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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 20, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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right now without power due to this incoming system that's already ramping up winds from 15 to 25 miles an hour and it'll get worse from here on out. let's take a look at this storm system ouoff-shore. and the strongest wind is 238 miles off-shore. that frontal boundry but it is here for the next three to four hours. we are seeing things intensify especially up into the north bay where wind are sustained at 25 gusting in the low 20s. temperatures in 50s. look at this, cells near simpson beach approaching a quarter to half inch per hour and we are fighting sustained winds at 26 miles per hour near san raphael. red wood city towards the east bay, quiet now, but more is on the way. winds are picking up along with areas in the south bay. coming up, more on how much rain you can expect for the weekend. once again, for tonight, we are looking at things ramping up over the next four hours.
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>> be careful on the roadway. >> an amber alert in san jose ended in gunfire after an 11-year-old girl was kidnapped. the standoff was evernight when the suspect stormed into the girl's home and snatched her right out of her bedroom. nbc bay area scott budman is live in san jose with how police tracked him down. scott? >> reporter: good evening. officers are telling us this whole thing may have started because this man wanted it find his ex girlfriend. was unable it find her. and took the niece instead, an 11-year-old. i want to show you where the whole thing back, in san jose. as you mentioned, it started in the morning, about 1:20 in the morning when 11-year-old taylor vo was taken from her bedroom at gunpoint. the suspect, 33-year-old tri le abducted her from her home in san jose. firing shots into the home in the process but not hitting anyone. about 12 hours later, san jose please were able to track le down inside a residents on
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pistachio road. le, police say, shot 5 at them as they approached, so they regrouped and went into the residence. >> he had the victim. he had a firearm and began it fire on the officers. at that point it became obvious the victim's life was in imminent danger and the s.w.a.t. officers decided it make a crisis entry. they went to the front of the house, encountered the suspect again, a second time inside the residence. suspect opened fire on the officers with a firearm and one of our s.w.a.t. officers was able to get a shot off and hit the suspect that suspect was pronounced dead inside the resident. >> not all that much is happening. there are a lot of offices here in this area in san jose. the best news of all, we are told, that taylor vo, the 11-year-old who was abducted, was not harmed. she was taken to the hospital for observation, but she is okay and will be reunited with her
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family. scott budman, fl bc, bay area news. >> now only on a story you will see on nbc bay area on our investigative team digs deep. 49er fever hit the bay area and ticket prices are sky high. but that doesn't reach elected officials. luxury seats free of charge. tony is here with details. tony, if you are on the story, i presume rules are being broken or there is a gray area. >> exactly. we know how much tickets are on face value. but there are rules that elected leaders and employees are prevented from accepting gifts of $420 in any year from a group. but these tickets come because after loophole. get elected and win two tickets to every 49ers football games, including playoffs. >> an fran mayor ed lee raising
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the flag. mayor lee won't be alone. he gets a free box at candlestick park. luxury box that includes 12 tickets to the big game. get elected, get tickets. all 11 members of the city's board of supervisors also receive free tickets. two stadium seats for every home game including the playoffs. >> it's very improper and it is unethical. >> peter keen is an edge sift and professor of law at golden gate university. >> the supervisor getting this type of gifting with not paying for it, that has an enormous appearance of impropriety and shouldn't be done. >> the city park gets free tickets. the seven member rec and park commission also gets a luxury box. big enough to seat 20. while fans pay, free tickets are available to elect he leaders and some well positioned city employees. >> what it says to me is that the supervisors are getting some
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extra pay coming to them from a very strong economic entity in the city and county of san francisco, the 49ers. >> clearly, the value of the tickets exceeds the state gift laws but san francisco and some other california cities created a loophole to avoid the ethical dilemma. sheer how it works in san francisco. because the city owns the land and stadium, it elected ton lease the three box locations and 22 stadium seats to the 49ers. by keeping control of those portions of the stadium, 66 total tickets, elected leaders can argue they are not receiving anything from the 49ers. >> i think that's a very aleejant view the supervisors are taking and it is something of an insult to the intelligence of people. well, san francisco owns the stadium. the people of san francisco own the stadium. if that's the case, then i should be able to go to the game free. >> now san francisco city attorney issued a ruling saying
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it is fork the elected leaders to accept the tickets. supervisors say they will accept the free tickets. this is interesting. supervisor david chu decided not to take the free tickets. he is going to the game and paying the city $214 per ticket. some san francisco lawmakers donated tickets to schools and nonprofits. but raj, supervisor chu said an abundance of precaution, he is paying up. >> any idea if the 49ers win, and they go to the super bowl, any super bowl tickets? >> not likely. we understand it is because can el stinl park and the property is owned by san francisco, that's how they get tickets. if that happens, well be watching. >> you can post some of your own ideas.
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>> just two days from the big kick off and the nfl season began after the lack out. many doubted the 49ers would be in this position. thanks for sticking together during the work stoppage. team chemistry grew. >> the downers said they couldn't do it. a new coach, nfl lock out, no training camp and same old quarterback but here the 49ers sit one win away from the super bowl and part of that success can be traced back it informal workouts last summer. >> san francisco 49ers will play for the nfc championship. >> it's been a thrilling journey that the 49ers aren't quite ready to end. and it think it all began eight months ago on a san jose state practice field. >> any time you are doing something like that, especially without the coaches influence, especially when you are doing it on your own, guys flying in from around the country to be part of it. spending time with each other.
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no question, that is an unspoken game. >> you know, not knowing the lockout, how cam 7 was going to go, we tried to push it as hard as we could and make sure we showed up in shape. we add good group of guys there. >> practices prove especially beneficial for guys like bruce miller pap rookie changing positions and attending against the better judge many of his agent for fear of injury. >> i didn't want to miss any more time than we already were with the lockout. so i pushed that for him to kind of give me the go ahead to go out and work a little. >> appropriately, the sessions became referred to as camp alex. then there that the 49ers quarterback displayed leadership he has become known for during this special season. >> i think it was excellent. i think alex did a great job on having his own camp. you can see now. look where we're at. >> i ask the players what the mood has been like in the locker room this week. adam snyder told me they have
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been as loose as they have been all season, but extremely focused. >> well, do you and your family have 49ers fever in i want to show you this picture of this cute 9ers fan. >> ready to play. >> yes, she is. can you send pictures to our home page. >> they started bright and early this morning and continued tonight. a new name but same game plan. they are calling themselves occupy wall street west. it is a combination of many of the occupy movements that used to be set up in locations around the bay area. tonight's target, san francisco. nbc area wab tracy, joins us in the city with the developing details. tracy? >> well, raj, i'm here in justin herman plaza. things are different than they were even a couple weeks ago. at one point, there were 400 tents, set up all across this plaza as part of occupy sf
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encampment. now you can see it is keeping people from living there. a lot of those people came back today. >> we will be here until the police arrest us. even though we did nothing wrong. >> not everyone locking doors in the san francisco financial district was arrested today. sfpd say they tried to keep occupy wall street protesters away from emergency exits. people who refused to move were taken away. leon allen was one of them. >> san francisco police cleared the area. arrested us for the wells fargo corporate executive that couldn't get in today. >> not living in the former encampment around the corner, then marching the streets in protest. many of the financial institutions have been previously hit by protesters. they were ready for it. >> you notice the bank isn't open so customers will go to other branchs and employees were given instructions well in
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advance about what they would encounter. >> the protesters became a bit unruly when this man was arrested for allegedly steal a police baton. chance and corography, not the first time participating in the occupy movement. it is well meaning but not well organized. >> as far as actually like educating people, i think it is not really that effective. i don't think it has a unified message and i don't think people are really here about what what they know. >> now, the protesters left a short time ago for one last march. it is pretty much caps off a day that for many started long before the sun came up. live in san francisco, tracy grant, nbc bay area news. >> thanks so much.
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still to come at 6, paying off student loans is never an easy task. what if there was no tuition? d.c. leaders push a new plan to pay after graduation. >> s.w.a.t. team swarm at south bay elementary school. the dramatic images coming up. >> also, ceo management style with the blue collar attitude. but 49ers head coach jim harbaugh brought with him from stanford and now he is using with the players at the 49ers. i'm jeff in the bay area weather center. we are tracking rain in right now across the north bay with we are tracking this as our stronger storms continue to arrive. more on the timing in just minute
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>> anxious moments for south bay parents after the campus went on lock down because of a someone with a gun on campus. no one called them. they watched as the s.w.a.t. team had guns drawn. damian, the school admits that changes need to be made. >> reporter: no one was called until there were three threatening phone calls made this morning saying he was on campus and he add gun. parents want to know why they had to hear it from the news. >> worried parent looked on as two heavily armed s.w.a.t. teams took over san miguel elementary. but the parent were not only nervous, they were l also angry. >> i wasn't notified. i wasn't notified pip found out from the news. >> i didn't get notified from the school. i got notified from my son's day care provider. >> families were also getting information from other parents'
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tweets and facebook posts. >> i don't think they are handling it well. >> six hours later, after going classroom by classroom, the s.w.a.t. teams confirmed there was no one on campus with a gun. as a threatening phone calls warned. now the school district concedes, parent notification needs to improve. >> we need to get better about that. we will meet with the parents and find out what worked well for them and how we can improve too. >> the campus was safe again and worried parent were able to hug their children one more time. >> i don't want to let her go. say hi. >> hi. >> glad to have letter back? >> feels better than not having him, not able to get to him. >> some parents were too emotional to talk. draining with the drama unfolding right before them, relieved to be able to hold their children again. and one child told me that teacher told the classroom that there were simply going through a drill only this drill was for
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real. we're live if susany veil, nbc bay area news. >> can you understand the fear from the parent. thank you, damian. finally movement in a high profile murder case. pleading not guilty on charges ever murdering nursing student mishlg le. le disappear outside of kaiser last may in hayward. her body was found near pleasantton in november there is dna and phone records. police believe she stalked her over a past boyfriend. how does a free education sound? a proposal that would eliminate tuition for student is turning heads. jody hernandez takes a look at the proposal where student wouldn't pay now but would certainly pay later.
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>> uc berkeley student has her sights set on a career under medicine. the cal junior says paying tuition is a constant worry. >> money is a huge stressor when you're going through school. when you are going through school, you should focus on your studies, not how you pay your rent or if you have food for the week. >> but eliminating that stress is gaining traction. student at uc riverside have come up with a unique plan that would allow student to delay paying tuition until after they graduated and this week, uc president called it a constructive idea. >> student who attend uc would attend with no upfront costs whatsoever. graduates of the uc would then financially contribute after they have graduated end entered a career. they would give 5% of their income to contribute to future student. that is for 20 years. >> what does that add up to? the more you make, the more you pay. take a nursing grad student with
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$64,000. they pay 5% of that for five years. that's $16 grand. once promoted to nurse practicer and make $90,000 year, they pay 5% of that for the next ten years. that's 45,000. then promoted again, bumping annual pay to 92 grand. under the formula they pay 5% on that for maining five years. grand total, $84,000. right now tuion and fees at cal for few years a little more than 53 grand. >> we do need to have additional sources of income at some point for the university of california. otherwise i fear, we are moving into an era in which student of california won't be able to grow with the state of california's population. >> john douglas, research fellow with uc berkeley center for studies in higher education says the proposal is worth considering. similar models are used in australia and the uk. but many student are aren't crazy about the idea.
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>> in my case, if i hopefully make much more money than my current tuition right now, then it is not good for me in the long run. >> she thinks it is a win/win for student and university of california. >> 5% mif salary, i would give back it student who are also in my position. give tlem a break to focus on their studies and in the long run, help my school and future general ralgss. >> a gold idea worth looking into. let's talk about the storms sweeping the bay area right now. here is chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. >> we will have a look at the radar in just a bit. as you can see, it is intensifying, mainly for the north bay. that's where we had from one to two inches of rain fall today. wind sustained at 20 miles an hour. gusting close to 30 at times. can you see from vallejo, to san
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rafael, that's the heaviest the past half hour, 45 minutes. with some of these cells that moved over, any why from a quarter to half inch per hour. now, the peninsula starting to pick up here with heavier returns off-shore. that is moving into san francisco and also red wood city as we head throughout the next hour. for the east bay, it slowed down. but all of that rain we just saw on the coastline, that is moving your way as we head throughout the next couple of hours as well. for the south bay, picking up in san jose right now. it is intense off-shore. as winds ramp up to 26 miles per hour at our coastline. temperatures mid to upper 50s for most of us. right now testimony patriot with 50s, on the entire board here from santa rosa from san jose. fairfield in upper 40s. rain and wind with a batch moving across. strongest wind and rain is still off slower. here with that frontal boundry. when that kroes tonight, that's
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when we do expect things to become the worst here. we do have a third system this week that could impact the 49ers game. well detail that forecast for kick off at 3:30 sunday, coming up. >> okay. so thanks so much, jeff. we just want to give you an update. there are 400 people without power in oakland. lights should be back on around 8:00 tonight. thanks so much. >> more news now. harnessing the power of the ocean is the futuristic theme after new report by the department of energy. it concludes waves off california's 1100 miles of coastline could generate a city to power 14 million homes. department of energy is testing technology in oregon, washington. the energy department says the devices which generate power are located t a couple miles off-she and aren't visible from land. >> just ahead from maneuvering through war zone to driving neighborhood streets. bay area program helping
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veterans make the tough transition.
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yeah! how does it feel? how does it feel? how's it feel? >> these occupy protesters in washington, d.c. targeted a taxicab yesterday. protesters were holding hands and shouting, shame on you. inside that cab, oakland mayor jean kwan. protesters have been demonstrating outside her hotel for days. >> lee is questioning whether his sheriff can handle the job while his is facing charges. the sheriff's wife, an alleged abuse victim, says that politics broke up her family. and during flag raising at city hall, player lee was asked about
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his new sheriff. >> the sheriff has to serve the people of san francisco and i think the question for him now, is whether he can do that. with this distraction going on. this very serious target. i said time and time again. >> the charges against the sheriff stem from a new year's eve incident in which the mayor allegedly grabbed and bruised his wife right arm. a family hearing is scheduled for monday. >> still to come at 6, breaking up is hard it do, unless you ucff. what its plan to separate itself from the rest of the uc system. >> a critical moment in the race to the white house. how they are spending their final hours before what could be a make or break final. >> plus, they make millions of dollars but they are still everyday working men. what is behind the 49ers and these work shirts?
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newt gingrich is on a roll despite ex-wife allegations this week. mitt romney who is expected to wrap up tomorrow is struggling a bit. his lead is shrinking. meanwhile, rick santorum and ron paul are locked in a tie at 13%. >> janelle good evening. we are in the recent poll here, finding mitt romney is now trailing newt gingrich. here in the palm meadow state today, rim romney was talking about what hurt his most and he promised to release his tax returns or at least some of them, he said, by april. but long before that, based on
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what will happen here tomorrow, we should know whether the formerly strong front-runner has been reduced to some kind of an also ran. mitt romney has to lower expectations. >> i love this one try. i love you for being out here in the rain. let's go win. >> reporter: the day before the primary, he is no longer polling like a sure winner. >> right new it's neck and neck. let's thats a pretty good spot to be in. >> reporter: if newt gingrich wins, it shakes up the pros et. in the lizard's thicket cafe, where there is liver footing in the eggs and grits, guys in the corner are switching to the former speaker. >> i think i'm going for gingrich. >> i believe that newt has found forgiveness and the past is the past. >> reporter: but you like what that he is tough? >> i do. >> reporter: past is past. that's what some say about last
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night's alallegations. >> let me be clear. the story is false. >> reporter: gingrich's second wife claimed he asked her to accept his affair with calista, who is now mrs. gingrich. do south carolina voiters fair? >> i'm more interested in getting obama out of office than anything else rate now. >> we can't have a president everyday coming up with a brand new idea of looking at things completely differently than what you were for the day before. >> reporter: in charlston where former candidate herman cain and faux candidate steven colbert having fun in south carolina. >> here comes the rain, oh, my goodness. >> reporter: while some here can't wait for the contest to end. adding to the pressure here today, republican senator demint said the history and he says it'll be what applies this year, in whoever wines this primary tomorrow will be the republican nominee. live from columbia, i'm
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handelsman reportingreporting. >> i'm take it from here. thank you. accused of killing women since the 1907s, the final witness was a law enforcement inspector who interviewed a former girlfriend of naso's. testifying that naso choked the woman scarring her and her child. the judge in the case will determine if there is enough evidence against naso to put him on trial. >> the san jose father who seriously beat a house guest for molesting his child was sentenced today for three years in prison. he initially faced life in prison for attacking the convicted molester. he was staying with the family in 2010 when he sexually molested the money's 8-year-old
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step child. his brother, eric, was also sentenced to two years in prison for his. >> nbc bay area's joe says why it is holding back. >> one of the top medical universi universities, in mission bay, the sign of the institution spreading its wings even more, but its unique role seems to be the odd duck among the other nine schools in the university of california system. >> ucsf is very different than any other of the ten uc campuses. we don't have undergrads. er with not a general campus. we are a house bias campus. >> yesterday, student protested tuition hikes in riverside, ucsf
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chancellor hellman exposed a bold new idea. >> looking at at government that could be different if the way we are governed now. that's not breaking away. >> reporter: though it would still be part of the uc, hellman wants it to have its own board of directors with different financial structure. ucsf currently spend millions of dollars supporting the other schools in the system, eeb though its focus is different. >> there's a third category that are things that have to do with undergraduatedcation, agriculturing with potentially other things that we don't use and don't benefit from. and we would like ton pay for that. >> ucsf says the way the system is now, expenses would overtake revenues by 2015. the move comes as uc system faces increasing cuts and state funding. leaders with university of california acknowledge this system is weighing down ucsf's plan to become one of the
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world's top medical schools. >> i think part of the frustration is they see a lot of system wide problems with public higher education as having not the same affect on them. >> agreeing to have a work group study to have a proposal and report back if july. ucsf's future standing at the fork in the road. nbc, bay area news. >> it may be no big deal for to you drive under a bridge or trash, but veterans returning home, it could trigger anxiety. brian was lurt in afghanistan. he lost an eye and use of his left arm. he was taught to avoid trash where iuds are off then hidden and bridges where snipers off then lurk. >> blowing up, hitting things that, bombs and things like that. >> brian is now working with an occupational they're piflt at the v.a.'s palo alto health care
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system. he drives all over the peninsula with his instructor learning to adjust tocy veilian driving. he is also learning how to compensate so he can drive on his own. >> still ahead at 6:00, one of the most memorable nights at apollo. a side of president obama which most of us have never heard before. >> changing the definition of autism. what new rules could mean for millions of children and their parents. >> good evening. i'm jeff in the nbc weather center. we are tracking the storm p.m. winds are also ramping up alo the coastline. right now, gusting 25 to 30 '035 miles per hour, so we are going to see that wind and a chance of thunderstorms. we will see the details of what the rest of your weekend is expected to look like, coming up. a
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it's a change that could have many implications for autistic children. the american psychiatric association is considering changing the of definitions of you a terroriri autism. if the changes are accepted, they would good into effect next year. >> an incredible milestone for a california family. after five months in the hospital, one of the smallest babies ever born was sent home. melinda left the hospital for the first time this afternoon. melinda was born premature at just 24 weeks last august. at the time she weighed nine
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ounces, that's less than a can of soda. now she weighs four pounds. she is getting stronger each day. >> very nice. >> we have seen our reporters throughout the newscast. wet. >> yes. wet and windy. we are seeing the winds ramp up. it'll be a rough one the next couple of hours. already over 400 power outages. we will have details on your weekend forecast coming up. >> report coming up in sports, the latest from are a co-areason. and and you may have heard about it. 49ers fever, next, from the x finity sports desk. gold bond. intensive healing for lasting relief.
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meteorologist jeff ra fleery. we were talking about power outages. you think there will be more overnight. >> yes. winds are just starting to ramp up so it is a likelihood that we also could have additional outages. right now, the storm system is pretty much in its mid state here. we have about three to six hours left of this. but the official band of it is starting to move in. some of the heaviest rain fall has been up in north where we picked up anywhere between 1 to 2 inches. sustained wind at the coast.
6:43 pm
gusting into the low 30s. that is translating over here towards petaluma and nevada. windy here on highway 101 and 680 back toward east bay. and heavy round of rain fall moving into san leandro. for the south bay, just picking up again after a little bit of clearing. you can see this rain fall starting to intense here. so much stronger rain off-shore. and right now, as we head up the east bay, pockets near danville and also back here towards oakland as well. current numbers in the 50s across most of the board from santa rosa to sunny veil. as we head throughout tomorrow morning, there is what we will find. areas of rain fall, nothing major, cloudy force. then as we head throughout saturday, we have this chance of thunderstorms in the forecast with this third system this week on sunday. so right now, it does look like
6:44 pm
90% chance of rain fall. what you will find is rain fall still just off-shore and the heaviest rain fall i think by 8 and 9:00 tonight. that's when things are really pick up for us. now that other system here as we head into sunday, that is still well off-shore and that will be intensifying once again as we head right into game time around 3:30 on sunday. so that once again is going to be building in as we head throughout this weekend. it's weaker in terms of over all nature but we still expect showers across the game. isolated thunderstorms. temperatures in the 50s. sunday, areas of rain fall there for the game. so for tonight, we are looking that rain fall, of course moving across by 9 p.m. rain start to intensify. even by midnight we could have pretty descent returns down here across the santa cruz mountains. tomorrow morning, mainly dry weather with areas of showers that will be filtering in. over all through tomorrow
6:45 pm
morning, anywhere from half inch to an inch to the east bay, a much stronger punch with current system moving in. so for saturday, chance of thunderstorms and throughout sunday, not only rain but that see year snow building up across lake tahoe. as you head throughout tonight, 42 in napa. and 49 in san francisco. and for tomorrow, plooen of mid to upper 50s with slight chancer storms. areas of instability. for the game at 3:30, periods of rain fall for the 49ers, wet and muddy out there. that's a definite. on your seven-day forecast. we clear out tuesday and wednesday. so hold on as we head through the next couple hours of rain. >> ra lot to keep track of. >> and they have been training for the wet weather. we are prepared. >> speaking of 49ers, you have
6:46 pm
that $3,000 armani suit, forget about it. 49ers wardrobe reflects their style. have you seen their custom shirts? here is nbc bay area, lauren. >> harbaugh brought swagger with attitude and it all started in training camp with work shirts he got players with the names stitched above the pockets. >> he told the story that when his grandfather would come home and untuck his shirt when his work way was done. that's kind of the way we do it around here. >> we just going to take the grind like mentality and go get it. >> they are getting a concept that harbaugh first introduced to stanford when he gave his players similar shirts. now that 9ers are making the most of working as collective. >> i think being an offensive lineman, you have to come to work prepared to do anything. so for us, it is an everyday thing.
6:47 pm
here's the man that can tell you about it. >> hi, let me tell but it. >> here it is. >> even if joe inevitableably lets his work on the field do the talking, for each 9er, it transformed a franchised typically known as whine and cheese crowd, they became a band of brothers. >> that's our goal and we work until saturday or sunday. then take our shirts off, put our feet up and have a nice cold beverage. >> all business. aeb you get down to it and do the things you need do to get better. and that's really what we have held on to all year. >> withers before nfc championship, i'm lauren scott. >> you like that? >> yeah, working men, working hard. >> no loner are we the whine and
6:48 pm
cheese crowd. we are the six pack. >> yes, six pack crowd. >> how about hank? >> i'll take hank. as long as hank is down for working hard. i still think 6ers fans are the whine and cheese crowds, by the way. hey, it is almost time for the big boys to show you what it's all about. we're ready for nfl championship sunday. ravens and patriots kick off at noon followed by the nfc championships game. 4ers and giant collide at 3:30. rock and roll time. several jien't are a listed as questionable but matt says most likely ted is the only 49er who could miss the game according to tight end walker, expected to play sunday. he did practice with the team today. joining us from santa clara and talking to players all week,
6:49 pm
mindi, are they mentally prepared for the biggest game of the season? >> reporter: oh, they are very mentally prepared. i think it is surprising how relaxed they are, considering for most many them, this is their first championship game. the play is -- the players are in. practices are over for week. they have one final walk through saturday to go through. but many of the players will put in extra work because the next 48 hours, there is still a lot that can be done. >> at this point, going over the game plan, the entire game plan, now it is a chance to really, you know, wrap my head around it totally and just get it game ready. >> i believe the intensity is going up another notch. you know, just with our practices, preparation, those guys doing some talking. i think that the intensity is already going to be there.
6:50 pm
>> reporter: alex smith believes the team is much more calm this week. that's because the anxiety they went with before the first playoff game last week is gone. jim harbaugh agrees saying this week is the best week of preparation. as you can see, weather is pick up here, henry, and it is sure to be wild one sunday. live in santa clara, nbc 7. >> giant receiver is listed as probable for the championship game along with four other starters. all right, after a disappointing road trip warriors return to arco eager to get back on track. tonight they have to run with the pacers. the team that loves to shoot 3s. tip off is set for 7:30. warriors vo who have within battling without their point
6:51 pm
guard, seth curry. but look who is back? john henry smith is standing by. >> that's right, henry. senl will play tonight and why not. he has had 16 days off. he got the best medical attention any specialist, shoes developed for him by nike. he said with time and all of that in consideration, he's done what he can do and it is time to get back it work tonight against the pacers. >> you get to the point where it feels good enough to play. and you play. i think for me i felt that probably about five or six days ago. feeling good to play versus not letting it happen again is two different things. so that is an extended period of time and i've been able to feel better and better and better each day. >> we will throw a crazy number out with you wp. with senl out the team was 4-4 '05.
6:52 pm
with him in the line-up, 1-4. koesh jackson says that is no n no way means the team is better, it means the team has gotten better since he has been gone. expect great things going forward in this season. >> reporter: thank you, john henry. much more on the warriors coming up later tonight. well, all of the highlights. just checking for the record. you're a niners fan, right? >> oh, yeah, serious. >> and you expect the giants to win, is that correct? >> oh, no. >> who -- you're making the giants. >> sni never he is ssaid that. >> get off the set, now. >> henry, the instigator. >> there's only love up here. thanks, henry. >> for a full half hour of sport bay gufr wrath. >> back in a moment.
6:53 pm
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it's all about a second chance pf a group of students turned their lives around thanks to a charter school for at-risk youth. john kelly delivering the keynote address at this year's ceremony. the charter school helped kids who have dropped out of high school. student take the california high school exit exam after completing the academic credit they need to complete. congratulations to the students who graduated. >> you have probably seen it. president baks obama has gone viral with his al green impression.
6:56 pm
♪ i -- [ cheers and applause ] am so in love with you ♪ >> the first lady must be happy. he sang a few bars of "let's stay together" at harlem's theater last night. the impromptu performance improved his odds of a reelection win this november. it is called the al green effect. showing his ability to be loose and connect with the public. >> on's oecatin occasion, bretti will sting into the newsroom and our response is not quite like that. >> no, like davis the other night on youtube. driving people away. >> what do you got at 7:00? >> red tail opened in theaters. first african-americans aploud
6:57 pm
allowed to fly in war. and a real life tus key gee airman will be with us. and the super bowl, we will take a look at what it will take it beat the giants. taking sports and that kind of thing. you can't avoid it. it is a huj thing. the talk of the town these days. >> yes, roger craig was on the show, right? brett said you and roger played college football together. >> i haven't forgotten him bruising my shin. of course, roth ear great for the cornhuskers. >> oh, any goodness. great story. great story to tell you are your kids. >> he is out there on the battlefield, i'm on the sideline. either way i still got hurt. >> we will see you at 7 p.m. have a great evening. >> see you back here, folks. ♪
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