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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 26, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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. . mayor quon is back on the ground. now what? >> we are hearing from the first time from city officials about response from the protests last night. let's take a look at the video that is now being seen around the world. the occupy oakland movement is getting a lot of press. now, mayor jean quon was not here when all this went down. she is getting some slack from the council president and the community about that. then, there is the question of what type of nonlethal force was used last night listen too what the interim chief had to say. >> to my knowledge, none of the police officers used rubber bullets, we don't have that in our inventory or rubber dowels. we don't have that.
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>> flash grenades? >> we did not use that. it was the gas ball that we rolled. at people's feet. that could be perceived as a flash bag. let's take a look at our chopper. howard jordan, the interim chief getting a lot of heat on the second week on the job. the chief is saying because this was mutual aid situation, other police agencies could have used other methods to disperse the crowd. in fact, a lot of protesters last night are walking around with rubber bullets in their hands saying that if they did not use rubber bullets, what is this? they said a lot in that news conference today. we will have a full report coming up at 11:00 tonight. reporting live, i'm cheryl heard, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, cheryl. we saw what you saw last night was chaotic. in the aftermooth, we also learned that one of the people
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injured is a 24-year-old iraq war veteran, scott olsen. i want to show you some video posted by youtube. we also understand someone fractured a skull after being hit in the head by an object that could have been a tear gas canister. olson is a marine veteran who served two stints in iraq. he was discharged from the military last year and is a member of iraq veterans against the war. a small group of people attended a vigil this afternoon to show their support for olson and others affected by the clashes in oakland last night. nbc bay area jody hernandez joins us from oakland with more on the violence and the perception of the growing violence around the country here in oakland. jody? >> raj, people are not happy about it. several hundred protesters have gathered here at frank ogawa plaza tonight. you can see them gathered. they are talking about perhaps
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holding a city-wide shutdown next wednesday. they are also talking about perhaps reclaiming the plaza. that's something that they are not able to do tonight or at least they haven't tried to do tonight. you can sigh th you can see that plaza, the grassy area remains fenced off. this movement is showing no signs of slowing down. 36 hours after clearing out frank ogawa plaza, the city reopened the area around city hall taking down the barricades and letting protesters re-enter at least parts of the plaza, a much different scene from last night when police used tear gas to keep people away, even news crews weren't spared from getting hit. >> it burns. it feels like somebody just blew salt in your eye and down your throat. pepper down your throat. >> reporter: demonstrators showed us the devices they say police used on them, including
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bean bag bullets, tear gas cannisters and rubber bullets. >> they never denied sandbags. i don't think it was brought up. they straight out denied rubber bullets. >> this man showed us bruises he said a rubber bullet caused. he said he is traumatized by what he lived through last night. >> i know there are a lot of angry people. there are peaceful people too. you don't have to hurt us. i have never done anything to anyone. >> i don't know what was happening to them to make them react so forcefully last night but to go home and see it on the news and see the way things were being thrown out on the street, it was amazing. >> demonstrators say they won't be scared away promising we haven't seen the last of them. >> a huge community being filled right now. they think that fences and pl s police officers and batons are going to break that up. it is not. it is only going to fuel the fire. >> we are still occupying. we are not going anywhere.
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>> we are back here live where you can see several hundred protesters have gathered tonight. they are very upset about the level of violence that happened out here last night. one person said that they haven't seen that level of gas -- tear gas deployment in the east bay since the 1960s. again, they are also talking about staging a city-wide shutdown next wins. now, what is noticeably absent here tonight is that heavy police presence that we saw here last night. all those police dressed in riot gear. i haven't seen any police officers in riot gear this evening. my photographer said he spotted a few police officers across the street by, again, things are very peaceful at this moment and certainly, the city is hoping it stays that way. reporting live in oakland, oim jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> quiet is good. thank you very much. well, we invite you to stay with nbc bay area for continuing
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coverage for the "occupy oakland" protest. good news for one of the most notable churches in the area. their treasure has been found at a salvage yard in oakland. the 122--year-old bell weighing more than 5,000 pounds belongs to st. mary's cathedral. it is wa locate d shortly after 2:00 at ninth and pine in west oakland. a homeless man found the bell and called it in to police. authorities believe that recycling people took the bell to scrap it for a fraction of its value. the archdiocese will rent a truck and transport the bell back to the city. a shocking crime made national headlines back in 2009. today, the six men accused of raping a teenage girl outside of a richmond high school homecoming dance pleaded not guilty. all six are accused of attack a teenager in october of 2009.
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their ages range from 18 to 44. all but one could spend life in prison. today's hearing comes after a preliminary hearing earlier this year when charges were dropped against the seventh man. the defense motioned for a change of venue stating that the high publicity could hinder the defense at a fair trial. the defendants return to court in march. another protest is underway in oakland, this one by parents who want their kids to objecting pay the same school next year. tonight, they will give final answer as to which schools will clothes and how many students will have to move. kris sanchez is live in oakland. this is so emotional. i know the parents are rallying right down to the last minute. >> reporter: they really are, jessica. a meeting started just about an hour ago. they are in the public comment stock park. the board members are getting an earful from the parents, student and teachers who think they will be affected by the school's
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closures. the families and educators gathered about 4:00 this afternoon at mosswood park down the street to rally there and march here up on broadway. they were vocal on that march and it stretched for several blocks. they were chanting, "save our schools" and carrying signs saying kids first and stop school closure. no matter how vocal, it really does seem like this is ai done deal and that the district will close those five schools in an effort to save $2.2 million. if the board finalizes that decision, it will impact about 1,000 students, teachers and administrators. that's 1,000 people in five schools. if it sounds like a low number, it is. it is by design. about ten years ago, ousc went to five schools in an effort to give the students more individual attention. that means ousc has about twice the schools as other districts the same size now. many families and educators are challenging the district to find the money somewhere else.
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>> if our president can come here to california and earn just as many money, we need in a few hours to save our schools. there has to be some alternatives. >> this system is also spending money building new preschools. why would you build a new preschool when our school site has a preschool they shut down. >> i feel they should be cutting from the top all the money they spend on outside vendors and outside contractors far outweighs what they will save on closing the schools. >> reporter: the schools on the chopping block are all elementary schools, lakeview, lazear, marshall, maxwell park, and santa fe elementary schools. the meeting started just about an hour ago as we mentioned. public comment is underway. at other meetings regarding the same issue, the public comment session went for hours. it could be a very long night before we find out what the final vote is in this one.
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in oakland, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. an emotional and long night. we will have all the reports for you at 11:00. a man suspected of sexually assaulting a woman at skyline college is skill on the loose. police say the woman was attacked at approximately 8:30 last night inside an empty classroom at skyline in san bruno. they are looking for a white male between 25 and 30 years old with a distinct tattoo or scar on his neck. high fire danger. no major issues. there was this grass fire in the east bay, burned about 60 acres and is under control in alameda county. here is an aerial shot of the camp parks area. they say flames began to spread across the patch of land shortly after 1:00 this afternoon. the cause is under investigation. arson is not suspected. a red flag fire danger warning is in effect today due to low humidity and high winds. still ahead, the long road home.
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lost and found, the woman now living in the bay area gets a surprise when they are cat dutus up at a new york airport two months after it disappeared. are are this used to be an empty field and homeless kids would play here anyway. now, there is a playground. we will explain to you where it came from coming up. why california's attorney general is waging a legal battle involving water bottles. i'm chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri, temperature on the cool side with 73, san jose, san francisco, 70, tonight, one of the coldest nights in five months coming our way. we will talk more about that an warning will be in place in just minutes. california should be proud.
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we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes...
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combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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when you are a kid, sad and homeless, you have a lot to worry about. a brand new spot where kids get a chance to be kids if only for a short while. >> reporter: ana and her kids have had a lot to deal with over the last two weeks. >> i would have been lost. i would have been lost, wouldn't know what to do or where to go. >> reporter: they got evicted from their san leandro apartment and ended up here at the ursula sherman village, a shelter for homeless families. last week, the shelter didn't have a playground. this week, it does. she already cease a change in her 5-year-old son. >> he wants to be out here playing 24/7. >> some of the kids from sleeping in cars, cardboard boxes. >> reporter: the case worker, selma winsly was here when the
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previous beat-up, hand me down structure was deemed unsafe. for two years, it looked like this, an empty pile of dirt. the berkeley rotary club got involved and came up with $38,000 and rounded up volunteers to build a new play structure and a grassy hill for kids to roll down. >> when we were doing it, putting up the structure, you look over at these three or four kids standing there watching us and you see, oh, we are going to play on this. >> i was so happy for them. it brought tears to your eyes, you know, the emotion. >> reporter: for children who would sometimes act like grown-ups for their drug-addicted parents, sometimes covered their eyes so they wouldn't see domestic violence in their home still sometimes worry where they will end up next. this playground offers a chance to let it go and just be a kid. in berkeley, traci grant, nbc bay area news. >> the red tailed hawk found in san francisco with a nail
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through its head is recovering so well she may be released next week. this is what the young hawk looks like now with hardly any evidence there was a nail through her cheek. in preparation for it's relief, officials will move the hawk from the current indoor facility to an outdoor flight aviary, which will give her the chance to exercise her flight muscles. this is video of the gencu golden gate park. while it was being transported, the nail fell out of the hawk's cheek. a $10,000 reward for anyone with information to this crime. attorney general, tom o'hare r ris for misleading claims this their bottles are 100 bio degradable. they are sold as balance and aquamontra. it is illegal to label them that way. they do not decompose naturally.
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harris is demanding the water be removed from store shelves immediately. >> could it be actually good news from the housing market or just less bad than usual? for that, we bring in our business tech reporter, scott budman. scott, should we be celebrating yet? >> it depends on what color your glasses are. after all the bad news, it is nice to hear the sales of new homes jump for the first time in four months. prices have been cut quite a bit. the median price of a new american home is at its lowest level more than a year. finally hitting levels where potential buyers are willing to pull the trigger. china will help europe climb out of its current debt crisis. netflix rebounding, slightly up 3%. lots of earnings reports after the bell, including from san francisco credit giant, visa. the company says we are using plastic a lote these days. company profits up 14% over the
6:18 pm
last three months. we take you to hong kong where the successful maiden voyage of the giant 787 dreamliner came in for a landing today. the boeing plane had been delayed for three years. it is now ready to be flown and sold. it has orders for 821 dream liners. it holds as many as 330 passengers. raj, i will answer your next question, it costs $193 million per plane. quite a ride. >> that's it? >> let's turn over to our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri who joins us with fire issues. that red flag fire warning in effect as we continue throughout tomorrow morning with low humidities. still, gusty winds we could see in the north and east bay hills. we did have a fire sparked in the east bay. that has since been contained. look at the wind. we are at the peek ak of the wi event. wind gusts higher than 56 miles per hour in mt. diablo.
6:19 pm
17 per hour in napa. i will get you those numbers in terms of daytime highs. we did see a slight warming, 74, livermore, 74, gilroy. 77 for santa rosa. clear out towards oakland. look at the humidity levels in 20%, 30% range out here including san francisco with the current number at 66. right now, all numbers dropping into the 60s across the bay area. clear and cold for us tonight. as we take a look, the storm pattern still stays way off to the north. that will keep us with cold air tonight. only the upper 30s to near 40 here at 5:00 a.m. by 11:00 a.m., looking at temperatures near 60. we will have more coming up for you guys. >> thank you, jeff. >> still ahead at 6:00, party like panetta. the secretary of defense will be ringing in the new year in style. bernie madoff's wife reveals what the couple tried to do after his massive ponzi scheme
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we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. a healthy use of political power or a political play? ed lee signs his first veto on health care. it all but kills an amendment to healthy s.f. six of seven supervisors supported a change to the program. the change would have prevented $50 million in unused reimbursement money from being returned to employers each year. mayor lee says he supports a consensus report to increased health care in san francisco. many people believe this is a victory to democrats. california's highest court has rejected two legal challenges to redistricting maps. they voted to reject the republican challenges. a commission of citizens adopted
6:23 pm
the new maps that are expected to produce more democratic leaning districts. republican challengers say the maps could allow the majority party to gain the two additional seats needed to achieve a two-thirds majority in the state senate. let's talk elections and in campaigns, the issue of race can often be a divisive card. in california, it may be a positive one for the 2012 campaign of president barack obama. >> let's bring in our nbc political analyst, larry gur sten, here to explain why this all matters. in california, whether you like it or not, you can't get around the race card, right? >> you are right about that. we don't want to oversimplify this whole thing. candidates win for many reasons, their ability to attract money, political party affiliations, endorsements, all these things among some of the reasons. if the 2008 election results are any guide to the 2012 election,
6:24 pm
barack obama could have a rainbow coalition in california a whole lot more powerful than almost anywhere else? >> larry, let's break it down into the demographics. obviously, african-americans supported obama in 2008. what other groups supported him? >> you expect that. african-americans have been notoriously the biggest par of the democratic coalition for years, ruffoughly 912% o2% of t. statewide, 61/31% for obama. african-americans, 94% for obama. latinos, 74%, asian-americans, 64% for obama. all were above the state-wide volt and well above the white vote. most important, these are the fastest growing sectors of the state. between 2000 and 2010, the latino population grew by what, 28%. during the same period, the asian-american population grew by 32%.
6:25 pm
those are some impressive numbers. >> we see all the numbers. republicans and democrats are looking at these numbers. how can the republicans learn from this? >> well, they should. here is the big lesson. republicans can help themselves a lot in 2012 if they reach out successfully to mine norities. the best way perhaps to do this would be on social issues like something like abortion or gay marriage, which connect with religious based conservative values, particularly of african-americans and latinos. if republicans fail to made inroads in 2012, given the way these numbers are rolling, president obama may coast to re-election in california. that's going to allow his campaign to spend time and resources where the votes are most valid. >> larry gursten, thanks for your insights. other news. the stranded fishing boat off stinson beach that left nearby residents fuming is finally out of the ocean. take a look. the remaining 10% of the boat was demolished this afternoon
6:26 pm
during low tide. it took about two weeks to remove the 48-foot ship from the san. the fisherman who allowed the boat to drift too close to shore didn't have the money. it was about $10,000 needed for a private to you. the coast guard chose not to tow the vessel because he was not in danger. the fisherman plans to contribute about $5,000, marin county and the national oceanic administration chipping in to foot the rest of the bill. still ahead at 6:00, the revelation being made from bernie madoff's wife. also ahead, a high-speed per suit in the east bay that turns deadly. what the chp says led to this chase. >> reporter: president obama unveiled his n clege loan plane today. i'm marianne favro. i will have that story coming up. everyone, it's $37 a piece.
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in downtown oakland, they vowed to return for another night of protest. that's what they are doing. live shots of frank ogawa plaza in front of city hall in oakland. a few hundred protesters for the "occupy oakland" protest. it is very peaceful. the oakland police and surrounding police agencies are there but they are not in riot gear. so it appears to be peaceful at this hour. we will continue to follow this throughout the night. >> as you can well imagine, the price tag of oakland's police response to occupy oakland, not just last night but over the last ten days is expected to be hefty. >> this follows an already tough process for oakland. joe rosato jr. shows us why some worry the cost could hit the city hard. >> reporter: the scenes of last night's clashes between protesters and police took an emotional toll on oakland.
6:30 pm
for some, that pain was physical. others believe that once the city shakes off its occupy hangover, there will be a financial toll to reckon with. >> i was completely shocked and disgusted that we are wasting all of this money on this huge police force. >> reporter: she says she campaigned for mayor jean quan during the race for mayor but her support came crashing down after she witnessed this yesterday. >> we can't afford that. we have constant cults for basic infrastructure services. >> reporter: so far they haven't tallied up the cost of police action and cleanup. some believe it is certain to impact the cash-strapped city. >> they said it is more important to get rid of 300 people than take care of our social problems we have such as libraries, schools being closed. they are still adding up all the overtime costs for the hundreds of oakland police officer
6:31 pm
deployed. they won't be on the hook for the 18 east bay law enforcement agencies that helped out. >> under the mutual aid conditions, we get reimbursed from the state for the resources that are provided. >> with more protests yet to come, the price tag is pektsed to climb. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. thank you, joe. oakland, san francisco and san jose all battling overtime issues for the occupy movements. an east bay driver was the innocent victim of a deadly police chaz. they arrested both men. they spotted gutierrez talking on the phone while driving. he sped away and less than a minute later collided with another car. here is the scene of the crash. the driver of the other car died at the scene. police say the suspect then ran away but was arrested shortly after. >> i was running outside. i seen the driver just shoot like just started running out this way and right in front of
6:32 pm
my house, he was -- he dropped on to the ground. cops were running right after him with a gun. >> police arrested the passenger for a parole violation in addition to the driver. the victim's identity has not been released. chp and concord police are investigating this incident. also in con toward, they are investigating a suspicious death at a vacant home. officers found a woman's body during a security check at the house. they aren't sure how the woman was killed but are treating the case as a homicide. they tell us the home was in foreclosure. a woman was living there by herself after her parents moved out in january. neighbors filed noise complaints due ai steady stream of visitors partying into the wee hours of the night. settlement reaches a city of antioch and a group of renters reached a settlement in a lawsuit filed three years ago by a group of low income african-american renters, accused the city of concentrating their police
6:33 pm
efforts on the subsidized section 8 housing complex. they accused them at one point of searching their homes illegally. the city agreed to pay $360 tho$360,000 to settle the lawsuit, saying it was purely a financial one. >> agencies, lots of agencies tested their disaster preparedness today with a mock plane crash. san francisco international airport, american red cross and other services participated in the drill which simulated the plane crashes in san mateo county. they tested the readiness of the agency in the event of a major disaster like san bruno. >> we would need to come together very, very quickly and give the accurate information we know to the public. >> officials say one of the challenges in a real life disaster is that information is constantly changing. they say it is crucial to get information to the public as soon as possible whether through media or social networking. >> bay area students may soon
6:34 pm
get a break on their college loans. president obama announcing a plan to reduce payments for some students. here is marianne favro. are are at san jose bay university, students have more than midterm on their minds but also debt. >> currently have $4,000 in loans. >> i took out $2,000 to help support me in summer school. >> my student loans now are totalling over $10,000. >> reporter: which is why many students are applauding president obama's plan to have a measure pass by congress go into effect next year instead of in 2014. it reduces the maximum required payment on student loans from 15% of annual income to 10%. borrowers will also now be able to consolidate their loans to get a lower interest rate. we are going to make it easier for you to have one payment a month at a better interest rate.
6:35 pm
this won't cost taxpayers a dime but it will save you money and it will save you time. >> reporter: hector solis who has two part-time jobs and $10,000 in loans welcomes the change. >> any help helps me. i know that i've been stressing about it for such a long time. i have $10,000 in loans. my friends have even more than that. >> reporter: psychology major ivon imbarka is wondering how she will pay off $10,000 in loans with no job. >> finding a job now is extremely difficult, finding a job that will help me pay my loans is even harder. >> on bay area campuses, loans and learning often go together. the latest numbers show 44% of all uc students have student loans and graduate with an average of $16,700 in debt. ivon hopes the president's plan will give her the hand she needs. in san jose, marianne favro, nbc
6:36 pm
bay area news. kra is driving up the cost of college nationwide. the average fees of public four-year universities and colleges rose 8.3% this year compared to last. the average for private four-year universities rose 4.50% nationally. california had the highest increase in tuition and fees for the 2011/2012 school year. is it was a ponzi scheme for the record books. tonight, we are learning more about how bernie madoff's family dealt with the aftermath including that madoff himself and his wife, ruth, at one point, considered suicide. she is revealing this in a "new york times" interview promoting her new book. she went on to say they both new the situation was horrific. with all of the hate mail and the media storm they faced. they went as far as taking multiple said difficulties. ruth madoff said she felt relieved when she woke up the next day. the worst part of the deal was
6:37 pm
the fact they were estranged from their two sons. two years later, madoff's son, mark, did commit suicide. why the death of osama ben landen is leading to an interesting new year's eve for leon panetta. a fugitive feline. a woman will be reunited with her cat lost on the other side of the country. good evening, i'm chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. clear skies out of our san francisco sky camera as that sun sets at this hour. we will talk about also some cool conditions come back for tonight. some of the coldest weather we cong ourway.ivoutng we wa we will let you know how low it is going to get in just a few minutes. il
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
he lost a bet with leon panetta. he bet that osama bin laden would not be captured. what does he have to give to
6:40 pm
panetta? this $10,000141-year-old bottle of wine. this was taken by the monterrey county herald. the stakes of the bet were made last new year's eve in the wine cellar of the sardine factory restaurant in the presence of mr. pan net that and 26 other guests. this new year's eve, restaurant owner, ted balasteri will carefully open the bottle of 1870 rothchild. how does the south bay get this by not spending a time? exercising of course. getting every student to exercise 30-60 minutes a day at least three days a week. the kids wasted no time breaking in the new equipment. teachers and volunteers will be trained on the machines and super advise the kids. >> we have rusk kin fit at our campus three days a week during
6:41 pm
lunch. those three days, my discipline issues have gone down after lunch because kids are actually doing something. they are not picking on each other in the playground. they are not bullying. they are learning to play with each other. >> 30% of california's kids are overweight. it is an issue that at least these kids won't have to deal with. >> they are doing it pretty well, having fun out there. >> i want to see if i can get a gym membership. >> take it away, jeff. >> well, we have some real cold weather. it was cold last night. it could be getting even colder as we head throughout tonight. just a little bit of fog well offshore. it is clear right now in san francisco. we will talk about how low those numbers will go and who will hit the 30s in just a few minutes. good evening. i'm brody brazil. coming up in sports, the first place 49ers get a major offensive weapon back who could be in uniform on sunday. he is the 20-year-old with a windup very familiar to baseball
6:42 pm
fans. it has earned him the right to take batting practice against the giants ace. lancecum is next here on the bay city bay area.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
do the math. one down, nine to go. jack the cat has nine remaining. he was supposed to be on his way to san jose. >>. he vanished at jfk, found yesterday after falling through a ceiling tile in the customs room at that airport. roseanne colletti from our new york station has more on jack the cat. >> reporter: the poor little kitty shown here in better times literally fell from a ceiling tile at kennedy airport. quickly identified through an implanted microchips athe missing jack. owner, amy pasco, couldn't believe her ears. >> i just introduced a new cat into my life and i got the news that i am going to have three cats instead of two, which is great. >> jack and amy were relocating to san jose, about to board a california bound american airlines flight august 25th. jack escaped his crate and went missing for two months.
6:45 pm
he is considerably worse for the wear. >> reporter: jack was brought here to an emergency facility where he is fighting for his life. >> reporter: jack is in isolated shielded from the light by the printed sheet fed through a nasal tube. blue pearl veterinarian, dr. matthew cooper said the cat developed fatty liver disease, a potentially life-threatening condition. >> he is critical. we are trying to stabilize him. >> reporter: jack has lots of fans pulling for him. his story generated 16,000 likes to his facebook page. airline employees who have helped look for the fugitive feline are stunned, the beloved house pet survived at all. >> they have been looking for him continuously every day. they have been committed. it's a beautiful day. >> you see, cats do have nine lives. >> they sure do. >> jack's life is about to get a lot better with the other eight he has. >> he has 17,000 facebook likes.
6:46 pm
>> a lot of friends. >> more than our whole news team combined together, probably. >> we get him on the team. >> totally. let's take a look outside in oakland getting into the halloween spirit as the sun sets. san francisco, 68 degrees. the wind still out of the west at 8 miles per hour. starting to see the winds slacking off after real gusty conditions. 74, livermore, gilroy, fairfield, 70 in san francisco. slight warming with the dry winds across the bay area. gusty, especially across the east bay hills. gusting up to 56 miles per hour. fairfield, a 27-mile-an-hour wind gust. on the back end of the wind event. as we head throughout tomorrow morning, still in effect for the north and east bay hills. we expect that to expire as we head throughout late tomorrow. numbers are dropping. we already have some low 60s here in the north bay. currently, 6 in san jose. a chill in the air right now.
6:47 pm
it is going to get a lot colder as we head throughout the night. we are forecasting some isolated 30s here across the bay area with clear skies. a little bit of warming as we head throughout thursday. ahead, we are still talking about a pretty mild pattern in my seven-day forecast. right now, no cloud cover offshore. it is absolutely clear here. that will be setting us up once again for the frigid temperatures. we have a lot of moisture in our satellite loop. a tremendous amount of moisture. all this will head right up into canada, washington and oregon. the same pattern we have seen for the pass the three weeks. we can't get high pressure to break across the bay area. with high pressure just offshore, that will keep us clear as we head throughout the next 48 hours. also, temperatures near average in the 70s inland. throughout friday, it will stay stay on the warm side, definitely not hot and definitely not cool. as for tonight, it is going to be cold. my 30-degree temperature will be santa rosa at 39.
6:48 pm
45, livermore, 51 santa cruz. possibly, some isolated hills in and around the hills of los gatos. tomorrow, 75, morgan hill. 75, los gatos and 76 dublin. our fire danger is going to be winding down. otherwise, upper 60s in san francisco. 74, stinson beach. 75, orinda. 76, napa. for the north bay, plenty of mid-70s. real nice i almost said friday but tomorrow is just thursday. morning time on, you can see our seven-day forecast. a few clouds as we head throughout saturday and sunday. for halloween next monday, it looks to be dry with temperatures in the 70s. we stale at the 60s here in the coastline. >> is she with the 7:00 newscast. >> i think she made a weather command. >> she was so excited about the
6:49 pm
seven-day, she had to join us. >> let's get to sports. a cameo for brody brazil who joins us from our comcast sports net newsroom. the 49ers are 5-1. take it away, brody. >> reporter: it feels good to say, raj. they are in first place. as with any sfort or business, options are always good. right now, it seems very likely that those 49ers could have another offensive choice on the field this weekend. wide receiver braylon edwards looks to to return to action six weeks after tearing the meniscus in his right knee. he was a full participant in practice today. jim harbaugh said, he needs, quote, a little more evaluation to determine whether the veteran will, in fact, be for more on his status for sunday, mindy bok has the latest from santa claire. >> reporter: braylon edwards moved well since returning from arthroscopic surgery on his
6:50 pm
right knee. his availability for sunday's game is still in question. >> i am optimistic. i am 28. i want to be out there. i have to be smart. that's one thing my mom talks to me about every day. just be smart. just relax. see how it goes. don't force it. listening to her words, i won't force it. if i'm not ready, i'm not ready. >> i think we need a little more evaluation. i might have been a little more overly optimistic. it needs to be assessed day by day. >> reporter: edwards say the fact that the 49ers is facing the team he broke into the nfl doesn't matter. he brings a much needed threat to a 49ers passing game averaging only 171 yards a game. in santa clara, mindy bach, nbc bay area. the perfect time for them,
6:51 pm
the 4-2 raiders practiced today. henry wolford was out of practice. he joins us live from alameda. i imagine the situation a little bit like school time and the last day before spring break. the players very anssi to go home for a while? >> absolutely, brody. you can always tell when it is bye week. the guys jump directly in their cars and zoom out as fast as they can. it is bye week for the oakland raiders. one guy is very easy to find, their new quarterback, carson palmer. he says, forget about all this minivacation talk, he is about to hit the playbook very hard over the next two weeks. >> i feel like i am back in high school and studying or cramming for the s.a.t.s. it is a lot more fun. football is a lot more fun than that. it has been a lot of work, some
6:52 pm
long days but great days. >> like i told the guys, yeah, you have to take a day or two and let your body heal and all those good things. you have to be thinking about what we have to do when we get back. our focus is denver and getting ready for the denver broncos. >> reporter: last sunday, carson palmer struggled, through three interceptions. keep in mind, he said, he only knew about 15 of the raiders' offensive plays. the next time you see him, he will be more familiar with his receivers as well as the raiders playbook. we asked the coach, jackson, that is, what is going to happen when both guys are healthy, carson palmer and jason campbell? he said, i'm not ready to talk about that. reporting from alameda, henry wolford, nbc bay area. >> the drama always thick out in oakland. they say imagination is some of the highest form of flattery. red bull is one of tim
6:53 pm
lincecum's sponsors where fans submitted videos of themselves imitating the pitching motion of the giant's ace. here is lincecum, lance, the philadelphian. the extreme tark and all of that hair flowing out of lem pechlt. rt's hat. he was a pitcher in high school who once struck out 13 baters in a single game. because of this contest and for winning, lambpert will getting take batting practice off of tim lincecum. it says there is a raj mathai look-alike contest now underway. send your tapes to nbc bay area. >> we will take those. i get to be one of the judges. for a fullch wat f spor watch sptset nor central on comcast sports net central at 10:30 tonight.
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an arizona couple, is proving that love is stronger than just a little dust. this sweet couple was about to exchange their vows. during their ceremony, a massive dust storm blew through town. the wall of dust and sand made it so difficult for the wedding party they could hardly stand up and harder for the guest to see
6:57 pm
the ceremony. the couple forged ahead. we wish them the best of luck and a good clean shower. >> locusts, very much bad luck. janelle is here to tell us what's coming up. >> we have good news. thousands of more jobs in the bay area because of the way we are thinking, rethinking green energy. we are going to talk about how bay area businesses are cashing in on the green trend. we will talk to a veterinarian at the monterrey bay aquarium about the recent great white release. a clever way to think about disaster preparedness. we are going to talk about something called gamification. enjoy your evening. we will see you at 7:00. hope to see you back here at 11:00.
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