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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 27, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> a much more subdued scene. occupy oakland protesters are back this morning. we'll tell you what they're doing in a live report. >> five schools will close in oakland. >> and today, yes. what is today, christina loren? >> it's friday eve before halloween. >> that's what i'm talking about. also known as thursday, october 27th. today in the bay. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. 6:00 right now. >> good morning, everyone. i'm jon kelley. we've been talking about eating candy all day. fresh baked cookies. i can't think about them unless they're around. let's talk weather.
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>> wait for the sugar daddies. wait a little bit longer. >> i've been waiting for a long time. 54 in san francisco. so our temperatures this morning. all over the place. but grab a jacket. you know we're already excited. halloween weather. let's get you out the front door with mike. >> we have a new accident involving a truck and maybe two or three other vehicles northbound coming through downtown oakland. it's blocking your two middle lanes. that will cause a great deal of slowing. we had a minor earthquake. bart has a ten-minute delay to do the system check. just for safety standard procedures. >> hey, did you feel it? the small earthquake shaking the east bay this morning.
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it was centered along the hayward fault this is hah live chopper shot. really this quake was enough to wake people up this morning. probably wondering what the heck is going on. >> that's the c harks l stadium where the fault runs upside beneath there. >> they probably don't have anything going on. but the bart systems are reloading. we'll keep you posted. >> also new this morning, protesters in the occupy san francisco camp were up all night waiting for a police raid that never happened. several city supervisors stood alongside the protesters overnight. we have how it could impact the
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mayor's race. first bob redell tells us what proteers and police are doing now. >> reporter: it appears a lot of the protesters -- good morning to you, laura -- hit the hay or have left justin herman plaza. it's very kwooitd. a few people are still up. what we saw an hour or two hours ago hundreds of protesters were out here banging their musical instruments, singing songs, chanting. in anticipation of what was thought to be a raid coming down by sfpd. the police and the mayor's office have told the protesters here they would have to va cat the plaza because it was said the area was unsanitary. so police through the grapevine, there was indication they were going to try to raid. this is around 2:00 this morning. one of the photo journalists was
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out there. he said there were a couple of hundred sfpd officers there. they came into san francisco, but they never made it to justin herman plaza. this raid is not going to materialize. officers on the scene here said they don't have any information. i was speaking with elizabeth, who was here since 8:00. of course, the mood has changed. i imagine there's a sense of relief. but i also wonder maybe, okay, it's not happening today. what's going to happen later today, tomorrow. >> there were various conflicting reports. there were a bunch of police over in treasure island. >> reporter: we were talking about that. it seems like the raid isn't going to happen. >> it's not going to happen. >> why would you risk arrest or risk being in a situation that
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could be very contentious? we saw what happened in oakland over the past 48 hours. >> that's why i'm here. this is the city of st. francis. i want it back. when i moved to this city 30 years ago we didn't have homeless. we had jobs and cheap rent. and then the powers that be led by the feinstein people started their economic cleansing. they got rid of a lot of jobs. >> reporter: you're saying this is so important it's worth the risk of arrest. >> it's not just wall street. it's all a part of the statement. we in san francisco -- >> reporter: you made your point. i got it. thank you. i appreciate it very much. laura, as you were mentioning, five san francisco board of supervisors were out here around 2:00 this morning, including david shu. the president of the board. i'm going to send it to marla
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tellez, my colleague just across the street from justin herman plaza with that part of the story. >> bob, good morning. out of the gate i'm going to remind everybody the election is less than two weeks away. we are 12 days away from november 8th. keeping that in mind it is fair to say the sf occupy movement has become a political issue overnight. really pitting the mayor, mayor ed lee and police against the board of supervisors. this could affect the outcome of the mayoral race. five members of the board were out here very early this morning to make their case. to show their support for the occupy sf movement. the supervisors spoke to the crowd of just a few hundred. shu and lee are both running for mayor. they said they are supporting the cause saying they, too, are
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part of the 99%. yesterday mayor lee said the camp was deteriorating and had become a health hazard. they are asking the mayor to back off and not call in police. >> we're committed to working with the city to figure out a way to allow for the occupy sf folks to get their message out rngs to respect the first amendment rights in a way that's peaceful without violence. >> this is not where the resources are needed. there are many places in the city and county of san francisco a lot less safe than this. to the extent we're talking about public health issues, the answer is not a police crackdown. it's actually us in city hall, sitting down and starting to come up with protocols that make sense. now i spent a lot of time walking around the camp.
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i didn't see any litter on the neatly mowed lawns. it's really just a campground that happens to be in justin herman plaza. ref reached out to mayor lee via e-mail and phone. we have not heard back. the mayoral candidate says the board has reached out to the mayor as well as police chief greg sur. the board has received radio silence from them. >> i'll take it from here. so interesting how it's wrapping up. crowds moved around downtown oakland. five oakland elementary schools will close come springtime. despite a number of emotional
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pleas from parents and students. this is a list of schools closing. the district says it needs the money and the schools must close to deal with declining enrollment and state budget cuts. it also says the members will be at each school to help the staff get ready for closures. governor jerry brown is ready to make big changes. employees could also have to pay more towards retirement in health care. the administration estimates the plan could save the state $900 million annually. >> it's almost as fun to a trip to wal-mart for christina loren. the good va bravibrations are flowing. >> i'm going to extend the trip to wal-mart with layaway. i'm a very happy camper. 40 degrees in santa rosa. anyone camping outside right now
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is probably feeling the chill in the air. it is cold out there. 36 in napa. 54 now in san francisco. you're at 48 in hayward. winds are calm. that red flag warning we thought would expire at 6:00 a.m., it did. fire conditions have improved significantly starting with your winds. completely calm hay long the peninsula. we will continue to see the winds relax throughout the day today. your temperatures are warmer than where we ended up yesterday. 77 in livermore with yet again another completely clear start. waking up with us near berkeley probably felt the 3.6 magnitude earthquake. if you want to find out about earthquake information any time of day, log onto our facebook page. i put a link there to the realtime information.
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this was forecast to become a major hurricane. right now a category one ready to slam the yucatan peninsula as we head through tonight. we were expecting it to make possibly a south florida land fall. it will turn to cuba and impact them. right now let's check your traffic with mike. >> we have a number of issues that have popped up for the east bay. we have first your accident northbound 880 around 23rd. this is the updated location. you have the two middle lanes blocked by a box truck and two or three other vehicles in an accident. we see some flashing lights. i've seen a number of crews heading up. now it's slow from past high street all the way up to 23rd. may want to consider 580 as your alternat
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alternate. >> san jose's plans to close most marijuana dispensaries is supposed to go in effect today. the fight continues to keep it o. [ lisping ] i lost my front tooth the other day,
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welcome back, this morning in iraq a veteran who survived two tours of duty is recovering at home from severe injuries he received while protesting with occupy oakland. here is he being pulled away with a gash in his head. his friends say he was hit by police projectile. this is only adding to the tension in oakland this morning.
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today in the bay's christie smith is live now in oakland where protesters are slowly coming back. >> reporter: this is about as quiet as i've seen it in two weeks. there are two tents out here. not seeing any oakland police officers. they're not taking that seriously. now, police took down the metal barriers that were here. protesters tore down the chain link fence. we shot some video this morning. it's a pyramid. one guy told me it's much better than what was out here.
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yesterdays they rallied in the streets. after they were raided by police this week. the whole thing exploded when there was a clash with police. the tear gas, rocket bottles. all this over protesters saying they felt a neutral or supportive stance from the city. one gentleman this morning told us he just thinks there wasn't a clear direction at all. >> well, i think this is a new situation. perhaps the bureaucracy needs to be more creative. >> he somehowed us this morning what he says are rubber bulleted
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that he collected after the clash with police. no some held a vigil for the iraq vet that you mentioned earlier struck in the head of course, then something else was thrown out by police. now back here live i want to mention the protesters are saying a lot of them went over to occupy sf in case it was raided. and so they're expecting more people to show up back here again later this morning. and they say that their plan, their intent is to reoccupy the plaza. we'll keep an eye on it for you. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, back to you in the studio. >> that story continues to unfold. >> and it will for some time as well. let's check the forecast with christina. >> people exposed to the elements are probably very, very
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cold this morning. our temperatures are still in the 30s. 36 degrees in napa. it is cold out there. i have to decide wheen which live shot to use. you're clear from the coast. low 70s at the coast. not a lot of separation with the completely clear start. offshore flow has weakened. but it's still in control of the forecast. your temperatures are cool. winds have calmed down substantially. yesterday we were nice and calm. you dropped off in temperature by 17 degrees from yesterday at this time. later today you hit 71 in
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redwood city. kind of a lucky trend here. low pressure brings the cloud cover back as of tonight. this is enough to keep our temperatures warmer overnight. the cloud cover serves as a blanket trapped in the daytime heat from day before. as a result we'll be warmer. halloween on monday looking very typical for this time of year. 73. a mix of sun and clouds. no rain showers. it will be ld. especially in the wee hours of the morning. the sun goes down at 6:30 this time of year. let's get you to work first with
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mike. >> you have to get to work. you still have one lane closed northbound 880. considerable slowing in the area. a live shot shows you the backup is starting at the coliseum itself. this should be cleared in 15 minutes. you see the damage here. strongly consider 580 if that's good for you. consider taking the slowdown past the coliseum. otherwise you have to come here. another accident caused backup and slowing. the rest of the bay area is looking pretty smooth. >> thank you very much. the plan to limit the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in the city is expected to go into effect today. they decided to cut the number of pot clubs in the city down to
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ten. that means two in each district. based on the pla they have to grow their own marijuana and meet a list of strict zoning laws. they are trying to get voters to overturn the initiative. there's no word on where that stands. the coalition is also trying to get a ballot initiative for a special election on the issue. coming up, san jose looking to make another move. thheow d industrial jumping lode maybe 200 points. ow
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san jose leaders set to sell prime real estate to the a's. they plan to sell five acres of the land near the station and hp pavilion to the a's for $7 million. that's a quarter of what the city paid to buy it. critics say it's a public relations gimmick that benefits the team and the owner. they must still approve the a's move. voters have a final say on the land deal. >> nbc bay area learned mountain
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view based pinnacle systems will lay off at least 100 people today. the company is barred from saying much. we have learned from someone in management at the company as well as staff members that the layoffs are real. a huge this this morning for bay area's yelp. they suffered for years under accusations it strong armed small businesses. they teamed up for the class action lawsuits against yelp. the judge threw out the last of there three suits against the company. the people suing yelp are not hay lowed to come back with further suits. they offered to improve the scores if the stores would pay yelp.
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that something they denied forever. the "wall street journal's" all things digital blog got ahead of a survey showing the morale at the company is low. a fifth of the employees would take another job if offered. we talked yesterday in the european meeting about the debt that seems to have gone very smoothly. wall street is very happy. we could see a 200-point rise on the dow as we get under way. >> had to do something about it. now wer seeing the repurr cushions. still to come on "today in the bay", five oakland schools getting the axe. and san francisco police getting together in the city's occupy camp. >> oh, it's cold out there this morning. some freezing temperatures.
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protesters are still occupying jus tin herman plaza here in san francisco after it i peers police have called off a much anticipated overnight raid. i'm bob redell. that story is coming up. and with election day quickly approaching the occupy sf movement becomes a political issue. i'm marla tellez. i'll have the story coming up. and we'll tell you about the the five oakland schools that will close the end of the school year. >> it is thursday, october 27th, "today in the bay."
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>> good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. 6 clrn 30. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. >> you know, the getting to be that time of year when our temperatures come down. the overnight lows are chilly because of the clear start. we have 36 in napa. you could wake up to frost on your vehicle. we'll let you know when temperatures will substantially increase. and a halloween forecast is pret pretty typical. first let's check your drive. a lot is happening now. >> there is. but i want to show this live picture at oakland. this is almost three miles into
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downtown i'll show that to folks. it involves an overturned vehicle. it could cause considerable problems if that highway as well. >> we'll check back with you. did you feel that? a small earthquake shaking the east bay at exactly 5:36 this morning. the quake was centered along the hayward fault near berkeley. the same spot as the cluster of quakes felt last week. this morning's quake was a 3.6 magnitude. so i guess enough to wake people up outside of bed and say good morning. there are no reports at this point of damage anywhere. experts say it's common to have a cluster of these small quakes up in that area. occupy sf appears to be safe for now anyway. a police were preparing to raid the camp at justin herman plaza. about an hour ago protesters are under the impression that police decided to call the whole thing off.
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bob redell is live. >> it's much quieter than two or three hours ago. there were hundreds of protesters chanting in anticipation of the raid by sfpd. it seemed like something was going to go down. we had a photo journalist on treasure island overnight. this photo was taken around 2:00 this morning. it shows the vehicle the police were using on treasure island to get to and from san francisco. our photo journalist says he saw a couple of hundred officers out there. some of them in riot gear practicing crowd control. around 2:40 they crossed the bay bridge, came into the city. they never ended up at justin herman plaza. police officers don't know if there will be a raid.
6:33 am
>> you've been out here how long? >> two days. i'm from santa rosa. i occupied up there. >> i'm wondering what's the sense now that it seems like at least the protesters, the campers out here can get another day. >> well, they're probably not going to come during the day. there's more traffic and commuters. in the city, there's so many people. we'll see what's happening to the people occupying here. >> i have ten seconds left. why did you want to risk arrest and risk a conference. >> i saw the police brutality happening in oakland, california. >> thank you very much for
6:34 am
speaking with us. there you have it. it was also interesting at 2:00 this morning at the occupy sf plaza. marla. >> good morning, no doubt about it. the occupy sf movement has quickly become overnight essentially a political issue. it should be noted the timing is impeccable. the election is less than two weeks away. it's the board of supervisors versus police. five members of the board showed up about 2:00 this morning ahead of the expected police raid. supervisors jane kim, eric marr and president of the board david
6:35 am
chu. they spoke to the crowd. it's important to note chu and lee are both running for mayor. now they told the crowd they're on their side in support of their first amendment rights and the occupy wall street movement that is sweeping the nation. just yesterday mayor lee threaten threatened police interventions. the protesters would have to be moved out. they're asking the mayor to leave police out of it. >> we think it's important we as a city work to develop a protocol on how we can support the rights of assembly and speech while addressing any health concerns the city may have. >> the reason we're here is to make sure there's no violence here tonight. what we saw in oakland is not what we want to happen in san francisco. this is why we're all here.
6:36 am
>> back out here leave, it's a peaceful setting. people inside are sleeping. yesterday the police chief handed out fliers saying the protesters were violating the lie with the use of poe pain tanks, public urination and overnight camping. police so far this morning are staying out of the bay. we've been out here more than two hours. i've seen just one police officer patrolling justin herman plaza so far. it should also be noelted we have put in calls and e-mails into the mayor. mayor ed lee and are awaiting word for him this morning. >> thank you very much, marla. on the other side of the bay, the occupy hot spot. oakland cooled down overnight. protesters up and down the industry streets. but no clashes with police.
6:37 am
they are rallying around an ooerk war veteran. christie smith is live on the scene with more on that and what protesters are doing this morning. >> it is 6:37. it is official. five oakland elementary schools will close at the end of the school year. the board voted to close the schools despite a number oaf emotional pleas from parents and students. the district says they must close. the schools that will close, lake view, lazear, marshall, maxwell park and santa fe elementary. a number of people we talk to say the board made a mistake. >> there are many ways they could have involved the problem other than close the schools. $2 million is not going to be profit if you have to pay for bussing. the charter schools are going to come in. so your net gain is not going to be $2 million.
6:38 am
>> i'm happy to be here to the end of the school year. >> the district says transition team members will be at each school district this morning to help students and staff get ready for the closure. >> correct me if i'm wrong. did i hear you mention earlier scraping a windshield with a credit card? >> we don't have to do it all that often around here because we don't see temperatures at the sub freezing levels we're seeing this morning. 36 in napa. 40 in santa rosa. but certainly your windshield conducts that temperature and so it gets colder than sur rounding air. that means you might be using the credit card. you get double rewards that way. we're looking good. nice and calm when it comes to the winds. winds have substantially dropped off overnight.
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thank you for being on your best behavior out there. santa cruz today, pretty nice beach day with completely clear skies down there. low pressure is dropping in from the north but the storm track will stay to the north. that means the big ridge of high pressure that kept us warm and dry over the past couple of days will move off to the east. low pressure will move in. and the coastal fog will be back as of tonight. you see that on your future cast. we'll show you that in just a minute. 75 degrees. >> a little deception on the maps here. it looks horrible and it is. northbound 880 at 23rd. a little better that all lanes are just reported clear within the last two minutes. this took about 45 minutes to clear? considerable backup slow from
6:40 am
the coliseum into downtown. also northbound 238 has the accident blocking 14th. blocking the slow lane. and it's a problem off the caster valley y. other side of the bay, westbound 92, there's an overturned vehicle and one lane in each direction is a problem. that's an issue coming from the coast to 280. back to you. >> appreciate it. the time is 6:40. a new report says the occupy wall street protesters have it right. they say the rich are gettinging richer. a live report from washington is up
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the rich are getting richer, and p poor and middle class are gaining ground. not nearly as fast as those at the top. tracie potts joins us live with the details. >> good morning, emp. numbers here today to back up the claims we've heard in those occupy protests up in the bay area here. the congressional budget office took a long look at this over 30 years from 1979. everyone's salaries incomes are coming up. the rich are going up faster than everybody else. 235% increase over the 30-year period compared to 40 for the middle class. only 18 for those in the lowest salary ranges.
6:44 am
the bottom fifth. now what they found was similar to what was found by the census bureau. they did their own survey of cities and states and thousand they rank in terms of income gaps. california in the top ten when it comes to the states with the largest income gap. >> thanks so much, tracie. >> police seem to be on their t.but raid the plaza. report is next. s
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all i can think about is halloween, where the count down is on, we talk about the candy with the pumpkins up on the graphic. what's the weather going to be
6:47 am
like? >> is this the first halloween for both of you. you taking the kids trick or treating this year? >> yeah, not the first, though. you want to get a candy deal, wait until the day after halloween. and i'm always looking for a deal. let me tell you. you can see visibly at the surface. no fog to report this morning. and crystal clear start is why it's so cold, even colder now up in napa. let's get to the temperatures this morning. you'll likely get the frost off the wingd shield there. they tend to hold onto the moisture. watch out for frost over the bridges and overpasses as well. much warmer start here. you're at 46 in san jose. still cold enough out there to
6:48 am
where you will need a jacket. you want to dress in layers today. the winds have dropped off. we'll get a clear start. the sun is coming up already. the heat source is working to warm us up. the temperatures end up three degrees warmer than where we were yesterday as a result. 77 in fairfield. peeling off a layer by noon today in the east bay. 74 later in fremont. your highs come in at three. 77 in los gatos. another day where you don't see a lot of separation between your inland temps versus those on the water. low pressure changes things. tonight our natural coolant is back. we'll see fog in the morning. high pressure is off to the east. it's moving out as the area of low pressure increases the flow. you see that on the future cast tomorrow. all right, tomorrow, halloween. here is your trick or treat
6:49 am
forecast. oh, yes. i love that music. it gets me in the mood. 71 at 5:00 p.m. ch 61 on monday in san francisco. a lot of people like to get started at 5:00. sun doesn't go down until 6:30. at 7:00 p.m., 64 degrees. 5 at 9:00 p.m. not bone chilling. but hey. we have dialogue coming in. mike, i'm going to send it to you. >> you listen to the scary voice over. i don't want to hear it. all lanes reopened for northbound 880 at 2rd. happened ten minutes ago. look at this backup past the coliseum. 98 past the coliseum at 23rd. we see the traffic is just starting to move past high street. this is much better than it has been for the last 40 minutes. so recovering for this portion of your commute. we take you back out there to
6:50 am
see what things are like for another live shot at the toll plaza. all the folks, many of them heading up to the toll plaza. the backup off the east shore freeway. now a 23-minute drive down the freeway to the berk lee curve and the bay bridge toll plaza. the south bay we see a little bit of slowing northbound to 101. northbound of 680. this is a typical pattern. 85 and 87. and right here at 101 towards guadalupe parkway so far. so far only oakland with the tough commute. >> 6:50 right now. want to get you caught up on the raid that nearly happened overnight in san francisco. police assembled to pull campers out of justin herman plaza, but they never moved in. bob redell is live now. why call it a riot and then not do it? >> that's still to be determined. they have not given us any official comment except for no comment. good morning, laura.
6:51 am
there's certainly a sense of victory in this camp site they have set up in the plaza. the sense of victory because the thought is that maybe sfpd changed their minds about doing a raid because there were so many people here overnight. a lot of people have left or gone back into the tents. overnight easily 200 to 300 protesters out here chanting, making noise, playing musical instruments. now sfpd has not said they had a raid planned nor have they said they called off a raid. there was certainly evidence of police activity. there's an image we shot on treasure island where our photo journalist was out there who said, this is around 2:00 in the morning. there were at least 200 officers out there. some in riot gear practicing for crowd control. then they boarded their vehicles, crossed the bay bridge. came into san francisco, but
6:52 am
never made their way to justin herman plaza. it's not clear why or what the intentions were. also five supervisors came out here to show their solidarity with the protesters and trying to encourage the mayor and the chief of police to not do any sort of raid or any sort of shutdown of the camp. we spoke with one of the finance survivors. when they tried to reach out to the mayor, all they got was radio silence. they never got through. >> we can resolve public health issues without a violent confrontation. we can work it out peacefully without violence. it's worth noting that david shu is also running for mayor against current mayor ed lee.
6:53 am
it's quiet again. it's another early morning. thaur getting themselves some breakfast. i have my colleague christie smith over there to tell us what the occupy oakland situation is looking like. they just drove by. i've seen a dozen out here at the plaza. the city has said no camping. they requesting tents, sleeping bags and other donations. police took down the metal barriers out here. protesters tore down the chain link fence. this after a huge rate on the encampment. then of course the clash with police officers after supporters hit the streets.
6:54 am
this morning here's what protesters say the plan is. >> the sentiment and plan is to reoccupy as soon as possible. that we would only be interrupted by any police intervention. >> now he showed us what he says are rubber bullets that were fired at protesters this week. they have signs for iraq vet scott olson, who was hit in the head with what is believed to be a tear gas canister. the goal is certainly not to hurt anyone. and the occupy oakland protesters again, clearly they're not done. they're calling for a general strike on november november 2nd for people to walk out of their
6:55 am
school and walk out of school and come down here and support them for a rally. certainly we haven't and the last of it here. it's much quieter than it was. that's what we have in oakland. back to you guys in san jose. >> remember the huge bole stelen from st. mary's cathedral last weekend, good news, it's on the way home. they say it's renting a truck to take the more than 5,000 pound bell back to the cathedral. now the bell was discovered yesterday by a homeless man at an oakland salvage yard. officers think the 122-year-old bell was stolen for recycling. thieves would have only received a fraction of that amount if they found a buyer. more good news for the red tailed hawk found in san francisco with a nail in its cheek. she could be released as early as next week. this is what the hawk looked like now.
6:56 am
there was a nail that went through her head. in preparation for her relief, the wildlife center moved her to a caged outdoor flight area. that will give her chance to exercise the muscles in her wings. you see video of the rescue taking place over the weekend. a little celebration. and while it was being transported the nail fell out of the hawk's cheek. a $10,000 reward is being offered for any news on the situation. >> 6:56 right now. a huge day on wall street. as europe gets its act together and u.s. economy grows. >> the dow industrial is up 232 points. gdp in america has risen 2.9%. that is evidence that we are not in a recession. the dow industrial crossing over 12,000 for the first time in quite some time. europe reaching a deal to aif itself. banks will take half of what they're owed on greek debt. china will help fund a special investment vehicle. so our money goes to china.
6:57 am
china's money goes to europe. europe has had plans before. but it looks like things are okay. >> so far so good. what about the weather department? let's check in with christina loren. >> i've been waiting for that news. good to hear it, scott mcgrew. 45 degrees at kp a.7:00 a.m. at noon you'll be at 72 degrees in san jose. downright perfect clear. we expired the red flag warning on time at 6:00 a.m. ch wanted the show folks the quick view. now okay lant continues to recover after the earlier accident. to you. >> thank you very much, mike. so much coming on the "today show." the couple tried to commit suicide after all those crimes surfaced. you'll hear her. >> have a great day. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning.
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