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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 7, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. developing news from san francisco where a three-judge panel has just ruled on california's same-sex marriage ban. we're live with that decision and react. i'm bob redell, live in newark, police wrapped up a news conference, updating us on the morning's shooting of a federal agent. the latest, coming up. another big shakeup in the susan g. komen foundation. the new developments within the breast cancer group. plus, we're giving you a live look. that's the overcast skies overhead of san jose. we're going to check that forecast. news at 11:00 starts now.
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good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. a highly-anticipated rulingly california's same-sex marriage ban. the 9th court of apuls ruled it's unconstitutional a violation of gay civil rights. christie, what's receipt action there? >> reporter: i can tell you this excited crowd went marching down street, over to city hall, that's where they are now. at 10:00, when the decision was announced, the crowd went absolutely wild outside of the courthouse. they were hugging some of them crying, holding up their own marriage photos from 2008, this, as california's ban on same-sex marriage was struck down this morning at 10:00 in a 2-1 decision on the panel on the 9th circuit court of appeal.
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what it found, in 2008, voter-approved proposition 8 that defined marriages between a man and woman violates the u.s. constitution. in 2010, judge vaughn walker struck down prop 8 and the court agreed with walker. gays and lesbians were allowed to marry for six months in california after the court struck down the ban. it later upheld proposition 8 in san francisco. the same-sex couples overjoyed, feel the ball is rolling again. >> it's been a long road. we've seen marriage equality come and go in california. but this gives us hope that marriage equality is going to be back in california soon. we can't wait for our friends to be able to get married. >> it was not a surprise at all. we expected this. you know, from the most liberal court in the couldn't tremendous, the most overturned court, most overturned judge. we've always seen this as just a
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stepping stone to the court where it will be ultimately decided. >> reporter: bill may is with the coalition to protect marriage, the backer of proposition 8. they can appeal to the full pan of 9th circuit court, or as mentioned all the way to the united states supreme court. seems everyone believes that this will go to the supreme court likely in the year 2013. but for now, though, celebratory mood in san francisco. there's going to be a rally tonight at 5:00 at lgbt center near the castro. live in san francisco, back to you. >> a lot of smiles in the city by the bay. christie, thanks. stay with nbc bay area and for reaction to today's ruling. the next steps in the legal battle. shots ringing out in an east bay neighborhood and now a federal agent is in the hospital with critical injuries. it happened in newark at may hughes landing road and betancourt street.
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bob redell following the story all morning, live at newark civic center with new information about what happened out there. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. newark pd wrapped up a news conference here. when we asked the commander people should be worried about a suspect with a gun, he said neighbors aren't in danger but won't confirm whether or not there's an arrest of the shooting of a federal agent. all he would say is the investigation is ongoing and pd's not going to identify which agency this federal agent works for. investigators are still out there at the scene. they've been collecting evidence all morning long. also, searching for a possible weapon. it doesn't appear that they found one, though, least not when we were out there with them. the agent was off-duty at the time when shot before 6:00 this morning. it happened outside his home on mayhughes landing road, this is the time he normally heads into
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work. they heard a man yell something, get down on the ground, then a series of three shots, pause, two to three more gunshots. a woman started screaming something to the effect of, no, robert, no. a neighbor went outside to see police hovering over the agent as he lay bleeding at the end of his driveway. >> the victim was laying on the ground and officers were telling him, stay with us, stay with us, you're a strong guy, hang in there. i could just see blood on his shirt, that's all i saw. >> sounded like i serious injury? >> sure looked like it. he was moaning a little bit of words to the officers but i couldn't hear them. i could just hear moaning. >> reporter: newark pd has two squad cars escort the ambulance to the medical center. they won't say what condition he's in but we understand fairly serious. one person saw the suspect limping away from the scene, tall in a ball cap, white
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hoodie, not clear if he's limping because he's injured or from a previous injury. he did drive off in what's described as a small to midsized white sedan, possibly camry or lexus. pd asking anyone with information to reach out to them. live here in newark, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> the bay area woke up to much needed rain this morning but with it came wind and power outages. in east san jose a giant tree came tumbling down in north claremont, barely missed a car but snapped power lines causing a blackout for almost 1,000 homes. crews spent the morning cutting up the tree and clearing it out. collect out the flag flopping in the wind downtown san jose. along with the wind, came the rain. people left the house with rain gear and umbrellas because we have smart people live in bay area, right? >> yes. a nice run of dry weather but much needed for the rain.
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looks like you're forecasting a lot of it over the next few days. >> we had quite a bit in santa rosa, over hatch of an inch came down. some really cool cloud formations over the city by the bay. you can see from the live picture, also a steadier camera here as those winds have significantly dropped off. but as you can see from your radar picture, we have light shower activity lingering over the east end of the bay area. showers winding down at this point. now just a bit of activity to the east of livermore, moving towards tracy. throughout the day a few isolated showers will make way to breaks of sunshine. gradual drying as we head throughout your tuesday. by wednesday, dense fog develops. a nice mild afternoon with plenty of sunshine tomorrow. and showers return. we get another round of rain as we head into the upcoming weekend. so we need rain. another round on the way. we'll let you know when that's timed out for your city and of course what to expect for the
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workweek. >> thank you very much. >> sounds good. in between all of the raindrops, two dozen firefighters battling flames at taco bell in union city. when they got to the scene around 3:40 a.m., there was heavy smoke coming from the back of the building. they were able to knock down the fire fairly quickly but there was extensive damage to the kitchen area. no one was hurt. an engineer who worked on the new eastern span of the bay bridge is facing charges trying to smuggle computer equipment to china. hope is accused of purchasing almost $550,000 of memory circuits used for satellite communications and then trying to send them to china in baby formula containers. a cal trans spokeswoman says charges against him are separate from his work on the bridge and he never had access to private information. hope is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow in federal court in colorado. despite the original plan, the former head of the contra
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costa county drug unit will not be sharing his story with dr. phil. wells facing federal charges of conspiracy, extortion, drug sales. last week he was given court permission to fly down to l.a. to tape a segment of the show for dr. phil. focusing on police and stress. yesterday a different judge withdrew the order. his attorney says stress on the job led to his client's alleged crime. >> we'll get new insight into the murder of oakland journalist chauncey bailey. a book titled "killing the mess ger" a story of radical faith, the assassination of a journalist, that will be released today. it was written by thomas peel, a journalist who investigated the murder. he did research on "your black muslim bakery leader," the man convicted of killing bailey. domestic violence charges against sheriff ross mirkarimi prompted an advocacy group to try to buy a billboard to draw
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attention to the issue. m mirkarimi charged with three misdemeanors. a shelter for domestic violence victims looking to raise about $4,000 to put up a billboard to be placed near the hall of justice. the billboard would saying domestic violence is never a private matter. that of course is referring to statements made by both mirkarimi and his wife. no charges will be filed against a woman accused of hitting a fan in the head during a shark's game. the 16-year-old was attacked during the game and almost knocked unconscious. the female fan who hit her says it was all an accident. prosecutors didn't have enough evidence there was criminal intent. the mother of the discovery bay teen says they are disappoint the by the decision and still dealing with $1300 in medical bills. city leaders could sink any future blockades at the port of oakland today.
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last year occupy protesters shut down operations during demonstrations. some long shore workers were told not to report for work and hundreds lost their day's pay. today oakland council members discussing a proposal that would urge city leaders to use any legal means possible to prevent another shutdown. coming up, a shakeup at the top. a key official at the susan g. komen moundizati komenizati komcomb foundation calls it qui. obama administration responding what one of the president's top advisers is saying about a new health care policy involving birth control angering some religious groups. house for sale antsc.isietsor mad scientists. a tour coming up.
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there's now fallout from the susan g. komen controversial. the charity's vice president for
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public policy karen handle turning into her resignation. those discussions started before she arrived and had been approved. handle said in a letter, i am deeply disappointed by the gross mischaracterization of the strategy, its rational and my involvement in it. komen reversed its decision to cut off funding to planned parenthood after its original move set off a firestorm of criticism. president obama's top political advisers defending the administration's new regulation requiring church affiliated employers to cover birth control for their workers. david axelrod tells msnbc he knows the move has caused a rift between the white house and the roman catholic church but says, the issue is important for millions of women around the country. catholic leaders have condemned the regulation which requires hospitals, universities and charities to provide contraceptive services in their health care plans regard also of teachings on the issue. mitt romney is speaking out
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about the new rules. he calls the requirement a violation of conscience. gop presidential candidates bracing for a big day. 70 delegates at stake in three contests. colorado, missouri having a nonbinding pro ining primary. newt gingrich on the ballot. mitt romney coming off big time wins in florida and nevada. romney has a newance dorsment this week from former california governor pete wilson. wilson says romney's business experience and leadership very strong assets for the white house. wilson's support and romney's positions are not impressing immigrant groups. governor wilson backed prop 1987 targeting undocumented immigrants. romney has gone on record saying u.s. needs to tighten up its borders. greece, it's very close to
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hammering out yet another deal to borrow yet more money. nbc bay area's business and tech reporter scott mcgrew says that's good for the market the markets turned positive on the move. greece in focus this week. there's little other economic news to distract investors the prime minister spent the day working out the deal, which would make more cuts in his country. he has to get other politicians in greece on board. greece needs to make the cuts to get the next round of short-term loans to pay down its long-term loans. back here at home, there's a giant dish for sale in carmel valley, the james burg earth station, once owned by at&t, contains a radio zish that hedi helped relay pictures from the moon. it's $3 million. a dish, a house, and a helicopter landing pad. it's about 20 miles southeast of monterey. to blog google 9:00 to pak,
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perfecting glasses like these that will function as heads up display so everything you see overlaid with data. the front of a restaurant, you'll see a review. no word when they go on sale. imagine the day you can look at somebody and know their game from looking at them from your special google glasses. >> very nice, scott. if you dig big-time parties the giants are throwing big one in new york. fans celebrate their super bowl championships. big apple honoring the team with a ticker tape parade in downtown manhattan. they know how to get down. 1 million people turned out to shower players with love and of course the confetti there. they rode down broadway, got to love the champs. on the steps of the city hall, the team presented with the keys to the city. after at parade giants packed up, headed to new jersey and
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home stadium and celebrate with fans. >> if only our niners. >> just gave it away. >> let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> it would be raining on that parade. take whatever good we can out of that. we picked up significant rainfall totals in the north bay in particular. over a half of an inch of precipitation came down in santa rosa. almost a half of an inch in napa. take a look at the aftermath. this is right outside of our studio here in san jose, a downed tree. and we could see more of the same as winds are gusting at time to time throughout the bay area. you want to keep that in mind especially throuhe t east bay hills. that's where we've seen heaviest wind gusts. where we stop radar we stop the loop for you mostly getting a break now, except for places to the east of livermore. a lot of the activity pushing into the pass and we're getting a nice break. 3:00 p.m., spotty residual activity in the south bay.
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we continue futurecast to 6:00 p.m. little bit of action over fremont. the whole thing blows out by midnight, a colder night as we'll see a clearer sky overhead. 49 degrees tonight. san francisco, 43 edward city. 45 in los gados. throughout the midsection of your week, high pressure regains control of the forecast. it's going to move back into the bay area, warm us up, clear skies. we'll see a bit of patchy drizzle tomorrow morning but a mild afternoon. thursday, dense a.m. fog will make way to warmer conditions in the afternoon. we'll keep you climbing through thursday. take a look at that, 68 degrees. back up towards 70-degree mark thursday. friday, widespread a.m. fog, make way to sunshine in the afternoon. by saturday, clouds increase ahead of a system that will bring north bay showers sunday and maybe light, scattered showers to the greater bay area sunday into monday morning. cooling is down again. so we're not out of the woods yet, guys, when it comes for
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showers for today, a dry break thursday through saturday. another round sunday into monday. >> thanks. coming up, one california lawmaker's ideas to save state parks. how his proposal could change the way you file your taxes. and why the ban on plastic bags could get more drastic in one bay area city. join the discussion, check us out on facebook. he honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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oooh. videos online? here? how much is that? nothing. at&t high speed internet at home includes access here. our invisible cord is really long, dad. oooh. [ female announcer ] get access to the entire national at&t wi-fi hot spot network for no extra charge. so call today to get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ welcome back. a california lawmaker is getting creative to keep state parks open. assembly man jared huffman's bill offers several ideas, creating a state park license plate with fees supporting the parks and letting taxpayers buy an annual pass when they file state taxes. 70 of california's parks set for
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closure at a savings of $22 million to the state. when it comes to your average school lunch, a few bay area schools going above and beyond the salad bar. oakland's nutrition services director proposing upgrades to dozens of kitchens and a huge central facility with a 1 1/2 acre organic farm. very nice. richmond high school may get a salad bar with produce harvested from i student garden. hayward, some kids may find a sushi robot specializing in california rolls in their cafeteria. i have -- what is a sushi robot? we'll work on that. part of a newly federal mandated healthier school lunches program taking effect sometime this year. san francisco's plastic bag ban may be expanded tonight. talking about add more businesses besides supermarkets that have to provide reusable bags or charge for plastic. new rules include any store and
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all restaurants. environmentalists say san francisco needs to keep pace with other bay area cities that have imposed tougher bag restrictions. here we go. 50 years after he left his nart san francisco, tony bennett's coming back. we'll explain. >> are you going to sing for us. >> no.
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(car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. welcome back. live look outside. cloudy conditions in the city by the bay. we're getting cool cloud formations. layered clouds piled on top of each other. throughout the day we're going progressively clear out. sun will break through the clouds like we're seeing here in the south bay. taking a live look at san jose. and breathe in that air. good air quality as a result of those showers coming through the area. by tomorrow, we'll get drizzle.
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warming up for thursday, up to 68 degrees inland. 64 by the bay. 61 at the coast making that the warmest day of the week. friday, dry. that goes for saturday. sunday another round of rain into monday, mostly up in the north bay. back to you. >> thank you. finish up this morning a famous man in a famous song returning to their roots. tony bennett coming to san francisco to celebrate the 50th an verse of his famous tune "i left my nart san francisco." he going perform in the venetian room. the show is sold out. >> you can get in. >> only if you're going. it goes to the heart research program. the song made its debut in 1962. i don't know that. the special concert held of course on v-day, valentine's day, one week from today. >> very, very nice. he's a talented man. of course he can sing.
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also an artist. saw him on thanksgiving painting lady gaga. >> really? >> no joke. look out. >> take him seriously sometimes. thanks for watching. join us at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00. >> have a great day. never in my lifetime
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