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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 31, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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new this morning. protesters at occupy oakland gearing up for a general strike across the city on wednesday. i'm christie smith. i'll have the story coming up in a live report. >> plus, how san francisco plans to deal with the occupy protesters in justin herman plaza today. >> i'll never fly jet blue again. >> and you may not believe how long passengers were stuck on a jetblue plane. it's monday, october 31st, halloween. this is "today in the bay." good morning, everyone.
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i'm scott mcgrew. let's get a halloween forecast with christina loren. >> love the ghosts and goblins waiting by the bus stop. this morning it's cool enough to put a jacket over them. temperatures are running cooler from napa to saj that rosa. overall looking towards a comfortable half of your halloween. temperatures in the 70s. lots of sunshine. we'll take you through the forecast. mike has a serious situation in san jose this morning. >> that's right. we start off with an alert in san jose. the accident involves an overturned vehicle and two other vehicles vm. for now just travel to the next exit. i'll give you the update in a couple of minutes. >> it's a big week for occupy oakland protesters, they're looking beyond their camp site
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in downtown. they want to expand throughout the city and occupy everything. >> i have to say it's much quieter here at occupy oakland than it was last week. much quieter than before the police raid. just about all the tents are back here this morning. one protesters told me that a lot of people who shouldn't have been here in the first place are gone. more people are sticking with the movement and the message. they're talking about gearing up for the general strike. they're expecting strong support with people taking the day off and shutting down parts of the city. other groups breaking off. we're told a news conference is planned for today at 4:00 on broadway and telegraph. there was tension over the weekend with police saturday night with a march that was going on. the city saying, though, that activity at the plaza remains peaceful. police are looking into reports
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of graffiti, some vandalism, and a broken window. and there are reports that members of the medical staff serving demonstrators. i spoke with two protesters off camera. they're saying they're fine with the supplies they have. at this point they're just very excited for wednesday. they are expecting very large crowds. of course, we'll be there and monitor everything for you. for now pretty quiet. quite a few tents out here. i'm christie smith. scott, back to you. some san francisco city supervisors want a resolution to prevent the use of force on occupy protesters. it's sponsored by john avalos.
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he showed up in defense of the occupy rs when it was thought they are going to raid the plaza. meantime, nay yor ed lee and other supervisors are expected to meet with occupy protesters in san francisco today. in santa rosa, the occupy protest remains peaceful. about 100 protesters camping outside of city hall. the move comes after the city backed off that threat to arrest anyone camping there. the city manager told police to step down until tuesday when the city council will revisit the issue. occupy santa rosa is opening for more than two weeks. for the fifth year in a row, no big halloween party in the castro. a shooting that injured nine people in 2006 ended the
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tradition of an official city party. they saw other violence at unofficial parties. city officials say there will be no street closures tonight. police will crack down on any public drinking. 4:4. the weather was boufl over the weekend. not the case on the east coast. hundreds of schools are closed due to heavy snow. an early snowstorm dumped more than 30 inches of heavy, wet snow. power lines snapped under the weight, leaving millions without power under the coast. some states it could take up to a week before electricity is fully restored. some communities have canceled or postponed trick or treating. snow causing travel delays here in the bay area as well. some peaks were stuck for ten hours. the flights were diverted to
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bradley international airport in connecticut. a spokesperson for jetblue says the power outages at the airport made refueling and deplaning difficult. add to that it's just a little airport that never expected to have so many at one time. they shade they had no food, no water, no working toilets as the pilot pleaded for someone to bring stairs to the plane to let people off. >> it almost came to fists on the plane. there were children -- children under the age of 3 for eight hours on a plane isn't pleasant. >> in 2010 the department of transportation introduced steep spenlts for tarmac delays. a federal investigation has been launched into the delay that could result in fines up to $28,000 per passenger. jetblue is now offering a full refound. well, the weather here will be marvelous.
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especially for halloween. let's check in with christina. >> it's a holiday where you'll with be outdoors celebrating. it's chilly, but you'll see a gorgeous second half of the day. just like the weekend. then we transition to a fire weather watch for tuesday and wednesday. rain moves in thursday and friday. we'll take you through the forecast first. let's start with what is happening right now. it's cool out there. by noon temperatures are nicely climbing. in concord, 69 degrees. rounding out the day at 76 degrees. you can imagine a lot of people are hitting the streets of the city today. through tonight, you want to know what it will be like for your trick or treaters. 5:00 p.m., 671 degrees. sun will go down at 6:12. 7:00 p.m., 64 in san jose. then round out the evening with
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temperatures in the upper 50s and lower 60s. might be a good idea to bring along a jacket. mike, i know you have a serious situation, but that's a serious tie as well. >> it's my halloween spirit tie. magical americans are on it. witches. like magic, this accident has cleared as well. it was blocking the transition ramp. it got a lot less serious as far as the blockage. so be advised we still have a crew there. also northbound 280. there may be one lane blocked. a light volume of traffic keeps things moving smoothly. you have them with the taillights. southbound with the taillights. moving smoothly to the toll plaza. the south bay's most famous haupted house seeing a steady stream of traffic.
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the grounds were transformed into a terrifying halloween experience, kpleetd with roaming performers and nightmare inducing tails about the home. legend has it's haunted. tens of thousands of people spent the weekend going through the house. >> we wanted to do something fun for halloween. we didn't want to do the haunted house where they jump out ot you thing. >> i thought it was spooky as a kid. figured i would see how it affects me now. >> daytime tours are still available today. 4:3. $7 billion and counting. the world population about to hit an amazing milestone today. oracle and google going head to
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head in a show yn down. st giants are making offseason moves to secure another world series championship. updates sear nbc bteay area ic morning news. re
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welcome back to you. today marks ha milestone in human history. the population of the world will
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hit the 7 billion mark with so many people there are growing concerns an how to manage the earth's limited resources. >> some time on monday the earth's 7 billion person will be born. into a world facing a decline in natural resources. >> this can certainly support 7 billion people. >> one alarming statistic, 900 million people have no access to clean water. water tables are receding. 18 countries are overpumping, including china, india and the united states. saudi arabia will soon have to stop growing wheat. closely tied to water is food. nearly 1 billion go to bed
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hungry. zbr tonight at the dinner table 219,000 people will be there who were not there last night. tomorrow night will be another 219,000 people. >> but it's more than the number of people. >> my jeans take 2,000 gallons of water to make. if 7 billion people all wanted a pair of jeans. 14 trillion gallons of water. you see how it adds up. and the question remains, how to divide earth's gifts among 7 billion and counting. >> the much anticipated courtroom showdown will have to wait until next year. the battle is supposed to start today. a judge postponed it. they said the android software inflings on patents and copyrights. oracle ceo met face to face to
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try to work things out. nothing came of it. the judge expects the case to be la long battle. for the rest of your news we turn to brian shactman. >> good morning, scott. futures are lower as we wrap up october today. coming off another wall street gain. the dow rose 12% this month. the best monktly percentage gain since '87. investors have a full plate with numbers on the manufacturing and services sector. auto sales the, two-day fed meeting. the dow up to 12, 231. the nasdaq was down a point to 2737. if you haven't heard t future
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run by former goldman sachs ceo. and they neared a filing for bankruptcy as soon as today and sell some of their assets. they've been suffering from low global interest rates and made bad bets on european sovereign debt. the company stock lost 70% of the value after reporting a surprise quarterly loss. global consumer confidence remained weak with 60% of people saying it's not a good time to spend money. a new poll shows two-thirds of consumers in north america say they don't have spare cash. the poll is based on consumers confident in the job market, personal finances and readiness to spend. although after october people might feel richer. stock market is doing well. have a good day. back to you. >> thank you very much, brian. let's check in with christina as we get ready for halloween.
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when i grew up in the midwest it almost always rained. >> you would probably have to provide a costume with a hood. around here we'll see beautiful, beautiful weather. and you don't have to worry about your chocolate melting. not too hot. not too cold. temperatures in the 70s with bunt sunshine. you can't beat that. that's why our weather is the envy of the nation. 55 in san mateo. chilly this okay land at 57 degrees. we'll see a little bit of coastal fog early. it won't hang around long. future cast says it will head out before 11:00 a.m. through tomorrow we have changes in the forecast. dry and breezy weather returns to the bay. we have a fire weather watch in place for tuesday and wednesday. it's not only going to get rainy. it's going to get cool in the latter portion of the week. for today your future cast shows you by 11:00 a.m. mostly clear over the entire bay area. a lot of sunshine in the city of
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san francisco through livermore. no worries when it comes to celebrating outside later on this afternoon. 72 for san rafeal today. as we head throughout the next few days, things don't change much in terms of your temperature. but we are going to get dry and breezy. 76 degrees by wednesday. that clear condition will lead to a cold start as we wake up wednesday morning. temperatures rounding out in the 30s as your low. so by thursday the showers arrive late. they clear out by friday afternoon. and this weekend a mix of sun a endlouds. overall, we'll go on a roller coaster ride. by this weekend things are back to normal. >> for november, not bad at all. the sharks in the big apple trying to keep their win streak i live. they will look for their sixth win in a row.
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on saturday they beat the island iers. they came in through overtime to score the game winner. the giants making offseason moves to shore up the bull pen. he's coming from pittsburgh in 2010. san francisco also picking up the $# million contract option for reliever jeremy affeldt. he suffered a happened injury on september 8th. he is expected to be ready for training in february. the nineers woniest against the browns. the nineers won 2010 thanks in large part to a strong showing by self-defense. and running back sfrank gore rushing for 134 jards. taking over roger craig as the
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second leading rusher in franchise history. he's less than 300 yards behind all time leader, joe per riff. in college ball, stanford is now fourth in the nation. it will quarterback is giving heisman voters another reason to vote for him. they game out in triple overtime. he bounced back from a bad interception late in the fourth quarter. helped the tale score the game tying touchdown. stanford wins. 56-h 48. coming up, a knew movie about to start filming in the bay area. details ahead. >> no delays here. i have two accidents into hayward. i'll point out what's going on there coming up. >> for all your news, weather and traffic updates, search nbc bay area morning news. you're looking at a live picture of san jose this morning. it's 4:50ment es cells
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when someone gives blood and a life is saved, that moment when heartbreak turns to hope, you're there through the american red cross. every day, the red cross responds to nearly 200 neighborhood emergencies. and your support makes it possible. use this moment to join us today. visit welcome back to you. as we see a sparkly windy morning this morning. hollywood film crews making another stop in the bay area. a murder mystery movie in napa. the film's director says that will begin two weeks of filming
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today. rose mcgowan will play the main role. the film is loosely based on a novel called "three to get ready". in the book a sheriff comes to a small town to battle small town politics. the film expected to be released next year. in texas the undead took over part of downtown dallas. 50 dancers were track tising their move for more than a month. everybody seemed to enjoy the free show. let's check in with mike. a reminder to drive slowly on your way home from work. it will be dark. little kids in costumes. >> a lot of parents rushing home early. you have to get there safely. we're looking over theer to an accident on 880.
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this is off of the interchanged with 292 and industrial parkway. we don't see slowing on the speed sensors. cars off of the roadway. it took down fence posts on the side of the road. you may see roadwork later on this morning. nothing is planned so far. look at travel times on the other side of the bay. no delays. you're at the limit for 101 and 280. this is the spot where wrist tee na talked about the fog. it gives you a halloween feel, scott. it's appropriate. nbc news with the launch of rock center. >> i want people to watch "rock center" and say that's where everyone good in television news is now working.
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>> you hear that mike? everyone good is working on rock center. it offers long form stories from familiar correspondents. some stories you'll see a north dakota town that has more jobs than people and something called birth tourism. an industry focused on instant american citizenship. brian will anchor the 10:00 broadcast live each monday. catch the free mere here on nbc bay area. coming up ahead of schedule, when the nineers stay their new stadium could open in santa clara. and the monterey surfer attacked by a shark. he lived to tell the tale. we have a live look at oakland. we'll check back with mike.
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new this morning. occupy oakland demonstrators are getting ready for their strike on wednesday. they spoke about all the forth going on back and forth with the city. we'll tell you what they had to say coming up. plus a new light rail train involved in an overnight accident. and a live look outside the beautiful bay bridge on a monday morning, october 31st halloween. this is "today in the bay." look at that hamburglar in the house this morning. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. you can feel the halloween magic in the air. christina loren is here to tell us about the halloween fost


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