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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 18, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PST

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enjoy your saturday. thanks for joining us, i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. how long can we delay the inevitable? washing the car? >> it was enough that you need your wind shield wipers. 40s and 50s outside, thanks to the low clouds. not too chilly outvied right now. also some fog, we're seeing that around napa this morning. also down towards gilroy. mist and low clouds. satellite radar view shows you mostly cloudy skies right now. what's left will add a little lift to that moisture through 9:00 and 10:00 this morning. that's the reason why i think we'll see a chance of drizzle and light showers around hilltops. as we go through the morning, right around noon, clearing north to south. what will clear out are skies. northwest winds kicking in from about 15 to 30 miles an hour. breezy outside. as we show you the temperatures hour by hour, lunch time not too bad. mid to upper 50s, should see low
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60s around napa and fairfield for the afternoon. those winds will be what we notice as we head through the afternoon. we'll walk you through the rest of the changes in your weekend holiday forecast coming up and how that might impact the bay bridge kruk as well. >> and that of course closed last night before you went to bed. this morning, of course, the lanes are still closed. we are watching this bay bridge construction project for you all weekend long as crews work towards their tuesday morning deadline. looking live right now at the bridge, where all westbound lanes on the upper deck are block off as crews scurry around on more than 45 different projects. they are working around the clock. one of biggest jobs is paving and restriping some of the feeder lanes on to the bridge to move westbound traffic over by two lanes. once that's done, crews will begin demolishing the segment that's blocking the path where the brand new bridge will eventually stand. the caltrans spokesman says the operation is moving very smoothly. >> our confidence level is high, that we'll be able to open up on time because it looks like the
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weather will hold out. we've had a great closure so far. we're in the first moments of this. things are looking good to far. >> if all goes according to plan, caltrans expects to re-open all westbound lanes at 5:00 in the morning on tuesday. b.a.r.t. trains are running around clock out of 14 stations and there are more ferries running as well in case you need to get around. now to new jersey and a going home service for whitney houston. it was one week ago that her death stunned and saddened her fans, family and friends. houston's family opted for a private invitation only ceremony in newark, new jersey in the very church where she began singing as a little girl. we are live in newark. it must be difficult for fans to have to be waiting outside. >> reporter: kris, we are in an area inside the perimeter, basically, the police have cordoned off a multiple block area from the church.
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i can see several entry points. right now there aren't a lot of fans gathered. they basically tried to discourage people from coming to this area. so far that message seems to have gotten out. there's still two hours to go before the service. the hearst carrying the casket with whitney houston's body arrived here about 20 minutes ago. it has nowç departed. in about two hours, this will be the scene of a final farewell to whitney houston. all week fans outside new hope baptist church have been remembering whitney houston. friday, houston's family and closest friends gathered for a private viewing at a nearby funeral home. >> we miss her and we will always love her. >> reporter: and 3,000 miles away, houston was remembered last night at the naacp image awards. later today, invited guests will come together sat the church where houston sang as a child. they'll celebrate the life of a woman many of them knew by the
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nickname nippy. >> a great artist, a very kind and giving person. very sensitive young lady. >> reporter: aretha franklin, the woman houston called aunt ree will perform. speakers will include kevin costner and clive davis. it does little to diminish the affection for the legendary singer, even though fans are being kept away from the service. whitney houston will be buried in west hill, new jersey near where she grew up. she will be laid to rust alongside her father, john russell houston jr. who passed away in 2003. kris? >> thank you very much, mark. we'll stream the service live starting at 9:00 this morning on and this morning we have new details on a terror plot targeting the u.s. capitol. authorities say the moroccan man who tried to blow himself up claimed america's war on terror is a war on muslims.
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the 29-year-old man was wearing a suicide vest when he was arrested which he thought he had gotten from al qaeda. in fact, that suspect had been working with undercover u.s. agents for about a year. the fbi reports that they had been monitoring amine el khalifi for more than a year. khalifi was arrested minutes before he planned to carry out that attack. new this morning, concord police are trying to track down what made people think they heard an explosion. folks from concord, pleasant hill, martinez, all started calling their local police departments saying they heard a large boom coming from the area of mt. diablo high school in the city's downtown error. some witnesses even say they saw a large cloud of smoke. concord police are still trying to figure out the source. no injuries are reported. the search is over for a newborn baby missing from an east bay hospital. the 2-day-old baby was returned
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safely. the baby's mother and father was waiting to be officially discharged when the mother stepped away and the 18-year-old father left the hospital with his newborn daughter. hours later, the grandmother found them both. and returned them to the hospital. he's worried about security measures at that hospital. >> how did the baby leave the hospital anyway? where's security, how did that happen? >> certainly going to look at all of our security measures. again, this was a situation where the father of the baby has access, legally to the child. >> and to reiterate that, the mother did not feel that the infant was in any danger. why the father took the newborn is still unclear. truck over a cliff followed by a dramatic rescue. a caltrans worker is recovering this morning after losing control on a windy south bay
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cliffside. this is video of the rescue along mt. hamilton road in san jose. caltrans worker was driving yesterday afternoon when someone reportedly cut him off, sending his vehicle more than 50 feet down the embankment. the driver was trapped inside that truck. fire crews managed to repel down the hillside and hoist him to safety. >> our crews successfully went down there, stabilized the vehicle, because it was unstable and unsafe for us to even get to the patient. we were able to package the patient and bring him out successfully. >> fire crews say the driver was alert and knew where he was when he was rescued. he was air lifted to a local hospital and is expected to be okay. we still have more ahead for you on "today in the bay." coming up, the bay area lab on the verge of getting one of the biggest jobs yet. the techniques they will use to extract dna from bones found in the case of thd0speed freak killers. and linsanity just keeps growing. we'll explain how het knicks back on tv.neyo knicks .
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this is "today in the bay." and you are looking live at some of the construction under way on the upper deck of bay bridge. don't forget, folks, that will remain closed through 5:00 a.m. on tuesday if everything goes according to plans. reroute if you have plans that take you through that area. cadaver dogs from the south bay are searching for more human remains at the grave site linked to the so-called speed freak killers. it is near the town of lyndon outside of stockton. the dogs will sniff the area. the dogs will also help to determine whether to start digging at a second site. two central valley men dubbed the speed freak killers were arrested in 1999, one is still in prison and on death row and
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recently led police to the site. the other committed suicide. while that grisly search continues, here in the bay, scientists will determine who those bones belong to. >> i am hopeful they'll be able to identify the remains that they found in the well. >> reporter: families of victims of the so-called speed freak killers may soon learn if their loved ones bones are among those pulled from a san joaquin county well. scientists at richmond's department of justice dna lab will soon start analyzing the 1,000 bone fragments recently unearthed. hoping to identify the victims. >> that's our specialty here is typing dna from skeletal material. >> reporter: criminalists demonstrated the painstaking process of extracting dna from human bones. after grinding up bone pieces into powder, they use chemicals
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to isolate the dna and run the samples through the fbi dna data base for a possible match. what may make things difficult in this case, the fact the bones have been buried for years, even decades. >> there's sunlight, humidity, bacteria, that can degrade the dna. and the longer time spent in the elements and the harsher those elements, the more degraded tiu dna becomes. >> reporter: for victims' families, it's now a waiting game .father of gail marks who disappeared from stockton in 1988 says she can barely stand it. >> it's been 24 years where my emotions have been on a roller coaster. i haven't known one way or another what happened to her, who did it or anything. i think it's time. i think all the families deserve to have answers. >> and that was jodi hernandez. criminalists say they cannot speed up science. they are urging the families to
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be patient as they do their part to bring those victims home. still ahead on "today in the bay," linsanity takes a bizarre w neyork involved. governor of we have clouds around the bay area, a little bit of drizzle in a few spots. by the afternoon, the sun will break through the clouds and we'll see windy conditions as we kick off your holiday weekend.y forecast when we come right back. from anywhere. easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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the all-new 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. ♪ >> woman: don't forget the yard work! >> o.k. >> announcer: with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. >> nice job, ben. >> announcer: well played, dan. well played. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. f this is "today in the bay." we are still watching that bay bridge construction project. boy, doesn't it look strange to see the bay bridge on the upper deck there with no traffic. but there is a flurry of activity as crews try to make that tuesday 5:00 a.m. deadline for re-opening. they are getting lots of help from mother nature, rob, because they were afraid they wouldn't be able to restripe and repave if there was enough rain. >> and the good news really is the forecast over the last few
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days for this holiday weekend has been trending drier. not entirely dry as you no doubt noticed if you're outside this morning, you're running into drizzle in a few areas. not all that bad. 40s and 50s outside right now. 41 in santa rosa where we had thick fog this morning with light rain and drizzle. 50 in san francisco, a healthy sea breeze pumping in the marine moisture. 40s and 50s right now. the winds west at 20 going to that vat toe. a few light showers between now and 9:00 to 10:00 this morning. rapidly clearing skies and breezy too, toward the afternoon. the winds pick up 15 to 30 miles an hour. overall, a cool weekend. if you want 70s, you'll love the seven-day forecast. air quality just fine. we get this when we get enough
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drizzle. br. air quality not a problem this weekend. if you're traveling out to the east or interstate 80 towards the high country, we'll get more snow. this is a big weekend for sierra ski resorts. it does look like we'll see fresh powder coming down. it may slow travel at times this weekend. the tail end of the system swinging through the bay area. the reason we're waking up to all the clouds. the futurecast has the clouds clearing from north to south but not a lot of rain here in the bay area. drizzle or heavy mist at times. now, in the sierra, maybe a couple edges of snow from mainly areas east of highway 50 and north and east of blue canyon along interstate 80. around the bay area, temperatures mainly in the 50s, closer to 60 in san jose with the skies starting to clear towards the afternoon. in the meantime, mist and some drizzle, certainly there along 680 as you get up towards the
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grade. cool on the coast. once those winds pick up, it will be blustery, mid-50s around pacifica. so the seven-day forecast forecast looks fairly cool at times. the mist for this morning, turning windy for the afternoon and then we'll see one more weak system drop down, late tomorrow and into monday, that could toss a few showers our way. this type of rain would not be enough, maybe just for a brief delay and the bay bridge construction, not going to probably slow that project down. that's the good news. it's looking drier than we thought a couple days ago. much warmer for wednesday and thursday. >> usually this is a week off kids have for ski week. we're calling it beach week instead. we'll have to change it. thank you very much, rob. a dutch prince remains in stable but critical condition after he was caught in an avalanche while skiing in
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austria. the middle son of the queen was pulled from the snow unconscious. the austrian press said they were skiing on unmarked runs when that avalanche struck. in peru, flooding has forced families out of their homes along the indian ridge. in southern peru, families struggled to grab what they could before heading to higher ground to escape the rising waters. in one tiny village nearly everything was abandoned. this is the rainy season but this year's rainfall is higher than normal. the heavy rains are blamed for at least 15 deaths. lin strategy at work. devoted sports fans can thank jeremy lin with an assist from governor andrew cuomo. time warner blocked out the network msg for 48 days, leaving nearly 2 million customers in new york city in the dark. the two companies could not
7:20 am
agree on how much time warner should pay to continue carrying the sports network. largely because of linsanity, governor cuomo made a phone call. >> i believe jeremy lin did heighten it. my instinct the is, that heightened the pressure because people wanted to see the programming. >> of course that was governor cuomo. the dispute was resolved just in time for new yorkers to see last night's knicks game against the hornet. despite a 26-point night from lin, he turned the ball over nine times and the knicks lost to the hornets, snapping their seven-game win streak. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, bird watching on a whole other level. where you can see one of natural weerd.
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migration is happening right now, right here in california. as "today in the bay's" doug mcdonnell shows us, it is easy to see. >> reporter: we live in california which is full of natural wonders. this is one of the top ten. every winter millions of birds escape harsh northern conditions and migrate to the marshlands and fertile farm fields of central valley to feed and court and renew timeless cycles of life. >> winter wouldn't be the same if i didn't come here. >> reporter: every winter for the past 30 years michael ellis has followed these flocking birds to marvel at their beauty and encourage all of us to look and listen, too. and experience this grand display of nature on the wings. >> it's fun to identify the birds and know their names but more important than that is the visceral feeling you get when you see literally zillions of ducks fly out or snow geese and it hits you in the heart, maybe not so much in the brain. i spent many of my growing up
7:24 am
years not far from this magnificent wildlife refuges in the sacramento valley, witnessing this ancient spakt ca -- spectacle bird migration. i wish everybody could see this. it's all very easy and very accessible. ducks, geese and even shore birds crowd the water and animate the sky above wildlife refuges a few hours north and east of bay area in the sacramento valley. michael and i started our day in the colusa national wildlife refuge watching water fowl in the morning light. what are we seeing here? >> northern shovellers, beautiful birds that use their spatula bills to move the water for food. there's probably 15 or 20 different species of birds that we can see from here. the thing that's most wonderful is not the number of species but the number of birds. the sky can literally fill with
7:25 am
hundreds of thousands of birds. >> reporter: after a tour in the wild wonders of colusa, we move on, traveling east around the smallest mountain range in the world. keeping our eyes and ears open all the while. birds go where there's food, whether it's in a refuge or out on a rice field and can be found almost anywhere as we find this family of sand hill cranes foraging in a shallow field. >> that's the sound of the great central valley in the wintertime, the beautiful sound of the sand hill crane. >> reporter: we end our magnificent day at the gray lodge wildlife refuge. the setting sun carries us far back in town. it gives you a tiny behihint oft the world used to look like. you get the sense of the corn
7:26 am
cope ucopis of wildlife that hangs on. >> reporter: as the light fades and the birds fly out to feed, we're treated to one last display of california's past, the gift of the wildness we're protecting for california's ç future. >> that was a beautiful sunset. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." still to come, westbound deck of the bay bridge is closed. we have construction crews, an update from them and their overnight progress. plus, a bay a fir edateman's first date ends in the worst way possible.
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jim wilson? here is the chase freedom 5% cash back you get on purchases. wow! and your kindle fire. thank you. do you have any bubble wrap? activate your 5% cash back at from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good saturday morning. look at all of the cars on the golden gate bridge this morning, probably a few more than usual at least from what i can tell. that's because the bay bridge, the upper deck is closed.
7:29 am
thanks for joining us on this saturday morning. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. that ongoing project was contingent upon the weather. you were the bearer of good news. >> they made the call late in the week because the forecast has been trending drier. they can work through drizzle but heavier rain would be a different story. 40s and 50s outside. it is a little breezy, though. just checked sfo, seeing gusts up to 26 miles an hour. we have the cold front or what's left of it swinging through the bay area which means mostly cloudy skies to start. extra lift to that low-level cloud cover which will bring out drizzle or maybe a shower here or there. by 10:00, 11:00, notice the skies clearing from north to south. northwest winds will kick up this afternoon. that's the reason why the skies will clear. you'll feel if you're on the coast, blustery conditions, highs in the mid to upper 50s around san francisco and a few 60s inland.
7:30 am
you can see it around concord and towards napa and fairfield. for the holiday weekend, another system drops in. we'll let you know when we expect that to arrive and how much rain, if any, plus snow in the sierra this weekend. >> lots of families excited because of the week off. this is a long holiday weekend for a lost folks but not caltrans crews who are working round the clock on the bay bridge. it's all empty on the upper deck. i bet mike inouye says he could say that, all clear. things are moving smoothly on the westbound lanes of the upper deck. it is blocked for traffic making way for caltrans crews. those crews are paving and restriping some of the feeder lanes to the bridge to move westbound traffic over two lanes. once that's done, crews can start demolishing a segment that's blocking the path of the new bay bridge where it will eventually be. in all goes @scording to plan, caltrans expects to re-open all
7:31 am
westbound lanes by 5:00 in the morning on tuesday. this morning, it is just the beginning of an emotional day for the friends and family of whitney houston. they are starting to gather at houston's childhood church in newark, new jersey. the same church where houston started to sing as a child. we are looking live at the location there as folks are starting to gather. some of the biggest names in music will perform at today's private memorial service, including houston's aunt, aretha franklin and stevie wonder. her ex-husband, bobbi brown is expected to attend as well as bobbi kristina. whitney houston battled drug addiction throughout much of her life. the service is private but the family is allowing one camera inside. we'll be able to live stream it starting at 9:00 this morning. watch it on our website, maryland could be on its way to allowing same-sex marriage.
7:32 am
the state's house of delegates passed a bill to legalize gay marriage yesterday and is also expected to pass the state senate next week. bill is sponsored by maryland's governor but there are obstacles, clearly, to making that bill law. opponents have vowed to petition the measure to referendum in november to let the voter decide the issue. on the campaign trail, gop presidential candidate rick santorum clarified his position on birth control while he was in ohio. he said he doesn't practice it for religious reasons but he won't impose that view on other americans. >> my wife and i, we don't believe or practice birth control as an article of faith of our church. >> rick santorum told the crowd he has in the past voted to fund birth control for women but he prefers abstinence education. also at the campaign event yesterday, santorum received the endorsement of a former romney supporter, the attorney general of ohio. pope benedict presided over
7:33 am
a ceremony to formally create 22 new cardinals at the vatican, one of whom is an american. new cardinals include timothy dolan of new york. pope benedict asked the cardinals to pray for him and said they would be called on to advise him on problems facing the church. they are now 125 cardinals who will one day vote to elect a new pope. this is not the usual first day horror story for a couple in the east bay, this night was filled with realtorer. "today in the bay's" monte francis gives us details of a very interesting date. >> up to the point of the armed robbery, it was a really good date. >> reporter: adam and his date just finished dinner at boot & shoe service thursday night. as they stood by their cars in a small parking lot across the
7:34 am
street, he thought of moving in for a good night kiss. >> all of a sudden within this man was like give me your cash, give me all your stuff. >> reporter: even though robber was holding a gun, he says he didn't get worried until the man told them to turn around and lie on the ground. >> at that point i feared for my life and feared for my date's life. >> reporter: the robber took off and they went to a nearby bar to call 911. >> i suddenly remembered i have this iphone tracking on my phone. >> reporter: sanfran got his ipad out of his trunk and used the app to locate his iphone. >> i gave the password to an officer so he could track on his iphone. >> reporter: police then took the couple to the scene of the arrest, about two miles away. >> i looked at my date, kind of
7:35 am
looked at me and we kissed for the first time in the pack of police car on the way to i.d. the suspect. and then we got there and it was him. >> reporter: there, police arrested two men, believed to be responsible for this and several other robberies earlier in the evening. and despite the moments of terror, safr a. n says a second date is planned for sunday. >> something very mellow, probably during the day, lots of light. we might take any valuables with us. and it will probably be like a picnic or something. >> reporter: monte francis, "today in the bay." >> he was a good sport about that. ironically, though, police did not recover his iphone, even though it did lead them to the he did get his wallet back and his date had her purse and jewelry returned as well. a disturbing story out of southern california this morning. sheriff's deputies in temecula says they found a naked 12-year-old girl eating food out of a trash can. she was allegedly left there by
7:36 am
her 40-year-old mother. the mother is under arrest on suspicion of child endangerment. the child is now in protective custody. you want to be extra careful about locking your doors and windows as you're out and about, especially if you live in san mateo county. thieves posing as painters have been hitting homes at alarming numbers. over 60 break-ins in the last few months. >> reporter: you're looking at surveillance video, the middle of the day and a would-be thief is walking up a driveway. >> we were here, my wife and me were here. >> reporter: these redwood city neighbors didn't see or hear anything. the video shows the crook climbing over a fence to get into their next door neighbor's home. the thief smashes a window and breaks in. this video was eventually forwarded to police. >> i wish they would be able to catch him with the help of it. >> reporter: san mateo county and redwood city specifically have been hit hard by opportunistic thieves, breaking into homes when people are away. this crime reports map shows
7:37 am
more than 06 break-ins in the area in the last 45 days. >> you have to be more alert, who's out there. >> reporter: elaine is one of the neighborhood watch leaders on her block. she's alarmed at the number of holmberg larrys. >> these home invasions are not only invading privacy but they're getting pretty bold. >> that's the window they climbed through. >> reporter: de la cruz's next door's neighbor was burglarized last year. >> they were carrying it out until one of neighbors from across the street saw like, hey, you know, so-and-so is not home. that doesn't look right. >> reporter: police are hoping neighborhood watches and surveillance video like this one will help catch the burglars. >> i myself have taken my safety for granted. it's something we need to be aware of and be aware of who's around you at all times. >> reporter: "today in the bay." redwood city police say they can't say whether the spike in
7:38 am
break-ins is because of the economy or low-level offenders are recently being released from prison. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, google tracking your exb babeain hg its? l 'l habits? we'll explai sweetheart. we need to talk.
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this is "today in the bay." ive aprivacy fight in silicon valley and your personal data is right in the middle of it. security choices to access your information. this could be a huge red flag. scott budman has a look at what this means for all of us. >> reporter: tens of millions of people carry iphones and ipads, many of them set privacy settings to stay as anonymous as possible. >> plus we've seen private browsing. >> reporter: jay is showing us how google got around those privacy settings. >> my browsing should be private. i should not be tracked. >> reporter: he's the ceo of
7:41 am
zscaler, a web security company. google found a way to pass over apple's privacy settings in order to get your information and better target their ads. >> i think in this case google is being too aggressive, trying to make the ads more targeted. even for folks who don't want to share information. >> reporter: we reached out to google for comment. the company released a statement saying they created a temporary link between apple's browsers and google servers, a link that did not collect personal information, a link that has now been disabled. but that's not the only recent security dust-up. zscaler also showed us how social network paths and other companies clokted iphone users address books without asking permission. >> these guys were taking your local address book from your mobile phone and storing it on their servers.
7:42 am
without asking for you, that you want your addresses to go there. >> reporter: there embassically g -- thereby getting the names, numbers and addresses. use the privacy settings when you can and hope no one can figure out how to bypass them. >> in a situation like this, a consumer couldn't do anything. >> for its part, apple says it will work to tighten security around both its browser and apps on your iphone or ipad. coming up, how you can buy a home for the price of a midsize car. here's a look outside, around sunol this morning, you can see the haze over the midtops. turning windy later on. we'll have a full look at your forecast when we come right back. hey guys, breakfast!
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and welcome back. good saturday morning to you. there's a live look at oakland where we have misty skies around parts of the bay area, especially the east bay hills. as you get towards the trivalley, you'll find wet roads due to the drizzle that's been falling overnight into this morning. right now, thanks to the low clouds, not a chilly start. we're in the 50s in san jose, most of the south bay up towards san francisco. a bit cooler in san francisco where it's currently 41 degrees. turning breezy for a few places, including sfo and around navato this morning. good, strong healthy sea breeze pumping in some of the low clouds. between now and 10:00, drizzle or a few light showers with a weak cold front sweeping on by. behind it, drier northwest winds will pick up. that will clear out the skies, a cool, holiday weekend. the workweek ahead is looking plenty warm towards the middle part of next week. you can see snow here, mainly north of interstate 80 and drizzle or extra lift to the
7:46 am
moisture here as this front slides on south through the bay area, behind it, again, during the afternoon we'll be watching the northwest winds picking up that could get gusty out around the coast, maybe up close to 30 miles an hour later on today. breezy, skies start to clear on the coast. a cool day, highs in the mid-50s, low 60s. the winds throttle up as we go through the afternoon. the impact, notice the clouds starting to sweep away through the afternoon. it's the drier air mixing down towards the surface that should help clear out our skies and shut down what we're seeing this morning. in the high country, look for snow along interstate 80 or highway 50. a couple inches of snow but it may slow down travel. this is great news. big weekend for sierra sky resorts. al little more will fall from time to time as we go from sunday and monday as well. around the bay area, upper 50s for highs for most places, including santa cruz. closer to 60 in san jose, 60s in
7:47 am
pittsburg. the temperatures climb up just a little bit there. 62 in santa rosa and 57 around san francisco. so the holiday weekend looks a bit on the cool side. you're going to notice it tomorrow morning with our clear skies that start tomorrow morning. we'll wake up to 30s and then late tomorrow and to monday, slight chance of a few showers, should not delay the bay bridge construction that is going on throughout the weekend. there's the good news. look at that, wednesday and thursday, 60s on the coast. mid-70s possible for a few places. there you go. warming up as we head towards the middle part of the week. >> out of school, you have a long holiday weekend, some have a week off. they used to go skiing and now -- >> now they'll be heading out to santa cruz this year it looks like. >> swim at lake tahoe. no such thing as a free lunch but this morning you can get a free breakfast. ikea wants to fill your belly before you fill your cart.
7:48 am
head to the cafe restaurant for eggs, bacon, hash browns and coffee. the offer is good at both bay area locations in east palo alto and emeryville. you know where rob and i will be after the show, having some eggs. this one isn't free but it is hot. the kindle fire was second only to the ipad in the last quarter of 2011 when amazon shipped nearly 4 million of the tablets. that's according to research from ihs supply display materials and systems service. the biggest ipad competition came from, believe it or not, the iphone-s. university of california san francisco school of dentistry is holding a free dental clinic for children. the event is this morning from 9:00 to 3:00 on the ucsf campus. kids age 4 to 17 can get free teeth cleaning, exams, x-rays and dental care education. affordable housing is a hot ticket these days. many people are trying to downsize in the current economy.
7:49 am
a florida man says he can put you in a home for the price of a midsize car. reporter claire mets shows us how you can live big by going small. >> bigger isn't always better, especially when it comes to cleaning. this is a house you could do in minutes rather than hours. it's all of 160 square feet. >> it just appeals to a lot of different people. >> reporter: dan is building his second tiny home on his father's rural property. the outside is cedar, inside knotty pine, all the terms the same, sometimes better as in conventional homes. 36,000 if lache builds it, less than half that if you build from his plans. >> the idea of having no debt is appealing versus living just to support your mortgage. >> reporter: he created tiny home builders when his mother needed something small but sturdy. this is a picture of her finished interior.
7:50 am
what this next one will soon look like, kitchen, bathroom, eating area, a sleeping loft. it feels like a home but very green because you're consuming so much less. >> it's environmentally sustainable. a nice option for people whoç want to have less of an impact. >> reporter: the home is 8 feet across by 20 feet long and can hook up to power, suhr and cable. for now, tiny homes have to sit on trailers but builders are working to change zoning laws so they can be more permanently placed. meantime, in hurricane-prone florida, the tiny homes can be tied down. >> i don't know how my mom would feel about that. how about yours? much more ahead on "today in the bay." still to come, legendary singer whitney houston's private funeral in her hometown. who's expected to attend the service? but first, a reminder, the westbound deck of the bay bridge is closed this presidents' day weekend. mike inouye has ideas on how to
7:51 am
get across the bay without using the bridge. >> the bay bridge is closed, only the upper deck, getting from the oakland side into san francisco. if you want to get into san francisco, the best option for you, is b.a.r.t. use the transbay tube to get into san francisco and back again. they've extended their service. it's running 24 hours throughout the closure. a great tune for you to try the system if you haven't yet already. but maybe you need the car. you absolutely do, here are options for you as well. drive south on 880, take that through oakland, adding to the traffic past the coliseum, then folks take the 92 interchange, the san mateo bridge over the to the peninsula when you join up with 101, taking you back up past the san francisco airport, candlestick park and into san francisco. that's one route. to the north, take the east shore freeway back up north. 980 down to the golden gate bridge. a beautiful drive but a note, that is a two-toll route.
7:52 am
it will cost you twice as much. ndre aou y closure and youch foo can get the information throughout the weekend. c
7:53 am
7:54 am
this is "today in the bay." friends and family will say their final good-byes to singer whitney houston today. we are looking live at new hope baptist church in newark, new jersey, where the private service will be held in just about an hour. friends and family are arriving at the church already. "today in the bay's" mark barger has a look at what's in store. >> reporter: all week, fans outside new hope baptist church have been remembering whitney houston. friday, houston's family and closest friends gathered for a private viewing at a nearby funeral home. >> we miss her and we will always love her. >> reporter: and 3,000 miles away, houston was remembered last night at the naacp image awards. ♪
7:55 am
>> reporter: later today, invited guests will come together at the church where houston sang as a child. they'll celebrate the life of a woman many of them knew by the nickname çnippy. >> a great artist and a very kind and giving person. very sensitive young lady. >> reporter: aretha franklin, the woman houston called aunt ree will perform as will stevie wonder. speakers include kevin costner and houston's long-time musical mentor clive davis. though fans are being kept blocks away from the service, it does little to diminish their affection for the legendary singer. in newark, new jersey, mark barger, nbc news. the family says that it is a private service, invitation only. they did allow a cam are in there so they could live stream it to friends and family and fans outside. we are going to start that live stream at 9:00 this morning. you can watch it on our website, we still have more ahead for
7:56 am
you on "today in the bay." coming up, a bay area man stri btough r h bought his winning scratcher ticket.
7:57 am
7:58 am
this is "today in the bay." you might call it a love note from lady luck. a south bay man is the latest million dollar winner after buying a scratchers ticket on valentine's day. lottery officials say the winner known only as alfred n. bought the ticket at santa teresa bottle shop in san jose. alfred plans to invest in a retirement account, put some money away for his daughter and maybe spend a little money on himself. his odds of winning, 1 in 1.2 million. a million dollar lottery ticket. a portuguese newspaper set a new world record with its itsy-bitsy edition. it measures just an inch by 0.7
7:59 am
inches. special one-time edition will go on sale on monday. it would be my luck -- >> it looks like it should be in a cracker jacks box. we'll be back with you tomorrow morning. have a great day.


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