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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  October 29, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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istanbul conference that's supposed to take place in turkey. talking about the future of afghanistan and its regional impact. so the taliban trying to make sure the international community knows they are still in afghanistan and that they are still fighting. nbc news, kabul. and in oakland tonight, demonstrators with the occupy movement plan to hold a rally in a few minutes, protesting police brutality. oakland's occupy movement gained international attention this week after police and protesters clashed tuesday morning, and now hospital officials have called a press conference for right now to update the condition of the iraq war veteran injured in that protest. more on that in a moment. we have a reporter on the scene to give us that information. in the meantime, in san francisco today, occupy demonstrators got a boost from filmmaker michael moore. he spoke to occupy supporters in
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oakland yesterday, and today, moore complimented the san francisco crowd for also making their voices heard and says the movement is just getting started. >> the media wants to know who organized this? who organized this demonstration? who organized all this? and i'll tell you who organized it, bank of america organized it! the 1%, they're americans, too. they get to vote. we don't want to take their voting rights away, right? and they can run for office even. right? but here's the deal. here's the deal. in a democracy, if you're in the 1%, that means you get 1% of the votes. that's it. that's it. you see, they know that, and that's why they're frightened of this movement. they're frightened because they see this thing taking off like
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wildfire. it's already so huge, and it is not even organized! >> moore said part of the reason the movement has grown so large so fast is because there are no leaders of the effort. perhaps a reference to some blogs that are calling on moore to take that role as leader. coincidentally, another group calling itself the other 98% planned this event at ocean beach today. this event was planned months ago, before the occupy movement took off and was scheduled for almost exactly a year before election day, 2012. the idea was to use human bodies to spell out the message tax the 1%. >> and we started this actually on september 11th, the guys at the other 98% and i shook hands on doing this event before the whole occupy movement came along, and what great timing. here we are. >> the fete was accomplished
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about noon. the message, the middle class is too big to fail. in monterey county a man was attacked by a shark this morning surfing with friends near marina state beach a few miles north of monterey. he was flown to the san jose regional medical center wheresque treated. kimberly terry has the latest. >> reporter: diane, that victim was paddling on his board when the shark attacked him. paramedics arrived, were able to treat him on the beach, then he was flown here where he underwent surgery and is said to be in stable condition. 27-year-old eric tar and teen oh was bitten in the neck and right forearm. again, he underwent surgery once he arrived at the hospital in san jose. the incident happened about 7:15 this morning at marina state beach. that's about nine miles north of monterey. his friend reportedly helped him out of the water, and other surfers used beach towels to try
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to stop bleeding until the paramedics were able to get there. one of his friends knows firsthand what his buddy is going through. he was the last person to be attacked by a shark in the area, and in fact, the same beach. it happened four years ago. >> takes me out. i started sweating this morning at like 7:50 when somebody called me about it. >> shark researchers say it is not uncommon to see sharks in the area this time of year. in fact, just yesterday, a 15 foot long white shark was spotted a quarter mile off a sea cliff state beach, 28 miles north of where today's attack happened. it is not clear what type of shark went after him this morning. the parks and rec department is putting out signs warning beach goers not to go in the water which will be observed for any shark activity. live in san jose, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news.
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>> and again, looks like the surfer is going to be okay? >> reporter: appears he will make a full recovery. we are told he underwent surgery. good news, he should make a full recovery. >> fridayghtening. before harvey milk, there was another man. a look at the first openly gay politician and howesque honored this week.
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between the television commercials and your mailbox, it is not hard to tell it is election season. some candidates in the bay area are hoping to make history this november 7th. 50 years ago, a san francisco candidate was also making history. we show you what made his run for office such a challenge. >> i was normal, as normal as the next man. >> when you hear the details of
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his life, normal is probably the last word that comes to mind. in the '50s, he was san francisco's most famous drag queen, performing nightly at the black cat nightclub. >> nightingale of montgomery street. he gave me that name. >> he was never afraid to mix performances with a little politics, but eventually, it occurred to him maybe politics needed a good performer. so 50 years ago, in 1961, he decided to run for a seat on san francisco's board of supervisors. >> there was nothing in the books that said a gay person could not run. there was nothing in the books. >> he says the hardest part of his campaign was convincing people to sign his petition to get on the ballot. but he did get on the ballot, collected more than 5,000 votes. though he came in ninth, his candidacy immediately changed
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politics. >> so he proved there is a gay vote. that's huge. from that, people began to campaign for the gay vote. >> historians believe he is the first openly gay man to run for public office in the world. 16 years before harvey milk was elected to office, and 50 years before the current campaign. >> here i am as a gay man running for mayor. i received endorsements of every public safety union, police officer association, firefighters, deputy sheriffs. it is very different from when jose started in the '60s. >> he has a plaque and street named after him in the castro. the lbgt museum is opening a display chronicling his run, all for a guy who says he is just normal. experts say the world is about to add its 7 billionth
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person to the planet come monday, give or take, as anne thompson shows us, the strain from so many people is showing in food, fuel, access, to clean water. >> reporter: the sound of joy from the earth's 7 billionth person will be a sound of alarm. the child enters a world where 900 million people have no access to clean water. nearly 1 billion go to bed hungry. 2.6 billion have no adequate sanitation. but the nature conservancy lead scientist says we can thrive in an increasingly crowded world. >> this planet can support 7 billion people. the trick is how do you deal with common resources we all share. >> reporter: the most pressing issue is water. >> people say water is the next oil. it isn't the next oil, it is irreplaceable. >> we are using water faster than it becomes available. this is why water tables are falling. >> reporter: 18 countries are overpumping, china, india, the
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united states. saudi arabia wanted to be self sufficient, but will soon stop growing wheat because it depleted an underground water source. when it comes to food, the world moved to a more affluent meat based diet t increases pressure on the land, and rising food prices add to food insecurity. >> probably the biggest hurdle is tonight at the dinner table, there will be 219,000 people who were not there last night, and tomorrow night there will be another 219,000 people. >> reporter: it took until 1804 to reach 1 billion people. more than another century to hit the $2 billion mark. then population growth exploded. the most recent billion added in the last dozen years. however, the rate of growth is slowing as more women become better educated and find jobs. but it is more than the sheer number of people on this planet. the pressure also comes from what we make and what we buy. he says that's not slowing down. >> my jeans takes 2,000 gallons
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of water to make. if 7 billion people want one pair, you're talking 14 trillion gallons of water. you see how it adds up. >> reporter: the challenge now is how do we divide the earth's bounty among 7 billion people, and counting. anne thompson, nbc news, new york. coming up next, food trucks are all the rage, but not just great businesses for chefs, also great businesses for folks making kitchens for the trucks. we'll show you.
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as the food truck scene goes gourmet in the bay area, so do the tiny kitchens in the trucks. kris sanchez takes us to hayward with a look at where the small kitchens are made. >> reporter: food truck fair is created, exotic and increasingly high brow. >> it is more a move towards gourmet. >> reporter: skip designed his
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truck. an outside stereo system. inside, a $10,000 pressure frier. >> i can tell you 99.9% of the trucks for the last 30 years, it was to sell mexican and american food. now for the last three years, we haven't make any of those trucks. >> reporter: they went from making six trucks a year to making two or three trucks a month. he hired eight more employees to serve customers as diverse as their cuisine. >> i have different customers. we have from real estate agents, architects, catering. >> reporter: this truck is the brainchild of an architect turned chef. >> you come to eat comfort food and get a good ambiance. >> reporter: as a sweet treat shop, a real estate agent turned these ovens. >> i have these phenomenal convection o vens. they work beautifully.
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>> reporter: under the hood of the blast off truck, a little orange evidence of the linen truck it used to be. >> it lifts up and you can scrub and hose down the inside of the truck. >> reporter: a lot of folks are jumping on this band wagon because they can't afford or aren't ready for a traditional restaurant. it is still quite an investment. basic model catering truck about $60,000. once you add in the special bells and whistles for that custom menu, it can run to $100,000. at the end of the day, what matters is the food. >> the favorite is the food. >> reporter: they made their dreams come true. he says it goes both ways. >> we are proud when we see them get that dream. >> i love all the food trucks. we've got meteorologist rob mayeda here. there's a major storm hitting the northeast, hard to imagine
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given what's going on here. hello, rob. what's happening? >> we talk about maybe a white christmas or white thanksgiving, maybe not whitehall wean or just before halloween in the northeast. the video we have been watching doesn't look like late october. there it is. wet snowflakes. the trees are full of leaves. some leaves haven't had time to change color. in harrisburg, pennsylvania, upstate new york, western pennsylvania, cold enough for the snow to stick to the ground. once it hits the branches and leaves, you can see the trees bending down, some branches almost to the ground. unfortunately, that's causing a lot of power problems for this early season nor'easter which is causing flight delays up and down the east coast today. the system is moving quickly, but still impacting areas like new jersey, new york, hartford, boston, new england seeing quite a bit of snow. just offshore, quite a bit of rain. as two air masses collide,
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continental polar air drops out of ottawa, canada, ontario, and warm moisture comes off the atlantic ocean. that low sits offshore, you get that nor'easter effect, winds wrap around the northeast, pulling in cool air ran dumping early season snow in the northeast. contrast that to what we had in the bay area, a completely different story. 81 in livermore, 80, los gatos, and look at the coast. the sea breeze backed off. 76 in san francisco, 79 in san rafael, 70s and 80s inland. from here, temperatures are going to cool down. we're starting to see a stronger sea breeze. west wind picking up at 12 in san francisco, 75 in oakland, 75 in san jose. what was missing through the day, notice the dry air. the marine air hasn't been a component to the weather to kickoff the weekend. winds picking up out of the west, we'll see more low clouds on the coast tomorrow and cooler temperatures, but a gorgeous evening outside now.
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lots of 70s. there's a sign of the sea breeze. west at 12 through san francisco. fairfield, once the winds change direction, that's a good indication the marine or ocean air conditioning as we like to say is start to go make its presence felt inland. tonight, winds pick up off the ocean again, pulling in low clouds. some cooling for sunday, especially around the bay and the coastline. then as you head towards halloween, still looks dry, but rather big changes coming up in the seven-day forecast in terms of temperatures. mostly sunny now, storm track off to the north. high pressure has been deflecting incoming systems off to the north. you can see the clouds racing over northern california. again tomorrow lots of 70s inland, but a stronger sea breeze leads to cooling before halloween. tuesday, a trough dives east of the sierra, high pressure moves in behind it, we get a brief period of offshore winds. tuesday night and wednesday, we could see a slight chance of fire weather watches go up for
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dry offshore winds. then after this middle part of the week, the jet stream drops down, and temperatures are really going to drop off. we may even see some showers by the time we get to friday. so the hour by hour forecast for sunday plans. notice the morning temperatures are not quite as cold as the winds come in out of the west, we get more moisture to the air. shouldn't cool as much overnight. still kind of cool with patchy fog on the coast. high temperatures tomorrow, you will see the numbers in the 60s and 70s, highs run cooler tomorrow. do want to flash forward to halloween evening forecast for monday. 60s and 70s around 5:00, and then you see no worries about rain, and not too chilly. 50s and 60s around trick or treat time for monday evening. the seven-day forecast has a continuous trend to the cooler. it is not snowtober like the northeast. 50s and 60s, chilly. >> monday night is fine for halloween? >> 50s and 60s, cold and dry.
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we'll be right back.
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in the late 1980s, work began on a plan to sirk up navigate the bay. two decades later, the trail is 13 miles long. still a little work to be done. new sections are gradually being added. here is doug mcconnell on the trail. >> people think about some of the most beautiful things in the bay area, 90% are within distance of the trail. >> reporter: she walked a thousand miles around the bay, documenting what she season her website, walking the bay. >> if i can do it, you can do it, and i just really hope that a lot more people are inspired to get outside and walk the bay trail. >> my favorite thing about the bay trail is seeing people using the bay trail. >> reporter: laura thompson manages development. tray for the association of bay area governments and its many partners. >> watching the community
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members enjoy this open space and this resource we created gives me a lot of satisfaction. >> there's not a place i walked where there is not something fantastic and new to see. >> reporter: they know the bay trail leads to thousands of acres of old salt ponds, now being restored, and teaming with many species of water fowl. >> great opportunity for anyone interested in wildlife, getting some exercise, fresh air, and it's free! >> reporter: the bay trail guides us to history, too. past a quiet, abandoned marina, and the back door of the legendary moffett field. >> there are views you get on the bay side and on the land side and are amazing. >> can't get anywhere else. >> creating the trail has been a huge undertaking in all nine bay area counties, involving 47 cities and many businesses, public agencies, nonprofit
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organizations and concerned citizens, working to give us all easy access to the bay, to nature, and the history in our own backyard. >> i think it requires persistence. that's definitely been the case in the last 22 years. >> that persistence involving many partners will pay off soon when this urban stretch gets longer. this gate will come down, and a new section of the bay trail will offer a bit more public access to the water's edge. >> the ribbon cuttings are my favorite part of the job, yeah. it is a sense of accomplishment and moving towards the other gaps that need to be completed. >> another job near completing is the existing trail. for an active industrial portion of the shoreline will be open to the public for the first time. near a wetland and the chevron refinery, we'll all be able to past by a forest of solar panels that help power a west contra county water treatment plant on a part of the trail managed by
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east bay parks. >> it is great we're able to support the wastewater district in telling their story, while they are supporting the bay trail and park district in telling our stories and providing this great public access. >> mile by mile, it is a trail of many parks being formed that will one day entirely circle san francisco bay. doug mcconnell, nbc bay area news. >> my favorite part of the bay trail is near point richmond there, that section. pretty spectacular. the remaining 180 miles of the gaps in the trail will be filled in piece by piece, and they estimate a cost about $150 million to complete. what started as a halloween decoration project for a san jose man turned into a local attraction of sorts. this 40 foot pirate ship and beach cove project on church drive in san jose was built from scratch, and it was to help the whole neighborhood. the project spans two driveways,
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oh, yeah, and is complete with a crow's nest you see there, dummy pirates, and a little sand. >> a lot of hours and everybody has their fingerprint on it. all the neighbors have been wonderful, donating individual things that they have, and the neat thing about this, it is probably 95% green. it is all scrap stuff, stuff you didn't want any more, tried to create things with donations of materials. >> all right. so tonight, the family is hosting a neighborhood block party and holding an early trick or treating party as well. the details there, when you look at this, are spectacular. how do you do that in a neighborhood? how do you get it down after you're done? >> it looks cool now. the next three days, a lot of tearing down. >> a lot of work. thanks for choosing this special edition of bay area news at 5:00. more local news coming up in a couple of minutes at 6:00.
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