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tv   Today  NBC  February 18, 2012 5:00am-7:00am PST

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attack averted. federal authorities arrest a man who they say intended glow himself up inside the u.s. capitol. he was on his way there wearing what he thought was a bomb-filled vest when he was stopped by authorities. we'll have the details on the sting operation that may have stopped a suicide bomber. lin some lose some. in a down to the wire nail-biter the knicks' seven-game winning streak came to an end last night. with the linkrezable run over, what will it mean for jeremy
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lin? >> many say good-bye to whitney houston in her hometown. we have the latest on the investigation into her death and how houston and her incredible voice will be remembered, today, sat, february 18, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a saturday. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm amy robach. although whitney houston's funeral is a private one, i'm sure people will be flooding the streets. >> today in newark, new jersey, just across the river, her inner circle remember her as a daughter, mother, sister, and a friend. many in the top names in the entertainment will be at the
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funeral service. >> but as the funeral takes place authoritieses in california are still trying to determine her cause of death. while there's no evidence of foul play, officials are trying to piece together her medical and prescription drug history in order to solve this miss try. also coming up a dramatic trial. a husband is accused of cutting off his wife's air supply while they were scuba diving on their honeymoon, but some witnesses pants a different picture of what happened when that i were under water. we'll have that story coming up as well. then george clooney. he's rich, famous, handsome, successful, and might i say the list goes on and on. so why is one of hollywood's leading men lonely and what keeps him up at night? he spills it all in an in-depth interview. we go inside the mob museum that chronicles the history of organized crime from capone to gady, and some of the exhibits are straight out of central casting. we're going to take you there.
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that was you. >> i was. i was firing the tommy gun. >> we're got a lot to get to. let's start with the arrest of what authorities say is a would-be suicide bomber. the fbi interrupted what they said was a plot to bomb the capitol building in washington. it's a result of a sting operation, one that involve an unusual and troubling twist. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams is live in washington. pete, good morning. >> lester, good morning. federal agents say the man they arrested was so intent on carrying out a terror intent in the u.s. he was actually willing to wear the suicide bomb himself. but as it turns out, never had any explosives. police and fbi ajeblts combed through the home of a 29-year-old man originally from more revoke colorado. amine el khalifi in the washington suburb of alexandria, virginia. he's accused of planning to wear a suicide vest and set it off at the u.s. capitol.
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investigators say he hoped to kill at least 30 people. officials said fbi posing as al qaeda operatives had him under surveillance since early december. at first he wanted to attack ju is synagogues. then he decided his target would be the capitol building, perhaps the underground visitor center likely to be crowded or u.s. senate office building. >> in previous cases we've seen suspects who wanted to detonate a device but do it from a distance. they didn't want to be suicide bombers. in khalifi's case, he wanted to be the martyr. >> a month ago he and undercover agents went to a quarry and set off explosives in kind of a practice run. around noon friday in a parking garage near the capitol, the undercover agents gave him a vest loaded with what he thought were explosives and a gun which turned o out to be inoperable. he was arrested as he walked toward the capitol. >> apparently his intention was
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to shoot capitol police and go in and set off the vest. >> the fbi said it first became interested in el khalifi a year ago after receiving a tip. investigators say it's impossible to know whether he could have pulled this off on his own but they say it's disturbing he was willing to go so far, lester. >> the question is likely to be asked by his attorney at some point, would he have done this had the authorities not set up this elaborate plot. >> right. they'll certainly try to do this entrapment defense, but what the fbi says is all the steps along the way were his idea. he's the one who originally wanted to bomb something in the suburbs of washington, in alexandria, virginia. he's the one who wanted fwom the u.s. capitol. it wu his idea to have a suicide bombing and he even told the undercover operatives, if i go in there and stop me, i want some way that you can remotely set the bomb off in case i can't do it myself. >> all right. pete williams, thank you very much. now here's amy. >> thank you.
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whitney houston's close friends and family will pay tribute to her later today in a private funeral service. we're in newark, new jersey, where the funeral will take place. rehe rehema, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. behind me is the new home baptist church where the private funeral is going to be filled. the seats will be filled with family friends and many celebrities by invitation only. ee ray that frafrmg lynn, a close friend of the family will sing. so will stevie wonder with the gospel choir. clive davis who turned her into a mega star will speak as will kevin costner. zurt will be tight for this funeral. there'll be no elaborate procession for the body from the funeral home to the church which is about a mile and a half distance. it is all part of this family's wish to have what they say will be a very private good-bye to
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whitney. amy? >> and yet so many of her fans want to share and be a part of the ceremony in some way. and i was mentioning erlg ler, i imagine they're going to be trying to flood the streets to get a look to feel like they're close. how close will they be able to get, rehema? >> reporter: not very close. they have sectioned off a six-square-block area around the church making it pretty impossible for fans to get here. many showed up yesterday to show their respects by leaving flowers and notes at the church. but what they're going to allow is one camera inside the church, amy, which will broadcast the service live on the internet. >> all right. rehema ellis in newark, thank you so much. and now here's lester. now to a story we normally would be talking about in the summer, but here it is mid-february and we're talking the rising cost of gas. experts predict the prices aet the pump could jump to $5 a gallon in some cities by the summer. what does that mean to consumers?
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c cnbc correspondent sharon epperson is outside a gas station. what kind of prices are we talking about now? >> reporter: we're talking the highest prices ever seen in february. here at this gas station near westchester county, near $4 a gallon. what we're seeing across the country is an average $3.54. keep in mind for all of 2011 the average was $3.50. so we're already higher than the average price for all of last year. there's been a wide divergence in prices and that has a lot to do with where you get your gasoline and where you get your oil from. on the coast we're looking at a lot higher prices. california, new york seeing much higher prices than in the middle of the country. if you're talking about colorado, idaho, some prices may be below $3 per gallon. there is a wide divergence in prices and consumers should expect to pay a lot more than they did a year ago. >> you always see this around memorial day because demand goes up. what's driving this hike now?
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>> reporter: well, the high price that we're seeing globally for oil is one of the reasons we're seeing such high prices for gasoline. the other factor is, of course, that we are seeing refineries particularly here on the east coast that have lost some of their refining capacities that have closed town. that is impacting it. but as you say, we normally see lower prices now. prices rise as we head into memorial day and climb again toward the end of the year. that's why many are predicting we're going to see much higher prices, perhaps some cities well above $4 a gallon in the summer months. >> we saw the graphic where the price is neil $5 in some cities. does this have the potential, sharon, to knock this economic recovery off the rails? >> reporter: well, it ooh whaes the experts call demand construction. eventually people are going to stop driving as much because the prices are going to be too high for them. that is certainly something that could potentially slow this economic recovery considerably. we're already seeing the gasoline demand in this country
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is down about 5% to 7% from where it was a year ago. so even at $3.50 a gallon on average, people are saying this is a bit too much, we're not going to drive as much. and if it continues, yes, it will certainly kinder the economic recovery. >> certainly very disturbing expectations and predictions. sharon epperson. thanks so much. once again, here's amy. they look ahead to two key primaries. polls show rick santorum continues to surge, this as he steals a key romney endorsement. melissa harris-perry is a professor at tulane and hosting a show making its debut on msnbc this morning. good morning, melissa. lots to get to today. we know that republican presidential hopeful rick santorum stole mike dewine from mitt romney. how significant is that? >> it matters. not because of the endorsement
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itself. they don't make it or break it one way or the other, but it really is kind of a key indicator of the fact that santorum, who most of us had written off a really long time ago, sort of when the google thing happened, is, in fact, a real candidate at this point. >> that's right. is he now a viable contender? >> the real issue for him is money and organization. the answer is maybe. if, in fact, he can turn this momentum into organization, if he can turn it into fund-raising capacity, then, yes, he's a real candidate. >> let's talk michigan. romney's home state and now it looks like with that momentum, rick santorum is right up there. what happens if mitt loses michigan? >> mitt has everything to lose in michigan, even with santorum having everything to win. if mitt romney loses to michigan, that's the end of thinks he's inevitable. you know, romney is certainly
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more of the formidable candidate. you don't want to meet romney if you're the obama administration but santorum has a kind of folkscy way of connecting with the voters that president obama has. i think there's a way he can be a real challenge. but because he's so much farther to the right. there's less likely he can get the moderate swing voters. >> where's gingrich? he's gone. >> don't assume he's gone. he'll be back in a minute. >> religion, birth control making headlines, that's not good news for rick santorum. >> yes, it has residence in these primaries but these are not winning points in the general election. >> congratulations, by the way. welcome to the msnbc/nbc family. your show makes its debut this morning. what do you cover? >> all kinds of things. you've got to tune in. it's going to be fun. >> huge tease, big tease. you can catch more of melissa this morning.
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let's get more headlines from richard lui over at the news desk. president obama finally scoring a win. under a bill passed on friday, workers will continue to get a 2% increase in their paycheck. workers out of work for more than six months will keep their checks. here's a look inside the troubled country from nbc's bill neely. >> reporter: syria says this isn't a civil war. well, it certainly looks like one as rebel troops battle regular soldiers more and more. syria's army is swamping half a dozen towns and cities. this is homs. bombarded with mortar for a 13th straight day. houses collapsing, hundreds dead. the u.n. on a road to nowhere.
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passing resolutions but powerless to stop this destruction. syria's third city looking every inch a war zone. and this war is beginning to look like iraq with roadside bombs targeting tanks. but there's a price to pay for the games of the revolution. these young men, the latest to be arrested by troops in damasc damascus. in the neighborhood where we filmed them protesting just four days ago. this battle now in its 12th month is a civil war by any standard, and it's steepening. 22 archbishops are named cardinals today at a ceremony in vatican city. we're there live with wnbc's david usher. and good morning to you, david. >> reporter: with a ceremony steeped in tradition and marked by solemn yu colorful pageantry,
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the pope named 22 cardinals. they're regarded as the princes of the church. those under the age of 80 at the time of the poach's death are eligible to vote for the pope's successor. one getting a lot of attention, archbishop dolan. serving as president of the u.s. conference of catholic bush ops. the other cardinal elevated. formerly the archbishop of baltimore, focused on the holy man. richard? >> thank you. the ncaacp awarding were given out to celebrate the achievements of black entertainers in hollywood. "the help." jennifer hudson went home with the album of the year for "i remember me." then the jeremy lin and the new york knicks. their sensational run ended friday night. they lost to the new orleans hornet who are tied for the second worst record in the nba.
5:16 am
the harvard grad scored 26 points but coughed up a record nine turnovers in an 89-85 loss in front of a sold out madison square garden. that's the news. back to lester, amy, and bill. >> how quick are we to right him off? all right. it's over. no more talk of linsanity. >> bill karins has got our first check of the forecast. good morning. >> good morning. i'm back with another spring forecast. that's been the theme all winter long. we have flash flood watches and even some warnings in areas of east texas all the way through the deep south. all the yellows and reds on this map are the strong thunderstorms and heavy rain, especially through the houston/beaumont/port arthur areas. we're expecting 2 to 3 inches of rain across the northeast. it's going to be a washout for your weekend plans. it's going to be slow moving. this will not be a nor'easter. it's going to safely push off to
5:17 am
the south, sparing areas like new here's a look at some of the weather headlines this morning. low clouds, drizzle and possibly some light showers early in the day. then by lunch time, we'll see our skies clear, things turn breezy as we go hour by hour. the temperatures you'll see as we head towards noon. low 60s out toward solona and contra costa county. we warm up big-time, 70s inland, middle part of the week. lester? thanks. a dutch prince is recovering from serious injuries this morning after being buried under and avalanche. as nbc's duncan golasta anyi reports he was taking part in a popular royal pastime. >> reporter: it's long been the winter playground for european royalty from charles and dinah and william and indicate.
5:18 am
the british areas of in switzerland. each year queen buy trix vacations there. he's in the hospital after being buried in an avalanche. his condition described as stable but not out of danger. the result was on hiort was on . the prince well knows the area since having vacationed there since childhood. he was skiing on irregular trails and unmarked paths. he was quickly buried in 100 feet of snow. this rescuer says the prince was dug out 20 minutes after he was cover and given first aid. he said that was a good size. there's his wife mabel.
5:19 am
their wedding failed tradition because they failed to ask parliament for permission to marry. i >> it turns out mabel had a rocky time in school. >> reporter: since then the family has lived quietly in london, but for now they gather in a austrian hospital hoping for the prynneince's recovery. the french are renowned for their wine, cheese, and culture, but could they also serve as role models for parenting. one author says wee. here's stephanie gosk. >> reporter: trouble with the kids, won't wait, won't listen, woekt eat their vegetables? emily druckerman says the solution may be as easy as just copy the french. >> the whole idea of parenting
5:20 am
where you have a firm frame, the certain rules are fixed and firm but inside the frame you have total freedom. >> reporter: rule number one. there aren't just two magic words, please and thank you. there are four. hello and good-bye are just as important. >> they say children are naturally very selfish and narcissistic in saying hello to an adult makes them realize that others exist, others have needs. >> reporter: which leads to other central themes in druckerman's book. in france, children are not the center of the u.s., the opposite of what typically i happens in the u.s. say american mothers. >> the child becomes the family structure and everyone follows the structure of the child. >> would you eat with your fork? >> otherwise you look like a savage. >> reporter: from infancy the children learn to adapts to adults. druckerman says most babies sleep through the night by the time they're 3 months old
5:21 am
because parents don't immediately run to the crib after every women per. it's something she called the pause. >> it's not because the mothers are in any way less interested in the kids. to the converse, they're extremely involved. >> reporter: reaction to druckerman's book is mixed. >> i believe in the discipline, but you also have to have, you know, in moderation. you have to have a balance with, you know, just being joyful and being innocent. >> reporter: druckerman says there's still room within the rules for kids to be kids. >> hey, joey, what do you prefer, cheese or cake? >> cake. >> cake. i'm in your camp. >> reporter: the rules just make the growing up process a bit smoother for everyone. for "today," stephanie gosk, nc news, paris. still to come, was it a 00 moon scuba diving accident or a
5:22 am
murder for money? the case against an alabama husband. but first this is "today" on nbc. ♪
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we're going to tell you where things stand in the investigation of whitney houston's death. was prescription medication a fak, to or did she have an underlying health condition? and las vegas cashes in on its mafia legacy. we go inside the mob museum that chronicles the history of organized crime from capone to gady. but first these messages.
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this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. looking live at the golden gate bridge. one of your alternates now that the bay bridge is closed for that construction project. a little bit of moisture in the air. thanks so much for joining us on this saturday morning. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. >> really light stuff falling this morning. it is enough to wet the ground in a few areas. 40 degrees in santa rosa. not too chilly out there. a lot of clouds to start out the morning. strong onshore breeze. as the moisture rises over the hilltops you get a drizzle
5:27 am
storm. at least that's what we're see something some pa in some parts of the bay area. around lunch time, clearing from north to south. breezy and cool as we wrap up the weekend. courtesy of the system you see right there. just the outer fringe of it swinging through the bay area, bringing up the onshore winds and bringing out a little drizzle toll start the day. temperatures close to 60 san jose, upper 50s and low 60s around fairfield and pittsburgh. for san francisco and the coast it will feel quite cool as the winds pick up today. highs in the mid to upper 50s. the holiday weekendç looks faiy cool. good news for the bay bridge construction. any rain will be light, won't last long. middle part of next week, we're talking 70s coming back for your seven-day forecast. >> that's what caltrans was hoping for. >> indeed. you'll want to be extra vigilant about locking your doors especially if you live in san mateo county.
5:28 am
they specifically have been hit hard by opportunistic thieves breaking into homes when people are aware. thieves posing as paintsers have been hitting homes in alarming numbers. more than 60 break-ins in just two months. one of the neighborhood watch leaders says she is alarmed at the number of holmberg larrys and residents should stop taking their safety for granted. >> i myself have taken my safety for granted. it's something we need to be aware of and be aware of who's around you at all times. >> police are hoping that the neighborhood watches in all of the surveillance video they might have will help catch the burglars. getting around the bay area will be tougher for you this presidents' day weekend. the westbound lanes of the bay bridge are closed. look right now at the bridge. all westbound lanes on the upper deck blocked off at this hour to make room for caltrans. it looks strange, completely dark. workers are repaving and restriping some of the feeder
5:29 am
lanes on the bridge. once that's done, they can demolish a segment that's blocking the path where the brand new bridge will stand. caltrans expected to re-open all westbound lanes by 5:00 in the morning on tuesday if all goes according to plan. we'll keep an eye on that. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," family and friends gather to say good-bye to pop queen whitney houston. we'll have the latest in a live report coming up at 7:00. plus, the service will be live streamed starting at 9:00 pacific time this morning. we'll show you where you can watch it, coming up in 30 minutes. all the days news coming up at 7:00.
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and we're back on this saturday morning, february 18, 2012. you're looking at the church, the site of whitney houston's funeral, scheduled to take place in just a few hours. it's the same place where she performed as a child in front of her family and her community. back inside studio 1a, i'm amy robach alongside lester holt. coming up this next half hour, remembering whitney houston. >> it was exactly a week ago that the superstar was found
5:31 am
dead in the beverly hilton hotel room. a lot of questions are still unanswered. coming up, we'll bring you the latest on the investigation into her death. and then it's being called the lacrosse murder trier. former lacrosse player george huguely is on trial for killing his former girlfriend yeardley love. after an emotional two weeks including huguely's taped interrogation and the former couple in happier times, the jury may get the case by the end of this weekend. we'll be live in virginia with the very latest. and on a lighter note, he's one of hollywood's leading men. we're talking about george clooney. but for all his fame and fortune, the suave star still has troubles like everyone el. the oscar winner spills it all in a new interview. details coming up. we begin this half hour with the murder testimony of gabe watson. he's accused of drowning his wife in a skub ba diving honey moochblt we have the details.
5:32 am
>> he physically took a tiny bit of a backward movement and he said, what do you mean? i said, gabe, that's bull [ bleep ]. >> reporter: he said he confronted the accused minutes after his wife died. watson told him he couldn't hold her any longer and had too let go. mils milsap, an expert scuba diver, testified it didn't make sense. he heard his own voice describing how his 26-year-old wife drowned. this photo taken by another diver accidentally captured tina's body on the ocean floor. watch as defense claims tina panicked, knocked off her husband's mask and tank as he tried to help her and that the equipment was dragging her down. so watson was forced to let her go and swim up for air. but prosecutors paint a different picture claiming watson an experienced diver planned to turn off her air
5:33 am
supply and hold her under water. >> we can't imagine every day what thoughts were going through tina's mind as he was killing her. >> reporter: a witness testified he saw watson holding his wife under water for a few seconds before letting go. >> i thought he was trying to save her. then they split apart. he went to the surface, and after they split apart, she sank. >> reporter: prosecutors say watson killed his wife to cash in on her life and travel insurance. >> it has to be that the time hoe was marrying her he planned to kill her for a couple hundred,000 in proceeds. that kind of theory and motive is not going to be an easy sell for a jury. >> reporter: he pled to nemgt manslaughter. he served 18 months before being extradited to alabama where prosecutors say he planned the murder of his bride. for today, lilliana luciano, nbc news. all right. it's time now for another check of your saturday forecast.
5:34 am
and bill karins, it is february, right? >> it's supposed to be. it's supposed to be winter too. we extended fall and go straight into spring. as far as what we're dealing with now today and right through this presidents' day weekend, it's nothing too dramatic. we're actually in a drought down there. it's actually beneficial. in the northwest you had rain showers gou through yesterday, showers into today and sunday. not a lot of sunshine for our friends in the pacific northwest. we're kind of cool in a few spots in the middle of the country, but even by these standards it's not all that bad. good saturday morning to you. we're waking up to drizzle. lots of clouds and a little bit of light rain around some of the coastal hilltops. clearing around lunch time today and we will see the winds pick up out of the northwest. you can see right there on the satellite, the system bringing us the clouds for the morning. cooler, drier air will sweep in behind it. this will lead to clearing later today.
5:35 am
tomorrow, looks cooler, partly cloudy, slight chance of showers monday. high pressure builds in an an early spring preview. middle part of the week, inland highs in the 70s. hour-by-hour forecast, you can get it at i promise you gierks sooner or later i vel a winter forecast. >> it's okay. >> we're not really complaining. >> like the last week of march. >> bill, thank you. still ahead we're going to have the latest on whitney houston's death as family and friends gather in her hometown to say good-bye to the sp star. and from ga d-d i and capone, we'll take you inside the museum of the history of organized crime. who owns an adjustable version ncer ] of the most highly recommended bed in america? ask me about my tempur advanced ergo. goes up. ask me what it's like to get a massage anytime you want. goes down. [ male announcer ] tempurpedic brand owners are more satisfied than owners of any traditional mattress brand. ergonomics.
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how lyrica affects you. with less pain, i'm feeling better now that i've found lyrica. ask your doctor if lyrica is right for your fibromyalgia pain. welcome back. in the week since whitney houston died at only 48 years of age, the cause of her death remains a mystery. and while there's no evidence at all of a crime, officials in los angeles are trying to piece together the sincer's medical and prescription drug history in hopes of solving the mystery. nbc's mike taibbi has the latest from los angeles. >> reporter: the coroner's office has not listed a cause of death yet. that won't happen until the results of toxicology tests come back weeks from now. but late this week subpoenas were issued for whitney houston's medical and prescription drug records. >> if she's been under the care of a private physician for something, then they would want to know and talk with him about
5:39 am
what was he treating her for. >> reporter: two days before her death, houston sang publicly for the last time during a pre-grammy's party. but afterward she looked disheveled, and witnesses said seemed disoriented, leaving many to question in the aftermath of her death whether she resumed her long struggle with substance abuse. the core nr's office confirmed prescription pill bottles were found in her hotel sweet but not in amounts that by themselves would amount to her death. >> sources are tells us they included antianxiety medication and sleeping pills. we just don't know the combinations of thing. look. she could have had an underlying medical condition that together with the injection of prescription drugs or other substances could have led to her death. >> reporter: houston had been seen leaving this bever liles
5:40 am
medical office twice before her death. they're trying to piece together her complete medical and prescription history. >> the cause of death is deferred and there will be an ongoing investigation. >> reporter: not a criminal investigation, just the answers sought by houston's family and her fans worldwide how and why at just 48 years of age her life ended and whether her death could have been prevented. for today, mike taibbi, nbc news, los angeles. >> alicia korls is a global correspondent for the "associated press." she's near the new hope baptist church. i think there's a lot of effort now to piece together the last couple of days of whitney houston's life. we know that at one point she interrupted clievg davis as he was having a meeg with sinners brandi and monica. there were reports she was at the pool perhaps drinking. what have you learned about
5:41 am
those last days? >> reporter: we're hearing completely conflicting reports. when i got to los angeles sources say, hey, whitney looks bad. you guys had better be on high alert. something's going on here. then i talked to kelly price and kenny latimore. she's the last person she performed with. she said, no, she wasn't high, she wasn't on drugs. she was sober and in good spirits so it seems like her friends and family are saying one thing and other sources are saying something completely different. >> we're also hearing terribling accounts of her daughter bobbi kristina. how was she doing before all th this. >> >> reporter: she had a hard upbringing with two parents who were substance abusers. she had to grow up fast. she wasn't doing that great before all of this and then your mother dies and the whole world is watching you. she's not doing well. i heard that from a very close source. >> we reported a moment ago prescription drugs found in the hotel room. they've got to do toxicology
5:42 am
tests. what's the time line of the results? >> reporter: we heard the results are going to be rushed. typically i they take six to eight weeks. they could be as faw as three weeks. you've got to wonder, was it some deadly combination? what exactly happened? everybody wants to know. >> a lot of people have opinions. some people suggest that bobby brown was the source of whitney's troubles. al roker sat down with aretha thank lin. i want to play what she had to say and then we'll continue on. >> i don't have an opinion about that, i just don't. you would have to have lived with them and ben with them on a leg basis. it's just best to be quiet and stay out of it. >> well, alicia, what aretha says makes a lot of sense. what do you make of that? >> reporter: hit it spot on. at the end of the day, nobody can force you to take something. you know, addiction is in your dna. you make choices in life.
5:43 am
she and bobby hadn't been together since 2007, yet she still had these issues. he may have introduced her to it but he didn't force her and he's certainly cleaned himself up. >> only a few reporters are being allowed aet the funeral. you're one of them. what do you expect? >> reporter: only a few of us are allowed in. i looked at the preview. it ooh going to be emotional. it's going to be difficult. the church hold 1,500 people. i think all eyes are going to be on bobby christina and our hearts go out to her. >> alicia korls, good talking with you. thanks so much. >> reporter: thank you. >> we're back after these messages. light as air.
5:44 am
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5:47 am
>> reporter: he worked for mob boss tony as an enforcer and hit man before he became a government witness. >> of course, i look over my shoulder, but i am a changed man. >> reporter: now his story is one of hundreds the public can learn more about here at the mob museum in las vegas. >> it's really kind of a tough gritty world and that's what we've tried to show it at the museum. >> reporter: spanning three floors the museum tells the history of the organized crime from ka pope to segal, gotti and beyond. the museum's goal is to showcase both sides of the long and bloody battle between the mob and the law enforcement. >> this is the chair where albert anastasia was getting a haircut and a shave. >> reporter: kur ththis curator me a tour. this is the infamous wall of the
5:48 am
valentine's massacre. they were lined up. over 70 rounds shot at these men. >> when you see this wall as a curator, what does it represent? >> it represent add huge moment in history but it also hits home the violence that goes with this world of organized crime and the mob. >> reporter: this courthouse is considered the ultimate artifact, built back in 1933 it was just one of 14 u.s. courthouses used back in the early 1950s to expose organized crime. the actual courtroom where the actually hearings took place has been restored. >> wow, it looks like the courtroom as i knew it. >> reporter: the mob museum was the brainchild of former mayor oscar goodman who spent years defending his clients in this very courthouse. >> reporter: why is it important to have this museum and have it here? >> i said to myself, what makes us different than any other place and it dawned on me, the little light bulb went on, the
5:49 am
mob. i said we're going to have a mob museum and it took off. both sides are going to be accurately portrayed. there won't be any glory fi indication. >> reporter: do you have a certain exhibit that stands out the best as you walk through? >> of me. i love to have my briefcase where i used to leave town. it was always empty and when i came back, it was full of cash. wit as wonderful thing. >> reporter: in addition to thousands of artifacts there's also a section dedicated to hollywood and there's plenty of interactive exhibits to take part in from firing a tommy gun to standing in a police lineup to listening to actual wire taps. retired fbi agent who is now friends with the ex-mobster he protected believes this museum will help visitors understand the whole truth and nothing but the truth. >> it does not fwlam orrize organized crime,ky guarantee you that. in fact, it shows you the evils of organized crime. >> reporter: and after years of being on opposite sides of the law, both men are betting the
5:50 am
mob museum will be a big hit in las vegas. >> the reality of what the mob and policemen that pursued us, it's all here. there's no b.s. over here. this is where it's at. >> and it's really great walking through the halls of that courthouse because you get a sense of, as we said in the piece, how violent the mob was. and at first they were beloved because, hey, they were providing alcohol during prohibition and then it turned violent and got really ugly. you just see the progression of what happened. >> it's interesting. that would be a negative for a lot of cities. but that's a case of, you know what? own it, and that's what they've done. >> and learn from it perhaps. forget swimming with dolphins. watch what happens when a couple of teens actually surf with them. but first this is "today" on nbc. ♪
5:51 am
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this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. looking live at the golden gate bridge. a little more traffic there because folks are detouring around the bay bridge, upper deck is closed. we'll talk about that later this morning. thanks for joining us on this saturday morning, i'm kris sanchez along with rob mayeda. >> it's been lucky, given how dry the winter has been so far to have this weekend all the rain show up, probably not a good thing. we'll see drizzle, enough to make the roadway damp at times.
5:57 am
by the afternoon, dry, northwesterly winds. the system is crossing over the bay area, mostly cloudy skies to start and breezy. the temperatures you'll see, the afternoon, then clearing around 1:00. you can see that sweeping away from the bay area. our temperatures should climb into the upper 50s to low 60s. we'll see them right around 1:00 this afternoon and cooling as we head into tonight. tomorrow, temperaturewise, cooler, one more chance of a few showers, late sunday into early monday and a dry and much warmer week ahead. 60s on the coast, 70s inland headed our way, starting around wednesday and thursday. >> this was supposed to be ski week for a lot of schools. >> the temperatures really warming up next week. >> change it to beach week. new this morning, concord police are investigating a large boom possibly in the area of mt. diablo high school. this was reported from just
5:58 am
before 11:00 last night. the explosion was reported to police. witnesses say they saw a large cloud of smoke. no injuries were reported and they could not find the source of the explosion. a caltrans driver is recovering after losing control on a windy south bay cliffside. this is video of rescue along mt. hamilton road in san jose. caltrans worker was driving yesterday afternoon when somebody reportedly cut him off, sending his vehicle more than 50 feet down this embankment. the driver was trapped inside the truck. fire crews managed to repel down the hillside and hoist them to safety. >> our crews successfully went down there, stabilized the vehicle, because it was unstable and unsafe for us to get to the patient. we were able to package the patient and bring him out successfully. >> fire crews say the driver was alert and oriented. upon being rescued he was air
5:59 am
lifted to a local hospital and is expected to be okay. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," family and friends will gather to say good-bye to pop queen whitney houston. we'll with the latest in a live report from new jersey at 7:00. plus, the service will be live streamed starting at 9:00 pacific time this morning. you can watch it on our website, and of course, our big local story, the closure of the bay bridge that might reroute your weekend and holiday plans. all of the details you need to know, coming up for you right here at 7:00.
6:00 am
well, well, well, welcome to "today," the 18th day of february, 2012. we've got a great crowd with us on the plaza. our thanks for fans spending part of their holiday weekend, presidents' day weekend with us. welcome out on o plaza. i'm lester holt along with amy robach. this lady reminded me. you were on my plane. was i snoring? >> no. you were reading the paper. >> 6:00 in the morning. great to have you.
6:01 am
just wanted to say hi. anyway, coming up, we're going to be talking about the whitney houston service that's going on across the river in newark. >> that's right. about 1,00 family and friends will show up at the new hope baptist church. we're going to talk about what to expect and who's expected to attend. we'll head live to newark in just a few moments. and huguely is in trial. he's accused of killing his girlfriend yeardley love after two weeks of testimony regarding their tumultuous loin. the jury could get the case as soon as tonight. so we're going to get some legal perspective on that. all right. we're also get knowing one of hollywood's leading men a little bit better. george clooney is opening up about the differences between his private life and public image. there's one topic he said he won't talk about. find out what he's keeping under wraps. >> we'll talk about what he
6:02 am
won't talk about. let's get another check of the news headlines. richard lui of nbc is here. good morning. >> good morning, lester and amy. the f bii has interrupted a plot to bomb the capitol building. pete williams tells us about a sting operation involving an unusual and troubling twist. >> reporter: police and fbi agents combed through the home of a 29-year-old man originally from morocco amine el khalifi in the suburbs of alexandria, virginia. he was planning to wear a suicide vest and sit it off at the u.s. capitol. investigators say he hoped to kill at least 30 people. officials say fbi agents posing as all kai da operatives were watching him since early december. at first he said he wanted to attack a jewish synagogue or restaurant. then his target was the capitol building, programmes the new underground visitor center likely to be crowded with
6:03 am
tourists on a weekday afternoon or the senate office building. >> in previous cases we saw suspects who wanted to detonate a device but do it from a distance. they didn't want to be a suicide bomber. in khalifi's case, he wanted to be the martyr. >> reporter: a month ago he and agents went to west virginia to a quarry for a practice run. on friday in a parking garage near the capitol, the undercover fbi agents gave him a vest which he thought was filled with explosives and a gun which was inoperable. he walked toward ta capitol. >> his intention was to shoot police outside the capital and the entrance of the capitol and go inside and set off the vest. >> pete williams, thank you for that. the usually deadlocked congress agreed to a deal. that deal was worth about $4 a week to most workers. this is widely seen as a re-election campaign win for
6:04 am
president obama who campaigned for the extension. he celebrated at boeing near seattle. >> it got done. this is a big deal. and i want to thank members of congress for listening to the voice of the american people. it is amazing what happens when congress focuses on doing the right thing instead of just playing politics. >> well, president obama's expected to sign the measure into law shortly after he returns from a west coast fund-raising trip. republican governor chris christie kept his vow on friday. he vetoed the law on same sex marriage. no state has ever approved same sex marriage in a referendum. a dramatic fire, towering flames and thick black smoke shot into the sky. no word on a cause or extent of damage, but at least 100 workers at the bp facility were safely evacuated there. recall-plagued
6:05 am
johnson & johnson is pulling off infant grade grape tylenol off the shelves. the infant is footnote but half the bottles may not be. some say the new device falls into the bottle making measuring more difficult. linsanity has filed for a li linvestment. shirts, caps, jerseys, you name it. let's head back outside to left ter on the plaza. what about the others? we've got the linderella story and his favorite super lintendo. >> it's smart for him to try to cash in on it as long as they continue winning. bill karins is outside with a check on the forecast. >> you guys get a little credit. who's this eighth grade team?
6:06 am
>> corning new york bulldogs. >> basketball team? >> yeah. >> good luck the rest of the season. you're probably toward the playoffs. let's talk about this winter forecast, a tiny winter forecast. we're talking areas of kentucky, virginia, mountains of virginia, north carolina. a possibility of a couple inches of snow, especially the higher you are in elevation. even areas of kentucky could get a little snow. this is the a reason the country has seen no snow. it may be a well come little surprise especially on a holiday weekend. won't affect too many people's school or work plan. down the gulf coast, that's the worst weather by far. that's where we're around the bay area this morning, we're seeing drizzle but in the sierra we're seeing a little bit of snow coming down. this system will push most of the moisture to the east of the bay area. we have clouds to start off your day. we turn partly cloudy later on this afternoah with gradual clearing. wexpeer eecng an e inch of two or snow in the high country.
6:07 am
mainly above 5,500 feet. cooler conditions for tomorrow. monday, a few early showers and a big warmup for the middle part of the week. >> eland, the north and south high school. a bunch of good-looking kids. back to you, amy. >> all right, bill. thank you. whitney houston's family is gathering today for her funeral that will feature some very big names in the entertainment world, this after a private viewing yesterday. nbc's rehema ellis is outside the newark, new jersey, church where whitney's funeral will be held. rehema, good morning. >> reporter: good morning again, amy. according to the family's wishes police have closed several streets around the church so there's no public fanfare here as the family says good-bye to whitney. late friday afternoon whitney houston's daughter and mother arrived at the funeral home for a private viewing of the body. only family and close friends
6:08 am
like clive davis, who discovered houston and made her a star, and her cousin dionne warwick, were on the guest list. the funeral for the 48-year-old singer who soared to greatness will be held in a modest church where she first sang as a child. the invitation-only service at new hope baptist church in newark is not being called a funeral but instead a home going, a common reference in the african-american community. the church that seats about 1,500 will be packed. kevin costner, her co-star in the movie "the bodyguard" is expected to speak. alicia keys, brandi, tyler perry are also reportedly among those on the guest list. stevie wonder and aretha franklyn will sing. >> it's not going to be easy, i can tell you that. it's not going to be easy.
6:09 am
but cissy asked me to and i'm going to try to do my best. >> reporter: fans have left candles, bloalloons, and flower outside the church. this is the closest they'll get to her to say their good-byes. >> i think they'll remember her in her glory. >> i felt i wanted to be here and acknowledge whitney as a great performer and a classy lady. >> reporter: today her fans celebrate her extraordinary voice, a voice that didn't just target the heartstrings. it grabbed hold of them and yanked heart in life and now in death. ♪ i look to you >> reporter: she'll be buried where her father is buried but sources tell nbc news they're insisting they will not say exactly when that burial will happen.
6:10 am
amy? >> all right. rehema ellis, thank you. access hollywood sean robinson had the last one-on-one interview with whitney houston just a few weeks ago and in that inthor view whitney talked about about her upcoming movie and her hopes for the future. shaun, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. >> during that last official interview you had with her, what were your impressions? were there any signs, any indications that whitney was still in trouble? >> reporter: amy, just being here is very surreal for me. when i talked to whitney, as you said, i had the very last one-on-one with her. she seemed to be in such a fantastic place. the first thing i noticed about her is that she had gained weight. she seemed very healthy, happy, joking. everyone on the set was talking about what a mentor she was for them. this was on the set of her move "sparkle." there was no way you could tell me three months later we would
6:11 am
be here at her funeral. it is simply surreal. >> i can only imagine and i can imagine there will be celebrity a a-listers there to say good-bye to her including her leading man from "the bodyguard", kevin costner. >> reporter: he hand picked her for the role. this is the role that made her a movie star. we can only speculate he'll be talking what made him so ee namered with her and wanted her to be his apartment ner on this movie. there was something very special that kevin costner saw in whitney back then before the world even saw it when it came to her acting skills. so you can't help but think he's going reflect back on those times and what a joy she was to work with. >> and, shawn, music will obviously be an enormous part of today's services this morning and the performances will be from people who were truly like family to whitney. >> reporter: yes, absolutely
6:12 am
right. my friend who is aretha franklin, my home girl from detroit, she will be here performing. she was like an aunt to whitney. obviously, you know, this is a very emotional time for her, but she will actually be performing and also stevie wonder. i remember whitney houston performing with stevie wonder way back in the '80s, so their relationship goes back so fafrmt with whitney, her musical roots came from her mother and cousin dionne warwick. they were the ones that gave her her musical foundation. beebe and marvin winans also from detroit. marvin is going to give the eulogy!. whitney was the godmother of bee. it's going be a very emotional
6:13 am
ceremony but ceremony tributes by people who were very, very close to whitney. >> and i know the funeral is a private afar, but the family did make the decision to allow one camera, so it will be seen on televisions probably across the world and on the internet as well. how difficult of a decision was that for the family? >> reporter: you know, i think it was a very difficult decision, amy. at first this was going to be a strictly private affair, but i think the family heard that this outcry of support from fans all around the world wanting to be a part of this because they love whitney houston so much. what they're doing, it's kind of a compromise. they want to make sure the media and the fans are not too intrusive, if you will, during the ceremony. but they wanted them to share in the home-going as rehema said in her piece just before this, the home-going of whitney houston. so they struck a balance. they will have that private time, but they will also be able to share the service and the memories of whitney with the
6:14 am
world. >> all right. shawn robinson, thanks so much. and just a reminder, you can watch whitney hewn's funeral at nun eastern at msnbc or online at, and we're back after these messages. [ female announcer ] this is not a prescription. this is mary. who thinks it might be time to listen to her heart. so she talked to her walgreens pharmacist who gave her a free blood pressure test and showed her how easy it is to do it herself at home. get a free blood pressure test any day in february at any walgreens pharmacy or take care clinic location. and we'll donate $1 to the american heart association as part of the walgreens way to well commitment. walgreens. there's a way to stay well. until mom explained with puffs ultra soft & strong, you only need one.
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ask your rheumatologist how you can defend against... ...and help stop further joint damage with humira. when you think of george clooney, you might envision a modern-day playboy who hangs with the likes of brad pitt and angelina jolie and jets back and forth between mansions. he does that. but there's a different side. nbc's michelle franzen has the details. >> reporter: he's one of the world's biggest commodities, leading man. >> you're getting too smart for me. >> reporter: director, writer, roles george clooney relishes as he reaps the rewards from his
6:17 am
current film, "the descendants," and "the ides of march." he's not nated not for one but two and he's cleaned up for your the golden globe. but for all of his success, the 50-year-old says his real life is a far cry from his public image. >> he wrestles with the same things we do, you know. he has doubts and wonders about things. >> reporter: in an interview with steven galloway of "the hollywood reporter", clooney says on most night he's in bed by 10:00, has trouble sleeping and despite seeing a string of beautiful women, he still gets lonely. >> he's got a reputation for 20 or 30 years and he's had women in his life, but he's never created that incredibly long lasting intimate bond with one woman. >> reporter: he says the actor was candid about his past, including time he tried drugs and more recently, about giving
6:18 am
up drinking. >> he says he hasn't had a drink since knew year's eve. >> reporter: his career has transformed from the days of playing the single dr. doug ross on e.r. to the latest role in "the descendants," after trying to figure out his family wife after his wife is involved in an accident. some hollywood watcher says he's generated oscar support by opening up about his personal life. >> george clooney is american's golden boy, so everyone is interested in the intimate details of his life. so the more we know about him, the more we love him. >> reporter: as much as he revealed he's not talking about every everything including his latest love, stacy keebler. >> he offered everything except about his relationship with his girl friend stacy. he said, i have one area that's private. >> reporter: michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. >> a lot of guys would say he
6:19 am
still has it all. >> and a lot of guys would like to trade lives and share his problem. you know what it's like to have no private life, right? when all the paparazzi always trying to get the picture. >> i'm like shoot me, take a picture. i'm here. >> i'm here. i'm still here. >> reporter: imagine surfing with dolphins and having the video to prove it. we'll have more on that. but first this is "today" on nbc.
6:20 am
6:21 am
now to florida where a couple of teenagers set out to have some fun and out of the blue they got a surprise visit and it was all captured on video. nbc's lilliana luciano has the story. >> reporter: they were surfing in florida. it's a mix of surfing and wakeboarding. marcos and his buddy mitchell
6:22 am
overton say they're out on the water learning new tricks every weekend, but on new year's eve, an ordinary day of sufbing turned into an experience of a lifetime. >> i see everyone looking to the other side of the wake and pointing to the other side and i look over the side of it and i can see this huge gray thing jump up and it scared me. >> reporter: mitchell had been filming the encounter and when they switched places, more dolphins. they saw a total of five ride the waves. >> once one would jump. for some reason they never got on my side of the wake. they let me do my things, they did theirs. >> reporter: researchers say it's common for dolphins to swim alongside the wake of a boat. like marcos and mitchell, they just like to have fun. for "today," lilliana luciano, nbc news. >> looks like fun. man and beast. >> exactly. and everyone has a camry, so we all get to share in it. still to come on "today," a child prodigy on presidents.
6:23 am
we're going to introduce you to a first grader who has a commanding knowledge of how commanders in chief -- >> plus, it's time to get back to the boardroom. we'll get donald trump's take on this season's celebrity"celebri apprentic apprentice". but first these messages. ♪ [ male announcer ] why do we grow quaker oats? because there are mountains to climb. ♪ dreams to be realized. ♪ new worlds to be explored and hearts to be won. quaker oats. energy to get you going, fiber to help fill you up and help keep your heart healthy. super people eat super grains.
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flavored with real honey. powerful cold medicine that leaves out artificial flavors and dyes and instead uses something more natural, honey. new nature fusion cold & flu from vicks.
6:26 am
this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. looking live at downtown san jose and a little bit of misty rain this morning, not enough to start this bay bridge construction project that's certainly enough to mess up your car wash if you were planning that today. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda and a forecast that includes moisture but not too much. >> just enough to make the roadways a little damp this morning. right now here's the weather system that is at least for the most part the best lift is still to the north of the north bay. right around 9:00 and 10:00 this morning, that's where we'll see it around the bay area.
6:27 am
a few light showers and midmorning, clearing skies as we go through the afternoon around the bay area. mostly cloudy start to the morning. we may even have fog around the north bay. you notice the trend on the futurecast, clearing skies for the afternoon, turning breezy. if y headif to the high country for the holiday weekend it looks snow for areas above blue canyon, not too heavy. 2 inches of snow around kingvale. winds picking up this afternoon. cool tomorrow, maybe a few showers there on monday. and then look at that warmup, 70s inland arrivçing wednesday and thursday. there are a lot of kids off school this week. they'll be happy about that. >> i'm sure. you might want to be extra careful this weekend about locking your doors, especially if you live in san mateo county. san mateo county in redwood city specifically have been hit hard by opportunistic thieves breaking into homes when people are away.
6:28 am
thieves posting as painters have been hitting homes in alarming numbe numbers. residents should stop taking their safety for granted says one woman. >> i myself have taken my safety for granted. it's something that we need to be aware of and be aware of who's around you at all times. >> police are hoping neighborhood watches and surveillance video like this one will help to catch those burglars. getting around the bay could be a little bit tougher for you this presidents' day weekend. the westbound lanes of the bay bridge are closed. looking live -- looking at the bay bridge this morning, you can see it's dark on that upper deck. the westbound lane blocked off at this hour to make way for caltrans crews. workers are paving and restriping some of the lanes to get the bridge -- to move that westbound traffic lane over by two lanes. once that's done, crews can begin demolishing a segment currently blocking the path
6:29 am
where that brand new prij will stand eventually. if all goes according to plan, caltrans expects to re-open all westbound lanes by 5:00 in the morning on tuesday. we're watching that for you. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," family and friends will gather today to say good-bye to pop queen whitney houston. we have the latest in a live report from newark, new jersey and her childhood church coming up for you at 7:00. plus, the service will be live streamed starting at 9:00 pacific time this morning. you can watch that on our website after the news cast, nbc bay animal lovers, we'll show you where you can see some of the nature's finest birds here in the bay airy. see you back here in 30 minutes.
6:30 am
good morning. have you greeted thehe public? >> oh, yes. saturday morning, february 18. we have a great crowd with us out on the plaza. we want to thank them for coming out on this mild winter day on the plaza. i'm amy robach along with lester holt. coming up we're going to talk about the trial of george huguely, otherwise known as the lacrosse murder trial. >> he's accused of killing his girlfriend, yeardley love. the jury expected to get the case within a next few days. we're going to head live to virginia to get the latest on
6:31 am
that. all right. "celebrity apprentice." begin as new season tomorrow night. it's a chance to raise money for their favorite charities while avoiding the dreaded phrase "you're fired." the donald weighs in on who could be a top contender. that's coming up. are you smarter than a first grader? i say no because i can't name the presidents in order. this young man certainly can. he knows when they were born, when they died. he's a wealth o information and we'll put that knowledge to the test. i met him in the green room a few minutes ago. >> he's got the great presidential red on. he's ready for the job. first let's get fwet a check of the weather with bill karins who's out on the plaza. bill? >> we're trying to continue the love for valentine's day. who's dadmian? >> he place on "glee." >> excuse me for not watching that. kevin -- >> he plays arte.
6:32 am
>> big "glee" fans obviously. let's take a look at your forecast. not so much glee down in the southeast as we have been watching a ton of rain. there's snow in the forecast too in some of the muttous are of west virginia. north carolina and virginia doing particularly well. in the northwest we're going to see rain showers. as we go through president's weekend, we're going to see it cooler. still a little unsettled in the middle of the country, but there's no real big storms out there. a little more cloudy in the northwest. but, you know, it's not around the bay area this morning, we're seeing drizzle and a weak weather system dropping on in that will add extra lift to that moisture around 9:00 and so:00 this morning. giving us drizzle and light showers for the first half of the day. around lunch time, we get rapid clearing and what's going to power up the clearing will be gusty northwesterly winds from 15 to 30 miles an hour. we'll clear out, turn breezy for the afternoon. cool day tomorrow, a few early
6:33 am
showers monday and much warmer for the week ahead with 70s for inland valleys by wednesday. >> all right. let's quickly say hi to dad. >> hi. >> that's very cute. see? that's nice and simple and to the point. we're going go back to lester. >> bill, thanks. >> the defense in the george huguely trial resumes today. he's the former university of virginia la kroos player accused of killing his girlfriend yeardley love. mike viqueira is live in charlottesville with the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. one thing has become clear over the course of this trial. theirs was a stormy relationship, off and on over the course of two years and it ended tragically. by the oenld f the day, huguely on trial for killing his former girl friend yeardley love could be in the jury's hand. as the murder trial of george huguely nears its end, alina me sar rowe, his aunt and godmother
6:34 am
testified before love was dead in her apartment she saw them being affection at. she narrate add story where huguely and friends including love had gathered. there's george and yardley holding hands. it was not visible to the speck ta taters. it came after he send her an e-mail that read in part, i should have killed you. the defense says the video is important because it shows huguely and love acting in a friendly way. huguely is accused of breaking into her apartment after the night the tapg was record and killing her. there was testimony from two women who said five days before love's dead they witness add, quote, frustrated love attack huguely. the pair at the time, high school seniors visiting campus had lost their chaperone. huguely invited them to wait in his apartment while they tried to find her. then love walked in. she asked who we were and she
6:35 am
asked if george had been texting us, said caroline, one of the pair. she hit george with her purse and he got up off the sofa and backed away. she told the jury, adding, he asked her to leave. and, lester, court is in soengs a rare saturday. part of the reason it's been slow going, one of the defense attorneys has been sick but yesterday the judge made it clear he wants to move forward if the case and he hopes to give it to sf jury later today. >> beth karas is a correspondent on trutv. g good to see you. >> good morning. >> the question was what was her intent. the medical examiner said she died from blunt force trauma. the defense comes along and says it could have also been asphyxiation. why is this important here? >> this is the mechanism of the cause of death, which is the issue. the blunt force trauma according to the state's expert is because
6:36 am
they saw lesions, bruises on her brain. that's what bruised her brain. the attack was so violent. that supported murder than she died face down in the bed. >> they're suggesting drinking. >> and drugs in her system. she was face down and she asphyxiated. that may support a manslaughter i don't know if a person's behavior is evidence or not but when george huguely was told she was dead, he acted as if he couldn't believe it. do his actions come into play? again, this question of intent? >> yes. certainly for the theory of murder that's charged which is premeditated. if he went in there planned and intending to kill her, would he have acted that way on the video? in the course of a burglary, which he did do, he busted through the door, there's a hole through the door knob. he didn't have permission to
6:37 am
enter. he killed in the course of a burglary. doesn't matter if he was surpris surprised. >> several of his friends say he had been drinking heavenly and he had a drinking law. under virginia law does that present a defense of some kind? it is to a little bit. for an intentional crime, it could be a defense that you were so messed up, so blitzed that you really didn't form the intent and so it would be a lesser crime, manslaughter. so it could form manslaughter if the jury wants to go that way. >> we noted that story there was a previous altercation. in that e-mail he writings, i should have killed you. we don't know quite the context of how that was said. people say that all the time. in this case, that can't be helpful. >> no. that's part of the state's proof of premedication. that was april 30th. she died four days later. he should have killed her when he learned that she had been with another lacrosse player from another school. >> a's a difficult bit.
6:38 am
begts crass, good to have you on. thanks so much. up next a point-size presidential hiss torian will put his knowledge to the pest. but first these messages. a >> hi, papa. combine the home depot with this weekend? the cure for cabin fever. because with get-it-done savings on everything we need... we can turn this weekend into a fresh floor... or an updated bathroom... or a brand-new look. so let's hit those orange aisles, and make today the day, we make a big difference, no matter how big our budget. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot maximize your budget with great buys, like mosaic tile, just $4.98 per square foot. yes. yes. noooo! [ male announcer ] yep, subway broke the 200-calorie breakfast barrier. with delicious fresh fit mornin' melt breakfast sandwiches. subway. eat fresh. flavored with real honey. powerful cold medicine that leaves out artificial flavors and dyes
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it's presidents' day weekend and in keeping with the theme of the holiday, we wanted to introduce you to a 7-year-old whose incredible knowledge of presidential history is getting some attention. >> barack obama is the president now. who was president when he was born? >> john f. kennedy. >> john f. kennedy. who was president when john f. kennedy was born? >> wood rorow wilson. >> who was president when woodrow wilson died? calvin coolidge. >> calvin coolidge. >> joey taylor is here along with his parents john and samantha. good morning to all three of
6:42 am
you. >> thank you. >> thanks for coming. samantha, we're going to start with you. we're going to quiz joey coming up in a second. how did this all start. when did you realize he could recall things like that. >> starting when he was about 3 or 4, he quickly memorized the letters and the numbers and that turned into the calendars and whatever's interested him all along soaks it all up. we used to test him. we now know his answers are right because he soaks it all in. >> john, are either you or samantha savants or geniuses? >> no. >> so the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree? i'm just kidding. joey, you know the presidents? >> yes. >> you know what these questions are are, do you. >> no. >> let me ask you. the "today" show started in 1952. who was the president? >> harry s. truman. >> he's right who was president after harry s. truman? >> eisenhower. >> it's 2012. who was president 100 years ago
6:43 am
in 1912? >> taft. >> gosh, you're good. who was the only president who was elected to two terms but not in a row? >> grover cleveland. >> of course, that was on the tip of my tongue as well. who was president when grover cleveland died? >> theodore roosevelt. >> oh, my gosh. you're amazing. what presidents were grandfather and grandson? >> benjamin harrison. i e-mail so amazing. do you study this or how do you know all this, joey? it just comes to you. you just remember it the first time you hear it? john, what is his magic? >> we bought him a couple of president book as couple of years ago and he picked it up. he's always been very into dates and memorizing when things happen. he create add whole family tree on so presidents was just another thing that he could memorize all the dates and really got into and we started buying him more
6:44 am
books. that's what he preferred to do. >> and he retains it all, which is what's so amazing. joey, what do you want to be when you grow up? i'm guessing you can be anything you want? >> a daddy. >> that's so sweet. i love that. what a perfect way to end. thank you for coming. a smart sweetheart. a lot of lucky ladies will be looking for your you in a few years. thank you all. coming up next. you're fired. donald trump gives us a sneak peek at the "celebrity apprentice." first this is "today" on nbc. hey guys, breakfast!
6:45 am
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for 12 seasons donald trump has turned you're fired into a classic reality tv catch phrase, but it's the celebrities in the celebri"celebrity apprentice" w been fueling the show's fireworks. the latest season premieres sunday and joel joins us with a
6:47 am
preview. good morning. >> good morning, lester. for a show that thrives on drama, they've perfected it. turn the cameras on and let the sparks fly. i caught up with some of the cast at the sight of their first task to get a glimpse at this season's biggest action. ♪ >> reporter: it's those two words snow yword s that has the season's cast going at it. >> when you [ bleep ] with me it's on. >> i have never felt more set up in my life. >> reporter: going for the title of "celebrity apprentice." -- >> i will be the next "celebrity apprentice." >> reporter: and $250,000 to their favorite charity. >> i have my eye on the prize. >> i'll run the whole freakin' show. >> somebody will be fired. >> the contenders, clay aiken, debbie gibson, arsenial hall and a dozen other famous faces. trump's biggest cast of
6:48 am
characters yet. >> we've got to talk about the casting for this show. you seem to have a formula down. mine when you go into it are you looking for the villain, for the good guy? what's going through your head? >> we're looking for really good celebrities who are smart, tough, and won't quit. >> reporter: it's the show's formula for fireworks. like last season's duo between mimi and star jones driving the show to higher ratings. >> you don't tune in to see a bunch of people sinking kumbaya and being nice to each other. you nun in to see what they do. >> we have a couple of rivalries and i would say it could start with maybe clay aiken versus a few different people. lisa lambpy nelly who's very, very tough. she's terrific but brutally tough. she somehow didn't like miss universe diana mendoza, and she lets it be known. >> as usual, again. >> what do they expect from
6:49 am
lisa? you'd think she'd be cracking jokes. >> she's tough. >> for these two, it's all part of the game. >> this is where the first challenge goes down. >> two minutes. >> there was pandemonium. there's everything. >> there was a lot of drama. i think we were whipping people out of the way and taking no prisoners, so it was very -- we still have nightmares of this place. >> reporter: nightmares that trump says make for some great tv. >> reporter: who would you want on your side? >> maybe lou ferrigno who's making his big comeback or paul tuttles sr. paul is great. so i took one of the tough guys. >> reporter: did you say tough? it's all just part of the drama. >> buckle up. >> it's going be a rocky road.
6:50 am
>> reporter: so we know there will definitely be the flights and the blow-ups, but donald trump hinted at a few other surprises this season. some less and even possible on-screen romance. >> we haven't seen that before on the show. thank you very much. the "celebrity apprenticeceleb" gi ibee.ts new season tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. on nbc. we're back in a moment, but first these messages. used by all the nutritional information out there? from centrum. it puts you in the center of everything that's good for you.
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6:54 am
motorcycles, cars, limousines have lined up there. also on the side window of the hearse, we've been told that there is a photograph of whitney houston in the side window. when that hearse makes its way a mile and a half here to the church, the police are saying that they're hoping it's not going to be a lot of fanfare. they have exactly six blocks around the church that have been cordoned off to prevent fans from getting close. but people have been coming here all week, fans who want to remember whitney, leaving balloons and flowers and cards and messages saying how much they loved her and loved her music. she was a jersey girl, and they wanted to say good-bye. there will be one single camera inside the church today, and so those who want to share in the service will be able to watch it as it's livestreamed on the internet. amy and lester. >> all right. rah hee ma ellis, thanks so much. that's going to do it for us on this saturday morning. richard lui and bill karins,
6:55 am
thank you so much. >> i'll see you tonight for nbc night hi news. just a reminder you can watch it wasny houston's fun rat at msji fun funeral online at msnbc or online at we leave you with sights from whitney's funeral. -- captions by vitac --
6:56 am
good morning. i'm kris sanchez. coming up next on "today in the bay," westbound deck closed this weekend on the bay bridge for construction work. we had the latest on the crew's overnight progress. plus, an emotional day for singer whitney houston's family, friends and fans. we'll take you to houston's hometown where a private funeral will be held in just a couple of hours. and a baby taken from a bay area hospital, how the man who snatched her got past security a'tmesnri c. sehaay dt w wa
6:57 am
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