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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 26, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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city workers spent the morning finishing the job of cleaning up an area where just 24 hours earlier, remnants of occupy oakland's camp lay strewn about. and where last night's confrontations between protesters and police got ugly. not even news crews were spared as they used tear gas to break up the crowd. >> i think it's obvious the oakland police department is lying through their teeth about exactly what went down. >> reporter: today demonstrators showed off some of the devices they say were used on them, including bean bags, tear gas canisters and rubber bullets. >> watching my brothers and sisters in the street running from the government, shooting at them and attacking them. i sort of feel strange today. >> reporter: demonstrators held a vigil outside the plaza for a man they say was critically injured in last night's protest. this man says he got hit with a
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rubber bullet when he tried helping the veteran who he says was hit by a tear gas canister. >> i know there's a lot of angry people out there and everything. but there's peaceful people too. and you don't have to hurt us, you know? i've never done anything to anyone. >> there's a huge community people built right now. they think fences and police officers and batons and weapons are going to break that up on? it's only going to fuel the fire and make us stronger. >> reporter: we're back here hive. you're looking at frank ogawa plaza. it reopened within the hour. you can see protesters have gathered around the fenced-offer a. they've put up their signs. we understand that hundreds of protesters are expected to potentially join them at 6:00 tonight. one thing that is absent are all the police in riot gear. we saw all those police lined up last night, a heavy police
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presence. i can't see any police officers out here at this time. when i walked out of city hall a few minutes ago, i saw a few ploorves lingering around. but that heavy police presence is missing tonight. i talked to a city councilmember a short time ago who said they're crossing their fingers protesters don't try to knock the fence over and that tonight will be very peaceful. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez. >> as for what happened last night, you've seen some of this video, it's been viral online and several news organizations. not just questions here in the bay area but people around the country asking a lot of questions of what happened and was there excessive police force? just this afternoon, in fact, just about 15, 20 minutes ago we had some answers from the mayor of oakland and the acting police chief howard jordan. let's bring in cheryl heard who joins us also from oakland with answers. what do you have tonight? >> reporter: you got it right, everyone is looking for answers from the mayor.
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in fact, she just arrived from washington, d.c. last night. so she's being briefed on what went on last night. she's holding a news conference right now here at city hall along with interim police chief howard jordan, administrator deanna santana, and the mayor. the mayor says she was saddened about what happened last night. she says the city of oakland wants to start the occupy movement and the city believes in the right to free speech. but she says the protest is going in a different direction and she admits these are very difficult times. >> it's a tough time for america. we're trying to find the right thing to do. i'm going to try to be working with the community groups. we're going to try to work with the demonstrators. they have very unusual organizations. very flat, generally anti-government. but this is something that we hope that we can make progress on. >> now, i talked to a number of city council members. they say their phone has been ringing off the hook. the mayor agrees.
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she's been getting a lot of phone calls. you heard her say she's met with a lot of community groups today. protesters say that police used excessive force. mayor says she's looking into that. as i said, the press conference is going on right now. we'll bring you more coming up at 6:00. reporting live in oakland, i'm cheryl heard, nbc bay area news. >> i know you were in the middle of those tense moments, stay safe tonight. let's go to san jose. one occupy protester is still perched on top of a three-story wall outside city hall. sean o'kelly has been up there three days and says he won't come down until occupy san jose protesters are allowed to camp outside city hall. protesters are getting food toc him using a plastic bag and a rope. police say he could be cited or arrested when he comes home. a stolen bay area treasure has been found. it belongs to one of the most notable churches in san francisco. a bell weighing more than 5,000
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pounds was discovered this afternoon at ninth and pine in west oakland. a homeless man reportedly found the 122-year-old bell and called police. the bell sat at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco, was recently stolen. authorities believe recycling thieves wanted to scrap it for a fraction of its $75,000 value. the archdiocese of tran will rent a truck to transport the bell back to the church on geary and geoff. possible relief for students with mount iing student loans. it could benefit more than a million americans. the pay as you earn plans. students would be able to reduce payments to 10% of their discretionary income. loans can be consolidated. nbc bay area's marianne favro is live with reaction from
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students. marianne? >> reporter: i'm here at the student services center and this is where many students go to apply for financial aid. every single student i talked with today on campus said they have a student loan. but very few expect that the president's plan will give them much relief as they struggle to look for a job. ivana may be promoting wellness to her fellow students at san jose state but it's her financial wellness that worries her. >> my student loans are totaling over $10,000 at this point. and i do plan to go to dprad school so i'm going to add more on to my debt that i already owe. >> reporter: despite working two part-time jobs, hector solis had to take out $10,000 in student loans. he's worried about how he's going to pay them off when he graduates in a few months. >> if i didn't have a job, how am i going to pay the back?
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>> reporter: president obama announced a plan that may help both students. it slightly decreases the maximum payments required on federal student loans. >> because of this change, about 1.6 million americans could see their payments go down by hundreds of dollars a month. >> reporter: loans are a way of life on bay area campuses. the latest numbers show 44% of all uc students have student loans. and graduate with an average of $16,007 in debt. >> it's definitely going to help me in the long run to get a little money, even if it's only a couple hundred shaved off of what i owe. >> reporter: she hopes at least a little savings will be in the cards for her. critics say the president's plan barely keeps up with rising tuition costs. in a new report out today, it
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shows that the average tuition fee for a four-year public college in the nation is up 8.3%. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. an east bay driver was the innocent victim of a deadly police chase. it happened in concord. police arrested due tier rees and his passenger joshua simmons. they spotted gutierrez talking on the phone driving but he wouldn't pull over. instead he sped away and less than a minute later, he collided with another car. here's the scene of the accident. the driver of the other car died at the scene. police say the suspect ran away and was arrested after a chase. >> i was running outside, i seen the driver just shoot, like started running out this way. right in front of my house he dropped onto the ground. cops went running after him with a gun. >> not just the driver, police also arrested the passenger for
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parole violation. the victim's identity has not been released. chp and concord police are investigating the incident. an east bay school will remain closed tomorrow after students had to be evacuated because of a threatening letter. st. catherine of sienna school received an obscene letter. parents were notified about the threat shortly after. police are investigating to see if this letter is linked to a string of threats over the last few weeks in martinez, concord and walnut creek. a red flag fire danger warning in effect. so far, nothing major today except for this grass fire that burned about 60 acres. it's now under control in alameda county. here's an aerial shot of the camp parks reserve forces training area in dublin. fire investigators say flames began to spread across the patch of land shortly after 1:00 this afternoon. arson is not suspected. that's right, good evening. i'm warning you about fire danger for over a week.
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red flag fire warping in effect with a top wind gust of 56 miles per hour today. we'll let you know who had that top wind gust. also whi tleperatures are on the mild side, we'll be talking about some major cold air coming up tonight. and still ahead at 5:00, brought to tears. we see another side of the doctor accused of killing michael jackson. the latest courtroom drama from the conrad murray trial. fighting obesity and winning. the bay area students whose fitness quest finally paid off. great news. jack is back. the cat that went missing at jfk airport has been found after two months. where he's been this whole time. [ female announcer ] what makes jcpfastcash so exciting?
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plenty of tears in the courtroom. patients who saw dr. conrad murray before he became michael jackson's personal physician took the stand fiercely defending the doctor. >> reporter: it is day 18 of the involuntary manslaughter trial of dr. conrad murray and the third day of defense witnesses. today the defense tried to appeal to the jury's sympathy by calling to the stand former patients who vigorously defended their former doctor. >> that man sitting there is the best doctor i've ever seen. >> i have never had a doctor that was more caring. never. >> if this man had been greedy, excuse me judge. if this man had been greedy, he never would have come to an area, a community, of homes, 75%
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of them poor, on welfare and social security, where he was making less than where he was in vegas. >> do you have an opinion about whether dr. murray has the type of character to abandoned patients? >> never. he would not do that. >> reporter: their passionate loyalty caused dr. murray to cry several times and one of his former patients even kissed the defendant as he left the stand. their testimony follows that of nurse practitioner cherilyn lee, who said jackson rejected her attempts to prescribe herbal remedies for insomnia and asked he instead help him obtain propofol. >> he said doctors have told me, i just need to be monitored. >> reporter: murray contended jackson was desperate for sleep and gave himself the fatal dose of propofol when his doctor left the room.
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murray could face four years in prison if convicted. is faster better? the metropolitan transportation commission will ask a state panel to add another 290 miles of toll lanes. the cost, $6.8 billion. the bay area's first toll lanes opened a year ago on 680 from pleasanton to milpitas. the lanes are free for car poolers. people driving by themselves can use the lane by paying a small toll charge. another 266 miles of toll lanes have already been approved. critics say the lanes don't have low-income commuters and might entice more people to drive, causing more traffic. they say the money should be used on public transportation instead. it's a story that made national headlines in 2009. today, the six men accused of raping a teenage girl outside a richmond homecoming dance pleaded not guilty. all six are accused of attacking a teenager in october 2009, ages
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18 to 44. all but one could spend life in prison. today's hearing comes after a preliminary hearing earlier this year when charges were dropped against a seventh man. the defense motion for a change of venue stating the high publicity of the case could hinder the defendants' chance at a fair trial in contra costa county. the defendants return to court in march. it's not a small world after all. the united nations is projecting the world's population will hit the 7 billion mark next week. the u.n. says the world's 7 billionth baby will be born sometime monday. according to the state of world population report the average life expectancy has risen from 48 years to 68 years over the last half century. but the rising population could mean tough time arizona head. nations may struggle with issues ranging from rapid urbanization to skyrocketing demand for resources, health care and jobs. the push-ups paid off bill-time. a south bay school got a sweaty
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reward and they loved it. russ kin elementary got sin 69 students to sign up for the governor's challenge. they won the top prize in the state. that top prize, a state-of-the-art fitness center. the chairman of the council on physical fitness helped the students cut the ribbon on their brand-new facility. they wasted no time in big the new machines a workout. that kid's got it good. 2,200 schools throughout california participated by exercising 30 to 60 minutes a day three to four days a week during the school year. >> for the three days that we do have organized events at recess and lunch, definitely kids don't come into my office because, oh, they're tired, their stomach hurts, he hit me. because they're active, they're moving. by the time they get into class, they're ready to learn. >> weight problems affect more than 30% of california's children. after a two-montsearch, jack the cat has been found. jack was supposed to fly with
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his owner from new york city to san jose but never made it. the cat vanished from his carrier at the american airlines baggage center at jfk airport in august. jack was found yesterday still at jfk in a customs room after apparently falling through a ceiling tile. unfortunately he's not doing so well. he's listed in critical condition and needs a feeding tube. he will be treated for several days before he's well enough to travel back home to san jose. jack now has his own facebook page with over 17,000 fans. let's turn things over to jeff. what's the rule around here? wednesday we can start talking about the weekend? >> i like that. yes, good weather coming our way this weekend. today, though, it is all about these winds. we've been talking about it over a week. these dry fire winds across the bay area. thanks to winds dropping our humidity levels, 10% to in the 30% range in san francisco. winds out of the northwest at 12. while this northwesterly wind normally can heat us up quite a
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bit, we still have cooler air aloft. it's not doing much in terms of heating temperatures up. increasing hire danger dramatically. top wind gusts. mt. diablo 56-mile-per-hours. fairfield 27 miles per hour. oakland as well with a few flight delays at oakland due to wind. we still have red flag fire warning in effect through tomorrow morning in the early hours with low humidity and gusty winds in the north and east bay hills. we're starting to wind down from this event that did actually spark that fire again in the camp parks area in dublin that has now been contained. we brought you video earlier. that definitely shows you how dry that area is outside. now current numbers in the low 70s here in the north bay. 72 in livermore. 70 in san jose. 64 in san francisco. let's get you to tonight. it was cold this morning. as we head throughout tonight, could actually be a little colder. we're talking about isolated 30s coming our way. as we head throughout tomorrow,
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well, a smidge warm letter mild to warm in the seven-day forecast. satellite loop, no fog offshore at all. clear skies, going to set us up with a cold night ahead. we have rainfall but it's still well out in the pacific. it continues to ridge well off to the north. that huge moisture cap out here. washington and oregon will continue to get this rainfall for us. high pressure's going to stay offshore the next 48 hours. that will keep us mild to warm here across the bay area. also clear as we mentioned with that cold, temperatures in the 40s for most of us. daytime highs tomorrow in the 70s for inland locations. as for tonight, the coldest spots in the north bay with 39 expected in santa rosa. 44 in los gatos. 45 in livermore. bundle up as we'll be near record-setting lows in the north bay. as for tomorrow, 77 in gilroy. not too bad after you consider how cold we started off. 76 in dublin. 77 in livermore. 74 in alameda.
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76 in palo alto. upper 60s to low and mid 70s. 68 in half moon bay. inland mospots, fire winds decreasing quite a bit tomorrow. red flag fire warping will be allowed to expire. morning time on we have videos you can play on all of your neat portable devices. on your seven-day forecast, halloween next week, it stays dry through our seven-day forecast. a perfect-looking halloween for all the kids out there. >> they'll be happy that it's dry. up next, a new standard in air travel. take a look, we go insight the highly anticipated dream liner on its maiden voyage. and nothing will keep this couple from tying the knot.evor. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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it may be three years late but better late than never. the highly anticipated boeing
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787 dream liner took off on its maiden flight today. the wide-body passenger jet took off from tokyo's narita airport and landed safely in hong kong. the jetliner carries 210 to 250 passengers which is relatively smaller than other big jets and is more jewel efficient which means it's designed for long hauls. it has larger windows and improved air pressure and humidity. kamala harris is suing plastic water bottle companies over misleading claims that are bottles are 100% bio degreatable. they're sold as balance and aqua mantra. it is illegal to label plastic food or beverage containers as 100% biodegradable and recyclable if they're not. the suit says they do not bio degrade naturally and contaminate other recyclable plastics. you heard about wild and
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finally tonight, watch carefully. an arizona couple is proving love is stronger than a dust storm. this sweet couple was about to exchange vows during their wedding ceremony when a massive dust storm blew through. here it comes. so a wall of dust and sand made it difficult for the wedding party to even stand up and harder for the guests to see the ceremony. but the couple forged ahead. i'm sure somewhere in the wedding rule book it states it's good luck to have a dust storm on your wedding day. >> what troupers, congratulations to them.
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