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tv   Today  NBC  February 11, 2012 2:05am-3:05am PST

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television hi, everybody! hello. >> how you doing? >> oh, yes. hi. >> how are you? >> aren't you beautiful.
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>> hey, guys! >> how are you? you look great. ♪ >> all right. here we go. >> good to see you. nice to see you. hello! whooo! come on, hoda! oh, yes. hello, bahamas! >> hi! >> how are you guys? >> so many of these people that are here in the bahamas with us are not from the bahamas. they're from st. louis. they're from canada. they're from everywhere. >> we see garden city, kansas. >> so glad you're here with us.
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>> georgia's in the house. >> so proud. getting down here and lay back and enjoy. right? >> why don't we enjoy with -- >> okay. >> what is this? first of all, look at the glass. >> oh, my gosh. i was touching something inappropriately and didn't even know it. by the way, hoda, how are you feeling? we'll get to that in a moment. we're at the beautiful atlantis paradise island resort in nassau, the bahamas. >> it is gorgeous. >> drop-dead beautiful. another gorgeous day. >> let me tell you, we've finally gotten a cold snap in the united states, so coming here has been such a treat. we are on day two of our bahama adventure. i'm having a little bit of posttraumatic stress disorder from yesterday. >> tell us why, hodie. >> okay. in the conch shell, you guys know, there is something called the pistol. >> that word -- >> your pistol. >> you should know if
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something's called a pistol. >> we had two pistols on a plate here yesterday. >> two of them. >> we made a little pact. i was going to eat one. it's an aphrodisiac, by the way. look what happened. look. look. >> yes. >> and i chewed it and swallowed it. >> and then what happened? >> it's gone now. it is supposed to be an aphrodisiac. that's all i can say. >> did it work? did you have a good night? >> you don't know what it's like working with kathie lee gifford? i just want you to think about it. >> get on your knees every day of your life and thank the good lord. >> we had a water adventure a couple days ago. we showed a part of it yesterday but we thought we'd show a few highlights in case you missed it. we went down some water slides, swam with the dolphins.
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it was one of those just magical times for us, wasn't it? >> absolutely. >> swimming with the dolphins. >> look at this. look what's happening. >> she is behind us. her name is sasha. she goes under and puts her nose on your foot and just propels you across the lagoon. hoda was terrified. then so happy. of course i thought she was going to kill me. but we were having a wonderful time because she didn't worry about her hair once. >> i couldn't care less. >> then we went down the mayan temple. >> and you won. congratulations. >> the thing that weighs the heaviest goes down the fastest, as we discovered. and those caps are lovely. look at hoda. has she ever looked better? >> that's rude. >> we had some fun, you guys. >> went on a booze cruise. but today we have a new adventure. we're going to take you on the land. there are a lot of things in the bahamas that have nothing to do with the ocean or the water. we're taking you with us on that adventure today.
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>> sara is going to join us. she went to some of the outer islands. we'll take you to the straw market. miss smith has been working there literally -- she learned to weave when she was 5 years old. she's now 73, and she's the sweetest lady in the world. >> oh. >> oh. >> we've forgotten the most important thing. i'm sorry. how could we have forgotten these? we've been saying -- someone gave us a bikini because we hate wearing them so whatever. try it on. >> my bikini has fish in them. >> here. put it over your head. >> inside or out? >> no. out. oh, my gosh! look at those coconuts! [ applause ] >> hey. i've still seen a lot of you with bigger ones. you know what i'm saying? >> the other thing we were noticing around here about the bra situation, nobody wears
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them! >> i love it. >> you are huge. >> it makes my waist look smaller. >> you should keep them in. i like those. we also have, you guys, there's a dessert here that apparently -- you taking them out? >> all out. >> there is a dessert native to the bahamas. what is it called? i don't know. you guys know. guava what? guava dust. what ask it? it's supposed to be delicious. >> don't eat that part. >> it's got some fruit in it. right? guava fruit. we're smart. >> everyone's a comedian. >> that's really good. >> only place in the world you can get this. you guys have the best. the food is delicious. >> and you have some beers here. >> where? >> they're brewed right here on the island. what is this? oh, in the mug.
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what the heck was i drinking in this? >> it doesn't matter. we're just drinking. >> i like that, though. have your people call my people and tell them what that was. what is this? >> just drink it. >> i don't like your attitude. you get away from home and you're miss bossy pants. >> i have that weird streak. not a great thing. every friday we do a couple things. one is called kathie lee's "friday funnies." >> thankfully i don't have to do it today. >> we have a special guest for our "friday funny." step right up! >> come on, come on! >> what's happening, atlantis? >> tell us your "friday funny." i was sharing a dressing room with you. i walked in on you and you walked in on me. >> there's nothing wrong with that. i like the adjustments, too. >> they're gone. he thinks they're still in. >> first of all, you are now more officially bahamian than i am because you ate a conch pistol. i never have. >> we can make that happen.
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>> gentlemen, you need to eat a lot of conch. does wonders for you. straightens up your back, puts a little pep in your step. a little glide in your stride. even takes years off the way you look. how old do i look? >> 84. >> i eat crack conchs every day of the week. salads, fritters. if you put your ear to my butt, you can hear the ocean. no, hoda. don't do it. you ate pistol already. you might try that. it's just a joke. you went on the water slide. >> we did. >> they are awesome. you got your free chlorine enema? 70 feet straight down. colonic, i'm cleansed. >> what's on your lip? >> is it conch pistol? >> a bahamian bug. >> a sland fly. you got to love the market. the water slides. what's the first attraction you
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see when you come off the slide? the dig. so appropriate because everybody coming off that water slide is to get something out of their butt. >> okay. you have an anal -- >> you have an issue we can discuss later. >> thanks for coming to see us. a big round of applause, everybody, for our ace comedian. >> thank you. >> it is time for one of our favorite parts of the show called "bobbie's buzz." >> thank you for letting me crawl into your sea cage. i was very excited. whenever we come somewhere new, i love looking for special finds. the straw market is amazing here. >> yeah. >> look at these bags i found from sonique couture creations dotcom. which means anyone at home not here can also get their hands on them. these bags are so beautiful. there are gems encrusted. all of the straws are different colors. look at this one with the bow. >> tell everybody what goes into making things.
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they look so simple but this is a lot of work. they're beautiful. >> we even have a few ones next to you with your initials. i have a little gift. >> thank you. >> embroidered. and there are fun pieces of jewelry made out of something called nicker nuts, love nuts. >> between that and your coconuts, you're all set. >> okay. so i have a double buzz today because i was really excited. >> so do we. >> the best double buzz we've ever seen. >> thanks, kathie. my mom's watching. we have florence and katie. she's getting married here on saturday. >> oh, yay! >> so excited. her husband's in the front row. there's kevin and her brother, michael. okay. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> you're going to be an amazingly beautiful bride. >> thank you so much. >> one of the things we all talk about down here and at home is our hair, how to keep it hassle free when you want to. i found the coolest apparatus. this is called the beach waver.
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this is perfect for your reception. this is not any curling iron. you actually have a few buttons here you choose, left or right, depending on what side of the head you're using it. so florence is going to help me. we're going to take a piece of her hair. if the camera can kind of come close up, you take a strand and you clip it down at the bottom of the barrel. >> that's the hardest part, right? >> and then you press it. and it spins for you. this is such a cool idea. >> i love it. >> awesome. >> i mean -- >> you don't have to do anything. you just press go. >> and you don't get burned. >> i love it. >> this is the coolest thing. >> that is great. >> that rocks. >> and real quick for those cute little ones. little tiara. >> i have to tell you, katie, kathie, said, we aren't getting our nails done before we go on? >> she knows how i feel about that. thank you so much. beautiful.
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>> congratulations to you all. >> thank you. >> thanks, bobbie. >> we are going to take you to the bahamas by land coming up after the break.
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♪ yesterday, we checked out what the bahamas has to offer by sea. today we're going to find out what it has to offer by land. >> everything from straw weaving to hair braiding. we did it all. take a look. ♪ >> one of the most popular places are the straw markets. >> look at you hard at work. >> you've been doing this literally since you were 5 years old? >> yes, ma'am. >> now, how about for an amateur? >> oh, for an amateur, i have something for an amateur.
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>> is it very simple? especially for that amateur? >> come through there and go through there and pull through the middle. so it looks just like mine. >> what just happened? >> look at it. >> you're a genius, hoda. >> i have something for kathie called jacob's ladder. >> takes us all the way to heaven. this goes there and wraps underneath, right? >> then this. you can pull. >> oh, okay. >> i come over here. i give you easier. bring it back over here. you go one, two, three and pull. >> just bring it -- and over. >> one. >> one, two, and three. >> can we try on one of the hats you made? >> yes. >> what's the biggest sombrero-ish one you have? >> i have one. i know i have one. you have a big coconut.
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♪ >> you love the tropics, the heat, the humidity, the sun on you. with all that comes hair issues. >> hair issues! >> when i was a little girl i had two braids here when i was, like, 8 years old, down to here. >> right. >> i like a french braid, like the girls do. >> let's see if we can get that from charmaine. >> charmaine. >> you don't know what you're going to find in there. >> oh, stop. ♪ >> in the zone. >> come on, bring it home, charmaine. >> it's cute. ♪
2:24 am
>> the fish fry. >> we're going to twin brothers with terrific fish. >> oh! >> conch salad, which is so delicious. >> delicious. >> and peas and rice. >> conch chowder! >> conch chowder! ♪ >> we've been waiting for this one. >> i don't know about you, but i'm ready for what my daddy used to call them, a little slip of something. >> we're in junkanoo beach. >> hey, everybody! ♪ me and my baby >> this is a bahama mama. >> that's delicious. you know what she said? wow, they're really sucking that down. yes, we were. all right? >> that's what we do. >> some of us are working here.
2:25 am
>> just in time! thank you! i love this kind of work. >> me, too. >> you better get it right. >> it looks simple. we're ready. one, two -- >> good girl! whoa! she has a lot of inner issues. angers and things. wow. go, girl. >> i'm back, ladies. >> of course you are. cold. >> cold. >> cheers. oh. talk about timing. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. cheers, sweetie. >> kath, here's to the bahamas. it is better in the bahamas. we need too dry out. >> bringing products homemade in the bahamas. we'll be right back. >> we need aa immediately.
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♪ the bahamas, guaranteed fun and sand, a little suntan. but you can actually go home with some great items. >> or order it from home. which we'll discover how to do. >> i like that. >> from food and clothes to home decor, fashion columnist for the nassau guardian, adorable. look at her. doesn't she look like her name? trena neely. >> she does. >> she's going to tell us how to take these bahamian things home if we're tourists or order them from home. >> thank you. you guys look amazing as well. >> trust me, i know. straw is huge here. >> one of the oldest bahamian industries. it's actually one of the first ways the bahamian women got their entrepreneurial spirit
2:31 am
alive and able to sell their wares. what is cool about this is they can weave it so tightly that it's waterproof. it holds water. >> whoa. >> if you could feel this, incredibly sturdy. >> very sturdy. this is a wastebasket. they're very affordable. something like this made by hand is only $85. a great gift to take back. >> these are gorgeous. >> bahama handprint. you cannot find these prints anywhere else in the world because they're manufactured locally right here. >> good. >> they capture the essence and beauty of bahamian culture. look at this calendar. to die for. >> conch salad. >> i have this. >> you have this? >> learn from the locals. right now -- i'm sorry. >> all right. >> gastric problems. she is not herself. >> next up. nice fish. >> wood carving from local bahamian hard wood. this is so beautiful because local artisans make these right
2:32 am
in the straw market as well. there are over 400 vendors. you can wheel and deal, bargain with them and get affordable pieces made by hand. >> there's a new one now. >> renovated. yes. something like this, because this is done by wood carving, this is under $150, but you can get really affordable pieces at the straw market for $30 or less. that's your pineapple and your coasters. >> look at this. >> oh, yeah. >> gorgeous. >> i love these frames. >> when you think of the bahamas, you think of the sand and the beach and you can take that with you or order that to bring it where you are. >> this will be on our website. >> it sure will. >> the bags are hot items here. >> everybody loves their bags. >> straw bags. >> cover your eyes. >> what's great about these is now the straw market has evolved and you can get straw products in every color imaginable. they're adorned with semiprecious stones. they're great. >> at every price point. >> exactly. this is a splurge. it's the hal taylor bag company.
2:33 am
hall taylor is carried in bergdorf so it's a status bag. >> how much? >> this is a vanessa bag. about $700. they go up to about $1,000. >> look at this little one. how much is this? >> $1,700. >> but look how beautiful. >> hand made. >> how much time? >> 30 seconds. >> this is bath and body from the bahamas. this is a candle. >> i was told by my mother never give a piece. apparently it's different in the bahamas. food, hoda. >> we're going to have to run, sweetie. thank you so much. >> thank you very much. >> we'll be back.
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and roll up your sleeves. 5-hour energy is faster and easier than coffee. man, does it work. you'll get that alert, energized feeling you need to get stuff done. a lot of stuff. wow. look at you go. 5-hour energy. when you gotta get stuff done. whooo! >> hey, everybody.
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we are back with a special bahamian edition of our weekly trivia game called "who knew?" kathie lee hangs out with the crowd in the bahamas. kathie lee will give you $100 and usually if you get the question wrong you get her cd. but today we have something better -- a gift bag. so you get two winning prizes. joining me up on stage, miss anastasia pier, the reigning miss bahama, also a reporter at a local station in ft. lauderdale. welcome. >> thank you so much. great to be here. >> take it away. >> tammy from tennessee. how many islands are there many the islands of the bahamas? 1, 4, 700, or 16. >> 700! >> yeah, baby! yeah. >> good job. >> go get a bahama mama. >> that was funny. when we first came here, it was so shocking. >> it is shocking. there are 700 islands. but out of the 700, only about 30 of them are inhabited. of the 30, only 16 are available
2:38 am
to tourists. so it's crazy. there's so many and so many that are uncharted. >> and we hear they're not selling islands anymore. that game is over. >> it might be. >> klg. >> from upper marlborough, maryland. that was the old one. fill in the blank. >> iguana. >> okay. yeah. that's what i meant. has a population of 60,000 what? people, iguanas, stingrays or flamingos? >> i'll say stingrays. >> no. >> it's not stingrays. >> that would not be a hospitable place. look what you got! flamingos. >> thank you. >> flamingos. >> that's the correct answer. inagua has large salt marshes and in peak season it can harbor
2:39 am
up to 60,000 flamingos. that's also the national bird of the bahamas. >> good to know. back to you. >> beautiful lady from new york. which celebrity couple tied the knot in the bahamas? mariah carey and nick cannon? ben affleck and jennifer garner. >> mariah care kri and nick cannon? >> wow. good for you. spend it wisely. there you go. >> she is on the ball. this was their wedding placed. >> they were hitched in 2008 on mariah's private estate here in the bahamas. and it was so private that not even the cannon family knew about it. so we found out much later. but it was a very, very private affair and it was here. >> a good place for celebs to get away if they really want to. >> there are so many places to hide here. >> back to kath. >> this girl is from north carolina and 11 years old. true or false, the islands of the bahamas are one of three nations in the world that issue a $3 as legal currency. pretty tough one for you.
2:40 am
>> true? >> not that tough at all. >> yeah! >> i'm wrong again. there you go, honey. >> a $3 bill? >> and it is our regular currency. there's not as many floating around as a single or a dollar. >> there are also 50-cent bills. >> there are. 50-cent notes. it's interesting. >> over to klg. >> sweet girl from minnesota. i assume you're sweet. movies are often filmed in this country. how many james bond movies have scenes filmed in the bahamas? 1, 6, 10, or 20? >> six? >> yeah! hi. here you go. >> how smart is everybody? >> really. >> so six james bond movies. >> there are six. out of the 22 franchise films that james bond has, six of them have scenes here in the bahamas including casino royale and a bunch of others. i haven't seen all of them. but -- >> beautiful backdrop. time for one more.
2:41 am
>> this is the happiest person in the entire audience because she is from alaska. what is the national sport of the bahamas? baseball, soccer, cricket, or softball? >> cricket. >> yeah! miss alaska. there you go, doll. thanks, sweetie. sorry, everybody. >> a lot of bahamians play softball as a pastime but not many people play cricket but it is our national sport. >> the smartest crowd going. thank you so much. loved having you. >> thank you. loved being here. >> up next, sara is going to set sail. she's going to sail and we're going to follow. right after this.
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♪ whoo-hoo! from snorkeling to scuba diving, swimming, this is one of those spots that attracts water lovers from all over. >> absolutely. we sent our own sara haines to go and discover some adventures of her very own. >> mm-hmm. >> here she is. >> i'm in the beautiful bahamas and i can't wait to get in that water right there. before i do that, i have to conquer the wind and the waves. can you teach me how to do anything? >> right away. i'll teach you how to take out this front sail. >> okay. >> how do that. >> is that determining how the trip goes? because -- don't give me too much responsibility. >> i wouldn't. i will be here. pull. >> why did it look like it was easy. >> easy at first. let's go. >> next stop, open water.
2:47 am
main lift! whatever. avoid rope burn on my pretty little hands. steering this boat proved to be a tougher challenge for me. why is it not going? >> port or starboard. >> what's starboard? next, i joined some tourists for some snorkeling at the famous thunder ball grotto. i'm sara. >> i'm ryan. >> nice to meet you. we quickly learned our boat did not agree with our plans for the day. whispers of an engine problem. so we're here stranded on an island, but i'm trying to do my part to contribute to our rescue. so here goes nothing. ♪ i'll send an sos to the world >> and then we waited. ♪
2:48 am
i knew my writing in the sand would help. and we were off again to the thunder ball grotto, take two. >> lots of fish and great snorkeling spot. >> i've heard it's a famous spot. >> it was made famous in the movie "thunderball," a james bond movie. >> here goes nothing. ♪ i would have to say the one word to describe this right now is magical. this is the most beautiful place and view i've ever seen in my life. ♪
2:49 am
>> right now i'm at stewart cove's guide bahamas, and i can't wait to get back in the water. but this time i'm stepping up my game and going back in something like this. first, a safety lesson about the scenic underwater bubble, better known as the sub. and we were on our way. give me a piece of advice. first time doing this. >> don't do anything out of the ordinary. just relax, okay, and enjoy the fish. pretty much all you have to do is just stick your head in the bubble, we'll lower it done. it's going to be beautiful. >> i feel like i'm in an underwater cocoon pod. oh, my gosh! this is priceless. the best thing ever. after a group meeting, i was ready to head out on my own.
2:50 am
what i learned was that even in the location as spectacular as the bahamas, sometimes the best views are beneath the waves. >> really brave of her. >> i know. >> you were freaking out. >> i would have. >> thank you, sara. up next, something we know how to do very well -- cocktails. >> not me, but hoda. hi, everyone. we have a look at your forecast for the next several days. we are tracking a snowstorm. about time for some of you, right? places like syracuse, detroit, pretty much snow starved this winter season. but the snow will be coming down from detroit to buffalo into albany. even new york city and boston looking at snow. take a look at the temperatures
2:51 am
behind this arctic front. it is going to be mighty cold. only in the teens for minneapolis today. 23 in chicago. 39 in new york. but an early high. temperature also be dropping as the front passes through. even down south, talking about some chilly numbers. not even getting above 40 in atlanta, georgia. we'll see about 42 degrees in dallas. we track the next system coming out of the rockies and into the western parts of texas. this is one to watch, because we could see snow far to the south as we'll have a pocket of cold air in place. dry in chicago in the wake of our snowstorm. louisville towards atlanta. bright and sunny but it is still going to be very chilly. 43 degrees in atlanta on sunday. 36 in louisville. 34 in chicago and quite nippy in the northeast. here comes the snow as far south as northern arkansas. 37 in kansas city with snow showers. dry for that commute along i-95
2:52 am
on monday. still dry over new england for tuesday. this next snow event staying a little more towards the south. so around cincinnati, north georgia on valentine's day, there would be a little snow for you. wednesday, wet weather in the southern plains into texas. snow for denver with a high of 31. and there's your look at your thursday. snow in chicago over towards detroit. you can tune into the weather channel weekdays for "wake up with al" 6:00 a.m. eastern time. [ male announcer ] when do you take 5-hour energy? when i'm on the night shift. when they have more energy than i do. when i don't feel like working out. when there isn't enough of me to go around. ♪ when i have school. and work. every morning. it's faster and easier than coffee. every afternoon when that 2:30 feeling hits. -every day. -every day. every day is a 5-hour energy day. [ male announcer ] 5-hour energy.
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♪ a gentleman in the audience is disappointed. he said you haven't called her hoda woman yet. >> what? >> no. so guess what, hoda woman, we're going to have a whole segment on cocktails. >> that's what we like. and you know who's with us? marv cunningham, a bartender here at the atlantis. very popular and famous. >> everybody knows you. >> i try. >> you have some special drinks for us. >> i do. >> we're ready. >> the bahama mama. >> we have this in our veins now. haven't finished one yet, thank goodness. that's my story and i'm sticking
2:55 am
to it. >> okay. that's fine. >> delicious. what's in that again? >> and the consistency. the tastes the same no matter where you are. >> exactly. dark rum, coconut rum, a spiced rum made in the bahamas, apple juice, pineapple juice and grenadine shaken to perfection. >> shake it, baby. >> is this that mango bango thing? >> no. >> what is it? i'll try not to show my disappointment. >> a sunflower cocktail, similar to the bahama mama. the similarity is in the tropical ingredients. >> not as sweet. >> right. >> it has a lot of pineapple. put us to work. >> let's start muddling. >> why does everybody have such a thing with muddling? you know? >> muddling is a good thing. >> okay. >> what are we muddling? >> which one of you ladies -- >> i'll muddle.
2:56 am
what the heck. >> muddling cucumbers. >> oh, this is going to take forever. >> an award-winning drink. tropical nuclear. i created it myself. put some pressure on there. >> you better muddle. >> we have to muddle here. >> no one wants that. >> oh, yeah, people love it. oh, yeah. >> then what? >> what we got to do, we're going to add mango. that's pineapple juice. mango vodka. >> one. then what? >> coconut rum. >> oh. and that what's going on here. >> lemon liqueur. >> i try not to muddle in other people's business, but in your case i'll make an exception. >> oh, my gosh. thank you. >> that was a bad one. >> that was. >> we want to see you shake it. >> finally. >> okay. >> we have one minute. one minute. >> shake it up! show us what you got.
2:57 am
>> how you doing, mama? huh? >> i like it. i like it. >> all right. so we're going to taste that? take a sip because we have to -- we're going to eat next. >> yes, we are. >> sorry, marv. you took a long time muddling. >> would you light that one on fire, the next one? >> we are going to have some johnny cakes and some conch fritters. >> wait. >> i know, hoda woman. >> don't go away yet. >> oh, we'll be here until tomorrow. >> well, there is a nice breeze blowing. >> it's okay, marv. >> okay. >> no fire. >> everything else you did magnificently. thank you so much, sweetie. >> thank you very much. we'll be right back.
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all right. you can find almost any kind of food, international food, from sushi to lasagna here in the islands, but you've got to taste the unique bahamian dishes. >> you got to. who's with us here, edwin johnson. by the way, he is the head chef at frankie gone bananas. >> don't you love that? >> thank you. >> all conch all the way. >> okay. >> this is the fresh conch out of the shell. >> what is it? >> it's related to the scallops, the mussels. >> all right. >> look at them raw. >> we're going to make salad with conch. and here we have with vegetables. i want you to help me.
3:01 am
>> okay. >> we're going to add some goat pepper. this is a local hot pepper. >> does it come from an actual goat? >> crazy. and then we have -- go ahead. you can mix that. >> okay. got to muddle. got to stir. >> and add the water. >> okay. the flour. >> the flour. >> that's where the calories come from, right? and then the oil that you put -- but they're worth it. they're so delicious. >> oh, yes. this is the finished product here. there you go. mix that up for me. >> pop it in? >> mix it a little there. >> go, girl. >> oh! >> sorry. touchy. >> i know. >> can i do another one? >> yes. >> oh! >> hoda! >> i don't cook. it's not my forte. >> stir it a little bit.
3:02 am
>> look how fast. >> those are the ones i finished there. five or six minutes there. >> they're amazing. >> bring it on down. what do we have here on the griddle? >> a grilled conch here. >> fresh conch, put some vegetables on there, okay, and then you take some plantains and a little there. it's good for you. >> i know it is. >> local goat pepper. really nice. >> slr >> very big on that. what is that? >> sweet potatoes. >> i like how you're going to cook it, chef. you just drop it in the -- >> very healthy. >> yeah. >> all the juice, all the nutrients. >> we're going to put some lemon juice on there. this is going to be folded in. >> and then you put that in the grill for how long? >> this is going to be on there for about 15, 20 minutes. >> you don't need to -- just goes right in there? >> right in here. >> get a load of that baby.
3:03 am
>> from there you go. that's the the finished product right there. >> good. >> very colorful. very nutritious. this is another one, conch salad. >> i love it. >> conch salad. try that, as well. >> you're killing us. >> you know what, that goat whatever it is, pepper, spicy. >> a little kick. >> sure does. >> packs a punch. >> oh, my god. that's fresh. >> what's a johnny cake? >> this is centuries ago, four centuries ago, when you travel a very long distance you want to carry something that's going to last. >> yeah. >> this is one of the things, it started off as a journey cake. >> journey. because it lasted very long. >> this is all i care about. >> we've got to run. thank you for everything. >> you're nice girls. nice girls. >> we had so much fun in the bahamas.
3:04 am
thank you to everyone for your hospitality. >> khloe kardashian. basketball players. big ones. that's next week. -- captions by vitac -- >> announcer: from the hilbert circle theater in indianapolis, the national broadcasting company presents -- tonight's guests are -- and featuring the legendary roots crew. and now, here he is -- jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television


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