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tv   Today  NBC  February 27, 2012 7:00am-11:00am PST

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goods morning. breaking news. at least four students shot at a high school just outside of cleveland, ohio. this morning the victims are being treated at local hospitals. the suspected gunman is in custody. we're live with the very latest. critical test. mitt romney and rick santorum make a last-minute push for voters on the eve of crucial tests in arizona and michigan. and finally, golden, "the artist" wins five academy award including best picture, best actor and best director. meryl streep takes best actress, her first oscar in 20 years. and octavia spencer and christopher plummer are honored for their supporting roles.
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we have it all covered live from los angeles today, monday, february 27th, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and good morning. welcome to a special edition of "today." 7:00 a.m. on the west coast. i'm matt lauer in new york city. >> i'm ann curry alongside al rok roker. first let's get to this breaking news you have for us. >> thank you very much. a school shooting in chardon, ohio. according to reports, it happened about 7:30 a.m. local time. the school was immediately locked down. nbc's john yang has the latest on this. john, good morning to you.
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>> good morning, matt. the incident does appear to be over. cuyahoga sheriffs and the fbi say they have a student in custody. they believe he was the only shooter. the incident took place in the cafeteria, as you said, about 7:30 this morning. four students were -- four students were -- four students were wounded. three boys and a girl. three of them have been airlifted to hospitals. no word yet on their conditions. no word yet on details about the alleged shooter except that police and fbi -- sheriffs and fbi say they do believe he acted alone. chardon a rural community east of cleveland. about 1,000 students at the high school. they all say this is a community where people know each other. everyone knows each other. the students were locked down. they have since been evacuated to a nearby elementary school. they're being released in small groups to their parents.
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matt? >> john, you mentioned this happened in the cafeteria, but if we report this happened at 7:30 in the morning, so this is before classes would have begun. a lot of these students sitting there probably having breakfast before the day at school. do we have any indication whether this was the result of an altercation or more of a plot? >> there's no word yet. there's no indication yet of the motives behind this. they have the suspect in custody. they are clearly talking to him now. it doesn't appear to have been some sort of plot because officials are stressing that they believe the shooter acted alone, that there was no sort of organization to this. there were no other students involved in this. not the sorts of things -- the sort of thing, rather, that might remember think about from columbine high school. it was two students who had gotten together. they say that the shooter did act alone, and they are talking to him now at the sheriff's headquarters. matt. >> john yang covering this story this morning for us. john, thank you very much.
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it's three minutes after the hour. let's go out to ann in los angeles. >> matt, thank you. now on a much lighter note to the highlights of the 84th academy awards. "the artist" became the first silent film to win the top prize since the first academy awards back in 1929. we'll talk to the cast in just a few moments. first, what a fabulous night it was here in hollywood. ♪ an evening to celebrate the glamorous cinema with bright color and moving acceptance speeches. but the night's biggest winner, a small black-and-white picture with no talking at all. >> "the artist." >> thank you from the bottom of my heart. to you, members of the academy. >> the french film's homage to hollywood's silent era took home five oscars including best picture, best director and best actor for star jean dujardin. >> i love your country. merci!
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merci beaucoup! i love you! >> the other male acting award went to a more familiar face. >> i knew i was gay, though. at parties i'd be staring at the husbands and not the wives. >> 82-year-old screen legend christopher plummer appeared in nearly 100 films before winning his first oscar, best supporting actor in "beginners." >> you're only two years older than me, darling. where have you been all my life? it's sort of a renewal, not a beginning exactly, but it has recharged me, and i hope i can do it for another ten years, at least. >> reporter: another veteran, host billy crystal, got laughs from the audience. but his ninth turn as emcee received mixed reviews from some critics. ♪ >> just like pasta. say "i'm batman." and in perhaps the evening's
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tightest contest for best actress -- >> meryl streep, "the iron lady." >> reporter: the oscar went to meryl streep for her role as margaret thatcher in "the iron lady." >> i have done battle every single day of my life. when they called my name, i had this feeling i could hear half of america going, "oh, no. oh, come on. why?" "her again" you know? >> reporter: even though it seems like she's nominated every year, streep hadn't won since 1982. >> thank you, all of you, departed and here. for this, you know, inexplicably wonderful career. thank you so much. thank you. >> reporter: but the biggest ovation of the night may have gone to octavia spencer who had to be helped on stage after winning best supporting actress for "the help." >> thank you, academy, for putting me with the hottest guy in the room. i'm sorry, i'm freaking out. thank you, world. i love you. thank you. i'm sorry.
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>> but i still love you, matt lauer, ann curry, and here's what's happening in your neck of the woods, al roker. >> reporter: well done, octavia. we loved that moment, both al and i, matt. and we also loved the meryl streep moment and also the big kiss that george clooney gave billy crystal. did you watch, matt? >> you know, i probably watched the first hour and 45 minutes or so. and i know this morning there have been a lot of people going to be analyzing billy crystal in his performance and was it good to have him back? not good? i have to tell you, i love billy crystal. it was comforting for me to see him back as the host. and i think he's done such a great job with this. >> reporter: i think that's exactly -- that's why the academy turned to him, matt, after last year with james franco and anne hathaway, and they tried the experiment. let's go back to somebody we know, who can do a great job, get us in and get us out. >> reporter: he was funny. i really loved it. we'll have much more, matt, on
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the oscars from here throughout this morning including the hottest fashion and hair trends on the red carpet. and we'll also tell you what ryan seacrest is saying this morning about his red-carpet run-in with a dictator. it involved some ashes. we'll just tell you that. there you go. for now, matt, back to you in new york. >> thank you very much. the gop presidential race is facing what could be a critical turning point. mitt romney and rick santorum are battling it out on the campaign trail on the eve of key contests in both arizona and michigan. nbc's peter alexander has the latest in michigan this morning. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning to you. mitt romney and rick santorum traveling across the state again today. a combined six scheduled stops. one just wrapping up a short time ago for mitt romney here in rockford, michigan. the romney campaign saying they feel like they're on a really good track right now, that their poll numbers have improved, down a couple weeks ago, now slightly in the lead. but santorum keeps going after mitt romney, hoping voters will
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help him turn this race, in his words, on its ear. >> let's take the first step to a better future on tuesday. >> reporter: down to the wire -- >> you can change this race right here in michigan. >> reporter: -- rick santorum and mitt romney are mixing it up in michigan. with his poll numbers slipping, santorum is appealing to social conservatives, insisting that this john f. kennedy speech to protestant ministers. >> i believe in an america for the separation of church and state is absolute. >> reporter: makes him sick. >> i don't believe in an america with a separation of church and state is absolute. say that people of faith have no role in the public square? you bet that makes you throw up. >> reporter: santorum argues conservative principles are at risk. claiming college campuses are places a liberal indoctrination. >> president obama once said he wants everybody in america to go to college. what a snob. he wants to remake you in his image. >> reporter: but on sunday, arizona governor jan brewer endorsed romney on "meet the press." >> i think that he would serve
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america the best of all the candidates. >> reporter: meanwhile at the daytona 500 that was delayed by rain sunday, romney played up his love of michigan's proud auto industry. >> this combines a couple of things i like best, cars and sport. >> reporter: but romney raised eyebrows when he was asked if he follows the sport. >> not as closely as some of the most ardent fans, but i have some great friends that are nascar team owners. >> reporter: that follows another recent comment that critics say made romney seem out of touch with voters. >> i drive a mustang and a chevy pickup truck. ann drives a couple of cadillacs, actually. >> reporter: at the track, romney was spotted sitting with lenny kravitz and the car sponsored by the santorum campaign. to some, daytona has become a metaphor for the tight race in michigan with romney hoping his car pulls off a win. >> hang back as long as you can, let all the folks in front of you crash and burn and move up at the end and try to win the
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race. >> reporter: also this morning, campaign sources tell nbc news that rick santorum, matt, beginning today will have secret service protection. mitt romney already has secret service protection. >> but with 24 hours to go before these key votes, peter, it seems contrast is everything. and i know mitt romney is trying to really kind of illuminate the contrast between him and rick santorum. >> reporter: yeah, real stark difference this morning. rick santorum in his first event not even mentioning mitt romney. mitt romney in the event that wrapped up just a few minutes ago making it very clear there's a difference between these candidates, referring to santorum as a nice guy but saying that he doesn't have any private sector experience, imploring voters to support the candidate who will draw the best contrast this fall with barack obama, saying he is that guy, that his years at bain capital make him the best guy to improve the american economy. >> peter alexander in michigan for us this morning. peter, as always, thank you very much. let's get a check of the morning's top stories. natalie's standing by over at the news desk with those.
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good morning to you. >> good morning to you, matt, and welcome back. and good morning, everyone. more deadly backlash this morning for the burning of korans at an american military base in afghanistan. a suicide car bomber detonated at the jalalabad airport in the eastern part of that country just before dawn this morning. killing at least nine people. more than 30 people have been killed in the violence following the koran-burning incident including four u.s. soldiers. also this morning, u.s. officials say they're investigating taliban claims that food was poisoned at an american military dining facility. elevated levels of chlorine were found in some items, but the problem was caught before impacting anyone. authorities say it is still unclear if the food was deliberately tampered with. the compound where osama bin laden lived from 2005 until his death is in rubble this morning. pakistani authorities destroyed the house where the al qaeda leader was killed in a raid by u.s. commandos last may. demolition crews worked throughout the weekend to take down the house, a symbol of
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pakistan's association with the terror chief. officials did not explain why they destroyed the house at this point in time. a train carrying passengers from niagara falls to toronto, canada, has derailed, killing at least three people and injuring more than 40 others. 75 passengers were on board the six-carriage train when it went off the rails. the incident is under investigation, and the cause of the derailment is not yet known. an assassination attempt on russian prime minister vladimir putin has been foiled. the joint operation by ukranian and russian intelligence caught the would-be assassins in odessa and discovered their links to chechen terrorists. this is according to russian television. the report comes just days before elections that putin hopes will return him to the office of president for a six-year term. and now let's head to wall street. courtney reagan's at cnbc's world headquarters for us. courtney, what are we watching today? >> good morning. economists poll that the national association for business economics cautiously
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optimistic for 2012. expectations for employment, new home construction and business spending and even economic growth. however, increasing energy prices could derail that o optimism. gas prices up for a national average of $3.69 a gallon. drivers in denver paying the least at $3.07. drivers in san diego, though, facing $4.24 for a gallon of gasoline. natalie? >> all right. courtney reagan at cnbc's world headquarte headquarters, thank you. some problems for another costa cruise liner this morning. a fire broke out. the fire has been extinguished, and there are no reports of injuries. the ship is about 200 miles southwest of the seychelles islands and will not be restarted until an engine room inspection is complete. for the first time in history, racing's biggest day has been rained out. the nascar race was postponed from sunday until today at noon, but it could see yet another
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delay as puddles well up on the daytona international speedway in florida and yet another storm is looming. and the long search for the world's shortest man is over. the man from nepal stands just 21 1/2 inches tall. that's an inch shorter than the reigning champ. at the age of 72, he's also the oldest man to hold that title. he has five brothers of average height, but he's the only one who gets his name in the "guinness book of world record." there you have it. it's 7:15 right now pacific time. you're up to date. let's turn it back over to matt. >> i'm not sure where to go with that. >> go right past it. >> appreciate it. it's always smart when you get a story. now let's head out to los angeles for a check of the weather from mr. roker. al? >> reporter: thanks so much, matt. and, of course, the bad news for our friends in florida and the daytona 500, it's going to rain again today. and it takes at least two hours once the rain stops to dry the
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track. >> reporter: right. >> reporter: they may not get it in today either. let's show you what's happening for today. we are expecting a southwestern storm coming out of california. it's going to be bringing high wind warnings, wind watches, wind advisories. ahead of it, a lot of snow and a lot of rain to the north and some strong storms making their way through the mountains. some of the mountain passes will see south of san diego could see up to two feet of >> well, it is cold out. there we haven't had temperatures in the 20s for over three weeks. make sure you're ready for that cold start. 29 in napa, 36 in fairfield and 4 degrees away from freezing in livermore. tiching on the upper 30s along the peninsula. because it's so cold out there even with a lot of sunshine we're only going to end up in the mid to upper 50s.
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you need the jakts. the rain moves in wednesday into thursday. and that's your latest weather. ann? >> thank you, al. we are so happy to be joined by the men and the women from the movie "the artist." the best director, best actor, berenice bejo, penelope ann miller, thomas langman and harvey winestein all joining us as well as the best score winner and best costume designer, mark bridges. congratulations to you all! [ cheers and applause ] >> you have to tell us how you have been celebrating. you said you were the happiest director in the world. what have you been doing all night? >> we're french. we have been drinking. >> there was a rumor that some of the frenchmen who worked on the movie have been jumping in pools. >> our producer jumped into a
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coffee cup. >> he's got what? >> coffee. >> oh, he dropped coffee, i see. >> what i'm wondering is what does it feel like to have won five oscars for a movie that even said you were crazy to make, michele? >> can you answer that question? >> we feel great. it's just amazing. really thrilling. this is the highest recognition we could hope. and it happened. it's crazy. yeah! >> jean, what was your emotion? what did you feel when you heard your name? >> i was over the moon. i was out of my body. >> you were out of your body? that must have been an
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experience. >> yes, it's a new experience. >> you were yelling at the end of your speech in french. >> yes. >> what were you saying? >> no, no, it's very correct. it's me saying, unbelievable, thank you very much. >> i love you all. >> o okay. >> thank you, my friends. >> everything pg-13. i made you blush by asking the question. let me through this next question to you. for two years no one would listen to you. they wouldn't give you money. you had to mortgage your own assets. what does it say to you -- this big win -- about the value of taking a risk for what you believe in despite what everyone is saying? >> it's amazing. sometimes he calls me the most stupid producer in the world. now with this in my hand i don't feel stupid at all.
7:20 am
>> you're brilliant! >> you can be stupid and have an oscar. >> oh, dear. >> he's smart! >> harvey, this is a movie a lot of americans will consider anew. they hadn't maybe convinced themselves to see a silent film. what's your message to anyone all over the world who has not seen the movie because they don't want to sit through a black and white silent movie. >> this is the million to one movie that had impossible odds and overcame it. you can do what you dream. that's what michelle, thomas, berenice and the team have done. we're going to expand this to main stream and open it in 2000 theaters on friday. it's in close to a thousand theaters now. the movie will ride a great success. >> in taking a risk in making the movie it really says something. this is your second one.
7:21 am
you had "the king's speech" last year. congratulations to you. >> i like to choose interesting subjects -- a stuttering king and a black and white silent movie. i should have my head analyzed. >> martin, you wrote a paper about black and white films, right? >> a book report in 6th grade, silent actors, silent movie actors. i have loved it all my life. i was going to show that to you. so i have always loved it as a kid. as i mentioned in my speech. it just happened tonight. >> very wonderful. your first nomination and win. james, you were not out partying last night, i can see -- >> i was. i was. >> you were the one in the pool. >> the two of you have been campaigning hard for the movie. you didn't believe it would have the legs until you saw it on
7:22 am
screen, right? >> until i saw it. actually michele explained what was going to happen but i don't think i heard him until i saw it with an audience. >> i saw it in telluride in front of an audience. it was tremendous. the reaction was really overwhelming. i think we realized we had something really unique and beautiful. >> you really do. we have just run out of time. congratulations to you as well. congratulations! well done! cheers. [ cheers and applause ] >> you were fantastic in this movie. we love you. much more just ahead including the hottest looks and trends from oscar's red carpet, the hits, the misses, very important questions this morning. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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"and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. coming up, a warning to parents before you let your kids travel to mexico for spring break. we'll tell you about that after your local news.
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check out the latest collection of snacks from lean cuisine. creamy spinach artichoke dip, crispy garlic chicken spring rolls. they're this season's must-have accessory. lean cuisine. be culinary chic. >> good morning to you. 7:26 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. in a chilling interview a convicted serial killer apologizes to victims' families an says he knows where more bodies are buried. the killer wesley shermantine apologized for taking years to reveal the location of the victims' bodies. he says there are more buried. he provided maps of several sites. shermantine and his now dead partner have been linked to a 15-year murder spree. let's get a check of the forecast with meteorologist
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christina loren. >> good monday morning to you. it's a cold start, temperatures in the 20s in napa and santa rosa. you're at 42 in san francisco, 38 in sunnyvale and we're holding on to 42 in san jose. an area of low pressure is now moving into southern california. it did bring showers earlier, now it's ushering in the cold air. that will hang out all day long. you'll need that jacket today. a mix of sun and clouds. breezy throughout the hills. temperatures in the 50s. 57 in san jose. about 53 in san francisco. 58 in fremont. if you are looking for warmer weather we've got that for you but not until this weekend. in fact we're going to have to get through a potent winter storm. that arrives wednesday into thursday. dropping snow levels to 4,000 feet. we will come down. we get the warm-up up to 68 degrees on sunday. let's check your drive. >> traveling down the east shore freeway, about a 40-minute drive from the carquinez bridge to the
7:28 am
bay bridge toll plaza. the volume is the irk uthough an earlier vehicle did not help things. we have a disabled vehicle on the upper deck causing slowing. one lane blocked. it sounds like they are able to move that soon. that should be better westbound 580 through livermore looking at 30-minute drive. twice the time you wish for. a motorcycle accident in greenville is out of the lanes. back to you. >> thank you, mike. for the latest check out nbc bay area on facebook. i'll have another local update at a half an hour.
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♪ 7:30 now on this monday morning, the 27th of february 2012. stars from brad pitt and angelina jolie to penelope cruz and gwyneth paltrow were decked out. who shined the brightest? we have it covered for you coming up in this half hour. i'm ann curry in los angeles on the morning after the oscars. matt is back home in studio 1a. hey, matt, good morning. a sleepy one for us here. >> hang in there, ann. on a different note the spring break season is heating up. in the coming weeks tens of thousands of u.s. college students will head to parties in
7:31 am
various locations. a lot of them will head south of the border. how safe is mexico? it's a country that's been in the headlines for violence a lot lately. coming up, a young man will share a cautionary tale. >> all right. and also coming up on a lighter note we'll tell you what ryan seacrest is saying about this uncomfortable moment with the dictator during the oscar preshow. >> that looked like the moment where you laugh because it's sacha baron cohen, but i'm not sure ryan was thrilled standing there with ashes all over him. >> right. but it looked like he handled it pretty well. maybe a lesser person might have gotten angry. he handled it pretty well. sacha is unpredictable. >> let's begin with actors in the best dressed at goir at the oscars. avril graham is with us from
7:32 am
bazaar magazine and will is here from "essence" magazine. you must have woke up this morning and say, matt lauer is doing the segment? what went wrong? unless i see stars in uggs and snuggies, i think they look good. what did you think? >> everybody did a great job. it was about hollywood glamour. >> let's jump to the ones you like the most. avril, you liked gwyneth paltrow. >> i did one of the 365 head swivels when i saw her come out. she looked amazing. it could have been a designer that just popped up out of the woodwork. it was custom tom ford. the idea that you can wear white and not look bridal and as a blond white can be difficult to pull out. she was front cover worthy gorgeous. >> one thing that struck me is almost nodulery. >> no. just a big beautiful cuff. what i love is that it was
7:33 am
simple, elegant and rich. she was tweeting on her way saying i'm on my way, wearing tom ford and everyone was waiting to see the outfit. >> let's talk about angelina jolie. she always gets attention. what do you think? >> angelina got it right. the italia versace, her thigh out. look at that leg. she looked modern and sexy. she looked like a star. >> with versace you can have all the bells and whistles, it can be gorgeous, metallic, whatever. she wore dark with an unusual silhouette. she was working it. minimal jewelry and a great red lip. >> what do you think of jessica chastain? >> i think she was one of the top winners wearing mcqueen. she's been hit and miss. a younger girl with a gorgeous swath of red hair. she wore a fabulous couture
7:34 am
mcqueen. very difficult to pull off. very regal. it's what we have seen on the runways, lots of black and gold. befitting a royal queen. i loved it. >> one of the nice moments of the night was octavia spencer winning best supporting actress as she stood on stage and as you walked her walk what did you think of of the dress? >> octavia is a winner. the dress suits her shape, full of bling and sparkle. but it's really beautiful. the draping is amazing. she stayed with tadashi throughout the season and looks like a win sprm she's not one of the traditional stick figure characters in hollywood. >> no. that's the beauty of it. this is how you wear curvy full-size fashion beautifully. >> it looked fabulous as she was presenting the award -- as she got her award last night from the back. she looked amazing. >> we have to do some of the
7:35 am
misses and i don't like this part much. melissa mccarthy? >> we're not being mean. with this one i feel it was just a little bit too much fabric. the sleeves were a little bit of an after thought. i personally would not have put her in the dress. it was just too billowy and wasn't this season's shape. >> the color was not great with her skin. the jewelled neckline and belt cut her body in strange ways. if you put her next to octavia spencer you would get a lesson in how to dress for a curvy woman. >> what about maya are yrudolph? >> it was a little bit space age. not the most flattering dress i have seen her wear. for me it was a thumbs down. it wasn't a winning look for me. >> i didn't love it. she's so beautiful. it made her look older. it aged her. it looked better on stage than on the red carpet, but not my
7:36 am
favorite dress. >> i'm going to switch ahead and move down to emma stone. i saw her on a couple of occasions on the red carpet. then presenting an award. what did you think of the dress? >> i thought for a younger girl -- and we love emma stone. it was a little bit too grown-up. it had echoes of other looks. >> i thought she looked beautiful. >> the big bow thing was a little bit too older woman. it wasn't my favorite look for her. i would have loved to see her look more modern and younger. >> i loved it. i thought it was fresh. you know, to wear red on the red carpet is challenging. but i think she got it right with the color and the bow was fun. >> let's do a montage. you liked michelle williams. >> in louis vuitton, fabulous. she played marilyn monroe but didn't go for the cliched super
7:37 am
siren look. demure, with the short hair, fab. >> viola davis. >> how brilliant to wear natural hair, a huge statement. she looked gorgeous in the green vera wang. >> the color was great. >> avril, glenn close. >> the "albert nobbs" man-woman thing, she pulled it off. it was good for glenn. i love thad dark, olive green. >> thank you for pulling me through this without laughing. that's nice of you. thank you so much. coming up, the biggest trends from the red carpet. for now, a check of the weather from al. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by the american cancer society, the officially sponsor of birthdays. >> winter isn't over yet. we have a big storm getting
7:38 am
itself together, pushing to the east over the next 48 hours. right now in the central rockies it will make its way east starting late tonight, pushing in ahead of it, a lot of snow. to the south of it we are looking at icy conditions and way down to the south, strong storms. but from tuesday to wednesday we are looking at some areas from central minnesota into central wisconsin. could pick up a foot and a half of snow on into northern michigan. >> you'll need to dust off the heavy winter coat as temperatures have tumbled into the 20s. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we're at 36 degrees right now in livermore. mid to upper 20s, though, up in the north bay. 29 degrees in napa and santa rosa. by noon today only climbing into the low to mid-50s, then we'll round out the day with plenty of mid to upper 50s. 57 in san jose. 56 in livermore. that means you'll need the jacket pretty much all day.
7:39 am
and that's your latest weather. ann? >> now to a real life drama tied to "desperate housewives." nicollette sheridan claims she was wrongfully terminated in 2009 and now her case heads to court. kristen dahlgren joins us from los angeles. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that trial scheduled 0 to begin this morning in los angeles. as one of the legal experts said it, 12 jurors about to see a real life tv drama unfolding right before their eyes. >> oh! i forgot you were in there. >> reporter: as sexy schemer edie brit on "desperate housewives." >> do you know someone else my age with a body like this. >> reporter: nick let sheridan was no stranger to rivalry and revenge. >> ow! don't psychoanalyze me, you simp! >> reporter: this week the mud slinging is in a los angeles courthouse where sheridan is suing mark cherry, the creator
7:40 am
sheridan claims she was wrongfully terminated after an on-set scuffle with cherry. the actress alleges that during the fifth season cherry slapped her head. in these court documents sheridan claims she was emotionally injured, humiliated and stunned by cherry's sudden physical violence. he's denied hitting sheridan and insists plans to kill her character were in place for some time but the 48-year-old actress claims only after she complained did her role come to an electrifying end. >> of course there was a gunshot wound. >> reporter: in the courthouse it could look like a "desperate housewives" reunion. teri hatcher, marcia cross, felicity huffman and eva longoria are on the witness list. the four have defended cherry. >> he's funny and sweet and really probably could not harm a fly. >> reporter: the judge has
7:41 am
already dismissed sheridan's sexual harassment claim but her case contends networks don't kill off lead characters. the testimony could center on where she fell in the hierarchy. >> remember, she wasn't one of the original housewives. she was a character who was added. if you look back in the history of these shows, "dallas" and "melrose place" and everything else, they are always killing people off. >> reporter: in a statement to nb nicollette looks forward to having a jury decide her case. as the case heads to the courtroom the judge has urged the two sides to settle. perhaps one final plot twist in the real life drama. >> once the people and players get in the courtroom and see the whites of the eyes of the jurors and realize this is a real decision with real risks to both sides, there may be a last-minute checkbook writing at the table.
7:42 am
>> nobody blinking yet. the latest word is that it will move forward this morning. it's a civil case. so nicollette sheridan only needs a simple majority in order to win it. as for this being the last season of "desperate housewives" and the questions about whether nicollette sheridan could appear in the final episode in spite of all this, she was asked about that. and she says, so far she's heard nothing about that. >> kristen dahlgren, thank you so much. still ahead, much more on the oscars, but coming up next, a warning to parents of college students planning theiruncanchtg break trtr to cancun right after this.
7:43 am
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can your patch, wrap, cream or rub say that? so if you've got pain... get up to 16 hours of pain relief with thermacare. we're back at 7:45. tens of thousands of college students will be taking off for spring break in the coming weeks. one of the most popular destinations the mexico, but with drug violence on the rise the state department has issued
7:46 am
a travel warning. janet shamlian is in cancun this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. the beaches are beautiful here. it feels carefree but the fact is we are not far from the ongoing violence of the mexican drug war. starting this week and for about the next six weeks or so american college students will be streaming here for spring break. this morning one young man's story exposes the potential dark side of a usually laid back week ♪ i'm sexy and i know it >> reporter: with sun kissed beaches, oversized drinks and bikinis cancun is the gold standard for american college student this is time of year. tens of thousands will party here over the next six weeks. two years ago zeke was among them, joining friends for a final fling before starting law school. you had no concerns whatsoever that it wasn't safe. >> not at all. everyone does it.
7:47 am
how can it hurt someone? >> reporter: yet what happened hours after zeke arrived would do just that. after a night at the clubs, zeke fell asleep on a lounger near the hotel pool. he remembers nothing of what happened next but his parents can't forget the phone call. zeke was found near the pool, a doctor told them, bloody, unconscious with multiple skull fractures. he was on a ventilator and near death. >> you can't believe it. everything becomes surreal from that point on. you're living in a nightmare. >> reporter: for weeks zeke was in a coma. for months he couldn't walk or talk. law school was put on hold for relearning the basics. >> i was certainly brain damaged. it was like i was sort of a small child. >> reporter: to this day zeke's case is unsolved. no suspects, no idea what happened. cancun police tell nbc news the hotel never reported the crime. there are surveillance cameras where zeke was beaten. the hotel told his parents there was no video of the attack.
7:48 am
>> the camera wasn't functioning. >> reporter: do you believe that? >> no. do you? >> reporter: zeke's mom believed the hotel feared losing business. the barcelo told nbc news it had no comment on the case. the area has not been immune to drug violence consuming mexico, but the director of the cancun tourist police says the zone is heavily patrolled and safe. as for zeke, the left side of his face is paralyzed, no hearing in his left ear but he's now in law school. >> to an american it's sort of surreal that something could happen like it did to me and basically no one cares. the hotel doesn't care. the police don't care and there was no real justice. >> reporter: a young man's cautionary tale as dawn breaks on another spring vacation season south of the border. mexican authorities say cases
7:49 am
like zeke's are unusual in cancun and the tourist heavy beaches are exempt from the travel warning. but 14 mexican states are included. among them, the big travel destination of puerta vallarta where just last week 22 american cruise ship passengers were robbed at gun point. back to you. >> janet shamlian in mexico this morning. thank you very much. up next, much more of the highlights from last night's oscars right after this. [ indistinct conversations ]
7:50 am
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7:53 am
outright it's going to be the last time she's up there which we all know isn't true. >> i thought octavia spencer was great as well. >> she was so heart felt. i was moved by how real and emotional she was. >> what did you think of the dictator on the red carpet? what a moment with ryan seacrest. >> you were on the red carpet. did you see it first hand? >> i saw him go through. i didn't see him dump ashes on ryan but he tweeted he's having a pancake party at his house. i guess it was really pancake mix. >> he didn't look happy, ryan. >> he handled it like a pro, no question about it. >> he had a smile but deep down. so, you guys grew up together. yes, since third grade...
7:54 am
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>> good morning to you. 7:56 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a crucial portion of san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi's domestic violence trial begins today. pretrial motions will be heard on what evidence will be admitted. among them statements by mirkarimi's wife, as well as a videotape taken by one of the neighbors of lopez crying and showing a bruise on her arm. mirkarimi is accused of causing that bruise. the sheriff does not have to appear in court today. lopez has publicly denounced the case against her husband. a look at the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good monday morning. it's chilly out there with temperatures still at freezing in santa rosa though we have bypassed the coldest time of the day. napa, 29 degrees there. 43 in san jose. as we head throughout the day, a
7:57 am
lot of cold air trailing behind an area of low pressure moving into southern california, that cold air will be with us all day long. even with a lot of sunshine. it's going to take a while to mix out. jacket weather today. sun and clouds and breezy conditions especially through the higher elevations. we're talking about the east bay hills and the north bay mountains. 55 in oakland, by tomorrow a little warmer, mostly cloudy conditions, then the rain wednesday into thursday. let's check your drive. >> east bay slowing, 680 through the walnut creek interchange. internate 80 down the east shore freeway. about 42 minutes off of the carquinez bridge. toll plaza, the peninsula is fine, slow in both directions for 101, tight in all directions through san mateo. this is early, about 15 to 20 minutes earlier than we often see. keep that in mind. the other side of the bay. a live look at sunol through the grade. southbound away to the west slowing through the grade. back to you.
7:58 am
>> thank you, mike. thank you for joining us. for the latest check out nbc bay area on facebook.
7:59 am
(sir can-a-lot) good day, ma' lady. i am sir can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore.
8:00 am
wake up those eggs with glorious spam! (ancr) break the monotony. visit we're back now. 8:00 on a monday morning. it's the 27th day of february, 2012. we've got a keeper of a day here in new york city. sunny skies, temperatures going up into the mid 50s today. we're starting out at 41 degrees. these people are loving it. out on the plaza feeling lonely. i'm matt lauer. we have ann curry and al roker out soaking up the oscar after glow in los angeles. guys, good morning, again. >> hey, good morning. we're missing you, too, matt. welcome back from vacation. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. from here we'll have more of the dazzling looks on the red carpet
8:01 am
from the dresses to the hair to the jewelry. we'll tell you the hottest trends from head to toe coming up. >> and also we have a remarkable woman enjoying the return to hollywood. delores hart left acting in the 1960s to become a nun. she was back on the red carpet last night as the focus of an oscar-nominated documentary about her extraordinary life. ann accompanied her and even got in the limo with her. >> it was very exciting. it was the second time i believe she's been and the last time she was on her way to the oscars was 52 years ago. >> she was a presenter. >> she was a presenter and she was a young starlet. it was so nice. she had she didn't have to worry anybody would copy her outfit this time. >> also we'll talk about some of the new programs that are going to make your next trip a whole lot easier, even less expensive. these are great ideas for travelers.
8:02 am
we'll get to those. first let's go inside to natalie at the news desk with the headlines of the morning. natalie, good morning. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with a school shooting today near cleveland, ohio. police searched chardon high school. at least one suspect thought to be a student was in custody. with just one day until the michigan and arizona primaries, rick santorum is appealing the conservatives saying he does not believe in the absolute separation of church and state and calling president obama a snob. mitt romney meanwhile played up his own love of michigan's auto industry at the daytona 500 but may have sounded out of touch when he boasted some of his friends are nascar team owners. there is a compelling new reason to file your tax returns early this year. someone else could beat you to your refund. pete williams explains how the scam works. >> reporter: bart cohen, a retired miami police officer
8:03 am
only recently got his tax refund, not from this year -- from last year. expecting a $4,000 refund he was stunned to discover someone else beat him to it. >> it's a huge nightmare that you can't believe is happening. >> reporter: the crime of stealing someone's identity to get a tax refund from the irs has exploded from 48,000 case as year ago to 260,000 cases now. the government says it's putting in more trip wires such as name and address mismatches but the deputy irs commissioner says it's hard to separate honest record changes from dishonest ones. >> millions of taxpayers move every year. millions of taxpayers have children. millions of taxpayers change jobs. we have to go through the process of validating are you really who you say you are? >> reporter: the irs is hoping to check returns against w-2 pay forms more quickly, something it doesn't do now until after refund checks go out. so how to protect yourself?
8:04 am
the experts stress safeguarding your social security number above all. >> never answer it on a website no matter how many times it asks you. protect that social security number like it's money because it is. >> reporter: the most important tip, file early so you get your refund before someone else does. pete williams, nbc news, washington. now for a look at what's trending today, our quick round up of what has you talking online. the oscar night flash of thigh has fans searching for more of angelina jolie. angie's right leg has its own twitter feed and thousands of followers. j j. lo's revealing oscar gown has some fans saying they glimpsed a hint of a wardrobe malfunction. and kevin mcguire is battling leukemia. his sister launched a facebook page urging taylor swift to be her brother's prom date. taylor posted that she can't
8:05 am
make the dance but invited him to the academy of country mouus awards this spring. this video has oprah winfrey fans tweeting their surprise. kimmel pretends to pitch new ideas including one changing oprah's book club into a fight club. another has oprah repossessing some of the favorite things she gave away. it's now 8:05. let's go out to al with a check of your weather from hollywood. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by advil. make the switch to advil now. >> oprah's dark side. i like it. let's see what's going on. pick city of the day, as we always do at this time of day. los angeles, california, nbc 4. showers developing. going to be windy with a temperature of 58 degrees for the high. as we look to the satellite, we've got a big storm system developing in southern
8:06 am
california making its way across the country and then bringing a lot of snow through the plains into the midwest and the great lakes. more wet weather continues in florida. probably going to have more delays for the daytona 500. those showers stretch up along the coast. more light showers in new england and the eastern great lakes. well, grab that jacket. is it a cold monday morning. i'm christina loren live in the nbc bay area weather center. temperatures are colder than they've been in almost three weeks. we're at 33 degrees now napa. 32 santa rosa. chilly all day long. you'll need that jacket. 57 that's it later on today. 57 for almaden. wednesday and thursday, showers. best chance of rain wednesday morning. showers continue through the first part of thursday. and that's your latest weather, ann. >> al, thank you. coming up next, the hottest style, hair and accessory trends
8:07 am
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welcome back los angeles and today at the oscars. what fashion trends stood out on the red carpet? jeannie -- i need more coffee -- is a digital correspondent for upcoming reality competition series fashion star and donna roberts rothy from marie claire. good morning. >> good morning. >> thumbs up, thumbs down overall last night? oh! >> i'm a meh, too. >> are you kidding me? why? >> i was just very excited to look forward to the oscars because we fashion experts look forward to it. it is the super bowl of fashion. it really is. >> but? >> i felt like the stars didn't really go there. >> you know, they're supposed to save the best looks for last. they have the golden globes, the s.a.g.s, they are supposed to save the best for last. some did. >> we saw a lot of neutral
8:12 am
colors, white, blush, nude. rooney mara wore a beautiful, light dress. you liked it. >> i love it! >> givenchy, chic, fashion forward, striking, very her. >> absolutely. i want anybody out there who doesn't understand the dress to understand this is fashion. rooney herself is a very interesting person. the detailing of the dress at the bust line, it has a fish tail that gives an alluring look. that's the great thing about rooney. she's not trying to be in a pretty dress. she wants to wibe interesting a she nails it. >> octavia spencer chose a light frock. >> she's a great lesson in how to dress curves. >> she was very assuming because tadashi koji has been her designer and she brought out the bang for the very end.
8:13 am
the star shape showed off her curves. >> gwyneth paltrow. >> the cape was a risk that paid off. she looked stunning in it. i saw the dress last week in london. >> you should have gotten it! >> tom said, this is my favorite for the red carpet. there she is. >> i love that she was able to change it a little bit by removing the cape. it was effortless for the presenting. she now how to keep the detailing simple to let the dress stand out. we don't just judge the dress. we judge the overall look. accessories, hair and makeup. >> big word "judge." you're judging cameron diaz's look. >> oh! why are you going there? >> i'm going to speak first. >> oh. i'm going to get the bad news out. we're judging again the overall look.
8:14 am
cameron diaz, i'd die for her knockout body. the dress was very simple. therefore, the rest of her should have been played up a bit more. i know she got dressed up with gwyneth. >> he doshe does the natural, dishevelled. >> but be honest. >> she's an athletic girl. >> fashion point and counter point. now to silhouettes, colors and embellishments. they are all over the map. jessica chastain. i thought it was kind of beautiful. regal looking. >> the mcqueen. the gold thread in it was 24 carat gold inspired by nature. this was an example of a girl who didn't quite hit it before on the red carpet but nailed it. >> natalie portman in polka-dots. >> to die for! i think the fact that it was
8:15 am
vintage, first of all. it was dior and it was faint polka-dots but this was natalie's chance to bring it together in a classic way. every woman need it is "pretty woman" moment with the necklace. you picture the richard gere snap box. >> this dress is 60 years old. >> also, the side sweep in hair was a big trend. we're not seeing it in natalie, well, kind of. >> i could do it. but here's the thing. a side sweep is challenging to wear. you have to keep very poised because it's just intricate bobby pins. poise and elegance is structured in order to maintain the look. otherwise you have strands falling out. it's a key style to have. >> what about jewelry? >> it was notable almost by the
8:16 am
absence. there was a lot of money on the red carpet for sure. millions of dollars in jewelry. however it was minimal. simple, short necklaces. i liked it. it was definitely a moment. >> adding to the understatement, more silver than gold. >> a lot of jewelry was in the dresses. the embellishment was a big moment and the jewelry was less so. >> you're saying positive things about the outfits. why weren't you wowed? michelle williams? >> we weren't upset. it was just -- i think also because we were at fashion week and saw the fresh dresses off the runway together for the style network. we knew what was present for the picking but we didn't see. we were wowed more by the runways than by the oscars. >> i agree. >> you two obviously have more to talk about here. i will let you go at it. >> thank you.
8:17 am
coming up next from new york from easier check-ins to social seating. we have tips on how to make your next flight more enjoyable after this. [ driver ] what do i want? ♪ i want horsepower. cleaner horsepower. i want power that dominates the road. and fuel efficiency that respects the earth. gimme 43 miles per gallon. and the rush of 200 horsepower. what i want is the best of both worlds. [ male announcer ] introducing the reinvented 2012 camry hybrid. from toyota. ♪ my dad and grandfather spent their whole careers here. [ charlie ] we're the heartbeat of this place, the people on the line. we take pride in what we do. when that refrigerator ships out the door, it's us that work out here. [ michael ] we're on the forefront of revitalizing manufacturing. we're proving that it can be done here, and it can be done well.
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was that really necessary? [ male announcer ] get the venture card at and earn double miles on every purchase every day. what's in your wallet? cover for me. i have an audition. oh there's tons. french presses, espresso tampers, filters. it can get really complicated. not nearly as complicated as shipping it though. i mean shipping is a hassle. not with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits it ships, anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. that is easy. best news i've heard all day! i'm soooo amped! i mean not amped. excited. well, sort of amped. really kind of in between. have you ever thought about decaf? do you think that would help? yeah. priority mail flat rate shipping starts at just $5.15, only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. we are back at 8:20. this morning, new tricks to make your next trip easier. airlines are making big changes.
8:21 am
travel expert claire newell, author of "travel best bets, an insider's guide to taking the best trips ever" joins me. >> thanks for having me. >> there is something called precheck. i like the sound of this. >> it's really good. only four airports now in the pilot program. you don't have to take your coat off, computer out of the bag, money out of your pockets. you basically just walk through. >> how do i qualify and why isn't this going to hurt security at the airports? >> it's quite a test program. only for what's called trusted travellers who are already prescreened by transport security agents. >> so you fill out a lengthy application. >> absolutely. >> they do a good background check and they can be secure that you will stay good. >> you would hope so, absolutely. >> the one thing is the other people who are lucky enough to do it are cherry-picked people
8:22 am
who are road warriors. super elite for five airlines. >> there will still be random security checks. >> right. >> so they will not always speed through the lines. >> nobody is guaranteed. the process is all encompassing. you have to go to a website. go to google and put in "goes." that's the easiest way to put in the application. you need the pictures, passport, prove you're a lawful citizen. then you go in for a meeting with them. it's tough. not just with one customs and border control agent, multiple. >> can i do it if i'm traveling with kids? >> you can. my kids are already trusted travellers. well worth it. it's about $100 but the best money you can spend. you will see all of these people in line-ups going through security and there is a special line for trusted travellers. >> there is something called social seating that some
8:23 am
airlines are dabbling in. what is it? >> dabbling in. klm is the big airline doing this. it's in the very small stages. only two flights at the moment. but once you have booked on a flight and you look at the seat map, you can upload your profile off linkedin or facebook and someone can look at it and pick you as their seat mate. >> you have a person sitting next to you that could share your interests but you cannot reject someone. >> you need to go into your seat map, look at who they are and if you really don't want them you can actually move seats up to two days prior. or go back to the anonymous way and just pick a different seat completely. >> is there a social category for the do not even attempt to talk to me if i have my headset on people? >> i'm with you. i want to watch a movie, have a nap. >> you can say, i like to fly
8:24 am
quietly. >> you would like air new zealand. they have a program where if there is an empty seat -- for $50 or $60 you can book an empty seat if it's not full and you get refunded if someone has to sit there. i would pay to have no one beside me. >> speaking of paying, the airline lounges are a convene vens for people who travel frequently. and now they are not just for vips. >> it used to be for business and first class you didn't have access to the lounges. much more available now. you can pay between 25 and 40. the average person spends about $20 at the airport on food, magazines and that sort of thing. in the lounge it's included. the fees are $25 to $40. >> priority >> it's the best value. 600 airport lounges around the world. $99 a year. that's a steal if you are a road
8:25 am
warrior traveller. >> just remind people, new laws make sure when you book a flight all the fees and taxes are included in the price of the ticket. >> this is a new law the government put in place that everything has to be included. easier for consumers to know what they are paying and you can put a 24-hour hold on a flight without paying. >> i like that one, too. claire, thank you very much. appreciate it. when we come back, the red ca who gave up acting years ago after your local news. ac
8:26 am
good monday morning to you. 8:26 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. this morning hells angels gang member accused of killing fellow angel is in the santa clara jail. police tracked down steven rue is at the fremont days inn. officers believe he snuck in through a back entrance after an unidentified woman bought him a room for the night. he surrendered after officers surrounded the inn. he gunned down a fellow angel member steve townsend in october of last year at a funeral. police say they were stunned he was so close. they tracked him to stockton a couple of months ago. time to check the morning commute with mike. >> we have to spend time on the
8:27 am
roadways in the south bay, a good deal of slowing. accidents at 87 and 280, 101 north of 87. clearing from the roadway. this is a sticking point, northbound 101 right around oakland road, 13th. an accident, maybe one, two motorcycles are involved. still waiting word on injury. causing a big backup. more slowing down towards 880 northbound. around 23, a stall causing more slowing in oakland. back to you. >> thank you. for the latest traffic and news updates check out nbc bay area on facebook. another update in a half hour. ♪
8:28 am
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tonight on access hollywood, our oscar spectacular. everybody watches the same show, but no one sees it the way we do. >> feels good. >> this is great. >> tonight. 8:30 now on this monday morning, the 27th of february 2012 as we say hello to all the fine people lining rockefeller plaza on this back-to-work monday morning. meantime i'm ann curry alongside al roker in los angeles. matt and natalie are joining us from new york. guys, coming up from here,
8:31 am
delores hart was a budding star in the 1950s acting alongside the likes of elvis presley and anthony quinn. she walked away from hollywood to become a benedictine nun. her life is the subject of a film short and she returned to the red carpet for the first time in 52 years wearing her habit. she wanted a photograph with her iphone of the limousine. >> that's terrific. octavia spencer, as you know, picked up her first academy award last night for her supporting role in "the help." i would like to think that along the way one of the highlights of her weekend was the conversation and glass of champagne we shared as she geared up for the oscars. with we're going to have that as well. >> matt, back to you. >> we have star power here as well. >> we do. you know the dr. seuss classic "the lorax" is soon to be an animated adventure on the big
8:32 am
screen. ed helm is here and he's just now reading the book for the first time. just kidding. >> also, speaking of star power can we bring in megan hilty, one of the stars of "smash," nice to see you. >> you, too. >> i'm confused. help me out. >> uh-oh. >> we now know your character, ivy, got the role of marilyn monroe. where does that leave us in terms of drama? >> i'm marliilyn for now. as someone who's gone through the process of doing musicals from the ground up. just because you start it doesn't mean you can keep your job. >> they can snatch it away from you? >> it adds to the drama. >> how sit playing ivy the actress and also marilyn monroe? >> it's great. makes it less daunting. it's not me playing marilyn.
8:33 am
it's ivy lynn. so i can hide a little bit. but i'm doing research. marilyn is fascinating. i like to read about her and watch her on youtube and get her voice in my head. >> second you said as someone who's gone through it before you were on "wicked," "9 to 5" on br broadway. how close to reality is this? >> it's close. there are so many people involved in the project that come from this world it gives it an authentic flavor you wouldn't otherwise get to have. >> nick jonas stars in the episode tonight. >> he's fantastic. he plays like a child star. someone who became famous early and now has all this money and doesn't know what to do with it. eileen, played by angelica houston, essentially has to beg for money from a 20-year-old which is great. so we woo him tonight.
8:34 am
it's a great show. >> i'm hooked. >> we want to remind everyone. megan can be seen tonight on "smash" at 10:00, 9:00 central time on nbc. nice to see you. >> you, too. >> let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker out in los angeles. >> all right. thanks so much, matt. let's look at the week ahead. show you what we've got starting in the early part of the week. we'll see temperatures above normal for the eastern half of the country. western half going to be wet and snowy with below normal temperatures. mid-week period, the temperatures start to shift. we'll get warmer air making its way through the southeast. chillier in new england and the cooler air out west shrinks a little bit. still some snow and the latter part of the week, as we head toward that, you will see more normal conditions. above normal along the eastern seaboard. below normal in the mid to upper mississippi valley. look for showers in the pacific northwest.
8:35 am
well, it's a cold but mostly clear start to the workweek. good morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures now hovering above the freezing mark in napa, 33 degrees. 32 santa rosa. 43 chilly degrees in san jose. we're only going to make it into the upper 50s, even in the warmest spots across the bay. yet a front pass through the area ushering in cold air. it's going to take time before it mixes out. rain on the way wednesday into thursday. have a fantastic monday. don't forget. keep track of your weather all day. go to weather channel on cable or online. matt, natalie? >> all right, al. >> thank you. still to come this morning, the former starlet who returned to the oscars last night more than four decades after leaving hollywood to become a nun. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
♪ welcome back to los angeles. now to a woman who wasn't hard to spot at the oscars. she was the one wearing a nun's habit as she walked down the red carpet. her story is remarkable. ♪ you're the only one who can make my dreams come true ♪ >> reporter: few stars rose higher than elvis presley. sharing scream time with him was as close to heaven as a 1950s actress could get. >> i'll try anything. >> reporter: billed as the next grace kelly, delores hart starred in ten movies including "king creole" and "loving you," even delivering the king his first on-screen kiss. forgive me, but is elvis presley a good kisser? >> i would say he was very good.
8:39 am
>> reporter: despite standing on the brink of stardom she waved good-bye to hollywood for a greater passion. ♪ >> if you're a good lover you take your relationship to the max. >> reporter: delores was in love with god and her relationship with him led her to the convent. last night a film about her life "god is the bigger elvis" led her to the oscars. what are you looking forward to the most? >> winning. >> reporter: you can't tell me you haven't side at least one prayer. >> possibly god isn't interested at all. >> reporter: how will you celebrate? >> maybe my assistant and i will get some yogurt. >> reporter: the film portrays her life and sacrifice as a nun including the heart break of leaving behind a fiance, don
8:40 am
robinson. >> i was engaged to be married. i said, don, every love relationship doesn't have to end at the altar. he said something i won't say here. >> reporter: you would have to go to confession? >> no, i wouldn't. it would just insult all your viewers because they wouldn't think a nun would say those things. >> reporter: incredibly, the two never stopped seeing each other. >> don came every christmas, easter to visit me. >> reporter: his love never ended. >> it never ended. >> reporter: did you love him? >> i did. i still do. >> reporter: though she has no regrets about leaving hollywood, she's enjoying the return to show biz. her fellow nuns have given her specific instructions for what to do at the oscars. >> i am supposed to see george clooney. i'm supposed to ask him all different questions and if i go home without these answers, it may be even worse if i go home without them than without the
8:41 am
oscar. >> really? >> reporter: late in the afternoon it's time to get ready. one thing, mother, at least no one will be wearing the same outfit. >> i don't think so. not this year anyway. >> reporter: delores's story line defies even hollywood's imagination. from hollywood star to nun to the oscars. >> it's such a precious gift. don't miss it. >> reporter: with the red carpet waiting, she's a star again, celebrated for her time on screen with her heart given to heaven. they didn't win the oscar but they are now going to -- you can now see the documentary on television because "god is bigger than elvis" is debuting thursday, april 5, on hbo. coming up next, ed helms on why
8:42 am
he fought for his role in "the lorax." first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
we're back at 8:43 with one of the stars of dr. seuss's "the lorax." the lorax is the guardian of the forest so all heck breaks loose when a young entrepreneur voiced by ed helms starts chopping down trees to make what's called a sneed. >> you chopped down my trees to make that piece of garbage? >> garbage? oh, no. you don't get it. this is a revolutionary product that will change the world as we know it. it has a million uses. it's a swim suit. whoa, mud tracks on the floor by un inviinvited guests, well it
8:45 am
in hanley for that. >> and ed helms joins us in the dr. seuss fantasy land. >> this is impressive. >> you really wanted the role. why? >> i actually didn't want this role exactly. i just wanted to be in this movie. because the book was so special to our family when i was a kid. for some reason this particular book was a family favorite. when i heard illumination would make the money i said, i will do anything. >> a grip. >> i just wanted to tell my nieces and nephews and all my future kids i was in this. >> this is your first animated film. i was going to ask you how challenging and difficult it is to do. then i watched the oscars last night and chris rock came out and said, this is the easiest way to make money in history.
8:46 am
do you agree with him? >> well, no. it's incredibly difficult. it takes enormous skill and talent. compared to making a normal live action movie it's preposterously easy. the time commitment is minimal. you go into a studio. the nice part is you can wear nothing if you want. you can be -- i was naked. >> now i'm visualizing this. i'm not sure i want to go there. you're voicing the wunsler naked. >> not true. >> it would be surprising if people don't know "the lorax" because it's a great book but it is -- >> it's kind of the -- he's kind of the villain but he's not a bad guy. he's an entrepreneur who gets carried away and goes down the way of greed and avarice.
8:47 am
>> you say he's not bad. he's naive more than a villain. >> like all of us he's vulnerable to these things but he's not an evil guy. >> dr. seuss has sparked controversy because lou dobbs weighed in to say this is about a woodland creature who speaks for the trees and fights rampant industrialism and says the lorax is an example of the president's liberal friends in hollywood target targeting a younger demographic using movies to sell their agenda to children. go! >> i'm so excited that barack obama, who is my best friend, got us going on this. because we are going to indoctrinate a lot of people. if this goes well. lou, come on! what are you talking about? he couldn't have seen the movie yet either. >> or read the book.
8:48 am
>> it's about a good guy who gets greedy. these are unimpeachable values like be responsible to your world. >> here's what dr. seuss said. by the way, the guy sold about a billion books worldwide. he said, the lorax doesn't say lumbering is immoral. i live in a house of wood. it's anti-pollution, anti-greed. >> boom. there you go. >> he said after that, boom! there you go. >> boom. >> let's talk about "hangover 3." lots of rumblings that it's going. what can they do to you they haven't already done? >> right. speaking of children's movies. i don't know what's happening with this. i hope we are. there is a lot of positive energy. the movies are so many moving parts. we'll see what happens.
8:49 am
i'm hopeful. >> season 7 of "the office" now being shot. >> eight. how dare you? >> pardon me m, lou. are you enjoying your time on the show? >> it's the greatest. it's the greatest cast, crew, staff you could ever hope to work with. we have a blast. couple more weeks left in this season. >> and much deserved time off. ed, great to see you. "the lorax" is from our sister company universal pictures and it opens nationwide on friday. nice to have you here. >> thank you very much. >> up next, al catches up with oscar winner octavia spencer, first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
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8:51 am
welcome back to los angeles. octavia spencer may still be out partying after winning for her role in "the help," al. >> i got a chance to spend time with her as octavia geared up for the big night. we talked about her unforgettable role and how it changed her life personally and professionally. >> marker, a camera, c camera. >> wow. i have never seen that before. this is hollywood. we have never had that. that's how we know you're big
8:52 am
now. >> we have a clapper. >> you have a clapper to start this interview. my life has changed just hanging around you. how has your life changed? >> my life is still pretty much the same. >> no! >> well, my career is very different. >> yes. >> but my life, i have to have a simple life. i have to be able to have a day where i read and close my mind to the world. i'm pretty busy careerwise, thank the lord. >> how has it changed? >> it's weird. you walk into a room and before nobody knew you. you walk into the room and it's like -- i'm like, who are they smiling at? me? >> what did you put in here that makes it taste so good? >> that good vanilla from mexico. and something else real special. >> there are people who have said, wow, you're portraying a domestic. yet the fact is there is no less
8:53 am
dignity in what these people did and the roles they played in this country. >> well, al, here's what i have to say for people who just sort of discount what domestics do. you're a dad. do you not cook for your dad? do you not make them make their bed, brush their teeth, all the things domestics do, provide them with unconditional love. if we discount what these women did even though it's for someone else's kids in addition to their own we are discounting our mothers, fathers, grandparents, those who provide that type of love every day. >> i was going through my research. i read in an article and correct me if i'm wrong that one of the splurges you have talked about -- > >> boob lift? people are like, you're giving too much information. no. i love my body. i'm trying to get to an even more healthier weight and i'm not trying to be a thin mint.
8:54 am
i want to be a thick chocolate mint. i also want to be sexy in my own eyes. i'm going to get my boobs stapled to my shoulder so by the time i'm 70 they will drop to where they need to be. >> wow. >> lot of information. >> wow. and wow. fantastic. so now when you walk in a room, if they are -- ta-da! >> ta-da. >> so next year when i see you at the golden globes -- >> the golden globes will be golden. >> and tomorrow we're wearing -- >> spanx for sure. >> and to the spanx. >> and a way cool bra. >> and to the bra. >> bowe're talking boobs, bra, d spanx. t.m.i., octavia. >> to you. >> to you.
8:55 am
oh, man. that's good stuff. i'm going to have one more sip, al. >> go right ahead. >> okay, maybe one more. >> okay. >> even it out. >> okay, okay. i tell you what. that's delicious. >> where is the crapplapper wheu need it? >> yes! >> we love her. she's so talented. it was so fun to watch it. >> i can't believe you went with the boob lift question. >> wow. tell us about your evening. where did you watch the awards. all that sort of thing. it was at a local watering hole knocking back a couple, watching on television. >> with what, members of "the lion king". >> it was a bar.
8:56 am
>> with the hyenas. >> how about you, mr. vanity fair party? >> i was hanging out at the elton john party. >> good job out there, guys. hurry home. we look forward to seeing you. we'll be right back after your local news. good morning to you. it's 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. san jose state expected to announce tougher admission standards today. right now santa clara county applicants only need the minimum to be accepted. university says state budget cuts make continuing that policy impossible. let's check the forecast with
8:57 am
metrologist christina loren. >> good morning. it's cold out there. at 33 degrees in napa. 45 sunnyvale. on our way to 50. just about everywhere across the bay. you'll see temperatures in low to mid-50s. tomorrow mid to upper 50s. wednesday into thursday potent winter storm on the way providing rain showers all the way through thursday. hope you have a fantastic monday.
8:58 am
8:59 am
i'm suzanne shaw. sometimes good intentions have unintended consequences. such as the case with california's three strikes law. we intended to keep violent repeat criminals like murders and molesters off the streets and that's worked. but it's also given life sentences to nonviolent offenders with minor crimes as shoplifting. california has more than 4,000 inmates serving 25 years to life for nonviolent crimes. to change this overly punitive pardon law, stanford law profetsers crafted the three strikes reform act. nbc bay area supports three strikes reform, so the punishment fits the crime. voters passed the three strikes law back in 1994, with enough
9:00 am
signatures we can put it back on the bal not 2012 and correct it. learn more at and the oscar goes to -- "the artist." we are back with more of "today" on a monday morning, the 27th day of february, 2012. all about the oscars this morning. "the artist," the silent movie made a big noise at the academy awards last night taking home five statues including best picture, best director and best actor for that man right there jean dujardin who described the experience to ann a little bit earlier as an out-of-body experience. and why not? meanwhile out on the plaza in new york i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie. out in los angeles covering the academy awards, al and ann.
9:01 am
hey, folks. >> hey, guys. listen, it's been pretty much a major whirlwind here. pretty fun, i think. you had fun because you were on the red carpet. >> that's right. >> got to hang out, the interesting thing, seeing all the hits and some of the misses. got a chance to chat up some of the stars on their way into the ceremony. you will get to see all the pre-award red carpet highlights, and fashion hits and misses. and the hottest head-to-toe trends. then, of course, we have the partying but none of the hangover. after the awards were handed out, i hit the party circuit, continually stalking the a-listers. tough job. somebody had to do it. we'll show you -- at least it was fun for me. i'm not so sure about them, matt and savannah. >> i'm sure they enjoyed that. >> being stalked by al roker. >> i'm sure it was great. the broadcast itself is getting some mixed reviews. some people loved seeing billy crystal again, the throwback to old hollywood. others thought maybe it was
9:02 am
safe. and some of the advertising, the commercials. we'll look at that with donny deutsch in a little bit. s destroyed the house where the al qaeda leader was killed in a raid by u.s. commandos last may. a train carrying passengers from niagara falls to toronto, canada, has derailed, killing at least three people and injuring others. 75 passengers were on board the six-carriage train when it went off the rails. the incident is under
9:03 am
investigation and the cause of the derailment is not yet known. military action film "act of valor" won the weekend box office taking in $24.7 million. tyler perry's "good deeds" came in second and "journey 2: the mysterious island" was third. the earch for the world's shortest man is over. the man from nepal stands just 21 1/2 inches tall, an inch shorter than the reigning champ. at 72 he's the oldest man to hold the title. he has five brothers of average height but he's the one who gets his name in the guinness book of world records. wow. now three minutes past the hour. let's go back out to al with a check of your weather in hollywood. >> all right, thanks so much, natalie. while the weather was perfect on the red carpet, it's going to change today. so good thing the oscars were yesterday. we've got a big storm system that's going to be coming onshore. it's going to bring a lot of
9:04 am
rain there. bad news for the daytona 500 delayed first time 53-year history yesterday. probably again delayed today with the rain coming in. windy and wet conditions in southern california as the mountains north of san diego, we are looking at sunshine in the northeast. showers along the southeastern atlantic coast. flurries around the central and western great lakes. showers along the western gulf coast. well, grab your jab et this morning. a cold blast of air settle in overnight. i'm meteorologist christina loren. still in the 30s. 37 in santa rosa. we have climbed to 46 now in san jose. not much more climbing left as we head throughout the afternoon. temperatures only going reach the mid to upper 50s. 57 in san jose today. a lot of rain on the way wednesday into thursday. potentially measuring an inch up in the north bay.
9:05 am
now to "today at the oscars." my turn on the red carpet. i got an up close look at the high fashion that shines as brightly as the stars. ♪ ♪ you make me feel good >> well, hi. air kiss! >> air kiss! >> aww. two of hollywood's best picture nominees celebrate old hollywood. it seems a lot of the dresses were celebrating that era just as much. how excited are you? >> on a scale of 10, 12. >> i'm all hollywood glamour. ♪
9:06 am
>> oscar night. >> is it? >> it is. ♪ one more time i want to celebrate ♪ ♪ oh, yeah all right ♪ ♪ one more time i'm going to celebrate ♪ >> i'm wearing marchesa. that's a lie. she's wearing marchesa and i'm wearing versace. >> who are you wearing tonight? >> i don't know. ♪ >> it would seem hollywood royalty was fashionably late but for brad and angelina they are always looking great. >> are you having fun? >> very much so. it's been great fun. i don't know if i will get this experience again. >> who got it right and who didn't? here with their own take, lisa
9:07 am
rinna whose clothing line is sold on qvc and celebrity hairstylist jonathan antin. good to see you guys. everybody's up all night so let's get to this before you guys fall asleep. lisa, you said penelope cruz slayed you. >> i hadn't seen her walk the red carpet. i saw her walk out and she did hollywood glam gorgeous. she never gets it wrong. don't you think? >> that pin-under hairstyle with the finger waves. it was very classic, retro chic. >> stunning. >> how about meryl streep? >> i thought meryl brought it. yay, meryl. she brought it. she did. she brought it. i love that gold, she looked like the oscar. i loved it. i thought just really pretty. didn't you? >> i thought she looked great. >> oh, come on. >> two oscars, seven globes, a bazillion nominations, she can't look bad. the hair could have been better but i don't even want to say
9:08 am
that. >> no. after 29 years -- >> point out that you just did. >> i apologize. >> everybody's going on about gwyneth paltrow. >> why? what are they saying? >> no, it's good! >> oh, the dress. you're going to have something to say. that tom ford dress was divine. >> but a rubber band in the back of her hair? the ponytail? you have to wrap hair around the band. you've got to have -- >> i'm not looking at the hair. i'm looking at the body. >> i'm looking at the hair. i'm doing the hair, might be looking at the body. >> i love that chic little jacket and then she took it off when she came out. who can wear white tight like that? >> i'm surprised tom didn't say something about the hair. >> really? >> yeah, you know -- >> does tom ford -- he weighs in on that? >> i loved it. >> couples, george and stacy or brad and angelina. >> i'm going with george and stacy. i have to, and that's hard for me because i'm a big brangelina fan. but come on, that was -- i mean really, stacy in that dress. >> as hot as it gets. if there was a female oscar, that would be it. >> oscarette.
9:09 am
>> that's just about the best dress, i think. >> amazing considering she grew up in a tree with elves that bake cookies, she's done well. that's incredible. back to angelina. what do you think? everybody -- she's talking about the leg sticking out. >> angelina is beautiful, but her hair just looked -- >> wild. i felt like the look was wild. and with that leg, and the dress -- i mean i love angelina. >> they have the same hairdo. >> look it. >> they both look exactly the same. you don't know which one's brad, which one's angelina. >> i got to tell you, i'm looking. i know which one is which. >> so do i. i don't think they can do it wrong. >> she's not wearing a goatee. >> you're right. you're right. i know, but i mean the hair. get a blow dry, something. >> but that leg out. it's hard, even though you have a slit you don't have to pop the leg out. i would do the same thing. i'd be popping my leg out. >> i didn't say there was anything wrong with the leg. >> jonathan, would you pop your
9:10 am
leg out? >> i'm just saying i didn't say there was anything wrong with the leg. >> who is your favorite hairstyle? >> i want to know who is your favorite? >> i loved -- >> shailene woodley? >> no? >> michelle williams? >> michelle williams? i mean -- >> stunning. >> she grew her hair a centimeter, thank god. now she looks like a little boy instead of an old man. >> oh, stop it. it was a little blonder. >> i'm so bored of that short hair. >> oh, come on. >> how about rooney mara? >> great hair. beautiful bangs. >> seriously? >> oh, yeah. >> it's hard. i mean she can wear it but that's hard, baby. >> how about the dress? >> get hard-core. >> i liked that she was in white. i wasn't sure -- i like that she uses black a lot. i don't know this little thing on the boob i'm not sure about. it's like a shelf. the shelf boob, i don't know. >> girl with the hair, it's all good.
9:11 am
>> i don't know if i liked it or not. >> she's got a place to carry things. >> j. lo. >> what is that? >> everyone is talking about j. lo. >> okay, did you see -- >> i thought the dress was gorgeous. very bob mackie, don't you think? >> people say there was a wardrobe malfunction. >> she was showing a little -- >> did you see it? >> it's a shadow. >> i'm sure she had little hoo-hoos on. >> there is a difference between a shadow and -- something something. >> oh, come on, we all have nipples -- >> whatever. >> we all have them. >> that's right, we do. all right. we went from a fashion show to a biology lesson. >> right. try to get it back on track here. >> j. lo looked great. >> she looked fantastic. >> i loved when cameron and j. lo came out and they were doing their thing, turned around and gave us the tush shot in those dresses. >> cameron, the hair was a messy bob. i don't know. >> i'm not talking about the hair. i'm talking about the tushs.
9:12 am
i'm going to the anatomy, i'm sorry -- >> there you go. >> it's like one of the best ones in hollywood and one of the biggest ones in hollywood. that's what you kind of have, right? >> i wasn't doing it like that but they looked good together. >> how about berenice bejo. >> great hair! >> what? >> oh, yeah. >> no. >> it's like -- whimsical corn rows. right? >> she was almost bald. she looked so good in "the artist" and winged it all up and twisted it all. >> no! >> no. >> it was like a cornrow, story book. >> do you like the red? >> i don't know if i like it red. but she looks grade. >> jessica chastain. >> no, no. messy, unkempt. >> she's so gorgeous. that dress was not -- it came up too high and it was mcqueen. mcqueen is a genius. >> swing and a miss. >> melissa mccarthy. >> she looked good. i thought her hair looked all right. >> finally, octavia spencer.
9:13 am
>> gorgeous. >> great. >> she rocked the house. >> she's queen in the tadashi dress. >> she beinged good. >> thumbs up. >> fantastic. >> all right. jonathan and lisa, thank you so much. up next, tens of millions of folks watching last night. did this year's awards show stack up? from the host to the entertainment to the ads we'll look at the hits and misses. later on, i got a chance to hob-nob with some of the hoi palloi. throw back a few glasses of champagne when i hit the a-list oscar parties. se messages. ♪ [ male announcer ] what if we could keep enough plastic waste to cover all of manhattan out of landfills each year? the equivalent of 140 million trash bags, gone. by using new glad trash bags, designed with reinforcing bands to be stronger with less plastic waste, we can.
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with one flavor in the granola bunch and one on the flake. two flavors. in harmony. honey bunches of oats. make your day bunches better. the 84th annual academy awards saw the much anticipated return of billy crystal and old hollywood. >> from the hosts to the ads and everything in between did the show live up to the hype? donny deutsche is the chairman of deutsch incorporated. good morning. >> hey, guys. >> on friday we talked about the brand of oscar and how it's taken a little bit of a ding in the last couple of years. trying to make the oscars fresh but at the same time dealing with the old tradition of hollywood. billy crystal there as host, doing a good job. >> the whole show missed. be honest. every year we watch it. by 11:15 we get angry. why did i sit through this three hours? and i will do it next year. there was not one vintage shot of any of the old awards shows. i want to see david niven with the streaker.
9:17 am
i want to see barbra streisand with "funny girl." that's what you celebrate and they missed all of that. what makes the grammys work is i can watch with my kids and i can watch rihanna and paul mccourtney and it will all come together. in the awards show they haven't found a way to bring the generations together. and they missed an opportunity. >> it's an interesting observation. some people thought it was staid shticky and it wasn't relevant or current. you say it didn't pay homage to the old hollywood. >> it's a way to do it. it's not just like putting older people or younger people. it's celebrating the majesty of it. i could have done a two hour clip show of the oscars that would have been more interesting. instead of actors in taped pieces going, blah, blah. let's talk about the journey. celebrate the pageantry. they missed it. let's be honest, billy crystal, lovely guy. just not there. >> was it too safe for you? >> it wasn't a matter of too safe. it was just -- you looked at him and you just -- >> it felt off. >> it felt off. and i just, you know, they had
9:18 am
the right people presenting. only the hollywood a-listers which was great. but it's also there's something about in this economic time of these people, billy made a joke about this. this self-congratulation is just getting old. on top of that, also, it used to be you'd see these celebrities who we didn't get to see. we are so over celebritized, it's no big whoop anymore. so this show is just not that relevant. oh, my god, i can't believe i'm going to say that. but it's true. it really, really is. message for next year, i know this is blasphemous, maybe cut it down a half hour. maybe we don't have to see -- >> how about cut it down an hour? >> we don't care about sound mixing. these are great people. who do it for a living. but as far as watching it, i would actually -- >> you have to get through it. >> do what the golden globes do. actually give out awards for comedy and acting, and drama, so this way you get eight actor awards. and just pay homage to the passion. celebrate the regalty of it.
9:19 am
>> there's a producer in it. >> here are your hosts. eddie murphy and robin williams. combined. >> i thought you were going to say natalie and savannah. >> somebody has to be brave on this thing. sometimes institutions don't work in their old models and we have to reinvent have . they missed. >> let's talk about the ads. it was an opportunity for advertisers. you had some you liked and some you didn't. jc penney rolled out a new ad campaign through several different commercials with ellen degeneres. >> sure. >> why so many coupons? this is ridiculous. was it always this way? hi. pair of jeans for five cents. i have a coupon. whoa, everybody. just getting coupons. coupons. >> oh. >> a lot of production value. >> before we get to that it was interesting. advertisers are walking away from it.
9:20 am
you didn't see big commercials made specifically for it. they understand the numbers are going down. not that big of a deal anymore. i praised jc penney because they are walking away from, you know, saying we don't do sales anymore. we've got it as consumers. now tell me what you are. you can't say, we don't do sales. congratulations. we got it. to me, taking ellen was a great choice. we talked about it also. i applaud jc penney for staying with her. put her to better use. >> couple other ads. the lucy one and the my fair lady one. diet coke was a good effort you said. >> yes. >> appealing to what goes on behind the scenes in movie productions. everybody drinking diet coke. good effort but not great. >> they missed a great opportunity. saluting the makeup people, the grips and the people who are behind the scenes but show me clips of those. i would like to see a makeup person working on a celebrity. i want to see the real stuff not
9:21 am
the dramtzation. good concept but not executed in an exciting way. >> you say the kraft mac & cheese ad was the sleeper. ♪ >> hey. come on. >> what? i've been skivving mac and cheese for 75 years. >> i'm only 45. >> i have another family. >> what? >> what? >> especially with kraft which you expect very traditional. for an old guy to say, oh, by the way, i have another family was just very charming. madison avenue spoke by saying we don't care about the oscars anymore. oscars, you need a do over. let's talk turkey. i'm available. >> donny deutsch -- >> he's always available.
9:22 am
>> that's not true! want to go back to the tell straiter? >> no, no. the telestraiter is done forever. donny deutsch, thank you. coming up, al has some of the most exclusive oscar parties. our invites were lost in the mail. >> we couldn't handle it. al has the highlights. >> we couldn't handle it. al has the highlights. first, these messages. [ shivering ] sorry. sore knee. blast of cold feels nice. why don't you use bengay zero degrees? it's the one you store in the freezer. gives that instant cold sensation. that's chilly. same medicated pain reliever used by physical therapists. and it lasts for hours. [ sigh of relief ] [ short breath ] [ longer breath ] [ short breath ] [ male announcer ] new bengay zero degrees. freeze and move on. have 46 grams of whole grains... mmmm. ...and a touch of sweetness. you'll be delighted to discover how good they taste.
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but cascade complete pacs help leave glasses sparkling. cascade. love it or your money back. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. coming up, something that a lot of mothers suffer from. talking about mom guilt.
9:25 am
we'll tell you why it's okay to have a little me time. >> absolutely. and al had tickets to the hottest parties in town. we'll show you how the stars let their hairs down -- and al, too -- after your local news. [ female announcer ] sometimes a good deal turns out to be not such a good deal. but new bounty gives you value you can see. in this lab demo, one sheet of new bounty leaves this surface cleaner than two sheets of the leading ordinary brand. so you can clean this mess with half as many sheets. bounty has trap and lock technology to soak up big spills and lock them in. why use more when you can use less? bring it with new bounty. .. .. .. [ female announcer ] introducing new special k granola bars. ♪ i can't break through with 4 grams of protein. and 4 grams of fiber. finally, a granola bar that makes your heart skip a beat.
9:26 am
a snack that loves you back. what will you gain when you lose? ♪ ...skips a beat good morning, everybody. 9:26. i'm marla tellez. in a chilling interview a convicted serial kill ar poll guises to victims' families and says he knows where more bodies are buried about this weekend the speed freak killer wesley shermantine apologized for taking years to reveal the location of the victims' bodies. shermantine also said there are more buried in modesto, stockton, milton. he has provided maps of several sites in both cal va vcalaversa. he linked to a 15-year murder spree that began in 19 5 into a
9:27 am
group of teenage boys face charges after going on a vandalism spree. they admitted to launching river rocks at homes and cars while driving through neighborhoods last weekend. they left a trail of damage and debris, breaking windows, walls, mailboxeses. surveillance video caught their car on camera. witnessed recognized it and reported it to police. we'll have your at you monday forecast and roads after the break.
9:28 am
great! at progressive, you can compare rates side by side so you get the same coverage, often for less. wow! that is huge! ♪ and this is to remind you that you could save hundreds! [laughing] man: yeah. that will certainly stick with me. we'll take it. go, big money! i mean, go. it's your break, honey. same coverage, more savings. now, that's progressive. call or click today. welcome back. 9:28 now. looks like a gorgeous day shaping up. take a look where temperatures are right now. still in the 30s in many cities. 37 in santa rosa. 43 concord. 46 san jose. struggling even with all of the sunshine to make it out of the 50 today. even in the warmest cities across the bay. 55 in san rafael. hit 55 in oakland. meanwhile 54 degrees in san francisco. we stay cool and cloudy for tomorrow. then we get rain wednesday into thursday. snow levels falling to 3,000
9:29 am
feet thursday morning. let's check your drive with mike. weather's crisp out there now but there's slow spots. sluggish for the traffic. south bay has the accident. on the shoulder now northbound 101 around oakland road. traditional pattern as far as north bound slowing. more slowing off the capitol expressway up to the accident scene because of the lane blockage we had for a half hour. 85 and 280 an accident clearing from there. slow in both directions for 880 and 680 through fremont. southbound into san lorenzo unusual. >> thanks. we'll be back with the next news >> thanks. we'll be back with the next news and weather update at 9:56. [m i am sir can-a-l i am sir can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
9:30 am
(woman) hmmm... that's actually a good idea. [nervous giggle] (ancr) break the monotony. for more fun ideas visit made pretty good time. let the party begin. ♪ that's right. i hit the red carpet early in the evening. then i sashayed into parties into the wee hours of the night. with some celebrity bashes. we'll show you how all the stars were living it up in just a moment. hey, guys. >> how much sleep did you get, al, is the question? >> well, you guys have done this. you've done this. not very much. >> well worth it, though. >> more like a little power nap. absolutely. not complaining. believe me, i'm not complaining. >> we're excited to see your red
9:31 am
carpet story, al. we miss you. >> we do. we wish we were there partying with you. meanwhile, coming up we'll be talking about mom guilt. al would say dad guilt as well. whether you worry you are smothering your kids or not spending enough time with them or feel bad for needing to get away from it all sometimes, we have advice on how to handle the guilt. >> and something you could feel guilty about. a hearty meal but well worth it. we'll make a beef brisket bread soup casserole. it is a great way to use up some day-old bread and leftovers. it's in "today's kitchen." it's going to be good. >> smells amazing upstairs. >> first, al, we should get a check of the weather. >> man, i can smell that from here. >> are you sure about that? >> i think so. i think so. let's check it out for you, look at the week ahead. here's what we've got. early part of the week will be much cooler than normal. out to the west with wet weather. in the pacific northwest.
9:32 am
snow in the mountains. above normal temperatures in the eastern two-thirds of the country with severe storms in the southeast continuing into the midweek period. with icy conditions in the northeast. below-normal temperatures in the western third of the country. latter part of the week we look for mostly normal temperatures throughout much of the country. it will be a little warmer than usual along the east coast and then the mississippi river valley will see below normal temperatures. that's what's goi well, it's cold out there. we had showers early, grab your jacket. leave your umbrella at home. still running very cool in places like napa. you're at 40. 37 holding on to those 30s in santa rosa. 46 now in san jose. on our way to the upper 50s. yes, this will be one of the cooler days this week. but we're not going to see that many days. temperatures above 60. until this weekend, yeah, we climb back up towards record territory. hope you have a great day. guys, we are roasting a beef
9:33 am
brisket right back there. >> i was going to say, you could do like a fireside chat there, al. >> i love it. so cozy. thanks, al. we'll check in with al in a minute where he rubbed shoulders with the hollywood elite at the a-list parties. >> yes, he did. we'll get to al coming up. cer ] this is not a prescription. this is mary. who thinks it might be time to listen to her heart. so she talked to her walgreens pharmacist who gave her a free blood pressure test and showed her how easy it is to do it herself at home. get a free blood pressure test any day in february at any walgreens pharmacy or take care clinic location. and we'll donate $1 to the american heart association as part of the walgreens way to well commitment. walgreens. there's a way to stay well. [ facilitator ] what do you smell? takes me outdoors. sort of a crisp, fresh feeling. [ facilitator ] go ahead and take your blindfold off. [ laughs ]
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9:37 am
the academy awards after parties. >> our own al roker hob-nobed with a-list celebs. >> that's right. with oscar statues in hand, some of the brightest stars of the big screen let loose at some of the most exclusive bashes at tinseltown and i got to check out the fun. ♪ >> reporter: not all of the hollywood heat was on the red carpet sunday night. some of hollywood and music's biggest names were on the white carpet raising money for aids at sir elton john's oscar viewing party. >> why this one? >> reporter: yeah. >> it's the best. it's a great combination of the music world and the movie world. it's kind of where it's at. >> the cause is so important to all of us. >> al, where are you? i saw you last night and you haven't been seen since.
9:38 am
where have you been? >> reporter: oh, man. elton, i'll be right there. just wait. ♪ >> reporter: made good time. let the party begin. hi, how are you? nice to see you. where's my man elton? why do you think people respond so much to this event? >> think they have a good time. we get a lot of returnees every year. i'm lucky to be a famous person who can get publicity when i do things like this and lucky we have been successful because of the reputation of the foundation. ♪ >> every now and then a girl has to come out of the tomboy clothes. >> reporter: don't come out too much. >> and love the feathers. >> reporter: well, your feathers look nicely fluffed. >> thank you. >> reporter: is that leather or -- >> no, no. it's like what a slicker is made out of. >> reporter: so you're water
9:39 am
proof now. >> i am. >> reporter: as far as your pick for best picture? >> if i had the awards show everyone nominated get it is award. >> reporter: everybody gets a miley. >> like a statue like this. they should change it up. >> reporter: we came, we saw. now time to go. we left the elton john party and now we are here ativan ti fair. -- at vanity fair. >> you are a touchstone here. you came to see me before the globes and i won a globe. you come to see me before the oscars and i won an oscar. thank you so much. >> i wasn't going to talk to anyone. how do you say no to al roker. >> you have a kiss here. >> but not from you. >> not yet. >> reporter: ooh! >> i like my job. >> look at this. look at the concession to the
9:40 am
oscars. this is where nbc's budget is now. al had to pay for this out of his own pocket. >> reporter: where did you watch the oscars? >> on the couch. at home. >> reporter: wow! >> but we were fully made up. >> reporter: what did you think of billy? >> he was good. you know, you can't go wrong with billy. >> reporter: where did you watch the oscars? >> we didn't. >> reporter: you didn't? >> no, no. >> reporter: were there surprises tonight? >> well, you never know who's going to win. >> well, i thought we lived in the future. >> reporter: you have been making the wrong moves. >> i'm sitting there talking. >> we invented a foreign film category to prevent these sweeps from occurring. >> i was surprised meryl streep won. that's a crazy sentence to say. >> it was a special moment to read meryl streep's name. >> reporter: you're going into
9:41 am
the vanity fair party. >> i'm excited. i have to get in there. >> reporter: go! what can you expect in there? >> i hope they have in-and-out cheeseburgers again. i'm starving. >> reporter: you know about parties. what do you expect? >> it's the vanity fair party. we go to this one and then guy and madonna's house. >> reporter: ooh, all right! >> i'm walking on water. this guy is keeping me buoyant. i'm thrilled. >> reporter: congratulations. when will it sink in? >> on thursday when i'm flying to new orleans. i'm like, oh, my god! i won an oscar! >> i think octavia is still partying tonight, guys. >> she's the sweet heart of the "today" show. >> she is. and you have been a lucky charm for her, al. >> reporter: people are always after me lucky charms. i'll take full responsibility. >> any time you can pull out the
9:42 am
little lep rechaun, we love it. >> good job this year. [ laughter ] >> i don't know, al. >> come back, al, we miss you. it's falling apart without you. >> you and donny deutsch clearly need to hang out. al? hello? >> you're doing quite well without me. >> i thought he fell asleep. >> coming up -- >> great work, al. thank you so much. >> how to deal with mommy guilt whether your kids arere'll atu. . we'll return after this. ♪ [ female announcer ] dry, itchy skin. a long term struggle needs long term relief. eucerin calming creme. used every day, its triple ingredient formula is clinically proven to relieve dry, itchy skin, with 92% of people reporting improved overall skin condition over time. eucerin calming creme. and the gentle cleansing formula of calming body wash.
9:43 am
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9:45 am
they were my little cheering squad. [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix hi. we're spreading the word about new honey bunches of oats fruit blends and their unique taste combinations. like peach/raspberry.
9:46 am
with one flavor in the granola bunch and one on the flake. two flavors. in harmony. honey bunches of oats. make your day bunches better. [ female announcer ] do you know what a difference dove nourishment can make? my hips, they know. my shins, they get it. [ female announcer ] only dove body wash has nutrium moisture and a breakthrough formula that goes beyond moisture to nourish deep down like no other. [ female announcer ] dove body wash. proven effective natural nourishment. ♪ the nourishment of nutrium moisture is also available in all your favourite dove body wash products. this morning on today's moms, how to deal with mommy guilt. whether you decide to go back to work or feel you need me time you may feel you are not being as good a mother as you can be.
9:47 am
robbi ludwig joins us. good morning. >> good morning. >> women actually feel more guilt than men do because we tend to be more intern personally sensitive. >> we're plugged into how others feel. we're more nurturing. so we'll feel a little bit more guilty because we take more responsibility for how our relationships feel and look. >> one thing we feel a lot of guilt over is wanting more me time. we give everybody a little bit of ourselves but never give back to ourselves. >> we have an idea that being a good mom is giving everything you have to your child. giving all of your time. really that's not the case. of course you want to give time to your child but you can't give anything if you don't nurture yourself first. >> true. >> take time in minutes, hours, days, a weekend on a regular basis because a happy mom has a better chance of being a good mom. >> that's true. another one we are guilty about is not wanting sex.
9:48 am
>> yes. >> we feel guilty for not giving to our partners because at the end of the day we're tired of dealing with the kids. >> it's true. >> what's the advice. >> there is a level of exhaustion and it doesn't feel sexy after you take care of the kids to transition. the best way is to be honest with your partner so your partner doesn't feel rejected. like you're not sec hally attracted to him anymore. and sometimes follow the yes. if you do it -- >> say yes, make it happen. >> really -- >> you get caught up in the moment. >> that takes care of itself. >> next is yelling at the kids. happens when we get frustrated and we feel guilty. >> i know. >> what's not to feel guilty about? >> the truth is frustration happens in real life. sometimes yelling at your child is the right response at that time. it's not necessarily so bad for your child to yell at them and set limits. we have spoken about this a lot. >> yes. >> if you feel you are yelling
9:49 am
more because you're at your wit's end rather than your child is doing something wrong take that timeout, count to ten. do some deep breathing and rethink about the best approach. >> step away from the situation. >> yeah. >> the last one we feel guilty about, working moms, is we spend too much time at work, and not enough time with the kids. >> the tide is changing here. did a poll and found women are feeling less guilty about working because they feel it makes them more creative as parents, and better workers. >> and a good role model for the kids to see. >> exactly. >> realize you are contributing to the family and you're serving as a good role model. >> you say be willing to let things go. >> moms can be very hard on themselves. they focus on just what they are doing wrong. you don't want to do that. see the bigger picture. if you feel you are doing something wrong change it. we're growing, right?
9:50 am
we're always getting better. move on. >> another quick piece of advice is more realistic expectations, setting them for ourselves and talking to other mothers helps a lot, venting a bit. >> right. we internalize the idea of perfection. it's really unfair to ourselves. nobody's perfect. connect with other moms. you realize how normal some feelings and reactions are. that can be a tremendous support system. >> we are all in the same boat. >> we are. >> for more information on how to handle mom guilt head to up next, a great way to turn your leftover sunday dinner into a hearty monday meal. first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:51 am
9:52 am
this morning in "today's kitchen step by step beef brisket casserole. good morning to you.
9:53 am
>> good morning. >> first, a little bit of congratulations. you were nominated for a james beard award. >> thank you very much. really appreciate it. >> not your first time, i might add. >> no. three times now. we're hopeful. >> best of luck to you. >> thank you. >> tell us about the dish we are making. >> all right. here we have a braised brisket. it's going to turn into a bread stew. this can be a meal in itself and then turn it into bread soup later. >> you browned the meet aat andn add vegetables to the pan? >> we have leeks, onions, carrots and different herbs. the main thing is number one the beef. this beef is being raised at bethlehem valley, the farm we use. they are also growing grapes for the wine. >> great. >> what grows together goes together. >> one-stop shopping. so you have the vegetables and you have orange zest? >> if you could add the orange there. >> a little bit of zest and
9:54 am
orange juice in there. >> we'll add the red wine. sorry to put you to work. >> go for it. >> the whole thing? >> about halfway. >> okay. >> i'll add in the herbs now. >> that seems about right. throw a little bit extra in there. >> a little bit to drink later. all right. i'll add the brisket. >> okay. >> the rule of thumb is to get a piece that fits the pan so you have enough liquid but not so much you don't get the flavor. >> gotcha. >> if you could pour in the stock. >> this is pork stock? >> it is. >> why do you choose this as opposed to another kind of stock? >> we have a lot of pork in the midwest. but the pigs' feet, honestly at the end of the day gives it a nice gel. you can use chicken or beef. i just really like that. >> how long do we let it go?
9:55 am
>> it goes into a 350 degree oven for three and a half, four hours. check it periodically. >> we have about a minute left. >> cool. this is the bread soup. the leftover meat, this can be a pot roast, really just about anything. it can be beef, lamb, vegetables from stew. >> you do a layer. and then toasted day old bread. >> hi, how are you. thank you for having me. >> great. >> the olives from the braise. just scatter that around and fontina cheese. >> you can layer it up as much or as little as you want. >> and then the juice on top. all over the top. >> how long do we cook it? >> that goes into the oven about 350 to 400 for half hour, 45 minutes. >> this is what it looks like. >> chef, thank you s
9:56 am
it is 9:56. good morning. i'm marla tellez. san francisco police are looking for the driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run. police say the map behind the wheel of a pickup truck ran a
9:57 am
red light at california and battery 3:30 sunday morning. the truck broadsided a town car, killing the driver. the man at fault took off. anyone with information is asked to call san francisco police. new warnings today after a string of burglaries in palo alto. there were at least six break-ins friday morning. thieves pried open the front door of apartments on sheridan and grant avenues stealing jewelry and electronics. two nearby homes were also hit. burglars often ring the doorbell to see if anyone's home before entering. so far, police have no suspects. and redwood city police say they have received reports of 60 burglaries in the past 2 months. thieves posing as painters have hit dozens of homes. officers hope neighborhood watches and surveillance video will help catch these burglars. let's turn to the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. much colder outside today.
9:58 am
>> it is. it is really cold. it's almost deceptive out there because you look out the window, you'll see plenty of sunshine but temperatures in the 40s. 48 in livermore. 48 san jose. 51 in sunnyvale. only headed towards the mid to upper 50s, even in the warmest cities across the bay today. tomorrow a cool one. by wednesday we get rain. that will last into thursday morning. let's check your drive with mike. >> folks, start you in the south bay where we have a couple of slow spots but those are leftover from earlier accidents. 101 near the top of the screen an accident oakland road. in the middle of the roadway and then on the shoulder for 45 minutes total. that's cleared as well as 280 at 85 that's slow around the transition where an earlier accident cleared. southbound 101 at university, an accident on the shoulder but it's a distraction adding to the slowdown. northbound 880 a disabled vehicle moving from the second lane but it's causing a slowdown. >> for the latest traffic and news updates check out nbc bay area on facebook.
9:59 am
we'll be back at 10:26. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television hey, everybody. you're so glad you're starting out your week with us. it's fun day monday, february 27th, the day after the big oscar bash last night. >> who's leery eyed? stayed up longer than i usually do. >> i think the thing went to 11:30, three hours and ten minutes. it was a long show. don't you think? >> every year we say the same thing. it was too long. >> it really was. >> longer than most broadway
10:01 am
shows. loved it but too long. >> overall? >> first of all, i temper everything with this. i'm a huge billy crystal fan. i love him. i love him as an artist and as a person. >> yep. >> i just thought the show was sort of snootsville. and i don't blame him for that because he does what is produced for him, and i'm sure he has a hand in what is chosen. but i don't know. the fact there are nine -- nine movies that were nominated, for one thing, it's too many. >> a lot. >> we can't keep track of them. i think the medley, the telecast, the award show, we stopped caring when we don't care about the lesser awards. >> yeah. >> we zone out. that's why it feels so long. if you saw nicholas nickelby on broadway, it was eight hours long and you didn't care because -- >> the technical awards, nothing against the cinematography and
10:02 am
editing -- >> great awards. but they don't appeal to a mass audience. no one really cares. sad but true. the tonys learned this years ago. the lesser categories, they have a separate telecast for them. i think if somebody would have the guts to do it, if they did an unbelievable two-hour -- >> two. voting for two. >> from 8:00 to 10:00 or 9:00 to 11:00 and not got rid of but only to start off the bat with the major awards and give them time to give an acceptance speech. >> the thing that bothered me, when octavia spencer got up there, and this was her big moment, this is happening, her day, she gets up to give her speech, she's teary eyed -- >> hardly get up the stage. >> she's giving her speech and it felt like a minute and she's sobbing, everyone's watching, gets a standing "o," and all of a sudden she gets the wrap. she's a rule follower. so she's hurrying it up. >> the people with the lesser categories gave long speeches.
10:03 am
they should outlaw this. i'm going to read my speech now. they should outlaw. if you want to do it on the side of your arm or something, but don't let -- if you care enough to give a speech, prepare it. because everybody tunes out. >> what bothered me was this was early in the night. why are you rushing her? we're not close to the deadline. there are long bits and -- >> they have to leave time for cirque du soleil which had nothing to do with anything, but i enjoyed it. they're very talented. love them. but i wanted it to work and a lot of it just didn't. i hope they bring billy back again, because i don't think it was his fault. he is adorable. he's best when he's spontaneous. >> doing his own thing. >> something happens and immediately makes a remark and that little -- >> yeah. >> my bad, you know. he's adorable. i love him.
10:04 am
>> remember, viola davis was the front-runner. won the s.a.g. and all that. i guess if she's going to get beaten by anybody it should be the finest actor in the country. >> both of them gave beautiful nuanced performances. but when you look at the degree of difficulty factor, i don't think there's an actress on the face of the earth that could have played margaret thatcher but merril. >> meryl streep. >> and vaiiolviola, as wonderfu she is, somebody else could have made that their own. same makeup man for 37 years. she thanked him, he thanked her. there's a trust factor. >> i don't know if you saw this, if you were watching "e" br the oscars, they do the red carpet. not a bigger pro than ryan seacrest. >> flawless. >> the dictator, sacha baron cohen, getting a lot of buzz and
10:05 am
he's got an urn. anyway, he dumps it all over ryan seacrest to have his moment. he did get his moment. >> at somebody else's expense, as usual. >> and ryan, you could tell, you know, he likes to look good, and that wasn't great. >> ryan is a complete and total, consummate professional. and he handled that beautifully as anybody could. i just thought, you know what, the best way to get attention in this world is by your talent, not by that kind of thing. >> like reality show. >> yeah. >> let's talk about the -- >> not fair. >> wasn't fair to ryan at all. he had a lot more interviews to do. >> it all became about getting the stuff off of him as opposed to -- let him do his job. >> yeah. that was weird. oscar fashions, your favorite dress of the entire night was? >> i thought it was a dull night for fashion, as well. i mean, i love all that. even when people take great risks, you appreciate the fact they took a big -- i didn't see a lot of risk taking last night. >> one of them -- >> i watched the red carpet from
10:06 am
first thing. first person i saw, i hope i'm saying her name right was milla jovovich. i thought it was a home run out of the ballpark. her hair matched the dress. it was old hollywood glamour and yet it was as modern as it could be. >> she was beautiful. >> she was my mila from last year. that made me think the whole next three hours would be amazing and they weren't. >> i loved, and it was very simple and i liked her whole look, i loved penelope cruz. >> a drop-dead movie star. >> there was something about her dress. i know she did her hair in the old kind of '40s way, but i like the actress and i usually love when they get up there, but she was great. we also had our viewers, i guess, and this is from bobbie thomas, they weighed in with their favorites. >> sure. who won that one? >> let's see. who won our favorites? let's go through some of
10:07 am
bobbie's favorites. joe, are you here? >> anyway, somebody likes stuff. >> angelina's pose -- gwyneth paltrow was one of bobbie's favorites. >> regal. she looked beautiful. that is the pose of the night. i don't understand it. if there's any person on the planet who does not need to pose, it's angelina jolie. we see her coming, we -- she has our attention, drop-dead gorgeous. >> she had her leg -- that got a lot of attention. >> i understand that on the red carpet because it's all about the pose. but when you go up there to present, she got up there to present and did it, just went up to the podium and went -- and started talking, like -- a little lower, you guys? because it's about the leg. yeah. and then she kept talking. i'm going, i wopd fer that's comfortable? she's got amazing legs. >> there it is.
10:08 am
angelina and brad. we have a limbed control room today because there's a lot going on, a lot of updating and things. the side pony was apparently another big trend. that was because -- i'm not sure who started that, but that was big. that was kind of a side sweep there. >> he came in with an oscar. didn't have to win any. >> sweep here there. >> side sweep. >> her hair was all down. i think it's kind of similar to your side sweep we had, i don't know, on friday? kind of looks similar to that, by the way. >> i am such a trendsetter, because that was friday. >> miss piggy. >> never looked lovelier. >> a side pony. >> only two sopgs nominated for best song. >> why didn't they play those? >> they did a little bit. i missed it when celine dion would come on and sing. >> our friends and fansed a their own oscar parties.
10:09 am
friends from mace book, victoria smith did her own thing. >> year after year after year, she gets all dressed up. >> a little champagne. here's another one of a woman -- oh, look at the baby in front of the tv dressed up with the pearls. and then here's -- >> oh, my gosh. you know what? people have fun. they really do. >> they know. >> did any awards really surprise you? i was surprised how many "hugo" got. >> "hugo" nailed it. >> i haven't seen that yet. i tried to watch it at home because they sent us, you know, for your consideration, but because it's a 3d film, it wasn't -- i need to go see it in a theater. that's the way you're supposed to see a movie like that. >> i want to give a shoutout to peter alexander's sister. sara and i did this thing called spin for sight, and peter alexander's sister has this debilitating disease called usher syndrome type 3.
10:10 am
you lose your vision and your hearing simultaneously. anyway, we had a bunch of people -- >> look at you. >> sara -- there we go. >> anyway, it was a spin class full. it was people were soaking wet. we raised a lot of money for his sister's cause. >> isn't that jay behind you? >> jay knows how to play. >> just came back from palm beach early to do that for pe r peter. >> a lot of fun. should we do favorite things? >> you know what, we were out in california a couple weeks ago, and she had some meetings, i did, too, and of course we always see cody when we go out there. we went for the first time to an adorable place for breakfast. and it is this place called jack and joe's. >> okay. >> and you go in, and a lot of people waiting to get in. it's just charming. and you can see tons of kids from colleges are there and stuff. just a beautiful vibe. i met the owner, and his name is mark, and his wife.
10:11 am
and everywhere were pictures of his bulldog, pudge elvis. apparently there's this incredible video of pudge -- they tried to set the "guinness book of world records" with different -- as many dogs surfing. there's punl doing his water-skiing thing. he's a bulldog, as you can see. that's how they first taught him how to surf. >> oh my gosh. >> but then lay thai later tried to win the guinne"guinness book world records" by how many dogs could pile on one. but what i learned, mark's the kind of guy, he comes around and talks to you and you get to know him. this beautiful family, he told me this story of pudge -- fudge -- pudge elvis was his daughter's dog. and unfortunately, his daughter got a fever one night and went into the hospital and four hours later passed away. >> oh, my gosh. >> and so this beautiful little dog goes all the time into the room to look -- but i just wanted to say that my new
10:12 am
favorite thing out in california is this family. and if you want to hear more of their story, go to and more of the videos. that guy. he's the cutest thing in the world. >> mine is a little less significant, but if you have an iphone and you're sick of the battery dying, and i know you are, because they die so quickly. >> yes. >> here's the cure. it's called the mofie. this little guy snaps on and gives you almost more than like three-quarters of a day of battery. >> why didn't they make it with it to begin with so it doesn't run out of gas like it does? >> kind of expensive, 80 bucks. >> that's why. >> but i have to tell you it lasts all day long. >> that's great, but -- >> and then some. >> they should incorporate it into the next one so people don't have to pay twice for something. >> hi, guys. i'm trying to redo my apartment and i'm obsessed with esse, and
10:13 am
i found this artist called j.m.jart studio. she did a series because her daughter is blind, she's a self-taught painter and this is braille for face. she has all kinds of different words and paintings. i was so moved. it was about $270, but when you think about original art and what you buy in stores, i was so touched that i could actually afford it. and it's just so moving to kind of have that in code in a sense on my wall. peaceful. >> speaking of something movi moving -- >> we might have to save it. >> we'll talk about "everyone has a story" tomorrow. it's a great one this thursday. >> we'll talk to christine roush tomorrow. sorry, christine. >> we have a lot coming up. the oscars aren't the only thing people are buzzing about. ♪ eggland's best eggs. -the best in nutrition... -just got better. even better nutrition -- high in vitamins d, e and b12.
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plus it relieves your stuffy nose. [ deep breath ] thank you! that's the cold truth! ooh gas. take an antacid. oh thanks. good luck. good luck to you. doesn't he know antacids won't help gas? oh, he knows. [ male announcer ] antacids don't relieve gas. gas-x is designed to relieve gas. gas-x. the gas xperts. ♪ sexy and i know it >> time for "today's buzz.
10:17 am
"a busy weekend in tinseltown, but there was a lot more going on than just the oscars. maureen o'connor joins us. look adorable today. >> you do. all right, maureen. beyonce and baby blue were out and about, right? >> their first public appearance, although you can't see blue that well, all wrapped up. >> in a blanky. >> we think there's a baby in there. the first time since beyonce put pictures on tumbler. the first time they have brought her out in public. >> she looks great, by the way. looks like she lost a lot of her baby weight already. >> she looks really good. >> 7 weeks old now, right? >> pretty quick. but they've been out without the baby. he's the co-owner of the nets so, they went to a basketball game. this is the first time she went out to lunch with the baby. >> sweet. taylor swift is one to do good things. >> i love this story. >> did it again. tell us what she's done. >> kevin mcguire, 18-year-old
10:18 am
from southern jersey, has been fighting leukemia for years now. his sister started a campaign to get taylor swift to be his date to the senior prom. as it happened, she was, like, should she go? she wasn't able to go to the prom, but said i'll one up you, be my date to the american music awards. >> first of all, incredibly smart. but knowing her a little like we do, that's exactly what we would think she would do. >> he said yes. it's in april. so, you know, pending whatever he needs at the time. but he says he's really excited and told a local newspaper that's even better than the prom. >> there you go. >> she tweeted it to him. that's how he found out. she put it on facebook. >> probably write a song about it. >> you're right. >> justin bieber. >> by the way, he was adorable last night, so natural and such a natural actor, i thought.
10:19 am
>> absolutely. so he and selena, there's been a lot of excitement because he gave her a diamond ring for valentine's day. a lot of people are saying is it an engagement ring? she said, no, it's a friendship ring, in the shape of a "j," which we would assume is justin. she's 19. got her first tattoo. >> everyone's getting them. >> people thought it was a heart. it was right on her handle and they thought she got a tattoo for bieber. later she said no, it was actually just a music note and it's for her -- >> every time i see angelina jolie and all the tattoos, it takes hours to cover that stuff up. >> 20% of people have tattoos. one-fifth, one in five. >> and many of them later have them removed, which is far more painful than to get them. not like i know. i just hear. >> all right. >> we have to run, but thank
10:20 am
you. >> i know. >> we love maureen, but sometimes you have to go. >> bye. >> up next, we're going to meet our "fan of the week," and it could be you. >> then the red carpet hits and misses. the fashion police come out. [ male announcer ] new starbucks blonde roast is another way to look at the bean. another way that reveals the lighter, mellower side of our roast. being blonde is nothing new but blonde roast is something new. something subtle. something soft. something with 40 years of roasting experience on its side. introducing delicious new starbucks blonde roast. the lighter roast perfected. ♪ the lighter roast perfected. try olive garden's new three course italian dinner for $12.95. start with all the homemade soup or salad and breadsticks you want. next choose from five new entrees like smoked mozzarella chicken. finally a delicious dessert. the new three course
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10:23 am
it is time to meet our newest "fan of the week." >> miss sara is here to tell us who it is and where he or she is headed. >> drum roll, please. our winner this week is liz morrison from scottsdale, arizona, who watches on kpnx channel 12. liz's daughters submitted her for "fan of the week" because she lin left-hands to all you say, inspired by your style and always runs out to buy your favorite things. she said why text? kathie lee doesn't. >> i actually do. >> she loves to work out with
10:24 am
her grandchildren. her daughters are thankful you bring their mom so much happiness, relaxation and laughter and makes a great day to sit down with wine and watch her two best friends. >> reading material. >> we are going to be sending her -- first of all, congratulate you and your daughters for being loyal fans, to st. lucia. three nights at the body holiday, daily meals, some of the property activities and one daily spa treatment each for two people, roundtrip air fare for two also provided. >> why can't hoda and i and you go? >> we have to sign up. >> gorgeous. >> want to be eligible, go to we might pick you next time. >> still coming up, al roker and all of oscar's memorable moments. >> and then down the red carpet for a look at the gowns. and no, not marilyn monroe, but she plays her on tv. a great actress, megan hill ti. . is monday...
10:25 am
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10:27 am
38-year-old steve ruiz in fremont saturday night at the fremont days inn. officers believe ruiz snuck in through a back entrance after an unidentified woman bought him a room for the night. he surrenders after officers surrounded inn. police say he gunned down a fellow member at a funeral in october of last year look
10:28 am
[grunting] (sir can-a-lot) whoa! hello, madame. sir can-a-lot. crusader of flavor. i wanted to make your mac 'n cheese more delicious by adding glorious spam! (woman) that does sound good. glorious. (ancr) break the monotony. for more fun ideas visit >> 10:28 now.
10:29 am
take a look at this beautiful live shot. you can see we have fair weather cumulus clouds but it's cold in san jose and everywhere else. we're at 48 degrees. 48 livermore. 48 in oakland. on our way to the mid-50s. and that's it for today. we get a better chance for rain through the midsection of your week. starting tomorrow we'll see clouds increase and tomorrow night, shot of cold air. and we're expecting our first showers wednesday. look look a washout. full forecast at 11:00 a.m. let's check your drive with mike. >> a booster shot of cold. going to south bay where we have a nice, easy flow now. let me zoom in a couple of folks sticking around here. westbound 237 and northbound 101, last two spots that show clearing where speeds are v. to come up above 50 where we see yellow turn to green. oakland 880 past the coliseum. easy drive. be prepared for slowing from downtown at oakland.
10:30 am
>> mike, thanks. coming up on nbc bay area news at 11:00, talking terror on campus. a gunman opens fire inside a o.sete .soyoon oo. see you soon. it's undoubtedly hollywood's biggest nights of the year and also one of the longest. >> if you had trouble holding on until the awards wrapped up, our man al roker is out in l.a. >> hey, al. >> with the most unforgettable moments. he has a beautiful picture in the "daily news" today looking good. >> thank you. >> have you had any rest at all or no? been up all night? >> well, first, i don't want to sound like i'm complaining because, you know, it's a great night, it's a lot of fun. you get to hang out with a lot of nice people. i'll sleep on the plane. >> it is a long night. you worked the red carpet, though, right? >> did the red carpet, did elton john's party and then the
10:31 am
"vanity fair" party. >> what stood out to you on the red carpet, al? >> you know what, it was kind of quiet. >> mm-hmm. >> yes. >> people were a little subdued, and then brad and angelina showed up like with only 15 minutes to go. the carpet was -- we were all starting to wrap up and all of a sudden brad and angelina showed up. >> mm-hmm. >> so we were hanging out a little bit longer. but there was a certain solemnity to the evening. >> a lot of people didn't come with dates. a few people showed up with their moms, kind of cute. >> and rooney mara brought her mother and her sister. >> that's right. she did. brad pitt brought his mom and dad. jonah hill brought his mom. i think that's kind of neat. i remember last year, russell brand brought his mom. >> and jessica chastain brought her grandma, which was darling. >> i think that's really sweet.
10:32 am
takes some of the pressure off you. if you don't have a date, what the heck, bring mom. >> tell us about the sacha baron cohen. >> in high school, you're a loser you bring your mom. on the oscars, it makes you look like a hero. >> real human being. >> yes. >> tell us about that sacha baron cohen moment. i know it's got tons of play and maybe people are sick of it, but what do you think? >> you know, i think, first of all, i think the whole -- oh, will he, won't he show up as general the general, i think that was a ploy between the academy and sacha baron cohen. it got great publicity. i don't think ryan seacrest was expecting it. i knew he thought something was going to happen. i don't think he was expecting that. he didn't look -- i mean, he's a pro. ryan's a pro. but he looked a little -- just a little -- >> yes, he did. >> he sure did. >> what about billy crystal? i mean, it was fun to see him back. i was trying to google something of his from last night and it brought up something from 2004. he looked, you know, the same
10:33 am
looking back. >> well, you know, look, some people complained that, oh, you know, there was nothing cutting edge. you didn't -- you don't want cutting edge with billy crystal. that's why you bring billy crystal in. you bring him back, because you tried doing the other stuff, it bombed. >> yes. >> and you know what, i mean, it's tried, it's true, it's funny. you know, i thought he did a great job. some of the montages -- the one they did on the long lost focus group on the "wizard of oz" i thought was hysterical. >> i thought that was great. >> who did you think -- because you have a much better advantage in seeing them in person, who just radiated just beautifully on the red carpet? >> i think -- i think octavia spencer. she radiated joy and was just was so happy. i think -- i think, you know, meryl streep looked terrific, like a real movie star. >> yeah. she is.
10:34 am
>> i thought that was terrific. you know, and of course george clooney and stacy keibler i think fantastic. look, i think it's great. and jean dujardin, i mean, he just looks like a movie star. amazing. >> how about the cirque du soleil performance? how did that go over? >> well, they always freak me out anyway, so i wasn't quite sure. i think people were split. i think some people loved it, over people were, like, what's going on here. >> yeah. all right, al. well, thank you. >> get some rest on the way home. we'll see you here tomorrow. >> i appreciate it. i really liked your enthusiastic responses. "yeah. uh-huh." >> we're looking at things on the monitor. >> were you guys up all night? what was going on? >> yeah. all night. all night. and we look fabulous. love you! >> bye. >> is he still talking? all right. up next, what's up hoda woman? >> we look at those who dazzled and those who didn't.
10:35 am
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we're back on this fun day monday with more of today and oscars fashion hits and misses. "the artist"s might have taken the top hop nors for the best picture, but it's the best dressed that shine for weeks following the awards. >> from "fashion star," and howard is "in style" magazine's fashion director. hey, kids. >> hi, guys. >> good morning. >> you look fantastic this morning. >> aren't you sweet. anyway. what kind of trends did you see on the red carpet today? >> well, i would think -- >> ladies first. >> thank you, how. thank you. i saw a lot of nude-toned dresses, lots of nudes. and i saw a lot of side-swept hair, a lot of up-dos, and i saw very lightly statement jewelry. >> but no necklaces.
10:40 am
i mean, if you have to say, if a woman was strapless, used to use the big necklace. those are gone. but there wasn't an overall trend. there was an incredible amount of diversity in terms of what people wore. and, in fact, there were probably for just different designers on the red carpet than ever before. >> this is true. i liked seeing the differences. >> there was diversity. >> let's talk about j. lo. it caused controversy because what may have been a shelling or peeking out. >> the dress -- i don't love the dress, and on somebody else i probably would have gagged. but the thing is that's exactly how people want j. lo to look. >> i agree with how. i call it the j. lo whoa. if the she doesn't give us a big whoa, we won't be wowed. >> everybody would be disappointed. >> she brings this type of red carpet power even on "idol." >> she knows how to pose, know what is she's doing. nobody's fool. >> somebody from her camp said
10:41 am
there was nothing showing, and you know what i'm talking act, when she was up on stage. what did you think? >> i think -- if an aerio la had to come out -- i'm kidding. you know what? here's thing. >> i'm staying away from this one. >> i'm going to bring it out because obviously we know j. lo is full of class. she never wants the attention brought in that type of way. everybody to be out there and understand that if something happened, even it suggests it, understand it was an accident. at the end of the day she looked beautiful and meant to just project that. >> she is a beautiful woman and she has a classy stardom, not like rooney mara, a cool girl. she's a glamour girl, not a cool girl. >> poor cameron is standing right there and all we're doing is talking about j. lo. >> gwyneth paltrow's dress got a lot of attention. >> i liked it. very classy. >> my favorite. >> and i hear it was chilly so
10:42 am
it was nice to have that cape over her. >> but it was also wonderful -- what it reminded me of when tom was at the height of gucci in the '90s and did that white collection, it was so elegant, chic, and simple. it's a dress no one's seen on a red carpet before. you couldn't miss it no matter where she was. >> mm-hmm. >> the minute how and i ran into each other backstage, we were gushing over gwyneth's dress because it was so signature. but here's it will -- i appreciated that gwyneth pulled this ensemble together. she did her hair very clean back in a ponytail and just very statement pieces of jewelry that were very sleek and clean. so nothing overpowered the silhouette of the dress. >> everybody's talking about how beautifully ok trivia was dressed for a full-figured lady. hugged her beautifully. >>, you know, she and viola davis both. i think al had it right when he
10:43 am
said they both just radiated joy. also, just a sense of -- such a sense of pride as a woman in who they are, and i think it's something that women watching this show can relate to in such a great way, because it's not about being that glamour girl, about being j. lo. you can still be a personal best. just not a size 2. >> for any woman who is full figured, tadashi shoji has taken care of her for every red carpet. >> he's made major points. she's looked sensational throughout the entire awards season. >> thank you! you could call her a "smash" hit. megan hilty is here. >> how cute she is. pillsbury presen
10:44 am
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10:47 am
♪ ♪ i never met a man who wasn't on the prowl ♪
10:48 am
♪ ♪ yeah i never met a -- ♪ >> that's the talented broadway turned tv star megan hillty in the new nbc musical drama called "smash." >> she plays ivy lynn. a porn star -- no, who wins the coveted part of marilyn monroe. glad to have you back. >> thanks for having me. >> you're well into -- this is like the teens in terms of the episodes. >> yeah. we're wrapping it up. >> you just hit i guess last week a very steamy, sultry episode. >> yeah. and i was in the center of it. >> you loved it. you didn't get into show business to not stand out, so to speak. so you end up in the sack with your director. >> yeah. >> everybody does. >> it wasn't just a casting couch thing, though. as the season goes on, you'll
10:49 am
see it's a real relationship that's building, and it's -- >> at first it wasn't. >> yes, well, maybe just a little bit. >> make excuses for it. >> there are real feelings there. >> you've done a ton of work on broadway stuff, but being in that kind of intimate situation, even though you're just acting, how was that? you seemed almost -- almost nude it seemed. >> yeah. no. there was -- i was wearing sweat pants. i mean, yeah, i draw the line somewhere. but it was very -- i felt very vulnerable. but i was in very good hands. jack davenport is such a gentleman and he's done those kinds of scenes a million times. >> it's not the guy you're doing the scene with that's the problem. unless you can't really stand him. it's all the guys standing around going -- oh. >> we have a great crew. no. we have the greatest crew and they were all really supportive and really -- they knew it was a delicate situation. >> kath, you've seen her a lot on broadway. >> yeah.
10:50 am
>> you played glynn today the good witch. >> yes. >> wonderful playing the dolly parton role in "9 to 5." adorable in that. >> thank you. >> this is like your dream job all wrapped up together. >> it's everything i've ever wanted to do in one job. i get to represent the broadway community on television. so a real honor. >> now, right now you have the marilyn monroe part. but something tells me, because i know the world of broadway, it's a very tenuous grasp you have on that role. >> yes. i can tell you from personal experience doing these workshops and readings, just because you have it in the beginning doesn't mean you'll necessarily have it in the end or next week. >> you can do all the work and it goes straight to broadway with somebody else. >> yes. >> are you learning a lot about tv doing this? such a different animal for you. >> i am. my old job was doing the same thing every night but making it new. now i really try something new every day. it's like a little adventure. >> what a way to grow as a performer. >> absolutely. >> we're so happy for you. >> in real life, no time for a personal life.
10:51 am
>> all right, sweetie. catch megan tonight on "smash" at 10:00, 9:00 central on nbc. >> up next, does it matter if you're counting calories?
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
time for "today weighs in" and the answers to your e-mail questions about everything from gluten allergies to the truth about women and soy. >> madeleine bergstrom is here to help you figure it out. >> hey, madeleine. >> how you doing?
10:55 am
>> we have some questions. the first one from mher in san francisco, california. she writes how do i know if i have food sensitivities or food allergies? should guy gluten free, dairy free? can i simply go and get a test? >> these are big buzzwords now and part of it comes from the health food stores, things that say gluten free, dairy free, egg free. very few people have true food allergies. your bod si senses some food component is harmful and tries to fight it off. trouble breathing, bad rashes. >> you don't know what it is. >> exactly. most people have some type of sensitivity or intolerance, and that's with stomach upset, a few hours after you eat it. the only way you can identify it as you said is to eliminate it. write it down and try and make these associations. oftentimes kids will get this. >> gluten sensitivity -- >> there is. that's something good to go for if it's a family history or
10:56 am
anytime you have wheat products you start to get stomach upset. many people have a little bit of intolerance. think about lactose intolerance. >> how to you manage it? i take that probiotic and i don't do any dairy at all. >> eliminating helps. some people could have maybe one serving a day. what about you? >> i drink that lactaid milk. >> sort of predigested. there are ways around it. >> it just builds phlegm and then you can't speak and can't sing. and how attractive would that be if i couldn't sing? >> next. >> jennifer from wichita, kansas. when studies say eating broccoli or drinking tea will prevent cancer, how much do we have to eat or drink? >> if only they were true. having a varied die set what nature intends. there are laboratory studies. in a test tube you can find things in broccoli, green tea,
10:57 am
black tea that can help promote good health on a cellular level, keep your cells running happily. the issue is how much of that in daily life. translate it, it doesn't mean eat broccoli but you can smoke and drink and not exercise and you'll have a healthy life. it's balance. keep a colorful plate. common sense can rule. but it can't offset things you're not doing. >> soy is a big thing. we have a minute. okay. a big thing. i thought, didn't you -- eat everything soy. and all of a sudden we're hearing it's not good for you. >> especially for breast cancer. >> soy from association studies in asia, low breast cancer rates, no complaints of menopause, a very good thing as a plant protein. the negative side is it acts as a weak estrogen and if you're sensitive to that, if you have breast cancer or are a survivor, you don't want extra estrogen. that can be a negative. talk to your doctor have you have these risk factors. in moderation, it's great. heart healthy plan.
10:58 am
>> who's better than you? >> nobody. >> coming up tomorrow, the ups and downs of being a teenager. >> and hoda's three friends stop by. bobbie has "tuesday's trends." >> have a great day.
10:59 am


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