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tv   Today  NBC  February 8, 2012 2:05am-3:05am PST

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act now, act now! like he said... ♪ captions paid for by nbc-universal television so glad you are with us today. it's booze day tuesday, february 7th. just two days away from our island getaway. >> cannot wait to get to the bahamas. >> let's play a little music. ♪ feel it. drink in hand. we want you all to come down. we understand not everybody can afford to come, but what we want
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you to do is slather on a little oil, open up a coconut, poor a little rum, take pictures of yourself and we'll show a few. >> your living room is a perfect beach. we'll put you in the mood. one week until valentine's day, and this is a holiday for a lot of people who are either disappointed or they want more than they get, blah, blah, blah. but they did a survey, zebra pen, a poll. and, you know, most guys think you want flowers or candy or jewelry. you think those would rank high on the list, but not so say the folks from zebra pen. >> i don't know. i can very much relate to this. i think these kinds of things depend where you are in life and your relationship. brand new, very excited, very much in love. then it's different than if you're in a long-term relationship and you just want peace. you know? i never loved valentine's day. >> no. >> i think it's kind of cruel, kind of hard on people that don't have someone special in
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their lives. >> yeah. >> and it's awfully expensive. you should be saying i love you to the person in your life all the time. it's just another time you have to spend money to prove to somebody you love them. >> here's the deal. they say most of us want a couple things. we want a nice dinner. >> yeah. >> we don't care about the jewelry. don't bother trying to bring us a big piece of bling, especially during these times, they want a great, great dinner out or a handwritten note. like you know what -- >> yeah. >> i so treasure -- it's funny. when someone takes time to write their feelings down and hand it to you as opposed to a card they just sign their name, which is fine -- >> i have every love note you've ever written me. >> you do? >> she is so crazy about me. writes the sweetest notes. i notice a trend about the last ten years of my life with frank, you know what, it's less and less about the stuff. you say you know what, let's do this. >> yeah. >> and you use your money -- if you need something or let's add
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on this or let's get a new -- you know -- >> i agree. look, it's more fun to me to get a surprise on a day you don't expect it than on valentine's day when you're wondering, it's valentine's day, what did he get you? >> the expectation. >> yeah. >> and most people can't afford a whole lot. just be nice to each other that day. >> i like that. that's the hardest thing, actually. >> if you go out to dinner, there are things cropping up that are annoying things in restaurants. zagat's -- >> i interviewed them probably 20 times and i still don't know how to pronounce it. >> here are the things that annoy people. they're allowing dogs in the outdoor areas of the restaurants. some people have dogs in strollers, if you've seen them. you know how they do. >> they're nice and protected, not hurting anybody. on the sidewalk. >> sometimes they're just sitting there. and sometimes people, oh, is the
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dog hungry, looking at my steak. that's one. here's one that is my pet peeve. the tables are so close together you can barely get into your seat because the other seat is backed up against you. you're like, excuse me, sorry. to go to the restroom, you can't even get -- >> yeah. you need a gps. >> you're knocking people's tables over. like the airlines that try to cram more seats, just one more table. >> or on purpose like the bistros. that's the way it is in europe. a little pub in england. everybody's crammed in. >> yeah. i like a little room to breathe. i like to, you know, have a little space. >> yes, you do. >> this is not me. this is zagat's. >> oh. again. >> they also say that we don't like people -- waiters who are constantly coming -- you order a bottle of wine and, you know, you can fill your glass back up.
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but the ones who are coming every time you take a sip and dumping it in. >> i have no problem with that. >> of course you don't. and people don't like enormous wine glasses. >> who are you? >> they come to the table, would you like still water or sparkling? all you want is tap water. >> the cheap one. because you know they're making a ton of money on it. >> they make you feel cheap when you say no, no, just tap. >> they give you that -- just tap. oh. for shame. not doing as well as you look, huh? i know. i know. >> i don't like that. i like new york tap water. >> you like everything. >> i'm reading zagat's. >> tell everybody the best city to find a date in for valentine's day. >> fast approaching. >> a little late. but from the >> they sized up things like available singles, dating costs, mental and physical health. >> not important to me. >> who cares? it doesn't matter when you want
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somebody. >> depends on how desperate a person is. >> crazy. >> i wish you could tell those stories, hoda. >> no, no. >> yes. >> number five, minneapolis. lucky for you. a lot of folks there are single. austin, texas, is number four. >> big party town. >> lincoln, nebraska, ranks third. >> huh. >> gainesville, florida, big college school. and atlanta, georgia, is the number one. >> atlanta is on a lot of lists lately and all for pretty good stuff. >> you're right. they have. >> awesome town. rounding out the top ten, seattle, madison, wisconsin, san francisco, and ann arbor, which i love, and washington, d.c. guess what? if you're in new york or l.a., you're not on the list. >> i have to say i think it's harder to meet people in bigger cities. i remember when i first came here before, trying to meet people and carve out a circle isn't easy unless you go to -- i went to restaurants and sat with
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a newspaper and would read. how do you meet people? hey, what are you reading? what are you doing? >> most people aren't attracted it seems to me of people that are similar to them, you know. you have to get to know somebody that comes from a different world. >> right. >> so you, your first job in television was in greenville -- >> mississippi. >> right. there aren't that many egyptians there. right? there just aren't. that had to be hard. >> what are you talking about? >> how many did you run into in greensville, south carolina? >> mississippi. >> whatever. >> all right. there were none there. so here is -- okay. i like this one. let's go to the next one. >> okay. >> this is called i never liked it anyway. i never liked it anyway. >> is that a website? >> yeah. it's a website. this woman got dumped by her boyfriend and decided to sell all the stuff he gave her on ebay. the ring, i never liked it anyway. sell it on the website.
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people put their wedding gowns on there. i think they are very upset with their relationship. and they got rid of all things that reminded them of their ex and they sold it so everyone could see it. sometimes you say, thank you, honey and you wear it but you don't like it. >> i don't. i say, honey, do you mind if i return that? >> but what if he was so excited to give you something? >> too bad. no, i'm just kidding. we talk about things ahead of time. what would you like. if there's something in particular -- >> what about early on? when he gave you something and -- >> frank has excellent taste. he does. but it's never been about stuff. when he asked me to marry him he gave me a beautiful diamond that he had -- it was sweet. he had it designed -- it was a square emerald cut. >> wow. >> because my nails are always sort of on the -- >> he thought about that? >> that's when he loved me like crazy. but anyway -- and i loved it. it was later stolen years later.
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and, you know, i remember thinking, gee, i would have loved to have given that to my daughter someday. but i was just reminded, it's a thing. >> i know. >> it's a thing. things can be replaced and people can't. and later, a couple years later, he took me into tiffany's and said, what do you want? i picked this out, the least expensive thing in the whole store because i said it is not about that. it is not about that. i think that happens as you get older. i was very much the tchotchke queen. every bed had 80 pillows on it, more knickknacks. more and more, simplifying. when you're going to go pretty soon, you done want to leave that much work for your children. you know what i mean? >> yes. i he you. what do we have coming up? >> i don't know. >> yes you do. >> i don't know. something you can sink your teeth into. "twilight's" peter is here. >> and sara joins the circus. ♪
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♪ the best things in life are free ♪ ♪ the stars belong to everyone ♪ ♪ they gleam there for you and me ♪ ♪ mmm mmm mmm ♪ the flowers in spring, the robins that sing ♪ ♪ the sunbeams that shine ♪ they're yours, they're mine ♪ ♪ and love can come to everyone ♪
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♪ the best things in life are free ♪
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all right. the "twilight" saga "breaking dawn" part one grossed over $700 million since it was released in november. >> fans will be happy to know they can watch it over and over and over when the highly anticipated dvd is released late this woke. >> peter facinelli plays carlisle cullen. take a look. >> you're the enemy now. sam won't hesitate. you will be slaughtered. >> emmet will come with us. >> that won't be enough. >> we have no choice, jacob. if there's anything we can do to save him, we have to try. >> are you even recognized on the street? you look so different. >> i don't recognize me. i look at pictures of carlisle, and i'm like, is that me? >> much better looking in person. i'm sorry. >> that's okay. 350 years old.
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what do you want from me? >> what do you think it is about these movies that keep people coming back? >> i don't know. i think if people knew they would start making more like that. but i think it's an extension of the books, obviously. people are big fans of the books to start. and then, you know, i think these movies have a lot going on. it's not a typical vampire movie. it's in a vampire setting, but it's really about forbidden love and also about a family who supports each other. sometimes they're at odds, but they have a lot of love there. a lot of different, you know, levels going on with the vampire backdrop, which makes it interesting. >> and a lot of beautiful people even if they are dead. my daughter is 18 1/2. when the first books came out, she was madly in love with them. her favorite person is edward cullen. i think it grabs those young girls -- >> in the books he's such a timeless gentleman.
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>> yes. >> and i think people respond to that. >> you're very deceptive, your age. you told me you're 38 but i can't believe it. >> your whole family is so beautiful. really disturbing. >> when we were filming shooting in new orleans, i took them out on the town there, the kids. i took my 5-year-old down bourbon street and i said -- they were cleaning the streets. >> the old photo. >> the little one with the little pistol. >> oh, wow. are any of them showing a desire to be vampires? >> my oldest daughter is really talented song writer so she's been playing guitar. i think she's interested but it's not like she's out auditioning and stuff like that. >> have they seen the movies? >> they have. they've seen all the movies. >> so they're not frightened by it? >> no. i think they know -- when my youngest saw the movie she thought i was on skype and trying to talk to me. she was angry i wasn't responding. >> in addition to the "twilight" series, you're busy on another project. >> i have a movie i wrote and produced and star in. it's available on dvd with time
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warner cable. you can rent it on itunes. i play a pickpocket in new york -- >> based on your past life? >> yes. true story. no. he's a pickpocket and he kind of lives this fast, loose lifestyle, then he falls in love with this girl on a one-night stand and doesn't see her for a couple months. then she taps him on the shoulder and tells him she's pregnant. his whole world comes to a screeching halt. >> did "twilight" typecast you? i know it did other characters. >> i don't feel that. i do nurse jackie and that's 180 degrees from carlisle. >> sure. >> and i really don't look like that. i think if i looked more like carlisle it would be harder for people to buy me playing other people, but because that character is so distinct and specific, i can play a role like dr. cooper. carlisle's got this sexual tic. it's so different. that's what's fun for me. i get to play different roles. >> writing and producing, too. >> yeah.
2:23 am
>> valentine's day fast approaching. you've been married quite a long time. anything on tap? >> you know, after -- i've been with her ten years. we've been together for 17 years and married for ten. after that long, it's, like, i don't know what else to get. >> that she doesn't already have. >> that she doesn't have. >> give her our love. happy valentine's. >> thank you very much for having me. >> part one out on dvd this saturday, february 11th. up next, sara leaves the big city for the big top. after these messages. [ male announcer ] when do you take 5-hour energy? when i'm on the night shift. when they have more energy than i do. when i don't feel like working out. when there isn't enough of me to go around. ♪ when i have school. and work. every morning. it's faster and easier than coffee. every afternoon when that 2:30 feeling hits. -every day. -every day.
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every day is a 5-hour energy day. [ male announcer ] 5-hour energy. every day. ♪ $5 ♪ $5 footlong [ male announcer ] februany's on! any regular footlong™ is a $5 footlong™... all day long. subway. eat fresh®. ♪ icy, cool flavor in a delicious 5-calorie stick of gum. ♪ polar ice. from extra.
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- they've grown closer... but how do you have a relationship in the middle of this? - it's gonna be okay. you've just got to trust me. - nsvu, wednesday, 10:00/9:00 central, on nbc.
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it is time for "sara in the city," where sara haines steps out of her comfort zone and tackles another big job in the city. >> this time around, she ran away. where did you run away to? >> don't panic. i decided it was time for a break from the cold so i made an escape. i ran off and joined the circus.
2:28 am
that's right. i signed up with ringling brothers barnum & bailey and discovered what makes the circus the greatest show on earth. they glide through the air with the greatest of ease. break world records in a contraption called the ball of steel. and tame lions, tigers, and elephants. welcome to the circus, a show that's been around for 142 years, a show that's older than baseball but always changing. >> every year with all of our tours we play 135 cities across the country. >> producers pluck performers from all over the world. when they get together, it's like a mini united nations under the big top. >> we have over 142 performers, and they are doing all sorts of incredible feats. >> well, make that 143 performers, because today i'm
2:29 am
joining them. 25 feet in front of me is a circus. ever since i walked through that curtain, oh, my. >> ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages. >> i had no idea what was in store for me. oh, my gosh. >> the sizzling sara haines! >> hi. this is so amazing. i've always dreamt of being in the circus. >> of course. everybody wants to run away. >> you're going to teach me something. >> i'm going to show you some things. i have friends that will teach you wonderful things like the clown alley. come and meet my friends. >> so i meet taylor, my very own clown mentor. >> are you excited? >> so excited. >> rapunzel and how he actually saves rapunzel. you're going to be saved by -- >> my knight in shining armor. >> i'm so excited for saving you. >> but there's a catch. to be saved by my knight in shining armor, i have to be
2:30 am
hoisted up over 30 feet in the air. i guess i always knew true love was hard to find. >> are you a daredevil? >> yes. like an adrenaline junkie. >> let me introduce you to the legendary alex petrov. >> you're going to show me something today. what are you teaching me? >> we going to take you to the high wire and give you a ride. >> a motorcycle and a high wire? >> yes. >> i muster up all my strength and climb onto the trapeze. a teeny, tiny bar dangling under a motorcycle on a wire. going over 40 miles per hour. >> i'm impressed with you. i'm going to introduce you to this lovely lady. her name is denise. >> hi. i'm sara. >> the opening production. >> i played the triangle in the band once. >> this is slightly bigger,
2:31 am
heavy-duty. >> so they strapped me in. and up i go. twisting and twirling. and getting quaintly stuck in midair. why does she spin better? >> well, sara, we took you to circus boot camp and here you are. you lived. you survived. now we're going to honor you. you get to be our guest ring mistress. however, you have to decide which act you're going to do. >> oh. such a difficult decision. do i play the princess stuck in the tower or go for a spin on the motorcycle high wire? or do i twirl on the triangle? and then it came to me. who wouldn't want to be a crowned princess? let the show begin. >> a big round of applause for the one, the only from the "today" show, sara haines! [ applause ] >> and then finally time for my starring role.
2:32 am
♪ i'm sexy and i know it ♪ i'm sexy and i know it ♪ >> a happy ending under the big top. i got my prince and my day in the circus. and after only a day under that big top i did feel like family but i had to come back to you guys, my own family. >> it didn't have a happy ending. you had to come back to us. >> i love being here. talk about the greatest show on earth. >> that's for sure. >> no kidding. thank you, honey. >> all right. still to come, we have "tuesday's trend." how to look lacy without being too racy. >> bobbie's here. >> and the right wine for valentine's day. >> and cupcakes. for your love muffin.
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we're back for today's "tuesday trends." lace can be the perfect blend of
2:37 am
sleek and sexy if done right. >> but you don't want to look like you're in your underwear. that's why bobbie thomas is with us. >> it's so pretty and feminine, but there are some occasions you're wondering, like, at the office, can i really wear this, or how can you dress it down so it doesn't feel like a ball game. >> some celebs are sporting this and it makes you feel like i might be able to pull that off too. >> so many pretty dresses on the red carpet. hollywood has been having a love affair with lace. marilyn is one of my favorites, rachel mcadams. the paneling, which is a slimming effect, too so, if you see a dress like this, that's a great dress to try on, ladies. we have more of the neckline kind of popping up with ashley green and mandy moore, which is a little demure with the leather and lace fun. and last but not least, octavia spencer who looks stunning with
2:38 am
the overlay. >> anyone can wear this. it isn't about age or anything. >> no. anyone really can wear this. it's such an interesting texture. i have some looks to show you the dos and don'ts. >> bring them out. >> she is stunning. i wanted to show how you could wear lace to the office. this may be a shirt you see on the rack that's see through and you think i could never wear it to the office. but when you see a more demure, conservative neckline and you put black underneath, it's okay to let a contrast show through. i think it can be polished for the office. even if you want a blazer over this to be more conservative. it's a pretty, feminine twist. pair wit a pant to give it more of a masculine edge rather than a pencil skirt which could be too sexy. >> you don't want lace to -- >> no. a little goes a long way. black and white is classic. this is from madison. love it. >> thank you. next up we have kelly and nancy.
2:39 am
this is dressing down a little bit. >> i like this. cute. >> i love these looks because lace is fun on the weekend. kelly has a dress on that's $26. this dress underneath from necessary clothing, really great for the summer but in the winter, add tights, a sweater, winterize it and you have a weekend look. nancy, rock star, she shows you can put a lace tank with your hoodie and jeans on the weekend. you don't have to just go for the t-shirt. add a little something. i can see you wearing that. >> that i do. i wear a lot of lace. i love it. >> and necessary clothing, great, affordable resources you should check out. >> okay. thanks, ladies. >> we have melanie, too. come on out. >> look at you. >> hello, melanie. >> the leather and lace thing. >> the leather and lace but also a pop of color. i think right now colorful lace is fun. this dress could be very dressy if you wanted to style it that way. by adding the leather, it's a little edgy, kind of tones down the sweetness, adding the black tights.
2:40 am
this is something she could go to dinner with her girlfriends or have drinks. it doesn't have to be a sweet party dress a la charlotte from "sex and the city." >> just because the weather is dreary doesn't mean everything has to be black. >> tell us about what you have on. >> i thought what would i wear this with because it's thin and see-through but bar 3 at macy's, very affordable. i added a nude tank underneath. to have the illusion of skin. sometimes if you can black lace and you have black underneath you can't really see the pattern. and a skirt with more lace. look at the paneling effect. i really like it. >> you're a little tease. >> it helps cut your hips in half. it kind of brings the line down. >> everybody loves your hips, bobbie. that's the truth. >> all right. >> thanks to all of our models. >> thank you, ladies. you're all adorable. >> for more information on "tuesday's trends," visit
2:41 am
>> coming up next, sarah palona. she's trouble, i heard. >> i don't know. today my journey continues across the golden state, where everyone has been unbelievably nice. mornin'. i guess i'm helping them save hundreds on car insurance. it probably also doesn't hurt that i'm a world-famous advertising icon. cheers! i mean, who wouldn't want a piece of that? geico. ah... fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent oh dear... or more on car insurance. yes. yes. noooo!
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as a regular panelist and writer for the e! channel, she can be found weeknights. >> but for her, the road to success was paved with a lot of bruises. >> yes, it was. >> bad hair days and bartending. a lot of bs. her tales of love, life, and sex are in her new book. it's a big one. "life as i blow it." >> by the way, your title is foul. >> you need to get your mind out of the gutter. you're making it foul. >> a lot of people blow their life and then it's too late. >> you're blowing bubbles, i see. >> yes, yes. you have a chance and you blow it. >> we don't live together so -- thank you. >> people think we do. >> i thought you did.
2:46 am
>> we heard about all that. bring two bottles next time. chelsea's raking it in. >> yes. >> i thought you lived together because i was going to ask if i could move in with you. >> you even speak like chelsea. >> what's going on on the show? >> i have demi moore's voice now which is fine because she's in rehab or whatever happened. i'm taking over for her. i don't know what this is. >> if you close your eyes -- >> you are a man. >> even the delivery. >> a 75-year-old man. you're welcome, america. >> we live together, yeah. >> we have a lot of fun on the show. >> how did you meet? >> we met when i was 21. we were doing -- >> that long ago. >> yeah, 45 years ago, actually. yeah. been a long road. we were doing an improv class together, like neither of us were that great at it. and we became friends then. >> what did you have in common
2:47 am
with her back in 1840? >> we both fought in the civil war. so that brought us -- it's like -- we both lost a husband in the civil war. >> tough war. >> yeah. all right. >> so you were -- you had a boyfriend or married or something. >> i had -- well, just keep guessing you'll eventually get it right. i had a boyfriend for a few years, yes. a few boyfriends. >> then you went on -- >> i had a boyfriend for, like, three years and he didn't want to move in together so i broke up with him because i was tired of lugging the stuff back and forth. not makeup or anything. this is all natural. i said if you're not moving in with me we're breaking up. so i broke up with him. i went on eharmony and got set up with him. on eharmony. i'm not kidding. it was like that pina colada
2:48 am
song, but not fun. i was like -- i literally went on and it said i was set up with him. i was so mad i called him and i have said what are you doing on eharmony? he's like, what are you doing? i'm like you're not supposed to be. you don't want to move the together. the commercials for people in eharmony are for committed relationships. so i called them and tried to get a refund. they wouldn't give it to me. i'm like you guys don't have a screening process. this person isn't about committed relationships. it's false advertising. i'm going to sue you. it was the worst. >> but they've all been sort of cheaters, right, along the way. >> not really cheat -- actually, he and i ended up moving in together after that. >> that's far out. >> i didn't get a refund but -- >> you got something out of it. >> then we broke up again. >> what are you looking for in a man? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> are you looking anymore? >> i can't decide because, you know, i wanted to move in with someone and then you do and then they're there. all the time.
2:49 am
i was, like, oh, so you're going to -- that's how it works. >> yeah. >> how do you do it? >> it takes a lot of compromise, which is something you just do not seem to be able to do in your life. >> i compromise. i got off the eharmony and -- i loved right in with him when he asked. but, yeah, it just doesn't -- it's hard. >> you're so funny by the way. >> can't wait to read your book. and chelsea is the reason there's always alcohol on the show. >> right. >> when we were on the plaza, when i first joined hoda, her first book came out. >> right. >> so the producer made some drinks for her and -- >> is that where it started? >> a few days later, brook sheelsd was like, where's my drink? all of a sudden it became a little bar. >> i didn't know she started that. but it kind of makes sense, though. we have that at work sometimes. >> you're adorable. >> thank you very much. thanks for having me.
2:50 am
>> sara's new book, "life as i blow it" -- we need to say that again. >> no. don't. >> "life as i blow it" goes on sale today. >> stop saying it. >> mind's in the gutter. >> we'll have a valentine's day segment. or something after these messages. i'm meteorologist chris warren with your weather channel forecast for midweek here. going to be plenty of sunshine once the front moves through. it will continue to track into the ohio valley and still some more snow. not expecting much more than an inch, a few spots maybe a little more. snow picking up late in the day in d.c. and new york. so watch out for that for the evening commute. showers throughout the rockies. cold air remains to the north, and it could be a lot colder this time of year. still seeing the mild temperature readings for most areas and even in the south,
2:51 am
60s. from 60 in atlanta to 68 in new orleans and mild conditions in seattle down to san francisco. next moving into the pacific northwest for thursday. southwest seeing the chance for showers. it's the northeast looking really nice, plenty of sunshine, feeling cooler. colder air moving into place. still warmer than average for you in new york by about five degrees. hi on thursday, 45. and a chance for snow over the lakes on friday. just a few hit and miss spots with some rain, looking like we're warmer than average. and then on saturday, cooling down about five degrees, cooler than average in new york city. much cooler in minneapolis. high 19. so we do have some cold spots to look forward to if you've been missing the wintertime. throughout portions of the plains, readings into the thirts. a chance for snow and eastern colorado. chance for showers around the gulf coast and louisiana up into the plains.
2:52 am
kansas city, 38 will be your high by next monday. then we're seeing another system in the pacific northwest but not too cold for you temperatures, 46 in seattle and keeping that chance for showers in orlando. remember, watch "wake up with al" weekdays on the weather channel. 2:30 in the afternoon, a lot to do, and you've hit the wall. but you got to get stuff done. so take 5-hour energy. just open it up, knock it back, and roll up your sleeves. 5-hour energy is faster and easier than coffee. man, does it work. you'll get that alert, energized feeling you need to get stuff done. a lot of stuff. wow. look at you go. 5-hour energy. when you gotta get stuff done. with smooth caramel and chocolate. ♪
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hmm twix. also available in peanut butter.
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and now on today's "celebrate valentine's day," chic drinks, romance. >> red wines paired with chocolate fondue to affordable bottles for you and your sweetie, head thirsty guy, leslie has you covered. >> she's sort of the meryl streep of alcohol. wouldn't you say? >> i think you're right on. >> what you got for us, party girl? >> we're going to kick off with some cocktails on valentine's day because everybody needs a little booze to get the night going. i did a little modern twist. classic champagne cocktail and a gin and tonic. i call this my kava twist.
2:55 am
i'm going to give you a little bit of this. >> that's a yoga thing, isn't it? >> you do that after you drink. this is kava. about 15 bucks. instead of using champagne and brandy, i used this gorgeous infused with chamomile. a little bit of sweetness and aromatic. >> see if we like it. >> hmm. >> you drink enough, you'll like it. >> what's this? >> that's what this is. >> just drink it like this? >> you've got to like it. >> what about gin? >> we like gin. gin is better. >> i carried the chamomile theme. this is made by the first female master distiller. >> good for her. >> infused with a little bit of chamomile.
2:56 am
>> her parts must be so proud. >> and beautiful and soothing. then a very healthy tonic called sea tonic. >> tell us about your ice cubes. >> i would love to. >> those are cute. look at those. >> it's pomegranate seeds frozen. >> delicious. >> really aromatic gin. lovely. >> kind of light but has a kick. >> where's my glass? isn't that delicious? cheers. >> that's a home run. >> very refreshing. >> and the sea tonic is organic and not very sweet. >> that's why i like it. >> the other retro thing i did was fondue. i remember fondue growing up. >> i'm fond of fondue. >> dig in. get in there. >> i'm knocking it over. >> strawberries and bacon. one of the hottest things is bacon covered in chocolate. so this is actually -- >> i didn't see that. thank you. >> this is chocolate made for wine. it's called bric's chocolate. you can use any dark chocolate. i love bacon. i paired it with two
2:57 am
latin-loving wines. >> oh, my god. decadent. >> what do you drink with that? >> this is a spanish red. it's fabulous. >> why do you rub your breasts when you say things like that? >> would you rather i grab your breasts? >> do it again because the cameraman missed it. >> it just comes like that. >> okay. >> then i did a beautiful thing that goes with this. >> you mind not doing that, hoda woman? you'll put an eye out. >> two affordable wines. you can get naked or naughty. which one do you want to do? >> you can't be one without the other. >> simply naked chardonnay unoaked. i did this for you. and beautiful red knot get naughty. >> we love you, leslie. say it again. just for the camera guy. >> coming up, you guy, up next,
2:58 am
no butter, no eggs, no problem. >> no problem.
2:59 am
3:00 am
and now on "today's kitchen," delicious desserts for valentine's day. >> the author of "sticky finger sweets: 100 super sweet vegan recipes." >> nice to meet you. >> you look so healthy. >> you do.
3:01 am
>> you're totally vegan? >> i am. >> how long? >> since i was 22, so that's -- >> a year. >> yeah. about five. >> what are you whipping us for us? >> get straight to it. >> do vegans drink a little champagne? >> they do. absolutely. you can't start off valentine's day without some good champagne. >> talk about the cake you're making. >> this is a red velvet cake, no eggs, no dairy. and we start off with our traditional ingredients, flour, sugar, cocoa, baking soda, salt. all your standards. right? >> what goes on in here? >> these are our liquids. we'll mix all our liquids first. >> okay. >> you can do that. >> cream? >> that is actually coconut milk. >> coconut milk. >> soy milk. >> hoda can have it. >> and then we have -- >> maybe you should become vegan, hoda. that's the whole thing. >> oh, no. >> can i mix this for you?
3:02 am
>> absolutely. thanks. >> no. >> your vanilla. >> hers or mine? >> that's the magic ingredient. at the end. perfect. >> yep. >> fold it. >> hoda. >> the thing about baking is you want to make sure you have your technique down. >> okay. >> perfect. >> you want me to dump it in? >> i'll take care of that. >> you know -- >> we're going to fold, exactly. so liquid into the dry ingredients. >> i've already been fondued in the eye. >> the champagne drinking and the cupcake eating. so you have that. so here's where the magic ingredients come in. vinegar. the acids, baking soda reacts with the vinegar and the lemon juice we poured in and we get some really nice color changes. our bubbles. it gets really nice.
3:03 am
>> all right. come on down and let's start decorating. >> you bake them for how long? >> right around 15 minutes. >> tell us about the icing. >> the icing, sugar. first and foremost. vanilla. >> you like your sugar. >> absolutely. you can't do good baking without sugar. we have a nonhydrogenated vegan cream cheese, which is soy or rice based. >> how does that taste? >> really delicious. >> i'm dying to try this. >> get involved. get involved. >> sara, get in here. >> everybody's different. it's perfect for valentine's day. >> hmm. it's good. >> making everyone happy. >> it is good. >> it's got like a little bit of an interesting texture. it's sweet. >> not quite chocolate or vanilla but definitely sweet. >> thank you so much. >> coming up tomorrow, actress lisa kudrow is with us.
3:04 am
>> and couples massage. does that mean you and me? >> oh, man. and ambush makeovers. she can be so mean. >> you don't know her. >> you know what i'm saying? >> godzilla. -- captions by vitac -- >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center, the national broadcasting company presents -- tonight's guests are -- and featuring the legendary roots crew. and here he is -- jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television -- captions by vitac --


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