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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 14, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> jon kelley with chocolate dreams. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. seconds away from 6:00. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning everyone. i'm jon kelley and here to help share the love is meteorologist christina loren and share a nice forecast out there. cool start but a nice day. >> a cool start, we're letting the love and the fog flow. we do have quite a bit of fog developing through the interior valleys of the east bay and the south bay where we picked up some pretty significant moisture totals yesterday. as we head throughout the day we'll stay dry. good news for your valentine's outdoor plans as we head out tonight into tomorrow, though, more rain on the way. and another round this weekend. first, let's get you out the front door with our own mike inouye. >> thank you. special for today, let's show them what mark got. a shot of the toll plaza. people like this.
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and the east shore freeway across the top. that's a beautiful shot looking across the bay. trembling a bit but wind not a factor like yesterday. across the bay, the golden gate bridge moves nicely as crews have clearly moved the cones an hour ago. it hasn't hit south of novato. flowing coming in off of highway 37. >> thank you very much, mike. it's 6:01. we begin with an update on developing news in the east bay. antioch police are investigating the shooting death in a brazen home invasion. christie smith joins us with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. you know, this homeowner must have had nerves of steel. police say a would-be burglar knocked on the front door and then kicked the door off the frame and came in but the homeowner was able to wrestle gun away and ended up shooting this would-be burglar and calling police to the home.
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that man was pronounced dead at the scene. the knock on the door came about 8:30. police tell us the homeowner was inside with his son and didn't answer the door right away. that's when the man kicked the door in. why this home, that's still unclear. police did detain a woman at the scene trying to figure out what her role was if any in all of this. this is the sixth shooting in antioch since friday, police don't think they are related but so far out of the six, two of the shootings have turned deadly including this one just last night. reporting live in antioch, christie smith. back to you. >> thank you. vallejo police looking for two men who shot and injured at least three people, maybe as many as six, among the victim as 2-year-old girl. it happened around 7:15 last night at tina's nails east of highway 80. witnesses say two men entered the salon and shot a female
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customer three times. a friend of the woman returned fire there. when the shooting stopped the little girl and two women were wounded. three other possible victims showed up later at hospitals. >> it's 6:02. hayward police trying to identify a man they found dead in a drive way. after the discovery near the intersection of seventh and c streets about 5:00 a.m. neighbors called police after hearing gun fire. one neighbor says she is not surprised. she says given all of the drug activity at the house they believe where the body was found. so far no arrests or descriptions of those suspects. police with a warning, take care walking to and from your car. police say they have seen an increase of what they call rat pack robberies. four or five people attack victims and rob them. watch out for any one suspiciously loitering, if they call police if you are worried
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and try to provide details hike a description and clothing. >> palo alto officials say they appear to have a problem with prostitution. city leaders meeting to talk about regulating massage parlors that sometimes serve as fronts for the illicit activity. the rules would require therapists to have a city permit or state certification. in some cases they would be required to submit to background checks. the rules are just too harsh and will hurt small businesses. >> 200 senior citizens on the peninsula will learn whether they will be forced to pack up and leave the place that's been providing them long term care. bob is live in burlingame where the board meets 18 few hours to work on the subject. good morning. >> good morning. the supervisors will be greeted by protesters, namely, those in the union representing the nurses who work here at the
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burlingame long term care facility. at 9:00 this morning the board will meet to decide whether or not to close this facility if the board says yes as many as 200 people will lose their jobs and 230 patients will have to be transferred. that's a move that could be very traumatic for them. an independent consultant and civil grand jury both recommended that this facility be shut down. because the building they say is outdated and doesn't meet today's standards for medical care or earthquake safety. they say where do you move these residents. a spokesman telling bay city news service that the county doesn't have the space. a group fighting for the patient rights say the move would be hard on thoseth elderly people. especially those with dementia. if it goes ahead it will not
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close until all patients have safely found a new home. they promise to help the workers find new problems. reporting live in berling game. >> thank you very much. facebook's future in menlo park prompting discussions. the city council holding a meeting to talk about the impact of facebook's plans to add thousands of workers and possibly a second campus along bay shore boulevard. concerned about the increased traffic as facebook continues to grow. tonight's meeting at 7:30. >> a south bay city is about to make things tougher. expected to approve a tough new anti-smoking ordinance. it will ban smoking in outdoor dining areas like along astro street and creating a 25-foot buffer zone around doorways and windows. if approved as expected it will take effect in 90 days. >> time to check in with the
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weather center. christina loren is here with your valentine's day forecast. >> good morning. we have a good looking forecast for today. you don't have to worry about dodging showers, and although it's cold out there, it could be much colder. we don't have the 20s on the map as we did a couple weeks ago but we're working with a couple of low 30s, especially in the north bay so bundle up. bundle up the little ones as well. 5 degrees in san mateo. by noon in the 50s about everywhere across the bay area. we'll see a fair amount of cloud cover throughout day. right around 59 as you make your way home from work inand at 4:00 p.m. for all of you lovers out there in san jose, a little watchy fog early. then sun and clouds later on today. this is one of the drier days. we've got rain as of tomorrow and another round for the weekend. we'll talk you through that coming up first.
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let's get you out the front door. lovers lane, is it clogged up? >> the east shore freeway and no. a lot of folks like to huddle there. 19 minutes to the toll plaza. another look with the chopper over the east shore freeway with a smooth drive through berkeley and emeryville. around the interchange the maze, we do have an issue with a does aged bus approaching the toll plaza. no significant showing. the incline bottom of the screen, out to the maps, we'll show you what we're dealing with. 580 and highway 13 all moving smoothly through oakland as well. we get to move the map and look toward antioch, a good deal, holding out through antioch. and no problem through pittsburgh and bay point. further down looking at livermore. no big surprises, pennsylvania to you. >> thanks so much.
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still to come on "today in the bay," 24 million voter registrations could be invalid. all according to a new report. >> whitney houston's body is in new jersey this morning, we'll tell you when her family is planning on holding a public funeral. >> a live look, lights of sfo. >> feels like valentine's day. have good conversation to get your heart in the foot. come find us. bay area !
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the sun peeking up over the horizon. the lights sparkling in the day. feels like magic. 6:11. >> whitney houston's body is in new jersey. a hearse arrived. it's the same funeral home that handled the funeral for houston's father. the family will likely have a public funeral on friday. houston died saturday at beverly hills hotel. she was 48 years old. investigators say she was under water and apparently unconscious when she was pulled from the bathtub. an announcement on the exact cause of her death is weeks away. >> so hard to believe on that. turning to international news, explosions rocking iraq and thailand overnight. marla tellez joins us. good morning. >> good morning. we're learning of two separate attacks against security forces in iraq, now so far three people are dead including the soldier,
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about two dozen more injured. officials say one of the attacks was a car bombing, the other a roadside bombing in baghdad. it's not much better in bangkok where you can see bomb technicians investigating the scene where three explosions ripped through a busy neighborhood. police say the grenade blast hurt five people including the suspected attacker who lost his legs in the explosions. officials say he is from iran and police have just detained a second iranian man. the associated press is reporting israel's defense minister says iran is to blame. >> the street protests continue in athens this morning but it is a much calmer scene. hundreds of retired workers protesting near the greek parliament building against the new government's cost cutting measures. the cuts drop minimum wage by a fifth and cut 150,000 government jobs by 2015. government officials say the alternative is going bankrupt.
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jon. >> thank you for that update. we are finding out a popular valentine's day gift could pose a safety hazard. pg&e warning people to use care when handling mylar balloons, the shiny ones. if let loose outside they could fly and get caught up in the power lines and cause outages. the utility says nearly 300 balloons caused outages in the state. >> it is 6:14. no matter what your day entails balloons, candy, chocolates, a meal out, want to check the forecast. >> no valentine but plenty of boxed wine and chocolate at my house later on. going to be a party. pug party. good morning to you. whether you're waking up with somebody snuggling to keep warm or your snuggy is keeping you warm, temperatures will hover around that freezing mark. especially up in the north bay. we're in the mid-40s in san jose.
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we've got a couple of 50s along the peninsula. we're going to see comfortable conditions, a mix of sun and clouds. future cast shows you by 1:00 a good deal of clearing over the greater bay area. looki looking toward a nice second half of the day. you want the sun to hit the san francisco marina by noon. that's when you'll see the sun. the clouds, 55 degrees. 4:00, 56 but a gorgeous day to sit by the water and watch the sail boats go by. gorgeous and romantic. 57 for san jose. 60 degrees in morgan hill. meanwhile, we'll see the upper 50s, a couple of low 60s in the east bay. in san francisco, you'll stay mild at about 58 degrees. right on track with your seasonal average for this time of year. as we head throughout tomorrow a few showers early by thursday another round of light on and off precipitation. saturday into sunday, we get a pretty good storm moving through the bay area. that could postpone construction on the bay bridge.
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let's check the drive with mike. >> we'll take folks to the south bay where we still have this issue as far as the traffic. there is a little distraction off of the exit at lawrence expressway. northbound 101, lawrence expressway north, a car that went off the road about an hour ago, stuck in the ditch on the side. a couple of cruisers are there. no injuries but a distraction. the volume of traffic moving in the northbound direction as well. but we have a new incident that might slow things for 280 as you come up just past winchester boulevard. it should move to the shoulder but we might see slowing right around the 280 interchange f. that kicks off early that could mean more slowing out of downtown san jose. i'll track this to let you know. the lower bay shore moves for 101 up through san mateo and redwood city and southbound in the opposite direction no slowing out of the city all the way down to the same spot. the bridges, dumbarton, san mateo bridge, smooth right now. we'll look here off of that san
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mateo bridge, getting from the east bay, 880 moves nicely. we see the build-up for 238 off of the castro valley y, 580 through oakland. no incidents reported. that might be a sign more traffic is building. livermore through the valley, that 20-minute drive and a quick shot from our chopper over walnut creek. back to you. >> thank you. two competing ballot measures that would change san francisco's election system will go before city supervisors. the first would replace the current rank choice voting system with a non-partisan primary in september. if no candidate received 65% of the votes, a run-off would be held in november between the top two candidates. the second would keep the rank choice voting but consolidate the odd year elections to a single year. supervisors considering whether to naught on the june ballot. >> a new report finds problems
6:18 am
with more than 24 million voter registration records in the u.s. the pew research center says one in eight registrations are not accurate. they are out of date or duplicates. nearly 2.8 million are registered in multiple states and nearly two million registered voters are dead. there's no evidence the problems are leading to voter fraud. >> president obama returning to the bay area to do fundraising. he will arrive in san francisco thursday, the president will attend a dinner and make a speech at the nob hill masonic center. a reception will feature a performance by sound guard the singer chris kornell. >> north korea has a new statue of kim jong-il. kim died in december. he would have turned 70 this week. the statue portrays kim on a galloping horse along side his
6:19 am
father. north korean state media also reporting a series of super natural events leading up to his birthday including glowing mountains, double rainbows, and bears crying along side a road. >> a scary story to tell. a court spokesperson says stephen breyer was robbed by a man. it happened in a home that breyer owns. no one was hurt. the justices return from a recess on friday. >> not sound like a fun event. coming up two bay area mothers charged under a new state truancy law. looks like they haven't learned their lesson. >> a dad shoots a daughter's lap top. we'll get response to that coming up. >> what about this live look outside. clear as a bell, flag waving in the wind. lots more ahead.
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>> welcome back everyone. tony bennett will be singing tonight in san francisco. that's a look at the golden gate bridge. a lot of people leaving their cars, maybe not their hearts out there. traffic doesn't look too bad yet. it's 6:22. i'm making something up. >> they are leaving their cars?
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>> feeling the love. >> i guess so. 6:22. two contra costa women not feeling the love, they are the first parents charged under a tough new state truancy law. the two women were supposed to be arraigned last week. one was late, the other didn't show up. the parent who didn't show up now has a $5,000 bench warrant. state law criminalizes chronic truancy and holds parents responsible. if convicted parents could face a year in jail and a $2,000 fine. >> here's something that's very important. you could save somebody's life by downloading a new mobile app. the san jose fire department and el camino hospitals unveiling their free cpr mobile app for the phone called pulse point. this alerts you when there is someone nearby having a heart attack and may need cpr. heart attacks cause nearly 1,000 deaths per day in the u.s. >> an entertainment option other
6:24 am
than staring out the window. dog tv went on the air yesterday. yes. it's a channel just for dogs. shows video of things like happy dogs, people playing soccer, relaxing piano music. the ceo of dog tv says research backs up the idea that the program relaxes dogs and stimulates their imagination. >> really. hey. shares in apple open above $500 this morning for the first time ever. that's a big number, scott mcgrew. and history being made. >> right. cupertino company the most valuable in the world. if you take all of the outstanding shares of apple multiply by the share price. it's market capitalization. $502.60. 468 billion. to compare to exxon, 400 billion. there are a couple of take aways. this happened under tim cook,
6:25 am
not steve jobs so. the company continues to grow even after it lost its founder. second, apple shares jumped in the last year. apple in the words of one analyst adding the value of facebook in the last 12 months. and lastly, scott budman points out apple is a gadget company yet more valuable than companies that make things that people need like oil. apple yesterday started permitting independent inspectors into its factories. apple doesn't own the factories in shenzhen but has come under criticism for the poor working conditions there. 22 million people watched video of a dad shooting his daughter's lap top with a gun after she complained about him on facebook. last night dad released a statement saying the news is spinning the situation and it's not as weird as it looks. judge for yourself. this is tommy jordan explaining to the camera why he is disappointed in his child's facebook posting. then he did what any dad would
6:26 am
do. >> that was the first round. these are exploding hollow point rounds from -- yeah. you have to pay me back nor these too. these are about a dollar apiece. >> if you had a dad like that you might be cautious what you put on facebook. reports say the daughter thought she sent the update to private but the family dog has a facebook, i'm not making that up, and she included him in on the post, that's where dad saw it because he was updating the dog's status. 20 years ago i never thought i would have said any of that on television. >> no kidding. >> i might skip thanksgiving at their house. 6:26. still to come on "today in the bay," a vote by san mateo officials could put 200 people out of work and leave another 200 people with an uncertain future. we'll tell you why coming up in a live report. >> a man shoots and kills a home invader. all the details in a live report. >> you'll need more than love to
6:27 am
warm you up in the north bay. where we are close to the freezing mark. good morning. i'm christina loren. comfortable conditions later, then the rain moves in tomorrow. we'll talk you through it coming up. >> you know, there was even snow in the south bay, you know that but that's not affecting 101. things are pickingp. thll show you the latest around e bay. ♪
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>> reporter: new this morning, a home invasion robbery in antioch turns deadly and it's the homeowner doing just fine this morning. i'm christie smith. i'll explain coming up. >> a san jose nightclub owner facing rape charge this is morning. we'll have all of the details coming up. >> reporter: will it stay or will it go? decision day for a couple of hundred parents and their long term care facility on the peninsula. that story coming up. >> a beautiful live look over
6:30 am
san francisco. it's tuesday, february 14th, valentine's day, "today in the bay." >> good morning. thanks for joining us. it's 6:30 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren to find out about heart day weather forecast. >> a great looking forecast. we love waking up with you every morning, not just valentine's day. 36 in livermore, 42 in concord, it's cold out there right now. but later on today we're going to warm up into the 60s in many cities across the bay, the rain moves in tomorrow. we'll talk you through the forecast, taking a peek at the weekend. 6:30 first. >> you'll be all right if you take the benicia bridge. the chopper was over the span, southbound with the headlights. they separate the directions because they can.
6:31 am
looking at a smooth drive for the benicia and the carquinez bridges. no wind advisories like yesterday. we'll look at the bay bridge as well. a smooth drive across from the toll plaza, but getting to the metering lights we have this backup. the metering lights were turned on about 10 minutes ago. this is a little slower build than we typically see on a tuesday so it's okay. so far. >> thank you. >> 6:31. this morning a robbery suspect is dead after being shot during a brazen home invasion in the east bay. christie smith live in antioch where police still are trying to figure out why this robber was shot. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the man who kicked in the front door here in antioch probably wasn't counting on what happened next. police say that the homeowner was able to wrestle the gun away from him and ended up shooting him several times. that would-be burglar pronounced dead at the scene on the 4800 block of wexler near the golf
6:32 am
course. it happened last night. police say a man knocked first but the resident inside was with his son and didn't answer the door right away. investigators believe that the burglar assumed no one was home. why this home was picked is unclear but antioch police did detain a woman at the scene too and they are trying to figure out what her role was in this, if any. it's the sixth shooting in antioch in three days. police don't think they are related but of the six shooting, two of them have turned fatal including this one. reporting live, christie smith. back to you. >> thank you, christie. 6:32. as many as six people could be victims of a nail salon shooting in vallejo including a 3-year-old girl. police say two men opened fire around 7:15 last night in tina's nail salon east of highway 80. witnesses say the man shot a female customer three times.
6:33 am
a friend of the woman pulled out a gun and started shooting. when the smoke cleared three people were wounded including that little girl. three more possible victims showed up at hospitals. >> a prominent nightclub owner denying charges that he raped a young woman at his family home. ray shafazand owns nightclubs in san jose. investigators say a woman tells police she was attacked back on january 8th while she was staying in the guest room of shafazand's home. he is facing charges of felony rape by force. his attorney says his client is innocent. shafazand will be in court on thursday. >> the search for human remains should continue today. the rain forced crews to call off the search yesterday. they have already uncovered more than 300 bones or fragments at three sites. today, crews hope to go back and
6:34 am
tour a well, 45 feet underground. that could be where the so-called speed street killers hid the bodies of their victims. >> how is this for getting into the valentine spirit. the city of berkeley looking for a kindler, gentler way to hand out parking tickets. the council will consider a plan to revise the rules. the new rules would prevent parking officers from writing a ticket when the driver is present, and you might catch a break, give drivers a break if they show up to move their cars. the chronicle reporting the new policy would have little effect on city revenue. >> more than 200 senior citizen at a long term care center may be forced to move. bob joins us live with why the city may shut it all down. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. the county board of supervisors will be considering this in a couple of hours, that issue is the building itself that houses
6:35 am
the burlingame long term care facility. is this building outdated, does it meet earthquake standards, is it up to date with medical care. a civil grand jury and independent consultant believe this is a case, today the board will decide whether it agrees. if it does this facility will earlily be shut down, that means the roughly 200 people who work here would be out of jobs and the 230 patients, most of them elderly, would have to be moved elsewhere. patient groups argue by moving these people would be traumatic for them, especially those who suffer from dementia, the union representing the nurses say that the building is decent and they also question where do you move all of these patients. they argue that the county doesn't have the space. the meeting at 9:00 at the board of supervisors expected to make a decision, then they say that if they do decide to shut down this facility they will keep it
6:36 am
open until all of the patients have safely been moved to a new home and they also promise to help the people who work here find new jobs. >> bob, thank you. a plan to put drug-sniffing dogs on om high school campuses moving forward. the school district board of trustees will talk about when and how they will be allowed on campus. the board last month agreeing to use a dog to check jim lockers and cars for drugs. no students would be present. if today's guidelines are accepted the board could street adopt it starting at its february 28 meeting. >> i want to check the forecast with christina loren. she has how things are looking. >> pretty good. good morning. a live look right now, take you outside. this beautiful sunrise over the city by the bay. looking down from high atop san bruno mountains.
6:37 am
you have mid level clouds. very cold conditions. 5 to 8 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. look at this very beautiful sun rise. as you get to enjoy on the way to work on a valentine's day. you're at 40 in sunnyvale, 33 in napa, 36 in santa rosa. throughout the day comfortable conditions, for all of you who want to head out for noon lunch. a mix of sun and clouds. in the 50s by noon. then the upper 50s as you make your way home from work. tomorrow morning at this time we'll likely be tracking showers on the radar. you can see from future cast we have shower activity starting to push in the north bay. we'll let you know about another rain in the forecast and of course we've got your high temperatures, not too hot today on this valentine's day but comfortable, all coming up. first let's check your drive. >> we'll take folks out toward
6:38 am
the castro valley y, we have a few things to report around the area. the volume is starting to build up. we're seeing slowing from both directions of 238. then we've had a disabled truck, 580 through castro value. in the center divide. might be blocking the last lane. that's the reason we see more slowing, if you head over to 880. south of there looking at 92, then down to the dumbarton bridge. in the 40s as you head south there. no major incidents, just the volume. a live look shows you what things are like for 880 north of there. speeds close to 55. 60 miles per hour through downtown or the bay bridge. the metering lights are on. another shot across the bay t golden gate bridge, the volume picks up for southbound 101.
6:39 am
but no problems and major slowing all the way into the city. back to you. >> beautiful live look. thank you. it is 6:38. bay area chihuahuas heading to the big apple this morning. >> see how they are heading to their new homes. >> the next leader of china in washington today. we'll have a live report. >> for the latest news action traffic, weather, find us on
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6:42 am
>> 6:41 right now. good morning to you. president obama and vice president biden will sit down with the future leader of china today. tracie potts joins us live in washington with why this visit is so important. good morning. >> reporter: hi laura, good morning. it's a big deal because he's the vice president now but in about a year he will be the president of china and so there are a numb befr of issues that the two nations need to work out together. in some cases we're on opposite sides with china, for example syria. china vetoed the peace plan that called on president assad to step down. the u.s. is supporting that. so that will likely be on the table today. china's currency whether it's being manipulated for trade advantages for china, that's something that the u.s. has been involved in and in fact, even put sanctions against china.
6:43 am
they will likely discuss that and intellectual property rights. president obama in the state of the union said that his administration will crack down on products coming from china, counterfeit products, unsafe products, products that violate intellectual property rights a. number of issues as they meet here, from here he is headed to california to los angeles to southern california and also going to make a stop in iowa, there is a family there that he used to live with over 25 years ago. he is going to visit them before heading back to china. >> a nice visit for them no doubt. >> 6:43. coming up, 15 minutes of uninterrupted news including a home invader shot and killed in antioch. find out how this happened coming up in a live report. >> apple shares make history and removing people you don't like vain your pictures on "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> welcome back everyone. if you are planning on going out and looking for a love connection today or maybe afternoon delight, rendezvous as you like to put it, christina loren, delight in many fashions. talking about the forecast. >> love is blind in this particular case. good morning to you. jon kelley was doing the heart palpatations during the break. trying to calm down here still. 6:46 out there. justin bieber has moved. you can see from this live picture over the golden gate bridge, it's gorgeous out there. what a gorgeous way to kick off a tuesday. nonetheless a valentine's day tuesday so make sure you bundle those little ones up because of those clear conditions. we're running chilly. good morning to you. napa 33 degrees, we're at 40, 50 in san mateo and 40 degrees this morning in oakland.
6:47 am
so for all of you love birds, we'll help you plan your outdoor activity. by noon up to 57 degrees. by 8:00 p.m. late night dinner, you'll need that jacket. you don't have to worry about the rain ruining your hair. 53 degrees. a little on the breezy side. staying nice and dry. all the way throughout today. by tomorrow we stop the clock at 2:00 a.m. wednesday. you can see a little shower activity starting to develop wanting to push on shore. we'll see isolated showers tomorrow. probably a more significant factor will be the dense fog. increasing on shore flow going to provide a lot of moisture as we head throughout tomorrow morning. so that means a tricky commute for your wednesday, mike and i will be here to help you get through any problems that may arise on the roads or the weather department. throughout tomorrow, things are going to stay a little on the cool side, enjoy the 60s that you have for you. 60 in morgan hill. 60 in milpitas. you'll hit about 57 in danville. and we fly you across the bay, 58 degrees in san francisco
6:48 am
today. almost uniform conditions with all of that cold air overhead. it's going to take a couple days to mix up but we'll be back to 60 saturday into sunday that's when things get interesting. an area of low pressure starts to dive to the south. whether it will make showers over the greater bay area is a question but it looks likely for showers north of the golden gate bridge this weekend. let's check your drive. >> we're looking at the castro valley y where we have that disabled big rig or partly blocking the fast lane, sauzing a slowdown. which continues over for northbound 238 and now slowing southbound 880 approaching and passing the san mateo bridge. mostly the right lanes, stay to the left and you should have speeds closer to the 50 than 40. further east as we come through livermore we have a 24-minute drive from the altamont pass, starting to compress over in toward this area around vasco.
6:49 am
registering at that airway crossing there. south of here a live look. i want to show you sunol. there is fog, a lot of moisture here. christina talking about tomorrow across the bay area. today right now the issue is because of the moisture trapped in this valley. that's what's sticking around, clearing through fremont and show you for the south bay. slowing northbound 101, 85 and 87 coming north in the commute direction. back to you. >> mike, thank you. some scary moments for a family in the east bay after a violent home invasion ends in deadly gun fire. christie smith is live in antioch where a homeowner stepped up and took matters into his own hands. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. this home invasion turned deadly quick but not the way you might think. police say that the homeowner actually fought with the would-be burglar and was able to wrestle gun away from him and
6:50 am
ended up shooting him several times. that burglar pronounced dead on the scene here last night and the homeowner and his son were okay. police say a guy knocked first at the home last night, and no one answered. so then they say the man kicked the door in right off the frame. why this home was picked is unclear. the resident fought back. police tell us they detained a woman and trying to figure out her role if any. this is the sixth shooting in antioch since friday, two turned deadly including this one. reporting live in antioch, christie smith. jon and laura, back to you. >> 6:50 now. no i.d. on a man found dead 18 hayward driveway. we told you about this breaking news yesterday morning, after the discovery near seventh and c streets, neighbors say they heard several shots fired and called police. one woman told us she's not surprised by the murder given
6:51 am
what she calls drug activity at the house where the body was found. so far no information on arrests or suspects. >> a bus driver accused of a crash that killed a passenger will be in court today. 64-year-old wallace richardson worked as a shuttle driver for ucsf. he will be arraigned on vehicular manslaughter for running a red light and slamming into a truck last july. ucsf doctor kevin mack died and four others injured. ucsf has since added seat belts to the buses and posted numbers to report concerns. >> the oakland teen accused of killing his adoptive parents will be back in court. 15-year-old moses kamin is expected to enter a plea, being tried as an adult on two counts of murder. police say he strangled his adoptive parents robert kamin and susan poff. possibly over tension after he was suspended from school.
6:52 am
>> saluting a real life hero, a bay area woman will be honored as a hero by the chp. she save add life in october when she stopped, pulled over to help a man in san francisco. williams managed to pull the unconscious man away from the burning cement truck, then plagued down firefighters for help. but williams crews might not have seen the man until it was too late. >> the future is uncertain for more than 200 senior citizens at a long term nursing facility in burlingame. they may be forced to pack up and move. county leaders will meet in a couple of hours. good morning. >> yes. when they meet they will be creted by the union representing the nurses who work here at the facility who don't agree with their potential decision to shut down this facility. what is at issue is the
6:53 am
building. there is an argument this is not in good enough shape, that it doesn't meet earthquake standards, is not up to snuff for medical care. that's already something an independent consultant and grand jury recommended that this facility be shut down. the board will be meeting at 9:00 to decide where they think that should happen f. they say yes as many as 200 people here will lose their jobs and 230 parents will have to be transferred, a move that could be very traumatic. the union that represents these nurses say the building is decent enough. besides where are you going to move these people. they argue the county does not have the space. the county says if it goes ahead it won't close the facility until all patients have been safely moved to new homes. and hoping to find new ones.
6:54 am
bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks a lot. new this morning iran blame forward two attacks in two countries. marla tellez is in our newsroom with the latest international headlines. >> jon, good morning. the associated press is reporting israeli officials are convinced iran is behind three explosions that rocked a bangkok neighborhood. you can see bomb technicians working the scene where five were hurt including the attackers who lost his legs in the grenade blast. he and another man now in police custody are iranian and that has the defense minister calling out iran. benjamin netanyahu is accused of -- this happened in new delhi yesterday, no one was killed but the blast injured four people. meantime, we are just learning iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad will unveil new
6:55 am
nuclear projects tomorrow. this is all according to the associated press. another story breaking, this closer to home. another case of molestation charges involving a teacher and student in los angeles. officials say a high school teacher's aide has been arrested on suspicion of committing lewd acts with a child. this is the third molestation arrest in recent weeks for the los angeles unified school district. >> 6:55. the "today" show is up next. ann curry shows us what they are working on. >> good morning. coming up here on a tuesday morning on "today" the latest on the death of whitney houston as her body arrives in new jersey where a public memorial is being planned. this morning the producer who worked with houston in the recording studio just days before she died speaks out in a live interview. also ahead, an american turning his sentence for a crimely did not commit. what his family is doing.
6:56 am
jim bob, their miss carriage and how the family is moving forward. and jenna bush hager is catching up with taylor swift to talk about her movie, music and where her career is now headed when we get started on a valentine's day morning here on "today." now back to you two. >> thank you very much. it is valentine's day, so a group of chihuahuas from san francisco are hoping to find love 3,000 miles away. there are too many of them at the san francisco animal care and control so they are being sent to new york where there is a pretty big demand for these. the dogs arrived early this morning, boarding the plane and will get to stay in the main cabin during the flight. getting the vip treatment. a peninsula humane society offering fees for chihuahuas and mixes are being waived today. >> take the sweater.
6:57 am
it's cold back east. >> tony bennett coming back to the city where he left his heart. bennett first sang "i left my heart in san francisco" 50 years ago at the fairmont hotel. several will pay tribute by singing their version of his famous song. bennett will perform the song again at the fairmont in a benefit for heart research. >> a survey says more americans are finding love on line but also finding a lot of lies. no shocker. one in five say they found romance through the internet. they also found 80% of the profiles contain some form of a flat out lie. a falsehood. age and weight are what people lie about the most. >> 6:57. you can take out frustration, maybe a pillow fight today. hundreds are expected to be at
6:58 am
the plaza to swing those fillows. this is last year. look at all of the turnout. it's a tradition every valentine's day in the city. tonight will be the seventh year san francisco will host that fight. pillows and feathers will be flying more than three hours. all of that starts at 6:00. >> speaking of love and love lost, scott mcgrew says new technology may help you get rid of your ex, once and forall. >> this is a company that is showing off this technology. here is a demonstration from the company. you are standing in front of a statue there, your friend takes a picture. snaps the shutter. the software will allow you to remove people out of the picture because it know what is the picture looks like. you'll be able to remove your e, from the video. zales opens up, apple shares are
6:59 am
up again, 1.23 or about a quarter% to $503.83. the first time apple opened above $500 a share. >> 6:58. chim to wek with christina. >> happy valentine's day. it's beautiful out there. the sun rising over the city by the bay. a few high and mid level clouds. making way to a cold start. let's take it right to your day part forecast. up to 55 inland, you'll make your way home at 59. a final check of traffic about mike. >> as i scrape away anything above you see there is the matter, for the slow northbound commute to the south bay. with our chopper, no incident approaching the bay bridge hole plaza. prepare for the wait. back to you. >> t y


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