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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 23, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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before any further steps are taken. >> reporter: this councilman knows who the mayor got the number from, but he doesn't know how retirement services director came up with it. and it appears neither does russell crosby. >> that was the number off the top of my head. >> the mayor was told not to use that number, that the number was 400. that was the projection. >> i understood it was a rough estimate, off the top his head. >> it's those k34e7b9s made to the nbc bay area investigative unit that sparked unions to file an ethics complaint against the mayor. now councilmembers are asking questions. in this memo they write, we have not yet heard a detailed explanation of how the 650 million estimate was actually estimated. the mayor has used that number for a year now. even though the city's official projections are a lot lower. >> so you're still saying we could get to 650? >> that's what people -- i don't
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do the calculations or the numbers. so whether or not we can get to 650 is a guesstimate for people who do this work? >> 650 was a possibility of what could happen. this internal e-mail from one of his staff members states, if we don't act, costs will reach $650 million. the mayors office says that was an oversight. meanwhile, the city come tends that number was never used for official business or while negotiating with unions. take a look at these e-mails sent to unions by the city manager about retirement reform negotiations. they all reference a memo dated may 13th as the city's only actual proposal for a ballot measure. the number 650 million used multiple times. >> i had no idea that that number was simply made up out of thin air, and if that's the case, we need to know that.
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if it's not, we need to know that as well. >> councilmembers are expected to discuss the memo with the sitpy manager next week. hoping to see the math that solves the $650 million question at city hall. >> now, we also got ahold of this internal e-mail that shows what retirement costs are now projected to be in 2015. the letters from the independent actual airy, it states costs are projected to be around $320 million. the city prepaid that amount at a discount. that brings the number down to around $310 million. back to you. >> thank you very much. and we do want to hear from you, if you have a tip for investigators, call 888-996-tips or e-mail us at he was a quiet 78-year-old man who kept to himself, tonight he is dead and it may be foul play, this is in the 2300 block
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of thackeray drive. traci grant joins us now with the new details from the scene. tracy? >> they're not saying very much about this at all, but the major crimes unit was called to this home nearly 11 hours ago, that indicates that there might be a lot more to this death than police are saying right now. oakland police department says that they received a call at 718 this morning from someone reporting that a man had been discovered lying unresponsive in his own home. officers and fire fighters arrived at the house and pronounced 78-year-old joseph robertson dead. police won't say how he died. police won't call the death suspicious, but for major crimes investigators to show up, it possibly means robertson did not die of natural causes. >> right now it's too early to determine exactly what the cause death was.
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and that's why we wanted to make sure that we err on the safe side and that we have the investigators come out along with the coroner to help make those determinations. >> you have to wonder if this person came home or was in the house and they saw somebody in a was probably there to rob them and not that kind of a -- that concerns you. >> residents say there have been a rash of burglaries in the neighborhood recently. now, it's not even the end of february and police say there have been 20 homicides already in oakland. we still don't know yet whether robertson's death will be considered number 21. live in oakland traci grant, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, traci. developing news for you now, live look from our chopper at that 35 acre wildfire we've been following. it is still burning, and still
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threatening three homes just north of napa. fire tells us, the fire is now 50% contained. you can see the flames there. it started on a steep hillside on sorda canyon road in the afternoon. it was reported to fire officials as a controlled burn. that was the beginning, but then something went wrong. the agency did not authorize any burning in the area. and the blaze started to spread. we'll have updates on the fire as we get them. the fire comes during a stretch of record heat in some parts the bay area, and some extremely gusty winds. jeff ranieri is it in the nbc bay area weather center. we don't expect to have this kind of weather this time year. >> winds have been gusting 20 to 40 miles per hour consistently throughout the day up here into theorth bay. we're also finding humidity e levels down in the single digits at times. let's get the latest as you mentioned this is now 35 acres.
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50% contained. no other updates at this point in terms that overall acreage, over 180 firefighters right now battling this off the ground and in the air. let's put a position on this, just north of napa and slightly here off to the east-southeast. you see driving winds out of the north that's creating this downsloping very warm wind fuelling this fire. while firefighters have had some success with containment on this, we expect these winds 20 to 30 miles per hour through tonight with extremely low humidity legals, other location is north here of the silverado country club. if you're in it throughout this area, these winds definitely could produce flying embers that could even spread this fire even more. we're not out of danger when it comes to this fire. top winds even in the east bay er 60 miles per hour, thur our latest dry and hot conditions. wind advisories continues
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through tonight. temperatures have reached record setting levels, our hottest today in the north bay close to that fire with 80 degrees in santa rosa. we'll have more on how long this unusual stretch of weather will last in a few minutes. >> thank you. even veteran police officers say this is the worst of the worst. they're describing a child porn bust today in marin county. the videos they seized featured children as young as three years old being sexually assaulted by adults. the arrests took place in terra linda, where one person was charged with felony violations. at the meadows in novado, police arrested a 16-year-old boy. the task force is called the silicon valley internet crime against children. >> what we did today was go to the physical location of where this stuff is being downloaded. serve a search warrant go into the house, find computers, and go from there. >> child porn is the fastest
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growing crime in the united states. more than 20 suspect the in the bay area have been arrested since november. a follow-up now to the is for human remains linked to the speed freak killers. sheriff's deputies have resumed their search in an area where they recently dug up the remains of two murder victims. they match the dna of two women. shermantaken and his deceased partner have been linked to a 15-year murder spree that began in 1985. search teams also recovered 1,000 bone pieces from a well in san with a with keen county last week. that hissing you just heard was a gas leak caused by a bizarre car accident in vallejo. police say an 18-year-old driver lost control of his car and
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slammed into a nearby home. the driver's name abel lopez. he's okay, but his buick is not. six homes have been evacuated, those residents have been allowed to return to their houses tonight. have you walked through san jose's new airport lately? if you have, you know it's kind empty. no people, no flights, means no money. >> that could be changing soon. >> nbc bay area's damon trujillo is live with more information. what are we talking about exactly? >> reporter: well, there's three companies that decide this is the place to shoot their material. those commercials will help convince airlines to come to san jose's new airport or convince those to expand. >> do not leave your luggage
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unattended. >> this is tim smith's first trip to the airport. >> it's beautiful. it's my thought. >> netflix along with the global financial institution felt the same way, they all recently used the airport as a backdrop to sell their own products. >> i'm not really surprised, simply because it's a new building. it's a beautiful building. i think it represents the city and silicon valley very well. >> those commercials are still in production. the airport doesn't charge a fee for access yet. but marketing expert dan orlaff says san jose should be happy to get the free global publicity. the new airport cost taxpayers $1.3 billion. and although ridership was up 3% last year, the city is still struggling to lure more airlines here, or convince existing ones to add more flights.
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>> most of the flights that we have now are very full. so it's not that we need more passengers, until we get more flights. >> our brand new airport -- >> the mayor and other sifty leaders got a brief update today on the marketing effort at sjc and other airport projects still in the works. the strategy now is to start an online campaign so silicon valley passengers and companies can tell the airlines enmass where they want to fly. >> that is our number one goal. >> more flights, more money for city coiffers. san jose, it's called name branding according to our experts. live in san jose, saddam husseinian trujillo, nbc bay area news. a stunning plan to save
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money in one school district. >> the entire grade level that could be put on hold and how parents are reacting. coming up, apple ceo promises to blow your mind. and an nbc bay area exclusive, we take you behind the scenes to show you how they made the mind blowing effects about the navy s.e.a.l.s movie. a controversy about curves on your thbody. the bay area clothing giant in hot water because of its ads. how did we do it last time?
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there's a well known tv show that doesn't measure it's success by tv ratings. the cable tv program that first launched in san jose is now catching criminals worldwide.
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here's mary ann favreau. >> reporter: for the past 20 years, fugitive watch has shown you criminals on the run. so you can help police track them down. during those two decades, the show has helped land more than 1200 fugitives behind bars. >> we caught people all over the world. we've located people in russia, i mean everywhere. >> this may be related to some binge drinking. >> scott and steve started the project while they were beat cops with san jose pd. looking for ways for more people to see their wanted posters. since then they've both retired from the force, but say fugitive watch is a force all its own. they're particularly proud their show and website helped police arrest this man in san jose. he was wanted for murdering a police officer in mexico and was work withing as a realtor in san jose. >> for each crime solved and for each fugitive that's apprehended
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that stops that criminal's pattern of victimizing others and prevents other people from becoming victims. >> east palo alto -- >> fugitive watch has convinced criminals to turn themselves in. >> we had a murder suspect in san jose call us up and say, you know what? you have me all over the internet and tv. the guy wanted to turn himself in, we worked it out with him, tvntthehe t >> now the tv show is working to solve this cold case. salvador suarez has been on the run since 1990. this sketch depicts what he might look like now. he may be on the run, but by harnessing the power of tv and the internet, fugitive watch founders say there are few places he can hide. in san jose, mary ann favreau, nbc bay area news. >> the show's website received a tip about an elaborate plan to murder a bailiff in a san jose
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courtroom. fugitive watch is on comcast on demand. they can test on arrest. a policy that allows police to collect dna samples for people arrested for felonies can stand. a divided north circuit court appeals is says it outweighs any privacy concerns. an unconstitutional search and seizure. the ruling came in response to a lawsuit -- the state department of justice says it's had about 20,000 hits connecting suspects with previous crimes since it started during the test on arrest back in 2004. who has got it better than apple shareholders, they've got to be feeling good financially. the company hosted its stockholders. scott bud man joins us. scott, apple says it wants do blow your mind? >> that's what's coming up. not a bad way to fire up the
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troops. there were some protesters outside apple's campus today. big crowds inside the company's headquarters are happy because huge gains in their wallet. it's been a good time to be an apple shareholder, no cameras allowed inside. we can tell you about a few highlights. apple ceo tim cook telling investors to get ready for a year of products that will blow your mind. cook also says apple is pondering things to do with its nearly $100 billion in cash, and the company passed a measure giving shareholders bigger say in who's appointed to the company's board of adirectors. the biggest moneymaker, vivus, mountain view pharmaceutical company responsible for qnexa, their stock jumped today by 78%. hewlett-packard on the other hand spent the day licking its wounds. shares down 6.5% at the close. and away from silicon valley, but still big business, pepsi
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set to reegg note the cola wars. the company will release what it calls pepsi next at the end of march. 60 calories a can, they call that a mid calorie soda. >> like a mid sized car, we have a mid sized soda. >> let's bring in jeff ranieri. this is the summertime weather pattern, no longer. we're talking about a fire right now burning still in napa county, right? >> yes, we are still battling dry and very gusty winds in the north bay. let's take a look at the daytime highs. 80, a new record, 78 napa, 77 in concord, and 77 in livermore. close to 80 in santa cruz. now, to bring you to our winds right now, the key component today has been a dry, northwesterly wind still in effect to the north bay. we see it slacking off a bit, still about 10 miles an hour,
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gusting into the low 20s, still bringing us fire concerns right now from this fire, that's located just off to the north leer of the silverado country club, and just off to the north and east of yanville. we are also battling with not only these winds out of the north here, but the firefighters are dealing with high elevation and winds that do look to continue to about 30 miles an hour here as we continue through tonight. they're going to be battling this for the next couple hours. as we take you live to these picture, you'll see we've suppressed a good amount of this, plenty of hotspots through tonight with these dry and gusty winds. at least for about the next 12 hours or so. earlier in that video, we saw fire tornados. the wind getting whipped with around so much in some those elevations, you started getting a little bit of a swirling motion that can be dangerous to the firefighters.
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67 right now in napa, 65 in san jose. 69 currently in sunnyvale. we have a hard time cooling off with this dry wind in place. 42 in santa cruz, 49 in san francisco, and we will start to see some cooling as we head into tomorrow. by 4:00 p.m., temperatures instead of the 70s, we should be dropping into the 60s, watch this as we head into saturday. we'll start off with 30s and 40s, by the afternoon and evening hours, only 50 degree temperatures expected for some of us. we could see a 20 to 25 degree drop. i'll have more coming up in my 7-day forecast on any potential rainfall. that's in just minutes, you guys. a routine traffic stop leads to a dangerous discovery, the weapons found in the bay area. he was mourning the passing a friend. how one with man landed himself in jail because of a bizarre plan at a local crematorium. blind students here locally
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owners of san francisco's gold dust lounge are headed to court in an effort to save the famous union square bar from eviction. attorneys for the bar filed a lawsuit alidging the loorntd duped his two elderly owners into signing an early termination clause in their lease. the building's owner has given the bar until march 10th to move to make way for a new tenant. the lawsuit was called beyond fiction and simply weird. a follow-up to a story we first brought you last night. cleanup and repairs at an east bay catholic church are underway. satanic symbols were discovered yesterday. today a cross that had been knocked down by vandals had been replaces. parishioners are hopeful the rest of the repairs will be done
6:25 pm
quickly, so the congregation can move on. >> thinking about it, it gives us an opportunity to love our enemies and to think about that, which is a hard thing to do. >> city cops are checking to see if there have been similar desecrations at other churches. security is being increased to help parishioners feel safe. a routine traffic stop uncovers hundreds of homemade bombs. the deputy found 49 large homemade fireworks in the car. upon arriving at the house, they were attacked by a 50-year-old woman believed to be his landlord. after investigators found more explosive devices inside, including gun powder and guns, they put both people in jail. a bizarre crime in santa cruz, this is 32-year-old nicholas cantaverro. he and his friend are accuses of
6:26 pm
breaking into the santa cruz crematorium late monday night and trying to steal the body of their friend. witnesses spotted the men and both of them were promptly arrested. he was clearly drunk. their friend passed away recently. it's unclear why they wanted his body. coming up next, at 6:00 the ad from a bay area clothing giant that's being called insulting to some women. a bay area school district is debating a plan to cancel kindergarten. the district just made a surprising announcement, i'll have details coming up. two american soldiers killed in began stan and the firestorm that continues over the burns of the koran. and begging for help, injured journalists in syria are pleading for someone to come rescue them.
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could it be, no more kinder garden? >> the unprecedented move would have meant thousands of 5-year-olds would not have the opportunity to go to school. jodi hernandez is at the meeting. the board made a big announcement? >> reporter: they made a very big announcement. the assistant superintendent just announced that the kindergarten cut plan has been taken off the table. dozens of people are gathered here at the meeting. it's packed inside to protest a proposal that's caused an absolute outpour. 4.5-year-old parker can't wait to start kindergarten in fairfield. >> we just finished filling out the kindergarten packet and every day he goes, i'm going to
6:30 pm
kindergarten there next year. >> reporter: but his dreams may be dashed. the school district is considering elimb naturing kindergarten to save money. >> it would be a one-time reduction. it would be brought back next year. and we would be looking at the same thing next year if we don't receive any funding. >> the idea is not going down well with teachers or parents. in her book, kindergarten is crucial. >> they're writing three to four sentences before they get into first grade. without having that preparation in kindergarten, it's going to be pretty hard for those first grade teachers to get them where they need to be. >> sophia is getting an important foundation for the first grade. >> it's a transition from being at home to being in school and interacting with the teacher and other kids as well. >> if the district decides to
6:31 pm
cancel kindergarten, the move may not be legal. parents may not be squired to send their kids to kindergarten. but districts are obligated to provide it. >> the california department of education strongly believes all districts should offer kindergarten as a matter of good public policy. he's really excited to start, so i'm going to make it happen for him somehow, some way. >> reporter: again the district super inten dent just announced that kindergarten will not be eliminated after all, instead, they're presenting an at senate plan. i wasn't able to stay inside long enough to hear the details of that plan. they were also considering closing a couple schools and eliminating the sports program. for now it looks like kindergarten is saved. and i can tell you, there are a lot of relieved parents in
6:32 pm
fairfield tonight. reporting live in fairfield, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. more education headlines for you now. districts across california have been facing dire cuts just like fairfield. in many cases, the pta has stepped in to help. there's a new tactic that doesn't involve raising money with cookies and brownies. the california state parent teacher's association taking an unprecedented move going political, going political. delving into school funding via the ballot box. a proposed ballot initiative would raise income taxes for most californians and give the money directly to public schools. i talked to the head of the organization for our education talk show. >> a lot of the language was actually written by the pta. because we wanted to make sure that what we were hearing from our parents -- >> it's not legislators that are dictating where the money is going?
6:33 pm
>> this is what my child needs. >> so would you vote for higher taxes to raise money for public schools if you knew it was going to your child's school? to find out more about this initiati initiative, and the others that may be on the ballot. watch my weekly talk show about education class action. it airs this sunday. there's some relief in one sunnyvale neighborhood. the home went up in flames and initially the family was nowhere to be found. the family was in china. a neighbor said he heard a muffled explosion about 1:00 a.m. this morning. the home was engulfed in flames by the time crews arrived. it's believed flames broke out in the kitchen or living area of the house. the country's newest line of defense is so new the is ril rink wrap hasn't come off yet. the cutters serve as the
6:34 pm
backdrop for the state address. the admiral expressed some concern about the future, and believes congressional budget cuts will force him to decommission all his ships and reduce his force by 1,000 men and women. >> no matter how difficult the problem, you continue to work with, struggle and fight. and you rely upon your ship mates, because ultimately the weather will change and conditions will improve. in sailors, i think this instills an optimism of faith. >> the coast guard performs security operations in ports overseas is that harbor military and conduct business with the u.s. the united states marine corps is reeling after seven marines were killed during a helicopter collision. the terrain is similar to
6:35 pm
afghanistan's topography. six of the seven marines killed were stations at camp pendleton. there were no survivors in the wreckage, it's the fifth aviation accident since march, involving the third marine aircraft wing which was stationed in san diego. an apology from president obama tonight but still no sign of the violence letting up in afghanistan. two american soldiers are killed there. >> janelle huang joins us now with our international headlines tonight. president obama wrote a three-page letter to hamid karzai expressing his regret and apologies for the mishandling of religious materials. the apology did nothing to quell the violence as anti-american demonstrators raged for a third consecutive day. protesters are upset by the accidental burning korans by u.s. soldiers earlier this week. eight afghanis have been killed
6:36 pm
and today two american soldiers shot dead by a protester wearing an afghan army uniform. the taliban has claimed responsibility and has called on all after zbghanis to capture, r beat forces in the country. it's believed al qaeda is behind an attack today. the coordinated attacks happened around the country targeting restaurants, government offices and a school. no group has taken official responsibility yet. this is the latest in a series of large scale assaults since u.s. troops left iraq in mid december. journalists in syria are pleading for help to be evacuated. a group is hunkered down in the city of homs, where the syrian military has unleashed constant shelling at opposition forces for weeks now. this french journalist says her legs are broken in two places. and a british photographer is also hurt.
6:37 pm
he was with injured in the same mortar attack that killed two other western journalists yesterday, including his colleague, american marie colvin. >> i'm a photographer with the sunday times, today's date, the 23rd of february 2012. i was wounded in a rocket attack yesterday, three large wounds to my leg. >> the u.s., europe and arab nations are demanding an immediate cease-fire so humanitarian aide can be delivered and help sent in. a tense day in that wreathen. >> right now they're not allowing ambulances to come into certain parts of the country. >> exactly. it's a movie depicting real navy s.e.a.l.s. a special day for some blind students here in the bay area. their monster day at the track. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri, in the weather center. unusual heat here producing plenty of records from the north
6:38 pm
bay down to the south bay with widespread 70s with even 80 degrees temperatures around santa rosa, we'll have more on how long this heat lasts. and thet eapa.
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6:40 pm
san francisco is calling its new ad campaign a revolutionary fit system. a revolutionary watchdog is calling it an insult to women sizes 6 and above. the ad features three similarly featured women.
6:41 pm
there's no difference in the women's size except for the size of the backside. we asked levi strauss for a comment but have yet to hear back. 80 blind and visually impaired students got the chance to experience something unique and a lot of fun. they got a hands on tour a monster truck. the only public school for the blind in the state. they got students up close and personal with the monster touch. >> it's really nice, because a lot of people with visual impairments can't get in to monster truck rallies. they don't know what's going on, even if you were to hear it, they don't understand. so bringing them out allow us to get a feel for what we're seeing and hearing on the television. >> touch and sound. they're big and loud. the school is committed to he helping its students find all sorts of unique opportunities in its ways.
6:42 pm
>> very, very cool. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri. it's warm. >> 80 degree temperatures in february. it is smokin' out there. and clear in our sky camera networks, in downtown san francisco as the sun sets. looks like a post guard. we'll tell you about some record setting heat and how long it lasts in a few minutes. keep that heat coming. the tables were turned on one of our reporters at spring training today. we have all your giants and a's news in phoenix, including how brian wilson and his beard were feeling after going full throttle on the mound. allegra-d d-congests, d-pressurizes so you can breathe. a fast, non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. allegra-d. d-fense against allergy congestion.
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run one of the most anticipated move swveries of th year combines technology and valor. >> a behind the scenes look. >> reporter: when hollywood wants realism, it turns to silicon valley technology. for act of valor, bandido brothers set out to create the most realistic cinematic experience yet about the navy
6:45 pm
s.e.a.l.s. >> we really just wanted to be able to create an experience where the audience was in their boots, was walking down the halls, was reaching the doors. >> to do that, the brothers built special camera rigs mounted on helmets to capture the intensity of combat from the s.e.a.l.s point of view. >> we had a camera format that could finally put the audience in the boots of the s.e.a.l.s, once we had that, we knew we needed to integrate that into the shooting of the act of valor. >> the most important ingredient using real navy s.e.a.l.s instead of actors in the film that way the audience can see how the s.e.a.l.s operate. >> one of the things that audiences haven't really seen before is real true coordinated military movement. and that's one of the unique
6:46 pm
things that the s.e.a.l.s being s.e.a.l.s and not actors brought to the film, those guys move without talking, with hand gestures and signals. it's like -- there's a poetry and fluidity to that movement. >> scott bud man, nbc bay area news. >> we're hearing chirps from the studio, it looks good. >> action packed. i see a movie night for all of us. >> who's chirping. >> bring out the popcorn. it looks like a great movie. as for today. big time weather changes, we've been previewing all week long. gusting winds. livermore topping 28. if you're just tuning in, there's a 35 acre fire, still the latest from cal fire, checking on their twitter feed, it's 35 acres and 50% contained. what they're dealing with is strong winds out of the north. this is just east of
6:47 pm
yontonville, as the chopper scans around, there are plenty of hotspots and what they're finding, as these winds gust up to 35 miles an hour, we get these -- what looks to be a fire tornado that starts swirling around, so that is just another indication of the unp predictability of the winds in the higher elevation. we do think as we head throughout the next 18 hours, those winds are going to start to subside and much better fire conditions for these firefighters. right now once again this is just off to the east. let's get you the late et on today's highs. record setting in santa rosa, with our 80 degree temperature here. 79 in santa cruz. this makes our third day with record setting heat and temperatures anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees above average. throughout tomorrow morning, we'll find it clear and breezy. we'll start to see the wind relax as we head through friday. a gradual dropoff in our
6:48 pm
numbers, a much larger change coming in the weekend forecast. any sign rainfall off to the north. high pressure will start to weaken, push off to the south and east. that's going to allow the bottom edge of a cool front to move over into the next 48 hours. for friday, that will bed transitional day for us. by this weekend, areas that were in the upper 70s to low 80s will be dropping down into the 50s. it's stark contrast as we head into sunday. the morning hours starting off with with 43 in redwood city. 46 in napa. still breezy to windy for the firefighters up in to the napa area. as for your friday, we'll go with with 70 in san jose. 69 in los gatos. widespread 60s from pleasanton. for the peninsula, numbers coming down, half moon bay 63, pacific kwa 63. and temperatures in san pa rosa will be in the low 70s, but
6:49 pm
should drop 8 to 10 degrees from today. it's all about the cooling and clouds moving in. no sign of any raindrops, that's good news for your weekend. you'll see here on our seven-day forecast, we have a chance here of possibly a little bit of wet weather as we head into wednesday of next week. nothing looks heavy or strong. which is what we need when it comes to that rainfall. february record setting heat, wildfire, it feels like june out here by all accounts today. >> let's look at sports. an eventful day from our comcast sports net newsroom. do you think brian wilson will get rid of the beard? >> i think it's worth too much money for him? >> way too much money. you know what, though, my son has a dr. seuss book and he has to collect autographs and he wants to get one from a guy with a beard. let's get you out to spring training.
6:50 pm
giants and a's continuing. giants, full squad workout starting for the first time tomorrow. melky cabrera reported to camp today. all eyes however in giants camp were on brian wilson. he had an intense session off the mound. the sore right elbow. it appeared a nonissue as he appeared to be nearing full intensity. jamie tim lincecum was on the mound today. what's the latest on his bad back? >> reporter: it's really nothing at all. in fact, he -- you know, when he's scratched from a bullpen session, you tend to worry even if it's in spring training. he web with the through his bullpen session today and no pain to report. >> i didn't feel anything, i just -- a couple days ago, i woke up a little stiff and i figured why press it. it's february, and i don't need to be ready for two months. i'll let my body just readjust
6:51 pm
and today felt great. >> he wasn't holding back anywhere, and had his full bullpen in really, back wasn't an issue after he did some other things we got him off the field, though, to keep it that way. good session for him as roundsler, i didn't get a chance to watch. dave said he threw very well too. the three guys are coming along, right where we need them to be. >> and right now lincecum is just throwing fastballs and changeups. when his arm is where he needs it to be, he'll be mixing in mesois other pitches. jamie sire, nbc bay area. >> thank you, jamie. as for the a's. coco crisp arrived in phoenix today, amid questions of which outfield spot he'll occupy this season. if the guys competing for
6:52 pm
outfield spots are causing c constenation, you wouldn't know it? >> what is it about spring training you enjoy most? >> where do i begin? >> well, baseball -- >> possibly a player you enjoy being interviewed by -- >> cliff pennington is a pretty great guy. obviously my favorite thing about spring training is sitting here with michael taylor. >> kate long worth's favorite player. in her top seven, i'm going to go ahead and be number one on her list. thanks, back to you guys. >> well done. >> maybe taylor -- to the pitch, last night it was another thumb's up for the earthquakes in their request for a new stadium. the city's planning commission green lighted the team's plans for a new stadium. they believe the outpouring of support the team received at that meeting was crucial to the
6:53 pm
positive decision. >> i think the thing i was most proud of was our fans, that we had over 350 fans in the actual council chambers and another almost 100 out the door. we were a fire code in there, and it was incredible to see everyone there and cheering and with the signs that said build it now, it was really a great atmosphere, and it made a difference when the actual commission members heard it, and spoke at the end. they said that the fans being there made a significant impact. and i think that was very true and i think that's always been a hallmark of the san jose earthquakes. >> a couple other notes, the sharks end their losing streak 2-1. they end in toronto tonight. lin-sanity gets a reality check in miami. guys, let's get it back down to you in san jose. keep bringing that heat, would you? >> that's not our department, that's jeff's department. >> we'll let him know, we'll pass it along. >> we like it. a full half hour of bay area
6:54 pm
sports coverage, can you watch sports net central tonight at 10:30. me
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
following the developing news in the north bay. a 35 acre wildfire continues to burn tonight. these are images from our nbc helicopter. at last check we're told a number of homes in the area are being threatened. the fire is about 50% contained. it was initially reported to fire officials as a controlled burn. the agency did not authorize any burn in the area. we'll bring you the latest tonight at 11:00. now, we have brent cannon to
6:57 pm
talk about what's coming up at 7:00 on google plus. >> i'm getting the computer all fired up. the bay area full of republicans, it's going to happen for a big convention tomorrow. the gop communications director will join us for a preview of that, plus high-tech labor practices in china. companies like apple, dell, hp and more have come under fire. a look at the potential changes and how that could affect the cost of your favorite gadgets. >> comcast channel 186 in a couple minutes. >> yes. [ birds chirping ]
6:58 pm
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gotta start with this soil. miracle-gro potting mix. success starts with the soil. >> star jones today on her new "view" feud. was she ambushed? now, on "extra." [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> star's explosive "view" reunion. >> why did you do it this way? >> it was cruel and i think they owe her an apo.


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