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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 19, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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good sunday evening, i'm diane dwyer. we have good news for drivers throughout the bay area. the bay bridge is re-opening about 30 hours ahead of schedule. cal trans officials say the upper deck will re-open tonight at about 8:00. that means it will be a much easier for just about everyone to get around the bay for president's day, especially people in mirin and the east bay who saw the most severe traffic backups last night. nbc bay area's kimberly terry is in the bay area with an update date for us.
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>> reporter: the california highway patrol will be escorting the first cars across the bay bridge in a matter of hours. at 7:00, caltrans crews will pick up the cones on 80, 580 and 880. they will be re-opening the bay bridge to traffic after that. this is, of course, well ahead of the tuesday morning scheduled re-opening. caltrans officials says good weather has allowed crews to work at a much faster pace to get the required work completed. the bridge's westbound lanes closed friday evening so crews could demolish part of the existing bridge that was in the way of the new bridge. they also realigned and repaved the opened approach to the bridge which is the biggest change for drivers. >> motorists when you're going to be going through the toll plaza for the first time, there are changes there. i want to go over them with you carefully. yes, you've got nice, fresh, you pavement and great striping. as you come through the metering light area and go into the merge, the configuration has changed. there's nothing new that will require a decision, but it will be your first time through this.
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so go easy and be safe. >> reporter: the early re-opening is good news for drivers who are being forced to use alternate routes right now causing sluggish traffic on the bay area's other four bridges. this is, of course, the fourth and final closure of the bay bridge until it opens next year. live in oakland, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> thank you for the update, kimberly. republican presidential candidate rick santorum is explaining his comment that president obama believes in a phony theology, an idea that has the white house and the president's supporters angry. it was on a campaign stop in ohio that he called president obama's agenda a phony theology. but rick santorum insists he wasn't talking about the president's christianity. the pennsylvania republican says he was talking about the president's view on man's relationship to the world. >> i've repeatedly said i believe the president's christian, he says he's a christian. i'm talking about his world view. >> religion and social issues
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have taken a prominent role in the primary race with the key contest nine days away. in mitt romney's home state of michigan. the latest poll shows santorum pulling past romney in michigan setting the stage for a potential upset that would have been unthinkable a couple weeks ago. we don't know who will win the presidential election this november, of course, but we know california will have a very different congressional delegation. nbc bay area's kris sanchez talked to a political analyst larry gersten about what's shaken up to be the biggest political stories of the year. >> let's start with talking about why we can be so sure we will see new faces in that california congressional delegation. >> this redistricting thing that happens every ten years to make sure the districts are all in balance population wise has taken a different twist this time. in the past, the legislature did it. they tended to protect all the incumbe incumbents. in fact, we changed congressional leaders once, one time, in the last ten years out
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of the 53 districts in california. but this time because of the districts that are changed, we're going to see people running in districts where they haven't been before. in fact, in at least four cases, two incumbents will be going against each other because the districts moved and that's where they live now. we know there are going to be changes. put that together with retirements because the democrats have picked up so many voters and you're going to see as many as 10, 12, perhaps new faces in congress. that's going to be a real big thing. >> now, it's going to be better news for one party over the other. we're talking about the dimm democratic party. >> looks like it. democrats have a huge registration edge over republicans. before they could protect republicans, the legislature could. no more. everybody's democrat. on the other hand, what people don't realize is that as many of these republicans retire, with them goes their expertise and even more than that their seniority. congress runs by seniority. what committees you're on, what positions you hold, and the
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longer you're there, the greater the seniority. in one place, particularly jerry lewis from southern california heads the appropriations committee. no committee more important than that. with that so will go a good deal of california's clout. >> how good is it to have the turnover? >> very, very. it just hasn't been done here. in most states you don't see this kind of turnover anyway. this rare combination of new districts, many more democrats now in california than ten years ago, and these retirements are going to lead to really -- you're going to have to get a who's who book to see really who's who. >> they're going to have to have a meet and greet amongst themselves when they get to washington. if you want larry's political insight any time of day,, do a search for prop zero. whitney houston's body was buried today next to her father at a new jersey cemetery. hundreds of fans lined the streets outside the funeral home
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and along the route to the cemetery. whitney's mother, cissy houston and daughter bobbi kristina followed in a limousine. an escort led them to the grave site for a private service at about noon. today marks the 70 ths anniversary of what many people consider to be one of the biggest stains on american history. the japanese internment camps imprisoning more than 100,000 japanese and japanese-americans. in san francisco, people gathered this afternoon for a day of remembrance at the sun dance cinema. it's an annual event marking the anniversary of the executive order that led to the mass incarceration of japanese-americans on the west coast in 1942. this year's event is dedicated to gordon who defied the order to evacuate and was a lifelong advocate for civil rights. members say today's event is to make sure the american people don't forget what happened to the japanese-americans during world war ii. >> i am embarrassed for the country. i may have been angry at some point, but not now.
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but the main thing is that we haven't forgotten. we remember and we feel that it's our responsibility now to be the guardians of that, that kind of activity. >> today's event was followed by a candlelight march and reception at the japanese cultural and community center of northern california. and coming up next at 6:00, a controversial new program involving condoms and teenagers in california. we'll explain that. and linsanity. former coaches and teammates travel across the country to watch jeremy lin play on national tv today. we'll have reaction to the amazing performance. and we check in with the a's at spring training in arizona.
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this past week there was a significant political battle between the white house and republicans over the issue of contraception. well, tonight, that same issue is sparking a debate here in california. thanks to a new program which allows those as young as 12 to receive free condoms in the mail. nbc bay area's monty francis is in san francisco to explain. hello. >> reporter: good evening, this program has the support of public health officials and it's partially funded with federal money. it's opened to young people between the ages of 12 and 19. and young people in alameda county and here in san francisco are eligible to receive the free condoms.
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a non-profit group called california family health council is making contraception available free of charge to young people who request it on the group's website. the young person would make the request then receive a nondescript envelope containing ten condoms in the mail as well as information about teen pregnancy. critics say the program sends a message encouraging young people to have sex. >> leaves all the responsibility on the children and the young adults and responsibility for children should be on the parents. >> kids are going to have sex regardless and i would rather see them doing it with condoms than recklessly without any protection whatsoever. >> reporter: the california family health council says there's no evidence that prov e providing access to birth control leads teenagers to having more sex. under the program, teenagers are limited to receiving one package of free condoms per month. live in san francisco, monty
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francis, nbc bay area news. >> all right. thank you. coming up next at 6:00, they travel 3,000 miles to support their former high school teammate, jeremy lin. we'll talk to his former high school coach and the man many are crediting with lin's shots about seeing linsanity firsthand. we'll check in with the green and gold. >> we'll see a taste of springlike weather in your seven-day forecast. in the meantime, we're watching the doppler radar. right now it's dry, but see up on the coast we have clouds, and, yes, some rain. it's going to drop in toward the end of the hwe ha'll lve aekenol we'll have a look at that in your forecast when we come right back.
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linsanity is spreading and palo alto native jaeremy lin di not disappoint today. he scored 28 points, had 14 assists and 5 steals to help the knicks beat the mavericks. for the first time his palo alto high school coach, his shooting coach, doc shepler and teammates had a chance to watch him play in new york. i asked peter what it was like to watch jeremy on the biggest stage in basketball. >> it was just an incredible day all the way around. we had, you know, such a large group of palo alto guys here to support them. and, you know, he played probably his best game of the season against the defending champs. it was just, just a great day and a really a great day for palo alto. i mean, just you get a feel for the type of people we have at palo alto high school and the palo alto community. just an incredible day for everybody. >> got to love it.
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all right, doc's been a shooting coach for the past eight months. he shot pretty well today, didn't he? >> yeah, doc, he definitely had a nice shooting day, don't you think? >> shot looked terrific. it was repeatable. he was shooting with confidence without any hesitation and we're all really proud of him. all the work that we did in the off season proved to be just great to see today. >> all right. my daughter takes lessons from doc. i bet you the rates are going up there, too. all right. what was one of your favorite basketball moments today in. >> well, i think probably when he got the steal and then he -- then he dunked it. i mean, that definitely got the crowd going. but also, i mean, he had an unbelievable teardrop shot right over dirk. that's a shot that doc has taught him this last off season. he didn't have that a year ago. so there were a lot of them, though, diane. >> it had to be fun. it was also celebrity central at madison square garden. we saw kevin costner, mark zuckerbe zuckerberg, spike lee, who you were with, to make a few. what was it like for you and all
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the guys at pali to have that experience today, that sort of celeb central experience? >> oh, my. i mean, you forgot eva longoria, too. >> oh, sorry. >> but, no, yeah, no, no, it was unbelievable. i mean, just so many things have gone really, really especially the last couple weeks and, yeah, no, it's a great day all the way around, and we're still, we're still enjoying it. >> so what are you going to do with lin? i understand you're going to be hooking up with jeremy tomorrow with the team and jeremy? what's up? >> yeah, just have some time to catch up. obviously his time is very limited these days, so we're really looking forward to spending a couple hours with him. >> i mean, he's just doing incredibly well. i mean, incredibly well. he's just -- he just seems -- i don't know, diane, so much more himself, you know? it's like he's just smiling more. he just seems happier than he's ever been. he was always kind of a, you
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know, very stoic player in high school and college, and now i've never seen him smile so much. so he just seems to be loving life right now. >> peter and doc and all those guys are loving life as well. rob, as you know, i went to high school with peter and doc was my high school p.e. teacher. this has been a fun personal story for me as well. we'll move on. we'll get to the weather. >> yeah. that game was outstanding. hottest selling jersey right now,, by the way, the jeremy lin number 17. the temperatures around the bay area today, no 17s, but low 50s for highs today. kind of a chilly day. even though we had the sun break out. only 53 degrees in san francisco. 59 san jose. los gatos closer to 62 in santa cruz. 60 in napa. cool day, cool evening outside. already in the 40s. a sea breeze punching into fairfield. southwest winds at 8. we'll continue to see increasing clouds. no rain underneath the clouds yet. radar not finding it. see here up on the north coast
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around midnight tonight we're going to see this drop into the bay area. that's great news that the bay bridge construction is wrapping up by 8:00 tonight because tomorrow will probably be our best chance for seeing anything in terms of wetting rains for the bay area. see it right around 2:00 in the morning, see some light rain showing up. nothing too heavy here, but it would be enough to wet the ground, certainly up around the north bay. that's the expectations between midnight and daybreak tomorrow morning. you may find a little light rain. as we go through the day, we'll see clearing. a stage will be set for a big warmup starting tuesday and wednesday. rainfall projections, see the north bay looks like we're going to get the most. close to a tenth of an inch of rain there. .05 to a tenth of an inch of rain perhaps around the peninsula. we'd like to get a half inch of rain out of this system. can't do it. the things that drop out of the north don't have a lot of moisture to work with. monday this system is going to kick out by monday evening. behind it we see a strong ridge of high pressure building in. temperature is going to climb by
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tuesday. wednesday, thursday, friday, 60s and 70s. offshore winds meaning clearing out to the coast. they see mid 60s on the coast. very likely low to mid 70s inland for thursday and friday before things cloud up again heading toward next weekend. tonight, we'll see numbers in the 30s and 40s. may see the temperatures actually climb a little bit toward tomorrow morning. as the rain startso fall around the north bay. 47 in san francisco. tomorrow's highs just like we had datoy. some upper 50s around the south bay. as we head over to pleasanton and dublin, should see numbers close to 60. some light rain possible. once we get past this, things will be warming up in your seven-day forecast. in the meantime, a little bit of rain for your monday. tuesday, the numbers starting to come up as the winds turn offshore. wednesday, thursday, friday, it's going to be like spring training in the bay area. at least for a few days. as we head toward next weekend, the timing not so good. we need the rain, it's just when it shows up on the weekend, not good for outdoor plans. the sierra still needs the snow. 30% of average to date.
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we've been watching that. >> which is pretty remarkable. i was up in heavenly a couple days ago and i was surprised how much snow was there. it feels like there's nothing left of the last round. >> the best conditions they've had all year happening right now. a lot less than we're supposed to. when we come back, a soldier returns home to the bay area. we'll show you his family's toacti bay area ! here's big news from verizon wireless and xfinity from comcast. now get the xfinity triple play and verizon wireless together.
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sergeant william sanchez jr. from gilroy received a hero's welcome. he was greeted by his family and friends at san jose international airport. one big giant hug there. sanchez is currently stationed in afghanistan. he's serving his second tour of duty and has been there since june. his first tour of duty was in iraq from 2008 to 2009. >> to be honest, i could have been out of the military february this year, but since i became an nco, i was training soldiers and i really wanted to just take them to afghanistan and bring them home. >> the patriot guard riders were also on hand at the airport today to escort sanchez home to gilroy. he will celebrate his 29th birthday on friday before heading back to afghanistan in just a couple of weeks. and right now, we're going to bring in henry of comcast sportsnet for a look at what's going on in sports. a little baseball action. what's up? >> absolutely. baseball is back, diane. the giants have brian wilson.
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the yankees have mariano rivera. the a's have question marks. we ask oakland a's pitchers who we think should fill the closer role for them. and back behind the dish. check out the giants' star catcher in his first full day of workouts and find out how he felt afterwards. sports is next.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. you know the crack of the bats and the smell of fresh, green grass. two signs that baseball is almost back. giants, a's, pitchers and catchers reported for spring training yesterday in arizona. today, buster posey went through his first full day of workouts. great to see him back behind the dish. he caught bullpen sessions with tim lincecum and matt cane. he can't do everything. bruce bochy has prevented buster posey from blocking the plate.
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that's how he suffered a season-ending injury last year. >> i think sometime probably in january, i kind of just got past a certain point where it was like, i felt ready? you know? i was glad to have that feeling because i think that it took my feeling, my ankle feeling good to be ready to get back and out and to this stuff. >> it was a little different just seeing him out there. picked off where we left off. nice having a chance to do that down here. you know, i think i was telling reporters earlier i was kind of having a clean slate and everybody gets a new season to work with. meanwhile the green and gold are about to find out which pitchers they can count on this season. we bring in kate longworth. manager bob melvin will have to rely on a new closer this year. any word on who will close out the game? >> reporter: well, henry, i talked to bob melvin about who
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will be his new closer. there's no timetable set on naming his go-to guy. he told me there are many candidates. i talked with a few of those relievers. he told me they're ready to step up and fill in where andrew bailey left off. >> that was the job i would love to have. i was a closer in all of college, all three levels in the minor leagues and short stint in '08 in oakland. atmosphere i love, game's on the line, ninth inning. there's something about it, it's exciting. >> when the game's on the line, i want the ball. that's the kind of guy i am. i get heated up, get fired up. i want to be in the games in that situation. so, you know, if they give me that opportunity, i'll take it with open arms. >> i'm always comfortable closing. you know, it's what i feel i do best, and, you know, i'm going to try to put myself in an opportunity to do that this year. >> reporter: come the end of spring, melvin says each of his relievers will know they're defined role. he says when the bullpen rings,
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it's his motto that his players already know the answer. reporting live at scottsdale stadium, kate longworth, nbc bay area. >> thank you, kate. let's slide over to some hockey. the sharks in detroit trying to snap a bad streak they have against the team with the wings. third period, scary moment as ian white's shot went off his skate and actually hit dan boyle into the face. mark edward vlasic. he would not return. he is okay. jeremy lin with a big game today. 28 points, 14 assists against defending champs dallas mavericks. that will do it for sports. see you later tonight, diane. much more on linsanity. >> i can't get enough of the whole linsanity. we're all grasping at our connection to the whole thing. he has another game tomorrow and a break for a day or two? >> give him a couple of breaks. don't forget at the end of the week he's going be part of the nba all-star weekend.
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the dunk contest and in a shooting competition. >> he deserved to be in there. glad to see him in there. all right. thank you, henry. let's check on the weather one more time. what's coming up for the holiday tomorrow? >> the big news, of course, the bay bridge construction wrapping up this evening which is good news because at the very start of your seven-day forecast, see tonight into early tomorrow, we do have some rain. today's highs were in the 50s. we get the same thing temperature-wise tomorrow. a few extra clouds. little bit of light rain. a tenth of an inch or less. boy, look at the golden gate bridge right now. a lot of traffic there. still dealing with obviously the closure of the bay bridge at least for the next hour and a half or so. >> absolutely. should clear up by 8:00 tonight on maybe 9:00 as the residual goes through. as rob mentioned, look at the traffic here, this is as bad as it gets for the golden gate bridge. looks like four lanes are open going southbound into san francisco with two lanes open it looks like going northbound into marin. again, the big news is the bay bridge is re-opening ahead of schedule.
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should be completely open by 8:00 tonight. that means for tomorrow, for president's day weekend, the bridge will be open. people will be able to get where they need to go with no trouble. that is good news. thanks for choosing the bay area at 6:00. we have "30 rock" coming up next. see you back here tonight at 11:00. until then, have a good night. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about?


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