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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 23, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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i'm bob redell. we'll take you live to alameda where the head of the coast guard just gave his state of the coast guard address. that's a first and that story coming up. >> also great news after initial fears a family of four may have been trapped by flames as their house burned down. the news at 11:00 starts now. nbc bay area news starts now. good morning, everyone. thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. this morning, a huge relief in a south bay neighborhood after worries that a family of four may not have made it out of their burning home alive. nbc bay area was first on the scene at duncardine way. a neighbor heard an explosion and saw a wall of flames this morning. the flames were so intense firefighters had to call for a success alarm. for hours, crews waited to go inside until a structural
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engineer gave the all clear. now we've learned the family is on vacation in china. >> through some mail and contents, package at the home we made contact to a business and we've tentatively identified a resident who we believe is out of the country. flames broke out in the kitchen or living area of the home, but it is unclear how it all started. firefighters say the home appears to be a total loss. >> this morning, cleanup now just getting under way as police try to find a vandal who spray painted satanic symbols on a church. christie smith is live with all of the damage out there. good morning, christie. >> good morning to you, john. >> this is upsetting for parishioners who want it see these repairs completed quickly. after vandals vandalized a church and knocked over a stone tablet. they spray painted a latin phrase which means seize the
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night and the word satan underneath it. 30 minutes ago there was progress. a new cross back up in place of the other one that was knocked over in union city. people took pictures of the vandalism, some of them in tears. this was discovered on ash wednesday. one of the faith's most significant days and police quickly classified it as a hate crime. spray paint even on the holy family and satanic symbols on the family. one man told us that whoever did this clearly wanted attention and rattled nerves, but it quickly got back to where it should be. >> it gives us an opportunity to love our enemies and to think about that which is a hard thing to did. >> we reach out to other law enforcement agencies, not only locally, but regionally as well as across the state to see if there's any similar activity such as this. i haven't received any information that there has been.
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i spoke with union city police this morning and they're telling me, so far they think this is an isolated incident, but they are increasing patrols in the area just to make sure that parishioners feel safe coming and going here. they hope to, the folks who are here have the spray paint off of the building today, but they're really happy to see that cross go back up. when you turn the corner and seeing it knocked down that was what you saw. it went back up and very happy with that. the rest of the damage will probably be an insurance matter and it may take some time to repair. reporting live in union city i'm christie smith, nbc bay area news. police are searching for a suspect that left a man with a bullet in his chest. the victim was sitting in his car early this morning when someone fired the shot. police say they were alerted by the man's onstar system. they're going door to door to ask neighbors what they saw, but
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so far they're not having much luck. >> i don't think there are bullet holes in the vehicle. it's still pretty early in the investigation. we haven't located any witnesses. we can't talk to the victim because he's being treated medically. the victim is in the hospital, but we are told he is conscious. >> this morn g, seven marines noscene t enoverseas,ut right here in american soil. two military helicopters that collided near mid air in yuma, arizona. all of the marines except one were stationed in camp pendelton in southern california, but at this point we don't know yet their hometown. the military says the weather was mild overnight and the cause of this crash is still being investigated. this morning history is being made on coast guard island in alameda. for the first time ever the commandant is giving his state of the coast guard address outside of the nation's capital and he's asking the government for some big-ticket items.
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nbc bay area's bob redell joins us from coast guard island. the coast guard wants new ships and they want them now. >> many of them are cutter, their largest ships are frankly all dating back to the vietnam area. so the commandant brought his state of the coast guard address here to alameda, not only to a, get out of the beltway in washington, d.c., where it's normally delivered, but to show off their replacements. you're looking at the first of the brand new, first three of the brand new national security cutters. there are over $600 million a piece. some are so new, the ones right there in front of you they still have their shrink-wrap on them. the commandant expressed concern about the coast guard's future in his address this morning. because of the budget deficit congress has been cutting defense and homeland security which overseas the coast guard and he believes coast guard cuts are coming and he believes they'll have to become much more efficient and decommission ships
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and cut his force by 1,000 men and women. >> career as a sailor, i found that no matter how severe the storm, no matter how difficult the problem, you continue to work, struggle and fight and you rely upon your shipmates because ultimately the weather will change and conditions will improve. in sailors this instills a sense of optimism and faith. >> the coast guard is taking on a much larger role since 9/11 and the roles in the mideast not only protecting our coastlines from terrorism, but conducting security operations in portses overseas where our troops serve and the same ports that send troops to our shores. you might not realize, one of the coast guard's biggest missions is to secure maritime commerce and that's an industry that accounts for $ 00 billion of our country's gdp. reporting live here in alameda, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> they're receiving one of the nation's highest honors today in
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san jose. the congressional gold medal will be given to the members of three japanese-american military units 70 years after they served in american uniforms during world war ii. those soldiers were out risking their lives overseas and many of their families were right here in the united states. congressman mike haun will be among those receiving a medal on behalf of his father byron and our very own mike and noey will be out there emseeing the event this afternoon. congratulations to all. >> it's a cool day. very, very nice. >> gorgeous day outside, day number two of high temperatures. meteorologist christina loren here to break it down for you. >> a lot of kids down for beach week. temperatures are mild in the 70s. 70 degrees in napa ralready. 70 in livermore. in san francisco, 64 degrees. on our way to another round of
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temperature records and even warmer today than it was yesterday because the wins are stronger. so those winds are going continuously pump through the bay area as we head throughout the day today bringing our temperatures into record territory. 80s, upper 70s and we'll have the forecast of your city if it's not listed here and we'll tell you when things will start to change because all good things must come to an end and showers in the seven-day forecast. >> i have a feeling to enjoy today because it will change quickly. >> savor the moment. >> thank you very much, christina. the san jose earthquakes have the go ahead to kick off construction of the soccer stadium. crews will break ground on the 18,000 seat stadium this year. the planning commission gave the go ahead despite noise concerns from neighbors. the stadium will be built near the san jose international airport across the street from lowe's and in and out burger. coming up, the commander in
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chief tries to calm violence on the streets of kabul. why the president is apologizing to the people of afghanistan just ahead. the dow flirts with 13,000 again and what shows up at every awards ceremony? we'll tell you coming up. we'll give you a live look outside at san francisco. that's what christina loren is talking about. another beautiful day out there. if you have a chance, get out and enjoy it. temperatures in the 70s in most areas. enjoy. inhale, enjoy. we're back in a couple of minutes. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ >> welcome back. president obama is apologizing for the burning of korans at a u.s. military base in afghanistan. in a letter to afghan president hamid karzai he says, quote, we will take the appropriate steps to avoid any recurrence including holding accountable those responsible. the violent protests have broken out across afghanistan days after u.s. soldiers accidentally
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burned the holy book and other religious materials. just hours ago two u.s. soldiers were killed by a man in an afghan army uniform during an anti-american demonstration. the taliban is claiming responsibility for those deaths. this morning more gun fire, death and destruction in the streets of homs in syria, but despite all of the violence people pausing to remember the lives of two veteran war correspondents that were killed covering all of the bloodshed. richard engle is joining us from the turkish-syrian border. >> reporter: how do you hide? with bullets and rockets exploding constantly. syrian troops willing to destroy this city and everyone in it to drive out a few hundred members from the opposition and other voices were silenced. this rubble was a rudimentary media center run by the opposition. the building took a direct hit
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from a rocket. inside, killed as they were working, french photographer remi ashlek and marie coleman who reported for the british newspaper "the sunday times." in homs, coleman provided the bbc vivid accounts of the brutality. hearing her now is haunting just hours before her death. >> we were just shelled. rockets coming in, hitting any building. the building i'm in was hit last week. all of the streets i've been on, i have not seen one military target. >> reporter: and the reporting mattered in homs. people here braved snipers and shelling to give them a brief memorial before the fighting started again. turkey is proposing the establishment of a buffer zone right here in the border area to allow humanitarian supplies to enter syria. the proposal is expected to be discusseded at a meeting in tunisia tomorrow attended by secretary clinton.
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richard engle, nbc news, along the turkish-syrian border. iran feeling more pressure. the european union preparing regulations that would prepare to evict iran from the clearing house in brussels. still, iran says it is not backing down. instead it is actually considering extending its sanction on oil exports to more european countries. it has stopped sending supplies down for britain and france. >> high fuel prices in part because of the tensions in the middle east keeping wall street from a rally. scott mcgrew joins us now. scott, dow once again just under 13,000. >> good morning to you. just under 13,000 and we're up about 31 points from the dow and it's 12,000 and change. a couple of companies to look at. hewlett-packard is down better than 4% on disappointing. if expected earnings reports and then you have avivas out of
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mountainview. they're up huge. better than 80%. here's video from last night's big tech awards in san francisco. yeah, that is the guy from the big bang theory. big winners included the creator of instapaper and kerry chan, the creator of kick-starter. one thing to watch is a guy that shows up at all of the trendy awards and all of the gatherings of top names in tech is this guy. ed lee, making a name for himself in tech circles. you remember the ed lee that helped him win the election? that was put together by tech leaders. ed lee shows up to all kinds of tech things and he should frighten civic leaders in san jose. he's landed a lot of companies. >> all right, scott. we will keep our eye on that one. compliments of a unique and awkward web series a recent graduate from stanford may get a big-time shock at hollywood. >> awkward moment.
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>> what's the protocol for repeatedly running into someone at a stop sign. >> hey, i totally didn't see you. >> i know, right? >> her name is isa. she created the online show of the misadventures of awkward black girl. she focuses on funny experiences often centered around multicultural relationships. i'm not 100% awkward. i'm 30% awkward. i experience uncomfortable social situations and i knew i couldn't be the only one. >> while she shocks so many people love her series and she's getting ready for season two of awkward black girl and she's being looking for funding. ultimately, she wants a network like hbo to pick up her series and give her complete create of control. >> season 2? i need to watch season 1. >> it looks like a funny one to watch. >> meteorologist christina
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loren, we thank you for such a wonderful forecast. >> i do what i can, marla. i do what i can. this morning we are still running so much warmer than normal, 10 to 15 degrees plus and that is because of these winds. take a look at old glory just whipping in the wend out there. as we head throughout the day today those winds will continue to blow out of the north-northeast and that is warming us up, as a matter of fact, the warm, dry sloping northerly wind. you might need to use your chap stick today. high pollen levels because of the wend and temperatures are mild. 70 degrees right now at livermore. 66 in san jose and the winds are strong. they will continue to be on the strong side as we head throughout the second half of your day and starting to taper off a little bit, but you cannot beat temperatures like this especially when you consider yourou pg&e bill for the month february, it will be much lower than what we saw because it was
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so cold, we had so much rain last winter. quite the opposite. 72 degrees in pleasanton and 75 degrees in san francisco staying nice and mild. winds are going to pick up. you can see from the red and the deep orange here that it will be on the gusty side all of the way through to about 3:00 p.m. the advisory is expected to expire at 6:00 p.m. you can see here from the future cast for good reason. the winds will lighten up significantly as we head through the remainder of tonight and tomorrow, and better, comfortable weather. mild conditions for your friday and a little bit cooler, 70s and 60s as opposed to the 80s and 70s for today and over the weekend, we get cooler and cloudier. back to you guys. >> okay, christina, thank you very much. this is a story that shocked and upset parents everywhere. a detroit-area based dad handed over the keys to his van for his 9-year-old daughter to drive last october because he was too drunk to do it. it made national news and today
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dad learns he'll serve two years' probation for that dumb decision. the surveillance camera also captured the dad actually bragging about his daughter's great driving skills. surprisingly, witnesses agreed with dad's assessment. >> is the vehicle staying on the road? >> she's driving pretty good. i'm telling you, i can't believe it. >> yeah, this was just a crazy story here. when the girl was pulled over by police she apparently told them, what are you stopping me for? i was driving good. that's how 9-year-olds talk. he pled guilty so he would not go to jail. it is a parent's worst nightmare. your baby disappearing overnight. for a couple in maine this story has a strange, but happy ending. in baileyville little 3-year-old hope trot woke up from a dream overnight. a little confused she thought her mom was at a grocery store
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buying pizza so she put on her clothes over her pajamas and walked a full mile through the snow to the store. employees found her crying at 4:00 a.m. and officers followed her footsteps back to the home. with the door still open, police went inside only to find hope's parents still sound asleep. her parents have since installed a door chain and dead bolt. >> good move. we'll tell you why just ahead. an actor and oscar-nominated movie might be actually banned from the ceremony. the hijinks that could getroper. ♪
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high-flying acrobats will be performing their signature stunts in the south bay. our chopper flew overhead the cirque du soleil tent not too
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far from police headquarters on taylor street. the performance is called totem and it tracks human evolution through acrobats and dance. it opens to audiences on march 2nd. >> i highly recommend seeing a cirque show any chance you get. the oscars would not be held at the kodak theater. the theater is changing names. kodak is having its name removed because it can no longer afford the $4 million a year naming rights. it is filing for bankruptcy protection and it did last month. the venue will simply be known as the hollywood and highland center. the theater was home, still is, home to the academy awards and the production to cirque du soleil. they have a lot of events there. coming up, i guess oscar can not take a joke. why ana-list actor might be banned from hollywood's biggest night. stick around. have you called to switch us to anthem yet? honey, how can i call now,
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welcome back. seize the moment. take a look at all those people out there walking the golden gate bridge enjoying close to 70-degree weather already. expecting a high of 75 degrees in the city by the bay today. we drop off substantially as of tomorrow so enjoy it while it lasts. take a look at the difference between our highs today and saturday. we'll come down by almost cane degrees on average. you will notice a difference. a few showers arrive monday into tuesday. back to you guys. finishing up, there's an actor featured in an oscar-nominated film that could be banned from academy awards. sasha baron cohen was planning on hitting the red carpet in costume. he planned to change into
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regular clothes after the red carpet, but the academy is not having any of it. they are waiting to hear back from the actor before they banned him. >> this wouldn't be the first time to actors hit the red carpet. that's supposed to be j. lo and gwyneth paltrow. >> i don't get the gwyneth thing. >> well, true. true, true. >> sacha, good luck on that. if they let that go, why not let him go. >> let the camel be? >> who will clean up after the camel? >> thanks so much for being with us. join us at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. >> and bay see you.
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