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tv   Today  NBC  October 28, 2011 2:05am-3:05am PDT

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. welcome hirsty thursday, october 27th. we are so happy you're with us today. >> hi, how are you? >> how you doing? >> good. >> we are both doing better than stephen tyler. >> we are. >> i met him once in a hotel lobby. he was the friendliest, sweetest guy. >> i interviewed him several years ago and he was drinking wheat grass and broccoli. here's what happened. he was in the shower. he's on tour. he said he had horrible food poisoning and he passed out, fell down in the shower. hit his face, i guess, as you can tell -- >> oh, my lord. that's not halloween. >> that's his real bruise. there is one that shows him
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missing the front tooth. >> they look like they are made up. >> it's real. anyway, he got a capped tooth and other stuff and went and performed that night in argentina. matt asked him if it wasn't a drug or alcohol-related thing. he said he had food poisoning and was dehydrated. >> i think he would say, yeah, i drank too much. >> we are glad he's okay. >> have you ever fainted from dehydration. >> once. it happened once when i was in post office. i had a ton of nyquil and i didn't drink enough fluids. i was literally in line. it's such an odd feeling. did it happen to you? >> i've been dehydrated and fainted, yes, one time. fell backwards. got up in the middle of the night thirsty. i wanted iced tea so badly. next thing i know, i'm in a pool
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of blood in our kitchen because i hit my head. the worst is when you have food poisoning. i was filming a movie about a young girl, true story of a girl who died when she was 17. i had to do my death scene the next day. it was the best acting you've ever seen in your life. you cannot sit up you're so cramped and so awful. poor guy. hope he's all right. >> i made a health decision. >> oh, oh, and it couldn't have happened at a worse time. she decided to go off sweets right before halloween this morning. >> i was grossing myself out. i am eating all kinds of sweets. wait. i see a bowl of jelly bellies. i'm at the restaurant. no one eats those mints with the spoon. >> hodi does. >> now i'm done. i'm cold turkey, starting right now. >> obviously, your body is desiring it. it's craving it. >> it always does. mike seidel from the weather channel came in.
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he had two bags of cookies his wife baked right after i said i was out. those looked so good. it's my new thing. >> all righty. remember we talked the other day about this unfortunate incident where a young woman traveling to ireland had checked her luggage. inside her luggage was what we like to call around here a pmi, a personal massage item. use your imagination. >> you know what we are talking about. one of the screeners, tsa screeners, they put a tag in it. in the tag on the tag he wrote, "get your freak on girl." she opened her luggage and saw it and was horrified, then blogd ant it so everyone would know. then the tsa did an investigation. >> right. they outed the guy. >> they found out who it was and he was removed from the screening operations and they said they took appropriate disciplinary action. >> should he have been fired? >> no i think it was stupid, but i don't think it was a fireable thing, do you? >> no.
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if he's teachable about it. i don't want to know anything else they do with things, you know what i'm saying? >> here was an unfortunate incident that happened. >> this was tragic. >> we should have led "nightly news" with this. it's sad. this is a wipe store in wisconsin. look what happened. >> almost 1,000 bottles of wine and champagne collapsed. >> they came crashing down. >> i guess it was too much weight on the shelves. a river of red wine. >> look at us. >> that is just sick. oh, my god, why am i on my knees? that's gross. >> some were up to $189 a bottle. no one was hurt, that's the good news. we might get hurt if we stay there. and insurance covered most of it. took one day to clean up that whole thing. takes longer to clean up our house after a party. no one gets less sleep than you. no one i know. you go to bed -- what's the sleep pattern?
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>> get about three solid hours. >> that would make me crazy. >> sometimes i can fall back, sometimes i can't. martha stewart, same thing. she is using it creatively. i'm just hanging out. >> here's the deal. they found the five or ten cities with the worst problem with sleep. number five -- we'll do the top five. new york. which makes sense. there's a lot of noise. >> a lot going on. a lot of sirens. >> new orleans. i know it's a sleep-deprived city. people are enjoying themselves. oklahoma city. >> that surprises me. i've been to oklahoma city many times. it's a lovely city. law-abiding, bible belt folks. what are they doing? why en't they sleeping? >> birmingham, alabama, is number two. >> and number one? detroit, michigan. a lot of people out of work in detroit. a lot of problems as a result of that. maybe a whole lot of worry. you ever watch those commercials?
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it's for a bank and the dog, worry, worry, worry about the bone. he's got the bone? maybe it's travelers. he takes the bone and digs it up and takes it to the bank. that's frank gifford. that dog is frank gifford. worry, worry, worry. what do you have to worry about? you've got the best life in the world. >> most of the stuff we worry about never, ever happens. i've been wringing my hands about things. here is what's weird. when i have way, way, way too much on my mind in overload, i fall dead asleep. when i have two things to think about, i'll let them roll around forever. if it's too much for me to handle, it's overload, i conk out and go to sleep. >> you know what makes me mad when we are traveling together. i get on a plane and i can't do anything. hoda puts on her little hodi. hodi's hoodie. >> i go under. >> out until we arrive. i love her dearly.
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but i want to take you and shake you. >> you read many books and other things. i'm like look at her still reading. >> what you got for me, baby? >> you're going to like this. this is a little niki manaj tune. we're just going to play the chor us because it's easy tore thing. let's watch. ♪ my heart beat keeps running away ♪ beating like a drum and it's coming your way ♪ can't you hear that ♪ boom baboom baby boom boom boom ♪ boom boom boom ♪ >> great lyrics. >> i want to see the little girl. that's my favorite. >> these little girls made it
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famous. i think they are better than i was. ♪ beating like a drum and it's coming your way ♪ ♪ did you hear that baboom boom boom boom baby ♪ ♪ ♪ well you got my heart beat running away ♪ ♪ >> i love when she does, the other little girl, she gives me dance.
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>> niki manaj is one of the top four costumes. >> which one? >> nikki dresses in those crazy wigs. >> which costume are you going to wear? she wears something different all the time. >> i think you'll know it's her. halloween is coming. we have not revealed what our halloween costumes are going to be, but we want you guys to come to the plaza, especially at 10:00. we are going to meet lots of people at 10:00. >> you get a chance to win a great prize. >> tickets to justin bieber's concert on november 23rd. we've done costumes over the years. we did "star wars" one year. >> i was big bad wolf and you were little red riding ho. >> then we did lucy and ethel. >> that was my favorite. >> this is my favorite. i put lipstick on because i
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hated how ugly i felt. >> and that really helped. it really did. >> we will be equally as interesting this year, if you know what i'm saying. >> we hope. we also want you to know we have nothing to say about it. we just do what we are told. >> and we want to apologize. >> we have a facebook fan photo of a guy with a pumpkin with junk in the trunk. someone posed their pumpkin that way. is that a person? >> whatever they did, it was to wish us a happy halloween. or it's an editorial comment. i don't know. >> what are we giving away, miss sara? >> artwork signed by kathie lee, six lucky recipients picked at random. so won't matter what time zone you're in. >> that is the new little book that just came out that all the profits go to child up. there it is. >> we are going to pick them random at the end of the day. let me show you.
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>> posters. yeah. i signed them back at the book fair back in june or may. terrific. thank you very much. and michael signed it, as well. >> is it okay or not okay to brag about your weight loss? kathie lee says bragging about anything is unattractive to everyone. just be grateful. >> hoda said, of course it's okay. when you work that hard to peel away the pounds, yell it from the mountain tops, you earned it. >> yell it. people love weight loss stories. >> it's the bragging that threw me. i don't like the bragging. you can say it's wonderful. bragging. don't brag. >> come with us. come with us to orlando. we are going to do some fun at the universal studios. it's that harry potter deal. >> big weekend for them. >> a lot of people are registering in our contest. go to our website or facebook page. >> website.
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and get on there. >> air travel, hotel, five days, four nights at universal resort. >> you get one-on-one time with the stars from the film. >> and the gala event. we have a big show. we are talking relationships. if you're looking for love, should you play by the rules? apparently we have ladies in the house who might be able to help us. >> what some relationship experts have to say when they answer your questions. hoda and i are so blissfully happy. right after this.
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if you're looking for love but having trouble, you've come to the right place. we have three relationship experts to answer your questions and steer you in the right direction. >> emily morris, host of "sex with emily." amy lawrence matchmaker. and julia allison. she's a relationship columist. >> are you all in perfect relationships? >> no.
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>> we are too busy helping everyone else. >> exactly. >> is that what it is? it's a facebook question from sarah. lots of tv and movies set up dating rules like never calling a guy first or not being too available. is it best to play the game or if he is responsive, should i throw all the rules out of the window and do what feels right? >> no. >> there are reasons for the rules. the rules exist because they work. >> for everybody? >> here is the thing. you need to know the rules before you start breaking them. i feel like they are training wheels. when you're ready, take off the training wheels. >> what if your guy is crazy about you? >> never call a guy. if you're a woman, you don't initiate. never initiate. >> be yourself, be confident, be who you are and bring yourself to every relationship. >> what if yourself is a stalker though? >> i don't want stalkers. i'm saying just be yourself. you should not play the rules.
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>> guys like to be the hunter. >> i'm not saying call obsessively or text obsessively when you meet them. i wouldn't say you have to go by every rule. >> let's go across the street to the nintendo world. >> we like to keep you guessing, where in the world is sara? i'm with mindy from utah. she has a question about emotions. >> how do i help my husband who is going through a hard time right now? >> emotional time. >> i would say men are not as comfortable as women talking about emotions. typically, that's what we do from the time we are born. i would say that you should just ask him -- men don't like to be asked their feelings either. i would say, let's talk. start slowly and say, hey, what's going on. >> i think you should say, i'm here if you need to talk about it.
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let him know. >> you don't want it to be an interrogation. asking a ton of questions makes guys uncomfortable. >> he obviously is in a lot of pain. >> just being there saying, i'm here. >> sometimes people just want to be held. just the wordlessness. >> the hug. >> there you go. >> are guys scared of women who are too independent? sometimes i worry that i give off an impression of being a strong woman who can take care of herself, but at the same time i don't want to compromise my personality for a guy. good question. >> i think that is a good question. a lot of women worry about that. if you're strong, smart, independent woman, you need to find a guy who is okay with that, who respects that. who is down with the fact you work all the time and you're independent and strong. you shouldn't try to change yourself. >> i disagree. there have been times in my life, in act, amy, you know about this, when i've been so busy and obsessed with my career, men came to me and said
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i don't think you have room in your life for a relationship. so it's fine to be independent, but what's it for? >> men like to be needed. >> not all the time. not about everything. >> i think it's two different things. if you're too busy for them, that's one thing. if they're threatened by you and your strength, that's not the guy you want to be be. >> i'm here with karen from wisconsin. she's got a question about wardrobe. >> is it appropriate to dress your man for an event? >> dress your man? >> my husband would never allow me to dress him. >> you don't want to become his mother. >> i always dress my man. >> what is he your son? isn't he a grown man? >> i feel they should coordinate with you and you do it in a respectful way, that tie is hideous. >> that's respectful.
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>> wait until somebody says, do you like this, honey? it's a little like they're a trophy as opposed to a treasure. a little bit, ladies. >> ladies, thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up next, photos that will make you say what? [ male announcer ] cookies with smooth caramel and chocolate. ♪ hmm twix. also available in peanut butter.
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that stays even after i treat... [ male announcer ] truth is, most sinus formulas don't treat a cough. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus sinus liquid gels fights sinus symptoms plus cough. you're good. [ male announcer ] thanks. that's the cold truth!
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when someone gives blood and a life is saved, that moment when heartbreak turns to hope, you're there through the american red cross.
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every day, the red cross responds to nearly 200 neighborhood emergencies. and your support makes it possible. use this moment to join us today. visit it is that time of the week when sara shows up with all those photos that make you say, what? that's right. sara has been hard at work giggling over your submissions. wait until you see what she's come up with. >> today we've got good ones. take a look at our first photo. rosemarie writes, i was house hunting with my daughter and didn't feel comfortable letting her live here. stay out of harms way or off harms way. good parenting. photo numberwo by nicky spencer.
2:31 am
she's from los angeles, california. that always depends on what's creepy about it. >> creepy massage? >> they put it in the title? issues. the next one is from ken from liberty, missouri. nice enough to send in, i feel b like we would learn a thing or two from the australians. they put aged people, they have kids crossing, the elderly. >> that's sweet. >> it's lovely. this was a feel good. the next one from our fan laura who lived in reno, nevada. who would want to be in that club? look at that, the club specials more than the regular price. $6.99. save $7.99 only when you use your club card. people are signing up for that club just to give back. >> i love california kitchen pizza.
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>> our next photo is from boca raton, florida. is it free? >> that's why i'm going on my vacation, right there, baby. >> normally they pair it up with the meat you're eating. wine and drugs. >> next one up is from michigan. does the water have to be from the same place as the car? i only wash my car with bottled water. >> wonder what it costs. >> can you imagine? seriously. keep those photos coming though. >> still to come, inside the coveted neiman-marcus christmas catalog. >> we might have a surprise for you.
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we are back on this thirsty thursday with style.
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we're taking you shopping for the sweater that fits your body type just right. >> hello, kay. >> how are you? you've got it all laid out for us. i like how you've broken it down. >> we are giving you trends, too. we wanted to address what works for what body types. >> pear-shaped women, you think this is the right fit? >> i do. a sweater that stops more at your waist that might have more volume up top. it's going to balance out your hips. this is a great sweater from top shop, $76. cables are big, too. remember, keep it simple. this is not your layering sweater. this is all by itself. >> this pink one in the middle looks good on just about everybody. >> it does. this is a universally flattering outfit. isn't this nice? this is a tunic from express for $50. again, this is such a go-to outfit. it goes anywhere, too. it's weekend, it's work. again, you kind of want a slim
2:38 am
shape on the bottom. this is a cardigan from new york and company for $30. >> that's a bargain. >> we work hard for you. this is such a great transitional piece. this is what you put over maybe a slightly more springy dress and you've got a fall look. for a curvy figure we would add a belt to emphasize the waist. if you're more straight up and down and boyish, i would wear it loose. let it fly. >> that's cute with jeans, too. >> interesting ponchos. can anybody pull off a poncho? >> poncho via. he owned it. >> i think the trick is to wear something slim on the bottom. ponchos are going to add volume to your look. you need a slim pant or something that is more narrow on the bottom. this is from loft for $90.
2:39 am
what's great is it's really an outerwear piece. you could put it on over a jacket. >> and cardigans are always a classic. >> exactly. this is from banana republic. it's for $70. if you don't have it, you should add it to your wardrobe. it's super flattering. anything with a v-neck looks good on any body type. great neutral color, soft, a classic every woman should have. >> i love the tone of this table. >> this is what's so interesting about knits. it's not that i don't love my black and white, but these neutrals are what really looks good in a knit. think about grays and tans and beige. these neutrals really translate in knits and look rich and they look generally more expensive than they are. >> they do. how are these in terms of price? >> everything you're looking at is under $100 on this table. >> all from the same place? >> no. these sweaters are from buffalo. they are great options with a little bit of pattern. if you've already got your basic
2:40 am
gray or beige sweater, this is the one to go with. >> all righty. the last one? >> lastly. >> v-neck. >> we are going to make it easy. if you just want to pick up a sweater, you want one knit, this is from old navy. $33. it's that perfect v-neck sweater. it's got the right v. >> they probably have it in every color. >> they have nine different colors. if you have a neutral get a bright. if you need a neutral, grab that. more elongated shape that works with a belt or not. it's that great crowd-pleaser option. if you've got all the classic sweaters you need, this is from forever 21. $19.80. >> what a great deal. >> talk about style, bang for your buck, it's color block, a modern shape. it's a soft angora fabric. this is a great piece to add to your wardrobe. >> these are all great. thank you very much. >> up next, do vitamins work and what about so-called nutrition bars?
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we'll get some answers about what you should be consuming, right after this. [ male announcer ] this is lara. her morning begins with arthritis pain. that's a coffee and two pills. the afternoon tour begins with more pain and more pills. the evening guests arrive. back to sore knees. back to more pills. the day is done but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. just 2 pills can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is lara who chose 2 aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. [ female announcer ] get money saving coupons at [ female announcer ] start the day off right with a protein-packed breakfast like the sunrise subway melt. try it with juicy tomatoes for a breakfast that stands out from the pack. subway, the official training restaurant of apolo ohno and athletes everywhere.
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look at madeline. >> time for today weighs in. before you grab that power bar, you might want to hear what madeline has to say. >> she is today's diet and nutrition expert. she's here to answer your questions about everything from sugar to vitamins. before we get to all that, there was a poll that said when people lose weight they tend to quickly gain it back. >> there is hard wiring of our body. when you lose weight your body jumps into preservation mode. hormones get secreted to make you eat and makes it harder over the short term to keep that weight off. once you get over that hump, you'll really be okay. it takes a lot of mindful eating, self-control. nature is kicking in a little bit so it makes it harder that first year. >> you're not going to ask her about your sweets.
2:46 am
>> here it is, holly says, should i cut sugar out of my diet completely? i want to cut candy out. >> what do you mean by sugar and completely? it's not all right to cut anything out completely. when you talk about white sugar, processings, cakes, candies, it's good to downsize. don't confuse brown sugar, molasses and honey. that if you get it in fruit, that's good. fruit is nature's candy. hoda, you said -- >> i eat a lot of fruit, but i eat a lot of sweets and candy. >> how are you cutting that down? >> i just started today, an hour ago. i'm 39 minutes in. i feel really good. >> what about you, kathie lee? >> i'm more of a salty girl. there is a lot of sugar in wine, too. >> yes, there is. be mindful of that. don't cut it out all together. be mindful. cut down, but don't eliminate. >> easy for you to say. >> no. it's hard.
2:47 am
>> here is from beth in flat lick, kentucky. with all the controversy about vitamins, which vitamins should we be taking on a daily basis for a healthy life? >> this has been a lead story. >> we are not supposed to take our multivitamin? >> in a perfect world we get all our vitamins and minerals from food. we eat on the run, we eat processed foods. with vitamins and minerals, less is more. for most people you want a multivitamin, 100% of the recommended daily intake. for women if you're over 50 you want a 50 plus vitamins. you need the calcium and vitamin d. that's going to be a good thing. less is more. never take super amounts of vitamins that are available for you to buy unless you talk to your doctor. if you take medicines, have certain illnesses, you might need more supplements. more is not better. when vitamins start acting like medicines, it's a big problem. >> one doctor i went to said i want you to go off the fish oil. >> people are taking a little bit, eat fish taking one
2:48 am
supplement to 10, 50 times the dose. that is not a good thing. >> we're going to skip to the last one. what kind of nutrition bars are good for women 60 and over to have? you're in the drug store and you see those bars. >> whether you're 6, 16 or 60, look for some fundamentals. don't look at the front of the package, you see fruits and nuts. you can be fooled easily. many of these are candy bars in disguise and you feel better thinking it's a nutrition bar. look for a reasonable amount of protein, maybe in a snack or meal. for a snack you want to look at about 5 grams of protein, a couple of grams of fat. it's 100, 150 calories. if you're looking for a meal replacement you need substantial protein, 15 grams or so, 20. you want a little fat and about 200, 250 calories. that is the issue. don't look at these as glorified candy bars, read the label.
2:49 am
>> and don't sneak a sweet thinking it's a glorified candy bar. >> it's got soy. it's not better or worse. the kind of protein doesn't make it better. >> if you have a diet or nutrition question go to klg& >> some gifts straight off the pages of the catalogs. that's up next. i'm meteorologist kelly cass with a look at your forecast as we head through the day on friday. we are going to be tracking some rain. it's going to be a chilly rain moving across the ohio valley, the tennessee valley. hopefully you enjoyed the gorgeous weather we had lately in birmingham and atlanta. we're going to see rain and cooler temperatures. note the blue, temperatures only in the 40s from the northeast right an down the appalachians
2:50 am
to the smokies of eastern tennessee. atlanta, just up to 58 degrees today. 64 in kansas city. low 50s around the twin cities and a warm one in phoenix, getting up to 87 degrees. here is a look at your saturday. a lot of halloween parties going on this weekend, maybe heading out to the too. louisville, chicago, a couple of scattered showers. michigan, towards cleveland, yes, we have the snowflakes on the map around new york city, especially for the catskills, adirondacks. we could see a significant snow out of this system. there is the potential we could see some accumulations along the coast. this is one to watch, especially since the leaves are still on the trees. we could see some power outages unfortunately. as we look at the temperatures now, we're going to be in the low 40s around new york city, that's about it. mid 50s for you in chicago as well as minneapolis.
2:51 am
66 degrees in kansas city. out west, still very warm, especially in the southwest united states. and the snow winds up here across the northeast on sunday. still cold in the wake of all that. and we bring in our next system around the western lakes, we could see some snow mixing in here, as well. stay with us. of course, we have "wake up with al" on the weather channel seen every day at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. [ male announcer ] this is coach parker...
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we know you're not ready to go there yet, but the reality is we have to face it, people. are you ready? christmas is just under two months away. here is the good part. the 2011 neiman-marcus christmas catalog is out. >> from luxury gifts to fantasy gifts to make your dreams come true. ginger is a vice president at neimann-marcus. >> i didn't realize half the things in your catalog are under $250. >> they are. in the christmas book, that is
2:54 am
right. there is a gift for everybody. >> you cannot have bambino. >> bambino is modeling. >> mckenzie collar and leash. we have accessories and they are all under $50. so a great gift. >> there is a little ditch for him, too. >> exactly. it's in that classic check they are known for. >> come here. >> aren't they beautiful? set of six for $125. very pretty and festive. >> aren't those beautiful? >> plenty of champagne. >> we like that. >> we've got a set of books of cocktails for him or her along with tapas. the pair of books is $50. >> this i love. >> it's beautiful, the layout. jewelry box full of beautiful candy from dylan's candy.
2:55 am
these are gold and silver covered oreos. >> cruel! >> $150 for the whole thing. >> that is a great gift. beautiful. >> blinged-out tablet holder for your laptop, $100. if you have a tablet, a kindle, this is $90, felt, comes in assorted different colors. >> protects it. >> exactly. it's nice looking. different from other things. a great gift -- >> what is that? >> we used to play with these as kids. it's $100. you can rearrange these elements into different shapes. you can spell things. >> you can create it. >> it's like a fancy legos. >> light bright. >> we are not dating ourselves at all. >> i don't remember, but thank you. >> i need to get this for my mother.
2:56 am
>> mirror and stand for the tweezers, all covered in crystals. a lot of fun. this is a great gift. this is a pair of ballet slippers with a sole on them. they're $40. >> they would be great for flying. >> and you can walk around in them. >> fantastic. need that for the plane. >> for the boys, we've got a money clip. that's for $125. and a little jewelry, some bracelets if they are into that. that's $195. >> tomorrow you're going to show the pricey stuff. we have a pricey thing here today. >> this is a ping pong table. it's $45,000. it's by an artist. >> $45,000? what it's made out of? >> it's aluminum that's been covered in black rubber. this is an artist named tom byrd who is known for those sorts of pieces. it may not be for regulation play.
2:57 am
>> can you go down and play with us. >> anybody can do well on this. >> oh, my gosh. >> it looks good even if you're not playing ping pong. >> how much is this again? >> $45,000. >> you're not going to sell a lot of these. >> thanks, ginger. we'll see you guys tomorrow. fantasy gifts from neiman-marcus. the expensive ones will be here tomorrow. >> i'm going off to seattle today for the last weekend of "saving aimee." come and see us. you'll be here with kelly clarkson. >> coming up, halloween getaways.
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3:00 am
if you want to have a happy halloween today, think about traveling tomorrow. >> that's right. if trick-or-treating isn't enough for you, sara for "travel
3:01 am
and leisure" magazine has spooky haunts to head for. >> good to see you. >> there are so many spook-tacular events happening now. >> let's talk about san diego. take us there. >> san diego is definitely the number one city for weather in "travel and leisure" survey. halloween a high of 72. what better place to go? the rancho bernardo inn is a beautiful hotel and they have a stay and spook package for $179 a night. perfect for kids because they have a not-so-scary haunted house, pumpkin decorating, costume contests. and for adults they have specialty cocktails even for you. >> salem, massachusetts. >> halloween central because of the salem witch trials in the 1600s. all the shops and restaurants get into it.
3:02 am
you can do halloween-themed tours. tour the old jail and cemetery. everybody comes there to tour -- >> can't beat a good cemetery. >> they are 17 miles north of boston and great place to go for halloween. >> denver, colorado. the brown palace hotel. >> i love the brown palace. they just had ten inches of snow. >> they have snow and ghosts. it's said to be haunted. you can meet the ghost housekeeper who fell from her death in the seventh floor and mrs. hill in room 904. >> next we are going to north carolina. >> glowing rock. they have the ghost train halloween festival. this is the 22nd year. they have amusement park rides. 50-foot freefall drop. they have michael jackson performers doing the "thriller" dance. they have pumpkins, all sorts of great performers, a great place to go.
3:03 am
an hour and 45 minutes out of charlotte. >> what is your last trip? >> napa valley. the silverado resort and spa. a trip of a lifetime. it's beautiful in the harvest season. the hotel is the largest hotel in napa valley is doing a great fright night package for $199 a night. stay in a fireplace suite. they'll take you to the napa valley wine train that is having a big bash saturday night with a three-course meal. mustard-rubbed lamb chop with napa valley sauvignon. so much fun. >> if i weren't going to seattle, that's where i would be going. >> we'll have kelly clarkson hosting with me tomorrow. come on down. we'll have ambush makeovers and costumes. >> i'll see you all on halloween. -- captions by vitac --
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