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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 28, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning to you. 5:00 on a friday morning. we made it. >> yes, we did. hello, everybody. i'm jon kelley. we're here to tell you about the weekend weather. >> scary. starting to feel crisp around here. very traditional for this time of year. temperatures are warmer in places like novato and santa rosa. in the mid to low 30s. 52 in hayward. you're at 50 degrees in san jose. headed towards another gorgeous day. we have the halloween forecast and what you can expect coming up first. 5:00 a.m. let's check you drive with mike inouye. there's a disabled vehicle on the right lane. blocking the slow lane towards treasure island.
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the bridge crew knows about it. crews typically clear that very quickly. we'll watch. no slowing right now. i'll tell you about slowing through berkeley when we come back, guys. >> all right. i can't say we'll look forward to that. but we will. to you. this is an odd but strange story. another funeral being held this weekend for a member of the hell's angels killed at a funeral for another hell's angel earlier this month. marla tellez is live with a look at the security concerns that will be going on there. good morning, marla. >> reporter: jon, good morning. this story has an element of deja vu. if you've been following it, you know what i'm talking about. a san jose police gearing up if for the second hell's angel funeral in two weeks. the member who will be buried here at oak hill memorial park was shot here while attending a fellow member's funeral.
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so a lot of ans pags ahead tomorrow. police will have extra officers here at oak hill for the funeral of 52-year-old steve townsend. he came to pay his respect to the president of the san jose chapter shot and killed last month. that was jeff p, ttigrew. police say the members got into a fight. that's when he was shot. he ended up dying at a local hospital. they were criticized for not entirely securing the crime scene. so tomorrow officials say they plan to have more aufrgss on hand, but they won't be inside the gates. instead they're just going to patrol the perimeter. members say they expect a peaceful ceremony this time around because unlike pettigrew's funeral which drew as many as 3,000 people, his
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funeral is invitation only. it should be mention, the suspected shooter is 38-year-old steve ruiz is still on the run this morning. no word on how many invites went out. so it could till draw quite can the crude. the funeral is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. >> bart will wait a few weeks to decide on a holsy to set guidelines for when to shut down cell phone service stations. several board members balked at the proposal yesterday. concerned about the language. bart staff says they will rework the policy and resubmit nit a few weeks. they will shut down services in extraordinary events and draft a resolution. remember the guy sitting on top of the wall outside of san jose city hall, he's issued his
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list of demands. sean o'kelly says he'll come down if he can meet with the city manager and mayor. he wants them to allow occupy protesters to stay in city plaza without limits on tents. he climbed up around the time the police raided the occupy san jose camp and arrested seven protesters. the city considered its request last night at the the general assembly. no word on what has been decided. and the occupy protest will get started this weekend. demonstrators will start tomorrow at noon. it's a very big day in the construction of the eastern span of the bay bridge. the new span is still more than two years away from opening to traffic a significant piece will be installed later this morning. christie smith is joining us live from treasure island to explain what will happen in just a few hours.
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good morning. >> good mortganing to you. this is a huge piece of the puzzle. 's peach they lift up weighs a thousand tons. they lift them 150 feet above the water. the final piece will be placed today. this is happening as the bay bridge is undergoing a major seismic retrofit to make it safer in a big quake. it's the largest of the kind in the world. this deseen is different. it has a single cable ha weaves down and underneath, creating its own tension. like if you had a hurt arm and used a sling. there is a celebration to mark the occasion. the mayor expected to take a break from the talk of occupy movements in the respective cities to be here. and that is scheduled to start
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at 10:00 this morning. >> you look like you're standing in a postcard. in case you haven't done it in a while, time too clean out the medicine cabinets. tomorrow is national prescription drug takeback day. people can drop off expired, on used and you think wanted pills free of charge. you're not supposed to flush the drugs down the toilet because they flow to this the bay and the dea says dropping them off prevents drug abuse and drug theft. to find a location near you visit and click on got drugs link. got weather. let's see what it will hold for us this weekend. >> good morning. happy friday. you made it. six degrees warmer in oakland. it will feel comfortable out the front door in the east bay. little bit cooler in concord and
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fairfield. we're out of the 30 ds in the north bay. we have frost in napa and santa rosa. more mild. we are expecting temperatures to dip to the upper 30s. as this area of low pressure rides north, it will increase the on jr. shore throw today. more so for saturday. sunday expecting a good marine formation. we're looking good in terms of visibility. so looking good there. as we head throughout the afternoon, your temperatures will be comfortable. you're going top end up in 270s. 77 in los gatos. 77 in santa rosa. stay tuned. i have your seven day outlook ready to go. plus a trick or treat forecast. a lot happening, mike. so we want to take you through it. >> that's good we have you for that. you have me for this.
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a disabled car on the upper deck. it shouldn't be an issue. it's been there with reports for an hour. no slowing there. we'll follow that. slowing through berkeley or into berkeley. cleveland to powell. westbound 80 has construction. paving work is right on schedule. i'll let you know if there are delays. 680 we have some spots. stone valley road. we have those off ramp closed through the construction zone. maybe a lane passing by the offramp. the peninsula looks really clear right now. that's highway 92. and the city itself. a live look shows you -- i'm sorry. we'll end with this. hey, you can get a glimpse of american history. the u.s.s. iowa will be towed in this afternoon. it was first used during world war ii and was retired after
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operation desert storm. it will be in richmond for three months before it's sent to los angeles to become a museum. >> if you ever had a chance to be on one of those things it's amazing. how a new pair of dams will stand up in earthquakes. a new cell phone policy going into effect in zpran. a lye look outside at oakland. the calm before the traffic storm so to say. mike will be along to check it out. let's hope not. have a good friday. >> for the latest news, traffic and weather. it's a good conversation. log on at facebook.
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this is friday. this is a live look at san jose. feeling the magic. i like fridays. a lot going on today. we'll have it coming up at 5:12. big birthday celebrations planned in new york for very famous lady near and dear to the hearts of americans. statue of liberty is 125 today. she might be a little upset i'm revealing. >> doesn't look too bad. >> a little dreen. the statue was a gift to the u.s. from france back in 1886. early in the 20th century the statue of liberty greeted immigrants coming to america to start that new life. she's officially known as liberty enlightening the world. to mark the special day she'll
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get a new official name. she's giving visitors and web surfers a unique look from high above. >> she had a makeover earlier this year. i think she looks hot for 125. renting a dvd from redbox is about to cost you more. we all see how that's working out for netflix. we turn to brian shactman at cnbc for the rest of the news. futures are lower after yesterday's monster market rally. stocks soaring on the back of the deal to address the greek and broader eu debt crisis. we get data on spending, employment costs and consumer sentiment. the dough is up to 12,208.
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the s&p 500 is on track for the best month since 1974. here's the red box story. they're risking their own customer backlash. coinstar will hike prices by 20% to $1.20 a day by monday. prices for the video games will remain the same. redbox has been testing price hikes in several local markets to gauge how customers would respond. we'll see what happens. if you haven't bought your pumpkin or if you have you're probably paying more to the gourd. prices are way up because of drought in the south and flooding in the northeast. the usda said average sized prices were $4.50 or 40% more than last year. you should get your pumpkins 6 ours were a little smaller. tougher to carve with the kiddies. >> you have to get the real
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small exacto knives. >> technician. that's how i do my pumpkins. >> let's check the forecast with christina loren. good morning. you made it to friday. thanks for waking up with us. we're looking good this morning. nois dleer start over the bay bridge. you can see for ten miles or the by across the bay area. temperatures on the cool side. not as cold as we were at this time yesterday. in fact, you're at 41 degrees in santa rosa. throughout the afternoon we're talking a gorgeous day. abundant sunshine. mostly clear start tatd the coast. by noon temperatures climbing to the upper 60s and 70s. 70s as you break for lunch in liver squn more. rounding out the day in the upper 70s. this morning you might need the heater in the north bay.
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74 in fremont. 77 in san jose. seven-day forecast shows you no major changes. by monday talking about seasonal averages. 75 in san jose. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, no rain to report. nice and mild with a mix of sun and clouds. >> we'll look at the south bay. speed sensors out of your way. all close to the limit. you have construction. southbound 880 from 101 toe 280. that remains until the 1k6 hour. we'll see slowing as the crews clear. take a look at livermore. the 580 commute out of the pass
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towards the dublin interchange. 13 minutes. easy drive. close to or a little above the limit. a live look shows you how traffic is flowing. just about 15 minutes from 238. up towards the toll plaza. no delays across the peninsula. great stuff. back to you. commuters are one step closer to having more car pools and toll lanes. today will create 290 more miles of toll roads. the the second vote later this year to give the final approval. they will create st lanes along 680, 80 and 880. >> something to make you literally say "dam." the dpam could get major damage from an earthquake. they are most vulnerable to
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earthquakes. now calero is in south san jose. within the quicksilver county park. both structures would sustain significant damages for a major quake were to occur in close proximity. a 6.9 magnitude quake would cause significant damage. for the calero a 6.7 magnitude quake. >> so we have that going for us. san francisco's controversial law was parly struck down by a federal law. stores selling cell phones will not be required to post the warning posters on store walls or stickers on cell phones. both would intrude on the sales messages. the city can still continue to require retailers to give the
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customers fact sheets prepared by the city that warnings of the dangers of excessive radio frequency exposure. >> like packs of cigarettes. put a warning thing on every phone. 5:19. why the man who stole a picasso draw willing be soon headsed to new york. plus pointing the finger at bryan stow. why lawyers say stow is partially to blame for his own march beating. and hackers try to pull an anonymous on oakland's police department. we'll look at what they did. and back outside for a live look at san jose.
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welcome back to "today in the bay." that's worth getting up for. that's the bay bridge.
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just an lek rik shot. inspiring spo say the least. the time is 5:22. >> what a beautiful place we live. dodgers owner is turning the blame for the beating of bryan stow back on stow himself. he has filed a counter suit against the two men accused of attacking stow on the 31st. the two suspects should be held liable for stow's injuries, not the dodgers. it also says stow should bear some responsibility for the fight because of a sports illustrated report that says stow's blood alcohol level was .176 at the time of the attack. that will remain controversial. the new jersey man who stole a picasso drawing will be back in court in november. mark lugo pleaded guilty to grand theft in exchange for 16-month sentence. he'll be in court in november for sentencing. then will be extradited to new
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york where he's charged with stealing 11 pieces of art from manhattan galleries. he was caught on cam are in july walking out of a union square gallery with a picasso tucked underneath his arm. caltrain getting ready to do some weekend work. they will allow trains to get in and out a lot more quickly. they say the agency plans to update all the signals between gilroy and san francisco by 2015. because of the work this weekend. there will be a bus bridge between the station and santa clara. hackers managed to post personal conversation. scott mcgrew says we've seen this before. >> anonymous. the sort of thing that invented the idea. what we're seeing is not terribly invasive.
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post material because of the anonymous nature. the group anonymous has not claimed responsibility for this morning's hack. you remember the lost iphone san francisco tequila bar. pretending they were cops in order to search a home for the lost phone. an attorney for the homeowner tells apple has contacted the client asking more questions about what happened. why, we're not sure. but the man is suing. hackers hit at least two american satellites believed to be the work of a foreign government. now they're not teenagers in basements. they're foreign armies. and hp, jon, is keeping computers. nceo meg whitman reversing a decision by past ceo to spin off
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the personal computer division. actually, he didn't decide that. he talked about he was going to maybe decide that. which in some ways has made that even worse. the idea that maybe we might do this. they're going to keep it. >> a bug multibillion $proposition. >> who would buy an hp computer if you don't know if it will be supported in the future? it will be. >> now it will. scott, thank you very much. good job. laura, over to you. >> meg whitd man making the call. still to come, police are looking for a man who assaulted someone on the south bay college campus. we'll have details next. i'm bob redell with the fine line the city of san francisco is walking and how to handle the occupiers here at the plaza. we'll have that story in a live report. and hey, hey, hey, you made it to friday. a lot of people will be celebrating halloween on the weekend.
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>> i'll give you an update on a major delay with the vehicle on the upper deck of the bay bridge.
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new this morning, san jose police get ready for the second hell's angel funeral in two weeks. good morning, everybody. i'm marla tellez. i'll explain what police will do differently to make sure everyone stays safe and talk about if it will be enough. the story is coming up. and a new warning for students. how one south bay college campus. >> plus, occupiers booing mayor quan off the streets of oakland. we'll have all the details coming up next. and a live look outside the beautiful bay area. happy friday to you. we have all the day's news on
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friday, october 28th. this is "today in the bay." good morning, everyone. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning, everyone. i'm jon kelley. christina loren stepping in here. the forecast going into a halloween weekend. we'll be celebrating -- i will be celebrating over the weekend. because it falls on a monday. of course. one of my favorites. a lot of us will be exposed to the elements on monday. today in san jose is 48 degrees. we have a great day on tap. we'll take you through the
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forecast and the weekend. let's check the drive and get you to work with mike. i've been following a disabled vehicle blocking the slow lane for over an hour. we made a couple of follow-up calls to see what was going on. chp sent a cruiser across the bridge. they said, there's no blockage right now. apparently the original squad line got diverted. i was worried the person would be there for an hour. >> interesting. thanks for the update there. >> you got it. >> it is 5:0. tomorrow's funeral for a member gunned down while paying his respects for another will be keeping police officers very busy marla tellez joins us live from san jose with more zurt concerns for tomorrow's services. good morning, marla. >> laura, this is a story that's hard to believe. it seems like a movie script. the funeral for a hell's angel
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member who was shot and killed at the funeral for a hell's angel. it all happened right here at oak hill memorial park. we're in south san jose this morning. this is where 52-year-old steve townsend will be buried tomorrow. here's how everything went down. one month ago at the end of september jeff pettigrew was gunned down by rival biker gang members in nevada. on october 15th he was laid to rest. he was one of the people and police say he and a fellow h, ll's angel got into a fight. that's whn he was shot. san jose police were on hand for pettigrew's funeral. they were not inside the gates. and department officials say they are going to be doing the same tomorrow. essentially follow the same
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protocol. but just with more officers. we'll have to see if this is enough to keep things safe. the major difference between their funerals, unlike pettigrew's, his funeral is invitation only. organizers say this should keep the numbers down in terms of how many people end up showing up at oak hill memorial park. they say they hope this keeps the situation under control. now townsend will be will laid to rest tomorrow afternoon. laura? jo jon? police are looking for a man that attacked a woman in a parking garage and left her for dead. that's a sketch of the suspect. the man described as a 5'4" while male with blond hair. officers are hoping somebody will recognize this man and come forward with some kind of information. the man approached a woman on
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campus asking for help. she followed him to the parking garage where he grabbed her a enchoked her until she was unconscious. when the woman came to the man was gone. it is 5:33. san francisco police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted a woman. investigators say it happened around 4:30 p.m. tuesday near font boulevard and chumasero drive. the man followed her from where she got off on the bus. during the attack the woman screamed and she says the man ran off. police say he turned around and ran back to assault her again. he is described as an african-american man between 17 and 20 years old. about 5'8", weighing 150 pounds. all is calm in the bay area occupy camps. that could all change this weekend. at least in san francisco. bob redell is live with more on this story. good morning, bob. >> good morning to you, jon. san francisco does find itself
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in a bit of a pickle as far as how to handle the growing camp site. we have the occupy sf movement. mayor ed lee did meet with some of the protesters yesterday. to try to reach a middle ground. he will come up with a one tomorrow afternoon. while not violating the law against overnight camping this city parks. there's also the issue of fire safety. the chief said she's not going to tolerate the tarps and tents fuch longer. the city wants to avoid the confrontation between police and protesters that took place earlier this week in oakland. san francisco almost raided the plaza yesterday morning. a couple hundred officers congregated early in the morning in riot gears and crowd control maneuvers. we also know there was another.
5:35 am
the ones on treasure island came to the city. they never made it to jus tin herman plaza. officially they say it's a training exercise. they were on standby in case oakland needed assistance. unofficially a source tells us that police did intend to raid the campsite here at justin herman yesterday morning. for whatever reason they called it off. protesters believe the show of force, as many as 1,000 protesters yesterday morning convinced police not to show up. that they would be overwhelmed. so occupy sf'ers get to stay here a while longer. and they tell us they feel emboldened by what they consider a victory yesterday morning. the tents are back off after the oakland mayor was booed off the streets of her own city.
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go home! go home! go home! >> she tried to talk to the protesters but she was booed back into city hall. the mayor's office issued a statement apologizing for tuesday wheen she says the city started an investigation into the incident. she also promised a minimal police presence and asked occupiers to gi her several things in return. the big item, they cannot camp out in the plaza overnight. demonstrators must maintain healthy and safe conditions and provide access to public safety employees in case of emergencies. still no clear vision. >> it will be interesting. >> we'll keep an eye on this one. christina loren is keeping an eye on the the weather for us. what's happening out there
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really note that strong in terms of our onshore flow or the marine layer. temperatures are mild in comparison to this time yesterday. novato at 34 yesterday at this time. low 50s in places like hayward. oakland, temperatures climbing in the 70s in some cities. mostly clear start at the coast. progressively foggier each morning through the weekend. so we'll see a few coastal showers. highs in the 60s and 70s looking really comfortable. tiff seven-day outlook. i have the trick or treat forecast accompanied by some great music. first let's check your drive
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with mike. >> my goodness. antioch is where you see the slowing. this happened over the last 15 minutes. speeds at least below 40. we'll look at livermore. you have a 14-minute drive. if you have a big tv, bigger than mine at home. to the north bay we're looking at a nice travel time as well. an easy drive. the visibility is much better than yesterday. back to you. >> sounds good. >> easy and breezy. the time is 5:38. we have potentially positive news to talk about it come toss the economy. a live report with details coming up.
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plus the double homicide in the bay area featured on a national show tonight.
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good mompg, morning, . good morning, everybody. yes, it's friday. a picturesque bay bridge out there. >> we have good news for you, too. >> inhale it. i love it. the economy is finally bouncing back according to new numbers for the commerce department. still a few bumps in the road, however. tracie potts is live in washington. she joins us with the details. good morning, tracie. >> let's talk about the good economic news first. 2.5% growth over the summer. that's what the commerce department anonounced on thursday. it's double what we saw in the spring. it's the strongest growth we've seen in a year.
5:42 am
certainly good news sparked by consumer spending. consumers were dipping into savings to spend. disposable income went down. also a strong rally on wall street after europe announced they're they're bailing out grease. we saw the dow shoot up over 300 points. we've seen similar rallies in europe and asia ya as a result of that. the big question is will the growth be sustained. quarter after quarter after quarter to make a dent in our high unemployment rate. tonight's date line focusing on a pleasant double murder.
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they've troef from southern california home in 2008 and slit their necks and their wrists. police say he needed his million dollar inheritance to pay off gambling debts. dateline will air at 10:00 after the premier of grip. stick around for the news at 11:00. supporters of medical marijuana are suing the u.s. attorney general eric holder. the top federal prosecutor asking a federal court to stop the crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries. the states four u.s. attorneys including the northern districts announce plans for crackdown on dispensaries throughout california. they will focus mostly on the for-profit retail operations that are not protected by state
5:44 am
la law. >> and police interrupted the occupy movement in the morning. officers cleared out the civic center plaza in san diego. that was around 5:00 this morning. a reporter with our sister station said as many as 20 people have been arrested for refusing to leave. but no reports of injuries. occupy san diego camped out for three weeks now. city officials declaring the event unlawful assembly giving police the go ahead to raid the camp. >> we're seeing it across the country. the entire state is looking pretty good. if you're heading to northern california over the weekend you'll get treated with republican nice fair weather. no storm systems that we're watching in the pacific.
5:45 am
nothing to bring us sis cant rainfall for the next five or six days. and it was really dry yesterday. humidity reading sin the teens. see we're getting more humidity recovery. temperatures this morning not as cold at this time yesterday. so that's good news as well. 51 in oakland and hayward. low pressure will ride north throughout the weekend. the storm track stays well off to the north through the next five or six days. it will increase the onher flow. temperatures will stay in the 70s. a fair amount of sunshine each afternoon. more low clouds through this morning and even more tomorrow into sunday. as we head through sunday we might get coastal drizzle because we are going to see a thick marine layer. it will push inland. mostly cloudy start on sunday. halloween is looking good. nothing scary in the forecast there.
5:46 am
the sun will set at 6:12. mike inouye is playing the organ. you want to keep a nice jacket handy to put them ongoing from house to house. 58 degrees at 9:00 p.m. as trick or treating comes to a close. no major changes in the forecast. nice and comfortable. more fog sunday into monday. let's check the drive with mike now that he's done. >> you're welcome. it was tough to get over here in time. catch my breath. that's all right. you have time for the south bay. let me get out of your way. let's look at the speed sensors. center of your screen, southbound 880 is the construction stretching down towards 280. closer to 6:00 we'll see road crews moving around.
5:47 am
101 is equally clear. other side is 880 past the coliseum. nice volume around high street to the bay bridge toll plaza. the toll plaza is a light volume of traffic. for folks heading into stty, just a few cars lining up. critical mass gathers at jus tin herman plaza at 6:00 p.m. >> thank you very much. a congressional committee investigating solyndra going to the top. they plan to hear testimony from the nation's energy secretary. state from him. steven chu will appear the committee on november 17th. the nobel prize winning physicist is the biggest name in the obama administration to testify so far in the probe.
5:48 am
the solar manufacturer laid off more than 1,000 workers after receiving a $535 million loan from the department of energy. players and owners are expected back at the bargaining table after hours meeting. the lockout lasted 120 days but it could be over, they say, this weekend. if a deal is done by monday the nba says it is possible. an 82-game season could still be played. ul or nothing tonight. game seven of the world series after a wild and epic game sixth. bottom of the ninth. cardinal douns two. in the tenth the rangers jump back on top. josh hamilton hits a two-run homer. the cardinals respond. they score two to tie it up
5:49 am
again. in the 11th breeze comes through in the clustch. the cardinals force a game seven, winning it 10-9. filming wrapped up on the the set of men and mavericks. film crews were there all day yesterday. the movie is about big wave surfer jay moriardi. movie fans had a lot of fun catching stars in action. some fans were looking for a different star. >> i was hoping to see gerard butler. it's foun to see how they put it together. it's set to be released next
5:50 am
october. i completely understand. people are always looking for you. where's laura? and where one paper says you can get the best pizza in the country. >> i'll work on it. >> check out these amazing photos. you think they're photo shopped? they say they're not. >> and these little cubes here in the bre
5:51 am
5:52 am
if you dig food and petesa like i do, you'll love this. where is america's best pizza
5:53 am
made? would you believe a hole in the wall in san francisco's north beach neighborhood. the paper wrote a travel story about where to find the best pizzarias coast to coast. hands down beat out the rest of the nation and y can find it on stockton street in north street. this photograph is so amazing it looks fake. taking during a pro mallal shoot. the kayaker is so close he could almost touch the whales. i love the expression on his face. >> you could tell where they were going to come up because the seagulls where were they were going to come up. it was so great. i was real close to them. one time i had to duck so the tail didn't hit me. >> we are currently investigating to find out if that's picoli's lost cousin.
5:54 am
the photographer said he turned at the right time to capture the phenomenal shot. >> time for our occupy wall street roundup. how are things going amongst those who have take on the the streets to protest our nation's wealth inequality. oh, new york, adorable. philly, going well. cincinnati, the clean city. washington, d.c., so nice they won't let it join the union and oakland. how are things in -- what the [ bleep ] happened in oakland? listen, oakland. i know you want to keep the peace while respecting people's right to assemble. it's hard to watch your reaction
5:55 am
to this group of protesters with the tear gas when every sunday you host an occupation of these folks. the mad max actors club. believe me, they start peeing in public a lot sooner than the other protesters. at least to our set. because we have gadget friday. >> this is a neat ichb vengs. you can see they are little letters. this is a game you can play with them. we have video of them playing with them at home as well. the idea being that you in this particular game you're able to put together different words. it's like a children's building block. except it's letters. now, this was invented.
5:56 am
so there we go. out here. what can you make out of that? what can she make? i put you on the spot. you only have three? >> i only have three. you can buy more. it's $150 for three. face them to the camera. you have to use a pc as well. there's a wireless connection as well. tsa. everyone's friend. let's try. sat. we win. so invented by san francisco folks. if this seems like somebody's master thesis, that's what it
5:57 am
is. it's kind of cool. this is just one game. you can play a dozen different games or invent your own. >> that's why we love gadget friday. >> scott thought i would be doing friday. that's why we went with three letters to help moe out. plus an update on the condition of the man injured during the occupy oakland protests earlier this week. finally friday. we want to help you plan the outdoor activities. it will be a great weekend for that. your forecast is coming up. and i got a disabled bigs rig blocking lanes at a major and i got a disabled bigs rig blocking lanes at a major terchangor from 20 leading brands, including barista prima.
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it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. way to brew. and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points?
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