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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 26, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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tonight. for all of us here at nbc news, good night. -- captions by vitac -- >> good sunday evening. i'm diane dwyer. san jose police say they arrested a murder suspect they have been searching for since october. officers arrested steve luis in fremont. he is a member of the hell's angels and shot and killed a fellow member of the hell's angels during a funeral last october. stephanie chuang sin fremont with the latest on this for us. stephanie. >> reporter: hi, diane. san jose police say they are stunned that in a mourd case especially a high profile one like this one, suspects usually try to get as far away as possible.
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but right here 10 minutes away from san jose is where they found steve ruiz. the 38-year-old was staying in room 104 in front so he likely saw and/or heard the commotion when s.w.a.t. officers arrived at the motel at 7:30 last night. we spoke with the employee who pointed officers in the right direction. >> he asked me if there's any guests across the hall from me, i told him that there is because the hotel is fully booked. so what they did, they called his room and asked the suspect to surrender peacefully because he was -- the hotel was surrounded. >> ruiz was forced to crawl to the start of the lobby where officers were waiting with their rifles pointed at him. he cuffed him and ordered the woman in the room to also crawl out and took her away. here is the twist. it wasn't steve but a ruiz with
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a different first name who walked in a couple hours before the arrest, he was with the woman and also a young boy around 5 years old, checked in with a credit card. the man and the boy were not here when the arrest happened. he spotted a loaded revolver when going through ruiz's belongings, pd saying they believe that he had a lot of help bouncing from city to city. he is in the main jail booked on a murder charge. and police say that the d.a.'s office will likely make a decision by wednesday. stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, stephanie. san jose police are also investigating two shootings overnight that left one man dead and three others injured. lice say the first shooting hatched on the 1100 block of chen street after midnight. linumier latnu not far away, on murphy avenue near oakland road. police say shots were fired during a fight near the carlos
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goldstine restaurant. one man died. a third victim who was also shot in the incident walked into the emergency room shortly after the shooting. >> we don't know that it's gang related at this point. it appears to be just a bar brawl gone bad. we know there was a physical fight. we know it spilled outside the bar and at one point one of the persons in one of the groups produced handgun and hit three people. >> the victim in the first shooting was also taken to the hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries. police have not released the names of victims and they have not made arrests either. >> the state republican party just finished its convention this week in burlingame. it was a who's who of the gop in california. that's part of thep problem, there are not many well known republican leaders in california and fewer registered republicans in the state than ever before. kimberly tere is in san francisco with more. >> reporter: diane, that's
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exactly right. the number of registered republicans in the state has dwinded from 35 to 30% so the focus is really on increasing those numbers and also getting more funding. and they are doing that by targeting minorities and youth an getting them involved. this is really important to increase numbers because this republican primary could play a much larger role in the nomination. the race is neck and neck between mitt romney and rick santorum and you still can't count out newt gingrich who was a keynote speaker at the california gop convention held this weekend. even ron paul who was coming in or is coming in fourth in most polls would not be overshadowed. look at this video from youtube, supporters stormed the lobby of the hyatt in burlingame where the convention was being held chanting ron paul. they say they were hoping to draw attention to a candidate they say is often overlooked. while the convention wrapped up this afternoon, the republican voters say they are now shifting
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their focus to the primary which they now have an extra reason to look forward to. >> excitement is very high among the california republicans this year because we for the first time in a decade or two, have an opportunity to shape the republican presidential election. this is not happened in previous years, and that's why this is a very exciting opportunity. >> reporter: invitations to speak at the convention were extended to all gop presidential hopefuls. gingrich is the only one who acce accepted. republican voters say they want the see more candidates come to california in the next months and to compete for their votes. as for just how much the california primary will weigh, well, that depends on how super tuesday goes. live in san francisco, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> republican voters in michigan and arizona are next in line to choose their pick for the republican nominee, and both primaries are this tuesday. mitt romney is from michigan and
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if romney loses that state it could mean it would open up the race again. his chief rival in michigan, rick santorum appeared on "meet the press." santorum defended a comment about president obama yesterday during a campaign stop. he called the president, quote, a snob for saying he thinks all americans should have the opportunity to go to college. >> if going to a trade school and learning to be a carpenter or plumber or other types of skills that are an artist or whatever the case may be or musician, all of those things are very important and worth while professions that we should not look down our nose at and say they are less because you didn't get a four-year college degree. >> it's not clear what comment santorum is referring to about the president but the president called for quote every american to pursue some form of education beyond high school. the president did not specifically say a four-year college degree. >> there is a change in the weather in store.
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let's check in with rob mayeda. it's coming soon. >> in just think a matter of hours. we have winds picking up. you'll see the temperatures over my shoulder. what we're seeing with the numbers in the 40s and low 50s, pretty close to tomorrow's high temperatures, if you want to call them high. we have cool air spilling in. look at the winds in oakland. west at 22, west in san francisco. the radar is dry. but we do have showers working down the coast and area of low pressure off to our west. that will crank up the winds and bring the showers our way as we head into tonight. the interesting thing to see, though, is the color on the futurecast. we've got snow around mt. hamilton l and maybe sleet, heavier showers close to 3,000 feet overnight and during the day tomorrow. you see it there. scattered showers, so our headlines, snow levels close to 4,000 feet dipping,500 to 24, 500 feet tomorrow. and a chance of isolated thunder with the cold air over the warm waters there at the coastal
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region. santa cruz might have thunder. we're tracking a stronger system that's going to pack rain and more snow for the sierra. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. >> coming up next at 6:00, delay in the massive trial around the pb oil disaster in the gulf. we'll show you how many lawyers are using the extra time. and governor jerry brown squares off against arizona's governor on immigrant rights during "meet the press." bay area ! here's big news from verizon wireless and xfinity from comcast. now get the xfinity triple play and verizon wireless together. call 855-704-7400 to sign up and get a free smartphone. choose one of our hottest phones. verizon wireless and xfinity. tv, home phone, internet and wireless together.
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>> the legal fight over who is responsible and how much they should pay for the worst oil spill in u.s. history was delayed late this afternoon. jay gray has the latest. >> reporter: with high stakes settlement talks continuing in the 11th hour, the legal battle over the deepwater horizon oil spill initially set to begin tomorrow morning has been delayed for at least a week. in a joint statement released this afternoon, bp and the plaintiff's steering committee confirmed the adjournment to allow bp and the psc more time to continue settlement discussions and attempt reach agreement. >> the trial rescheduled for march 5 is to determine the civil liability for the worst oil spill in u.s. history. the defendants include bp, rig owner transocean and the construction firm halliburton. there are thousands of plaintiffs including fishermen, restaurant and hotel owners, and other residents along the gulf
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coast. in 2010 bp set aside 20 billion to be distributed to victims. but to this point the gulf coast claims facility paid out 6 billion with many holding out for the trial. if it does reach a courtroom, the final payout is still unknown. the oil giant could pay close to $17 billion in fines along with tens of billions of dollars to those affected by the spill. experts believe the trial could take up the better part of a year and then there are sure to be appeals. and that does not include the possibility of criminal charges at some point in this case. jay gray, nbc news. coming up next, governor jerry brown returns to "meet the press" 34 years to the day after he spoke against latino discrimination. today's conversation struck a similar note. plus, why california lawmaker wantsundocumented undocumented immigrants behind the wheel. an
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>> governor jerry brown appeared on nbc's "meet the press" press calling for national comprehensive immigration reform. brown talked about a signing of the california dream act which allows students brought to the u.s. illegally as children to go to college and even seek financial aid. the governor said it's not possible to round up 12 million illegal immigrants and send them south of the border, he went on to argue that a path to citizenship is the answer to border security and the drug trade problem. >> every president tried to secure the border. these drugs generate billions of dollars in profit, guns from america go down to mexico, the dope comes up, the billions of dollars go down. it takes a collaborative work,
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mexico and the u.s., we've got to invest in mexico, give them all the tools that we can and work together to get rid of the cartels but build up mexico so the employment can be there. >> brown appeared with arizona's republican jan brew e perhaps best known for signing into law a bill requiring that people are suspicious of legal status to ask for proof and for confronting president obama at the airport by pointing her finger in his face. >> and speaking of the california dream act one of its biggest champions is pushing for another right. kris sanchez talks with political analyst larry gerston about the latest attempt to get undocumented immigrants behind the deal. >> sights set on driver as licenses for undocumented immigrants. we talked about this before. >> the d.o.t. has done this, it
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was under the schwarzenegger. he vo toed it every time. things are different now. for one thing the democrats have a slightly larger majority in the legislature. perhaps more significant we have a democratic governor which is the same party, and then of course all of these things that occurred recently, the dream act, both in terms of allowing illegal immigrant children to attend colleges, and also be funded. get funding. so it well could be that the environment is different now in california which might allow passage of this legislation. >> a lot of folks critics will say why are we giving drivers licenses to people who have come here illegally. but there is a broader picture which could actually protect the driving public. >> yeah. once you get driver's licenses allegedly people need to get insurance. they are supposed to. it allows people to get a better handle on who is doing what, where they are, you know. it's that kind of a thing.
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of course there's always been this disconnect if you will. between people who come here illegally or otherwise, they go to work, either in day jobs, day labor jobs or commonly in the fields, doing jobs of of course that nobody else will do, and yet they can't get a driver's license. that's the disconnect. how do you expect people to get from a to b where we have them working where we would not successfully exist without them working, and yet they don't have driver's licenses. now, you know republicans, conservatives have had a problem with that. but it could well be that we're out now where people say wait a second, if these people are going to be here, whatever the process was, at least we have to find a way to allow them to have a driver's license so that we can keep tabs on people. >> that assemblyman has a history of looking for immigrant rights and getting things for immigrants. but, you know, a cynic could say the presidential race is coming up and don't we want to court the latino vote?
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>> which would be another reason to pass it. i don't think the problem is going to be in the legislature. the legislature seems predisposed. their numbers if anything a little more favorable. the question will be will governor brown go ahead and sign it and give at any way he acted on the dream act, both parts of that earlier this year, last year, i think there is a fair chance that he will. >> for any of larry's political insight go to and look for prop zero, that's his blog. >> right now we're going to go to meteorologist rob mayeda and check out the weather. what's up? >> right now we're seeing the clouds filling in after actually a pretty decent day. a lot of sunshine, then cloudy to finish. look at the temperatures. 60 san jose, 50 san francisco, inland is warm as the low 60s around south san jose but for the most part temperature's temperatures subtract about 10 degrees from the temperatures. upper 40s and low 50s come tomorrow. right now the radar is dry. we have a weather system working
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down the coast. actually, a lot of the moisture is going to swing through central california. we have another area of low pressure that is dropping down the north coast. as this starts to come together what you're going to start to notice will be the showers on the increase, especially around the santa cruz mountains, around the higher peaks, skyline boulevard and mt. hamilton to start, looks like we could see snow levels close to 4,000 feet. you can see more snow and under some of the heavier showers as the colder air starts to filter in we could get sleet maybe mixed down close to 2,500 feet or around mount tam and mt. diablo. it will be cold enough to see a little snow at times and you can see here, not everybody getting soaked with rain at once. this is more scattered showers for your monday. tuesday into wednesday, that's a different story with the stronger weather system on the way. rainfall totals again not that impressive. what's more impressive will be the cold air and the snow levels dropping at least as low as
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3,000 feet during the day tomorrow. not just here but the sierra, round one not a lot of snow but let's fast forward to we suspect will come tuesday and wednesday. a system that will drop a good half inch of rain around the bay area, and one to two feet of snow. this is a much bigger system coming in for tuesday night on into wednesday. great news for the sierra. around the bay area we'll see 30s and 40s. chilly again as the cold air filters in during the day tomorrow. we will see things turn unstable around some o our hill tops which could fire up showers during the afternoon. and look at the cool high temperatures if you want to call them that. upper 40s to low 50s. snow levels in the north bay, maybe 2,500 feet. maybe closer to 3,000 feet around the south bay hills. the first half of the week looks like winter. 40s and 50s tomorrow. watch tuesday night into wednesday, i think wednesday morning is going to be rainy. thursday and friday we start to clear out, the showers move to the north and in time for next weekend. 60s and 70s, perfect.
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enjoy all of that fresh snow. >> it's weird, it looks like winter in winter. >> yes. >> thanks, rob. up next, ever heard of getting a flu shot, plus help with your taxes at the same place? we'll show you where hundreds of people did that and more. [ male announcer ] what happened when ford owners compared their trucks to a chevy silverado? i can see myself driving in this for hours and hours. i like it. man: i would definitely consider a silverado trade-up from the pick-up truck that i've got right now. [ male announcer ] we dare you to compare your truck
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maria shriver established we connect back in 2005. the goal is to connect families with existing resources helping them lead healthier, more financially secure lives. volunteers gave people free flu shots, enrolled them in affordable health care programs and get this, helped them with their taxes. >> a lot of families don't realize that they qualify for free tax preparation assistance and the same families may qualify for the earned income tax credit which can mean from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars back in the pockets of families. >> today's event was at john o'connell high school. organizers hope to serve as many as 500 families today. now for a look at sports we want to check win scott reese. hello, scott. >> we've got sharks to tell you about. they give up a late lead. that's not the worst thing to happen in minnesota. a scary moment and something you probably never have seen before. we'll show it to you. plus, a rocket arm making waves
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in giants camp. may we introduce you to the future of the bull pen. bay area ! here's big news from verizon wireless and xfinity from comcast. now get the xfinity triple play and verizon wireless together. call 855-704-7400 to sign up and get a free smartphone. choose one of our hottest phones. verizon wireless and xfinity. tv, home phone, internet and wireless together.
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>> hi everybody. scott reiss. funny thing about the giants, the next big thing, never seems to be far away. that guy is 23-year-old heath henry who may have the most powerful arm. jamie takes us behind the scenes with the flame thrower. >> being a professional baseball player isn't always as glamorous as it might seem. sure t big league guys get to stay in fancy houses during spring training but the minor league prospects ta in a hotel like everyone else including guys like heath embree, a relief pitcher whose fast ball is rumored to hit triple digits. >> can i say pretty damn hard. >> i hear it more than i see it.
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>> how hard can you throw the ball? >> i saw him hit 99 last year. >> ever get in triple digits? >> i think there's rumors about it. >> what's up? come on in. this is my home for the next couple weeks in spring training. not much. we have a half eaten chicken bacon ranch. i think we're going to head out. what is this? trying to pull the red carpet out for me. he thinks i'm pampered. nice getting a ride. everybody is starting to give me crap. here at starbucks about to get our quick coffee. >> i'm not a big breakfast guy. usually something in me. time to head to the park and get our day rolling. >> thank you. i can sneak on through without anybody noticing me. i think i'm growing a little bit. get ready to come out to the
6:27 pm
field and get after it. stretch and get my throwing in. take a couple of ground balls and get our conditioning in. then come back in and get a nice workout in. then have lunch and get out of here. >> i heard nothing but good things about this guy. it's going to be exciting to see him throw. it's a new experience for him and nice to see how he adjusts. >> he is a fun guy, he likes to joke around. he has that south drawl. >> if you all are ready i think eric is out there waiting on me. i got to get in the back? i sit in the front where i feel comfortable. being from the south, the southeast, i don't listen to this kind of stuff. i love my cheese once in a while. it's been a great experience, trying to get as much advice as i can. i enjoy learning from the guys. well, another good day on the
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field. got some good work in. got to go rest up, hydrate. get ready for another day at the field tomorrow. have fun. i'll see y guys. >> so there was a party yesterday at the molina household. we weren't invited. men many were. they surprised the old catcher with a bash to celebrate his official retirement from baseball. molina spent 3 1/2 seasons in san francisco and current ly wee among those in attendance. let's talk sharks in minnesota. scary moment in the second period. the head coach todd mcclellan hit in the head by a minnesota player's stick. he had watched the rest of the game from an office. he did get on the team plane to fly home. 4-3 so the sharks finish this road trip at 2-6-1. diane, they are glad to be home on tuesday because it has been a tough run.
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>> absolutely. thanks a lot. that's all for now. we'll see you at 11:00. thanks for choosing the bay area.


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