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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 29, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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good evening, i'm diane dwyer. we begin in oakland tonight where protesters took to the streets tonight yet again. we also have an update tonight regarding the iraq war veteran seriously injured on tuesday. scott olson was transferred from highland hospital in oakland to another undisclosed medical facility this weekend. doctors say he suffered brain damage, and at this point is unable to speak. they did upgrade his condition from critical to fair and say he's able to communicate by writing notes at this point.
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he's now a member of the group iraq veterans against the war. many in the occupy movement see him as a symbol of police brutality. >> reporter: on tuesday night, police tried to get campers to pack up and leave. that clearly hasn't happened. in fact, this movement seems to be growing. another night of occupy oakland. another night of protesters going head to head with police. this time marching out of the plaza and into city streets. this latest march comes four days after opd tried to shut double the camp outside of city hall. >> they just sprang up. >> dozens of tents are back up. >> vietnam vet. and i'm here to support scott.
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>> and more seemed to be getting involved. theodore wisinger joined the movement only after seeing what happened to scott olson, the former marine, an iraqi war veteran who was critically injured when police fired a tear gas canister at him. >> my message to police is hands off the vets. >> oscar grant's family is aligning themselves with the occupy wall street movement as well. >> scott olson is a good example of the police brutality. the underlined threat to this whole movement has to deal with police brutality. >> this isn't going away. >> this isn't going away. >> and michael moore travelled across the bay saturday to add his starpower to san francisco's occupy protest. >> we the people want to occupy the economy that is ours. this is a democracy. >> it's as simple as that, we're demanding democracy, this is our democracy movement. >> it's a movement that's caused
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chase and wells fargo to join the list of banks that won't be charging customers to use their debit cards. still, protesters say it's not enough to make them leave. >> no, that's not -- there needs to be a big change in this country. they need to strength dodd frank or bring back de gal, they have to regulate these people. >> despite brief clashes with police, there were no arrests during that protest earlier this evening when protesters marched throughout this city, mean while, they are planning for an even bigger event here on wednesday. they are planning a general strike that will involve going door to door to businesses throughout the city, asking them to close and join this movement. live in oakland tonight. elise kirchner, nbc bay area news. >> supporters of the occupy movement in santa rosa won a victory today, the right to camp overnight at city hall.
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a crowd of about 1,000 people erupted into cheers when a member of the community advisory board made that announcement. a shark attacked a man this morning, he was surfing with some friends just a couple miles north of monterey when it happened. he's being treated at the san jose medical center tonight. that's where kimberly terry is with the latest on his condition. kimberly? >> reporter: he's awake, alert and his family came to visit tonight. eric's doctors say his patient is lucky to be alive. that shark missed major arteries in his neck by mere millimeters. less than ten miles north of monterey is known for its natural brutety and awesome waives. the area also has its fair share of sharks. today a surfer was attacked. >> it was a great white. the bite on the board, it's
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almost 20 inches wide. it was a pretty big shark. >> he had just been out there for a couple minutes and it got him. >> eric tarantino and his friends spotted the shark about 7:15 this monk, they turned around trying to get away. it was too late. >> he had been hit. i saw his arm was bleeding pretty badly. he was in shock. a number of us ran down to the beach, picked him up, brought him up here on the sidewalk. and immediately wrapped him up with blankets. called 911. >> karen tino was bitten on his right forearm and neck. paramedics treated him on the beach and then he was flown to san jose. >> fortunately, he didn't hit any of the great muscles of his neck. he had some muscular damage of his neck. we were able to close the wound. >> reporter: he is expected to make a full recovery. >> it shakes me up.
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>> one of his friends knows all too well what his buddy is going through. the last shark attack was four years ago. todd was attacked by a great white shark. >> it happened right there, in the same spot as eric just got attacked. >> reporter: postings are going up on beaches in monterey county, warning people not to get in the water. >> it's a big ocean, there are a lot of sharks out there, they move quickly. the one that was here this morning could be in santa cruz now, he could be in half moon bay. >> tarantino's doctor says they will be monitoring him very closely over the next few days. if all goes well, there are no complications. the doctor says he will likely be released early next week. live in san jose, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, kimberly. a funeral was held today for the member of the hell's angels bike club who was shot and killed while attending a funeral for his fellow bike club member two weeks ago.
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steve was buried this afternoon in san jose. that is the very cemetery where he was killed while he was attending another furn rall of another hell's angels member. about 1,000 bikers rode into town for the ceremony. there was a heavy police presence, but no violence. >> we did have a larger contingent of officers assigned, particularly for this event based on what happened last week. >> authorities are still looking for steven ruiz, the club member wanted in connection to the shooting and killing. what they're calling a matter of life and death, dozens of friends and family members of a mentally ill man are searching the streets of san francisco looking for him this weekend. 29-year-old cameron rimer is bipolar and stopped taking his medication recently. he was in san francisco for a business meeting at the beginning of the month, when he was reportedly asked to leave his hotel because of strange
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behavior. >> cameron is bipolar one with psychotic features, and had -- it's believed he's had some episodes leading up to his trip out here, to his visit out here. >> there's been no real contact with cameron since october 6th. he was seen last thursday near fisherman's wharf, muttering and wearing two different shoes. the family is asking anyone who thinks they've seen cameron to please contact police. and coming up next at 11:00, wounded libyan rebels are beginning to arrive in the united states for medical attention. we'll show you who pushed for their treatment here. a stanford cardinal kept their shot at the national championship alive with a trip will overtime win. full highlights coming up in sports. a free tour at one bay area city hall this halloween, designed to give you the creeps. and a great deal on a haunted house. nothing to be afraid of in
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it was the deadliest attack in afghanistan today since the war began. nato and u.s. officials say 13 americans were killed when a suicide car bomber hit an armored bus in kabul. three is a swrilians and an
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afghan police officer were killed in that attack. there was one of three different attacks around the country today. and the violence comes just days before a conference is scheduled to be held in turkey to discuss the future of afghanistan and its wreath analogy impact as well. nearly two dozen rebels who fought to bring down moammar gadhafi's rah zbeem in legime i now in boston. they were brought to the country by an envoy to the u.s. they are some of 200 fighters due to receive medical treatment at the request of hillary clinton during her trip to tripoli last week. eye fund will pay for the rebel fighters hospital bills. coming up next at 11:00, triple overtime for stanford, we'll show you the amazingly dramatic ending. we have a change of the weather coming up. take a look at this, a halloween
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time for sports, i'm jaymee sire in the comcast sportsnet newsroom. a crazy game between stanford and isc. this one an instant classic, we start in overtime. the first ot. second and goal, stanford's jeremy stewart pounds it in. usc responds, matt barkley, a beautiful pass for robert woods. his favorite target, game tied at 41. we go to the second ot.
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usc possession. matt barkley. he fights and dives in for the touchdown. then it would be stanford's turn. what would they do? well, luck finds toyolla to tie the game. what does that mean? we go for a third overtime. taylor runs it in for the four. that makes it 54-48 stanford. they have to go for the two-point conversion, they put the ball in. it's 56-48. usc's turn. curtis mcneil fumbles. stanford recovers and they go on to win, 56-48. not as good news for cal. they were taken on ucla. fourth quarter, ucla up 17-14. zach intercepted by steven mcdonald. second of the night.
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and ucla would make them pay. derek coleman runs 20 yards, twisting and turning and finding the end zone to make it 24-14. next cal drive zach maynard picked off again by mcdonald, a rough night for him. he threw four int's, bruins win 31-14. sharks also in action against the islanders, under 7 minutes to play in the second. the shot deflects and falls. tied the game at two, this one would go to overtime in ot. joe pawelski to brent burns for the winner. sharks win in overtime. great win for the sharks, an even better win for the stanford cardinals. what a great one down in l.a. >> very stressful for stanford fans. thanks, jamie. let's check in right now with rob mayeda. i'm hearing things are changing
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a little bit? >> pretty roller coaster ride in the seven-day forecast. the timing perfect for the weekend right now, still in the 60s, notice the wind coming up out of the west. a little bit stronger sea breeze. going to cool things off a little bit around the coast. in oakland we're at 61 degrees. not much wind around the east bay. 59 degrees, we should see temperatures tonight mostly in the 40s and 50s around the bay area. still some low 60s in and around san francisco. can you see 46 degrees in novato. things are cooling off quickly in some of our north bay valleys. it's the lack of the sea breeze which allowed our temperatures to warm into the 70s and 80s. for tomorrow morning, expect to see patchy low clouds approaching the coast. a little cooler sunday. more cool as we head toward halloween. the bigger changes will be gusty winds picking up for tuesday and wednesday. a taste of winter coming our way for thursday and friday. not a lot happening in terms of the satellite view.
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the storm track is way off to the north. it's north of seattle. that's how far the jet stream is now. at least for now, until monday, not going to see a change, a slight cooldown as the sea breeze tries to pick up a little more. you'll probably notice the cooling a little more for monday, tuesday and wednesday. the system drops in east of the sierra, and high pressure builds in behind it. what we're going to get another taste of is those offshore winds much like we saw last week, this is going to raise the fire danger colonals for low humidity and gusty winds tuesday night into early wednesday. after this system weakens, we will see a chance of showers coming in late in the week. and temperatures dropping almost 20 to 30 degrees cooler than the temperatures we're enjoying this weekend. soak up the sunshine here the next couple days, and the 70-day degree temperatures. tomorrow morning, 40s and 50s around lunchtime. look great. lots of 70s across the board. we should see highs inland.
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close to 80s in los gatt oes. let's jump ahead to your trick or treat forecast. 60s and 70s around 5:00, no worries about rain, our temperatures are going to be comfortable, mild and mainly 60s through trick or treat time. the seven-day forecast, you got the kwin the wind. the temperatures are really going to drop off. a few showers as well. maybe snow levels, close to 4,000. >> it's so beautiful today. >> thank you, rob. coming up, oakland congresswoman barbara lee takes on the food stamp challenge by eating only what you would be able to buy with food stamps for one week. pgh what does paul mccartney have in common with smokey robinson and stevie wonder?
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in the 1960s, the motown sound and the music of the beatles dominated the airwaves. sir paul mccartney has decided to renovate a piano. >> the museum would be happy to let sir paul play, but the piano no longer works. mccartney continued on his tour and then personally called the museum the very next day. what are your plans for the piano. we explained that we need to get it restored so that it can be played, but we are a nonprofit and -- he said, well, do you mind if i have stein way do that? we said, of course not. we'd love for you to do that. >> mccartwny made good on his
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offer. it's unclear what the cost will be or really how long it will take. the company will pick up the piano on monday. they estimate it will take at least five months to figure out what needs to be done. the company is graciously leaving a loner piano in its place. mccartney could not have been more giving or kind. they describe an unpretentious man, grateful to see where artists like marvin gaye created their music. >> i think for him, the most significant of all of the experiences here in the studio was him coming to studio a and being actually in the small little room formerly a garage, where from 1959 to 1972 all of the great mo town music was created and he was just bowled over. >> again, that was norm mcdonald reporting.
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think you could get by on a food budget of 4.$4.50 a day? barbara lee and other politicians and activists are taking the challenge to find unite. the event challenges people to live on a food stamp budget which is 31.50 a person a week. the challenge runs through november 3rd. the nationwide event is designed to help protect the funding for food stamps and other low income programs. people on the east coast are preparing for a white halloween tonight. or at least a very cold halloween. because of around unusual fall storm. these children arrived all bundled up for trick or treating at the white house of all places. they handed out some m&m's and butter cookies baked by the president's pastry chef. look at that. we're told this is the earliest snowfall to hilt new york city
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since the civil war. >> my daughter's not going to be happy. a white halloween? i don't think i ever experienced one, honestly. i've been in new york all my life. i don't remember if snowing on halloween. >> the storm is causing ripple effects at airports across the country as you can imagine. including san francisco international airport. call ahead if you're headed to the east coast. that's our advice. we thought we'd look into some fun, free things to do in the bay area. first up, this 50 foot pirate ship. it's on church drive in san jose, it spans two drive ways, complete with a crow's nest, dummy pirates and sand. it was built from scratch with the help of the whole neighborhood and took about nine weeks to build. >> my neighbors don't really have a choice to be involved. i get them involved. and a lot of neighbors have been super as far as participating and putting up with a little more noise late at night than we probably should do. >> the pirate ship is on display
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through halloween. if you'd like more information, follow my twitter account at dianedwyernbc. how about a free ghost walk on halloween. the tour starts at 6:30 halloween night. if it's just too tame for you, we have a great deal at the new ream theater. it's rated as one of the best or scariest if you will. you can get half off a movie at that same theater if you keep your ticket from the haunted house. for the details follow me on twitter at dianedwyernbc. you have to turn your ticket in and they'll give you 50% off for the next couple days. i heard it's really scary.
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we go now to washington, d.c. where mitt romney is taking questions from top republican fund raisers. >> it's such an honor to be addressing you tonight. you're the backbone of the republican party, and i think we all agree it's time for change. all right? i hope i have your support. any questions? yes? >> you've been saying recently america needs a leader to return it to its position as a strongest nation on earth. >> yes. >> who do you think that leader is? >> well, obviously, you know, i think it's me. >> yeah. but let's say you could pick anyone.


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