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tv   Today  NBC  January 12, 2012 2:05am-3:05am PST

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and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. captions paid for by nbc-universal television hey, everybody, welcome, it's wines-day wednesday, one of our favorite days of the week. january 11th and we're so glad you're with us today. hi, hodi. >> hi. >> we have a busy day. >> we sure do. >> we are going to see "sister act" with your good friend. >> we're going again. because it's a big hit on broadway. >> i didn't see the first one. i missed it.
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>> you're going to love it. my dear friend cara lee carmela is in the role right now -- >> mother superior. >> and cara lee is on our show today, singing our "everyone has a story." stick with that. amazing tribute to this incredible mother. so please stay tuned. don't just hang around for the cute puppies and cats. >> that's all we care about, because the contest is over, so stop trying to send in your pictures. >> it's too late. >> but anyway, we're going to start the voting tomorrow. >> right. >> and on the 16th, i think that's the date that we're going to announce the winner. here's the deal. the five winners -- >> oh, my. >> it may be pearl, we don't know. five winners come to new york, and they're going to be in a doggy fashion show. >> or -- >> kitty fashion show. >> or kitty fashion show. nice. i think that's a beautiful cat. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh. >> is that a little lab? >> that is so cute. >> how precious. or is that -- i don't know. >> i don't know. it's adorable. and -- okay.
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anyway. so the 16th is the announcement. flying you and your pet in for a fashion show. i guess we put clothes on the dogs and cats? >> that's what it usually means. >> okay. >> apparently jay leno can't find anyone else to tease. >> he's making fun of us again. >> he showed us probably certain appreciation for what we probably do best. >> according to "cosmos" magazine, women who drink a glass or two of red wine a day are 30% less likely to be overweight. additionally, women who drink four or more glasses of red wine a day are 30% more likely to host the fourth hour of the "today" show. >> oh. >> what about women who like a lot of white wine? >> yeah. >> what about those people? >> do a study on that. okay. what else? you know what's getting a lot of attention? we all know that russell brand and katy perry broke up. and i hate to see any marriage break up. i really -- it's tough to stay married in this world. i can't imagine two superstars
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at the zenith of their careers making it work. apparently there is a youtube video of russell removing his wedding ring going viral. >> six weeks before he filed for divorce and about to take a tour of college campuses. so take a look at this. >> this is going to be a week of revolution, a week of occupation, and more important, i'm going to learn first-hand about sororities. i'm just going to place this somewhere very, very safe for the next week. >> oh, he is a naughty boy. he gives you that -- that smile. >> you know what's funny? in the beginning when we saw him and didn't know him at all -- >> we were afraid of him. >> and then he wrote that book "my bookie wook" or something like that. >> which was an incredibly candid account of his years of drug abuse and sexual addiction. >> but he was so charming. >> but enough about frank. >> he was so charming and so -- >> we were really, really disarmed by him. you see it right there. >> yeah. >> but you also see danger, will robinson, you know?
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>> yes, be very careful. all right. so if you are oh -- >> you know what, hoda, give me one sec. if this was six weeks before, he was the one who filed. she knew it was out there. >> or did it contribute to -- if you post, i don't know. who knows how many things each are posting. >> but if he's doing that sort of thing six weeks before they announced. >> it probably wasn't a surprise. good point. so if you guys have the show "anderson" on in your television market and it's syndicated so on everywhere in a different place. you and i taped it last friday. it's going to be on tonight -- >> or today, depending on what time -- >> today. all right. so we played this game to find out how much we knew about each other. he wanted to know if we were really and truly friends or if we were just making pretend up here on the set every day. >> or just drinking buddees. >> here we go. >> so kathie lee, we asked hoda
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to complete this sentence. my co host's best physical feature is her -- blank. what do you think hoda said is your best physical feature? >> i have so few. >> give it. >> my breasts. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> she said rack. >> yes. >> that's what i thought she would say. i said your feet. >> yes, you did. >> and we also had a whole lot of fun with -- we won't say what it was, we don't want to spoil the surprises. but we asked if it you were co host for a rock star, who would she be? >> that was not funny. it wasn't funny. you'll judge later when you see it. >> you know, it isn't just jay-z and beyonce who are having babies. we have our own superstar baby here. >> curtis stone had a baby with his girlfriend, lindsay price, and he decided to show the baby off in "us" magazine and there it is. and curtis looks very happy. >> hudson price stone. >> 7 pounds, 9 ounces and
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lindsay wanted a natural birth and she ended up having an epidural. but she apparently -- this is a little-known fact or detail that she pulled the baby out herself. they said. that's what happened. >> curtis usually pulls it out of the oven, but no in this case, it was the mother. >> if you've ever seen one of those episodes of the card kardashians, kourtney did that. it was very disturbing. >> i can't take that stuff. and curtis, just because you're on your way to being -- just because you have a baby, love you curtis, doesn't mean you can't come back and see your old friends who you basically dumped, okay? you're dead to us. >> we don't care about you. so a lot of superstars name their children these very odd, bizarre names. >> hudson stone is adorable. >> san francisco weekly came out with their list of the top. >> they like these or hate these? >> these are the odd ones. so the number five is jacob "danger" armstrong, the son of the guy from green day.
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>> middle name danger. >> danger. that's one. number four is zuma nestia rock. that's the son of gwen stefani, zuma. number three is moon unit zappa, the daughter of frank zappa, now 44. >> he started it all. >> that's right. >> sparrow james midnight madden. who will be with us monday. >> and bronx mowgli -- >> i think it's mowgli. what was the name of the show? "jungle book." >> that's not so odd. bronx is cute. >> it's a little different. >> why do you think these celebs shoot for these names? >> they're creative people by nature.
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i just had a gift made for hoda, but the egyptian people as a culture rarely have middle names. >> we don't. >> i wanted to get it monogrammed with her initials, so i had hoda, what do you want me to do, hoda lee or hoda woman? whose are my option? so she picked hoda woman. >> but there in egypt women keep their last names because they see it as an insult to their father to switch your last name. >> i like that. >> so the women have the name of the father and the children have the name of the dad. >> the healthiest cities for men and women according to "men's health." for the top five for women, number five in terms of health, this is in terms of weight and all those kind of things, three is madison, wisconsin. two, san jose, california. and the healthiest city is
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raleigh, north carolina. >> beautiful city. isn't that where our megan is from? >> yeah. >> top five for men, boise, idaho. san jose, california is four. plano, texas. i dated a guy from plano one time. yes, i did. his name was bubba. i'm telling the truth. number two is madison, wisconsin, for men and women. and burlington, vermont. >> a very healthy place. >> now, the worst -- also shares a couple, i think. worst for women is toledo, ohio. philadelphia, pennsylvania. detroit, michigan. memphis, tennessee and birmingham, alabama. >> and the worst for men is st. louis, missouri, detroit, michigan. philadelphia, p.a., and bermington, alabama which is different than burlington, vermont. and memphis, tennessee. so we were talking about "cosmos" magazine and it's always got juicy stuff in here. don't even -- can we say it? >> no. >> you can say it. >> no, i can't. dave, do you want to come over here and say it? >> he can't say it.
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anyway, they talk about awesome moves that men crave. these are the moves that men crave. >> not necessarily sexual. >> apparently not -- >> i heard you. i heard you say it. i heard you say it. okay. >> we just couldn't believe it. we looked at the cover and went -- my gosh. >> all right. so spooning in bed is one of the things men crave. kissing in public. they like it when we link our arm through theirs when walking down the street. soaking in a bubble bath together. >> who wouldn't? >> and like exchanging cutesy text messages. >> if frank could text, we would. >> they like pride of ownership. am i right, guys? when you guys are out in public, even if you've been -- no one is around -- >> first thing men are around. >> this is my woman. >> yeah, they do like that. >> it's cave man, it just goes way back. >> but here's this thing. the other thing. it says here, there's a move in this magazine that will tell you -- show you how to make your man forgive you.
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they say -- and you should do it. tilt your head so that you're gazing up, exposing your neck. this is a submissive posture that let's him know you genuinely understand you're wrong. at the same time, put your hand on his arm. a subtle touch will help him feel more accepting. >> see? >> it's working. >> he forgives you. who comes up with this stuff? marilyn merlot, it's wines-day wednesday. still to come up, laura prepond. >> up next, tune-up your members knowledge of the tinseltown with the golden globes. si'll play "who knew". us.ndng f fi cill sing for us. first, these messages.
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♪ give me everything tonight it's tyke to play "who knew" our weekly trivia game. we thought we would get you ready with some tinseltown trivia. kathie lee is across the street
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with the crowd at the nbc experience store. [ cheers and applause ] and with me is senior year writer at "newsweek" magazine, and expert on the stars. kat is going to hand out 100 bucks to hose no get the answers correct. and guess what those who don't get? her cd. >> lovely lady from levitytown, pennsylvania. which of the following films received six golden globe nominations this year. the help, war horse, bridesmaids or the artist? >> the help. [ buzzer ] >> oh! >> no, no, no. it's a good thing. it's an excellent thing. [ cheers and applause ] >> it looks like a great thing. so the correct answer here, "the artist." >> more nominations than any other movie. the golden globes are kind of like the iowa caucus. if you do well, you do well at the sags and oscars. and if "the artist" wins the oscar, it will be the first
2:22 am
silent movie to win since 1929. >> do you think it's a front runner? >> yes, absolutely. it's say small movie if it hasn't been playing in your town yet but will open nationwide. >> okay, back across to cathy. >> i sure hope this sweet girl from upstate new york doesn't know the answer. it's my lullaby album, stop it. who is the host of this year's golden globes? neil patrick harris, ricky gervais, billy crystal? >> ricky gervais. >> okay. you know what? he's got to have it. yes. >> all right. so ricky gervais. and this was a little bit of a controversial choice. >> his third year doing it. and the golden globes didn't used to have a host. he went after charlie sheen, bruce willis, the tourist, one of the nominated movies. the hollywood press hasn't happy with him, but the ratings were up, so he's back. >> and the same kind of show again. >> going after everyone. so stars beware.
2:23 am
>> beautiful lady from jupiter, florida. who was the host, o hello. excuse me. how many bottles of wine are estimated to be poured at the golden globes and this is without me and hoda being there. >> 50, 125, 300 or 400? >> 400. >> at least 400. and this is a show where there is drinking. >> all night long. starts on the red carpet. that ends up being 2,500 glasses of wine. 9,000 glasses of champagne. that's why towards the end of the award show they're a little wobbly sometimes. >> we'll be watching closely. >> this sweet lady is from canton, ohio, where the nfl hall of fame is. and if you can go and visit frank's bust or come to my house and visit mine. here. the golden globes are famous for being the awards show with the biggest, what. dessert table, statue, gift bag or red carpet? >> red carpet. [ ding ]
2:24 am
>> wow. surprised. >> the red carpet is bigger here at the globes? >> it is. the globe's red carpet is 30,000 square feet. the oscar red carpet is 16,500 square feet. the reason is because the globes are held at the beverly hilson, which has a really big parking lot so it ends up being you of a red carpet and a u-shaped red carpet and people walk around and there's movies and tv and every celebrity in hollywood is invited. so you need the red carpet to accommodate them all. >> all right, back to you. >> all right. where are you from? >> new jersey. >> okay, new jersey. in 1998, which tv actress was famously in the bathroom when her name was called at the golden globes, jillian anderson, christine lahti, juliana margulies or lisa kurdro. >> juliana margulies? >> oh, she is going to love everyone is a story. >> the correct answer there was christine lahti in the restroom. >> great moments. she wins for "chicago hope."
2:25 am
they announce her name, robin williams goes up and does some improv. she comes out and says she was flushing the toilet. so don't do that if you're a nominee. >> i remember that. >> nice gentleman from orlando, florida. who was the last actor or actress to win the two golden globes in the same year. kate winslet, leonardo dicaprio or george clooney? >> leonardo di cap rio. >> but he sure thought he was right, didn't they. >> the correct answer there, kate winslet. >> co star, she won for "revolutionary road," lead," and she won for "the reader." best supporting actress. two globes that year. >> this is going to be a good one. are you going this year? >> i'm going today. >> oh, you are! well, keep us posted. thanks. coming up next, those photos that make you say, what? right after this.
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♪ it's time for a digital segment we call "what the what?" >> you were kind enough to send us our fun photos which kept us busy the last few days and we're here for show and tell. >> that's right. let's get to them. our first photo is from d. gayman from edmond, oklahoma. maybe they should find a new way to abbreviate standardized. >> oh, an std test. >> can you imagine? >> oh, no. >> all right, good. >> our next photo was sent in by katie kauffman from southberry, connecticut. what do you suppose a humped zebra looks like? this is actually a sign for a speed bump. that's actually an indicator of a speed bump. >> that's what they call a humped zebra? >> yeah, which i don't understand at all. >> a speed bump, where an area a humped zebra goes crossing. that's it, and i'm sticking to it. that makes me happy to think of that.
2:31 am
>> the third photo comes from liz ruiz. i have an appointment with dr. acula. >> yeah. and a photo from sandy from pittsburgh, pennsylvania. shouldn't they post this sign at the bottom of the hill? look how happy she is. she is like i'm up here. >> that's the worst feeling, though, when you get off on the wrong lift and you discover that it's all like diamonds and -- >> i had to take my skis off once and slide down on my rump. >> you did? >> yeah, i was not going to ruin my knees or kill myself. so i slid down. we got applause from the overhead. jackie clinton from puerto rico sent us this next photo. maybe they aren't old enough to read quite yet. that was for a triathlon. there are kids behind there. and it says no swimming. >> underwater hazards. >> but let your children have a good time. >> they have swimming caps on, they'll be fine. >> underwater hazard, depends what it is.
2:32 am
and finally, jc finley submitted this photo. >> oh, my god. is that like a storage area? >> it was a construction staging area. but he had to pull over to take a picture. >> thank you. that's what it seems like sometimes, doesn't it? >> yes, it does. >> oh, my gosh. are they joking? >> all right. thank you. coming up next, we bring comedian chels handler stories to life.
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♪ we're back on this wines-day wednesday with more of today. actress laura prepon. she made her television debut in "that 70s show" the quintessential girl next door. you can toss that good girl image out the door. >> yeah, because she is in the new series with chelsea handler, and she plays chelsea. >> is there one we can show? i don't know. >> are you there, vodka? it's me, chelsea.
2:37 am
i know i messed up, but if you let me out of this cell, i swear i'll turn my life around. >> hey, blondy. time to go home. >> damn, you're good. >> and she is here with us today. big day for you, right? the show premiers tonight, is it? >> yes, 8:30. >> a lot of people have read the books and there obviously is a huge fan base for the books. if people have read the books and turn on the sitcom today, will they say oh, this is what i was expecting? >> you'll definitely recognize a lot of the episodes are pulled directly from her books. and it's not just it's me chelsea, it's several of her books, actually. and yes, some are inspired by things that have happened to the writers. and but most of them are experiences from chelsea's life. >> you say this is basically an updated version. an r-rated version, basically, of "cheers." >> because it's a sports bar. >> yeah, that's our key set piece, and it's cool, because i think people will feel comfortable every week, watching the characters in this bar,
2:38 am
because i think it's a comfortable place to hang out. >> but your character is my worst nightmare for my daughter to grow up to be. sorry. >> no, i totally get that. i totally get that. but, you know, it's -- it's funny, because you don't normally see a woman portraying and doing these things on a television show. >> like what? >> you know, like in the pilot, my character gets a dui, you know? >> well, that happened to khloe kardashian too, come on. >> yeah, but in terms of playing this character, it's like i'm portraying a role in her 20s going through these experiences, grabbing life by the horns and drinks and sleeps with men, exactly. she sleeps with men, does crazy things. >> indiscriminately. >> right. but -- >> but? >> but the thing is, that's what girls do. and she has a ton of heart and she makes mistakes. and, you know, she's fearless and awesome. but she also is a real person and she is flawed. and i think that people can relate to her. >> now, did chelsea handler, was she one of the people who was
2:39 am
instrumental in picking you for the show, because she plays the other character. >> she plays your sister. >> she plays my sister and she always says -- it's hard to pick someone to play yourself. but when we first met, it was kind of this instant kind of chemistry thing where she was like, okay, this is great. this is it. and it was just one of those things where everything fell into place and it was kind of this perfect -- the stars aligned. >> and she is one of the executive producers as well. so she had a huge say in probably everything. >> totally. and, you know, it's great. it was just honestly a lot of fun. and you know, we do -- we are kind of racier than other shows, but i think audiences are mature now and they can kind of expect shows to push the boundaries. >> well, they are used to it from cable now. just not so much on the prime time. >> but if you're looking at that time "two and a half men" -- >> is there a double standard, laura, that it's okay for men -- sex jokes and penis jokes, and not the women with the other anatomy. >> that's what's cool about the fact that these female comedies
2:40 am
have this amazing resurgence right now, is because i think that, you know, women do joke. and it's not like i am a woman, hear me roar type of moment. but it's like women joke like that. and women do these things. and it's cool to portray a woman doing these things, because i think other people can relate to it. men and women. >> or a humped elephant. nothing is fun anywhere than that. we had that in the last episode. >> i saw that. >> zebra. >> even funnier. >> we wish you great luck with the show. >> thank you. and it's the premier -- it's called -- "are you there chelsea" at 8:30, 7:30 central here on nbc. >> up next, everyone has a story, and we have a very special singer. we'll be right back. we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping.
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♪ everyone has a moment that changes their life ♪ her name is jamie moppin and it's her wonderful daughter betsy who introduced us. >> first, let's listen to betsy's letter honoring her beautiful mom. >> 53 years ago, my mom gave birth to my younger brother, george. george was born with severe birth defects. basically, the doctors told her to take him home and let him die. but she refused to listen. she took him home and fed him his milk through an eyedropper until he was 6 months old. george went through 19 different surgeries with my mom right beside him while working full time. my parents separated when george was 9 years old. at that point, my mom became a single parent. she continued working full time while raising three children. but i never heard her complain. she had high expectations for george. he was one of the first disabled children to be in a regular
2:46 am
education classroom. this is 1968, long before inclusion was accepted. my mom realized early on that george had a special gift. he was able to play the piano and organ by ear. just by hearing a song, he would go to the piano and play it with his left hand. his right hand was affected by his birth defect, so he was unable to use it. gradually, george's health deteriorated, and he was declared legally blind. he stumbled around the house, falling and running into walls. again, my mom never complained. she constantly bragged on george, telling him he was such a good son. she made sure his every need was met. george had an amazing life and was very happy. sadly, he passed away in my mom's arms in october of 2011. my mom has centered her life around george for the past 53 years.
2:47 am
her wants and desires have been sacrificed for her three children. she has always put her children first in her life. my mom is a wonderful role model. >> and betsy is here along with her mom. wow. what were you thinking when you saw those pictures there? >> just reminiscing about all those years. george was a ray of sunshine. always happy. if he quit smiling and quit humming, then you knew something was wrong. but he never complained. >> what's great about you is back in the day when a doctor told you something, everyone usually just said thank you so much and went home and believed it. but you were -- you were unique. you weren't going to have any of that, were you? >> no. >> why not? >> after -- >> what was different about you? >> i put my trust in the lord. from george's first day here until his last day here. and the lord saw us through.
2:48 am
>> he sustained you. >> a lot of good prayers went up for us. >> and you can clearly see by looking at the pictures and watching the video, it didn't seem like a sacrifice at all. >> no. >> was it? >> no. >> it was just part of how you lived your life and how much you loved him, right? >> we never looked at it as a sacrifice. >> no, you can tell. >> you know, i would tell him, george, you're the nicest thing god ever gave me. and he would just smile so big. the nicest son anybody could ever have. he'd be grinning so big that you couldn't see his eyes. >> and betsy was so jealous, i bet. wanted to take him out. how did you and your siblings feel about this? >> we always thought that george was normal. that's the way my mom taught us to do. treat him like he's normal and go on with life and that's what we've always done. >> and did your neighbors and kids at school come to know your family and understand george? >> yes. and, in fact, we had such
2:49 am
wonderful neighbors growing up, he would go to their house for dinner every night. we didn't know where he was half the time. he would just be at one in the neighborhood. but everyone accepted him and loved him like they were his child. >> and all those surgeries he had to endure, that must have been difficult as a little boy, right? >> right. but even then, he never complained. >> he didn't. >> no. >> and getting him into -- you said the schooling i thought was just really incredible. because, again, that was one of those things that there were a lot of hurdles. but not for you. why was it so important to make sure he was getting the right education? >> i thought of him as normal. and so i just enrolled him in the grammar school. the first year, it was probably in the third grade. the fourth year was much better. and then we went to cleveland in the fifth grade, and he just fit in. >> i'm sure he did. >> well, this is a very, very special day for us.
2:50 am
not only are you all here, you wrote a beautiful letter, but my favorite leading lady in musical theater is with us. the wonderful cara lee carmela from "sister act" and she is going to sing a special song that david friedman and i wrote for you, and for george who i know has a front-row seat right now. we'll be right back. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist chris warren with a look at your weather channel forecast. we have a couple of storms going to bring snow to the great lakes in the northeast. that is this whole mess right here. one low that caused severe weather in the southeast, this will make it up into new england. starting off as snow eventually changing over to freezing rain, kind of a wintry mix and regular old rain. and we have a big storm that will be taking shape throughout parts of the midwest, including chicago, milwaukee, green bay, several inches of snow possible,
2:51 am
very cold air behind it. readings high, 34 in chicago. 26 in kansas city. you factor in the cold, the snow and the wind, things can be dangerous if you get caught outside. so be careful on your thursday. on friday, still going to have that lingering snow for chicago on up into green bay. and then we'll see that lang effect snow machine take shape by this weekend as that cold air settles in and you have that flow coming in over the lakes. we still have snow on the map here for saturday, including parts of michigan, pennsylvania and new york. typical spots where you would see that. lingering showers on sunday. temperatures much cooler in boston and new york. highs only into the 20s to around 30 degrees. we'll see those temperature readings rebound. even in denver, mid 50s by sunday. monday, another system takes
2:52 am
shape for the mississippi valley. a few showers in the pacific northwest. that next system moving through on saturday, bringing a chance for rain and storms possibly to the south with temperature readings in the 60s and 70s once again. remember, weekdays on the weather channel, you can "wake up with al." [ male announcer ] when do you take 5-hour energy? when i'm on the night shift. when they have more energy than i do. when i don't feel like working out. when there isn't enough of me to go around. ♪ when i have school. and work. every morning. it's faster and easier than coffee. every afternoon when that 2:30 feeling hits. -every day. -every day. every day is a 5-hour energy day. [ male announcer ] 5-hour energy. every day.
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♪ everyone has a moment >> we are back with "everyone has a story," helping betsy gentry honor her wonderful mom. now it's time for you to hear the song that david friedman and i composed just for you. please welcome the amazing broadway cara lee caramelo singing "a mother's heart." ♪ ♪ not much they say is much stronger than steel ♪ ♪ its strength is awesome its
2:55 am
power is real ♪ ♪ but i know something that right from the start is stronger than anything ♪ ♪ a mother's heart ♪ a doctor told her just let your son die ♪ ♪ he's not meant to live and you're not to ask why ♪ ♪ but the mother refused to do as he said ♪ ♪ she took her son home and she tucked him in bed and loved him ♪ for 53 years ♪ a mother's heart beats deep in her soul ♪ ♪ who could imagine the suffering the toll ♪ ♪ can anything pierce the deepest part of a mother's love
2:56 am
♪ a mother's heart ♪ as her son grew he grew harder to lift ♪ ♪ but she realized he has been given a gift ♪ ♪ he loved his music and each song he'd hear he'd sit at the piano and play it by ear ♪ ♪ and she loved that ♪ for 53 years ♪ yes a mother's heart burns deep in her soul ♪ ♪ who can imagine how it makes her whole ♪ ♪ to truly live that special joy in one mother's heart for one special boy ♪
2:57 am
♪ is there some piece of priceless art more precious than a mother's heart ♪ ♪ not much they say is much harder than this to bury your child to kiss your last kiss ♪ ♪ but she knows deep inside he was meant to live ♪ ♪ she was meant to love him give all she could give ♪ ♪ and she did that for 53 years ♪ through the heartbreaks and the heart aches and the fears ♪ ♪ she did her part and right from the start she loved him ♪
2:58 am
♪ with a mother's heart >> yes! >> gorgeous, cara lee. >> perfect. >> come on over and join us. we'll be back with more of "today" on nbc. >> i'm a wreck. ♪
2:59 am
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and we're back with "everyone has a story" and of course a very special woman. >> cara lee just performed "a mother's heart johni and honored by her daughter betsy. and our accompanyist david wild who is wild. >> he is. >> so what did you think? >> it was beautiful. amazing. perfect. sounded just like my mom, the whole song. thank you for writing it. >> you sing that well? [ laughter ] >> cara lee, you were a home run. she just really owe every time, right? >> every, every time. >> now, we have some parting gifts for our friends, don't we? >> we like to give a couple surprises out. we wanted someone to take care of you two for a change so blackberry farm in tennessee donated a weekend for two, you get meals, facials, massages. that way you don't have to get on a plane, you can giddyup and go. and it's going to be a fun
3:03 am
little -- a thing for the two of you. >> that's what we wanted, a spa treatment for your mom. >> she deserves that. are you going to enjoy that? >> thank you so much. yes. i will. >> you know, i want to explain to everybody how we come to the understanding of which letter we're going to pick. everybody's story is amazing. and we wish we could do it all of the time, but it's the letter itself which grabs our attention, right, dave? and our producers. and so tell us your story in the most poetic way you can. give us a phrase that's going to lead to a beautiful lyric that we can -- and make sure that it's a true story. >> don't make it up. >> because we don't want to get in trouble, okay? >> we are going to "sister act" today. >> i better warm up. >> and david friedman is on the way to -- >> tampa. to do my thought exchange speaking and i have a documentary coming out march 15th. >> show-off. >> very busy.
3:04 am
>> thanks again, jonni and betsy. >> got bless you. >> thank you for sharing your story. tomorrow we're going to get your resolutions back on track. >> have an awesome wines-day. god bless you. -- captions by vitac -- >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center, the national broadcasting company presents -- tonight's guests are -- and featuring the legendary roots crew. and here he is -- jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television -- captions by vitac --


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