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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 25, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PST

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bay valley. you notice towards the coast, cooler, san francisco, upper 50s today. trending cooler tomorrow, we may have to talk about patchy frost in winter like weather finally coming back to the bay area. the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you very much, rob. we are following developing news out of afghanistan this morning where two afghan leaders say an argument at the interior ministry led to the death of two u.s. advisers. they were killed inside a room used only by foreign advisers. the nato spokesman said the man who shot the americans was not a westerner. an investigation is under way. we're watching this one for you. the shootings come on the fifth day of protest in afghanistan sparked by the burning of korans on a u.s. military base. demonstrators were protesting. protesters threw rocks at police
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and tried to storm the governor's house. there are a number of injuries reported as well. at least 25 people have been killed and hundreds wounded. among them, two u.s. army soldiers and one afghan police officer. and to politics now, day two of the three-day california republican convention in burlingame. presidential candidate newt gingrich is going to make an appearance. california's primary could actually play a role in deciding who will be the party's nominee this time around. state leaders also say the fiscal crisis in sacramento and washington, d.c. are the opportunities that the republican party needs to show leadership. >> voters are coming to realize that on the economy, barack obama is throwing up his hands and saying i don't know what to do. apparently it's above his pay grade. we'll have real solutionsç regardless of our candidate. that's what's come out of this primary. detailed solutions. >> newt gingrich is speaking at the convention today during the lunch hour. herman cain will be at his side.
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only on "today in the bay," contamination concerns at valley medical, one ever the biggest anticipate well-known medical facilities in the south bay. george kityama reports that 50 patients are waiting to find out if they were exposed to hiv. >> we are writing because we have concerns about your health. >> reporter: and a phone call from valley medical center telling her she may have been exposed to an infection during one of the procedures. >> i think i sat on the couch for about an hour, kind of paralyzed. just thinking to myself, what? >> a sterile glove was put over it. >> reporter: valley medical center says it used a sterile sheath-covered probe during primarily breast biopsies in 63 patients. >> one patient we found that after it was returned for cleansing that there was some fluid that was still on the probe.
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>> reporter: doctors are looking into whether there was a tear or a hole in the sheath that caused the fluid or blood to go on to the probe. >> we want to reassure the patients that the risk of any type of exposure to fluids is very, very small. but, again, the safety is our paramount emphasis that we want to emphasize here. >> my souvenir from the station. >> reporter: for this woman, it's another medical obstacle she has to overcome. she's fought and defeated early stage breast cancer and she has a rare lung disease. now the hospital is testing to see if she's been exposed to hiv, hepatitis b or hepatitis c because of this compromised procedure. >> even though there's a slight chance that i have it, that's disturbing. >> reporter: valley med says the matter is going through a full review and investigation. >> we are reviewing all processes throughout the hospital. we want to make sure we have the utmost safety for our patients. >> conquer fears. my game face will tell you i'm okay.
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you know? but tonight when i lay down and go to fall asleep it's going to be on my mind. >> reporter: george kityama, "today in the bay." a spokesperson-for-valley medical center says those patients that were tested should receive results in just a few days. five teenage boys say they are sorry for a rock-throwing spree in livermore that landed them in custody. the five admitted launching large river rocks while driving through neighborhoods last weekend. they left a trail of damage and debris behind, breaking windows, walls and mailboxes and also terrifying home owners. what they didn't count on, this surveillance video. witnesses recognized the subaru seen in the video and tipped off police. you are looking at six pounds of marijuana that will never make it on to bay area streets. the coast guard seized the pot and 9 ounces of hashish. the coast guard says they were alerted by a witness who noticed
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the vehicle. ross mirkarimi returns to court on monday. this morning we have the controversial images at the center of the domestic abuse allegations against him. "today in the bay" obtained still images of a video taken of lopez after the alleged new year's eve incident. you can see a bruise on her right arm. mirkarimi's high profile trial began yesterday. his attorneys are asking that that video be thrown out. in addition to the bruise, the video also shows lopez upset and crying. lopez has publicly denounced the case against her husband and denies any abuse. lieutenant governor gavin newsome is, again, making waves about comments about his job. the former san francisco mayor told the san francisco chronicle that as lieutenant governor he is restricted by the role and limited resources. newsome acknowledges that he and governor brown aren't always on the best of terms but says they might have had a better working relationship if they were
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elected on the same ticket as is the case with president and vice president. this is not the first time newsome has been vocal about the lieutenant governor job. back in 2010 newsome caught heat when he questioned the importance of lieutenant governor. police in the east bay are looking for women who might have been gped by a man in a book store. police arrested this man, convicted sex offender ronald epps on four counts of sexual battery this week. he's accused of assaulting several women as they browsed book store aisles in dublin and fremont. >> this guy would approach them, come up from behind them, pretending to read a book and fondle and grope them to the point where, you no he, a lot of them just took off and ran. >> police are encouraging other women to come forward if they feel they were victimized by ronald epps. much more ahead on "today in the bay." still to come, former south african president nelson mandela is in the hospital this morning. what doctors say they are treating him for. plus, a kennedy under arrest for what he did with his newborn
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baby. we have the details. ♪
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♪ this is "today in the bay." check out some of the folks who are getting an early start on the polar plunge which is happening this morning as part of a fund-raiser for the special olympics. we're going to show you that story coming up in just a few. for now, in world news, secretary of state hillary clinton is getting tough on syria. at an international meeting on syria, hillary clinton said dozens of countries at the conference are united in their demands, that they want syria's president to allow aid to his people and to silence his guns or face more isolation. meantime, clinton blasted russia and china yesterday for their opposition to action against syria in the united nations. the meeting was held in tunisia. meantime, one small syrian town near the turkish border is
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celebrating its freedom. they waved syrian flags, marching and dancing in the streets they marched and protested against the syrian president without worrying about presizals because of a truce between syrian government and syrian rebels. no word on how long that truce might last. yemen has a new president this morning. he took the oath of office today before members of parliament. he replaces the former president who ruled the country for 33 years before leaving office in a power transfer deal meant to end more than a year of political turmoil. hadi says he will continue yemen's fight against al qaeda which took advantage of the country's upheaval to take control of several parts of yemen. doctors say south african president nelson mandela is in the hospital for a long-standing stomach ailment. they say he needs proper specialist medical attention. the 93-year-oldç anti-aparthei icon became south africa's black
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president in 1994 after spending 27 years in prison. in south america, venezuelan president hugo chavez is in cuba for urgent surgery. the 57-year-old will meet doctors today and undergo a series of medical tests. last summer, doctors extracted a large cancerous tumor from his pelvic region. this time, though, doctors say the growth is smaller, about an inch in diameter. and legal trouble now for the son of late senator robert f. kennedy who's accused of getting into a fight with two nurses at a new york hospital. douglas kennedy was trying to carry his 3-day-old baby into a hospital elevator to try to go outside for a walk last month. nurses say they tried to stop him because they say kennedy was not allowed to take the newborn out of the maternity ward floor. one nurse claims kennedy twisted her arm and another is being seen knocked to the ground. kennedy and his wife claimed it was the nurses who attacked him. kennedy now faces child
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endangerment charges and misdemeanor accounts for allegedly attacking the nurses. much more ahead on "today in the bay." still to come, he is only 11 years old but he's inspiring kids around the world to get fit. we'll introduce you to the workout kid and his dedication to fitness and how it's catching on. if you're going to be working out outside this morning, you might need a jacket. chilly out there. we have a cold breeze picking up out of the north today. clear skies for now. but rain is in. look at at foreca a look at that when we come back right back. easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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>> woman: don't forget the yard work! >> o.k. >> announcer: with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. >> nice job, ben. >> announcer: well played, dan. well played. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. this is "today in the bay." looking live at downtown san jose this morning. it is a very cool start to the day. and i know that you're looking at this forecast that rob mayeda has and you're thinking why couldn't the 70s hold off until the weekend? well, they held off for my weekend. i'm the only one not complaining. >> the kids liked that little bit of spring training we had
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over the last three days. 70s, almost 80 in a few spots. today the winds have changed. they're starting to blow out of the north. it will bring in cooler, drier air. it's a chilly start to the morning, 40s for most of a bay area. 41, the cold spot, 48 in san francisco, notice the wind. starting to pick up a little bit. santa rosa, you're seeing the northwest winds at 14 and eventually this afternoon we'll see wind gusts, maybe getting up close to 5 miles per hour. kind of a breezy start to this morning. turning windy as we go through the afternoon for the hilltops along the coast. 50s and 60s for highs. not a bad day. just not as warm as the last few days. tonight as that drier air settles in, we could have temperatures in the 30s for tomorrow morning. and yes, a chance of showers soon. around the rest of the country, starting to look like winter across the northeast, the northern plains and off to the pacific northwest we have rain and snow around the cascades. but our radar looks pretty dry. as you head up to the north
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coast, up towards eureka, that's where the showers are right now. this system dropping out of the north mainly just a case of air conditioning or canadian air conditioning, dropping down the northern california coastline. not a lot of moisture. you will feel the chill in the air as we go through the afternoon. as this cold air continues to pump into the bay area today, it will keep our skies mostly clear but breezy at times, especially out here along the coast. with our clear skies, wind protected valleys tonight, we may see 30s before the chances of rain will actually start to increase as we go into monday with one opportunity and a better chance tuesday into wednesday. around the bay area today, should see mid-60s, south of san jose, 62 around downtown. but notice out of those upper 70s we had over the last couple of days, mid-60s towards the trivalley, some spots up toward contra costa and salon knolano . downsloping winds should warm
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things up just a bit today, but kind ofç offset by the cooler air, moving into the region out of the north. 50s on the coast. a chilly day if you're heading out to the sea shore around pacifica. tomorrow it will be a colder start to the morning. look at the highs through the bay area, in the 50s for your sunday. as we head into monday, a few showers, mainly for the north bay. the best chance of seeing rain in your seven-day forecast probably starting tuesday afternoon to the north bay and i think wednesday, that's where we're going to get more rain in here. good news, too. i think the sierra will get a good dose of know there for the middle part of week. the second half of the week we'll start to clear on out and we hope by saturday, sunday maybe there will be 60s and 70s waiting for us next week. >> we certainly enjoyed them. if you need inspiration to get a little exercise this weekend, how about a fitness instructor with six-pack abs and a line of dvds who's just 11
7:18 am
years old. blaine alexander introduces us. >> put your arms slightly in front of you. >> reporter: they call him the workout kid. >> ready. >> reporter: but it's a name c.j. center earned long before starring in his own workout dvds. >> my friends came out, i'll call you workout kid since you always work out. >> as soon as he was able to start walking he was active and doing things. >> reporter: soon this ambitious 11-year-old turned a hobby into a brand name. >> i was flipping through the channels on my tv. i saw the p90x infomercial. >> he said i'd like to make something like that for kids. >> reporter: now he says he's taking it where it's needed the most, into the schools. in this third grade class in covington, georgia, he's practically a household name. >> he's awesome. >> the way he works out, he makes it fun for kids. >> you don't have to do it by
7:19 am
yourself. >> reporter: the requests are coming in, he's wanted in canada, australia. he has more than 70 moves. so i decided to try a few. >> jump every time i say pop. pop. pop. pop. >> how long do we do this? >> until you get tired. >> one. >> you're going so fast. >> the workouts are definitely legit and c.j.'s not slowing down anytime soon. >> reporter: do you think you might change your name from the workout team, workout adult. >> i want to be a professional football player. >> reporter: by the looks of things he's well on our way. >> just in time for our trend toward warmer weather, flu season had its latest start in 30 years. here in california we've had widespread cases for the past two weeks, same for colorado. experts are not sure why it's taken so long for flu season to begin but they say the virus is circulating this year are similar to those from last year.
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many people may be immune. mild winter weather could play a role. much more ahead onç "todayn the bay." still to come, remember the prom date jitters? imagine asking a celebrity to be your date. nc asked taylor swift. we're going to show you what she said. they can hit you year round... indoors or out. achoo! oh to have relief. prescription nasonex is clinically proven to help relieve nasal allergy symptoms... including congestion, runny and itchy nose and sneezing. [ female announcer ] side effects may include headache, viral infection, sore throat, nosebleeds, and coughing. infections of the nose and throat and eye problems, including glaucoma or cataracts may occur. have regular eye exams. slow wound healing may occur, so do not use nasonex until your nose has healed from any sore, surgery or injury. nasonex can increase your risk of getting infections. avoid contact with infections like chicken pox or measles while using nasonex. it does not come in generic form. ask your doctor if nasonex is right for you.
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this is "today in the bay." a new jersey teenager who is battling cancer just had his dream come true. that dream, a date with a country music superstar. doug shimmel has the story. >> i wasn't expecting it at all. i was living my high school life. >> reporter: the leukemia was supposed to be gone. but kevin mcgwire found himself back at children's hospital for more bone marrow taps. he was sitting with his sister
7:23 am
victoria talking about who he'd like to talk to his prom june 1st. >> someone who is strong and confident and someone who will make me!veel like i belong there that night, someone who's beautiful, gorgeous. >> reporter: it was country music star taylor swift whose song you belong with me about the outsider who gets the football player is one of kevin's favorites. >> you see all these other celebrities on the news about being in jail and drugs and all that kind of stuff. taylor, she's a great girl, positive role model. >> reporter: the facebook campaign kevin's sister launched to get taylor to take him to the prom has gotten tens of thousands of hits of support from strangers and celebrities and maybe taylor knows by now. >> i'm hoping when she does see what's going on she'll let me know. if she can or can't, that would be amazing to hear from her. >> reporter: late friday apparently she did. taylor swift's publicist told nbc 10 that taylor posted,
7:24 am
quote, kevin, i'm sorry but i won't be aible to make it to your prom. i was wondering the academy of country of music awards are coming up. would you be my date? love taylor. we reached kevin in his room to tell him about the news. it's his response, it's ten times better than the prom. >> that's pretty cool. that was doug shimmel reporting. he's been accepted to two universities. he plans to study psychology in college and counsel children with cancer after he graduates. nice guy. as hollywood's brightest stars gear up for sunday's awards, wait until you see the perks that come along with being a celebrity. we have this report from l.a. >> reporter: come along as we take you on a trip to the fabulous world of celebrity swag. this is the gbk gifting lounge at the hotel. one of about a dozen suites set
7:25 am
up around los angeles this week, handing out free stuff to celebrities. >> this is my very first year doing these gifting suites. it's like trick or treat but times a million. >> they look pretty. >> invited guests are offered everything from maiden earth gemstone jewelry to custom-made desserts like this one from apple revolution. >> it's a granny smith. >> reporter: there are three trips to maui, all natural make-up, $400 luggage and a one of a kind $6,000 watch that you design yourself. stars like penny marshall have their pictures take within the products and it serves as free marketing for sponsors. >> they'll submit it to press, they submit it to "us weekly," "in touch" and other magazines. >> reporter: we asked him to describe what it's like being a star on oscar week with the
7:26 am
ability to haul away huge duffel bags of goodies. >> i worked har and sometimes it will pay off. >> reporter: hollyç robinson peete's foundation will get some of the money. >> i'm here walking around, looking at this fun swag. today i had the opportunity to share our foundation with all these tremendous stars. >> that was angie crouch reporting from l.a. linsanity has hit taiwan. the first batch of t-shirts and jerseys went on sale yesterday. they sold all 250 t-shirts in just about 30 minutes. each t-shirt went for 37 bucks a pop. lin grew up in palo alto. taiwan is his ancestryial home. we continue to following developing news out of afghanistan. a gunman shot and killed two officers inside the interior ministry inside kabul.
7:27 am
plus, fifth to poison their teacher? we have details of the plan uncovered. anyone who grows things for a living will tell ya...
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from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay."ç good morning. golden gate bridge looking very nice. folks moving along swiftly. no rain today but rain in the forecast. thanks for joining us, i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. we got quite a bit of springtime weather. that was beautiful. >> except for allergies. we could use rain drops to knock down some of the pollen. i think we'll get some of that but not right now. it's just chilly outside. we have 40s out there, clear skies. the wind picking up this afternoon. that's not going to help your allergies today. you can see the showers on the north coast, not going to get to the bay area. the cold air behind it, that's something you'll notice as we head through the afternoon today. even though we have north winds,
7:30 am
typically you think warm temperatures. the air that's coming in is quite cold. even with the north winds today, you're going to feel a chill outside. 50s to mid-60s today. an increasing chance of showers beginning late tomorrow night. we'll give you the full forecast in a few minutes. >>. we continue to follow developing news out of afghanistan this morning where two afghan leaders say the argument at an interior ministry which led to the death of two u.s. advisers happened at the hands of another westerner. officials say a westerner killed the two servicemen today inside a room used only by foreign advisers. a note toe spokesman says the man who shot the americans was not a westerner. this is currently an investigation that's under way. and that shooting comes on the fifth day of protests across afghanistan, sparked by the burning of korans at u.s. base.
7:31 am
protests spun out of control today in two afghan provinces where demonstrations were happening. protesters in eastern afghanistan threw rocks at police and tried to storm the governor's house. at least 25 people were killed, hundreds of others were wounded in the pro test. it's going to be a long weekend for dozens of valley medical center patients. more than 60 patients are waiting to see if they have tested positive for hiv, hepatitis b or hepatitis c. valley medical center says it used a sterile sheath covered probe during breast biopsies on 63 patients. doctors say after the probe was used on one patient, it was returned for cleaning. that's when they noticed fluid or blood on the probe, compromising the safety of that probe. this patient got a letter and a phone call from valley medical center telling her she might have been exposed to an infection during one of those procedures. she says it's a concern and she is disturbed. >> i think i sat on the couch
7:32 am
for about an hour, kind of paralyzed. just thinking to myself, what? >> valley med says the matter is going through a full review and investigation. test results should be available withi% a week. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi will be back in court on monday. this morning we have the controversial images at the center of the domestic abuse allegations against him. "today in the bay" on stained still images of a video taken of lopez after that alleged new year's eve incident. you can see a bruise on her right arm. mirkarimi's high profile trial began yesterday. his attorneys are asking that the video be thrown out. the video shows her bruise and also her crying. she denies any abuse. this morning after a week of shooting violence, oakland police have made a number of arrests. oakland police say they arrested a suspect with a shooting related warrant on 73rd avenue near international boulevard and a felon with a firearm on 48th
7:33 am
avenue. police say they also arrested a suspect after a shooting near the corner of 98th avenue and holly street last night. in just the past week, gun shootings in oakland have left two people dead and 15 people injured. first it was the police. now it is the firefighters. several peninsula cities are in danger of closing down fire stations or having to share them with neighboring cities. and while city leaders concede it is not ideal, it is less expensive. the question is at what cost? "today in the bay" has this report. >> we lost our dedicated police force and we have the fire station right next door and the paramedics are next door. it's a comforting feel are. >> reporter: now, patrice is concerned there is talk that fire station 16 in san carlos might close. >> i'm a little concerned that san carlos with all of their cost cutting is cutting back on the services that have made san carlos pretty special. >> reporter: it is not a done deal but city officials in san
7:34 am
carlos, redwood city and san mateo county are talking about closing a station each and operate out of one firehouse that would be located in an undetermined location. san carlos mayor andy klein says stations 12, 16 and 18 are within a mile of one another. they respond to 1 to 2 calls a day. he says consolidation makes sense. >> right now we pay $7.5 million combined for all three stations. we would like to spend $2.8 million to $4 million for a join station and split it three ways. >> reporter: cities are already sharing police services. san carlos is one of those cities, outsourcing police services to the san mateo county sheriff's office. this family lives very close to fire station 12 in redwood city. >> i'd be concerned that it would take a fire truck longer to get to our house. >> neither jurisdiction is
7:35 am
willing to put people's lives at risk. whatever decision we make, we'll make sure the service remains the same. >> the city of san carlos will have a discussion on monday at city hall at 6:00. fire crews made overnight headway on the soda canyon wildfire out ofç napa. they expect to contain it fully by 8:00 this morning. those flames blackened 200 acres. a significant drop in winds are being credited with helping firefighters there as well. it was a bit of a rocky night in humboldt county where a magnitude 4.4 earthquake rattled the coastline at 9:17 last night. it was centered about 200 miles northwest of sacramento. no injuries or damage reported. delta airline flights are back to normal at sfo this morning after a security scare forced evacuations at terminal one. tsa closed the security checkpoint when agents noticed something unusual in a passenger's bag. when they requested the passenger, the woman said she didn't know what it was because
7:36 am
she didn't pack the back. an sfo spokesman says it is a big red flag. turns out it was an oxygen canister and generator tank. delta delayed eight to ten flights in testi, impacting hun of passengers, not just at sfo. newt gingrich will visit the bay area today. we'll show you where he'll make an appearance. and gas prices keep going up. we're seeing the $5 price tag right here in the bay area. we'll tell you where you can find gas more than a dollar cheaper than that. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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this is "today in the bay." and looking live at some of the ships out there in aquatic park, some of the folks swimming around there. the polar plunge is happening later on this morning. it is a fund-raiser for the special olympics. we'll show you more about that in just a bit. a bizarre case in fresno
7:39 am
where three fifth graders are accused of trying to poison their own teacher. school officials at this elementary school expelled all three students. investigators say they unraveled their horrifying scheme to poison a teacher that dates back to december. all three children allegedly admitted to carrying out a plot to put poison in the teacher's coffee and in a cupcake. >> one child whose home was being treated for rodents had been approached by a second tune to the, quote, bring some of that, we have rodents, too. >> one of the children involved in the plot reportedly knocked the coffee out of teacher's hand before anything happened. two of those three students are now attending a school for troubled youth. newt gingrich will speak at day two of the three-day california republican convention in burlingame. california's primary could play a role in deciding whether gingrich or one of other candidates will become the party's no, ma'amfy. state leaders are looking at
7:40 am
this as an opportunity for the republican party to show leadership. >> voters are coming to realize that on the which he, barack obama is throwing up his hands saying i don't know what to do. apparently it's above his pay grade. we'll have real solutions, regardless of our candidate. that's what's come out of the primary, detailed solutions. >> gingrich is speaking at the convention today. herman cain will also join him. we saw it coming and it is finally here sooner than we thought. $5 a gallon for gas in the bay area. we saw aaron's post on facebook last night and went to check it out. we read the fine print carefully. yes, gas is $5 per gallon at the sharon heights shell station in menlo park. that's only for full service. who has the cheapest gas here in the bay area? we managed to find a few places selling for less than $4 a gallon. in santa clara, arko co.
7:41 am
3.99 gallon at the arco station in redwood city. cruise ship fares are staying about the same even though bookings have been dropping. "usa today" reports that the downturn started mid-january ,aam%iñff the coast of italy. there was less inventory to sell. one analyst says crew lines have enroux thely begun offering incentives like on-board credits instead of lower fare. nasa is looking to hire six taste testers as it prepares for its trip to mars. the job may require relocation. it's an assignment to be spent on a fake martian habitat. nasa wants to know if astronauts are better off eating freeze dried food or cooking their own.
7:42 am
they'll put you through weightlessness. the pay isn't that great. it's five grand. so far, hundreds of people have applied. much more ahead on "today in the bay." still to come, elk herds on the brink of extinction are making a comeback here in the bay area. we'll see you where you can see them for free. this morning it's a chilly start. we're seeing clear skies in san jose. one thing you'll notice is the winds picking up as we head through your saturdayoo lkt a when we come right back. ♪
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7:45 am
headed out there this morning or this afternoon. right now we have 40s outside. the winds are starting to pick up around the bay area and that will be a cold breeze later on today. not the 70s and almost 80 degree temperatures we've had over the last three days. right now, 50s outside. notice the winds now, even san jose seeing west/northwest winds at 15 miles per hour. more where that's coming from as we go through the afternoon. the radar is dry. we will see showers on the far north coast. but this is mainly an air conditioning event for us as the systems drop in out of the north, they typically don't have moisture. this is a perfect case in point for that. maybe some showers into mendocino county. that will be about it. mainly it's this cold air mass which will drop down from the north, cool, dry air. even with the north winds with be that will offset downslope warnings for inland val is. 25 miles an hour through the lowlands around the bay area. some of the hill tops could get
7:46 am
gusts maybe up to 35 miles per hour. this will dry things out tonight, depending on how much cloud cover we have tonight and depending on how much the winds back off, some of our inland valleys as we go through tonight, high clouds drifting over the bay area. as we head towards early tomorrow morning, skies start to clear. this is the reason why i think we'll see 30s tomorrow morning, especially up towards the north bay valleys, if the winds are light or into the east bay tomorrow morning. chilly, no worries about showers at least for better part of the weekend. by sunday night and monday, we'll see a chance of a few showers. better chance of rain coming in tuesday on into wednesday. so around the bay area today, if you're not going to be out swimming it will be cool with the breeze picking up out of the northwest for the afternoon. still see mid-60s by morgan hill and gilroy. 62 in san jose, 64 for santa cr cruz. east bay, mid-60s around pleasanton n. much cooler on the coast. the wins pick up for the afternoon.
7:47 am
it will trend cooler for the end of the weekend, sunday night into early monday. maybe a few showers i think you can count on the rain coming in for tuesday night, wednesday. look at those highs, 50s around the bay area. that's a swing in temperatures in a few day's time. thursday and friday, we'll try to warm on up. let's see if we can get near 70 degrees next week. some californiaç natives ha getting a population boost making their way back from the brink of extinction. >> you just have these national geographic moments out here. >> at the outer edge of our busy bay area, point ray's national sea shore is giving natural environments and native animals new leases on life in the 21st century. >> it's an absolutely amazing place for wildlife. >> we get to see it all. free of charge and enjoy a little restoration ourselves on
7:48 am
a journey back in time. >> i think they symbolize what california used to be. >> this is one of my favorite places in the bay area to see wildlife. a perfect example is over my shoulder is a magnificent male elk. elk coming back from the brink of extinction. >> thing i love about this elk is the sheer size of him, especially when you happen upon one. >> reporter: this man is a wildlife ecologist. he leads me to the elk moving behind and between curtains of fog. >> it's foggy as heck. >> yes. >> reporter: but we know the elk are nearby. >> 450 elk out here. you know they're here. >> reporter: once common in california were hunted to near extinction after the gold rush. a mere handful managed to hang on. in 1979, ten were released into the newly designated elk reserve
7:49 am
where they were protected and allowed to thrive. >> i can't think of a greater wildlife success story than the recovery of the elk. i think that whole cycle of life is really and truly incredible to me. >> reporter: the cycle of life has been restored in the hills of tamalus point and nearby in the water of the bay. >> here's this little slice of california, less than one-tenth of 1% of the state of california, yet on this peninsula we have about 45% of the species of birds that are found in all of north america. >> reporter: national park service ranger john delosso and many others work for years to return a former dairy ranch at the head of the bay to its original condition as a natural wetland. in october 2008, when the dikes were finally breached and the water of the bay rushed in, so did the emotions of the local community. >> i got this shiver. it's like, this is what it's all
7:50 am
about. it's for the public. they get to enjoy it. it's for the wildlife. >> reporter: wildlife swiftly followed the incoming water as it reclaimed the land. birds of many species and critters of all kinds, now a team amidst the reborn wetlands. >> mother nature has done a great job here. >> reporter: point ridge demonstrates the rebirth and restoration of nature is still possible in our modern age. >> please come out andç see an experience this place. it's a spectacular national park. and it's here for you. for the public. >> reporter: doug mcconnell, nbc, bay area news. >> cool to see. california's famous visiting wolf may not be around much longer. the gray wolf named or7 left its pack in oregon a year ago and found its way to california. but oregon wildlife officials say they aring traing him using a gps collar around his neck and the 2-year-old male wolf seems to be making his way back to
7:51 am
oregon. it has been 87 years since the last gray wolf was seen in california. hundreds of people in the bay area will take the plunge for a special cause this morning. we've been mentioning it all morning long. looking live at san francisco's aquatic park right now, this is an effort to help raise money for the special olympics. hundreds of bay area supporters will brave the chilly waters of the san francisco bay. the event starts at 10:00 this morning. it will be held at aquatic park. the official polar plunge will happen at noon. all participants will be rewarded with official polar plunge gear, costumes as always are encouraged. much more ahead on "today in the bay." still to come, think you get enough exercise? your efforts to keep healthy may be canceled out once you sit we'l. n.aiex
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7:54 am
this is "today in the bay." this is san ravel. traffic sa moving along smoothly. folks out and about, getting in some errands, maybe some exercise, maybe some shopping. who knows, whatever you're doing today we hope you're safe. even if you think you are getting enough exercise you could be throwing it all away once you sit down. new research in the american journal of clinical nutrition says even people who spended seven hours a week with moderate exercise cannot cancel out sitting at work seven hours a day. sara says she used to make sitting a hobby after work. >> either way, you're tired. >> doctors say simple things like pacing on the phone or moving up, getting up, moving around every hour or so while you're at the office can help speed up the body's ability to burn calories as well. much more ahead on "today in the bay." oming up, agathd good
7:55 am
ho me.
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7:57 am
this is "today in the bay." we have special guests from pets in need this morning. volunteer lisa simmons is here with agatha. you're always so creative for the mixed breeds that you bring in. this one is a chaweiny. >> a pugweiny. she has a puggy looking face. she's wonderful. she has a great personality. we think she'd be a wonderful family addition to anyone looking for dogs. >> good with kids, socialize with cats. >> she's fine with cats. we try them out on cats at the shelter. she was just fine. >> earn your keep, agatha. if you want to find out more
7:58 am
about agatha or any of other pets in need, animals that are ready for adoption, you can go to it's always good to have you with us, lisa. >> thank you. >> i hope you find a nice home soon. yes, i talk to dog. more local news for you tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. any time of day at and when news breaks, right here. we'll see you back here tomorrow. do the hula ♪
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