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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 10, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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right now at 5:00 a bay area family buys back their foreclosed home with a little help from a former 49er. we'll explain. with just over three weeks until the iowa caucuses newt gingrich is facing his first debate as the so-called front-runner putting some pressure on mitt romney among others. also, thousands of russians take to the streets in protest. we'll show you why it's the biggest demonstration in more than a decade. the news at 5:00 starts right now.
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good saturday evening. i'm diane dwyer. the republican presidential candidates are debating yet again tonight and yet again there is a new front-runner in the race. this time newt gingrich is in the lead. brian mohr has the latest. >> reporter: with 24 days before the iowa caucuses, newt gingrich is surging. mitt romney is playing catch up. the other candidates are struggling to stay on their feet. >> we need a leader who understands who our friends are. >> the bottom tier candidates are running out of time to make a difference. rick perry made a big, controversial splash with his latest ad. >> gays can serve openly in the military, but our kids can't openly celebrate christmas. >> reporter: but he suffered another oops moment in an interview with "the dmon register." he forgot the name of the supreme court justice sonia sotomayor. >> whether it was -- not -- >> sonia sotomayor?
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>> sotomayor. >> reporter: as front-runner, gingrich is in the cross hares. >> there's a real sense in our family of what it means to be an army family, what it means to basically dedicate your life to serving your country. >> from his record as speaker to his three marriages opponents are trying to cut gingrich's political future short by focusing on his past. brian mohr, nbc news. in russia today, tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets of moscow and other cities across that country to protest the results of last weekend's parliamentary election. the demonstrations were peaceful, but the protesters say they want a new election after prime minister vladimir putin's united party narrowly retained a majority of seats. the opposition cited reports by local and international monitors claiming the vote was influenced by widespread fraud.
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moscow authorities gave permission for the rally of up to 30,000 people and today's demonstrations the largest in the country since putin came into power 12 years ago. in oakland a man was shot and killed while he was sleeping in his home early this morning in a drive by shooting. it happened just a few blocks away from highland hospital and while his daughter was sleeping in the next room. nbc bay area is oakland with the very latest. >> reporter: good evening, diane. tonight family and friends are remembering the father of three. if you take a look over my shoulder you can see a small candlelight vigil set up just a few feet away from where the man was shot and killed in a drive by shooting. it happened at about 3:30 this morning with his children sleeping in the other room. he was next to the window asleep in his home here on east 28th street in oakland when shots were fired. apparently one of the many bullets passed through a wall before striking the man. we spoke to the 46-year-old's
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daughter, who was home at the time when her father was shot and killed. she says this is the third time the house has been sprayed with bullets in the last year. here is how she describes what happened moments after the latest drive by. >> i just laid on my bed and most of the time i'll always run out and ask my dad, is he okay? and then this time i was like, dad, are you okay? he was making noises and wasn't responding. i ran to my dad. >> reporter: the man's daughter also tells us her father worked as a mechanic and had nothing to do with violence. police say td shooting does not appear to be random. they are offering up to $25,000 in reward money for any information leading to an arrest. live in oakland tonight, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. customers inside a safeway in vallejo escaped injury this morning as a pickup truck crashed through the front of the
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store. the driver, an elderly male, was reportedly attempting to park his car but hit the gas instead. here is video of crews removing the truck from inside the store. the store manager says the truck came through the front of the building there, accelerated through the front area, destroying check stands, and ended up part way on the other side of the store. >> he stopped. all the employees came running over, tried to get the gentleman out of the car, make sure he was okay. we looked around to make sure no one was hurt. then of course we called 911 for emergency service. >> the manager says a group of customers had just left the store moments before the accident and amazingly no one was injured. there was a real life santa's workshop in the south bay today. more than 800 volunteers from around the bay area gathered in san jose to build bicycles to give to under privileged kids this christmas. the volunteers put together about 2400 bikes at this year's 7th annual turning wheels for kids big bike build. about 60 groups representing
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various bay area companies and cycling teams came together for the event to just bring a little christmas joy to the children. >> when we give the bikes over to the charities, my greatest hope is that the bike is given to a parent to give their child on christmas morning because there's frankly nothing better than the child to believe that mom and dad got that bike for them, that santa claus got that bike for them. >> the new bikes will be given to charities serving children in santa clara, san francisco, san bonita, and santa cruz counties. coming up next at 5:00, an antioch family has more than the holidays to celebrate this year. we'll show you how former cal and 49er player helped them get back their foreclosed home. also, did you see the lunar eclipse this morning? if not, we'll have this video and more for you in just a moment. and long before the golden gate bridge or the park these animals roamed the earth.
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coming up, what happened this week that could mean their great return to san francisco. it's been a dry but chilly start to the weekend right now as we've got the radar fired up and nothing showing up right now but offshore we're tracking a system that is going to push showers our way. time to dust off your umbrellas. we'll explain why, coming up in your weekend forecast when we come right back.
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since 20076 million americans have lost their homes to foreclosure and another 5 million are at risk in the near future. a cal grad and ex-49er is helping one antioch family beat the odds. doug was a kicker for the niners and is behind an oakland based business that gives people like darren gates and his wife a second chance. the couple with their four children lost their home in july of 2009 when they could no longer keep up with the $3800 a month payment. way point homes bought the home at auction and then offered it back with a lease to own option. the gates were able to stay in the home while paying toward the repurchase of the house at the current market value. on monday the family closed escrow paying half of what they originally paid for their home. >> it was something we never
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thought was going to happen. we were prepared to leave and just sort of battle through the consequences of losing the house and suffer through the credit and renting and eventually getting back on our feet at some other point but this turned out to be even a more viable option and it was the best thing that was available to us at the time. we were thrilled to find out about that. >> way point homes is working with other bay area families as well. in antioch, the foreclosure rate is one of the highest in the nation. according to reality track, one in 97 antioch homes received a foreclosure filing in october. still to come at 5:00 we'll check in with giants star buster posey. the catcher tells us how his rehab is going so far. they're some of the oldest relics in the bay area. coming up, how this living exhibit is getting a new lease on life.
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in san francisco today the chinese community celebrated the rededication of the china town branch library. the library is named after the dean of the chinese american history movement. he spent numerous hours writing in the library even though he was professionally trained as a mechanical engineer. he wrote ten books and more than 100 articles documenting the struggles and triumphs of bay
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area chinese immigrants back in the 1930s. >> and he influenced literally thousands of not just historians and academics but community activists who finally we were educated in the history of our community over the past century and a half and, frankly, that's a history that i think inspired many young political and progressive activists to get involved in the community. >> in addition to the rededication the library now has a newly published autobiography. he died of cancer back in 2009. for more than a century, many visitors to golden gate park have been surprised to come upon a herd of bison. but over the last couple years, old age and death has made the herd easier to miss. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. shows us how the old herd is getting a little bit younger. >> long before there was a golden gate bridge or coit tower there were bison in golden gate park. >> bison have been in this paddock since 1899 and have been in golden gate park since 1891.
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>> like the great herds that once wandered the north american plains this once mighty herd was close to extinction. >> we have three remaining bison, two of whom are 29 and another is 19. >> two bison died this year of old age, leaving the future of the exhibit unclear until now. parks and rec director phil ginsberg says the arrival of new blood is giving this tradition new life. >> we were very pleased to welcome a new young herd of seven bison that came from redding. >> through donations the park bought seven new bison all female. for now they remain quarantined from the park's three older ladies. >> right now we're keeping them separated from our older females so everybody can get accustomed to each other. >> san francisco zookeeper sarah king says there are no males on the horizon. >> so for the safety of keepers and bison we prefer to just have
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the girls. >> the bison's $7,000 price tag was paid by assembly woman fiona mau and dick blum husband of u.s. senator dianne feinstein. also $50,000 was kicked in to pay for the new digs. >> i think the story goes mr. blum purchased a herd of bison in honor of his wife in 1984. i think three of whom the descendants of whom are out there today. >> reporter: once upon a time an estimated 60 million bison roamed north america. >> there was a survey in 1890 and there was only a thousand bison left on the great plains. >> reporter: though the numbers have greatly rebounded san francisco will be more than content with its ten all american buffalo gals. nbc bay area news. >> i love that part of the golden gate park. did you see it? if you were up early enough this morning you might have been able to see the total lunar eclipse. this is the video in the bay
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area sky. people on the west coast and hawaii and far east witnessed the flight starting shortly after 6:00 this morning when the moon was completely engulfed in the earth's shadow. the eclipse lasted 51 minutes ending just before 7:00. you'll have to wait a while before the next one. the next full lunar eclipse will happen in a little more than two years in april of 2014. look at how beautiful that is. we've got more pictures actually of the lunar eclipse. we got up and it was foggy so, or cloudy, so we went back to bed. >> i'd say about 75% of the bay area did get to see it. we did have patchy clouds and the pictures you saw as the moon passed through the earth's shadow and the light scattered through the atmosphere giving you that copper color to the lunar surface, this is how it looked live on air on "today in the bay" at 6:05. look at that beautiful view. here is another gorgeous picture sent in by jan null with golden gate weather. you can see the bridge there and the setting moon. still got the shadow of the earth and kind of a brownish tint there but a gorgeous shot
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of international orange on the golden gate bridge and the lunar eclipse setting in the western sky. right now we have temperatures in the 50s around the bay area waiting for a seabreeze to pick up which should keep our temperatures up a few more degrees tonight. this morning we had 20s and 30s outside so the seabreeze is going to be a good thing eventually pumping in more moisture and bring the temperatures up a little bit tonight. patchy clouds for tonight. then the headline switches for the second half of the weekend. more clouds and a chance of showers especially around the santa cruz county line along the santa cruz mountains south as the system dives toward southern california. air quality tonight still a no burn but by tomorrow as the seabreeze picks up we should finally get a better mixing of the atmosphere and better air quality. the system is diving right toward southern california so most of the moisture is going to miss us. it's really areas south of san francisco here in the future cast. you'll notice we'll have the best bet of seeing some showers heading into tomorrow morning. you can see some of the low clouds pumped inland by the seabreeze. look at the green. pretty hard to find mainly
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around the peninsula toward the east bay and south toward san jose scattered showers around the coastal range. this is really not a lot of rain out there. in fact, by the time we get into this time tomorrow and monday morning, things are going to clear out with some patchy, low clouds and then our next chance of seeing some rain and we really could use some rain is going to come in on thursday. that system, too, also, unfortunately, looks pretty dry. tonight what you'll notice between now and 2:00 in the morning before the seabreeze picks up is the temperatures are really going to drop off. we should be in the 30s and 40s by 11:00 and then things should change by, say, 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning as the seabreeze picks up and pushes in more clouds. we'll see those numbers creeping up a little bit but chilly temperatures inland and we'll see a cool afternoon tomorrow as the clouds fill in on top of the chilly air for the morning. very likely we'll have highs only in the low to mid 50s so a cool finish to the weekend. best bet of showers tomorrow. areas south of san francisco and south of san mateo county and very likely areas mainly south of contra costa county. the further south you go from san jose to santa cruz will be the best bet of seeing showers.
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now we really could use some rain and the sierra could really use some snow. this system is not going to do it. it's going to swing through southern california. the thursday system could push a little more rain and snow toward the sierra we think as it is going to drop in from the northwest. that offers some more hope for the sierra. then next weekend stay tuned. we could see a really gusty, offshore wind' vent as this has been a very dry december and the seven day not changing much. >> tahoe definitely needs the snow pack and the snow. >> they would really like the fresh powder. >> most of the resorts are open. this is kind of the big weekend for everybody to open up. >> true. >> thanks a lot, rob. we'll check in now with jim from comcast sportsnet. you have a ton going on but i'm thinking andrew luck might be up there as something to talk about. call me crazy. >> reporter: you are crazy. i know you are crazy. so here's what we got coming up, diane. we'll go down to the desert. check in on the 49ersers as they prepare for the arizona cardinals. plus, boys will be boys. what caused this all out brawl,
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free for all in boys college basketball today? i'm not sure what caused it but showing fight video is a good way to get you to stick around. that's next in sports. including starbucks. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. way to brew!
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good evening everyone. the heisman trophy will be awarded within the hour and stanford's andrew luck is one of five college athletes in new york with a chance to win the prize. a month ago it seemed like luck was a shoe-in for the award but after a blowout loss to oregon and the emergence of baylor's robert griffin iii luck's chances have dwindled. we'll have the winner for you at 6:00 tonight. in new york city we'll interview
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andrew luck and have it exclusively tonight at 11:00 p.m. fresh off clinching their first nfc west title in several years. our mindy bock is in the desert with more on how the 49ers are in the stretch right now where they have dominated the division. >> reporter: the 49ers last lost to the cardinals here in november of 2008 and since then have gone on to win five straight against their division opponent including a 23-7 victory against arizona just three weeks ago. the 49ers faced the cardinals again this season, this time as nsc champs but they still expect a very physical and emotional game. >> defensively, i feel like they're coming into their own, playing outstanding football. evidenced by the fact they've won 4 of the last 5 games offensively. i think they think they're hitting their stride and you see that on tape. they're just playing very good team football.
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special teams. they are outstanding special teams unit. >> in the last game between the two teams safety desean golson was ejected early for fighting and fined $25,000. the players expect that emotion to carry over into sunday's game and arizona would like nothing more than to beat the nfc west title holders and pick up their third straight win. >> now to some this is an off-season workout video and to others a welcome site. the giants catcher buster posey has improved so much he has moved his off-season workouts from cardio to limited catching drills. buster is still being very cautious. >> i'm definitely not at the point where i could go out and play in a game and probably function the way i need to. i think i'm close but like i said i'm happy with where i am right now. >> north coast section division 1 championship game san ramon valley. first quarter spartans in the
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red zone. vitale makes it 7-0. second quarter same score until vitale punches it in again on a 97-yard drive. up 14-0. they now lead 28-0 at the start of the third quarter and this coming up as a very low moment for college basketball. today crosstown rivals xavier and cincinnati played a game that turned into an embarrassment. xavier led, 9.4 seconds left. this brawl breaks out. the xavier center was bloodied with a punch to the face and kicked when he was down. the game was called after the fight. that will do it in sports. we will know the heisman winner when we next speak to you at 6:00. diane, i know you're praying for snow. to talk about snow season. look at you. >> i am but also hopeful. >> are you telling me? you're rooting for andrew luck? >> i am. >> you're even wearing red. >> i am wearing red in honor of stanford. i'm a cal grad. i like to see the bay area teams
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be honored. >> i know. well good for you. i like to hear that. you're team player. be true to your school. >> all right. >> you are. >> thanks, jim. we'll be right back with the santa sighting and a whole lot of santa sightings in san francisco. the pictures are pretty funny.
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in san francisco santa came to town today. actually lots of santas. it's called santa-con or santa convention and it is a collection of people dressed up as santa or as helpers on a mass ive hub crawl. >> coming out and being part of a big group is amazing especially if there are costumes and maybe even a little bit of anonymity. you don't have to worry about feeling silly being in a costume, being so many other people with


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