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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 17, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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joins us. the infant taken away without permission yet there's no amber alert. >> raj, it's a bizarre case. it began as a code where it's a missing baby. it first treated it as a child abduction. but then they spoke with the mother, and she says she's not worried. doesn't feel the baby is in danger. that's why there's no amber alert. this began at 1:00 this afternoon at eden medical. that's the maternity floor. the mom and baby were scheduled to be discharged today. when she left the room and returned, 18-year-old father had taken the baby. he had slipped the security bracelet off the infant. that bracelet sets off an alarm if anyone leaves through the maternity floor exits. the da's office spent a couple hours checking logs and concluded what happened was not a crime. >> it's a newborn baby. they both have custody.
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that's the other issue we're looking at. that's why it's not an abduction. he has every right to be with that baby as she does. and her own statement says that she doesn't feel that the baby is in any danger. >> certainly going to look at all of our security measures. again, this was a situation where the father of the baby has access legally to the child. >> the sheriff's investigators still want to get in touch with miller. he's driving a ford taurus with the license plate 6 euc 277. authorities believe the father put the infant into a car seat before driving off. they want to make sure that sa rye a, who is a little over six pound, stays healthy, clean and clothed properly. sheriff's deputies tell us they have tried to get in touch with miller, contacted his family throughout the east bay, pittsburgh, dublin, antioch, oakland to name a few but have had no luck. so far, this is not a crime. but that could change if the
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mother changes her mind and says she wants to see her baby or if it's discovered that miller mistreated his baby. of course, that would be a case of child endangerment. live in castro valley, stephanie chaung. this is video we want to show you of a cal trans truck that crashed. the driver was headed down mount hamilton road when someone reportedly cut him off sending his vehicle, there it is, some 50 feet down the embankment. the driver of the truck trapped for a while. san jose firefighters had to propel down the hillside to get him. he was alert and awake when they got to him. he was complaining of chest pains. the driver was flown by helicopter to a local hospital. we'll continue to update his condition and the accident throughout the evening. new tonight at 6:00, the gruesome search continues in the central valley for those remains of murder victims linked to the speed freak killers. but it's going to be here in the bay area that investigators will have the task of identifying who
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those bones belong to. >> nbc bay area jody hernandez spent the day with scientists inside the richmond crime lab. jodi, how long will it take to figure out the identities of the victims? >> jessica, this isn't going to be a quick process. criminalists tell us you can't rush science. this is going to be the biggest job this lab has taken on and perhaps the most challenging. >> our scientists here are really good at what they do. >> scientists at the department of justice crime lab in richmond need every bit of that expertise to take on the job coming their way. identifying victims from the 1,000 bone fragments pulled from a county well where the so-called speed freak killers are believed to have dumped up to 25 bodies. >> that's our pegs at this here is typing dna from skeletal materials. >> they demonstrated the
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painstaking process of extracting dna. after grinding up materials, they use chemicals to isolate the dna and run the samples through the database for a possible match. what may make things difficult in this case, the fact the bones have been buried for years, even decades. >> there's sunlight, humidity, bacteria that can degrade the dna. and the longer time spent in the elements and the harsher the elements, the more degraded the dna becomes. >> it's a process that could take weeks or even months leaving families of potential victims on edge. the mother of gail marks who disappeared from stockton in 1988 is beside herself. >> i am a very patient person and i want to know. i stop and think i've waited almost 24 years to find out what happened to my daughter.
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a few more months won't bother me. i have to get control over my feelings. >> auto meanwhile, scientists are urging family members to submit dna samples to compare to the dna pulled from the bones. they're also asking families to bear with them as they do their part to help bring the victims home. >> now, we're told the linden bones haven't arrived to the lab yet. but they're expected to be sent in the coming days. scientists are ready to get right to work. again, they say it could take months to identify any of the victims. reporting live in richmond, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. thank you, jodi. while they analyze in richmond, the search continues near stockton through this holiday weekend. cadaver dogs borrowed from santa clara county will help in the search. the dogs were seen resting in the back of two suv's before the excavated soil is returned to
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what was an old well. the dogs will confirm all bone fragments have been recovered. >> before we seal that well, we're going to run the dogs through, we're going to have environmental health come in, examine it, give us the approval to seal it and then we'll move forward. >> the dogs will also help with the next step, which is pinpointing the site of a second old well which may also contain human remains. two central valley men, called the speed freak killers, were arrested in 1999. one is still in pris ond and recently led police to the site. the other committed suicide. tense moments in east oakland today when police say there was a shootout near a busy store. police searched an auto zone store for gunmen. witnesses say two groups exchanged gunfire at around 12:30 this afternoon before one of the suspects ran into that store near 100th and international. several people walked out with their hand up as officers secured the scene. after search the store, police then moved to a fear by house
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but didn't find any suspects at either location. traffic back to normal in san jose after a semi truck collided with a light rail. that accident at north first and taylor around 1:30 this afternoon. traffic was backed up for about two hours. semi allegedly made a right-hand turn and was right in the train's path. the train was full at the time. so two passengers were injured. again, though, traffic is back to normal. funding for an oakland teen center is now in question after it was discovered it was operated by an oakland city council member. city administrator deanna santana will present a report on the teen center to the public works committee later this month. the $152,000 the councilwoman needs to pay a developer that renovated the teen center back in 2010 is at stake.
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brooks has been quoted as saying she'd welcome the city to take over if the council can find a way to keep it funded. a chancellor at the center of a campus controversy will find out whether she gets to keep her job. a vote of confidence is under way to decide whether she will stay as chancellor. her leadership has been questioned since campus police used pepper spray to break up a protest. that incident made national headlines. if an outcome is reached during the newscast, we'll update you. she has had the job for only two years. following up on a story we brought you earlier this week. i the state attorney general will handle the case into the assault claim made by an alameda counsel supervisor. nadia, the wife of state treasurer lockier has taken a leave of absence while in recovery for addiction problems. the san francisco chronicle says the da cited a conflict of interest in turning over the reported assault case which was reported february 3rd at a hotel
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in newark. what happened at that hotel has never fully been explained. she claimed she stayed at the hotel following a fight with her husband and while at that hotel, she says she was assaulted by a former boyfriend. there have been no arrests. the criminal trial for the woman accused of killing a nursing student, michelle lay is set to begin september 17th, dpaktly one year to the day that her body was found. the 28-year-old appeared alongside her attorney at a hearing this morning in a oakland courtroom. she's pled not guilty to court to murdering her former friend. prosecutors, though, say he is at the ban stalked and killed her over a past boyfriend. she disappeared in hayward last may while doing rounds. her body was found in a remote area four months later. the case has been slowed by the birth of he is at the ban's baby. he's headed back to the
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white house tonight with his pockets full. three days here on the west coast meant big money for president obama. earlier today, mr. obama stopped in washington state touring the boeing facility and its new dreamliner 787 jet. he talked about implementing new changes in international trade policy. last night, hundreds of supporters gathered at the me sod i can center. an acoustic performance by chris cornell. obama attended a $35,000 per plate dinner for 70 people in pacific heights after his surprise visit in chinatown. you see that video there. mr. obama raised an estimated $8 million from the three-day trip. a pool of money which will be shared by his campaign and the democratic national committee. the countdown is under way. the bay bridge about to partially close. what you need to know to make sure you don't get stuck. also ahead, it takes only minutes and it could have a lifetime of benefits.
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the speedy new alternative to liposuction. i'm scott budman, your personal information taken from your cell phone directly to big company servers. you have to see it to believe it. we'll show you how it's done and how to protect yourself, coming up. and a state law loop home. the push to close it and keep alleged child molesters out of classrooms. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the bay area weather center. we're tracking a system coming if across california mainly increasing the cloud cover. but more showers near eureka. and more on the cooling forecast as we head into our upcoming weekend in just minutes.
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better hurry. less than two hours left to make the last commute across the bay
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bridge. the westbound side of the bridge is closing down tore the entire president's day weekend. they're hoping by now drivers have gotten the message and made plans. traci grant is live on treasure island to explain how it works. they have a lot to get done in a short amount of time. >> they really do, jessica. this is not the first time that cal trans has shut down one of the nation's busiest bridges for a construction project. you may remember back in 2009 when it didn't go very well and inspectors found a six-inch crack in a piece of equipment that delayed the reopening of the bridge. now, cal trans says today, there are still some variables that could throw this timetable off. do you know what's going on with the bridge this week krend? >> no, i don't. >> have you seen any signs during your commute? >> i do but i don't pay attention. >> he commutes to san francisco every day. from stockton. but despite cal trans'
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advertising blitz shall he was not aware that the bay bridge was closing down tonight until 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning. >> it's not surprising. it's challenging to get the message out. we do everything we can. we do online advertising, media advertising and every type of medium. we do door to door in key locations where we know people are coming across. >> andrea noticed the signs and she feels inconvenienced. >> kind of annoying for the long weekend. but what can you do? >> will it get in the way of your plans? >> we wish it was open. but we'll do something on this side, i guess. >> spokesman says a little inconvenience now is worth it because it means the brand new bay bridge will be opening sooner than originally expected. starting tonight, workers will grade, pave and restripe this previously unused segment of the bridge. in order to move westbound traffic over two lanes. then crews can begin tearing down a segment of the north side that is currently blocking the path where the brand new bridge
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will stand. >> instead of opening the traffic and then beginning demolition, we can do that starting this weekend and which the time we get to 2013, have all of this work done. >> lewis is prepared to take route 92 instead of the bay bridge and he's not bothered by the prospect of sitting in traffic with other people. he chose the same detour. >> we need these freeways and bridges taken care of. end of story. >> welsh that's almost the end of the story. this also depend on the weather. if it were to rain very much this weekend that, could o delay the paving and restriping and it could possibly mean that this bridge will not be ready for commuters on tuesday morning. live on treasure island, traci grant, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, tracie. it's important that you stay updated. count on us for that. we have the latest updates on the closure. all you need to do is go to our website, nbc bay you can sign up for breaking news alerts to find out when the
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bridge will be reopening. that way you can make your plans. nbc bay check it out. lock your doors and get to know your neighbors. that's the message from law enforcement in san mateo county where there's been a spike in home burglaries. on this holiday weekend, the numbers could rise with people going out of town. more than 40 people have been burglarized during the past several weeks. that's according to redwood city police who made their latest arrest yesterday. here two other men were arrested 19-year-old gill gert garcia and 18-year-old jesus remer owe knocked on the floor of a woman on february 9thment she was inside when they broke a back window and tried to get in. she called police who caught them in the act. >> we've actually seen a couple people walking that we know don't live around here. and it's a little uneasy. >> it's kind of a trial and error. people are going to try homes
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and if nobody answers, they may slip around the back and see approximate there's a door that's open. >> be aware. police arrested a 19-year-old of hayward for a february 10th burglary. a witness snapped a photo of his gray bmw which led investigators to his hayward home. >> making sure suspected sex offenders are booted off school grounds. a proposal is making its way through the legislature to close a loophole that allows a sex offender to stay in class as a middle school teacher. the foster care license of preston howard lewis in 2007 for allegedly fondling a boy. despite the allegations, though, lewis remained a special ed teacher at a middle school in sacramento for another four years. eventually he was arrested and charged with six counts of lewd acts with a minor. but it didn't happen until last year. sacramento assembly man wants to require agencies like the department of social services to report any and all
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investigations involving child sex abuse to the department of justice. >> then it would require the department of justice to make that information known in its criminal background checks that local jurisdictions, school districts conduct while they're looking to hire new teachers and staff. >> the measure still requires approval of the assembly and the senate. well there's another new bill proposed in sacramento making it harder to establish a charter school. right now, state law dictates at that a school board must consider charter school applications without considering the financial strain on a school district. that may change because school districts get paid by the student. charter schools can drain some of that money. the proposed law would allow districts paying off state loans or operating in the red to turn down applications for new charter schools. it has passed the bill. the senate is now look ago the it. the friday before a three-day weekend for many people. we have a world of opportunities ahead of us. >> friday is the key word.
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>> let me guess, you guys want sunshine wall to wall from saturday through sunday. >> no, no. how is it going to be? we'll adapt around your plans. >> this is good news. very good. two happy anchors in the chairs right now. that's what we want. 69 in los. ga it. os. live sky camera network to -- you'll enter the trivalley. the mid to high level cloud cover. part of this lower level marine layer starting to get amped up with an on shore flow right now. on the radar, it's dry as it scans from the north to the south. we thought we would update you on how dry it is in san jose. with drought conditions now starting to set in. drought development. we are only at 2.82 of an inch of rainfall since july 1st. out of that, only a handful of strong systems. our average rain to date should be 9.88. needless to say, we are dry. drier than the desert?
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let get a check here. in phoenix, they've seen over 2 inches of rainfall. we're almost as dry as some parts of the desert southwest. unbelievable when you think about it, especially how strong our past two water seasons have been. on the radar now, we're still tracking a few light showers. this is the same old problem. we have a storm system centered to the north. on the weaker edge of this. we'll find a chance of a few spotty showers throughout tonight. numbers right now dropping off across the coastline and peninsula with low 50s. holding on to mid and upper 50s to gilroy at 60. here's your timeline through tonight. the clouds continue to build. a few spotty showers possible by 11 p.m. tonight. nothing major. heading into tomorrow morning, the chance of drizzle at the coastline and isolated showers that could pop across the east bay into the north bay. here's the great thing into saturday afternoon. sunny skies return from most of the region at this point. 43 in santa rosa for tomorrow.
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46 in the valley. 49 in losgat o. s. that's the good news. starting off more comfortable. cloud cover in the morning. it will start to push away. as we've been talking about. temperatures cool off as well. instead of mid to upper 60s. we'll go with upper 50s to near 60. more on the seven had-day forecast in a few minutes and when the new system is moving in. very good. see you soon, jeff. the fuzzy coastal mascots are on the decline because of shark attacks. the spike in attacks is puzzling scientists. in the mid 1990s, 10% of otters were killed by sharks. that's closer to 30% and growing fast. they're the largest obstacle in getting off the endangered species list. coming up new at 6:00, a side order of outrage. a new proposal involving food trucks that some say could put them out of business. also ahead, an important warning for parents.
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he recall involving tylenol. california gets high marks in a new report on gun control. there is concern it could all change and soon. we're back in a moment. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
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tonight, two men are behind bars in connection with san jose's fourth homicide of the year. police say christopher burnias and rudy nunez are responsible for the stabbing death of a man dropped off at an emergency room. 40-year-old donald mendez later died. police say all men -- all of the men were neighbors and got into a fight inside of the victim's home. despite that, when it comes to gun control laws, california, it turn out, has the strictest in the country according to a ranking by the brady campaign to prevent gun violence. california scored 81 points out of a possible 100. the opposite end of the spectrum, arizona earned a score of 0.
6:26 pm
experts say lack of gun control policies neighboring arizona and mexico make gun smuggling more of a problem for california. not in my backyard. parents at evergreen elementary school in san jose are upset over the approval of a cell tower near that school. the tower site is at the edge of the school's property and within several hundred feeft playground and classrooms. they're concerned about the possible exposure to radiation. the 60-foot tower is also close to some homes. nearby residents plan to appeal the decision next week. >> it's a very fairly high power tower. it will reach its peak strength right at the school grounds and classrooms. it's going to be operating 24/7 and the kids are here six to eight hours a day exposed to that. >> superintendent of the evergreen school district is sending a letter to the city with their concerns about the location of that cell tower. a privacy fight tonight between two tech titans. ahead at 6:00, why google and
6:27 pm
apple are in the spotlight. tonight the safety of your personal information which may be at stake. i'm favro, come oing up, i'll show you how this new device may help doctors destroy fat cells in your stomach. >> kill as many people as possible. the latest terror plot on american soil. the fallout continues tonight over congressional hearing on birth control. it's next in your national headlines.
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well, a big privacy fight in silicon valley tonight and your personal data is right smack in the middle of it. google is a accused of by passing your security information. this could be a huge red flag. scott budman has been following the story all day. the silicon valley, the whole country has been buzzing, right? >> you're right.
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privacy is always a big storiment normally we can to an extent control who gets to see what about us. but today, charges from the wall street journal that google was able to get past privacy controls on your apple devices to see personal information. [ ringing ] tens of millions of people carry iphones and ipads. many of them set privacy settings to stay as anonymous as possible. >> private browser. >> jay chowedry is showing us how they got around it. >> my browsing should be private. i should not be tracked. >> he's the ceo of z scaler a web security company. he says google found a way to pass over apple's privacy settings in order to get your information and better target their ads. >> i see in this case google is being -- trying to make the ads more targeted.
6:31 pm
even when they don't -- >> we reached out to google for comment. the company wouldn't talk on camera but released a statement saying they created a temporary link between apple's proirs and google's servers, a link that did not collect personal information, a link that has now been disabled. that's not the only recent security dust-up. they showed us how social network path and other companies collected iphone users' address books without asking permission. >> these guys are taking your local address book from your mobile phone and storing it without asking you for you that you want to go will. >> thereby getting all the names, numbers and addresses. the best way to protect yourself use the privacy settings when you can and hope no one figures out how to bypass them. >> beyond that, in situations like this a consumer couldn't do
6:32 pm
anything. >> for its part, apple will work to tighten security around both its browser and the apps on the iphone and ipad. jessica, thank you very much. good information, scott. former workers at a berkeley steel plant took to the streets to protest immigration laws. today, hundreds of former pacific steel workers marched on university in san pablo on the way to the plant. they all lost their jobs during a u.s. immigration audit which demanded proof of residency. pacific steel had to cut 200 workers. >> obama is running for reelection. we need to send a message to our presidents at -- if you want support, he needs to also change his approach to immigration. >> oakland city councilman is also vice president of the union that represents the steelworkers. he's blaming the obama administration of conducting similar raids around the country during the presidential election year. new tonight at 6:00, in hopes of
6:33 pm
strengthening trade and stimulating the economy, california plans to operate two trade -- today is the final day of xi jinping's visit to the united states. he's visiting governor brown in l.a. governor brown will reopen the trade office in shanghai and set up another location in beijing. both offices could be up and running as early as this year. vice president biden is spending time showing jinping some of the strengths in our schools. >> we wanted to show him the diversity of this great country of ours and the incredible capacity of our young people and our students. >> governor brown spent much of the day yesterday visiting with china's future president at the port of los angeles where china is a major trade partner. this was another big story. the target was the u.s. capitol. federal agents arrested a man
6:34 pm
planning a suicide bombing. >> janelle wang has our international headlines. >> authorities arrested a 29-year-old while he was en route to the capitol with a suicide vest. the 29-year-old moroccan made an appearance in federal court today. authorities say this morning, though, he met with what he thought were members of al qaeda but they were actually undercover agents. he wanted a bomb and a gun and soon after the transaction was made, they pounced and arrested him. both the bomb and gun were inoperable. so authorities say at no time was the public in danger. today federal agents searched his home in virginia. he's an illegal immigrant and had been closely watched for about a year. authorities say he also considered blowing up a military installation or a restaurant. the goal? to kill at least 30 people. we're learning more about the shooting at the federal building in long beach last night. it was apparent, workplace dispute. authorities say an oois agent shot a high ranking man six times while being counseled on
6:35 pm
job performance. another agent nearby shot the suspect killing him. the agent is in stable condition tonight. a rare bipartisan deal on capitol hill, they passed a tax cut extension this morning preventing tacks from going up the rest of the year. that's about a thousand dollars more for 160 million americans. it adds billions of dloors to the deficit. it will be made up by selling public airwaves to wireless companies and charging new federal employees for pensions. president obama will sign this bill he says. the firestorm continues to grow this evening over a congressional hearing on women's contraception. lawmakers reacting strongly to yesterday's all-male panel which testified about women's birth control. >> yesterday this is what america saw. a republican house of representatives that is so hostile to women's health that they didn't even think about having a person on there who was
6:36 pm
a female. >> the panel is upset with president obama's plan, which requires church affiliated hospitals and charities provide coverage for contraception. even if it conflicts with their religious beliefs. germany is looking for a new president after wulff resigned after two years on the job. he's accused of accepting favors before becoming president. wulff denies any wrongdoing. chancellor angela merkel cancels a business trip to deal with this crisis. wulff was her number one choice. finally, tonight, no hesitation after the new jersey assembly passed a bill legalizing gay marriage. republican governor chris christie vetoed it today. he says it should be up to the voters to decide. that debate will continue for a long time, i'm sure. >> thank you, janelle. whitney houston close friends and family members gathered at a funeral home to mourn the late singer. houston's mother, her daughter, bobbi kristina and cousin dionne warwick attended the private viewing.
6:37 pm
houston's funeral is tomorrow at the new hope baptist church where she sang in the choir as a child. aretha franklin, stevie wonder, alicia keys and warwick are all scheduled to take part in the program tomorrow morning. houston's ex-husband, bobby brown will also attend the funeral despite being estranged from her family. the service will be live streamed on the web at 9:00 pacific time tomorrow morning. you can watch it on our website, nbc bay johnson & johnson is pulling grape flavored infant tylenol because of the new bottles. the company posted it on you-tube showing the integrated syringe which is supposed to deliver the proper dose. the bottles don't work correctly and measure the wrong dose. the company has recalled half a million bot lgs from stores nationwide. still ahead at 6:00, the new proposal that could put some food trucks out of business here in california. zapping away fat on your lunch break? believe it or not a noninvasive
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procedure turning the tables on traditional liposuction. you never know when our own bobry dell will be next. at the bay area travel and adventure show. looks like fun. good evening, i'm jeff ranieri. the weather center. we're tracking a front moving across northern california and as we look at the radar now, we're tracking a few showers near eureka. well tell you about our chances of getting that coming uin a few minutes.
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6:40 pm
the latest measure in the fight against obesity could lead to closure of your favorite food trucks. it's seeking food trucks within 15 feet of california schools might need to be closed down.
6:41 pm
the bill is gaining support from advocates to get students to eat healthier. critics say it will put food trucks out of business by limiting where they're able to operate. okay o. get a good look at this. is that a giant hamster in there? no. it's bob. our own bob redell in a bubble. he's having some fun today inside the bubble rollers at the travel and adventure show in santa clara. he seems a little hamster-like. the show is going on at the convention center this weekend. there will be experts to help you plan your getaways. it has fun like zip lining, rock climb being and the famed bubble rolling. travel and adventure show is tomorrow from 10 to 5 and 11 to 4 on sunday ant at the convention center. that actually looks fun. >> looks like a blast. >> what's our nbc policy for safety? >> none. >> there isn't anything. >> you've seen me do a lot of that stuff. >> it's true.
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>> when bob passes up on it, that's how i get to do it. bob is the man. >> we got a holiday weekend. take us away. >> we have showers tracking on the radar. the golden gate bridge is live. we'll let you know about the best chance to get any kind of raindrops in a few minutes. from hockey to horse racing, we've got a little bit of everything in sports. the warriors and sharks both on the road tonight. we'll have your highlights, plus giants, pitchers and catchers report tomorrow. we'll have the latest from scottsdale next on the xfinity sports desk. d-pressurizes so you can breathe. a fast, non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. allegra-d. d-fense against allergy congestion.
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you don't need a lot of time but you need a chunk of money. getting rid of the belly weight. the new noninvasive way to do it. >> marianne favro shows us the ultrasound treatment that can zap that fat in just an hour. >> why is it that despite hours in the gym we just can't get rid of the stubborn stomach fat. this ultrasound device may help. dermatologist, dr. vick in san francisco is using it on patients to zap fat cells. >> this is high intensity focused ultrasound, it's very precise. goes about a centimeter and a half beneath the surface and
6:45 pm
targets the fat. >> the fat cells are eliminated by your own body in the next six to 12 weeks. then they're gone for good. >> the biggest advantage of liep he sonics is once it's killed, it won't come back. those cells are approved. >> it's not a weight loss tools. it's designed for people close to their ideal body weight wanting to shrink thar their stomach and love handles. most patients need medication to help them relax. >> it definitely warms up by tolerable. >> it takes between six and 12 weeks. >> these before and after photos which makes liep owe sonics show noticeable results. they report losing one and a half inches from their stomach. it helps to tighten the skin also. >> it costs between $3,000 and $4,000. most patients only need one session. patients we talked to who tried the ultrasound treatment say it's worth the investment to finally kiss belly fat goodbye.
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in san francisco, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. just like that, huh? >> something to ponder. let's turn things over to jeff. it's feels like bikini weather outside almost. >> when you see my seven-day forecast. a few of you might be looking for the by kip bikinis or shorts. temperatures jump ten degrees from today. we had 65 in san jose. also a few upper 60s from gilroy into liver more. 65 in redwood city. as the radar scans, it's dry over the 250-mile range. to the north, we're tracking a few showers across eureka. here's the problem. it's only dropping .01 to .02 near eureka. not much moister left. do we think we'll get a few showers out of this? there is a potential but it's not going to be anything large as we head throughout the next
6:47 pm
12 hours. 57 in sunnyville. also tracking 50 in oakland much the cooler numbers across the peninsula, due to the on shore flow and the marine layer stacking up to 1,000 feet this afternoon. for tomorrow, little bit of drizzle possible early in the morning. throughout the weekend, the thing that most -- the cooler air out there. plenty of sunshine in between some breaks to cloud cover. high pressure going to fade that produced the record setting heat. what will be tracking is this cool front draping across mainly the next 18 to 24 hours and moving off to the south. possibly drizzle in the overnight hours and as we head throughout sunday, another chance at showers late on in the evening. as far as your futurecast goes, you'll see what i mean. we're not talking about a lot of rainfall. cloud cover continuing to increase. looking at clouds in the east bay, south bay peninsula. we may see a little bit of a shower triggered down in the south bay. still may see isolated drizzle for the coastline.
6:48 pm
as far as widespread consistent rainfall, it's not going to happen with this storm system. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, a chance of very isolated showers and also the potential of drizzle. here's the great thing on your saturday. the first day of the weekend, we expect sunny skies throughout 3:00 p.m. for tomorrow morning, not as cold as it has been. 43 in santa rosa. 46 in santa cruz. also trending in the mid 40s back for liver more and the valley. the cloud cover moving in right now, it's just a little bit. for tomorrow, we'll go down in terms of your numbers to 60 in san jose. 58 in pa low alto. over to the east bay, pleasanton, blackhawk, castro valley, 59. 58 in hayward and 57 in alameda. across the peninsula, mid to upper 50s tomorrow. starting off cloudy with the marine layer. the sun will breakthrough by the afternoon. santa rosa to 51. small craft advisory. waves could top seven feet.
6:49 pm
on that seven hi-day forecast. still sun saturday and sunday. a chance of drizzle late on sunday night and a few sprinkles possible on monday. jessica was talking about by kin a weather. is it going to happen? look at this. i don't know. low 70s seems good. pretty warm in the sun. need the spf 30 or better heading into wednesday and thursday, looks like the warmest day of the week with low 70s inland. widespread low 70s. we may be trending towards mid 70s. where we could have a string of record setting highs. so it's not so unusual. how warm we have been. it's definitely not where we should be. >> february the middle of winter. >> thanks, jeff. let's get to sports. the really smiling going into a holiday weekend. >> henry. >> henry wofford. >> you have time off, henry? >> i don't. if i did, i would be happier
6:50 pm
than i am right now. any time i'm working with you two, i'm ready to roll with the punches. >> take it away. >> we'll talk with you in a second. how about sports, with march around the corner, it's time for the kings of the diamond to grab their mitts and cleats. baseball is back. and not a moment too soon. take a look at this beautiful shot of arizona. san francisco giants and oakland a's. pitchers and catchers report for spring training tomorrow. the diamonds and arizona are in perfect position. today bruce boech i said brian wilson will not see any game before march 10th. wilson battled an elbow injury last season. to basketball now. warriors on the run in oklahoma city against the always tough thunder. first quarter, russell west brook. how about going down the lane and flushing it with two hands. 15-8 thunder. second quarter, an offensive rebound. bounce to johnson who has been on fire lately. easy bucket for him.
6:51 pm
warriors, 30-24. up by 6 at that point. but the thunder would catch by durant for the jam. thunder up big 82-65 in the third peert. knicks and jeremy lin taking on the hornets at madison square garden. looking for their eighth consecutive win. tough night for lin-sanity. committing bad turnovers. he's human after all. hits the jumper and the shot clock expires right here. new orleans up 27-13. second quarter, nix cut into the lead. the sanford product, new york down just two at that point. right now they're trailing by ten in the third period. to the ice, sharks, hurricanes dominate more. third period, sharks down 2-0. dan boyle. he wants to make some noise. put it in the net. sharks within one. later in the third, sharks putting the pressure on.
6:52 pm
finds brent burns. he scores. we're tied at two. however they add a game winner midway into the third. sharks lose 3-2 is your final. how about horse racing. tomorrow's el camino roy ale derby. nine colts and one philly trying to move towards the kentucky derby. could become the first filly to win this ce. the jockey riding is russell bays. >> i'm just a competitive guy. i like to win. you know, whether it's horse races or cards or games with the kids, whatever. i just like to win. >> he's marvelous, a marvelous athlete and has lasted so long and been on top for so long. >> russell bays, we have one of the great, great athletes of our time. he's won more races than anyone. >> he's so powerful that as a
6:53 pm
kind of a nickel and dime better myself, he throws the odds off of every horse. >> 54 years old and russell bays is great. he's won this one the six of the last seven years. can the veteran beat the young guys? again, the race will be live on comca comcast sports net california. coverage begins at 1:00. former head coach hue jackson joined the cincinnati bengals. raj and jessica, heard you guys talking about that fat treatment. wondering if you're willing to chip in about 2,000 bucks each. help a brother out. $4,000 to get this removed immediately. >> we'll do it for free. do solid jogging this weekend for all of us. >> that's too much work, man. too much. >> have a good weekend. >> you got it. you too. for a full half hour of sports coverage, watch comcast sports net bay area at 10:30. >> we'll be right back.
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this was a nice event today. our own laura garcia cannon in was on the panel of the women and girls summit in san jose. the middle school struggling with achievement ratings invited prominent women from the community to shash their stories. the mentors explained what it was like for them in middle school and how they preserved and what experiences helped to shape their professional careers. laura enjoying herself and helping a lot of kids today. coming up tonight at 11:00.
6:57 pm
their first date ended with a kiss but the east bay never thought they would share it in the back of a police car. the couple on a first date and when saying good night, robbed at gunpoint. luckily, no one was hurt. but something they took led police to them. tonight at 11:00, you won't believe what officers found and how it could affect a number of other people here in the bay area. our local news coverages continue with garvin thomas. >> nice to see you. >> do brent cannon proud. >> we will. tonight, diversity in higher education. csu leaders are taking information about applying to colleges to churches on sunday. we'll talk about what's being done to get minorities to apply. plus, this weekend marks the seventh anniversary of the law that send thousands to interment camps. the day of remembrance and one san francisco video game company gets a lot of it. comcast channel 186, right?
6:58 pm
>> that's the place. see you in a few minutes. hope to see you back here at 11 o'clock. >> bye bye.
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