january. wall street fat cat may be headed to jail. scott mcgrew, is this sort of thing the occupy protesters have been talking about? >> i haven't actually heard them use his name specifically, raj gupta. what he's accused of is the sort of misbehavior that made so many americans angry, not just people living in tents, but all of us. gupta once helped one goldman sachs, accused of insider trading, not making money from it but tipping off others so they could. gupta will be the highest ranking wall streeter to be charged in the case. he could face decades in jail. investors in fled
5:24 am
the stock after the company said it wouldn't make a profit. it's a strange reaction. amazon has been clear it makes lots of money but is spending all that money on new products like the kindle fire to compete with apple, the idea being if you buy a kindle fire, you'll buy more content from amazon. investors are looking at the short-term apparently. we just heard -- they just heard we make no profits and they bailed on the stock. first solar's ceo stepped down. the company hasn't said why its ceo decided to leave. do watch shares of the east bay's tesla this morning. abc news featured tesla on the world news tonight speculating the company could face bankruptcy. there's nothing new here. tesla has said it will not make money in the foreseeable feature because they're ramping up production of the model s. they've been real straightforward and honest with that. we don't normally criticize
5:25 am
other people's reporting. this is going to affect the company's local stock. could they go bankrupt? sure. have they been totally straightforward about that? >> you've been following it all along. thank you much. the time is 5:25. still to come on today in the bay, what lawmakers are doing to combat the occupy sf protesters. >> reporter: a tragic result after a driver refuses to stop for talking on his cell. >> bundle up baby. it's cold outside. upper 30s in the forecast this morning. we'll show you where and we've got the red flag warning in place until tomorrow. we'll talk about that in your full forecast. i'm still following that accident blocking three lanes of your highway 4 coming through concord. i'll give you the latest and the backup coming up.
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turning on his boss, the accused dirty cop that says he will testify against the former head of an east bay narcotic task force. on the chopping block, oakland moving forward today with plans to close five elementary schools. a live look outside at san jose. i'm officially proclaiming today the greatest day of the week. it's going to help us get through. it's wednesday, october 26th. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. it is 5:28 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning everybody. i'm jon kelly. let's get you right to the weather. christina loren to tell you about a crisp, cool forecast. >> we'll change cool to cold because we've got upper 30s out there this morning. let's show you the temperatures. oh, yeah, 39 degrees in santa rosa. 39 degrees in novato. you can do the bath.
5:29 am
32 degrees is freezing. you know how cold it is out there. 60 degrees in fairfield. fairfield, you're so much warmer because of those down-sloping warm northeasterly winds. those are going to cust today. we have the red flag warning in place until 6:00 a.m. thursday. we'll talk about what that means for your city where you live and we've got the halloween forecast. stay tuned for that. first let's check your drive with mike. >> pretty tough through concord, unexpectedly slow at this hour because of an accident westbound highway 4 at port chicago highway. considerable slowing approaching the scene. three of the five westbound lanes are blocked. willow pass is a good alternate. this is going to get bad if it doesn't clear in the next 15 minutes. that's why i'm watching it so very closely. >> nothing short of a wild scene with protesters regrouping up in oakland this morning after police raided their occupy oakland camp arresting dozens throughout the day. "today in the bay's" christie smith live in oakland where last night we hear officers fired
5:30 am
teargas at protesters after police say protesters tossed a range of items at them including paint and chemicals. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning. it got ugly. let me tell you frank ogawa plaza in downtown oakland is still off limits to the public with barricades and oakland police holding the line on the other side. they have taken their riot gear off this morning. they had helmets on when we first arrived. it's been a long night. i've seen a couple of oakland police officers pulling up with re-enforcements of coffee for the officers who are still out here. some of these protesters have been out here all night long, too. one tells me he got out of the jail just around the corner and joined the demonstration that was going on last night in downtown oakland. we have youtube video this morning of what it was like when police fired at least five teargas canisters into the large crowd. hundreds of protesters backing the occupy oakland movement through the streets of downtown.
5:31 am
police say that they gave warnings to the crowd to disperse near the plaza where the tent city was broken up in the morning oovps. it had been set up since october 10th. police say the protesters threw rocks and bottles and paint. one protester told us this morning why he's staying put. >> i'm still here. i haven't left. and there's only a few people here, but there's going to be more. it's not -- the thing about it is, nothing is being done about what occupy stands for. occupy stands for corporations and politicians, government being sold out. >> reporter: one protester was hit by a canister. protesters say more people were injured and at least two police officers were hurt by paint and chemicals being lobbed at them. police haven't said how many people were arrested last night, but nearly 100 were arrested earlier in the day as police
5:32 am
broke up that tent city here, the camp of those who had been in support of economic inequality and occupy wall street. the protesters are telling me this morning that their goal, the whole reason they're still out here this morning is they want to set up -- again, that want to get back into the plaza just on the other side of the barricade. oakland police saying they'll have an update later this morning. that's the latest reporting live from oakland. back to you guys in the studio. >> christie smith, thank you very much. meantime the occupy san francisco movement which has remained quiet is receiving support from leaders. john avalos, campos, jane kim and eric marr as co-sponsors in support of the occupy wall street movement in the city and county, they say protesters have a right to continue a peaceful assembly. demonstrators at justin herman plaza are refusing to leave. some 200 people in 50 tents now
5:33 am
occupy that plaza. city officials say they haven't heard anything about it. the six men accused of gang raping a teenager are expected in court today. it's likely they'll be arraigned this morning. all six are accused of brutally attacking a teenager in october of 2009. all six pleadth not guilty to the charges. today's hearings come after a preliminary hearing earlier this year. that was when charges were dropped against a seventh man. an innocent bystander is dead in concord after a police pursuit that apparently started over a cell phone violation. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live from concord this morning with an update including the word of several arrests, bob? >> reporter: at least two arrests. good morning, laura. we're at the 242 eastbound off-ramp on grant street. this is where the driver who wasn't even involved in the police chase was killed last night, all because of the driver
5:34 am
of another vehicle refused to pull over for what would have been a minor traffic violation. this happened around dinnertime last night a short distance away from here on overhill. concord police officer spotted a driver in a pickup truck talking on his cell phone, tried to pull this person over. instead this person took off and ended up here where they slammed into a bmw coming off the off-ramp. the driver of the bmw, they have not released the name of this person, died here on the scene. the driver of the pickup, the fleeing vehicle and at least one other person in that car took off, ran away. but after a short foot chase, police were able to catch that person and they believe there's now a better understanding as to why they were fleeing. it wasn't because they were talking on the cell. but officers say they did find a gun in the pickup. police also reportedly said this pursuit was so short that the officer that was in pursuit didn't even have time to make a decision whether or not to call
5:35 am
the pursuit off it happened so fast ending tragically right here where we're at right here. we spoke with chp. they said they did receive a request from the concord police department to do their own investigation independent of the concord police. that is something they have started. jon, laura? >> so sad. someone at the wrong place at the wrong time. it is 5:35 right now. the former san ramon police officer accused of selling drugs seized by police and accused of stealing cash may turn on his former boss. luis lombardi's lawyer says his client may plead guilty next month and testify against his former boss norman wheel-the former commander of the narcotics enforcement team. lombardi was his second in command. wheel-also accused of stealing drushs from police evidence lockers and selling them on the street. he faces other charges as well and has pleaded not guilty. it's 5:35.
5:36 am
parents and teachers plan to march against oakland's proposed school closures. the school board is scheduled to meet at oakland technical school tonight to consider the closure of five elementary schools. the districts says it needs to close the schools to save money and deal with declining enrollment. parents and teachers say it's not fair to the kids. lake view, lazeer, marshal, maxwell are on the chopping block. we'll have the latest details on the nbc bay area news at 11:00. throughout the day i've heard christina talk about puffy coats and cold weather. >> has she been shopping lately? >> i shop during the summertime for my puffy coats because i like to get a deal. you definitely need it this morning in santa rosa in novato. in the 30s. your windshield cold enough, if you parked outside to get that frost. make sure you have your credit card ready to go. you might be scraping frost off your windshield.
5:37 am
if you do see any frost, it's not going to be thick. 66 in fairfield because of the strong breezes. that's where we're seeing the strongest breeze in the bay area, northwest at 14 miles per hour. that's keeping you nice and mild in the city of fairfield. elsewhere it's chilly. in the mid 40s from livermore through san jose. concord checking in with about 45 degrees. the red flag warning in place through 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. watching for low relative humidities. right now the lowest relative humidity across the bay area is fairfield at about 21%. gusty winds throughout the day today. we'll start to see the winds relax a little bit. as we head throughout tonight, they should be at their gustiest. i bumped the numbers up from yesterday's high. this cool, clear warning will make way to a stronger offshore flow which means a little bit of a breeze as we head through the first part of the day, by tomorrow, not as breezy, but very dry. tomorrow is the day where you're really applying the chap stick. 74 in san jose, 75 degrees in
5:38 am
gilroy. not much separation between what we're expecting at the coast versus your inland temps today. that's because of the offshore flow keeping things nice and uniform. 5:38, let's check your drive with mikey. >> still a tenuous situation as far as traffic. the sig alert for westbound highway 4, goit word from chp, all lanes have cleared at port chicago. slowing starts about willow pass road. the accident still has activity on the shoulder for a distraction. slowing coming in off hillcrest where you see the 46 through antioch towards l street. that will build. we'll see how the slowdown in concord plays out there. the peninsula moving nicely. san mateo bridge is at the limit. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, we'll show you a few more cars. no backup in the cash lanes yet. we're looking for another 20 minutes for the backup to start forming. patches of fog, so keep that in mind from time to time.
5:39 am
it is 5:39, president obama stopping by "the tonight show," we'll bring you some funny highlights coming up. president obama ready to unveil his new plan for student loans. a new medical marijuana measure may find its way on to next year's ballot. this one aimed at stopping federal intervention. for the latest in news, traffic and weather and great conversation. find @nbcbayarea.
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welcome back. a much calmer scene at the occupy oakland protest. last night protesters throwing paint and things at the officers, officers firing teargas. many arrests were made. today so far, calm and cool. christie smith is up there and she'll be up with a live report. student loan debt is about to hit an historic peak in the
5:42 am
u.s. for the first time college grads will owe more than $1 trillion, more than people owe on credit cards. the president is getting ready to announce more relief for students dealing with the loans. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us from washington with the details. >> reporter: good morning. it costs so much more to go to college than it used to, tuition up 600% over the last three decades. president obama says his administration is trying to do more to loer the cost of those repayments. today he will announce at the university of colorado what he calls pay as you earn, allowing students and graduates to consolidate the older loans with the newer ones coming directly from the federal government. they started that last year as a result of health reform. it will mean for many students one payment at a lower interest rate lowering it half a percent just by consolidating. what that means is less likelihood for default. if you're cash strapped and you've got two payments, you've got to make a choice.
5:43 am
if you've got one payment, more likely that you'll be able to make the payment. can the government afford to do this? critics are wondering whether or not the government should be lowering those interest rates on those loans it now gives up directly. the president will announce this today at the university of colorado, part of his "we can't wait" agenda, things he says he's trying to do administratively since there seems to be so much gridlock. >> astronomical numbers for a lot of students just graduating. president obama made a very fast and profitable visit to the bay area. before arriving at sfo yesterday he made a pit stop in burbank for "the tonight show." jay leno asked the president whether he was paying attention to the gop debates. >> i'm going to wait until everybody is voted off the island. [ cheers and applause ] >> once they narrow it down to one or two, i'll start paying attention. >> the bad news is your approval
5:44 am
rating is 41%. the good news is you're still three times better than congress. they're at 13. if you're grading on a curve, you're killing. you're killing. >> having a good time with jay. the president also talked about the killing of libyan leader moammar gadhafi and the war in iraq on the lighter side. talking about michelle obama's healthy halloween treats. he joked that the white house will probably get egged if they keep handing out fruit instead of candy. it is 5:44 right now. rescue crews working on a collapsed building in turkey find two amazing discoveries. you can see emergency workers reaching deep into the rubble. and watch this here. it is quite remarkable. they pull out a 2-week-old baby. rescuers clapped as paramedics brought the baby to the ambulance. incredibly the baby's mother was
5:45 am
pulled out hours later. they're both being treated at a hospital. officials say the baby is in good condition after being trapped for two days. more than 460 people have died since the magnitude 7.2 quake struck southeastern turkey last sunday. but that baby was a premature baby as well. they say the resilience of the child is amazing. >> that is unbelievable. miraculous with all that tragedy going on. >> and the mom, too. >> meant to be. time to check on the weather. >> it's cold out there. we've got a 36-degree reading right now. of course it's up in the north bay. that means you'll probably find pretty significant round of frost on your windshield. there is enough moisture out there for that to be the case. give yourself some extra time. you'll need to warm up the vehicle, one of the coldest mornings we've had in months. one of the reasons why is because it's so crystal clear. all the heat from yesterday escaped into the atmosphere. to it's cold out there this morning. it will be warm later today. the grus stay winds will be the
5:46 am
factor at least for the first part of the day in elevations above 1,000 feet. we're keeping the fire weather watch, red flag warning in place until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we'll stay dry and clear for a couple days. take a look at this. four degrees above freezing in novato. make sure you're ready for it. your temperatures are running anywhere from five to 13 degrees below what we saw at this time yesterday. so a 14-degree difference in santa rosa. fairfield, for some reason -- i know why -- seven degrees warmer here. that's because that's where we're getting the strongest offshore breezes, warming you up, keeping your temperature nice and mild this morning. however, that means if you're waking up with us in fairfield, you are under the gun when it comes to very, very dangerous conditions. fire danger out there. make sure you're playing it safe all day. offshore flow strengthens for the first part of the day. the breeze will start to relax a little bit. not as breezy by any means
5:47 am
tomorrow, very dry air settles into the bay area. temperatures nice and kol fortable. 70 in san francisco, 72 in fremont. traditionally in the summertime, 15 degrees of separation between coastal temperatures and those we e see inland. keeping things nice and consistent across the board. 71 in san rafael. 74 in napa and 73 in concord. your seven-day outlook shows you things are going to change as we head through tomorrow. we'll lose a little wind, but it will be very, very dry. halloween monday, 72 degrees, a little on the cool side. not something we're not used to. pretty much on track with our seasonal averages. what i can tell you is it looks like we'll stay nice and dry on halloween which is good news if you have to be out there with the kids asking for candy. >> if it was raining, i would ask my wife to stay with the kids. >> look over here to highway 4. the clearing of the accidents. the sig alert has been canceled. accident westbound, commute
5:48 am
direction at port chicago highway, slow from willow pass road. you might want to cut down there and head towards 242 at least for the next 24 minutes or so. we have the slowing in antioch because of the building. your commute 46 over here at hillcrest, we'll see how this plays out over the next 20 to 30 minutes as we may have other scattered patterns changing for this morning. livermore, no major issues, a 15-minute drive slow into livermore, but clearing up as far as the speeds go by the time you get into the dublin interchange, the volume is building here as well as the south bay. the south bay we had earlier slowing for 880 through the construction zone. the alameda off-ramp to 880 sticks around for another hour. a live look at oakland shows you no problems past the coliseum. just got more company guys. sad news to report from the middle east, a soldier from northern california has died in iraq.
5:49 am
29-year-old private first class receive venn shapiro died on october 21st in tall legal, iraq, the same day president obama announced u.s. troops would be withdrawing. he was from hidden valley lake, that's about 14 miles south of clearlake. the pentagon says he died from a noncombat injury but at this point what say what that was. shapiro's death is currently under investigation. it's 5:49. fed up with what they say is a government crackdown and inaction by the state, medical marijuana advocates will try a second time to get their message to voters. the goop is drafting an initiative for the 2012 ballot which would impose state oversight on the medical marijuana trade. organizers say the measures would help pot clubs by keeping the government off its back. proposition 19 would have legalized marijuana use. voters rejected the measure, although 47% supported it.
5:50 am
5:50 right now. former 49er terrell owens trying to return to the nfl. at this point it doesn't look like anybody is that interested. owens held a workout session in los angeles. not a sij pro team showed up to check him out. espn and the nfl network were there to shoot it. owens told the nfl network at this point, no, he's not discouraged by the turnout, after all, he need but one team to be interested to get back on the field. meantime the sharks off until friday. let's hope their hot streak doesn't coomb off during this time off. the sharks in nashville last night. led the game until the third period until the predators tied it up. san jose quickly responding with this goal from joe pavelski. sharks win it 3-1. think play detroit on friday. monterey bay aquarium once again without a great white
5:51 am
shark this morning. the aquarium's most recent recent, a young male was released back into the wild. only on display for about 55 days before he got a bit too aggressive. aquarium officials decided to let him go. monterey bay aquarium, the only aquarium in the world to exhibit a great white shark for more than 16 days. it has had six great whites in its history, one staying for as long as 6 1/2 months. doesn't get too friendly with its roommates. >> like chris rock says, the shark didn't go crazy, the shark went shark. the time right now 5:51. coming up, the new michelin guide is up. we'll tell you about the bay area's best restaurants. the occupy protesters may soon have to pay to use the occupy name. we'll explain. a srtpouperak tes suprtakese with a video you will never forget.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
a live look outside. welcome back everybody. that is the bay bridge traffic at a little before 6:00, flowing not too bad. mike can tell us about it officially. christina will talk about that cool, cold weather. it's 5:54. time to make reservations. the michelin guide is out. the bay area's three star restaurants still the same, the french laundry and restaurant at meadow wood. there are six restaurants on the two-star list, including three newcomers, baume, benu and coi. just under 40 bay area restaurants made michelin's one star list.
5:55 am
it was bound to happen eventually. the anti-capitalist occupy wall street has become so popular, people are trying to capitalize on it. several sites are cashing in on the occupy brand with t-shirts that say things like this, 99% and september 17th, 2011. a couple in long island filed an application to trademark the occupy wall street slogan. some occupy protesters say the movement isn't supposed to be a profitable business. the couple says they support the movement and. they say if they get the trademark, they'll give it to protesters. >> they'll probably become the 1%. >> that's one of the t-shirts, become the 1%. looks like tech executives and sport stars are coming out in support of ed lee for mayor. this is a video you'll be hearing about. the founder of fwiter and marissa from google, mc hammer,
5:56 am
all say ed lee who promised not to run for election needs to be elected because he's, in their words, too legit to quit. ♪ ♪ too legit, too legit to quit ♪ ed lee >> the guy from black eyed peas, mc hammer. let's listen in. >> bruce lee, tommy lee, sara lee. >> ed, you're too legit to quit. >> he's too legit to quit. >> ed lee for mayor, do it now. ♪ >> fear the mustache.
5:57 am
i don't know exactly how the rules work on this. can they top it? what can you do to top this? there you go. this has gone completely viral. by the same guy who did "don't stop believing" the video for the giants. it's completely free on youtube and just has taken off. >> it's catchy. dusting off the big hammer points. 5:57 right now. still to come on today in the bay, people in the south bay hate how bad the roads are, but are they ready to pay to fix them?ave some saying thanks,that could have se saying thanks, but no thanks. [ lisping ] i lost my front tooth the other day,
5:58 am
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b and dental plans. ♪ going to the bank without going to the bank... that's a step forward. with chase quickdeposit on your smartphone, you just snap a picture, hit send and done. chase quickdeposit. take a step forward and chase what matters. ♪ we just keep on keepin' on ♪ ♪ keep on >> reporter: occupy


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