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tv   Today  NBC  November 22, 2011 2:05am-3:05am PST

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> hey, everybody. welcome, it is fun day monday, november 21st. it is the beginning of the busiest time of the year around here. >> especially early this morning, if you were around rockefeller plaza, you got a treat, rascal flats was playing. >> nothing says christmas.
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>> with natasha beatenfield. ♪ what he don't know >> there is hodi. >> that is really incredible of you because it was misting out there. for you to endanger your hair, you've got to love rascal flatts and natasha. >> come on, isn't it great? >> carole king is tomorrow. on wednesday, it's justin bieber. >> it's going to be insane. it's supposed to be tough weather for people trying to get out for thanksgiving. i'm a believer. >> it was a movie weekend for me and a little bit for you, too. >> you go ahead and tell your movie story. >> i saw two. i'll touch on one because i know you loved this one. "j. edgar" i saw with jay and we loved it. but we planned on making this a movie weekend so we said let's see "the descendents" too.
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if you go to the movie in new york city, you have to arrive 20 minutes before if you plan to sit with the person you're with. sometimes you have to sit here or there. >> and they can't be apart for five seconds. anyway -- >> then we get to the theater. it's "the descendents." it's the clooney movie and completely packed except for the seats in the front two rows, which are the worse. we go to the front. that's all there was. it was a 3:00 movie. kath, we sat like this, i'm not kidding, george clooney's distorted head. i wanted to cry during parts of it, but all you could see was this monster chin coming at you. and i still loved it, which shows how great that movie is. >> i don't mind his monster chin coming at me. >> it was great. what did you do? >> tell about the other movie you saw. >> "j. edgar." it was a home run. it was one of those movies you learn a lot. you cannot believe how they
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transform leonardo dicaprio and army hammer. it was a great -- i mean, i was totally into it. i liked how they did the flashbacks from the young hoover to the older hoover. the make-up was crazy. i just enjoyed it. >> and dame judi dench. >> and i didn't know that was naomi watts until after. and this morning, guess what i did at 4:45 a.m., i prepared my entire thanksgiving day dinner. i went online to whole food., meal of 12, click, cooked turkey, click. mashed potatoes, click, click, click. it's all going to be ready for pick-up on thursday morning at 8:00 a.m. >> now you have your dessert, too, which we'll talk about in a moment. >> yes. can you believe i did my whole turkey thing today? >> okay.
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i had a big weekend. i had a long, long weekend. i left the studio here on friday, we went home right away. cassidy was shooting an e special called "growing up hollywood." even though she hasn't grown up in hollywood, she has grown up with well-known parents. it's going to be a special that will air in february. following the lives of seven celebrities, their children. and how they are making a life for themselves going forward. so that was fun. >> how was she? did she enjoy it? >> you know what? we always say groud which means grateful to god as opposed to proud which means right before the fall. the weekend was taken up with a movie, as well. i might as well talk about my favorite things, okay? my favorite things, i'm going to honor three men i love today. one of them is armey. army is the son of one of my dearest friends drew hammer.
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he is so brilliant in this movie. if leonardo dicaprio gets nominated, there is no way arm shouldn't either. he is the heart and soul of this movie. he's only 25 years old. this is maybe his third film. i don't know. he plays, i think it's the most sympathetic, realistic betrayal of a gay man i've ever seen. i thing he portrays it beautifully. i talked to his mom yesterday. she said, i don't want to give anything away, but they age quite a bit. this character does have a stroke at one point in the film. she said for weeks and weeks and weeks he went online and studied what stroke victims go through and how they shake and all the other things and he nailed it. he moved me to tears in the end he was so good. that's number one. the other man i'm incredibly proud of and groud of is my friend reg, "how i got this way." i love him to pieces.
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i won't say what he wrote on the front. it's very sweet and precious and dear to me. he spelled my name right at the top and spelled it wrong at the bottom, but that's okay, reg. nothing's changed. i love you with all my heart and i hope this morning you have woken up saying, yeah, i've got the rest of my life ahead of me. last one, a little deeper situation. my brother's been a pastor here at the calvary baptist church on 57th street since 1997. he was a pastor when 9/11 happened. this book is called "a time for hope." you can get it on it starts with the four sermons he preached to his parish on 9/11 and after 9/11. it goes very much into what terrorism is and tries to describe a potential solution to it in spiritual terms which we
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never talk about. david epstein, my brother, wrote his first book. i'm very groud of him, too. i love telling people about people i love. >> i know you do. >> i can do more for somebody else's career. look at my own, it's in the toi-toi. but, no, for other people i'm going to make you a star, baby. >> if you want a little gift to give to somebody, it's a sweet treat called my cup of cake. you buy this. it's got cake mix batter in it. you nuke it for three minutes and it's a chocolate souffle. you keep the cup and you can buy little replacement things to keep it going. >> stop it, hoda. that is adorable. the refills are $12 and that is $21.95. that's not bad when you get the cup. >> it's a nice gift for two, miss "saturday night live." >> does sara have a favorite thing? >> this is a via preve workout top. for anyone endowed on top, you
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get those bras and they end up being another layer of luck. they are about $50. it's one of those things you fall in love. you keep them. >> i needed one last week when i was running here. >> everyone was saying that. >> i was not planning on running in heels down the street. i knew when it was happening. somebody is going to get hurt. >> on friday, kath is coming back from regis' show running down the sidewalk. this is what i heard from everyone in the newsroom. all the women were going, stop running and the guys were going, keep running, keep running. that's what was happening in the "today" show newsroom. and "snl" poked fun at you because it was regis' final show. they did a whole skit on who should replace regis with kelly. they had a whole bunch of people. let's take a look. >> so denzel, are you excited
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for the "twilight" finale? >> am i excited for the "twilight" finale? >> have you read the books? >> have i read the books? >> so what's the deal with this job? i want to get hired. >> it's a long process, ashton. >> okay. i'm bored. >> zoe and kelly, kelly and zoe. >> regis is retiring from the show and the hosts don't have sex. >> then i must find sex elsewhere. good-bye my flower. >> you know what i just realized, gelman? maybe the best co-host would be the person who's been here since the beginning, the person who knows the show inside and out. >> really? >> that's right. it's time to bring back kathie lee. >> i'm back!
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>> it's what america wants. >> i like my name first. age before beauty, baby. that's funny. >> shall we go to our fan of the week? >> i love this part. we picked someone from new york city. our winner is tamara drake from new york, new york. she watches on wnbc channel 4. she had the best time on maternity leave because she watched you every day. it keeps her in the loop from top news stories to fun videos. she loves webtastic and sara in the city. first day she went back to work she left her son and she zipped over to the studio to watch you guys live which saved her. >> that's sad, kind of. >> that filled in for her child. >> she is really there behind us?
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>> i'm here. she's creeping. >> either that or a stalker. >> thanks for being such an awesome fan, we are sending you to aruba. five nights at the westin resort and casino. breakfast included daily, round trip airfare for two provided by the aruba tourism authority. keep going to the website. >> sounds like a doll. have fun. i want to go on all these trips with everybody. >> i know. >> we are not invited. >> coming up next, the latest celebrity buzz straight out of hollywood. >> is andy cohen here? doesn't he have something better to do? he's a busy guy. from the hills to the hill, what you might find surprising about congresswoman michele bachmann. what a beautiful woman. she gets personal. ♪ ♪
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it's time for "today's buzz" and your weekly dose of all things hollywood. >> between prince harry, demi and ashton and last night's
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american music awards, there is enough to keep you all satiated. >> i am here to satiate kathie lee. >> get in line. >> i will, by the way. i will. >> the american music awards -- i've been told that before. the american music awards, talk to me. what happened? >> everyone is talking about j. lo's performance from last night. >> really? what happened? >> well, a lot of people -- i think she gave strippers everywhere new choreography. she was humping around the entire thing. she looked great, but it was a major performance. >> what do you think about what's happening with her? she seems to be out there a lot, dating that young guy? >> she looks great. she is ready to party. she is single and ready to mingle. >> is she even divorced yet?
2:22 am
>> she is not divorced. she performed with pitbull and ten minutes later marc anthony performed with pitbull i guess they share him in the custody. >> taylor swift. >> she is great. she had a huge night. >> what about katy perry? >> she was great. >> she is a terrific vocalist. >> i had a show. i did see j. lo. we were all talking about it. >> look at her. >> i love katy perry. >> this is the ballad. >> i love her. >> she is a sweet girl. some of the outfits, not for us. >> demi and ashton, what is the latest? >> here's the thing. it's reported in the "daily mail" that demi wants some of his money.
2:23 am
let's play this out, ladies. what do you think? he has signed the prenup. he signed a prenup. so do you think she is entitled to anything that he made during their time together? legally she's got a tough case. >> they both signed a prenup? >> the only one who is going to make money are the lawyers. >> that's what i think, too. i don't think she is going to do that. they never had children together. the divorce she had with bruce is one of the most amicable divorces. i think this is only going to make her seem classy to people. she is on their radar has the one who has been -- >> are they still on twitter going back and forth? >> no. i think i read somewhere they unfollowed each other. >> is that worse than divorce? i mean, come on. >> unfriending and unfollowing. prince harry. we teased him. >> he was in vegas this weekend.
2:24 am
he wasn't that naughty. i wish he was naughtier. i went to see oh! he loved it. he was drinking coronas. he was gambling and was very excited about all the free -- they bring you free cocktails. >> it's always the richest people excited about the free stuff. >> isn't that the case, kathie lee? >> it's craziness. don't look at me. i'm a 99%. >> i enjoy the free wine you're served here. >> not really. i give it all back and then some. thank you, andy. take care, sweetheart. up next, how a mother of five becomes a presidential candidate. we'll talk with congresswoman michele bachmann. [ male announcer ] tom's discovering that living healthy can be fun.
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wouldn't you just want to lay out on the beach sipping a pina colada the rest of your life? congresswoman michele bachmann's answer to that question is no. >> she is running for president. of course she is. and i'm not sure which job is more challenging but she talks about her life, her path, her faith in a new memoir called "core of conviction." nice to meet you. >> good to meet you, too. i watched you a lot of years when i was a mom at home. >> i thought you were going to say growing up. >> no, no, no, when i was a mom. it's a privilege to meet you. >> you wonder how does someone jump into the presidential race. it sounds like yours happened by accident. >> i did. i was a mom. i was supposed to go to a wedding one day. my husband took the daughters and went up to a wedding. i went to our local republican convention. i was drafted on the spot by people. i was wearing jeans and moccasins, a sweatshirt and no make-up. that was the worse, my hair wasn't done. i was drafted on the spot. i was told to give a speech and i did and won in the first
2:30 am
ballot of a super majority. i was floored out of my mind. >> what the incumbent said to you ruined his chances. when he saw you speak, he said the entertainment is done. >> he dismissed me because i was just a mom, a mom who stood up and concerned about the education my kids are receiving. you're right. he flicked me away like a fly. i think that offended people. people knew i was sincere. >> don't disrespect someone. >> also i worked for years as a federal tax litigation attorney. i started our own successful company. i had accomplishments, too. i was there really because of being a mom. >> sure. it was an issue you and your husband are very passionate about, education. >> we started the first k-12 charter school in the country for at-risk kids and it's still running. they fall through the cracks a lot of times. we wanted to make sure they weren't left out either. >> when you look at the polls you get whiplash. you never know who is in first. one week somebody is in first. >> and all the polls are different.
2:31 am
>> it changes in two days. >> we have seen your numbers decline. what do you think is going on there? >> remember, i came into the iowa straw poll, the most important election in the race and i won that. i came in less time than any other candidate and i'm the first woman to win the iowa straw poll. what we are seeing is probably 60%, 70% of the people in the country are undecided about who they want. they've been shopping. going on a shopping trip with the candidates. i haven't given any surprises. i'm a consistent conservative. i care about core values. i think what is going to happen january 3rd in iowa, i think people are going to come back home and i think i'll be their choice. i'm consistent. there's been no surprises in my background, who i am, what my policy is. no surprises. >> as a result though, it's hard to get some attention, isn't it? >> hey no better place than with hoda and kathie lee. >> that's true. >> there has been a lot of grousing about the fact we had many of the debates, but only the so-called leaders in the polls are getting the bulk of the questions.
2:32 am
>> that's true. >> do you feel as a woman you're getting them even less? >> sometimes you wonder about that. i have no way of knowing. there was an e-mail we released from the last media sponsor that showed they deliberately chose to not give me time. i don't know if it's because i'm a woman. i have no idea. i know they deliberately chose not to do it. when you have 70% of people undecided, let people speak and let people choose who the winners and losers are. it's unusual to have a woman candidate. we've never had a woman on the republican ticket running for president at this level before. so i think it's time to let a woman speak. >> well thank you for joining. >> it's past time. >> god bless you and your family. >> it's a privilege. >> beauty products, worthy of awards. >> penelope ann miller.
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we are back on this fun day monday with more of "today." a new movie getting so much
2:37 am
attention. what makes this film different from anything else, it's silent. >> it's also in black and white. it is called "the artist." it is about a married movie star in the 1920s photographed with a rising young starlet. penelope ann miller plays his not-too-happy wife. take a look. ♪ >> not his best work. >> great to see you again. >> great to see you. i know, i haven't seen you since you were with regis. now he's gone and you're here. >> look who is still standing. >> you're here and here to stay. >> what an interesting concept this movie. who would have thought when you were given this script, black and white, no dialogue.
2:38 am
what made you say yes to this? >> i'm nostalgic about the '20s. my house was built in the '20s. that was the golden age of hollywood. that was the most beautiful time to live there it was so glamorous. the women were elegant. that is the female lead. >> he doesn't speak a word of english, right? >> he does. >> i heard he didn't. that's the myth. it was silent between the two of you anyway. >> he wasn't talking to me. i was being ignored. you know what happens when a woman is ignored. >> this is getting oscar buzz. what's surprising for a lot of people because the two leads, a lot of people in this country, don't know who they are. >> and they still don't. >> that happened to me when my agent presented me with the project.
2:39 am
the director i never heard of, the two leads who were famous in france. i thought, this is awfully daring, a silent film, black and white with french film makers. it's like crazy town. i'm in, no money, small part, great. i'm the go-to girl. the thing is that my agent even said a lot of actors didn't want to do it because they were afraid of it or intimidated by it. who is going to see it? it's getting incredible reaction. we won several audience awards at the film festivals. the thing is and this is important, you first think silent film, oh, my god, how can i sit through a silent film, but after you're there for a couple of minutes, you forget it's a silent film. it's so moving and so uplifting. >> and the doggy. >> and there is dancing. you're dancing in your seats. >> can't wait to see this. >> you don't want to be subtle when you're acting and you don't want to overdo it. it's from that era where people were --
2:40 am
>> it's exaggerated. it's all about our faces. >> show us what you're talking about. >> oh, no, please. >> tell us about your husband. tell us about the husband. so things are not. >> who? >> you're not supposed to talk. >> we are talking. you just can't hear us. that's the thing about the movie. it's as norma desmond said in "sunset boulevard," we didn't need words, we had faces. it's about faces. we didn't want to make fools of ourselves. >> camp is right there. >> yeah. there's that fine line. we are real people. jean and bernice played actors in the movies and they had the actor persona. so they were kind of going back and forth. then there is the dog who steals the whole thing. >> he stole it from the tramp? you know, what a world. >> it's so joyous. it's so funny.
2:41 am
>> can't wait to see it. >> it opens this friday, by the way. >> lovely to see you again. >> nationwide december 30th. >> stop it. >> that's what i'm here to do. >> you did it well. >> thank you. tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions, such as tongue or throat swelling,
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time for "today's beauty" and the natural health beauty awards. "natural health" magazine has taken out the guessing which beauty product is best for you. >> and here is beauty director melissa fox. >> magic about this table, everything is under $26. it's all affordable. >> right. natural products don't have to be super expensive. they work well. green is glamorous. >> green is glamorous. >> first up we have a great one from neutrogena naturals. just as important is what's left
2:46 am
out. it doesn't have anything that is linked to breast cancer. instead it has willow bark. it is obviously something natural. >> i like to smell stuff. >> it exfoliates your skin. >> oh, yeah. i love neutrogena products. >> i love their sunscreen. i'm crazy about it. it's so friendly to your skin. >> this is a cleanser that is not a greasy one. >> this is from aveda. they use 100% recycled packaging. their main ingredient is coconut. it's easy to say. it leaves your skin hydrated. >> do you smell coconut? >> a little. a hint. >> a hint of coconut. >> how about eye cream? >> eye cream. clearly very important after a certain age. most people, this one is from derma-e.
2:47 am
it was my for's pick in the magazine for beauty awards. people put it on at night. i mix it with concealer and put it on in the morning. >> you sneaky you. >> it really works. >> let's scoot down the table. >> this is an aveeno night cream. it's when your skin is repairing itself. it contains vitamins a, c and e, which you lose as you age. >> tell me about it. >> burt's bee stuff is fantastic. >> it smells delicious. it contains cranberry and pomegranate. >> is this sunscreen? >> this is sunscreen. >> okay, let's move on. >> hoda is allergic to sunscreen. >> everybody should be wearing it all the time. your body can absorb up to five pounds of chemicals a year through the skin.
2:48 am
this is a physical block so you don't have to worry about that and it works. >> secret has a new deoderant. >> deoderant is a big thing around here. >> it is? >> it uses a mineral block. it also uses febreeze technology. >> i like it. i like it. >> that is fantastic. >> when your body heat rises a little bit, it kicks in. >> that's what i want my deoderant to do. >> we have 30 seconds. >> this is a great clinique chubby stick. it uses natural pigments. bare essentials, amazing eye shadow that is glimmery. urban decay, a vegan company we adore with a bronzer. >> what about the sparkles in the nail department? >> this is from opi. they've taken fermaldehyde out of the formula. >> that was in there?
2:49 am
>> it been in nail polishes for years. >> good job. thank you. >> up next, from a beautiful you to a beautiful thanksgiving table. good morning. here's a look at your forecast for today across the country. we do have that threat for some severe weather here in the red, a chance for strong storms. meanwhile the extreme and northern portion of the east coast, new england, we're looking pretty good. in the northwest a strong storm will continue to pound the region. cool air will remain to the north. that's where we have all of the blue. 30s and 40s for highs. and still some very warm air with us here in the south, even some upper 70s and 80s expected. that storm moves off into the east coast all the way up into the northeast. we will be seeing some of that
2:50 am
wind in boston, and stormgs early on in washington, d.c. we'll see the storm more to the pacific northwest. quiet in middle part of the country. more of the cool air to the north on wednesday, warm to the south, 60s and 70s. looking at thursday, thanksgiving, a messy situation in the pacific northwest while everyone else is looking pretty good, pretty quiet weather through the mull being of the country. but it going to be in western washington, western oregon where we have a lot of wet weather. for the shopping on friday, black friday looking pretty good. going to see the showers popping out throughout the plains, southwest, just looking at the showers at this point. the next storp system taking shape in the mississippi valley with snow in the extreme northern portion.
2:51 am
and we'll see flow neighbors on saturday in the northeast and then for sunday moving into the great lakes and ohio valley. tune in to the weather channel for "wake up with al" at 6:00 a.m. on my journey across america, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. it's like totally crunch-erific! what they mean is, it's french's french fried onions in my green bean casserole. french's french fried onions.
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thanksgiving is just a few days away. if you're looking for new and exciting ways to jazz up your table, you're in luck. >> "southern living" magazine's editor at large is here to help us make our thanksgiving day table a thing of beauty. >> nice to see you again. >> thank you. >> this is lovely. >> i love the mirrors as the place mats. >> you could put your whole foods turkey dinner on there. >> thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the things we are thankful for. i thought it would be nice to
2:54 am
have a mirror to reflect everything on. it will reflect the candlelight and everything. these come from a craft store, they are 12 x 12 tiles. they are super inexpensive. >> you can watch yourself eat. >> you can see if you have gook in your teeth. i like that. >> the point is we want it to be beautiful. we always want it to be really easy and fun, too. >> okay. >> we want to take the things we have at home like these gourds we have from halloween. we spray painted them silver. >> cute. >> i like the name tags you have here. they look simple. >> they are cookie cutters. you have to keep in mind your thanksgiving table doesn't need to be harvest colors. you can use any color you have. use the things you have at home. >> then save it for christmas cookies. >> you could. you can send it home with people. it's a party favor. i wanted to make gratitude journals for people to have at their seat to write down things they are thankful for.
2:55 am
we took paper and folded them in half, tie a ribbon. you should be writing the things down. >> what do you do, you write it down? you're taking this home? >> you're taking it home. just to keep those things in mind. >> she is being -- >> i think it's sweet. it's very southern. >> it is very southern. another thing that is very southern, we encourage people at "southern living" to use their fine china. if you have heirloom china, there is no reason to keep it in the cabinet. if your china is blue and white, you mix it with other harvest colors. this is really inexpensive burlap. >> i love burlap. >> look at the little menus you have. >> on a little piece of fabric as a special little touch. the brown runners are just made from fabric remnant. we cut it with pinking shears. at thanksgiving you want to keep in mind what it is about, and that is the things we are grateful for.
2:56 am
we wrote down things we are grateful for, hugs, family, food and put it on 2009. those are the things that tie us all together. >> football. >> of course. the centerpiece is simple. a lot of just beans in these glass containers, but this one is cinnamon sticks. you take a rubber band, put it around the glass and stick the cinnamon sticks in elastic. >> you could do that one. >> i did something like this with coffee beans. >> how smart. >> see? >> i bet that was beautiful. >> so there. a craft. >> you just tie it up. >> there are tons of leftovers at thanksgiving. >> not at our house. oh, my gosh, we eat it that night. it's all gone. >> if you have guests and you want to send the food home, you can prepare a cute container. this one says, "i'm grateful for leftovers." >> happy thanksgiving. >> next, giada. we are in our kitchen vv
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we are in our kitchen cooking with giada. we thought we would have her help us out for thanksgiving day desserts. >> everyone needs a giada at home. >> we sure wish we did. >> time to get out your shopping list. today contributor and chef giada de laurentiis has an interesting way to put an italian twist on desserts like you do. >> we'll start with a chocolate ricotta pie. i know most people don't think of thanksgiving and think of chocolate, but i think of chocolate all the time. i make this dough. it's nice and crumbly. >> that's not good. >> it is good. >> i smush this down. >> she is wearing opi over the taupe.
3:01 am
>> people are going to want to know. >> it's flour corn meal, pine nuts and butter. use your fingers and spread it out like this. once you've got it all spread and it's even, i always think people have trouble understanding what blind baking means, which means the filling is not in here. she is looking at me funny. take parchment paper and regular old dried beans and spread them over the top just like that. keeps the dough flat when it bakes in the oven. 25 minutes 350. it looks like that. >> you throw those out. >> don't eat these. i'm so sorry. >> you have to tell people these things. >> this is not part of the actual pie. >> throw it out. then here you've melted chocolate. here you have cream cheese and ricotta cheese. go ahead. eggs. lots of eggs. >> four eggs it looks like. >> one egg and three yolk. then simple syrup, sugar and water. >> that thing is bigger than you are, giada.
3:02 am
>> i know. mix it all up. what you want to do, when you add the chocolate -- sorry. when you add the chocolate, it's got to be cooled or you'll scramble the eggs. add the chocolate but make sure it's cooled. mix it together, you get a chocolately sort of filling. you pour it in there and bake it again at 350 for another 15 minutes. i like to sprinkle pine nuts on top. >> of course you do. >> you can't have it because of the cheese. >> i'm going in. >> come back here. >> you know where we are going after? we are going down to the mission to feed the homeless. be careful. >> creamy and chocolately and you can make it ahead of time. next, all-time favorite. great for breakfast, dessert or whatever. >> that is amazing. >> one bite says it all. flour, corn meal, salt and baking soda. mix it in. you can mix it. the trick here to make sure that
3:03 am
the cranberries don't settle to the bottom, add the chopped dried cranberries in there. the flour coats them and keeps them suspended in the cake. >> suspended. >> you get a crust of cranberries on the bottom and there is so much sugar you can't get it out of the pan. >> you want it all through. it's a thing of beauty. okay. >> dump in. sugar, butter. eggs, orange zest, orange and cranberry, vanilla. mix it all together and put in here. make sure you put a little bit of parchment to get the cake out. 375, 45 minutes. >> so where is that? >> i think the kitchen team ate it. >> get in here. >> it's like a breakfast cake. >> okay? >> oh, my god. >> giada. >> we have pumpkin pie or something here?
3:04 am
>> i will be honest. i'm not the biggest fan of pumpkin pie so i redid a lemon for cinnamon and pumpkin pie. >> that is fantastic. >> persimmons. use them they are delicious and make everything delicious. >> tomorrow, special surprise performance. we don't know. and "the tonight show" band. captions by vitac


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