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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 24, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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wild fire. how the controlled burn quickly spiraled out of control. >> and newt gingrich paying a visit to the bay area. what he is doing in town coming up. >> a beautiful bay bridge, glistening on this friday morning, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning everyone. the time now is 4:30. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots to get to. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> happy friday to you. we do have some pretty strong winds out there. they have calmed down substantially overnight but at this point we still have a sustained wind speed out of the east at 8 miles per hour in fairfield, napa 8 miles per hour. we'll continue to drop off when it comes to winds all morning long. your temperatures are downright mild at 63 in san jose.
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what you can expect for the weekend and when the rain returns in your complete forecast. the last thing you want on a friday morning is an unexpected slowdown. >> no slowing but there is something to watch. we'll talk about this, highway 4, eastbound around summersville. this is in the same area we had overnight construction scheduled. that construction crew, however, has cleared so both directions of highway 4 clear of road work, just a stall moving to the shoulder over toward antioch. >> thank you, mike. >> we have developing news in the east bay as a search continues for a missing boater. >> one person has been pulled from the bay waters but the coast guard is looking for another. stephanie chuang is live in alameda. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you both. we're at isle marina is what this is called. someone near her heard a crash. when police got here this is what they found, a 40-foot you
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power boat. on the boat was a woman. police said she was drunk. she had claimed that there was another woman on this boat with her but police actually ended up arresting this woman for being intoxicated and they are not sure about the story about a missing person because apparently she has changed her story several times. however, just to take all precaution police did have boats out here, alameda fire had a boat, the coast guard had a helicopter searching the morning hours, but the search was called off at about 4:00 this morning until it is light out again, because right now of course it's too dark. so, whenever the light comes back out they will resume this search. what they are working to do now is get a boom around this boat because at this point they do have environmental concerns, possible leakage of any fluid, fuel of course from this boat.
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again, the search has been temporarily suspended until it is light out and the woman who was found here is actually at the alameda city police department now so. a little bit of a bizarre story. we'll give you the updates as soon as we get them. stephanie chuang, jon and laura, back to you. >> two are dead after a crash in a busy east bay freeway. it happened last night on northbound 880 south of san lorenzo. two people in separate cars were killed. all northbound lanes were initially blocked. hours ago all lanes reopened. the chp is investigating. >> crews still working to surround a wild fire in napa county. it started around 1:00 yesterday afternoon and quickly spread, pushed by 20-mile-an-hour winds. so far it burned about 40 acres and is about 50% contained. three homes were threatened but firefighters set up a line of defense around them.
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cal fire says it started when workers at a vineyard burned a pile of old vines. >> a controlled burn got away from one of the vineyards. they had 20-mile-an-hour gusty winds where they were doing their burn and it blew hot embers out into the wild land. >> cal fire says burns were allowed yesterday but the strong winds and dry conditions made it very unsafe. investigators are checking to see if the vineyard had a required burn permit from the air quality management district. more than 200 cal firefighters have been battling the flames and air support will resume once the sun comes up. >> authorities say they found more human remains near the site where two victims of the so-called speed freak killers were found. officials say cadaver dogs helped uncover the remains on property that once belonged to the family of convicted killer wesley shermantine.
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he is now on death row. earlier this month he led authorities to several sites where he and fellow killer loren herzog buried their victims. authorities uncovered more than 1,000 bone fragments at the bottom of a well. >> oakland police are investigating whether the murder of an elderly man is linked to a string of recent robberies. joseph robertson was found dead in his home thursday morning. neighbors say his house was being worked on by handy men and they have seen a rash of burglaries in the neighborhood. >> all sorts of nuts running around out there, kicking in doors. they ring your door bell, you don't answer, they'll kick in your door. we just got to find some way of stopping them. >> sources tell us someone living with robertson was kicked out last year. police are not saying if that person is a suspect. >> it is 4:36 now. a memorial service will be held
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for one of the bay area's storied coaches. tom martinez died thursday on his 67th birthday after a long battle with kidney disease. he coached football, women's basketball and softball for 32 years at san mateo college. he coached tom brady. brady will be there making an appearance at the service which will be held at 2:00 p.m. in menlo park. >> san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi goes on trial. a judge will be assigned to the case this morning. that judge will decide whether to grant a defense motion to exclude statements that mirkarimi's wife made to neighbors about the alleged abuse. prosecutors claim mirkarimi bruised her arm during an argument new year's eve. lopez is expected to testify during the trial. >> a controversial plan to eliminate kindergarten classes in the bay area school district no longer an option. the unified school district
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considered canceling kindergarten to bridge a budget shortfall. after complaints from parents the district changed its mind. now it will look at new money saving ideas including closing schools, eliminating sports, and ending bus service. >> turning to politics now, republican presidential hopeful newt gingrich making a swing through the bay area this weekend. gingrich will be one of the featured guests at the spring convention taking place in burlingame. this is his first appearance back in the bay area since he slammed san francisco in an interview on the "today" show calling it a land of strange fantasies. convention opens this morning at the hyatt regency. it runs through sunday. >> now it's the land of a lot of money. 4:38. want to get a check of the forecast. cool on the way? >> yeah, a cooldown this
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weekend, still holding on to comfortable temperatures so great, great news for any of you who want to get outdoors and the wind will relax. take a look at what the wind is doing to your temperature in san jose this morning. out of the north-northeast at 16 miles per hour, temperatures right now 63 degrees in san jose. napa, your wind is coming down substantially which is great news when it comes to controlling that fire. however, we're not going to see the winds drop off until mid morning into this afternoon. high pressure will finally retreat to the east. however, our temperatures will end up in the low 70s inland, we're talking the mid-60s bayside today. i've got the weekend forecast, i'll tell you when the rain returns and when we cool off because that's in the seven-day in my next report. let's check with mike on your drive. >> we'll take to you the south bay, a nice flow of traffic in the northbound commute direction, the sensors showing you close to the limit. southbound 101 at hellier
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avenue. at the off ramp the only thing affected but it affects four cars, a couple of major damage but no major injuries so we'll have to have tow trucks heading to the off ramp and we'll get an update whether it's closed over the next few minutes. chp is heading to the scene. northbound 101 at mark we have a disabled big rig. it sounds like it's off to the shoulder. i'll get an update once chp arrives. we know the embarcadero road off ramp is closed with road work. closure is for embarcadero road off 101. a live look shows you what things are like across the golden gate bridge. 101 easy drive between the north bay and the city. and christina talked about gusty conditions here or there. not a big deal later on. the bridges have no wind advisories. >> thank you, mike. >> 4:40 now. sad but true, gas prices climbing even higher today and no relief in sight. the pain at the pump fueling talks on the campaign trail s.
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there a quick fix? why the president says no. >> plus, it's oscar weekend. we're getting a look at the star studded menu for the event. that's coming up. >> and, the istove? apple says i don't think so. where this knock-off product turned up. >> for all of your news, weather, traffic, check us out on facebook. search nbc bay area news.
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>> welcome back everyone. good friday morning to you. taking a beautiful live look outside. embarcadero of san francisco. we'll have a look at the all important weekend forecast coming up. >> hate to say it but gas prices even higher this morning as we head into the weekend. here in san jose, we're averaging $4.20 a gallon. in san francisco it's higher. while drivers feel helpless, president obama and the oil industry agree there is not much they can do to change this quickly. critics say of course. >> i'm going to say to the department of energy and the interior i want you to grant licenses to drillers for oil and gas, miners for coal, take advantage of our resources right away. >> there are no silver bullets short-term when it comes to gas prices. and anybody who says otherwise isn't telling the truth.
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>> analysts expecting even higher prices by summer as the improving economy drives up demand. >> the government introducing new rules to protect your online privacy. just like they do the do not call laws that prevent telemarketers from targeting you the proposed rules include a do not track feature for internet browsers. advertisers and businesses have the ability to track everything you do and read. brows and shop for on line. the new rules would give consumers the right to know what information is actually being collected about them. >> respecting consumers' privacy and protecting their personal data includes trust an internet commerce. >> the rules would allow you to opt out of having your activity tracked. currently there are no federal laws regarding internet privacy. >> facebook theory has one ohio man facing jail time and issuing a public apology. mark byron was so annoyed by his
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divorce and child visitation schedule he decided to blast his wife on his face book page. she filed a motion with the court saying he violated a protection order. a judge then agreed and byron now has to post a pre-written apology on facebook every day for 30 days or go to jail for 60 days. byron must also grant friend status to his wife or somebody else that she chooses so they can monitor his page. >> a modern-day divorce. 4:45. wall street hoping to end the week on a high note after a pretty good day yesterday. for more on that and the rest of the news before the bell we turn to kayla live. good morning. >> good morning, laura. futures are higher this morning after stocks closed up yesterday, the dow is once again shooting for the magic 13,000 mark and the s&p 500 is near a 10-month high. investors cheered positive report on home prices and unemployment filings, asia and
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european markets were also higher. we get reports on consumer sentiment and new home sales not to mention earnings from the likes of jc penney before the opening bell. the dow rising 46 to 12,984, the nasdaq up 23 to 2956. the latest apple knock-off in china isn't a cheap copy of the ipad. a company calling itself apple china was caught selling an i-phone gas stove. they took a stove and put a name plate on the front. the company was raided and seized tons of i-stove boxes. fewer are watching the oscars. advertisers are still shelling out a lot of cash for commercials, $1.7 million for a 30-second spot. that's because marketers know they will grab the eyes of dedicated movie buffs so they use the oscars to roll out new products, samsung is promoting a
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tv that respond to voice and motion and hyundai will highlight its new car. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> 4:47 now. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. we had two great days of weather. >> we're going to get another one. >> i love this. >> in the south bay we're at 63 degrees. you don't need the jacket this morning. it's downright mild out there. but not in all of our bay area cities. the micro climates are kicking in. in the north bay it's rather cold. napa where we have the wild fire, trying to gain containment, still have a sustained wind at 8 miles per hour. that's not going to help. throughout the next couple of hours we'll see the winds drop off. take a look at where your temperatures are. 47 in santa rosa, 54 in napa. 54 in sunnyvale and 57 degrees in livermore. we're the warm spot in the south bay with 63 degrees in san jose. the winds will drop off as we
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head through the mid morning especially by 10:00, 11:00. by noon, calm conditions. as a result of the breakdown we're going to see cooler conditions especially at the coast. because we're starting out warm in san jose we're going to end up close to 80 degrees yet again. 78 down here today. 66 in fremont. 73 in concord and 74 degrees in fairfield. as we head throughout the weekend, staying comfortable. 75, we're going to stay dry so that means fire danger will be high though it won't be as breezy as you know it's been a very mild winter so we have extreme dry conditions throughout our mountain areas. you want to be very careful even if you're going to have a barbecue, watch it with extreme caution. throughout the next couple of days things stay mild. then we cool down and get showers next week. wednesday into thursday is the best chance for that. i think we'll see showers especially in the north bay. back to you guys. >> thank you very much.
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>> a kind of forecast i like. i did research, word on the street is in hollywood it's kind of a big thing going on this weekend. >> big one. roll out the red carpet. like we do with you every morning. the annual academy awards will honor the finest from the past year. it could look like they say the first oscars in 1929. back then the silent film "wings" won the equivalent of best picture. did you see this, "the artist." it's a favorite to win. the lead actor also a contender for the best actor along with george clooney. another film expected to win big, "the help" and the iron lady. before the main event stars will be wined and dined at the governors ball. >> that's how they do. it's going to take a lot of food. over 1400 pounds of maine
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lobster along with 6,000 mini taco shells, 6500 oscar-shaped pieces of woodfire flat bread. that's how they get down. the red carpet glamour. wolfgang puck will design the menu. he says the focus is on lots of small dishes. 50 of them, in fact. rather than one jumbo main course. they have like three tons lobster. >> a little something to dine on. we've got surf and sun, the city, but what about california. >> apparently plenty. why our state topped the list of people's least favorite places. >> and jeremy lin and his knicks take on the heat last night but lebron james and his team too hot to handle. we'll have the not so lin-sanity highlights next. >> 880 looks smooth out of the
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south bay but going flew the south bay we're following an accident. now two on 101.
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>> this is a live look outside, the port of oakland.
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a big ship pulling in. folks getting work done perhaps early. get a jump on the weekend. >> there is nothing short of a tough night on the road for local guy jeremy lin and his new york knicks. the team tried to keep lin-sanity going against miami and the heat but lin struggled. lebron james says jeremy, let me have the rock. take this one down. two of his 20 points, right at the other end. lin on the night eight turnovers as the heat defense stifled him. he managed only eight points. heat win this, 102-88. >> the boys are so tall. lin-sanity has become a popular buzz word. jeremy lin trying to make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. lin has filed paperwork to own the term but he's competing with two others trying to trademark the name. a southern california man filed paperwork, a few days later a man also filed.
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legal experts say since lin is the subject of the term lin-sanity probably won't have trouble getting that trademark for it. >> i love the story but it's mind blowing. three weeks and you're trademarking what you're called. does anybody in the bay area have talent? that's something we may find out. >> america's got talent will shoot auditions today and tomorrow. they hope to avoid getting the red x. you saw howard stern there as well. the new season will air here on nbc bay area this spring. so good luck to you. >> howard stern in the mix. should be interesting. absolutely. 4:56 right now. it's friday. trying to get ahead of the game. let's check with mike inouye. >> appreciate it. try to push it through. we're looking at the south bay, still a couple of accidents we're following. yes, i said couple.
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we're looking at southbound 101 at hellyer, you see all of that red, they ran a traffic break. chp did run a break, should have the cars off of the roadway now but we'll watch as the sensors adjust and i get an update. south an incident, southbound 101 at bernal. it does not affect the merge. i'll let you know if there is anything else brewing. the rest of the northbound route looking smooth. an idea for the volume of traffic with our live look, 280, headlights toward us. pretty light right now. back to you. >> thank you, mike. it's 4:56 now. ask about anybody living in california it's like heaven on earth. most would probably agree. >> our weather this week shows that. but apparently not people outside of california. a survey released found only about a quarter of americans have a favorable view of our
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golden state. 44% view it unfavorably. >> a professor blames our budget shortages and unemployment. we're doing another theory, they are jealous. >> we'll stick with that one. still "inday a the y,baki "today in the bay," all kinds of good stuff.
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>> reporter: i'm stephanie chuang live in alameda, the search continues on city streets for a possible missing boater who was on this 40-foot boat that crashed early this morning. details ahead. >> also, the latest on a wild fire still burning out of control in wine country this morning. >> plus, strength in numbers, new this morning world leaders meeting today to try to stop the crisis in syria. that story coming up. >> a live look outside. beautiful golden gate bridge waiting for the sun to arrive for another nice day on this frid


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