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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 1, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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kris sanchez is live. this could provide sal list for the fame or more pain. >> reporter: i talked to michaela's mother and in the 23 years since the girl disappeared she learned to take a wait and see attitude and not panic when someone says they know something about her tour's disappearance. hope is not something she's willing to give up any time soon. >> it's always my help michaela will see the coverage of her case and know we're still looking for her. >> reporter: michaela garecht's mother won't give up the home for michaela being alive. not even the claim of a serial killer on san quentin's death row will change that. >> we've had so many leads over the years. it's not even the first person who claims to know where she might be buried if only somebody would take him out to show them the site. we've had that happen before also. >> reporter: the latest claim comes from a letter this man wesley shermantine sent to a
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newspaper in which he offers to lead investigators to the victims of his childhood friend loren herzog. >> shermantine said he closely resembled the sketch we put out in 1988 relative to michaela's disappearance and he had family in castro valley. >> reporter: problem is they can't talk to herzog who was found hanged last month. the next best thing would be to talk to shermantine, the living member of the duo dubbed the speed free killers. that will wait until san joaquin county investigators finish their investigation. >> our intention, as soon as san joaquin said we've done what we're going to do, is conduct a jailhouse interview. >> reporter: michaela's mother will continue writing letters to michaela whose 38th birthday was weeks ago. >> i tend to sit back and wait and we'll see what happens in the end. >> reporter: now, we are hoping for the best for her.
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clearly she's not been willing to give up hope. in response to shermantine's letter, sheriffs are trying to find a safe way to search the areas where he claims herzog's victims are. it will be after that that the hayward police department can talk to haim and do a jailhouse interview. they suspect that will happen even as soon as a week from now. in hayward, kris sanchez, nbc bay area. from a dorm room at harvard to a rental house in palo alto. facebook has arrived on wall street. eight years in the making and billions of dollars at stake, facebook is going public. even if you don't work for the company, you might benefit from the riches. nbc bay area's business and tech reporter scott budman joins us at facebook headquarters in menlo park tonight. trickle down economics, right? a lot of people can catch in here. >> reporter: yeah, you really got that right, raj. we call it the facebook effect. it can give everything from your social life to entire
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revolutions the caffeinated high-tech jolt. the facebook ipo will likely create a ripple effect in the bay area that will last for many years. from new houses, to new cars. the bay area is getting revved up about a facebook ipo. the numbers are huge. >> it is just a phenenon. >> reporter: nbc bay area social media consultant terry heaton says hundreds of these employees will become millionaires when facebook sells sharph, but the ripple effect goes well beyond the company's headquarters. >> facebook took all of this stuff from the web and pushed it in a different direction, and it has captured the imagination of everyone from businesses to, you know, my grandchildren who live in the middle east. >> reporter: some of facebook's 800 million users will undoubtedly get in on the stock offering. some of facebook's employees are, according to a local real estate agent, already planning
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to upgrade. >> we already have sellers and the agents preparing to get their homes on the market so they can take advantage and capitalize on these newfound millionaires. >> reporter: oh, and we're not just talking about houses. lexus of stevens creek says it's stocking extra luxury models expecting a post-ipo pop in sales. >> we've got certain employees coming in buying the $35,000, $40,000 cars then have their bosses that tend to come in and buy the $50,000 to $70,000 bosses then the ceos, cfos, ctos coming in buying the big boy cars like the one here, $80,000 up to $120,000. >> reporter: it has a brand new campus, legions of fans and soon a crop of newly minted millionaires. facebook itself expected to bring in some $5 billion by going public. now, typically, it takes a company about three to four months beyond the initial filing to actually start trading stocks so it will be a while before the
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facebook employees can cash in and before the average investor can own a piece of the company. reporting live in menlo park, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> exciting time for so many people. thank you for your reporting. facebook founder mark zuckerberg wrote a letter to potential investors today, interesting, outlining the company's five core values. among them, be fast. that's what zuckerberg is saying. read his letter at search "core values." pg&e customers can refuse to have smart meters but will cost them. that's a decision state regulators, after a stream of consumer complaints. opponents packed the meeting at headquarters in san francisco today with members of advocacy groups from marin county lining up to testify. they long argued the meeters emit harmful radiation and they shouldn't have to pay more to keep their older analog model. >> you cannot discrimination against people with medical conditions and you're going to go against federal and state
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laws which do not allow such discrimination. >> i will not be silent and i'm protesting as this agency created to benefit the public and funded by the public is used to gouge and harm the public. >> now, pg&e insists the wireless smart meters are safe and they save the utility money. while the commission will allow customers to opt out, it will also allow utility to charge a fee of $75 plus an extra $10 per month to people who don't want the new meters. new tonight at 6:00, $5 billion. that's the true cost of upgrading its pipeline system, at least that's the allegations from peninsula lawmaker jerry hill who tonight is accusing pg&e of trying to profit from the pipeline explosion in san bruno. the utility has proposed paying $2.2 billion to upgrade the system. assembly member hill claims way pg&e is doing the bookkeeping,
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rate payers will end up paying much, much more. >> it didn't include the shareholder rate of return they get because they get a guaranteed 11.35% return. didn't include the interest on the debt and didn't include the taxes all of which we as rate players pay. >> believe that rate payers should not pay a single dime for pg&e's failures. >> the activist group t.u.r.n. wants shareholders to pick up the cost. federal investigators and state investigators have found that the utility didn't properly test its pipelines or keep adequate records on them. a well known bay area high school is shut down tonight and for the rest of the week following an outbreak of the stomach flu. it's happening at st. ignatius college prep, a private high school in san francisco's sunset district. almost 400 students and teachers are out sick. here's nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. from campus. >> reporter: empty soccer field,
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hallways without the chaos of students running between classes. all signs school is out today. >> responding quickly. >> reporter: yesterday like dozens of other parents with kids at san francisco's st. ignatius high school, barbara arnold got a call her son, nicholas, had fallen ill. >> gave me a text and said, pick me up, you know, i've been sick. >> reporter: nicholas described the scene on campus as dozens of other kids fell ill and began vomiting. >> down the hallways in garbage cans, into the bathrooms and, you know, difficult to get around a little bit. >> reporter: st. ignatius principal says the school canceled classes today after 50 kids called in sick and nearly 100 began feeling ill. today the school decided to cancel classes for the rest of the week after the numbers rose. >> we have about 325 students who we've spoken with that have been affected by this virus. and we have 30 teachers that we
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know of. >> reporter: the school sent maintenance workers to scour the campus with bleach and were getting ready to make a second pass. >> we just want to ensure that we've gotten every area twice, you know, that could be affected with this bleach solution. >> reporter: san francisco health officials say judging by the sudden onslaught of sickness including vomiting and diarrhea, they believe the campus was hit by a norovirus. >> we are requiring that students wait 72 hours before they come back after they've recovered because we want to make sure that they're really feeling well before they come back. >> reporter: health officials took specimens from some of the students which are undergoing testing this afternoon. in the meantime, st. ignatius canceled basketball and soccer games. the principal says one basketball player fell ill after playing in a game against another school last night. health officials say so far no other schools have been hit as hard by the virus. parent thomas arnold said he's satisfied the school did the right thing by shutting down until monday. >> we're very happy that the school just very quickly, like, on a moment's notice responded
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to, you know, a situation such as that. >> reporter: joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. a veteran san jose firefighter will be working in oakland and making history in the process, too. the mayor today announcing that teresa reed will be oakland's new fire chief. reed held the job of assistant chief in san jose but she lives in oakland. also today, howard jordan moves from interim police chief to keeping the job permanently. you recall he stepped in last october of former chief anthony b batts abruptly resigned. he's had time to make his agenda. >> reducing crime, staying within budget, keeping my police officers safe and working with the community. >> women have been leaders of fire departments for a long time, but for a black woman and to watch us progress and -- i just think it's great. >> chief jordan has more than 20
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years with the oakland pd. his promotion comes at a tumultuous time. the department is dealing with the occupy oakland movement and major court ordered restructuring projects. on that note, still ahead at 6:00, just into the newsroom, oakland police releasing new surveillance video as protesters break into city hall. why investigators are asking for your help. starting tonight in santa clara county, paramedics will begin using a new treatment in the ambulance that can dramatically help heart attack patients not only survive but improve their recoveries. i'm marianne favro. i'll have that story coming up. and the second snow survey of the season leaves a concern for farmers and state leaders. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. little to nothing in the way of snow upsh across tahoe today. and our weak storm system continues to push off toward the east. this will make way for plenty of sunshine for tomorrow and temperatures in the 60s. not only for the south bay, but
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right into the peninsula. we'll let you knoen ubod here c rmw intrend here coming up in a feminutes.w [people chatting]
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coldhearted. a new treatment for south bay heart attack treatments begin late tonight. it's a new tool for ems workers to help save lives. nbc bay area's marianne favro has the story in our health watch. >> reporter: after a heart attack, every second counts. even after a paramedics resuscitate a patient, irreplaceable brain cells can still die which is why starting at midnight, paramedics in santa clara county will be giving heart attack patients the cold treatment on their way to the e.r., giving them chilled iv fluids. >> we're doing this new procedure because it improves the survivability of those patients' brains. what we're trying to do is allow them to recover and have normal brain function versus brain
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damage. >> reporter: normal body temperature is 98.6. ment cold iv drops temperatures down to 93 degrees to stop cell death. other emergency programs use ice packs, santa clara county is the first to implement a chilled iv program considered by many doctors to be more reliable and effective. more than 200 paramedics in santa clara county have received training to implement the new protocol. the hope is what they do inside the ambulance on the way to the hospital will greatly impact how well patients do when they return home. >> instead of getting somebody who may be in a nursing home, they're able to go back home and be with their family and so it's brain protective. it stops the tissue breakdown on a cellular level. >> reporter: not just saving lives but chilling patients to preserve their quality of life. in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. he needs a kidney to live but also needs u.s. citizenship to get the kidney.
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undocumented worker says ucsf pulled him off a kidney list after they discovered he was in the country illegally. the san jose man uses his dialysis machine nine hours every day because his kidneys are just too small. >> translator: i wish they would change the laws not just for me but for many other people who are in the same situation. >> now, in a statement released by ucsf, hospital officials say kidney transplant recipients are thoroughly evaluated for financial stability to sustain a organ long term. a congressman says the hospital should perform the surgery because he has insurance and it would be a breach of contract to deny the procedure after he was added to the transplant list. well, they are done. the bay area's redevelopment agency is out of business tonight. the closure is part of a statewide money grab that has funds going back to capital coffers. nbc bay area's traci grant is live in downtown san jose where
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money from the agency helped create the face of the city and people are sorry to see that money go. >> reporter: well, santa clara county executive jeff smith actually pointed to city heights condos right behind me as one of the examples of a building constructed through redevelopment funds that maybe was not the best use of money. now, there have been plenty of condominiums constructed throughout downtown san jose over the last few years with redevelopment money, but because of the economy, many of those buildings aren't even close to being full. now that type of money is going to be put toward services that some people say are much more of a priority. >> build some big buildings. i think that should be finished. >> downtown has renovated. >> yes. >> it's nice. >> i do think schools need it badly and fire departments are cutting back. police also. we need that. >> reporter: leon long has lived in san jose for more than half a
6:18 pm
century and appreciate a building like the fairmont hotel but don't see why it or the downtown buildings constructed over the years with funds from redevelopment agencies were necessary. santa clara county executive jeff smith agrees with them. >> in exchange for all of the nice buildings that were built, we have had a dramatic decrease in the ability to provide care to the underserved in our community and a decrease in the money going to the schools. >> reporter: santa clara county was one of the municipalities that argued before the state supreme court that governor brown's idea of eliminating the nearly 400 redevelopment agen agencies in california was a good one. the court agreed and starting today the $1.7 billion that used to be divvied up between the redevelopment agencies to construct buildings like san jose city hall and to spur economic development in blighted areas will not be diverted not only to schools but fire departme departments, police and other
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city services. smith says in santa clara county, 53% of the money going to redevelopment agencies came from money that typically would have been used for schools. >> it didn't really create a lot of high-quality jobs, it created temporary construction jobs and lots of service jobs, but no high quality well-paid jobs in the long run. >> reporter: now, the president of the san jose stage company told us he's wary about what will happen next. he admits that the theater they're in wouldn't exist without redevelopment funds. he's hoping they'll be able to raise as much money as possible to stop leasing from the city and just buy the building. live in san jose, traci grant, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a lot of people trying to get creative with their funds. we've been talking about this dry winter for weeks now and today new numbers show how serious the situation is. the sierra nevada snow pack, a key source of california's water supply, is less than half of what it normally is. today, the department of water
6:20 pm
resources conducted a survey showing the statewide snow pack is 38% of average. that number is up, actually, from their measurement of just 19% just one month ago. the department of water resources says it's the second or third driest measurement on record for this time of year. and that has farmers and a lot of other people very worried. all right. let's turn things over to meteorologist jeff ranieri. we saw drizzle this morning. nothing to make an impact. >> that is exactly right. you know, most of the bay area right now remains at about 30% of normal. real dire here when it comes to rainfall. anywhere from 3 to 6 inches below for the season. numbers did cool off today with the cloud cover and the minuscule drizzle. 61 livermore. 58 los gatos. 62 sa 2 santa cruz. 58 san francisco. our live camera network. what you'll find is absolutely clear conditions, looking back toward the bay bridge with excellent visibility at ten
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miles and or better. look at that toward the right end of your screen. there's the new span of the bay bridge going up. they have it lit up. if you haven't seen that yet, it's spectacular. let's bring you back to these numbers. not spectacular at all. .04 in santa rosa. berkeley also coming in with .03 an inch. san francisco airport, that's it, just over a trace here for. the east and south bay, that's all we had was trace amounts. the roadway getting a little bit wet. nothing large by any means. current numbers, ticking down slowly now. 55 livermore. 55 in sunnyvale. also 54 in san mateo. with the clearing, we'll set into rapid cold numbers here occurring for tonight. no rain drops here detected at all on our radar. all of those areas of drizzle, they've now all pushed off toward the east with this very, very weak system. so look at our satellite and radar picture. shows that storm system pushing off. now well out, about 100 miles out there off to the east. building offshore, we're finding clear skies with high pressure
6:22 pm
building in. so with no storm activity over the next three days, yes, we're going to be under fog patrol as we head to thursday. tonight, regions could hold on in the north bay. the same thing up in san francisco. little bit of cloud cover off shore. by tomorrow morning, not expecting a widespread fog event. start off clear for the east bay and the south bay but would have areas of patchy fog in the north bay, san francisco and peninsula. we're not picking up on it here. there's going to be enough ground level moisture with the temperatures cooling off that we could see the patchy fog develop. tomorrow, we're expecting a very sunny day for us. here's how it lays out for us at the coast, bay and inland. most areas starting out in the 40s at 8:00 a.m. by the noon hour, biggest increase inland with temperatures close to 6 o. afternoon hours we expect mid-60s in our interior sections. that's not it. coming up in my seven-day forecast, we'll talk about more record setting numbers in my
6:23 pm
seven-day. that's before possible next storm system that could actually bring us some rainfall which we so desperately need. that's all in a few minutes. >> thanks, jeff. we all know college textbooks can cost a lot of money. state leaders want to know exactly why. coming up, the possible solution to make those textbooks more affordable. also ahead here at 6:00, a teenager dies at a sleep over here in the bay area. we now know what's being blamed for her death. a huge financial change today for an organization helping the needy for decades. we're back in two minutes.
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after providing meals for millions of san francisco's poor, the old st. anthony's dining room served its last meal today. volunteers at the legendary soup kitchen served a final lunch inside the dining room. the building is going to be torn down and be replaced by a new building that will include a new mess hall. the kitchen opened in 1950 in a former auto shop repair shop and been serving meals to 1 million
6:26 pm
people a year. >> the food is good. excellent. best in town. i hate to see it -- i hate to see the building go down, though, because i'm used to this building. >> the dining room will move to a temporary location across the street for the next two years while the new home is being built. it's new, it's green, and it costs $145 million. groundbreaking at a new facility at the lawrence berkeley national lab. u.s. secretary of energy steven chu was on hand. there he is on the right. he was joined by university officials as well as the uc president. they were helping kick off and shoveling for the construction of the research and theory facility. it's a 140 square foot area. >> played an incredible role of pushing back the frontiers of science. further than that, i see the future as being a key element in
6:27 pm
helping further the innovation and the industrial competitiveness of the united states. >> it is a big deal. the facility will be completed in 2014. it's expected to be the most energy efficient high performance super-computing center in the entire department of energy. still ahead here at 6:00, an important recall tonight. a birth control mixup you want to hear about. also ahead, it takes a minute to sign up, but it could have lasting health benefits. the unique prescription program at a south bay school district. and a dramatic scene unfolding in egypt. violence erupting after a soccer match. dozens are left dead. we'll have the latest and other stories making international headlines. i'm stephanie trong live in oakland. police say they have proof occupy protesters broke into city hall over the weekend. the surveillance footage coming up.
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the images are being seen across the world. it's local police that are searching for answers. people breaking into city hall and burning the american flag. >> oakland police just released surveillance footage they say shows occupy oakland protesters in action saturday night. nbc bay area's stephanie chuang is live in oakland. it's not a pretty picture. >> reporter: no, jessica, it isn't. now, occupy oakland protesters have always said that the doors to city hall were unlocked and open when they went in saturday night. police have always countered that and now say they have proof to back it up. it began with protesters waving the american flag. in the background, someone proudly shouted "oakland" but then a glow and soon the flag was on fire. at the hands of some occupy oakland protesters while a few others chanted in encouragement. they had taken the flag from inside city hall just moments earlier. >> we do know that the doors to city hall were, indeed, locked, and you can actually see the pry
6:31 pm
tool working its way in between the doors so they could force the lock, break it and then open. >> reporter: as soon as the doors o opdoor s, protesters break into city hall. a line of them. bun rig one right after the other. oakland police spokesperson said the crowd inside quickly grew to more than 100. city hall surveillance cameras captured all the destruction. papers started to fly as protesters dumped trash cans, throwing around small objects, making into offices and knocking over a 100-year-old model of city hall. >> and this model is what is believed to be the architect's only model of city hall. that was damaged. >> reporter: for oakland police, the worst damage was suffered by their own officers. >> we had three officers that had fairly serious injuries, and these are the types of things that the city of oakland is looking at, and these are the types of things that we will not tolerate. >> reporter: oakland police are hoping people will recognize faces in that footage and notify
6:32 pm
the department and they add that those who are caught will be charged. live in oakland, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, stephanie. now, occupy protesters who took part in the weekend clashes with police say their movement is showing no signs of weakening. >> despite police and city officials' attempt to criminalize and smear occupy oakland, the movement retains high levels of support. the fact that several thousand people participated in the move-in day is evidence of the continues support for occupy oakland. >> many of the estimated demonstrators who were arrested during the brief takeover on the march on city hall are claiming that they were abused by police. they say officers jammed dozens of demonstrators into jail cells while others were empty. we now know the cause of death of a 14-year-old santa rosa girl who died during a sleep over last summer. the sonoma county coroner said
6:33 pm
takeimi rao died from ingesting ghb, a designer drug most people know as the date rape drug. the new test results emerge from a nearly seven-month investigation into rao's death at the july 9th sleep over at her house. investigators initially thought she died from alcohol poisoning. pfizer is recalling more than 1 million birth control packs because of a packaging error. as it turns out, some women may have been taking sugar pills when they thought they were taking birth control pills. it affects lo/ovral and the generic version. some packets have too many pills that are active and others have too few pills that are active. the affected packages, july of 2013 and march of 2014. patients with the affected packets should return them and use alternative methods of birth
6:34 pm
control. the susan g. komen foundation is coming under fire today after it announced it will no longer give breast health plans to planned parenthood. the group says the decision was based on new guidelines. however, critics say the komen foundation bowed to political pressure from antiabortion groups. the issue sparked debate across the web and on capitol hill. congresswoman jackie spear weighed in to the fray. >> i guess it means susan g. komen decide to become a 501c4. they want to become a political advocacy group. >> last year the komen foundation gave more than $600,000 in grants to planned parenthood. planned parenthood announced it will set up an emergency fund to continue its breast cancer prevention programs. many women will go without mammograms. they are getting costly. college students pay more than $1,000 a year for textbooks. but on the heels of apple announcing it would provide
6:35 pm
digital textbooks, lawmakers are considering ways to lower costs including completely switching to electronic or web-based books. a bill making its way through the legislature would require the top 50 books of the top 50 courses students take to be made into electronic books and free to all students online. a new report says textbooks currently make up about 75% of total student expenses at california community colleges. on average, publishers release new editions of their books every three years. with each one costing about 12% more than the last one. >> students are asking for relief. they no longer can afford to continue to opt out of classes, not take classes or buy the book five weeks into the course. all hurting their education. >> lawmakers say electronic textbooks could give students that relief they're looking for. they can be updated regularly and immediately at no extra cost. they are starting to spread out after a ten-day slugfest in
6:36 pm
florida, the gop candidates are now on the move. >> janelle wang is here with our national headlines. >> jessica and raj, the candidates have already moved west to stump for votes. florida's winner by 14 points mitt romney made a brief stop in minnesota today, where he was glitter bombed twice. he flies to las vegas tonight for a rally. newt gingrich and ron paul are already in nevada. rick santorum was in colorado today but will soon be arriving ahead of the nevada caucus this saturday. >> it now clear that this will be a two-person race between the conservative leader newt gingrich and the massachusetts moderate. >> any question about the support of conservatives i think was cleared up last night in florida. people who call themselves conservative and very conservative overwhelmingly supported my campaign. >> after nevada there will be caucuses in colorado, minnesota, and maine and primaries in arizona and michigan at the end of the month. major layoffs heading for americanairlines. today the parent company of the airline amr announced it wants
6:37 pm
to eliminate 15% of its workforce. that's about 13,000 jobs. the proposal includes 4,600 maintenance workers, 2,300 flight attendants, 1,400 managers and 400 pilots. the company is also working with the mostly unionized employees to discuss a 20% pay cut. well, it is one of the worst cases of violence ever at a sporting event. 73 people killed, following a soccer match in egypt. it happened today in port said north of cairo. security officials say fans of both teams swarmed the field after the game and started throwing stones and fireworks sparking a riot. unruly fans also set the stadium on fire. today, defense secretary leon panetta announced american forces will step back their combat role in afghanistan next year and transition into a more supportive and training role for afghan security forces. right now, 90,000 u.s. troops remain in afghanistan. 22,000 are scheduled to come
6:38 pm
home this fall. the rest will be pulled from the country by the end of 2014. the u.n. security council is putting pressure on russia to approve a resolution calling on syria's president which you just saw, bashar al assad to transfer power and end the country's escalating violence. russia and syria are close allies and russia has threatened to veto any u.n. military intervention. more than 500 people have been killed since the uprising began last march, and raj and jess, a vote on this resolution is not expected until friday at the very earliest. >> again, back to the e jigypt story. so hard to understand how that happened in that stadium. >> some of them are blaming security forces that didn't do enough to keep the fans apart from each other. a really deadly situation there. >> thank you, janelle. ahead at 6:00, the shocking death of a legendary and revolutionary tv host. remembering "soul train's" don cornelius. the south bay school district offering a unique
6:39 pm
involving prescriptions. i'm jeff ranieri. despite a few showers this moe'mo wg, wre still in desperate need of rain drops across the bay area. doing the worst right now, san jose 30% of normal, as we start to slide into a drought over portions of the south bay. tomorrow not helping matters at all. we'll talk more about our sunny forecast and let you know when our next chance of rain is, coming up.
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6:41 pm
he's the man who brought soul to homes across america. the host and creator of the hit tv show "soul train" don cornelius died this morning in his southern california home. he shot himself in the head. ♪ soul train ♪ soul train
6:42 pm
>> "soul train" was the first tv dance show to feature african-americans and played a critical role in bringing soul and r&b music to mainstream america. he hosted the show from 1971 to 1993. he was instrumental in offering wide exposure to james brown, aretha franklin and michael jackson. police found cornelius earlier this morning in his home with a gunshot wound to his upper torso. he was pronounced dead an hour later at an l.a. hospital. cornelius was 75 years old. february is black history month, and nbc's website, the grio, is celebrating by taking a special look at some of the country's most influential and influential african-americans. the list names 100 african-americans making differences in fields ranging from politics to arts and science. the list features a diverse group with individuals as young as 12 years old. >> these are people whose body of work is not yet complete. you know, we're not honoring
6:43 pm
people who, you know -- we're honoring people who weie m sllakistory makers in the next 10, 15, 20 years. >> the bay area is home to six individuals on the list cluding torrenc boone of google. we'll be profiling each of them in the next few weeks. >> we'll be looking forward to that. jeff ranieri joins us with look outside. about to get warmer. >> it's going to get warmer. nice out there. grab the shades in the next couple days and start worrying about the allergies, to. we're going to have that forecast coming up for the pollen. plus details on when our next storm is. it's in the next seven days. just ahead. coming up in sports, it's national signing day. where the best high school football players decide which logo they will don next season. cal and san jose state both made splashes but it's stanford's new running back getting all the attention. find out next live on the es k.
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though it's warm, as we head through the winter months, parents are spending time and money trying to keep their kids healthy. >> there's a new program introduced by a school district in san jose helping families get the help they need. nbc bay area's kris sanchez
6:46 pm
shows up. >> reporter: 32 fifth graders are in this class. if one of them sneezes, usually more than one of them gets sick. that means lost instruction time. >> we want to do everything possible to ensure students are at school, that they're healthy and when they go home, that their families are healthy as well. >> reporter: for the union elementary school district, that means getting families help with prescription drugs. at no cost, families can get a prescription discount card which covers anyone regardless of pre-existing condition. it took rosa lovedahl a moment to sign up. as an example, she found an antibiotic a pediatrician might prescribe for an ear ache for about $6. >> several pharmacies in the area that will honor that price. >> reporter: the information is available online and through a toll free number. although parent, christy, has coverage, she thinks as more families get the medications they need, all will benefit. >> it doesn't matter how much sanitizing the teachers do or wiping things down, they're going to get it. two steps ahead, that would be
6:47 pm
great. >> reporter: the union is not the only district onboard. several others are in line, too, hoping what starts as a healthy school community means a healthy community altogether as well. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. how are we looking? suntan weather or rain? >> suntan weather. that's going it be in the seven-day forecast. with temperatures that would be record setting as we head into this weekend. today was cooler down here in los gatos with 58. 62 santa cruz. 61 concord. 61 in napa. we had a few showers this morning. the radar has dried out right now. in san francisco, san jose. also livermore. it's pushed well off to the east back across the desert southwest. rainfall totals not impressive. weren't expecting a lot. totals really meager here. down toward oakland hills at .03 an inch. san francisco airport picking up .01 an inch. for the east and south bay, trace amounts and a little bit
6:48 pm
of drizzle that got the roadways wet for a little time this morning. numbers, taicking down slowly. 53 in san francisco and 55 sunnyvale. 54 san jose. clear skies right now will enable temperatures to drop colder for tomorrow. as you look at thursday's forecast, it's going to start our mild stretch of weather with plenty of sunshine heading right into your weekend with a few possible 70-degree temperatures. coming up in our seven-day forecast. this is going to spike up the allergy forecast for tomorrow. juniper in the mild category. mold in the high region. low categories for trees, grasses and also for weeds at this point. with the overall atmosphere starting to get a little more stagnant. high pressure, you can see, clearing us out here offshore. some 300 to 500 miles. this looks more like july, august, and september with the storm track still situated right up across the gulf of alaska. so we'll be on fog watch here as we head throughout the next 12 to 18 hours. mid to high level cloud cover in
6:49 pm
the late evening hours. by tomorrow morning, we're expecting a sunny start to the east bay and south bay and pension la. i do know the dew points will be high enough with some low-level moisture and the temperatures getting cold enough we may see patchy fog. not expecting a widespread event. continued sunny skies as we head throughout thursday afternoon. for tonight, it's going to be colder with mid 30s possible around santo rosa. 38 napa. 42 san jose. grab the jacket near the coastline. santa cruz will dip down to 39. on your thursday, numbers going up above average. mild for this time of year. 64 morgan hill. 65 san jose. a dry wind across the santa cruz mountains out of the north. in the east bay it will be a little more of an onshore wind. numbers cool with low 60s in the castro valley. fremont 63. 62 hayward. the warmest spot tomorrow will be the north bay with a breezy north wind starting to develop.
6:50 pm
we could be close to 70 in santa rosa. 66 sonoma. cooler but a pleasant day from san francisco right down to san mateo. on your three-day forecast, we have a little bit of that patchy morning fog tomorrow. temperatures close to 70 on saturday. so it will not be unheard of here that we may even have a few isolated low 70s especially in the north bay. you'll see on the seven-day, what we'll find, next best chance of rain coming tuesday of next week where we could actually have some accumulating rain across the bay area. maybe a half inch at this point. looks pretty good. >> did you just say rain? >> rain. yes. i know you thought maybe my last name, ranieri. no, rain. >> we wish. >> thank you. >> let's get to sports. henry joins us from our comcast sports net newsroom. this is a big day across the country. the top high school football players sign on the dotted line. committing to a college. what do you got, henry?
6:51 pm
>> that's right, raj and jessica. much love for the young guys today. coaches love teaching guys how to play football. however, convincing players to sign on the bottom line is always a challenge. it's national signing day for college football programs. stanford is very excited about the big guys headed to the farm. especially the running back. today stanford officially inked tailback barry sanders. one of the naution's top recruis and son of detroit lions hall of famer. they didn't stop there, adding seven defensive linemen, four wide receivers and three defensive backs. >> it's been a good day here for stanford football and the stanford community in general. i think we've got probably one of the best classes in the history of the school. but it's not about the rankings or the stars. it's about the quality of individuals that we just added to our team. >> well, some of the bay area's top high school talent will stay
6:52 pm
part of cal's program. nationally ranked quarterback zach klein graduated early and is enrolled in classes at cal so he can take part in spring ball. joining klein in the fall, offensive tackle, freddy. and a pair of east bay linebackers mike the barden and hardy nicholson jr. due to a coaching chgean, cal had a few decommitments but that's not going to rattle them. >> obviously when the coaching change happened here, you know, people want a relationship with their coach and people start looking other places and so on, so forth. there were a couple guys in the beginning that were committed here but chose other places. i don't think we're unique to anyone else. >> the san jose state spartans bolstered their roster adding players from their own backyard including linebacker brad cue, linebacker musica and oak grove
6:53 pm
defensive end eugene taylor and independent offensive lineman fernando villanueva. they might not all be five star recruits but coach mike mcintyre likes what his incoming freshmen bring to the table. >> recruiting is the lifeline of your program. my dad had a famous saying, i still believe it to this day, it's not the jimmys and the joes, it's not the xs and the os, it's the jimmys and the joes. once we get them here, we have highly motivated young men. i have great coaching staff. we're excited about our future. >> congratulations to all the guys. by the way, jessica, raj, they're talking about decommitments. i want to let all the coaches know, you know, i still got some eligibility left on me. i'm fat, i'm short, i've blown out my knee three times, i hate to practice, but other than that -- >> you're perfect. >> perfect for the job. >> i think they're going to move you to the top of the list. >> thanks a lot, henry. >> you got it. for a full half hour -- henry is still talking.
6:54 pm
for a full half hour of sports coverage watch ,"ss rtcepontral tonight. we're gonna erase breast cancer once and for all. once and for all. walking 60 miles... in three days. join us. join us. (woman) we're united. (woman) a family. (man) a movement. (woman) a coming together of thousands. (woman) thousands... (man) with one goal. join us. we're committed. relentless. (woman) we've refused to surrender.
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we're following breaking news now in brentwood. crews are trying to rescue a man who's trapped in a trench. those crews are building a wall around the trench to help keep the mud from pouring in. this is happening on the 1500 block of dawn view drive. once again, that's in brentwood. we'll have the latest on this breaking news story coming up tonight at 7:00 and at 11:00. also tonight at 11:00, admission is free, no ticket required. big changes are coming to the giant fan fest in 2012 at at&t
6:57 pm
park. tonight what's different from years past. important information you'll need to know. again at 11:00 after "law and order." on nbc bay area. finally this evening, the first baby female giraffe born at the oakland zoo in more than a decade. we have the first look. take a look. her name is maggie. she was born on january 12th. >> so cute. >> weighing 80 pounds and standing 6 feet tall. when she was born. maggie will make her public debut at the zoo tomorrow. line up. get there early. a few facts about giraffe, they give birth standing up allowing the baby to drop four to five feet which encourages them to start breathing right away. >> of course it would. >> within the first hour of birth the baby can stand and walk. >> maggie is already taller than most of us. >> she is. >> so cute. >> what's coming up really quickly? >> tonight as expected, facebook filing for the ipo. we're going to take a look at what that means for the company and the bay area plus the big riff between the susan g. komen cancer foundation.
6:58 pm
that and more coming up in just a moment. >> comcast channel 186. >> we hope to see you back here at 11:00. >> bye-bye. ♪ beth! hi! looking good. you've lost some weight. thanks. you noticed. these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them. how'd you do it? eating right -- whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multi-grain cheerios -- 5 whole grains, 110 calories. creamy, dreamy peanut butter taste in a tempting new cereal. mmm! [ female announcer ] new multi-grain cheerios peanut butter.
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