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tv   Today  NBC  February 14, 2012 7:00am-11:00am PST

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update 7:25 and every half our after that during the today show. . >> good morning. sad homecoming, whitney houston's body arrives in newark, new jersey, in a hearse as preparations begin for a public memorial to honor the public star. and with us in studio who was with her just last week will be be studio. and justice steven brier attacked by a machete-wielding would-robber.
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you can't stop gushing about his date with the girl known as mrs. bieber today tuesday, february date with the girl known as mrs. bieber today tuesday, february 14th, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and welcome today on this tuesday morning, i'm ann curry. >> i'm matt lauer. we want to take a live look at a funeral home in newark, new jersey. this is where the body of whitney houston arrived overnight after being flown there from los angeles aboard a private plane. >> that is right. hundreds of fans lined the streets. just ahead, the latest on the investigation of houston's death, and how her daughter is coping with her mother's death. and also, is an american wrongfully imprisoned in nicaragua.
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a real estate agent is being held on a 22-year conviction with almost no evidence at all. now the family is calling for his release. we will hear from the family in a little while. the dugger are here. they'll be here to talk in our studio. they'll have a live interview. and how often do you get to say this? a model on the covers of both "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue and this morning's "new york times." how social media may have created this modelling sensation and how often do you get to see the dugger and kate upton on the same couch? it's part of the show we do here. >> let's just take a look. there we are. we want to begin on a serious note. that is with with the latest developments tied to whitney houston's death. jeff rossen has more on this story in beverly hills. >> reporter: this story is developing on both coasts. back in new jersey on the east coast, whitney houston's body is resting at a funeral home, and she will be buried in new jersey this weekend, and there are also
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plans, we are told, for a possible tribute service that would be public. details in a moment on that. but on the west coast, police investigators say they are closer to figuring out the time line of how whitney houston spent her final hours. >> reporter: whitney houston's body departing los angeles monday on this private jet a gulfstream 4 headed to the hometown of newark, new jersey. after landing late last night, her casket taken by hearse to a nearby funeral home. >> just another legend lost. >> reporter: and sources familiar with the planning tell nbc news that there will be a public funeral friday at the prudential center which houses 20,000 people. >> i want to say i love him so much. >> reporter: similar to the michael jackson tribute in 2009. and now new details inside of whitney's fourth floor suite at the beverly hills hilton. police say that her body was
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discovered in a bathtub underwater and apparently unconscious. >> i know there are reports that maybe she was drowned or did she overdose, but no, we won't make a final determination until all of the tests are in. >> reporter: the coroner says that will take weeks, but confirms that there were prescription pill bottles in the suite. >> sources tell us that the drugs included anti-anxiety medication and sleeping aids. >> reporter: but today, it is her voice -- ♪ where do broken go >> reporter: the voice as she was called honored everywhere. >> she will keep you smiling and lord have mercy, that girl could sing. >> reporter: whitney houston, the pop icon honored from hollywood. >> whitney was a beautiful pers person, and she had a talent beyond compare.
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>> even at the white house. with the family and especially her daughter. >> reporter: we want to go to a live picture of the funeral home in new jersey, and the many fans lined the streets in the early hours of the morning to see the hearse arrive and learn about the funeral plans. we are learning more about the funeral plans in the last couple off minutes. it will now happen saturday at noon at the place where whitney houston got her start at the new hope baptist church where whitney houston used to sing in a choir, and so we will be there in new jersey this weekend, ann? >> robert anthony mason was working with whitney houston in the recording studio before she died. how are you? >> well. >> and there was a photograph o. you guys were working on the music for her upcoming movie,
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"sparkle" describe that day. >> the last day i worked with her was tuesday, we had done a couple of sessions in the last two weeks. it was a normal day, it was a session not unusual from any of the others we had done. she comes in pretty close to on time and warms up. and goes into the booth and we start right to work on the vocal. she was in good spirits. i thought we had a really good session, productive. and you know, just tough for me to watch some of the footage you were showing, the first time i've really seen some of that stuff. and i have made a point not to watch it. so it's a little tough for me. >> i'm sorry that you're experiencing this all right now. as i understand it, she came out of that recording booth, and she wanted to hear her singing. and you two talked about her future and she started dancing and you were laughing. describe that moment and what she said about her future. >> she was very optimistic the
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last few times i was with her. she was looking forward to completing the movie. she was really excited about the soundtrack. and as you said, you know, she came out of the booth and she said, harvey, do we have everything you need to make a great song? and i said yes, she said play it back, let's listen and turn it up. she wanted to dance. she wanted to just enjoy the moment. and that's going to be something i'm going to remember forever, and it's really not uncommon for her to just have a great time, in great spirit, she's very passionate. she works very hard. and that's kind of how all of our sessions were. she was fun-loving and we had a great rapport. >> you've said that she worked very hard. she wanted to excel. >> she did. >> did she feel, do you think, pressure as a result of this? i mean trying to match the sort of the brightness of the 1980s, of her career, of her soaring voice then, do you think? >> i didn't get the feeling that was a burden on her.
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i think like any artist other than artists doing their first record, they always feel pressure. i know she really cared about her fans, she really wanted to give them something of great quality. we spoke a lot about that. she said i've got to make this better, i've got to make this perfect. it's got to be great. she worked very hard to make sure everything we did together in the last three years was of very high quality and something that her fans would enjoy and appreciate. >> how was her voice? and how was her demeanor? >> her demeanor was great. she was very positive. as i said, we had a lot of fun. you know, we would go back and forth in the studio. sometimes we bicker and sometimes we laugh. but at the end of the day, she's always happy with the results of the vocal. as far as her vocals and her voice is concerned, like every singer, there's good days, there's days that aren't as good. it's not breaking news that her voice didn't sound exactly like it did when she was 19.
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but the last couple of weeks, the sessions that we were doing, i was very positive about it. i felt good, i thought we were getting great material. and we were both excited about what we were working on. >> i know you said you saw no signs of anything wrong. harvey mason junior, i'm sorry again for having you see this material on our air just before our interview, but thank you so much again for talking to us. >> my pleasure, thank you. and coming up, we're going to talk much more about what the future holds for houston's daughter, bobbi kristina. now here's matt. investigators on the caribbean island of nevis are on the hunt for the suspect who robbed supreme court justice, stephen breyer at machete point. justice correspondent pete williams is in washington with the latest. >> justice breyer was vacationing with his wife and some friends in the caribbean, when they all became victims of the robbery. he actually owns a house on the island of nevis in the west indies. according to a court spokesman, last thursday night, about 9:00,
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a man wearing a mask and carrying a machete, broke in and robbed them all at knife-point. police and supreme court officials say he made off with about $1,000 in cash. nobody was hurt, including justice breyer, who is 73. the man ran away and local authorities say they've made no arrests and have no suspects. it was apparently part of a string of recent robberies on nevis and there's no indication that stephen breyer was singled out because of his position on the supreme court. the justices are unfortunately no stranger to this kind of random crime. in 1996, a man snatched ruth bader ginsberg's purse as she was walking home from a concert. and in 1994, david souter was mugged while he was jogging in washington. >> i'm assuming there's no special security provided for justices of the supreme court? >> that's one thing the court doesn't talk about or the marshal service, but i think it's fair to assume that there's more security when they're on official business than when they
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are on vacation. pete williams, thank you very much. now here's ann. president obama unveiled his new budget plan on monday, and with this being an election year, his republican rivals were quick to lash out in opposition. chuck todd is nbc's political director and chief white house correspondent. chuck, good morning. >> good morning, ann. you know, one giant issue this presidential election may settle is who's going to bear the greatest burden on reducing the large national debt. the wealthiest americans or government itself. and what you had in the unveiling of the president's $3.8 trillion budget, was presidential populism versus a republican focus on shrinking government. >> we've got a choice, we can settle for a country where a few people do really, really well. and everybody else struggles to get by. or we can restore an economy where everybody gets a fair shot. >> this morning the battle over the president's 2013 budget is under way both in washington and on the campaign trail.
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where the gop is firing away at budget that proposes almost $4 trillion in spending, paid for with less than $3 trillion in taxes. >> he looks at where we are right now and is comfortable borrowing $1 trillion more every year than we spend. if i'm -- this cannot go on. if i'm president, i will cut spending, i will cap spending and i will finally get us to a balanced budget. >> this budget isn't possible. it's exactly the wrong direction. >> the budget deficit. the tax the rich scheme. >> the president didn't spend a lot of time on the big numbers in his budget. >> don't worry, i will not read it to you, it's long and -- a lot of numbers. >> focusing instead on his new spending ideas, what he calls investments. $350 billion for job creation. $476 billion for transportation and infrastructure rebuilding. and $141 billion for government research and development. >> we've got to do everything in
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our power to keep this recovery on track. >> the president's blueprint does add $1.3 trillion to the national debt this year alone. with the deficit eventually shrinking over the next decade by changing tax laws for kompgss and raising taxes on the wealthiest americans. but the white house isn't providing a lot of details on where the new tax revenue will come from beyond promising to end the so-called bush-era tax cuts by the end of this year. >> in terms of tax reform, no, we have not tried to lay out what exact rates would be. >> congressional republicans accuse the president of worrying more about his re-election than on the nation's economic situation. >> president obama released a budget that isn't really a budget at all. it's a campaign document. >> somebody asked plea if this budget was dead on arrival and i said, no, it's not dead on arrival. it's debt on arrival. >> a couple of presidential campaign notes, ann. today we're going to start seeing the first ads from the romney super pac as he unveils
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this two-front war for mitt romney. focusing attack ads on newt gingrich and the first ones we expect to see in michigan on rick santorum. ann? >> let's check the other top stories of the morning. natalie is standing by at the news desk with more. >> good morning, everyone. well as tensions between the u.s. and iran mount, the strategic oil route, the strait of hormuz has fallen into the crosshairs. and we're joined from the deck of the "uss abraham lincoln," with jim miklaszewski. >> from the deck of the "abraham lincoln" and i can tell you there were some tense moments on this trip today. when an iranian naval patrol boat came speeding on a collision course directly at the carrier. but veered off at the last minute, avoiding a confrontation. but since iran has already threatened to close the strait,
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and attack u.s. military warships coming through here, you can only imagine that the tensions in this region are running pretty high. and unfortunately, it's not likely to change any time soon. as long as those tough u.s. sanctions against iran for its nuclear program remain in place. and there are fears in this region, that if israel should attack iran's nuclear sites, then all bets are off. natalie? >> jim miklaszewski, we look forward to your reports there from the "uss abraham lincoln." a critical cancer drug is suddenly running in short supply as lawmakers and doctors groups urge the makers of methotrexate to step up production. it's a key treatment for leukemia and doctors say it can cure 90% of the estimated 3500 american children and teens diagnosed with that type of cancer each year. washington has become the
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seventh state to legalize same-sex marriage after the governor signed a bill into law that will allow gay couples to walk down the aisle starting june 7th. meantime in new jersey, the state senate has passed a bill recognizing same-sex marriages. supporters call it a civil rights milestone. but governor chris christie has already promised to veto the measure. and the video of that supposed woolly mammoth roaming through the wild of siberia has shockingly been debunked. the suspiciously blurry video of something furry crossing a river has fuelled speculation that the long-extinct ice-age creature was still alive and kicking. but this is the original video that a filmmaker said he shot and posted on youtube back in 2011. he said he believed someone took the footage to make the fake sighting. the filmmaker said about the day he shot the video, i don't recall seeing a mammoth. let's turn it back over to matt, ann and al.
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amazing what they do to youtube. >> i think i saw sasquach in the background. >> he was taken under by the loch ness monster. >> have we said happy valentine's day, by the way? happy valentine's day, everybody. >> we have a valentine forecast for you. first of all, we'll start off in loveland, nevada, partly sunny skies. heart lake, wyoming. 27. valentine, nebraska, partly sunny and 44. fog in romance, arkansas, look for light snow in romeo, michigan and rose new york, 39 degrees. we've got wet weather making its way through the southeast. snow to the north of that. not a lot of heavy snow, we're talking about maybe one to two inches of snow there. but as we get to the south, we are going to be looking from appalachicola to savannah, one to two inches of rain. i should say a quarter of an inch to about an inch of rain. so all in all. not a bad
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>> not a bad day in our neck of the woods. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we have a great looking forecast for outdoor activities later on. once the sun is out and we start to warm we're going to see 60s today. upper 50s in places like san jose. 61 in concord and about 59 degrees in san francisco. we stay dry all day long, by tomorrow the showers move back in. we get another round of rain saturday into sunday. and that's your latest weather. >> thank you so much. now to a touching story on this valentine's day morning. a young girl gets a dream date with teen pop sensation justin bieber. natalie is here with the story. >> does it get any better than this? it started with a pretend wedding for a 6-year-old girl fighting cancer and on monday she got to meet her pretend husband face-to-face. this little girl was already one
7:19 am
of justin bieber's biggest fans. now she knows why you should never say never. ♪ i will never say never i will fight ♪ >> she suffers from a rare form of cancer and last year thanks to the jimmy fund she got a pretend marriage to her pop idol. >> how old are you? >> 6. >> how long have you loved bieber? >> seven years. no, 80 years. >> it was wonderful. it was wonderful. just another fun moment. >> reporter: family and friends took to facebook hoping to arrange a meeting between bieber and the special little girl who came to be known as mrs. bieber. when she was profiled by a local affiliate -- ♪ baby, baby >> it turns out bieber was watching. the pop superstar flew her and her familiarly to new york for a special valentine's visit on
7:20 am
monday. the pair played board games, gave each other autographs and avalana even got to style bieber's world famous hair. after the meeting, he tweet, that is one of the best things i have ever done. she was awesome. feeling really inspired now. another tweet simply read, best part of my day. this was a dream come true for avalana who is battling an aggressive form of cancer called atrt that she battled for almost all of her life. but after their special meeting, the little girl known as mrs. bieber has reason to feel extra special this valentine's day. >> i have bieber fever. >> an incredible day for a very special girl. by the way, atrt, the cancer she has, is so rare that there are less than 30 new cases diagnosed in the u.s. each year. >> such a sweet story. >> a very special occasion for her. good for justin bieber. he has a heart of gold. >> yeah, we love that kid. natalie, thank you so much.
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just ahead, the model gracing the cover of the "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue, we're going to meet her. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ sexy and i know it
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just ahead, the toll that whitney houston's death is taking on her 18-year-old daughter. >> and bob and michelle dugger speak out about the alleged extortion plot targeting their family. we'll talk about that and much more. but first, these messages, local news and weather. ethan allen brings you new looks from the 5 signature lifestyles.
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just to see me -- not as a cancer patient, but as a person that had been helped by their work. i was just blown away. life's been good to me. i feel like one of the luckiest guys in the world. ♪ >> good tuesday morning to you. 7:26 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. police are on the hunt for two armed men who opened fire at a vallejo nail saloon. the battle happened around 7:15 lars night near maple avenue east of highway 80. witnesses say the men entered the shop, shot a female customer three times. a friend of the woman returned fire which led to four more people being shot including a toddl toddler. they are trying to figure out the motive. >> at this point we don't have a plotive. detectives are working on this trying to piece it together. we have witnesses we're talking
7:27 am
to. >> the gun fire left several stores in the area with bullet holes and a car across the street from that salon. >> better news, let's check the valentine's day forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. take a look at there gorgeous sun rise over the city by the bay. a few high clouds out there but mostly clear conditions, it's cold to start. this valentine's day looks fantastic for outdoor activities. plenty of upper 50s and low 60s. 61 in fremont, 62 today in redwood city and 62 degrees in almaden valley. we'll stay dry for today. as of tomorrow, though, things start to change. the showers develop tomorrow morning, and then we'll get another round as we head into this weekend. so make sure you get out there and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts for today. showers move in late tonight into tomorrow morning. 7:27. let's check your drive on the valentine's day tuesday with mike. >> all right. we're seeing a little red on the road but that means speeds below 20 miles per hour. at 280 under the 880 overcrossing on 880 north we have an accident but it should
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clear from the roadway. typical pattern for the south bay. southbound 880, thornton, clogging things up coming out of newark into fremont. but a typical patternen in hayward there is the castro valley y, and we have your typical slowing for 238. 880 south through hayward and toward the san mateo bridge. no big issues and a lot lighter winds than yesterday. laura, back to you. >> thank you very much. for the latest traffic and news updates check out nbc bay area on facebook. or our morning show page as well. another local update for you in about a half hour. have a great valentine's day. bay area ! here's big news from verizon wireless
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tuesday, february 14th, 2012, that makes it valentine's day. we have a lot of people on the plaza. a lot of guys delighted with a little valentine's gift of kate upton who is this year's "sports illustrated" swimsuit cover model weechlt ta model. inside the studio, matt lauer alongside ann curry. one man's motional fight for freedom. >> a 34-year-old american
7:31 am
working in nicaragua is serving a sentence for money laundering and drug trafficking. investigators have no evidence. now the familiar sli on a crusade to have that conviction overturned. we're going hear from them coming up. also ahead, the dugger family kicks off a new season of "19 kids and counting." first, michelle and jim bob are here us with. we're going to talk to them about the recent extortion plot targeting their family. we're going to meet a 19-year-old who just landed a big honor, kate upton. we'll hear from her. you say that's a gift for the men. where is the gift for the women? >> i don't know how that issue breaks down in terms of women and men reading it. do you think as many women look through the pages of that? >> i would have no idea. i don't -- i actually don't think so. i don't think so. >> we'll do a survey in a little while. let's begin this half hour with more on the death of whitney houston. it's a loss that hit her 18-year-old daughter bobbi kristina especially hard. we have a reporter in los
7:32 am
angeles. he has details on. that miguel goosh, good morning. >> reporter: she grew up with two legendary parents who were famous for successes and failures. while bobbi kristina brown was exposed to the pitfalls at a young age. whitney houston was the queen of pop and daughter bobbi kristina was her crowned jewel. born to superstar parents, the legendary singer and the r&b bad boy bobby brown, bobbi kristina took to the stage before she could walk. >> say hello. >> bobbi kristina spent her childhood growing up on the road. she was on tour with her mother a lot. >> reporter: a childhood that couldn't have been easy. her mother and father publicly battled drug addictions and each other. bobbi kristina grew up in a storm of tabloid fodder. in 2005, houston and brown's chaotic and unstable marriage was on display for the world to see in the reality tv show "being bobby brown."
7:33 am
in the years to follow, there would be rehab and relapse for whitney. kristina almost acted as though she was the parent. as whitney began to kobe with sobriety, she wanted to make up for the time in which she wasn't always physically present for her daughter. >> reporter: despite the turmoil in her mother, bobbi kristina saw her future. >> bobbi kristina idolized her mother she wants to be a singer herself. and really was patterning her life and her career after her mother. ♪ i've heard that you're ♪ >> reporter: and like her mom at a young age, she found her voice. ♪ found a girl and you're married now ♪ >> reporter: on twitter, she chronicled her life, birthdays with whitney, reunions with bobby. but on saturday, the unthinkable. bobbi kristina was reportedly in the hotel when her mother passed. the trauma senting the
7:34 am
18-year-old to the hospital to be treated for stress and anxiety. her father rushed to be by her side. the performer who sang of life and love now gone. ♪ and i >> reporter: but her greatest achievement and legacy lives on. ♪ will always love you >> reporter: this morning as fans and the music world remember whitney, many are thinking of bobbi kristina. monday president obama's spokesman said that obama's thoughts and prayers were with the 18-year-old. matt? >> miguel, thank you very much. julie holland is a psychiatrist and author of "weekends at bellevue." alicia quaurrrels is an editor associated press. good morning. >> good morning. >> let me start with you, alicia. i think a lot of what we talk about in this regard is speculation and i want to be careful about that because there is an awful lot we don't know. what do we know about the relationship between bobbi kristina and whitney? >> we know that they were extremely tight.
7:35 am
i witnessed them together. bobbi kristina was the love of her life. she wanted more children so she had miscarriages. she valued her little girl. she sang backup on the last album. they were together thursday night at kelly price's party. they were hanging out partying, having a great time. they were tight. >> this idea that over the course of her life bobbi kristina had to take on at times the roll of caretaker, can you back that up? >> absolutely. if you look at that reality show that was out in 2005, you know, clearly whitney and bobby were on substances. you saw the little daughter being the caretaker. this is something, you know, that's devastating. she has two parents that battled addiction. here you are coming of age where you need your mother the most. she has strong women in her life. her grandmother sis ji strong. her godmother is aretha franklin and cousin is dionne warwick. and, of course, her father is there. >> julie, generally speaking,
7:36 am
what are the pressures and what are the reactions when children are brought up around addiction, especially on both sides? >> right. first of all, she's really genetically loaded to have problems herself. you know, she has two parents who are substance abusers. the household is going to be chaotic. usually children are trying to clean up the messes or prevent messes from happening. it's very unpredictable. they never know what's going to happen. and there is also a lot of lying and hiding. so the child ends up having trust issues and intimacy issues. >> i understand, and you say this as well, often times children who have grown up around addiction and then see the death of one parent believe in some way it's their fault. i don't understand why that's true. >> just like a child of divorce will think it's their fault that their parents are splitting, when you spend your life preventing bad things from happening or fixing messes or trying to prevent bad things from happening, when something devastating like this happens, i mean anyone is going to say, you know, if i'd only done this or only if she took a shower
7:37 am
instead of a bath or a nap instead of a bath, i'm sure anybody that would have sort of 20/20 hindsight. >> alicia, there have been reports circulated that bobbi kristina had to be hospitalized, perhaps twice since her mother's death. i don't think we should read too much into that. i mean it's an incredibly traumatic event. and that she might have needed some medical treatment. doesn't seem to go beyond the pale to me. >> no, it's not. imagine if you lost a parent and suddenly the whole world, every media organization is looking down at you. so she was rushed to the hospital. and released. she's going to have a tough road to travel being a celebrity's child, you remember elvis died, lisa marie battled addiction. she was partying. so just being in the spotlight having to deal with all that suddenly at such a young age is going to be quite a cross to bear. >> alicia and julie, ladies, thank you both. i appreciate it. now, let's get a check of the weather from al. >> matt, thank you so much. and you're hoping today is your
7:38 am
baby's birthday? >> yes. she was due on saturday. so we're hoping for a val tin's day baby. >> where are from you? >> i live here in new york. >> thank goodness. >> my mom and my sisters are here from minnesota and delaware. >> hope you get a great valentine's day gift. >> thank you. >> let's see what we got for you to day. foggy travel from texas all the way up to minnesota where we got dense fog advisories. a lot of low level moisture is going to cause airport delays for dallas, oklahoma city, houston, omaha and into minneapolis much the rest of the country today, we have wet weather making its way along the southeastern atlantic coast. light snow working throughout great lakes. more light snow through the central rockies and more rain moving into the pacific northwest lat >> well, it's kind after chilly and mostly clear start to this valentine's day tuesday. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we're looking towards a comfortable day with highs in the upper 50s, low 60s. 61 in concord, 59 in san
7:39 am
francisco. sun and clouds out there, that's it. we hold off on the rain until tomorrow morning. we'll see a pretty good amount of shower activity before 9:00 a.m. come thursday into friday, fog, maybe drizzle. saturday and sunday we get another round of rain that lasts into the start of next week. and we show this sign because we like to say walawala. check your weather anyplace, go to the weather channel on cable or online. matt? >> thank you very much. still to come, taylor swift opens up to jenna bush hager about huer music, movie and her career. first, an american serving prine in prison for crimes even drug agents say he didn't commit. 8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor.
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♪ ♪ instense i-color™ shadow sticks there's one for every eye color, blue... hazel... brown... and green. all-day wear without a crease in sight. back now at 7:42 with a washington state man's fight for
7:43 am
freedom. he's being held in prison in ni nicaragua. current and form you are u.s. officials believe he should be set free. kerry sanders has the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann. 34-year-old american jason was in nick iowa selling real estate when arrested and is now serving after being sentenced to 22 years in prison. the problem, his supporters say, this now includes the innocent project, that there's no real evidence against him. among those fighting the hardest for his freedom, his family. jason purlcall's parents rindian. he grew up here in the quiet suburbs of tacoma, washington. >> i never met anyone with jason's sense of loyalty and his sense of family. >> reporter: as a teenager, he got good grades and went on to graduate from the university of washington. >> jason, big goofy smile.
7:44 am
>> reporter: after clenollege, joined the peace corps. he fell in love with a local beauty, married and started a family. he settled down in nicaragua selling real estate to a growing number of americans who see this sea side village as the perfect place to retire. but some of the country's darker past lingers here as well. on november 11th, 2010, jason was arrested along with 10 local men. his mother was there visiting when police stormed in. >> i was thinking that this is all some strange mistake and things will be over pretty soon. >> reporter: instead, jason was held in prison for nine months, then charged and ultimately convicted for international drug trafficking and money laundering. his prison sentence, 22 years. jason's wife scarlet. >> i know 100% that jason is
7:45 am
innocent. >> there are no drugs in this case. >> reporter: back home in washington state, jason's mother and sisters have launched a full time campaign to win his freedom. >> i've inspected every document, gone through the trial records. there is just not one shred of evidence against jason. >> reporter: it's expected jason's family would swear he's not guilty. but what is rare, current and former u.s. officials, including the former dea stationed chief in miami who all say the same thing. >> i say that there's a lot of major drug traffickers in nicaragua and a lot in central america. but jason percal is not one of them. >> reporter: a judge convicted him of using his real estate business to launder drug money, even though they found no drugs, no records, no trail of bank records, no confiscated piles of cash. >> translator: there were no drugs. no drugs appeared at all. >> no. >> reporter: the spokesperson
7:46 am
for the justice department admits the trial judge would not allow jason's defense team to present much of its evidence. for the past 14 months, he's been here in this brutal filthy prison. >> there's no running water. we have to fight with the other 250 inmates on the cellblock to get water. and there's a lot of violence between them. every day is a fight to stay alive. >> reporter: officials would only allow us to speak to him by phone. did he speak to cameras before the conviction. >> they're accusing me of drug trafficking without any drugs or money or organized crime with the other ten people charged in this case. >> he's away from his family over here. >> reporter: fellow american real estate agent met him in the peace corps ten years ago. he says it's a mystery why jason
7:47 am
was targeted by police but he thinks that his friend with tattoos and long hair may simply have been the victim of local prejudice. >> the guy looks like he's made of money. the guy looks super flashy. he's dark skinned. they just convicted him before he even had a chance. >> reporter: the appeals court is now scheduled to review jason's case and the evidence including all the evidence the prosecutor would not allow at the initial trial. giving hope to percal's family in seattle and to his wife and son, a 4-year-old with down syndrome that jason will be set free. >> i can't wait 22 years. i can't. it's impossible. >> reporter: it would be a huge embarrassment to the nicaraguan government to admit they made a mistake here. fwhaut would not be without precedent. more than four years ago another american was arrested in the
7:48 am
same town and convicted in the same town and anything wag juan appeals court eventually let him go free. and now jason percal's familiar sli hoping the same can happen in this case. ann? >> good reporting. thank you so much. and coming up next, the 19-year-old who just land the the cover of "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue. but first, these messages. , ever since i can remember. my name is paul fabry, and i grow oranges in florida for tropicana. my grandpa taught me that there's no orange like a florida orange. they're grown in just the right soil... with the perfect amount of sunshine. see, that's how you get that beautiful colour and ripeness. tropicana pure premium is made with 100% florida oranges. because the best oranges make the best juice. ♪ would they switch? notice a ff?erceen it feels a bit tight.
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♪ i'm sexy and i know it >> we're back on "today." landing the coveted slot this year, kate upton. kate, good morning. congratulations. >> good morning. thank you so much. >> how did you find out? >> i found out last night. i was so excited. no words. >> in the awards show? >> yes, on david letterman. >> and this morning you're on the front page of "the new york times" as well as on the cover of "sports illustrated." >> yeah. i didn't even know that. so waiit was a nice surprise. i was just living the moment with "sports illustrated." >> the "new york times" article, it's interesting, it talks about your path and basically it says that you're a self created internet phenomenon. essentially, you posted video of yourself dancing. do you see this as paving a new road to becoming a super model? >> well, in my opinion, you know, everyone talks about how the aging super model is dead. i don't think it's dead.
7:52 am
i just think that people want more. you know, we have new technology. so people want to see personalities not just someone walking down a runway or just a face. that's why, you know, campaign goes to actresses now. >> and there's no question you have a large following. i think that's one of the reasons that people at "sports illustrated" decided you would be a perfect fit. what do you want this to do for your career? people knew before you this. now this is going to take you to an entirely new level. what do you want to be doing five years from now? >> honestly, being on the cover was my dream. i just want to live in this moment. i know it's a huge career boost. but i'm just going to ride it out. >> you have pretty exotic locations. some of the weather conditions were kind of harsh for this. >> yes. a lot of people don't know that. the hours are very long. and it's, you know, sometimes not summer there. >> it looks so glamorous. >> exactly. you can even see on the cover the wind is blowing.
7:53 am
there was harsh wind number complaints. i'm happy. >> you grew up in a household where the "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue would arrive every year. did you have one mod that will you wanted to kind of pattern yourself after? >> i loved heidi kluum. now, you know, kathy ireland is on the cover of forbes. so that's pretty amazing as well. >> maybe a business future. >> yeah. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> enjoy this moment. >> thank you. and, by the way, the duggers are coming up straight ahead and they're live in our studio. we'll talk to them after the local news. ♪ i want horsepower. cleaner horsepower. i want power that dominates the road. and fuel efficiency that respects the earth. gimme 43 miles per gallon. and the rush of 200 horsepower. what i want is the best of both worlds. [ male announcer ] introducing the reinvented 2012 camry hybrid. from toyota. ♪
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>> good morning to you. 7:56 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. police this morning are investigating a home invasion that turned fatal in antioch. started around last night about 8:30. police say a man was at his home with his young son when he heard a knock at the door. he didn't answer but a burglar broke in. the owner managed to wrestle the gun away and shot him. the suspect died at the scene. police say this is the sixth shooting in apartment yok in three days, two of those have been fatal. so far they do not appear to be related. >> let's check the forecast now with meteorologist christina loren. >> happy valentine's day to you. it's cold out there. grab your jacket. leave that umbrella at home. 42 degrees in sunnyvale, 53 in san francisco and it's cold in san jose this morning.
7:57 am
if you wanted to hit the san francisco marina by noon you'll see plenty of sunshine and 55 degrees. your city by city highs work like this. 61 in fremont, 59 in san francisco, and about 60 degrees today in livermore. we get a good round of rain tomorrow morning, clearing by thursday. saturday and sunday more rain moving in. lasting into the first part of next week. let's check your drive with mike inouye at 7:57. >> you know, fog's not the issue so that sun will be hitting the folks on the peninsula. southbound 101 get you in the eyes about now. that's why we see slowing, part of the reason. also a lot of folks heading south from san mateo into redwood city and menlo park. we see slowing across the san mateo bridge approaching the peninsula, jammed up southbound 880, the earlier accident i told you about at thorn thaun has moved to the shoulder but in the backup one other accident happened and at the top of the screen another off of that san mateo bridge making more slowing out of hayward and san leandro.
7:58 am
around the coliseum, approaching the bay bridge we have slowing out of richmond and off of the richmond bridge. >> thank you, mike. for the latest traffic and news updates check out nbc bay area on facebook.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> 8:00 now on this valentine's day morning. it'ses 14th of february, 2012. look at all of our lovebirds on the plaza. a lot of them brought valentines and signs with hearts on them. they're sending love to their families and friends back home. we're so glad to have them here. meantime, outside studio 1a, i'm here with my valentines. we have al roker of course and matt lauer. and i'm going to flash you guys, because i want to send some love to the world. to america. there you go. i'm glad you liked that. >> good thing you remembered the dress. >> no kidding.
8:01 am
>> that's a cool dress. >> thank you. speaking of love, we have a family in our studio with lots of kids. we're talking about jim bob and michelle duggar. they have 19 children. but they have actually had some difficulty in their own family. they're going to be here to talk about a tragic loss they endured, and also they're going to talk about something else that happened regarding an alleged extortion scheme that affected a member of their family. we'll ask them about that. also ahead, at age 22, i think some would say taylor swift is one of the queens of country music. some would say pop music in general. she recently sat down with jenna bush hager talking about buying her first home and her love life. taylor swift's love life. >> that's pretty good stuff. okay. by the way, it of course being valentine's day, maybe you didn't figure out what you are going to do for your sweetie. we have the secret to a romantic dinner for two.
8:02 am
and, of course, he's french. so no matter what he does, it's romantic. >> exactly. >> apparently involves a big ball of green stuff, too. let's get inside and get a check of the morning's top stories from natalie morales. our valentine. >> thank you, ann. my too, ann, matt, and al. good morning, everyone. in the news this morning, the body of whitney houston is back in her hometown of newark, new jersey, after being flown on a private jet last night from los angeles where she died saturday. a gold colored hearse carried her casket to a newark funeral home, while friends and family finalized plans for a service later this week. republicans in congress and on the campaign trail say president obama's budget proposal does not do enough to reign in spending and reduce the federal deficit. the budget unveiled monday adds to the debt with nearly $4 trillion in spending paid for with less than $3 trillion in in taxes.
8:03 am
meantime, today house lawmakers weigh a gop proposal to extend the payroll tax cut through the end of the year that would add some $100 billion to the nation's debt. justice stephen breyer was robbed at machete point last week at his vacation home. the suspect who wore a mask took about $1,000 in cash from breyer, his wife and houseguests. nobody was hurt. and now here's brian williams with a look at what is coming up tonight on nbc "nightly news." >> good morning. coming up on "nightly news," does it feel like allergy season never really ended or is it starting earlier? a lot of this country flowers are blooming, temperatures are rising. no winter to speak of. it's an allergy sufferer's worst nightmare. we'll look at the science wlaf of what is going on tonight on "nightly news." back to you. and now for a look at what is trending today, our quick roundup of what has you talking online. sony music and the apple itunes store are under fire for jacking up the price of whitney
8:04 am
houston's "ultimate collection" album within hours of her death on saturday. online sales of her music are spiking nonetheless. the price increase was later withdrawn. and oprah winfrey has apologized for using twitter in an apparent attempt to pump up neilson ratings for her cable network o.w.n. on sunday night during the grammy awards, oprah tweeted, everyone who can please turn to o.w.n. especially if you have a nealson box. oprah says she intended no harm and deleted her original tweet. and martha stewart's chow chow is one reason why the westminster kennel club dog show is trending on google. genghis khan won best of breed, and martha tweeted a picture of her preshow lunch with genghis at new york's posh plaza hotel. they will join us live this hour so we can see what the judges admired. he met him recently.
8:05 am
beautiful dog. 8:04 right now. now let's go out to al. >> he is a cutie. >> that's right. >> we met him for thanksgiving. a lot of folks here celebrating valentine's day. very nice. let's see -- there's a lot of love in south texas. let's show you what's happening. arizona, phoenix, arizona, our pick city, the state of arizona celebrating its 100th birthday. a few showers. it will be mild there. afternoon temperatures, 20s and 30s in new england. also through the plains states and the rockies. we've got 70s down to the gulf coast into florida. 60s in southern california. afternoon showers moving into the pacific northwest. look for mountain snows in the rockies today. light snow around the eastern great lakes. wet weather making its way through the appalachians down into the southeast. well everybody it's kind of a cool, clear start to february 14th. happy valentine's day to you. good news if you want to get outdoors to celebrate you'll
8:06 am
able to without dodging rain showers. 62 los gados. 59 san francisco. about 60 degrees in places like livermore. the ran does come back through the forecast tomorrow morning. we'll get a nice dry break, thursday, friday. saturday, sunday, monday, a stronger round of showers on the way to bay area. >> today is your an verse sfli. >> our 30th. >> that's fantastic. >> thank you. >> al, thank you very much. when we come back, ann sits down with the duggers. we'll get to that. [ female announcer ] fashion or food, it's all about taste.
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8:10 am
back now with the duggers. their hit reality show "19 kids and counting" returns tonight, a season that will deal with the family's recent miscarriage tragedy. we'll talk to jim bob and michelle in just a moment. but first, their story. if you're not familiar with the name dugger, you probably know them as the family with 19 children. america was introduced to the dugger's through their reality show. which documents the fun, excitement, even the highs and lows of family has experienced including the premature birth of their baby josie who recently celebrated her second birthday. >> say thank you. >> thank you. >> bible says that children are a blessing from the lord.
8:11 am
>> reporter: the dugger's appeared on "today" more than ten times, most recently in november when they announced this news. >> we are expecting our 20th child. yes! yes! we are due in april. and just thrilled. >> reporter: but only a month later, jim bob and michelle were devastate the as the show's camera followed them to a routine visit with their doctor. >> she wasn't able to find a heartbeat. the pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage and now jim bob and michelle try pick up the pieces and move forward. jim bob and michelle dugger, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> miscarriages are harder on women than most people realize. it's been eight weeks? >> yes. >> what do you want to say about it? how are you doing? >> oh, i think just the, you know, the joy of looking forward to a new little life being in our family and then going to a
8:12 am
routine ultrasound and finding out that our baby had no heartbeat, that's devastating. and i think many others have experienced very similar situations because we've heard from so many others. and i think probably the hardest part is when a loss like this occurs, people really don't know what to say. they want to be sensitive and not make you hurt more, but at the same time when you don't say anything, that's difficult, too. and so we just -- we realize our sweet little jubilee is with the lord. we will see her again some day. and we have, you know, ten girls and ten boys just we only have our nine girls here and ten boys that are here with us and i think we have a sweet memory of our little jubilee for 18 weeks. we enjoyed having her with us. and we're looking forward to her
8:13 am
and now we look forward to her in heaven. >> and i know husbands are very important to help a mother get through this. any thoughts about what you've learned about how to help a wife get through something like this? >> i you this our whole family grew closer together through this experience. i think we cried a lot. we prayed a lot. and god gave us the grace to get through. i don't see how somebody can get through this without faith in god. >> he makes us really cherish the moment that's we have together with each other. th the ones that are here, you don't take for granted. >> part of what you're cherishing is being grandparents now. >> yes. >> how is that? how does being a grandparent compare tok being a parent? >> it's wonderful. we heard so many wonderful thin things. now we know why it's so great. you don't have all the responsibility of diapers and keeping up with everything.
8:14 am
it is great. it is so much fun. >> congratulations on that. >> thank you. >> and i need to ask you about this extortion thing. this woman allegedly tried to extort money from the discovery channel, tlc's parent company, apparently claiming she had scandalous photographs of your niece amy with a much older man. now i understand this woman has been arrested. what do you know about this? what response do you have given that this has been widely reported already? >> we're basically, we just received it off the network saying they received this letter from a lady and included her name, home address, her phone number and bank account number. wanted they will to send her $10,000. they contacted the fbi. and, anyway, they did a sting operation. she just had some pictures of kind of this guy that amy knows, a family friend, standing beside each other. the pictures were just of no, you know, no substance at all. but she just -- i guess she had mental issues or something. we pray she can get her life
8:15 am
straightened out. i think she's been arrested. >> meantime, on a very different note. i notice that your family, all your kridz not heids are not he. you're just having a night by yourself. valentine's day. a romantic night in new york city. we know you're trouble. >> that's right. >> so are you happy -- i love that you're laughing about this. >> this is an unusual thing for us to be without all of the kids. and so, it's going to be -- we'll go to a nice restaurant and have a nice valentine's before we head home and would be the kids again. >> yeah. enjoy this time together and have a little bit of quiet before you hit the storm of having a house full of kids. thank you so much for being here this morning. we want to mention that the season premier of "19 kids and counting" airs to night on tlc. so thanks so much. >> thank you. and coming up next, jenna bush hager sits down withtw ayt.'sat that's coming up right after
8:16 am
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8:19 am
taylor swift is just 22 years old and already music royalty. now she's becoming truly animated. today jenna bush hagger is here to explain this. good morning. >> hi, matt. happy valentine's day. >> you, too. >> yes, taylor is coming off her successful speak now tour. last name she was billboard's woman of the year. sunday she added two more grammys to her collection. but now here comes a whole new role for the talented performer. this is the taylor swift we know, the young sweet voice singing of love and loss. >> you want to see something cool? >> this is also taylor swift. >> they used to grow all around here. >> reporter: she plays audrey in "the lorax" by an author who is a childhood inspiration. >> what i want more than anything in the whole world is
8:20 am
to see a real living tree. >> reporter: so when you were little, your parents read dr. suess's books? >> dr. suess books were a huge, huge part of my childhood. and it really made me fall in love with the way can you make words bounce off a page. if you get them in the right order and with the right rhymes at the end. and then that later became poetry and that became songwriting. i think i was very inspired by what dr. suess was able to do with words. >> i think it's kind of ironic you grew up on a tree farm. and you play this character audrey who all she wants is to be surrounded by the beauty of nature. >> it was really amazing that the character ended up being a girl obsessed with trees. i grew up on a christmas tree farm. i love nature. i'm obsessed with going on hikes and walks and just being around nature all the time. that's sort of my life. i can relate to it. ♪ sparks fly >> once called the poet laureate of puberty, she's grown up.
8:21 am
now at 22, she's a woman. >> you've been writing since you were young, 11, 12, what's it like to write as a woman? >> hopefully it becomes a natural evolution of songwriting. i'm never going to have the moment where i'm like i'm a woman now, guys. i'm going to write dark songs and dance in my bra all the time. like i just -- that's not really me. >> that's not your personality. >> i hope things will gradually evolve into growing up, kind of as people naturally grow up. so i find at 22 is an age where a lot of times artists feel like they need to be i'm a woman now, guys. but i don't know. i don't -- i feel like it should happen naturally for me. ♪ stakes are high >> a natural trance formation, big a house in l.a., a cave pursuit of acting and a whole new look. >> 21 and 22 have been great as far as, you know, loving to live alone and lofrg the independence and traveling the world and i'm kind of in this adventurous
8:22 am
phase right now where i'll just go out by myself and see what wr the day takes me. i think i realized that in my life to be inspired to write music, you have to have a life to write about. >> you are on the cover of "voeg." >> yeah. >> which is every girl's dream, i think. >> absolutely. >> what was that like? >> being on the cover of "vogue" is the coolest thing. the fact that "vogue" is such a huge glamourous, wonderful, you know, pie in the sky dream that i never thought would actually happen to me and they cut my hair. ♪ you're a bad idea >> taylor's grammy winning lyrics tapped into her own romantic ups and downs and dealing with rumors. this is probably a rumor, too. a rumor that you're dating your co-star. >> i'm not now. we're friends. no. >> and so you're seeing being friends with somebody and then they write about it. >> yeah. i just come to terms with the fact that that comes along with the life that i've chosen. like i absolutely love making
8:23 am
music and getting to do wonderful things like be in this film and this whole thing. and there's a price that comes with everything good in your life. >> but it doesn't stop her from reaching out to fans. and what fans know, too, is that although much has changed, even at the age of 22, 13 is still her favorite number. so when a tourist tram rolled up. >> that's tram number . 13 is my lucky number. >> we're an exhibit. >> exactly. >> you're the exhibit, i'm just the sidekick. >> taylor would like to take on more acting roles. she says she's carefully reading scripts. but, of course, she will never stop singing. she's work ogen a new album. >> do you have a feeling she's going to get a lot of offers. >> she's talented, for sure. >> jenna, thank you very much. now here's ann. thanks. lauren xrugz, the texas model who was severely injured when she walked into a plane's propeller is showing off her latest progress.
8:24 am
we have details now. good morning. >> reporter: ann, good morning you to. when you see these pictures, you can tell this is young woman who is not only having fun but feeling good about herself. pretty remarkable considering everything that she's been through. there she is, lauren scruggs with that beautiful smile and long blonde hair we've come to know surrounded by her friends. but we're not in texas anymore. bundled in winter wear this is steamboat springs, colorado. lauren's first vacation since her accident in early december. such a fun weekend with sweet family and friends, lauren tweeted. she also uploaded this picture with her twin brittany. sisters both wearing sun glass that's hid from view lauren's new prosthetic eye which she received two weeks ago. the fashion floger later tweeting, watching ski jumping, love it. her followers were quick to wish her well. one tweeting back, you look so beautiful and so happy with
8:25 am
friends and family. and she's not just vacationing. last week lauren updated her fashion website with a blog post called inspired on sunday where she posted some new favorite clothing. it is, by all accounts, remarkable progress considering lauren suffered head injuries in the accident that also took her left eye and hand. in the new photos, a sweep of pictures covers that hand and a sweep of her hair covers her left eye. but there is no hiding that look on her face, what can only be described as here is joy. and why not? well, her mother is blogged that there is a long road ahead, she's already traveled far. a vacation, complete with a change of scenery and climate. maybe just what the doctor ordered. >> this is an uphill battle. how nice it must have been to get away a change of scenery for just a couple of days. ann? >> sweet to see her o ks smuchi
8:26 am
thanks so much, janet. coming up ahead, martha stewart shows off her prize winning dog. snooichlt good morning to you. 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a permanent nightclub owner of the south bay denying charges he raped a young woman in los gados. he owns the nightclubs in san jose. a woman tells police she was attacked january 8th while staying in the guest room of his home. this morning he's facing charges of felony rape by force. his attorney says his client's innocent. he'll be in court on thursday. let's get a look at the morning commute with mike. starting in the south bay, building of traffic flow. it shows more slowing from 101
8:27 am
and 280. accident at wolf, that's complicating things up through cupertino. the rest of the south bay not bad, just right by the airport 101. earli earlier accidents cleared out of newark and fremont. the backup at san leandro and toward highway 4. accident southbound 238 approaching the castroially yp interstate 80 towards the toll plaza where the metering lights are on. check out nbc bay area on face beak. another local news update in a half hour. happy valentine's day.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on a tuesday morning, february 14th, 2012. it's valentine's day. a little dreary here in new york. not too bad. a nice crowd bright ening up our plaza. as always, we love coming out and saying hi to them. out on the plaza. matt lauer along with ann curry
8:31 am
and al roker and natalie morales. and coming up, we're going to be doing a little way to say i love you for your valentines. >> that's right. you know, if you have a wonderful meal that you want to have for valentine's day, who else do you want to make it more than our french chef. i love saying his name. hopefully i'm saying it correctliment he's going to make a pork tenderloin for us this morning that we can possibly consider for our sweetheart tonight. >> delicious. okay. also ahead, changing lives by changing your career midlife. jane paul ji back with us this morning. she's talking about this extraordinary woman and her journey to a new life. very moving. >> yeah. >> and then a little later on, we have some different kind of animals in our studio. we have everything from -- who's that? i don't know. hoo! and we've got an arm dilarm dil
8:32 am
yoe and a tauny frog mouth. and we also have a very special guest creature here. we have best in breed. >> yes, martha stewart is here! and her dog won best in breed at the westminster dog show. >> he did. he is a chow chow. >> he's a chow chow. congratulations. >> thank you. >> we all got to meet him up at your house when we went up there for thanks giving. >> yep. he's a wonderful dog. really, the show is so much fun. if you haven't been, i urge you to go watch it on tv. it's a lovely, lovely show. and you get to see 185 different breeds. and this is the 136th year of this show. >> was there any training that goes into this? >> they all have to be champions. but most important thing. they have to be champions.
8:33 am
this is the best of the breed. and the dogs are there proudly showing themselves off. >> does he walk differently now that he knows -- >> he has always walked beautifully. >> but with a little more pride. >> i'm just happy that all the table scraps i fed him at thanks giving didn't do anything. he was glued to my leg. he was chowing down on that stuffing. >> you took him to the plaza hotel for a preshow lunch? >> he stayed overnight at the plaza. it's a dog friendly hotel, by the way. >> i didn't know that. >> yes. >> what a nice posting. and you're right on the park. it's so nice. >> how do you get his hair to do that? >> that is a blow drier. you blow dry him, of course and fluff him up. but he's naturally like that. that's what makes him a champion. >> of course. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> terrific news.
8:34 am
>> congratulations. >> we're so happy. >> and congratulations to your dog. he's oblivious to it all. >> thanks for having him on much he's very proud to be here. >> it's our pleasure. >> thanks. >> mr. roquker? >> thanks very much. let's show what you is happening with your weather today. starting with today, o we have e snow throughout great lakes. rain moves into the pacific northwest later this afternoon. snow around the rockies. wet weather down into the gulf coast. for tomorrow, we expect to see that system move out in the east. we're looking at a risk of strong storms through eastern texas and central alabama with a possibility of toadoes. good valentine's day morning to you. a pretty comfortable day today. rain showers move in tomorrow. make sure you get on out there and enjoy it. plenty of upper 50s, low 60s today. you'll get 56 degrees at the coast. 57 by the bay. 60 inland.
8:35 am
by tomorrow we'll get a quick shot of rain for the early morning hours, clearing by tomorrow afternoon. fog thursday into friday. and then a stronger round of rain saturday, sunday, continue those showerers into monday. have a great day. don't forget, you can check your weather any time of the day or night go. to weather channel or online. >> whether we come back, a gourmet valentine's meal can you ♪
8:36 am
[ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
8:37 am
"today" celebrates valentine's day with dove silky chocolate. celebrate this valentine's day with dove. back now at 8:37. this morning on "today" celebrates valentine's day, the perfect romantic meal f you're planning to cook a dinner for your special someone today, our french chef has some delicious
8:38 am
ideas. he's a chef and owner of a world famous restaurant in new york city. it's great to you have here. >> thank you very much. it's been a long time. >> you say that this recipe is idiot proof or as you would say idiot proof. is that right? >> yes, i think so. it's a very simple one. we're doing a pork tenderloin. and we're going to cook it in a soft crust. and you just follow the directions and it come out perfectly. >> how do you make a salt crust? >> for the salt crust, we use a lot of salt and flower. >> that is a lot of salt. >> it's a lot of salt. but it's just to give the flavor to the pork. if you want to put it in a container here. >> let's take a look at. this three pounds of flour, 4 1/2 cups of salt. >> again, that crust will cook. you will not eat the crust. >> you don't eat the crust. >> these are egg whites. if you do it with flower and water, it's not the same.
8:39 am
you need to put egg whites. chopped rosemary and "time." > thyme. that's a lot of flavor. >> mix it. >> in the meantime, you let that go for eight minutes. we're not going to wait for eight minutes. >> no. we would be done with television. >> by the way, we forgot the garlic. >> no, we're saving the garlic. >> then we have the pork tenderloin that is seered. we keep all the juices inside. just a minute on the edges. so the dough comes out like. that you see the consistency. >> i like that dough. >> i'm going to put some rosemary and thyme. now we're using the garlic like that. and that will give a lot of nice flavor on it. the pork goes on top. and then i'm going to roll this a little bit more. it has to be sealed together. it's going to cook the pork.
8:40 am
like that. and then you give the nice shape, by the way. and we're going to paint it. this is mostly for presentation. we have some egg wash. so that will go, of course, in the oven like that. >> you don't have to pinch it? >> we're going to -- it's going to stick together by itself. >> i see. i have some salt. i'm going to add salt on top for the presentation later like that. >> and then how long do you cook this? >> you cook it for about 20 minutes at 400 degrees. >> more egg wash? >> yes. you'll see. it's for the color. >> okay. >> it's presentation. i know we're using a lot of salt. but it's not so bad. i'm going to use a knife and this is when you give the shape. >> i see. you cut it like that. and we give a nice shape. >> i'm going to tell you, right now this does not look that appetizing.
8:41 am
>> but it's going to be. >> oh, yes. so then you remove it, of course. and that will go in the oven. >> that looks very pretty. all right. >> so we put it in the oven. and then it goes in the often. 20 minutes, look what we have. >> look at that. >> so when you have that, you just have to open it with a knife like that. >> so you're saying that has cooked in all that flavor, the rosemary and thyme and salt. >> look at that. >> it's cooked inside. >> oh, boy. >> then you remove it. and we're going to slice. >> the aroma is unbelievable. >> the meat is perfect. >> how long did you cook it? >> 20 minutes. look at that color. >> that is beautiful. >> so what it does, it cooks the pork evenly. it gives this beautiful texture and color. flavor, of course. >> should i try this? >> yes.
8:42 am
>> i better try it. after all that, we have to see if it's salty. >> it's not oversalty at all. >> it is not oversalty. >> it's a beautiful flavor. and then i have a bed of lentils here. so we put our pork like. that and i have also done a cauliflow cauliflower. so if you want to put sauce on top of the pork, i'm going to open it here. and look what we have inside. this is really, really good. it's cauliflower, a bit of olive oil and some curry. and then you -- >> always season with curry. that's my view. >> and you can slice it like that. it's very -- it comes out like this. [ speaking french ] thank you so much. happy valentine's day. >> thank you so much. >> of course, we have some wine. >> actually. we should cheers. >> yes, we should cheer. >> why not? >> happy valentine's day you to and to all of you.
8:43 am
up next, finding your life calling a world away. jane pauley shares one woman's
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:45 now. we're back with "your life calling today." jane pauley is working with aarp. this morning a writer who is making a difference in the place that's very far from her home. jane, good morning. >> good morning, matt. jenny bowen explains i have an idea, i write the story, i cast it, i dream a world that doesn't exist and i find a way to get there. at 67, she's no longer making films. but she's still dreaming big. here's jenny bowen with her life
8:46 am
calling. when jenny bowen goes to china, she's a woman on a mission. >> there's a beautiful chinese quote from 500 a.d. that says all the children who are held and loved will know how to love others. spread these virtues through the world. nothing more need be done. >> reporter: but modern china had a problem. the one child policy to slow population growth and a cultural preference for boys orphanages filled up with baby girls. rooms upon rooms of cribs, so many babies to feed and change, too many to be held and loved. moved by the pictures -- >> we said, we have to do something. he said, we can bring one home. >> reporter: in their mid 50s, 14 years ago, the bowens started a new family.
8:47 am
anya and mia whose smile were slow to come. at nearly 2 when she was adopted, mia couldn't either walk nor talk. >> nobody had ever talked to her. she was emotionally just vacant. there was nothing there. nothing. >> we went on a three person bicycle ride. >> i've never seen a three person bicycle. >> reporter: now a vibrant teenager, she was 3 the day jenny remembers as the most compelling moment of her life. it was a backyard party about a year after mia's adoption. >> and there was that little girl romping around in the garden, singing so full of joy and happiness. it became so clear just loving her up was all that little girl needed. and that must be what all of them need. >> reporter: that day, she told richard, i know what i'm going
8:48 am
to do for the rest of my life. >> let's figure out how to convince the chinese government to let us come over there and set up programs for children. >> and you did it. >> yeah. >> reporter: what was your first step? >> i was a screenwriter. and really good at research. i just started poking around on the internet. >> reporter: she built a network of experts. and with other adoptive parents, she reached out to china. >> what we said was we are so grateful for these beautiful children. will you let us work with you to try to bring the love of family to children who don't have families? >> reporter: when the answer was yes -- half the sky, an american foundation, began recruiting chinese nannies, trained in nurturing skills those nannies worked loving magic. >> the children within six months were behaving like
8:49 am
children. they started to blossom. >> reporter: still growing, half the sky has trained 2,000 childcare workers with centers in every province in china. >> what is the meaning of half the sky? >> there's an old chinese saying, women hold up half the sky. and about 95% of the healthy children in china's welfare institutions are little girls. we wanted to help those little girls hold up their half of the sky. >> jenny had no child development expertise, foreign policy experience, doesn't speak chinese. the reality check, the bowens had the freedom to relocate. they lived in china for five years and still spends a week there every other month and fund-raising is nonstop. jenny bow isn't recipient of the 2011 purpose prize for intergenerational innovation sponsored by aarp. join me along with jenny at
8:50 am
10:00 a.m. eastern this morning on my internet radio show matt? >> my favorite one so far. >> no, really? >> i mean it. i think that's my favorite story so far. that's great. jane, thank you. and up next, we're going to meet some amazing
8:51 am
8:52 am
this morning on "call of the wild," we have a member from the busch gardens and sea world. she has creatures that have unique ways of protecting themselves in the wild. we're starting with a crunchy little ball. >> that's right. you know, he looks like he's pretty well protected. he is just sitting there. but watch this. i'm going to pick him up. when a predator approaches and maybe goes for him like this, look at the way he can just put himself almost perfectly into that puzzle of a protection there. >> that's a hard shell. >> isn't that amazing? >> so why is this animal so vulnerable to -- in terms of -- >> being small always makes people more vulnerable or animals more vulnerable. this is a way that a small animal can protect themselves from any predator. >> they can also dig and jump.
8:53 am
>> this is a brazilian breed. they jump three feet in the air. unfortunately, that's not great whether the traffic is coming. >> that one is vulnerable to extinctiontion. he's having some trouble. >> everywhere aren't world, all animals are pretty much running into habitat loss and lower populations. >> watch him take off. he's going to go for a walk there. we can move on. >> he looks like a toy. >> i know. >> a little remote control. he goes that way. >> talk about the owl. >> it's not even an owl. that is really strange. it's actually related to night jars. it is called a tawny frog mouth. you can see why he is called a frog mouth. he has the little feathers up here. and he -- oops, i missed. al, you want to give a try? there you go. he has that perfect, perfect camouflage head.
8:54 am
he goes, what is that? >> what is with these people? >> he doesn't eat out of a bowl like a cat? >> no. >> he is a hunter. he's not a hunter like an owl or other bird of prey. he has very weak feet. he actually uses -- i know, it's like don't touch my legs. >> but he lives at discovery cove. he meets people all the time. just prt coloratithe perfect co. >> he looks like the log. >> yeah. that is his perfect layout. and you know, since it's valentine's day, i have to mention that these guy dozen live in pairs for life. >> let's talk about this guy. a lot of people are frieghtened of tr ofte spiders. >> do we have another person that wants to hold them? >> i actually like spiders.
8:55 am
>> i love them. >> this guy is a little bit more -- >> can you use two hands. >> how often do they actually bite people? >> that's the great thing. you know, their protection is not actually to bite. that's the last thing that they will do. th these guys look big. but in dpar son to most other predators, instead, they try look as big as they k they rear up on their hind legs. they actually have spider pepper spray. they remove the little hairs which are irritating hairs on their abdomen and they throw them at their prey, at their predators, i'm sorry. and then that is how they hope they can scare them off that way. biting is the absolute last thing they want to do. >> i like the look of that. >> let's bring our last little friend in here. >> wait a minute. do we want to get rid of this little guy first? >> no. don't you want to go down there? yes, you do. >> as opposed to the other animals which have some great
8:56 am
way of defending against predators this guy just gets scared to death, literally. >> i'm not touching this until he puts his legs down. >> i know. >> he has seven of them up. >> i know. >> i don't like this. i'm a little alarmed right now. >> he is waiting to scurry up your arm, that's all. >> they have fantastic defense dhz s. it's a great way for them to learn and for us to learn about how to protect these >> julie, thank you so much. good morning to you. 78:56 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. valentine's day means candy, flowers, what about pillow fights? hundreds are expected to be san francisco's justin herman plaza tonight for a good old fashioned pillow fight. video from last year's battle. look at all of the people that
8:57 am
turned out. tonight's event marks the seventh year of the san francisco tradition. pillows and feathers expected to fly for more than three hours. swinging starts at 6:00. meteorologist chris happy valentine's day to you. 60, 62 los gados. 61 fremont. rain moves in tomorrow morning. another full weather update in moments. "and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] not everything powerful has to guzzle fuel. the 2012 e-class bluetec from mercedes-benz.
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californians deserve, honest, on-time budgets from a legislature willing to do its job, no excuses share your thoughts online at >> we're back now with more of today on a tuesday morning. it's the 14th day of february, 2012. say hi to all the people celebrating valentine's day by hugging in out on the plaza. ann is going to set up a little booth here later on. she'll be giving hugs and kisses this year. >> this isn't free, though, right? hugs for free. but that one guy, with a sign walks around giving hugs for free? people thought he was just weird. you're looking at me right now.
9:01 am
>> nothing wrong with hugs. >> hugs are free, right? we like that. >> along with ann curry, al roker and savannah guthrie. outpouring over the grief of the death of whitney houston. her body arrived in a funeral home in newark, new jersey. >> plans for a memorial friday. firth come first serve. people can come in and join the memorial service. it's going to be i expect probably people will be outside. so many people inside. are you also hearing that? >> yes. >> by the way, this has the investigation into why she died. at 48 years old. it continues. >> also from consumer news we're going to look at the best big box stores. that's the "consumer reports" surveyed its reareds and came up with the list of top ten places for one-stop shopping. included online. >> as far as valentine's day is concerned, one-stop shopping savannah's feet. wow, the toenails, very
9:02 am
impressive. >> and earrings i noticed too. >> i didn't know you cared. >> of course we do. >> ann actually bought me these earrings for christmas. >> we should just hug it out. >> that's right. and then answers to your diet and nutrition questions. joy bauer is back with heart-healthy snacks if you're allergic to nuts. plus we'll have some filling meet ideas if you're just diabetic or trying to lose weight. but also a note later on this evening matt and i are going to go to his apartment and watch "the notebook." [ laughter ] >> that movie, we get more use out of that movie than any other movie in history. >> i love that movie. >> not you and me personally. >> that's what we were talking about. >> let's go inside. natalie is standing by the a the news desk with all the headlines. >> good morning to you guys once again. in the news this morning the body of whitney houston has arrived in her birthplace of newark, new jersey after being flown monday night from los angeles. with the latest developments now
9:03 am
jeff rawson in beverly hills. >> reporter: good morning to all of you on the west coast. we actually have breaking news. it's new information on funeral plans for whitney houston. her body is now resting at a funeral home in new jersey and that is where she'llen laid to rest in newark, new jersey where she grew up. her funeral will be private according to funeral home spokesperson at the new hope baptist church saturday at noon. it will be invitation only. no public. no media even allowed inside to document it. apparently there is some sector of the family that wants this to be public, another sector according to some sources wants this to be private. but right now this appears to be a private ceremony saturday afternoon in newark, new jersey. meanwhile, police investigators here in los angeles feel like they're getting closer to figure out how whitney houston spent her final hours. >> whitney houston's body departing los angeles monday on
9:04 am
this private jet, a gulf stream 4 headed to her hometown of newark, new jersey. after landing late last night, her casket taken by hearse to nearby funeral home. now new details from inside whitney's fourth floor suite at the beverly hilton. police say her body was discovered in her bathtub, underwater and apparently unconscious. >> i know there's reports that she maybe was drowned or did she overdose. but no, we won't make a final determination until all the tests are in. >> the coroner says that will take weeks but confirms there were prescription pill bottles in the suite. >> sources tell us that the drugs included anti-anxiety medication and sleeping aids. >> reporter: but today it is her voice. the voice as she was called,
9:05 am
honored everywhere. >> she'd keep you smiling. and lord have mercy that girl could sing. >> reporter: whitney houston, the pop icon, honored from hollywood. >> whitney was a beautiful person. and she had a talent beyond compare. >> reporter: through the white house. >> i know that his thoughts and prayers are with her family especially her daughter. >> reporter: if you saw the scene last night in new jersey as whitney houston's hearse pulled up to the funeral home, truly a testament to how many people love her. there were fans lining the streets to see her come in. once again the breaking news from here, whitney houston's funeral service will be private saturday afternoon in newark, new jersey. no wake, no public tribute as was first expected as police here try to still investigate her cause of death. back to you. >> all right. jeff rawson in beverly hills for us again this morning. thank you, jeff. a crucial cancer drug that
9:06 am
saves thousands of children's lives every year is in short supply and it could run out within weeks. the life-saving drug methotrexate is the key treatment for a common childhood form of leukemia. it cures roughly 95% of the children and teens diagnosed in the u.s. every year. production problems are mainly to blame for the scarce supply but many doctors charge that manufacturers are choosing to make more profitable drugs instead. supreme court justice steven breyer was robbed at machete point last week on a caribbean island. a man last week broke into his home and robbed him his wife and some friends making off with some $1,000 in cash. no one was hurt and there is no indication that justice breyer was targeted because of his position on the supreme court. steve duchess of cambridge middlet middleton kate is devoting the day to charity work in liverpool
9:07 am
where she was serenaded by a choir and receive add card and flower from a young admirer. and this proposal just in time for valentine's day wins a gold medal in our book. check it out. you'll believe it as well. olympic silver medallist matt greabers wanted to come in first so he could propose to his girlfriend from the top podium. girlfriend and usa national swimming teammate annie chandler said yes and joined him on his first-place pedestal. now that is a proposal. that is pretty sweet. seven minutes past the hour right now. now to al with a check of your weather. >> that's a lot of pressure to win. thanks, natalie. as we look at what's going on right there now on valentine's day, loveland, nevada, 46 degrees. loving, new mexico, 54. romance, arkansas some fog and 53. love ladies, new jersey, yeah,
9:08 am
47. and love valley, north carolina, 52. yeah. we've got some wet weather down through the southern tier of states. we've got some snow around the great lakes. no great shakes. well, maybe one to two inches, maybe three around the great lakes and a half an inch to about an inch of rain down through the panhandle of florida into the southeastern atlantic coast. we're starting out kind of cool. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren live in the nbc bay area weather center where we are tracking some really good looking numbers for your valentine's day tuesday. 58 degrees in san jose. 61 fremont. 62 degrees in redwood city. tomorrow a quick shot of rain early, clearing for the second half of the day. stronger round of rain moves in saturday to sun. have a fantastic and safe valentine's day.
9:09 am
this morning, we have answers to your daily diet dilemma. we've got our nutritionist here with advice on everything from smart lunch choices to nutritious snacks if you're allergic to nuts. joy, good to see you. >> happy heart day. >> happy valentine's day. let's get started right here. this one coming from jamie in texas. she joins us live via skype. happy valentine's day. what's your question? >> hi. mom was recently diagnosed with diabetes. she and i are both overweight. we're now working together to lose weight. but our hardest issue is eating something that makes us feel full at lunch. can you offer any suggestions? >> jamie, i think it's so great that you're doing this together with your mom. i'm betting that your success rate is going to go way up because you have each other. here's your strategy. you want meals that are low in
9:10 am
carb. that's go to help your mom keep her blood sugar levels nice and low. but at the same time, high in protein and fiber. because those two ingredients are going to help both of you curb your hunger and lose weight. and there are so many options. can you have a large salad with ample protein like shrimp or chicken. you can have an open faced sandwich on just one slice of bread. it can be turkey, chicken, ham, even turkeyburger. and then pile the top with all sorts of vegetables. a hearty bowl of soup like lentil or black bean or a turkey bean chili. skip the bread on the side or crackers and instead have crunchy vegetables. also an egg omelette is super low carb. if you like cottage cheese, can you have a big scoop with either chopped fruit like chopped apples or pears or microwave frozen berries or skip the fruit and have it with a couple rice cakes. they're both carbs. i want to make sure that your mom's blood sugars stay nice and low. there are a lot of ideas.
9:11 am
and go team! >> best of luck. >> bye-bye. >> now we go to the phone. we have a guest from hopewell, new york. good morning. what's your question? >> good morning. i'm allergic to tree nuts as well as peanuts and my question is what would be a healthy alternative to nuts for snacking? >> great question. so the redeeming factor to nuts are the heart healthy fats. and there are lots of other snacks that are also rich and heart healthy. the first thing i'm going to tell you is go for pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. they are busting with all sorts of great stuff. if you're watching your weight, make sure that you get them in the shell. it makes it much easier to sort of keep a handle on how much the amount that you're eating. another great thing is roaste e edamame. they're roasted soy beans. they're higher in protein and fiber. now they're popping up in a lot
9:12 am
of the mainstream supermarkets. and lastly, avocado. avocado is bursting with heart healthy fat which means go guacamole. so can you dunck vegetabled. i take an avocado, slice it in half, drizzle lime juice and dash of course salt on top and it's yummy. check it out. >> all right. thanks for calling. now we have an e-mail from saundra. i have ibs, what foods can i eat to control this? >> this is a big question. because different people react differently. >> irtable bowel syndrome. >> but there are some universal trigger foods. the first are foods that are super concentrated in sugars, specifically sugar choalcohols fructose. anything high in fiber, beans and lentils and dairy foods, alcohol. i mean the list goes on and on. i strongly advise anybody who is
9:13 am
suffering with ibs to go on the internet and find out about an elimination diet called fod-map. it is tricky. but if you're suffering, it can dramatically help you feel better. and try to do it with a registered dietician. they can help you every step of the way. it's ha it's hard, but it's worth it. >> thanks so much. >> thanks, al. still ahead, the best prices of merchandise, where do consumers like to shop the most? well, consumer reports has the top stores in america. later on, the six husbands every wife should have. we'll explain that. i loved grabbing those activity points and throwing them into my tracker. and then it adds it up for you at the end of the week so that you can earn more points for food. i never thought that way before. i lost 38 pounds with weight watchers online. i really did it. [ laughs ] [ female announcer ] join for free today. weight watchers online. finally, losing weight clicks.
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9:16 am
this morning on "consumer america" top stores, so many of the box chains and department stores, it's hard to know where to spend your time and money. consumer reports is out with its list of reader favorites and todd marks is a senior editor there. good to see you. you've done all the hard work for us. how did you figure out -- we have a top ten list. but what was the methodology? >> we look for in a store the same thing that america does at large. we look for quality, convenience, low prices. all the things that you look for in a store and we ask our readers tens f thousands, actually, 26,000 for in this study, to rate the parameters and come up with a hierarchy. >> and big box stores are really popular now. what is the appeal? is it the one stop shopping
9:17 am
essential sfli. >> it's always been one stop shopping convenience. the list that we have are retailers of all kinds. you have warehouse clubs, mass merchants, discounters and bonnafied department stores. something for everybody. even super stores. so, yeah, it's one stop. >> let's get the drum roll going. here's our top ten list. at the top is costco. and then we have kohl's, j.c. penny, macy's, mayer, sears, sam's club, k-mart and walmart at the bottom. why do people love costco so much? >> costco is a darling. we survey people about their costco experience, whether it's a drugstore, supermarket, people love it. and there's a big reason why. it's value. bang you get for your buck. now look, they're not perfect. service is nonexistent. people complain there are no fitting rooms and product selection is limited. what they do, they do very well. they really give you a lot of bang for the buck. >> you striill have to pay the
9:18 am
membership fee. >> quality was impeccable. >> any other surprises or highlights you saw in the top ten? >> you know, j.c. penny is an interesting study. people tell us they go to jcpenney because they like the quality. but they're undergoing a renaissance throughout new ceo, one of the former heads of apple that turned the apple store into a retailing jugger not. i went as part of a separate story kind investigating the new j.c.p. and it's really phenomenal. they actually reduced the number of floor fixtures and distracting signage by 70%. s a cleaner look. it's going to be quite a impressive way to shop. >> we should mention, we reached out to all the companies mentioned in your article. jcpenney launched a new strategy and return policy. you mentioned macy's. i don't think of this usually as a big box store. >> absolutely. macy's is more upscale than most of the other chains in our survey. but what macy's does, they do well. very high marks for the quality of their merchandise.
9:19 am
clothing, kitchenware, home decore in particular scored exceptionally highment another thing that people really love about macy's, it's a very shopable store. something we don't always think about. what is the floor plan? people hate impedestrian iments. they don't like not knowing where to go. macy's is a very shopable store. >> and macy's told us they have new strategies they're integrating, the online mobile and instore shopping experiences to create value for customers. now there's a high and low. walmart is number ten on this list. why didn't readers like it so much? >> the main attraction for walmart, we ask people why they shop, there low prices. again, they're very economical. however, when it comes to value, again, bang for the buck, people tell us that we get more value at costco and even kohl's. so they may be getting low prices but maybe, you know sh it's kind of like in this economy because walmart is big and good at what they do. but people have a lot of criticisms.
9:20 am
one in four people, 23% had, problem with the return. usually they were mad they couldn't get cash back gut get a store credit. you know, problem with open checkouts, people felt that they were just aren't enough as long lines. there were missing or hidden prices. that was another criticism. and they didn't think the service was -- well, they thought it was lackluster. >> walmart and sam's club responded and informed us they survey customers and they say that customers tell them that they are pleased with their shopping experience. then there is one theme that really carried throughout the survey that is people really like online shopping. >> for the first time ever, consumer reports surveyed the online arm of the brick an brick-and-mortar stores. in almost every instance, the online kpoen sent much more satisfactory. they enjoyed it more. they actually got higher scores. one of the big things thooz do with service. what drives people nuts today? the inability to find help.
9:21 am
the and buil the inability. when you go online, the service kpoen sent dressed up. because now you have ways to contact the company through a live chat through e-mail, through phone, with promises that they'll get back to you quickly. so a lot of the fuss associated with the retail shopping experience goes by the board and people love it. >> they love it. they can do it in their pajamas. todd marks, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> coming up, we're going to help you save even more money. twinkle twinkle hope appears. a stevia leaf erased my fears. it made my willpower a super hero. as for calories, it has zero. twinkle twinkle truvia® star natural sweetness, i love just what you are. truvia. honestly sweet. then lead a double life! with new blast flipstick from covergirl. creamy color on one end, shimmery color on the other. so you can flip your look from demure, to daring. new blast flipstick from covergirl.
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that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun.
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we want to get to the latest person to be booted from "the biggest loser." so this is the second time to be booted off. you were booted off and then you lost weight at home and then booted off again. you were 370 pounds and you lost 34 the first time. how much you have lost suns then? >> altogether, 140. but if you go from "biggest loser" 370, i'm at 280 now. >> wow. good for you. >> and just curious, what's up with the scarf? >> that's the signature. >> it looks good. >> i'm thinking about that now. >> well, it is an ascot. the kids put this together and it's a fund-raiser. not only can you look fashionable. each one of you get one today.
9:25 am
you're helping my not for profit and helping to build stronger families. it's a fashion statement and helping out the community. that's pretty much what it's about. >> i know you've got a lot of inspiration to keep you going at home. you have a baby on the way? >> yes, and a beautiful wife and a great sister back at off, yea. >> literally. >> yes, yes. >> adrian, good luck with everything. thank you. >> thank you. >> and "the biggest loser" airs to night at 8:00, 7:00 central time. >> coming up, the best beauty buys. >> plus, a valentines dinner. women who eat breakfast, ] like the special k breakfast, actually weigh less. a closet that feels like a candy store begins with special k. ♪ what will you gain when you lose? woohoo! let's foam in those tones and highlights. [ gigi ] try nice 'n easy colorblend foam. our foam penetrates hair and locks in color. for tones and highlights that last. try nice 'n easy colorblend foam. ♪
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good morning. it's 9:26. i'm marla tellez. police are on the hunt for two arms men who opened fire at a vallejo nail salon. the gun battle happened about 7:15 last night on springs road near maple avenue east of highway 80. two men enters the place called tina's nails and shot a female customer three times. a friend of the woman returned fire which led to four more people being shot, including a toddler. detectives are trying to figure out the motive. >> at this point we don't have a motive. detectives are here working on this, trying to piece that together. we've got witnesses we're
9:27 am
talking to. >> the gunfire left several stores in the area with bullet holes and a car across the street was also hit. another step forward for the new 49ers stadium today. the santa clara city council will set a time line for completion of the project. the nfl agreed to pitch in the final $200 million needed to fund the niners' new feel. officials have finalizes the deal with the major construction company to star work in the spring. the city's saying the stadium will open in 2014, that's a year earlier than planned. he left his heart in san francisco and today he's coming back to reclaim it. singing legend tony bennett will be in san francisco today holding a benefit concert at the fairmont hotel, celebrating the 50th anniversary of "i left my heart in san francisco." bennett firster performed at song at the fairmont in 1961.
9:28 am
he released it on a record in 1962, received a grammy for record of the year. tonight's concert will benefit o ucsf department of cardiology. a look at your valentine's day forecast after the break.
9:29 am
happy valentine's day to you. comfortable conditions later today. it's still cool out there. we are in the 40s for the most part at this point. 59 in san francisco. later today 62 in redwood city. 62 los gados. hold off on showers until tomorrow morning. and the rain arrives. we'll get a bit of fog thursday. another round of rain saturday into sunday. we're back to the "today" show after the short break.
9:30 am
♪ i won't take no more no more it condition k. nannot ♪ >> that is jason moraz. thursday he'll be here live right here on "today." this song always makes me happy. right? >> and he's here a lot. he is always rocking the hat. >> he has good style. meanwhile, coming up in this
9:31 am
half hour, speaking of style, if you want to doll yourself up a little bit this valentine's day, we'll tell you which products are worth spending the extra cash for. and if you thought one was enough, turns out you may have as many as six different husbands. >> what? >> one for each stage of marriage. >> oh, okay. >> that's the theory of one relationship expert. coming up, we're going to look at why change is good for couples which means you have to buy six cards. >> exactly. >> how many dirty socks is that? 12? and since today is all about couples and love, you may be thinking of planning a nice romantic dinner to impress your sweetie. in today's kitchen, we have a simple and elegant meal you can whip up last minute. yes, i said romantical on purpose. >> that's g. >> first, al, a check of the weather. >> that's right, the weather. we're looking at afternoon temperatures that will be in the 20s and 30s. you'll have to snuggle very
9:32 am
closely in new england. and the plains, it's going to be kind of warm down through texas on into the gulf coast and florida. it's still clear out there. but cold. grab the jacket on the way out. we're going to see 50s later today. temperatures in the upper 50s, low 60s everywhere. tonight for the big san francisco pillow fight 6:00 pl 52 degrees, wind out of the west 5 to 10 mile per hour. if you're one of the thousands headed that way. tomorrow morning a quick shot of rain in the forecast. it will move through quickly, clearing by thursday. isolated showers into the south bay. sunday, monday, showers over the greater bay.
9:33 am
. we had a shot of a lobster and savannah asked is that a spider. >> that's because we had them on the show. >> we had them on the show. i'm wearing my glasses. >> we o other animals on the show, too. >> look, that's a trspider. >> it has the arm raised. too. >> this is a day about love. thank you, nat. next, when to save and splurge on beauty. i can't believe i thought irregularity was my normal. now i don't miss a beat. activia helps with occasional irregularity, when eaten 3 times a day. i knew lisa would love her new normal. ♪ activia love your new normal and introducing silky, fruity activia harvest picks. one more way to enjoy activia. get two miracles in one product. new tone rehab 2-in-1 foundation. covers spots, lines... and wrinkles.
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9:37 am
♪ ♪ ♪. this morning on "today's beauty," the best beauty buys. sarah humphries is executive editor of "real simple" magazine. she scoured the stores to find beauty bargains and the splurges they say are really worth it. >> good morning. >> so your team talked to all the experts.
9:38 am
this is what everyone from the makeup artists to celebrities to dermatologists -- >> exactly. we wanted to find the best beauty deals out there right now. >> first, the bargains. and when it comes to lip balm, burt's bees. >> this is tinted lip balm. there are a lot of tinted ones. burt's bees has created a lip balm that they want to use. it stays on and doing a great range of tints. they're very subtle. and they're $7. >> i love it. they really are subtle colors. i love the new packaging. looks great. dermatologists love this cleanser. >> there is a drugstore's cleanser itself is great. the whole shrine great. cera ve, increedbly mild. if you have sensitive skin, it's a great way to go. it does a really good job of cleansing and removes makeup, too. but it's moisturizing. >> very nice. >> taking off nail polish, as you know. it can be a pain to get every last little bit off. but these little pads, they take it off. >> this is a great time saver,
9:39 am
too. they're $7 for the pack. so one little paddle take off all ten nails with a couple swipes. >> good. >> that is a big deal. >> and great they come like this. because when you're traveling, too. >> perfect for your makeup bag. >> and then every girl's got to have her under icon sealer the we love this. >> this is from neutragena. it is also a highlighter. and it has spf 25. it's really good for your eyes, that really delicate skin. >> and is it all one shade? >> no, they have different shades. >> to match your xun tone. >> $12. it lasts a long time. >> perfect. >> now you know those boars head brushes can be really expensive. >> up to $300. >> you like this one by sally hansen? >> no this is from sally beauty supply. they really get your hair shiny. it distributes the oil. so these, $10. as opposed to a couple hundred dollars. they work great. they come in different shapes we
9:40 am
were talking about. thick hair, these sometimes don't come through. they come in different shapes with longer bristles. >> great. >> another thing that dermatologists recommend at home is these treatments. here we're talking splurges. this one is a little more expensive. really worth for a cleansing kit. >> right. it is $195. it's a good gadget. it's like an interest toothbrush for your face. you put on a cleanser -- it s you put on the brush and put the cleanser on the brush and it gets deeper than a regular wash sblch so this penetrates more. $195. but just a one off $195. a good gadget to have. >> and then buy the replacement heads. >> there are different heads for different types like sensitive skin or acne. >> and again in the splurge department. this is a foundation but this is a mineral foundation. this is perfect for someone who is very sensitive skin. $42. you just keep layering it on. there is --
9:41 am
>> coverage is good? >> coverage is good and no chemicals whatsoever. >> and bobby brown for the lip sticks. >> she is an american classic, of course. she just consistently does great wearable colors. there are 14 different shades here. $23 lipstick and they last a long time. a really good buy. >> whether it comes to that airbrush look, you like this product? this fair flash? >> yes, we're obsessed by. this you spray it eight inches from your face. it's a really light veil of color. >> you don't have to worry about it going in your hair? >> you need to be aiming at your face and not all over your head. don't wear anything that's going to get stained or anything like. that $62. so, you know, a lot of money. but in time saving alone and convenience, it's miraculous. >> you ghaet airbrushed look. and then this, i hear your beauty department is obsessed with this. this is face oil. can you use it really all over your body. >> $140. big, big splurge. a drop will do you. use it under your moistururizer and then can you -- >> what if you have oily skin?
9:42 am
s thamisnomer is that oils are not good for oily skin. they are as long as you use just a little bit. >> smells good as well. >> very luxurious. >> thank you very much. coming up next, good for va valentine's day, the six husband that's every woman should have right after this. from rising up and causing pain, but with one pill prevacid 24hr works at the source to prevent the acid that causes frequent heartburn for 24 hours. go online for a 5 dollar coupon. prevent acid for 24 hours, with prevacid 24hr.
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9:45 am
i was gonna say that. uh huh.. one for making my perfect cup of coffee, one for being the perfect neighbor, and one for no reason at all. your moment. your dove. ♪ love game >> having more than one husband, that has to be a joy.
9:46 am
more than half of all marriages in this country ends in divorce. it's not because people change, their relationship does. psychologist stephen crane writes about it in his new book, "the six husbands every wife should have." dr. janet taylor is a psychiatrist. good to see both of you. >> thank you. >> good morning. >> first of all, so you -- what do you mean by six husbands? >> well, a lot of people hear that title and they think you actually should marry six different people. >> not in this state. >> no. and a lot of people say i can't even handle one husband. but the point really that it's the same person who should change year after year. there are different stages of marriage and what makes marriages work is that we change. >> it is the same with women as it is with men? >> both spouses. >> so both men and women change? >> yes. >> all right. so we start off with the good catch. >> yes. >> what does that mean? >> well, what we're really getting at is marriage is not about a marathon. it's a decathalon. it's different stages. first, you find someone is more
9:47 am
than somebody that you're in love with and competent, beyond just being in love. >> marriage is a process. it moves. what we needed at 20 or 30, whatever we first got married may not whab ybe what you need you're 30, 40 and have kids. >> the next is the team player. how is that different from the good catch? >> well, after what always happens is we find the right person. we get married and then all of a sudden things change. and now this is a stage where you have to really be pulling together, working on instead of all the loyalties you have with your family, it's about this union. >> how do you make sure you're in sync with the stages? >> it's about individual growth and also recognition that you're communicating about what you need. certainly there are could be a time when, you know, if you worked as a mother, as a woman and your husband didn't and he played a certain part, you have to talk about what you need. there has to be a willingness to listen and to be able to change and adapt to the stages. >> which i think are the next two stages are pretty important when you get into that family thing. you have the ally and the family man. >> yes.
9:48 am
these are, as we have babies and then those babies grow, these are entire different expectations and needs that you have in a relationship. so this book would outline the expectations you need for those stages. >> because i mean a marriage is about demands and also being able to respond to those demands and not in a way that you did certainly in an earlier phase of your marriage but understanding that as a marriage grows, as individuals you grow, and so there can be some aspect of fear because there is change or be some anger because there's a change. fwhaut chan but that change can be positive. it's important to understanding how marriages flourish. >> i like this next stage. the revitalizer. >> well, when you hit the empty nest stage, you have to pull your marriage back together. and these are, again, different needs and different expectations. and this person has to be able to invest energy into re-creating that bond. >> it's an opportunity when one person says oh, you've changed, it doesn't have to be a negative. look at ways you've grown and also look at ways you can
9:49 am
continue to build on the marriage. >> and then finally, the companion. which almost makes it sound like you got a dog. >> well -- >> in some cases that may be easier. >> the last stages of marriage this is a time when people are so connected together. what is important is just having the companion to go through with you no matter what goes on. >> all right. well, the book is "the six husbands every wife should have." court larry is that six wives every husband should have. >> it's all in there.
9:50 am
9:51 am
♪ we found love in a hopeless place ♪ >> today, a remonday take dinner for two. gavin cason is a executive chef
9:52 am
here in new york. he has a simple recipe that can you whip up tonight for your sweetheart. good morning. this is really easy? >> it is easy. it is a dish that was inspired by tuscan. we rented a villa. and one of the dishes, we had a chef come out and prepare dinner. we were coming in late. one of the dishes he made is fettuccine with a lot of lemon. so much lemon that was all local. you had zest and juice. it was so fragrant and vibrant. it really reminded me of something special to do on a night you want to whip up something quickly. >> wonderful. we're going to do crab fettuccine with lemon. we have all the seafood here which is to say you can use any type. >> bcaviar and prons, scallops and lobsters and shrimp. we're going to use king and stone crab. >> take the crab out of the legs. >> take the crab out of the legs. just pop it open. then use the fork. >> all right. >> there you go.
9:53 am
>> easy as pie. >> and then just scrape it down. >> even when you make it easy for me, it's still hard. you shred it up. >> there's basically, there's two little bones like that that are in it. you pull those apart. you just put that in like this. >> all right. let's say you had no skills, for example, you could buy jumbo crab? >> absolutely. >> can you skip that whole process and buy a bowl of crab like this. >> okay. so we have our fettuccine in here. >> the fettuccine is cooking. we have shall lots and gots and we're going to add salt and pepper. and the main part of this dish in, this case we're using meyer lemons. we're going to add a little zest to kind of start. can you add as little or as much as you want. but it's, again, the whole dish is meant to be eaten as the starter. >> okay. >> you really want that lem taste? >> absolutely. tlaen is the meyer lemon juice
9:54 am
there. >> we picked fettuccine. can other pastas use? >> can you use any pasta. there is also a really thick dump ling past yachlt it's one of my favorites. we take the pasta water. we use a little bit. >> pour it right in. there. >> pour that right in. >> so you're sauteing the pasta in there i see. >> and then just kind of cook it down and create liaison. so it's going to thicken it and create its own sauce. then put the crab in. >> so that little pasta water kind of helped create the sauce? >> again, it's very light. it's very fresh. it's all about the ingredients. if the crab is fantastic, the lemon is fantastic, the pasta is right. >> you could do a combination? you could do crab and some other -- >> sure. can you add the oysters or clams or even what is great which we can do now is add the chopped herbs. so this is taragon, parsley and
9:55 am
chives. do you want to glab carab that ? >> let's go crazy. it's valentine's day. >> let's put it in. >> all right. so we put this in last minute. we obviously don't want to cook the caviar eggs. >> no. >> okay. i remember the last time i did that, the glass broke. >> just put it here. >> that looks great. you have a little special valentines cocktail here. the tipsy violet. what is that? >> this is a cocktail we do from chris miller. this is a tipsy violet. it's ginn and topped off with rose champagne. >> looks lovely. >> we should try it. >> thank you so much. this is very romantic. sounds really good. happy valentine's day, everyone. i should mention one quick thing before we go. in an earlier segment, consumer reports, i read a statement and attributed it to macy's. actually, it is perfect from the parent company of sears and kmart. i just want to get that straight. ♪
9:56 am
[ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. it is 9:56. good morning, i'm marla tellez. police this morning are investigating a home invasion that turned fatal in antioch.
9:57 am
it began last night about 8:30. a man was at home with his young son, heard a knock at his door. he didn't answer, minutes later a burglar broke in, carrying a gun. the homeowner managed to wrestle the gun away from the suspect, and shot him. the suspect died at the scene. police say this is the sixth shooting in antioch in the past three days. two of those shootings had been fatal. so far, none appear to be related. a prominent night club owner in the south bay denying charges he raped a young woman at his family home in los gados. he owns night clubs in san jose. investigators say a woman tells police she was attacked january 8th while staying in the guest room of his home. this morning he's facing charges of felony rape by force. his attorney says his client is innocent. he will be in court thursday. berkeley looking at a kinder, gentler way to hand out
9:58 am
parking tickets. city council will consider a plan to alter rules at a meeting tonight. it would prohibit officers from writing tickets when the driver of the car is present and drivers who show up to move cars when a ticket is being written, those drivers would get a break. the new policy would not negatively affect the city revenue. let's check the forecast. chilly outside. meteorologist christina loren, what can you tell us. good news if you're giving out chocolate marla tellez. comfortable conditions. cold in the 40s at this point 62 redwood city. 59 in san francisco. 63 degrees in santa rosa. showers to kick off your wednesday. thursday and into friday nice, dry, warming you up to 64 degrees friday. saturday into sunday, another round of rain that lasts through monday. back to you. >> thanks. we'll be back with our next news and weather update in about 30 minutes. in the meantime find us on
9:59 am
facebook. search nbc bay area. we'll see you at 10:26. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television ♪ how sweet it is to loved by you ♪ >> by my hoda. hey, everybody, it's booze tuesday, february 14th. it's valentine's day. we want to wish everybody a very happy valentine's day. >> happy, happy valentine's day. >> or it's also called singles awareness day. >> we've all been there and done that. >> that's what's cool about it.
10:01 am
we've all been that person who basically is singing, you know, a different kind of song than james was just singing. they're singing -- ♪ all by myself don't want to be ♪ and -- ♪ one is the loneliest number and my all-time favorite -- ♪ what's love got to do with it ♪ >> can i tell you about my morning? every now and then you have a morning and you say i don't want this morning to end. i had that morning. it's a sweet thing. >> were you alone? >> i go down to our building. my building. i go into the lobby and the doors open and there's jay. and he has on a tuxedo shirt and a tie untied and a tuxedo jacket and pajama bottoms and he's leaning up against the wall. i look at him, and i go i cannot believe he's standing in the lobby. >> what time was this? >> 5:00 a.m.
10:02 am
i give him a kiss and thank him and all that stuff. hold on. i turn around and there is a concert violinist playing in my lobby. i was crying that i only got to tape four seconds of it because i -- hold on. start from the beginning. >> oh, my gosh. >> do it again. ♪ >> sobbing, sobbing. this woman by the name -- her name is susan chester. and i said to her -- i walked over to her and i go thank you so much. she goes, somebody loves you so much today. i was like boo hooing. anyway, she's on youtube. do we have any of that? i just like listening to her play. >> he hired her for -- >> he found her on youtube. >> do you know what he had to pay her to get up at 5:00 in the morning? hoda, that is about one of the
10:03 am
most romantic things i've ever heard of. >> such a beautiful morning. i've had as you know not great valentine's days over the years. there's jay. >> awesome. wow. >> unforgettable valentine's day. even if it ended like right now -- >> and it's not going to. but you do feel sorry for the people who, you know, are not in a good relationship right now or not in a relationship at all like -- >> but here's the thing. here's the thing. can i say something? for everybody who's complaining --ened many years i didn't get flowers or anything. okay? >> oh, yeah. >> here's the deal. >> like -- >> if you don't get something for valentine's day, give something. >> there you go. >> stop whining about why didn't i get flowers. give something to somebody. it turns it around. >> anybody. don't give them to yourself. come on. we're on to you. you people that huge bouquets of flowers and have them delivered to your office, they all know you're not in a relationship. so you look even more pathetic
10:04 am
and it's silly. >> no. >> it's not a real thing. you're not kidding anybody is my point. we're very -- everybody's mad at me anyways. i don't know what's going on in my life. you know how many people love those vermont teddy bears? >> it was a cute teddy bear. >> you know what it was? >> what? >> now i understand why frank did it. you didn't see yesterday. christine and i in the bahamas, commercial aired and we said if frank ever did that -- that's what i opened the other day. in the box itself was a smaller one for kath. i've already regifted mine. so i walked into her room last night and there's her little -- it's sitting on her bed. i'm so awful. >> you do not want that big honking thing in your house. >> i thought to myself, i'm 58 years old. i stopped collecting, you know,
10:05 am
teddy bears and stuffed animals. i like my animals alive with a pulse now, if you know what i mean. so anyway, i love you sweetheart and i'm sorry. and the kids at cassidy's place are loving it. >> by the way, two-thirds of the people do celebrate valentine's day with greeting cards. mostly women buy the cards, but it is the second most popular card holiday. i guess maybe mother's day is the most or something like that. christmas is the first. okay. they say more women than men buy cards. 80% of women buy cards. >> i love the story of how valentine's day came to be. >> how did it? >> according to "national geographic" in the third century a.d. when frank and i were born, roman emperor claudius ii seeking to bolster his army forbade young men to get married. a bishop, his name was valentine, flouted the ban, took umbrage and performed marriages in secret. well, he was executed for his defiance on -- which was
10:06 am
treason, they said, on february 14th, 270 a.d. >> we celebrate the day he was killed? >> so we are really celebrating the day a good guy was executed. >> happy valentine's day! >> i like stuff like that. >> already great moments. this is what happened a couple days before valentine's day. there was this olympic swimmer swimming in some trials and he was getting a medal. he stands up on the medal -- the place where you receive the medals and his girlfriend is going to put the medal around his neck. take a look at this photo-op. >> okay? >> how sweet. ♪ how sweet it is to be loved by you ♪ >> here's the thing. he's wearing little teeny trunks. where was he keeping that ring?
10:07 am
>> in his little pocket. >> oh, he's wearing sweat pants. i think of these things. >> yes, you do. by the way, you want a sweet story, we have the sweetest ever. this little girl -- this is a little girl -- >> that one. >> a 6-year-old girl suffering from a terrible form of cancer, very rare. she loves justin bieber so much, loves, loves, and she calls herself mrs. bieber. a boston television station did a story on this little girl how much she loves justin bieber. you know what he did? he came to see this little girl so he and mrs. bieber -- >> he flew her and her family to new york. >> you're right. >> look at that. look at that picture. >> oh, my gosh. come on! >> oh, my gosh. >> justin bieber tweeted by the way that was one of the best things i've ever done. she's awesome. he's really inspired right now. this is the best part of my day. >> goes with what you were saying, give something. >> that was so sweet.
10:08 am
>> you gave us your stories about your engagement. we have a winner, hoda. >> yes, we do. >> we have got a winner. >> looking for the best engagement story. this one -- there were 60,000 entries, and everybody thinks theirs is the most romantic, which is what's sweet about it. >> joe lagiglia -- >> yeah. >> his girlfriend, candace. sorry. nobody's -- wait. >> let's key it up. >> here's the story. normal date to the movies. they're watching the previews and he's clever. in the preview to the movie he puts up on a screen something called the proposal coming to theaters right now. like the trailer. >> the proposal. >> he stands up, that's what he showed. and then he goes up the escalator. and that's the end.
10:09 am
>> going backwards. >> i don't know where we saw this. a couple months ago. it's webtastic. >> this is a new one. >> not that new. anyway, here's what they win out of our 60,000 we chose. >> escalator. you know? >> all right. >> romantic. >> here's the deal. this couple gets a trip to laguna beach including roundtrip air fare for two, two spa treatments and dinner for two at the award-winning rest raunt. all those accommodations are provided by the montage laguna beach. >> all their hotels are magnificent. >> i think our joy has another one. >> come on over here, joy. >> 25,000 pounds. how much weight did you lose the other day from jumping rope? >> that was hard. i made it up with a huge pasta lunch right afterwards. >> good girl. >> tell us about our next lucky winner. >> our next winner is dana rice from charleston, south carolina. she started putting on a lot of
10:10 am
weight when she got pregnant and for the last two years she has tried everything but has not budged the scale. she started on january 1st with our challenge. wholeheartedly embraced every single tip. she's down 16 pounds, and she is going to be -- >> six weeks? >> yeah. >> wow. >> she gets to come on the trip to new york, too? >> we're flying her down here. we'll see her later in the week. ambush makeover, lunch and a personal session with me, going to hang out with you all. >> not for that long. >> the other lady we met yesterday on the phone -- >> that's right. >> hey! >> dana! >> hey, dana. >> hi. >> caller: happy valentine's day. >> happy valentine's day! >> you must be feeling awfully good. >> we're excited for you. we can't wait to see you. >> we'll see you soon! >> caller: thank you so, so much. >> pack your bags. bye-bye. >> all right. what about regis? we have to squeeze that in.
10:11 am
>> do i have to do everything for him? >> yes, you do. >> tell me what happened. >> you came on the show and said after regis retired, you had a great idea, he should be on the show "hot in cleveland." >> i thought he should play somebody that comes to cleveland and elka starts to have this wild crush on this younger man, which makes her a cougar because he's 80 and she's 90. technically a cougar. >> they took your advice, the people from "hot in cleveland." however, they're not making regis be prey for a cougar. >> because they don't want to pay me. >> instead he's scheduled to play her longtime hairdresser. thought he was gay but he's not. >> he is not gay. >> good for you. >> good for me. >> sweet. >> they will have a ball. >> coming up next, a new 'do for you. [ tom ] we invented the turbine business right here in schenectady. without the stuff that we make here, you wouldn't be able to walk in your house and flip on your lights.
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latisse® use may cause increased brown pigmentation of the colored part of the eye which is likely permanent. eyelid skin darkening may occur which may be reversible. if you experience eye problems or have eye surgery, consult your doctor. common side effects include itchy eyes and eye redness. my lashes changed as i got older. now i use latisse®. find a doctor at today. we are back with hair makeovers, from the cut to the color, never know what a new look will bring you this valentine's day. >> "today" show contributor and stylist to the stars, louis licari. >> la, la, la, la, la. >> how to help three lucky ladies looking for love. hey, cupid. >> happy valentine's day. three single ladies that are great looking ladies. >> elizabeth is a full-time mom. after being is single seven years, she's ready to date again. a guy who's smart, family
10:15 am
oriented and adventurous. >> i'm a single mom, 46, with two teen annaled kids. i'm back out in the dating world. on a date i really -- i feel good when i actually, you know, had my hair done, taking care of myself and taking the time. i want to brighten it up and have a style and really start this new chapter of my life with a new look. >> all right. let's take a look. there's her before picture. we cannot wait to see elizabeth step on around. let's see you. >> elizabeth. >> oh, yes! >> that's beautiful. >> have a seat. >> okay. now, elizabeth did the typical things girls with light brown hair do, make it blond. a bit old-fashioned and made it a bit crispy. i made her this strawberry, coppery blond, whatever color that is. then nina chopped into her hair to emphasize the texture, make it touchable. >> good.
10:16 am
>> i really like it. >> sexy. >> beautiful. >> it was a bit of a risk for me, but i'm really glad i did it. >> beautiful. >> up next, we have a woman who's had the exact same look for seven years. she's excited to change it up. she's looking for a guy who's confident, kind, ambitious and fun. let's listen to her story. >> i want a new look so that i can start the year off with a new, fresh, vibrant look and be more confident when meeting people in the new york area. dating in new york can be hard. it's like food. like you get stale after a while. i think having a new look will help freshen things up. >> all right. >> this is her before picture, as you can see right over there. >> nobody smiling. >> you look like a mug shot. come on around. let's see how you look. >> she's smiling now. >> boy. hello. that looks great. >> wow. >> tell us about that. >> she obviously had beautiful hair, but she had some red highlights.
10:17 am
she wanted to go from subtle red to siren red hair. >> gorgeous hair. >> this is like a color you can only have if you are incredibly lucky. her hair was long and overwhelming. again, contoured it to her face. she looks fresher. beautiful. and sexy. >> i love it. i think it's great. >> you look terrific. >> miss megan buckley is 33 years old, runs a nonprofit. she's looking for a city guy who's creative and has a good sense of humor. let's hear her story. >> i tend not to put a lot of time sba my hair and makeup. i maybe use it three times a year. i'm single, am interested in dating and it would be easier if i knew how to do my hair and makeup. >> her before picture. step around. let's see you. oh, my gosh. >> i love it. love. >> subtle changes. >> subtle changes. she wanted to look glamorous. so what i did is softened her hair, highlighted, full color around the face. again, we made her bob a little
10:18 am
more playful, a little more sexy. a as cyndi lauper once said, girls just want to have fun. >> you guys all look terrific. >> thank you. >> yes, ladies. happy valentines. >> love you, louis. >> up next, when liquid encouragement isn't enough, sara steps in as your whee woman! at . that's how it is with alzheimer's disease. she needs help from me. and her medication. the exelon patch -- it releases medication continuously for twenty-four hours. she uses one exelon patch daily for the treatment of mild to moderate alzheimer's symptoms. [ female announcer ] it cannot change the course of the disease. hospitalization and rarely death have been reported in patients who wore more than one patch at a time. the most common side effects of exelon patch are nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. the likelihood and severity of these side effects may increase as the dose increases. patients may experience loss of appetite or weight. patients who weigh less than 110 pounds may experience more side effects.
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10:21 am
city." this week, sara took her act on the road, causing trouble in one of your cities. >> that's right. when we think of valentine's day, we think roses, chocolates. but how about a professional wing man? yes. an innovative new company is transforming the boston bar scene and giving shy singles a reason to celebrate. ♪ all the single ladies all the single ladies and men, listen up, because meeting singles just got easier. thanks to companies like hire a boston wing woman with a fleet of 40 gals who are hired to break the ice for men. sparking my curiosity, i traveled to boston to earn my wings. there is an actual technique to this. >> yeah. there are certain guidelines we want to keep in mind, you know, as you open the night. >> first, know your kline's type. >> you certainly don't want to approach a blond if she loves brunettes. >> next, compliment the woman. >> find something about their outfit, their hair, anything. >> your hair does look amazing.
10:22 am
>> oh, thank you. there you go. you're there already. >> wing woman. >> our third rule, the transition. like, oh, this is my friend joe, you know, we're out for the night. do you like it here? it's our first time four, distract other people in the group. if he is very interested in one girl, you want to keep the other girl ls away. >> here's to a successful wing woman night. >> good luck, maverick. >> and off we went for a night on the town where my client, greg, was waiting. >> this is my first time doing this. >> yep. >> i need to be ready to kind of let misdemeanor know we're not together. so what do we want to say? you're my friend and we go way back? our plan in place, we just needed a girl. >> all right. >> there is a girl in the corner that's really cute. >> i have a question. i'm from new york but i need to get my hair done tomorrow and i don't know where to go. >> i've been meaning to talk to you about that. >> that is so sad.
10:23 am
who is this? is this your -- >> he's my boyfriend. >> strike one. >> okay. so that was our first mission. sans the boyfriend would she have been a girl you would have been into? >> yeah. she was very cute. i'm proud of my wing woman. >> so we decided to give this another go. i'm visiting town on business. this is my friend, greg. >> hi, guys. >> i began distracting the friend so greg could do his thing. >> i'm erica. >> hi, erica. nice to meet you. >> it seemed to be going well until -- >> are you a single girl? you're not single. >> even though greg struck out, werevealed to see if my wing woman skills did the job. >> she did a great job distracting me so he could talk to erica. i thought it was a great idea. >> a great idea, yes. but sadly, we were still 0 for
10:24 am
2. these people are, like, all attached. where are the single people? >> we were hoping third time's the charm. >> in full disclosure, i'm a wing man. >> wing lady. that's my wing woman. >> i keep picking girls who are spoken for so i'm not doing very good. >> actually i was disappointed the guy didn't come to me himself. >> that's different than we're just talking, engaged. >> now i'm intrigued. >> intrigued? >> we'll take it. >> so how do you think you did? >> as a wing woman, i didn't find anyone that's actually available for greg. >> you had fun, though, right? >> absolutely. great job. >> i had more fun with greg than anyone else. >> likewise. >> did we not laugh a lot? >> we did. i had a great time. >> i did too. >> i enjoyed your company. >> i enjoyed your company. >> i'd love to hang out
10:25 am
sometime. >> you never know. really? >> yeah. >> it is valentine's day. hug it out, greg. >> let's hug it out. >> oh, greg, it's only the first date. >> such a sweet guy. >> yeah, and believe it or not these wing women do this on a part-time basis. sabrina is actually a full-time chemist. if you're curious, the service costs $65 for the first two hours, $30 for every half hour after ha. we reached out for greg. he is still single and still looking. >> fun. sort of glossed over that ending portion of the program. >> we had so much fun laughing at our experience, you end up liking them. >> may i make a suggestion you actually le iniveivyk? n >> still ahead, a victoria's secret model is here.
10:26 am
new dannon pure, love the taste. love the simple ingredients. love the price. new dannon pure yogurt. please your family. please your budget. good morning. 10:26. i'm marla tellez. a south bay city is about to make things a lot tougher for
10:27 am
smokers. mountain view city council will take a final vote tonight to expand the city's smoking ordinance. the rules would ban smoking in outdoor dining areas and create a 25-foot buffer zone around doorways and windows. it is expected to be approved tonight and take effect in 90 days. well, valentine's day is all about flowers and chocolate. how about pillow fights? at least if you're in san francisco. the great valentine's day pillow fight happens tonight at justin herman plaza. this is video from last year. this is the seventh year san francisco has hosted the fight. it is expected to last for at least three hours. organizers say all you need is a good, fresh pillow but, please, make sure it's soft. memory foam ones can hurt. ouch. swinging starts at 6:00 tonight. we'll have a look at forecast after the break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
happy valentine's day to you. 10:29 now. a great looking day shaping up. still on the chilly side out there, we'll see upper 50s, low 60s across the board. 62 in fremont. 63 in redwood city. tomorrow a round of rain early in the morning. showers clear by noon. thursday into friday, fog, warmer up into the mid-60s by friday. saturday, sunday, monday, the rain pattern returns. 10:29 back to you, marla. >> thanks. coming up on nbc bay area news at 11:00, a strange twist in the home invasion leaves the intruder dead in antioch.
10:30 am
how the homeowner turned the tables on the would-be burglar. little dogs getting extra love at sfo. why this group is getting a first-class trip to new york. jon and i will see you in 30 minutes. we are back with today's celebrate valentine's day. last-minute gift ideas. if you've been too busy to get out, it's not too late. >> great ideas. g not the bad kind, the good kind. >> thanks for having me. >> a lot of people have not gotten busy yet. not that they're not in love. just busy. >> we still have some ideas out of the box and will make it look like you've been thinking for months. let's start it off with a romantic date night, no
10:31 am
reservations required. three steps for a perfect evening at home. step number one, bubbly. belove the bubbly rose this year. >> champagne. >> pink champagne. you can throw in a great gift set, you know, with a beautiful sort of ice bucket and champagne flutes if you want, if you're feeling fancy. step number two, romantic dinner. how about fondue? >> feed each other. >> yes. >> i like it. >> it's sexy, it's fun, and then top it off with a selection of romantic movies, classics, really great night. >> all right. >> i know. >> you don't even have to park your car. >> no. so it's -- the next grouping we have are love notes. a really fun and unexpected way to say i love you to your valentine are these votives. light a candle, set the mood and write little sweet nothings. you can get these at west es m. secondly, this is one of our favorite ideas.
10:32 am
if you can't get out and get a present, take a pen, put it to paper and write a good old-fashioned love note. no one writes notes anymore. that will mean so much. get a cute, special stationary to get it. if you're feeling a little cheeky, we are loving these fun items from knock knock. you've got these tickets for 100 free hugs or these vouchers for lovers, 20 different things. >> yeah. >> got it. >> so now it's sort of sexy time. with this little grouping, you know, a little lingerie goes a long way. we are loving this, you know, pretty chemise. isn't that pretty? we have these cute little boxes with a trio of thongs in them. >> very cute. >> some hanky-panky. >> who doesn't love a thong. >> and then lingerie for guys, you know, a heart-emblazoned boxer. you can find these at the gap,
10:33 am
everywhere. you guys won't believe this. at gilt, the top things guys buy for themselves, among the top two are candles and really fancy sheets. who would have thought it? >> hmm. >> buy themselves for the home. so, you know, ladies, they might not tell you they want it -- >> but they want it. >> they do. so, you know, we can go high end or a little bit more budget. guys will love it. sweet treats. instead of just going out and getting the typical box of candy, why not sign your valentine up for a cookie of the month club. >> your undoing, hoda woman. >> cookies every month. the whole family will love this. great for your life. chocolate, not just the typical box. we are loving the chocolate. it's made from fresh ingredients by local farmers in madagascar. it's delicious. >> 30 seconds or so. >> so, you know, this is great. if you freak out, you don't note
10:34 am
what to get your loved one for the holiday, it's a charm bracelet. it will set you up for the next ten years because you get a charm every single year. tiffany, a little bit more expensive, but beautiful ones from coach or you can do these fun add a bangle, collect a bangle for 18 bucks. for guys, a watch, $39 from urban outfitters. >> your dog. >> this is bambino. >> what's his name? >> i don't know. >> tiny, precious. get them at petco or your local store. >> coming up next, victoria's secret model adriana lima. allie's spelling bee is monday... sounds like a mini-wheats day to me! and becka's science fair is on the 8th. she's presenting the solar system. hey i've got just the whole grain fiber to help keep her full so she can stay focused. rock. she'll be ready to rock. right here! [ female announcer ] make your kids big days, mini-wheats days.
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10:39 am
with two super hot super bowl commercials to boot, she shows no sign of leaving the limelight anytime soon. just came, stopped by, and showed off. >> exactly. >> great to see you again. >> great to see you both. >> it's very unusual to watch the super bowl and see the same face appearing in two separate ads. >> yes. >> in your opinion the teleflora ad, which got a lot of distraction, if you know what i mean. >> and what was the second ad? >> kia. >> the teleflora ad said give and you shall receive. >> presents. >> what kind of feedback did you get? >> which is a very difficult concept. usually. >> what kind of feedback did you get on that? >> it was a lot controversial because of what i say, but, you know, people are very creative. you know, i was meaning presents, flowers. perfumes, chocolates, you know. >> that kind of thing. >> the things you love. >> this wasn't your first time
10:40 am
in a super bowl ad. you were in there years ago when the giants played. you are very good luck for the giants. >> right. >> and it's valentine's day today. >> yes. >> is this a big day for you and your family? >> very special, because me and my husband, we are celebrating three years of marriage. >> today? >> today. today. >> supermodels. that's, like, a record, isn't it? >> no, no, no. we take very seriously marriage and family. >> tell us about your husband. tell us about your husband. >> he's wonderful. i think he's very smart. he has a great sense of humor. and -- >> originally from serbia. >> he's serbian. yeah. we met about five, six years ago through common friends in los angeles. and it was love at first sight. >> wow. >> hot thing happening. >> yes, yes. >> you have a beautiful little girl now. >> yes. >> how old is she? >> she's 2 years old.
10:41 am
>> she is a dream. >> you're apart a lot, i would think, with his schedule, right, and your modeling word. >> organization is the key word. and i have a great husband, full on, hands-on daddy that helps me a lot. i'm very lucky. very lucky. i love you, baby. >> how sweet. >> now, i know there was some controversy, i think you probably remember, giselle was caught on tape defending her husband but saying some things that people found very unkind. and you being the wife of a professional athlete, did you get what she said? did you think what she said was wrong? >> i would say leave her alone. i'm not here to judge or talk about anybody. so let's leave it. >> you understand the idea of wanting to protect. >> protect. >> and stand up for your husband. she didn't do it in a public way. >> kind of. >> she wasn't giving an interview, you know? >> exactly. it was definitely overheard. >> so what are the valentine's
10:42 am
day plans tonight? >> of course it includes some lingerie. >> hello! you get it for free. you have no excuse. >> well, i don't know, we'll have some dinner, spend time before with my daughter, our daughter, you know, just romantic. >> she's on a plane right this to go to miami and be with her family. >> yes. >> that's a what it's all pabou. >> thank you for coming to see us. up next, bobbie thomas shows you how to look sexy inside and out. veice sculpture means i don't have any margin for error. one wrong turn, and i could end up unloading a puddle of water. female voice: turn right ahead. so i make sure i have the right guidance to get me exactly where i need to be. it's the same with taxes. turbotax has a unique gps feature that guides me step by step, so i know it's done right. they even offer representation in case of an audit, and calculations are guaranteed accurate, which helps me reach my maximum refund, guaranteed.
10:43 am
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10:44 am
[ male announcer ] for a better-looking tomorrow. vicks nyquil cold & flu. the nighttime sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep you ever got with a cold...medicine. [ deep breath ] ♪ 1, 2, 3, 4 ♪ [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] vicks dayquil. defeats 5 cold & flu symptoms. ♪
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10:46 am
today is the day we celebrate love, but if you don't feel completely prepared, don't worry. bobbie thomas is here with some prinls to make us feel sexy inside and out. >> hey. >> fun in the bahamas. >> sure did.
10:47 am
>> iped to stay there. >> what are we starting with, b.t.? >> i want to talk about feeling sexy. it's really something that has to start from within. when you try to be sexy, it doesn't really happen. so curves, all about the confidence. there are so many famous women. we have photos of sofia, christina hendricks, beyonce. i mean, these are sex icons. so every time you think about going on a diet because you're worried about being sexy, take a look at these girls because they are beautiful, hot -- >> some meat on the bones. >> sure. that was like the saying in the bahamas. men love meat and dogs love bones. >> there you go. >> they're very smart in the bahamas. >> all of us love our spanx and other kinds of foundations, but i was in love with this body wrap line. this is their sheer iridescence. it's foundation that you're not afraid to show off. how gorgeous is this collection? >> love that print. >> it really kind of helps make you feel supported in all the right areas. >> take it home?
10:48 am
>> la, la, la. >> next, effortless beauty. a lot of people always ask me about how to tease your hair, get it big. we get a lot of questions on our website. the one thing i want to advise is kind of put down the hairspray and the gel because crunchy doesn't feel good. >> yeah. men want to run their fingers through it. >> a little look of low maintenance. this doesn't mean you haven't have a few secrets. these are powder fulls. it helps you have that dry powder effect that absorbs the oil but use it on clean hair because it boosts volume without adding the hairspray and product. these teasing combs can do a lot. another great secret on passing on the hair spry spray for the head. texturizing spray and mousse. laura in the hair room always swaps mousse in for gel because it's softer and looks pretty and effortless. >> natural. >> that's what giselle bunld
10:49 am
chen uses. we have a picture of her. and jennifer aniston. they never look overly coifed. effortless. >> so much prettier. >> i have a picture of you to show off for this because you don't forget the details. you always have your nails done. you always smell delicious. i wish this was smell avision. but i think it's important to have a signature scent, something that kind of makes you feel sexy but also a memorable -- >> memorable. >> people say oh, my gosh, it smells like you. funny enough when it comes to male, we do love it, but men, over 40% vote that red is their favorite color. that was next to sheer and nude. >> what about signature scent? >> you know what i love, perfect vail is a scent from sarah horowitz. you can create one for yourself with your part nuclear weapon. >> you were wearing these last week. >> i was. these are my shoes sitting here.
10:50 am
i love high heels. i'm a petite girl so i like to be on platforms. but if you can't walk in them, do not wear them. nothing more unattractive when you are uncomfortable and teetering. >> nothing sexier than walking like a cow. >> these flats, we had every girl turning her head, asking, where did you get those? these are from pay less. you can get really fun, sexy flats today and a bunch more. >> happy valentine's day. >> love you, darling. >> for more information, go to our website, up next, melt in your mouth desserts from mr. chocolate himself.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
last-minute desserts for valentine's day. not too late to whip up some sweets for your sweetie. >> if you don't have much time,
10:54 am
we called in mr. chocolate himself, jacques torres. he'll melt your heart with the finest confectionary dligs. hello. >> bonjour. i'm going to show you something simple. chocolate about 90 degrees, white chocolate, put it on top of it like that. take a balloon. >> a balloon. >> a balloon. >> can you blow a balloon up? can you do that? >> i can do whatever. >> okay. just like that. >> wow. these are too hard to blow up. >> i think so. >> no, no, no. >> tell us what you're doing. making little shells? >> i dip them into the white chocolate to give a little bit of design. we don't need that. then you can do different size balloon. when you put it in the fridge for about to ten minutes, eight to ten minutes, take the balloon and go -- that's it. so look at that. and you get -- >> remove balloon. >> little clams. >> clever idea.
10:55 am
>> use wide balloons so make sure it comes off. >> comes off. >> oh. that was a good one. >> oh, oh! >> don't poke them! >> those haven't been frozen yet! >> we have to put it in the fridge. >> i'm sorry. >> okay. now i have here some chocolates. >> got carried away. it was fun. >> a little bit of cold cream into the hot chocolate. >> look how pretty. >> so mix that. then you can put everything back into the cold bowl and then you get a chocolate mousse. so i do recommend these chocolate mousse for valentine, you can fight with it. it's great. >> look how good that looks. >> smells so good. >> so we mix them together. >> so happy. >> how fast it is to make a beautiful dessert like that. so now that we have that, we have to use the little spoon that we have -- >> this one? >> yes.
10:56 am
and we can -- >> to put it in the shells? >> scoop it into the shells. you can do two. yes. go ahead. >> they're not that delicate. i thought they would be fret pretty fragile but they're not. >> little built of. >> little bit of. >> little bit of. >> what are you doing tonight, big boy? >> i'm going to celebrate valentines with all my customers and my wife is in beverly hills making chocolates. >> okay. >> she's making chocolates. she's making chocolate too. she celebrates with her customers. so now you can decorate it like those one with a little bit of berries, which is very easy. >> this is really beautiful. >> and one more thing. i want to show you a little technique here. you take a strawberry. >> yeah. >> remove the green. >> we have just 30 seconds. >> you can do that. you put that over something like that. you just cut it not completely. fan it. you can put that on top.
10:57 am
>> ten seconds, jacques. we love you. look at the beautiful selection. everything is on our website. >> remember to kiss the frog. >> she's kissed too many. she found one already. >> thank you. khloe kardashian will be here.
10:58 am
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