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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 28, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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new this morning, san jose police gearing up for another hells angel funeral. will they do enough to ensure no one else ends up dead? i'll have the story coming up. >> i'm bob redell live in san francisco. it's been 24 hours since police called off the raid to shut down the protest camp here it is friday. october 28th. beautiful live look outside. it's friday. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks so much for joibing us. 6:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning, everyone. i'm jon kelley. everybody is waiting for the
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forecast. but the million dollar question. what are you dressing up as this weekend? >> i'm going to go as myself, the most accurate meteorologist of all time, right? good morning to you. 39 in fairfield. 37 in napa. 38 in santa rosa. we have dropped off a little bit. we'll drop off more throughout the next hour. grab a jacket. it's whilly. bunt sunshine and not as dry. we have a new accident in the east bay sounds like a disabled box truck is sticking out and blocking the slow lane towards the interchange.
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i'll show you the rest of the 'bay coming up. another funeral for a member of the hell's angels killed at another funeral earlier this month. jon, good morning. a funeral for a hells angel shot and killed at if funeral for a hells angel. for san jose police a lot of anticipation surrounding this police say they'll have more officers on hand for the funeral of steve townsend. here's how he ended up dead. a month ago jeff pet grew, the president of the san jose
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chapter was gunned down in nevada. on october 15th he was laid to rest at okay hill. 3,000 people showed up to pay their respects. he and a fellow member got into a fight. that's when he was shot. officers were on hand, but they were not inside the gates, instead they patrolled and secured the perimeter. police say it's going to be much of the same protocol tomorrow but they'll have more officers on hand. his suspected shooter remains on the run. last weekend police swarmed a neighborhood in stockton after getting a tip ruiz was oled up there.
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now back here at okay hill they'll be here tomorrow afternoon. organizers are hoping for a calmer situation. they say they can't expect one. unlike pet grew's funeral, townsend's funeral is invitation only. police aigsed two people in the death of a woman found dead in a concord apartment. the suspect is 23-year-old from concord and a woman from richmond. the victim, 21-year-old shelby barns. the coroner said barnes died from blunt trauma injury. she was a 2008 graduate of venecia high school. things are calm as the tents return to the plaza in oakland.
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but things could come to a head this weekend. good morning to you, laura. san francisco does find itself in a pickle on how to handle this. it's grown significantly in the roughly two weeks that it's been here. the mayor ed lee did meet with protesters yesterday. he said he hopes to come up with a compromise by tomorrow afternoon. this would be one to let protesters exercise their first amendment rights to free speech while not violating the law against overnight camping. there's also issue of fire safety. joanne says she's not going to hol rate the tarps and tents much longer. now san francisco almost shut
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down justin herman plaza yesterday morning. they congregated on treasure island. they did cross the bay bridge but never made it to the plaza. police say it was a training exercise and standing by in case oakland needed assistance with their protesters. protesters believe they called it off because of their own show of force. they believe the number of people was so overwhelming that the police changed their minds. they get to stay here a little bit longer. they feel emboldened by whey they see as a vikry by heading off the san francisco police yesterday morning. >> interesting update. we'll continue to follow it, of course. it is 6:07.
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oakland mayor quan tried to speak with protesters last night, but they did not give her a warm reception. >> go home! go home! go home! >> yeah, that was in the crowd. that was quan heading back to city hall. protesters booed her all night. the mayor's office had to apologize for tuesday night when police used tear gas, smoke grenades and rubber bullets on protesters. she says the city started investigation into the incident. also promising a minimal police presence and asked occupiers to stop camping out in the plaza overnight. the man seriously injured during tuesday night's protest. happy to report he's doing better. doctors say scott olson is now in fair condition.
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witnesses say a projectile hit olson in the hid. he lives in daly city and works for san francisco software firm. it is 6:08. a move that's not making any new fans for dodgers owner. an attorney predicted that a jury mr. place some blame on giants fan bryan stow for the beating that put him in a coma. they are claiming cutbacks allowed the beatding to happen. courts attorneys claim the suspect should be held liable for stowe's injuries and then told an espn website that it takes two to tango. 6:08. rescue crews pulling a p 13-year-old boy from the rubble in eastern turkey overnight. he spent five days trapped under a collapsed building following a 7.2 magnitude earthquake on sunday. officials say the death toll has
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risen to 570 people. it's amazing they're still able to pull out children and babies. 6:09. no rain showers in the weekend forecast. i'm looking ahead to potential for light showers. nothing too significant. that would be next thursday. enjoying a crystal clear start this morning. at least for now. 6:09 over the bay bridge. looking really nice through here. right now it's not the case. this morning temperatures are running cool. it's going to be a cool morning. more patchy fog than we had yesterday. as we head through your weekend, cool and foggy. next week i told you about the shower chance on thursday.
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this is what we're looking at for today. 45 degrees in livermore. we take you to the hour by hour forecast. # 69 degrees. not too bad in sunny veil at noon. stay tuned. i have the seven-day outlook in my next report. we'll take a look at weekend events happening here this the bay area. let's check the drive with mike. >> one event is commute. kicking in harder for antioch. not unusual or unexpected. slowing here as well as from time to time in the 40s showing up to concord. woel look towards the bay bridge. most routs looking just fine in your commute direction approaching the bay bridge toll
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plaza. no problems down the east shore freeway. and the travel times with a smooth drive. top speeds from 12 to 37 coming into novato. slowing showing the volume is picking up. no problems down further south through san rafael to san francisco. >> toll lanes to get you to and from work a lot quicker for a price. now a lot more of them are on the way. a lot more. >> a major milestone for the new bay bridge. the last piece of roadway is goinnghi trns mo iing. it's neak.syas t [people chatting]
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everyone, it's $37 a piece.
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welcome back, everyone. the morning starting right. friday, beautiful pictures. we have the bay bridge. a beautiful day all around. >> and in less than four hours for now a milestone will occur at the new eastern span of the bay bridge. the last section of bridge deck for the self anchored suspension plan will be lowered into place, connecting that section of the new bridge with treasure island. today in the bay's christie smith joins us live from treasure island. very picturesque to explain what is happening at 10:00 this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you. happy friday. i just got off the phone and they're telling me this is a major milestone for a number of reasons. once they get the roadway in place they can start working on the main cable but getting the last piece in place is like threading a needle. the final piece of the self anchored suspension plan.
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each piece weighing 1,000 tons. they have to lift it 150 feet in the air above the water. this connections the island portion of the bridge to the eastern sky way. it's different from typical bridges anchored into the ground because it has a single cable that weaves down and under the span reenforcing support through its own tension. they just explained the challenges for today. >> it's a tight tolerance that they'll be working with today. >> anyway the bridge is designed to be, of course, much saver in a quake. a celebration of this milestone
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is planned for 10:00 this morning. that's what we have. reporting live on treasure island, i'm christie smith. back to you in the studio. >> i'm a little nostalgic on the old one. it's tough. >> it is. but this one is safer. >> that's true. >> you are a little misty this morning. >> my grandfather helped build part of the old bay bridge. i would love to get a little nugget of it. >> that's outstanding. and now the little ones get to enjoy the bay bridge as well. 51 in the hayward. 55 in san francisco. looking pretty good this morning. low pressure will ride north throughout the weekend. and we're going to see a few of the clouds come up off shore here of southern california. really the biggest change in our
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forecast as we're done with the gusty winds. the very dry air mass that settled in. finally seeing nice humidity recoveries overnight. this afternoon will be mostly sunny and comfortable. you'll hit 77 in los gatos. 77 in san jose. 75 in gilroy. no major changes over the course of the weekend. the onshore flow will increase saturday and sunday. that means we could see coastal drizzle. maybe light showers in the north bay through sunday night. really strong onshore flow. as we head through next week we'll see fog in the morning and nice sunny afternoon. as you take the trick or treaters out by 5:00 p.m. there's mike inouye. i can't keep him off that organ. a little on the chilly side. probably want to bring a snuggy to put over the kids between
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houses. and take you to the seven-day forecast. a chance of rain next thursday. if anything very light activity in the north bay. we'll keep watching the area of low pressure for you. >> watching the slow down. it's friday. we expect a lighter volume of traffic. i told you about the disabled rig. choppers overseas. still trying to lift it off the roadway. this is northbound 238 at the southbound 280 interchange. there's the offramp that you're looking at. that's an issue. and the light just went on. we'll take you back to the map. that's the reason for the slowdown off the y on 880.
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now to the south bay. let's get a look at that. the speed sensors here, not a problem. volume of traffic shows you it's picking up. >> thank you very much. commuters are one step closer to more car pool and toll lanes. they gave approval to a plan to create 290 more miles of road tolls. it is 6:19. supporters of medical marijuana are suing eric holder and northern california's top federal prosecutor asking a federal court to stop the rekren crackdown on medical marijuana clubs.
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the justice department launched a policy to dismantle the laws of california. the state's four u.s. attorneys including the northern district's announced plans for a crackdown on clubs throughout california. it is 6:20 right now. coming up, the airline fees are paying off for the airlines. find out how much they're getting from you. chuck rooe asks can you handle thuttr realut tough sffre.
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>> welcome back, everyone. the time is 6:23. stock index futures down this morning despite yesterday's big rally on wall street. the markets soared 3% yesterday. that followed the agreement in washington to help contain the nation's debt crisis. the s&p 500 up more than 13% this month and it's on pace for the biggest monthly gain since october back in 1974. well t biggest airlines in the u.s. collected $1.5 billion from all the checked baggage and reservations and change fees in this year's second quarter. that's a lot of scrizzle. delta airlines led all carriers in this.
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it collected $430 million in fees between the start of april and the end of june. san jose's biggest problem -- the mayor saying scary things. >> mayor reid in a vanity fair magazine very honest about the problems facing the city. reed says cities like san jose have become vehicles for paying former city workers and if things continue as they are, san jose will be so beholden to retired city workers it will be able to afford one employee who will be in charge of paying retirees. san jose a few years agoed a 7,540 workers. the tenth largest city in the nation. it now has 5,400. the expenses go up as the number of employees go down.
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this is just the way the math works out. eventually not that far into the future you can afford one city worker. activists angry at oakland police officers posted the personal data to the web. fairly benign. things like badge numbers. police involved in the raid shift schedule posted to a website called paste bin. it's anonymous in nature. like you can't trace it. nop the group anonymous. but this is just astonishing how honest he is and how frightening his words are. he interviews former governor schwarzenegger. >> still to come on "today in the bay."
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the funeral for a hell's angel member killed at another funeral that takes place tomorrow and how police plan to keep the peace coming up. and what would it take for occupy campers to leave san francisco and oakland? we'll ask them next. and whether you're hitting the pumpkin patch or just couch surfing this weekend the forecast will come into play. we have your numbers. and we're taking an early look at the trick or treat weather coming up. and my big rig with a blow out slow rolling on a rim. we'll follow that.80 s ong .80
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the fine line the city of san francisco is trying to walk on. i'm bob redell. we'll take you here live coming up. san jose police get ready for the second hell's angel funeral
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in two weeks. >> police are looking for a man that attacked a woman at the junior college campus. and compliments of scott mcgrew. tgigf. thank god it's gadget friday. also known as october 28th. "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. the friday remix. 6:29. i'm laura garcia-cannon. good morning. i'm jon kelley. christina loren is here to fix up the weather for us. >> meteorologist over here. good weather this morning. 52 degrees in oakland. 39 degrees in the north bay. 39 in novato. 37 in napa. but 45 in livermore. 50 in san jose.
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that's cool enough for a jacket. you want to dress in layers. we're expecting mid-70s in every city across the bay. we're talking about halloween. let's check the ride with mike. >> while y'all guys are talking about music, i'm beginning to take you to a slow jam right here. southbound 280. the chopper moved over the big rig itsz. southbound 80 just past a street in hayward. traffic is slow on 238 northbound to the caster valley y after it was blocking a lane and then kept going. >> they certainly trying to clear up these. they were trying to clear out
6:31 am
the plaza around 5:00 this morning. the reporter says as many as 20 people were arrested for refusing to leave. they've been camped out for three weeks now. they gave police the go ahead to raid the camp. the occupy movement seems to have cleared up. bob redell is live from san francisco with more. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. the mayor of san francisco says he hopes to have some sort of compromise by tomorrow afternoon. he met with protesters for the occupy sf movement yesterday. they're trying to find some middle ground. one that allows them to not violate the law against overnight camping.
6:32 am
the fire department says she's not sure how much longer she can tolerate the tents and tarps. this is after they called off the raid. the shutdown of the plaza. we've all seen this video right here here. a couple of hundred of police officers on treasure island. this is yesterday morning. practicing riot control maneuvers. they came into city. they never made it to the plaza. the police department says this was a training exercise and they were standing by in case oakland needed assistance. for whatever reason, they called it off. the protesters here consider this a victory. they said the fact they had so many people is the reason why the sfpd not to come here.
6:33 am
you consider yourself an oakland and sf occupier. >>y yes, i do. >> what would you like to see happen? >> i would like to see the mainstream media bring the -- second largest ballot in the united states history. both against her. the first hung herself from a 14-foot ceiling. >> you're bringing up that a lot of people have their own ideas. a lot of people against corporate greed. >> i'm against federal income tax. i feel the sixth amendment was never properly ratified. we've been sold out. and when i see a marine killed -- >> mr. olsen wasn't killed. >> he wasn't killed. >> we're running out of time. i do appreciate it. >> can i finish? >> no. but i got your point. i did. based on what we were talking
6:34 am
about. i'm running out of time. you got my point. michael moore is m copping tomorrow. he's a friend of ours. there's an occupy oaklander here at the plaza. there you have it. laura and jon? >> thank you, bob. the man seriously injured during tuesday night's protest. we are happy to report he's doing better this morning. scott olsen is in fair condition. however, he does have a sfraktured skull. witnesses say a projectile hit olsen in the head. friends say he was staying at the occupy san francisco camp but took bart over to oakland on tuesday night. >> 6:34 right now. the man sitting on top of a san jose city wall listed his
6:35 am
demands. he said he will come down if he can meet tw the mi yor. he wants occupy protesters to stay in the city hall plaza without la limit on tents. colely climbed up on the wall around the time police raided the camp and arrested seven protesters. no word on what was decided. 6:35 now. tomorrow's funeral at a san jose cemetery for a member of the hells angel gunned down while paying his respects for another will be keeping police pretty business is this weekend. today in the bay's marla tellez joins us live from san jose with more on security concerns for tomorrow's services. good morning, marla. >> jon, good morning. this story has so many bizarre and tragic elements. the hells angel member. this is where she was shot. he was shot attending the funeral of another local hell's angel member. here's the hope for tomorrow.
6:36 am
more san jose police officers. fewer people attending the funeral for steve. it was almost two weeks ago jeff pettigrew, president of the local hells angel group. he was gunned down by rival gang members at a casino a month ago. the 52-year-old was one of a few thou people who showed up. it was at the funeral that they got into a night. that's when he was shot. he ended up dying at a hospital nearby. san jose police were criticized for not providing enough security. officers were on hand. they were not inside the gates. they patrolled and secured the perimeter. the only real big difference is
6:37 am
more officers on hand. now it should be mentioned the suspected shooter is 38-year-old steve ruiz remains on the run. last weekend police swarmed the neighborhood in stockton after getting a tip that ruiz was there. now back here at oak hill organizers say they are expecting a peaceful ceremony tomorrow afternoon. they expect a smaller, more organized crowd. police are looking for a man that attacked a woman in the parking garage and left her for dead. the man is described as 5'4", white with blond hair. police say he has a russian-type
6:38 am
accent. officers hope someone will recognize the man and come forward with information. the man apparently approached the woman on campus and asked for help. she followed him to a parking garage where he grabbed and choked her until she was unconscious. when the woman came to, the man was gone. it is 6:38 right now. christina loren loves life. she also loves holidays. get the candy out. >> you get to dress up like somebody else. take a break for yourself. i enjoy doing that. patchy fog at the coast. plenty of mid-40s. a couple of upper 30s. still cold enough to bundle up in a jacket. but dress in layers. throughout the day you'll still climb to the upper 70s in most cities across the bay. this weekend looks cool and foggy. a little bit more cloud cover tomorrow morning. more so on sunday.
6:39 am
you're at 37 in napa. 51 in hayward. as you break for lunch, temperatures starting to warm up. 67 in fairfield. already hitting that 70-degree mark in san jose at noon. rounding out the day at 77 degrees. coming up, we have a trick or treat forecast accompanied by mike inouye on the organ. >> we'll take you to the south bay. we have an accident to report. this is the southbound 101. this is causing -- well, this is in the slowdown and causing more slowdown around the parkway. that's southbound 101 at 87. northbound 85 approaching 87, that's also slowing at the bottom of your screen. that's your build. your typical spot for this morning's commute. 101 around capitol.
6:40 am
slow drive to the tolls. back to you. >> still to come on "today in the bay." is this market rally the sign that a double-dip recession is unlikely? a live report from waston is dinner? candles?
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welcome back, everybody. the time is 6:42. investors hoping the big time wall street rally continues today. this is an indication that a
6:43 am
double dip recession is unlikely. today in the bay's tracie potts is live in washington with more on the story. good morning, tracie. a couple of things happened to create the rally. we saw it in the asian markets and european markets as well. investors were thrilled to hear the european union will bail out greece. the kbhi in groois having a huge effect in europe. it's been affects our markets as well. once we heard news of the bailout t announcement. we saw the markets shoot up, stocks over on the dow over 300 points up by tend of the day. the other issue that happened, the other thing that happened was the commerce department reported that we had 2.5% growth over the summer in the third quarter. so that seemed to have a positive impact and get rid of fears, at least for now, of a
6:44 am
possible second recession. now that's not the end of the story because in order to avoid a second recession. in order to get the stubborn 9.1% unemployment rate down. we're going to need to see that type of growth this quarter, next quarter, and into next spring. jon? >> tracie potts, thanks for the washington reports. >> it is 6:44. coming up, the final piece of the new bay bridge in place. we'll for a yoepkior for urur yods. this week's gadget friday.
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welcome back, everyone. it's 6:46. >> time for weather. >> we're just going to completely ignore the conversation we that had during the break. >> we'll leave it alone.
6:47 am
we're not leaving you out. laura is on fire this morning. you've been here for most of it. we're looking good. we got a little bit of a greez. old glory blowing in the wind. nothing too heavy. the highest wind speed we found is six miles per hour. your wind direction has shifted. we are seeing the wind come in from the pacific. so a nice sea breeze is keeping things moist. we lost a lot of the really dry air. i don't know if you noticed a difference, but i certainly did. you can see here from this live picture of san francisco. we can still see the top of the pyramid. blinking light in and out. we have patchy fog this morning. the biggest difference from yesterday morning. still good readings in terms of surface visibilities. really to report. all the way through mountainview. a nice clear start. same for the north bay. but it is cold up there. 37 in napa. 39 in novato. through the next couple of hours onshore flow with strengthen.
6:48 am
between 7:00 and 9:00 we'll see more coastal fog develop. keep that in mind if you're waking up us this morning. your temperatures are warmer because of the added cloud cover. onshore flow is picking back up. we had a completely clear sart yesterday. all the heat radiated to the atmosphere. it was so cold yesterday morning. the cloud cover coming back to the mix makes it more mild. highs today are really comfortable. 72 in san rafael and 77 up in santa rosa. as we head through the weekend. on jr. shore flow strengthens. could see coastal drizzle. low clouds early. abundant sunshine each afternoon. and of course, halloween. mike, hit the organ. f if you could only see him.
6:49 am
count dracula. sunsets at 6:12. trick or treating ramps up around here. a little chilly making your way hope with your bags full of candy. hit that chime for me, mike. 76 by monday. he is multitalented. let's find out what's happening on the roadway. switch the costume. put the suit back on. >> i'm like the hanson brothers all in one. we're looking at a slow drive from the caster valley. this kicked off after a disabled big rig right here. the slow driver made its way to a street. that kicked off more slowing through this bend. prepare for that. a live look at oakland shows you 880 further north. speeds into the 50s and 60s through downtown. a look shows you smooth drive
6:50 am
across the upper deck. i've been watching. i don't see it here. that will slow your drive into san francisco as well. and we'll check the south bay and look at the northbound route. a slow yn down around capitol expressway. that's the northbound commute slowing. typical. southbound side we have the accident on the the shoulder causing additional distraction between highway 87 and 880. thank you very much. it is 6:50. in three hours a milestone will occur at the new eastern span of the bay bridge. the last section of bridge deck for the self anchored suspension plan will be lowered into place. connecting that section of the new bridge with treasure island. to install the last piece could be tricky. christie smith joins us live to explain what will happen at 10:00 this morning. >> good morning to you.
6:51 am
what's happening is cool. they have a massive crane out here. just starting to move. heavy lifting 150 feet above the water. each piece it's lifting is 1,000 tons. they say it's like threading a needle. this has to be smot onto fit right today. the bay bridge's self anchored suspension span is the largest of its kind anywhere. this work will connect the portion of. i just got off the phone. and why this one piece, number 28, is so tough. >> it has to fit between the other 27 pieces that make up the suspension bridge.
6:52 am
so it's a tight tolerance. >> this is different than a standard suspension bridge. it has a cable that weaves down and under like an arm sling. we'll be much safer in an e earthquake. even though the roadway is done, still can't drive on it. doesn't open until 2013. it should be a lot of fun. reporting live on treasure island. i'm christie smith. back to you guys. so picturesque behind there. and in front. >> what a nice compliment. things are still quiet in the occupy camps in san francisco and oakland. that could change in the coming days at least in san francisco. bob redell is live with more on the story. good morning, bob. >> good morning, jon. we know mayor ed lee of san francisco met with protesters yesterday with the occupy sf movement. that is located here right now. justin herman plaza.
6:53 am
the same time being cope settic with the city's law against overnight camping and being up to snuff with the fire code. this is 24 hours after what was supposed to be -- what many protesters here were anticipating a raid by san francisco police. the police officers or at least a couple of hundred did congregate early yesterday porng on treasure island. police say they were there for training and to assist oakland if anything came up there. unofficially a source tells us they were going to shut it down but for whatever reason called it off. you've been protesting since the federal reserve. you lost your voice. you're out here yelling and screaming last night. >> sorry about that. >> that's okay. what would it take for you to have to say mission accomplished, we can pack up and
6:54 am
leave? >> i would really want to feel like there was some tangible change in economic policy. at a state or federal level that addresses issues of corporate greed. perhaps a state tax that was a little bit more directed towards taxing the top 1 or top tenth of a percent of rich people. >> that's your demand. i know everyone else has their demands. realistically, do you see this coming to an end? unless you're forced out. we've only got five seconds. >> we're going to stick it out until we really feel like there's actual progress being made here. >> thanks for talking to us. get some honey and lemon man. >> thank you. >> mayor lee says they hope to have some sort of compromise by
6:55 am
tomorrow afternoon where that will see what kind of middle ground they will reach there. >> obviously a story we'll continue cover. 6:55. nasa launched a gnaw satellite overnight from the air force. the satellite was supposed to be in space back in 2006. but problems developing the instruments properly forced the five-year delay. >> of course, people talk about halloween. i love gadget friday. >> so what i have for you are three cubes. they are like little building ploks. we have video of them. look what they can do.
6:56 am
they can display letters in which to play a game. the word two. there you go. they're very interactive. you can tilt them and shake them and pile them on. one example of one of the games you can play. you need a pc running as well. there's a wireless connection from the laptop on the table. just working at it connecting the tubes together. you can develop your own games as well. super cool use of technology in children's games. >> kind of expensive. the rich thinking child's game.
6:57 am
>> scott, thank you very much. laura, back to you. sorry, we're going to weather. pi bad. i want some more music. >> i'll catch that football from you any day. former football player if you didn't know. we have a great looking weekend. temperatures not fluctuating much. >> let's look at the chopper here. we have the bay bridge. slow roller cleared from the upper deck. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us. the "today show" is up next. >> his rock center as well. they'll tell you about the custody battle over the exotic animals that weren't killed.
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