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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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good evening, everyone. i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. it's a robbery with a sinner the edge. beaten, tortured and burned with cigarettes. one man attacked for his money. tonight, the search is on and police have that major clue. nbc bay area's george kiriyama joins us in downtown santa cruz with this story. >> reporter: investigators are looking for the three people, tonight, after hours of torture inside a motel room, the victim managed to escape. downtown santa cruz at night. a common place for people to meet up and get to know each other. >> santa cruz is a very crazy place. >> reporter: santa cruz native, steven bolster, will also tell you that it can get dangerous after dark. >> there's a lot of weird people in santa cruz. >> reporter: a chance meeting with this man, seen here casually walking into a convenient store changed another man's life last weekend. police say just moments before
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he walked into usa gasoline, this man beat up, tortured and robbed someone he met outside a downtown bar sunday morning. >> that happening isn't beyond the realm of santa cruz. >> reporter: investigators say the man and two other people, including a woman, beat up the victim at a santa cruz inn. they punched, choked and burnt him with cigarettes, to get him to reveal his atm p.i.n. he failed to withdraw the cash because the victim had no money in his account. that man you saw in the surveillance video, has dotted tattoos in his face. and he and his friend took off in a 1991 red nissan sentra. >> thank you, george. in san jose, a potentially explosive situation, after a home with 2,000 rounds of ammunition in the garage catches
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fire. crews are boarding up windows of the home gutted by flames. here's what it looked like earlier. our chopper shows the crews spraying down the first attic. two firefighters did suffer minor injuries battling that blaze. february is almost over. and we could get one lost dose of winter. that means rain for the morning commute. and tonight, the snow is blanketing the sierra. our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri, is tracking all of the weather heading our way. he's looking at what's happening now and what we can expect. >> desperately-needed rain drops starting to build offshore right now. the storm is centered to the north. and the cold front is starting to sweep across northern california, producing a new returns. with the strongest and heaviest rain and wind, about 278 miles offshore. we're tracking a few isolated
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showers off the san francisco peninsula and to the south of rimond. all of the big talk is about the snow. it's going good. it's heavy across interstate 80 and highwa50. winter storm warning in place if you're headed this way. some of the strongest winter weather we've seen all season long. one to three feet of snow expected. and also some extremely low snow levels that could go down as low as 2,000 feet. that's where we find richard sharp in soda springs, right now. >> reporter: i've got to say, the most interesting thing we've run into all night are the high winds. they've really been gusting and blowing the snow around. look on the ground here. you can see most of this is hard pack snow. on the top is all of this light, very cold, very powdery snow. from the moment we got up on the interstate today, when it started to snow, it immediately covered the road. that's how cold it was. creating a challenge for people trying to get over the summit. whiteout conditions in many areas.
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wind was so strong it shut down ski lifts. >> it's not running and we've got snow. >> reporter: but there's so much snow, skiers and snowboarders are excited. >> this is awesome. like all year it hasn't snowed. and it's dumping right now. >> reporter: on the interstate, caltrans was busy. with snowplow after snowplow. >> you'll need to chain the vehicle and the trailer. >> turn the wheel the other way. >> reporter: and chain patrol could be in effect for days. a snow that caught some offguard, like this truck driver in florida. >> don't know how to chain it up or nothing like that? >> no. >> reporter: if it sets you back a day or two, what will happen? >> lose money. >> reporter: many of the truck drivers we spoke with will wait the storm off. it's a significant setback for
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them. if you are planning to come up and get some of the great, light, powdery snow, you could see chain controls that entire time. coming up on the weekend, expect some excellent conditions. in the sierra, i'm richard sharp, nbc bay area news. >> the winds up across the summit could even top 100 miles per hour. we're going to have more on this. plus, details for our bay area commuters tomorrow morning in a few minutes. >> okay. we'll check back with you in a moment. we have live traffic and weather updates beginning at 4:30 a.m., on our morning show. sex, lies and videotapes. the bizarre political love triangle involving bill lockyer's wife and another man. nadia lockyer spoke up in a san jose courtroom today. steven cciani was there to face
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charges. but the reporters were there to talk about the alleged affair with mrs. lockyer. he says, there's a way bigger story than the sex tapes, referring to the rumored existence of that type of tape. nadia lockyer, she checked herself into rehab. but he told a reporter, everything was consensual. when the state limited the redevelopment agency this month, milpitas took a $39 million hit. city leaders can ask voters to increase their taxes as early as this june. if there is a tax increase on the june ballot, the paperwork needs to be submitted by march 9th. turning to decision 2012, mitt romney is the winner tonight, after claiming victory
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in the michigan and arizona primaries. here's a look at the vote totals in michigan. romney is enjoying 41% of the vote. he edges rick santorum by 3% of the vote. ron paul and newt gingrich, well behind the two front-runners. romney enjoying a runaway victory in arizona where he pulled in 47% of the vote, compared to 27% for rick santorum. romney addressed the people of the state where his father was once governor. >> in this room, are the people who knocked on the doors and made the calls and went to the polls. it made an enormous difference. we didn't win by a lot. but we won by enough. and that's what counts. >> the gop candidates are gearing up for super tuesday next week, when ten states across the country will hold primaries. san jose seems to be backing away from a controversial plan to cut its police force. this stems from an analysis by ibm, that was commissioned by the city. after analyzing the police and
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fire departments, ibm suggested even more drastic cuts. here's the mayor's response today. >> we had ten years ago because of skyrocketing retirement costs. we can't afford to lose anymore. but we can be more efficient in the way we deploy our officers. >> to entertain a report that the main premise of reducing our staff is ludicrous to me. >> the auditor and city manager are reviewing that report. construction on the new 49ers stadium could begin in the summer. santa clara gave final approval to lease the land for the stadium. conduction must start in the next 120 days. in a few weeks, there will begh meeting to discuss links between the team and the stadium authority. too scared to teach.
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bay area bullies preying on something else in the classroom. their teachers. see how one school district is fighting back. on valentine's day this year, i realized i was dead. >> she is fighting for her life after the bank declared her dead. it's something that could happen to you, too. an olympian's mom and the marijuana kingpin. could it be? the find that could reveal this woman's secret life. in the weather center. parts of california, starting to slide into a drought. every rain drop will count, as we head throughout the next 12 hours. your forecast for the morning has some rainfall here, beginning at 4:00 a.m. and also, continuing through the day. for not only the south bay. but also in the east bay. bull full timeline when the worst will hit in minutes.
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new surveillance video may become the key to finding an arsonist in san francisco. you can see what appears to be a man entering and exiting a restricted area of the public library near the civic center. soon after, fire ripped through the building on the second floor location. this happened sunday afternoon. if you have information about the arson or recognize the man in that surveillance video, you're urged to call sfpd. turning to a story you'll see only an nbc bay area news. bullying. we know it happens in cyberspace and also the classroom. but we assume that the target is a student. not always and not in every classroom. teachers are increasingly becoming the prime target of student ire.
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how some schools are moving to stop the problem before it becomes dangerous. >> reporter: teachers and parents here at clayton valley high school are tackling the problem by turning this school into a charter school. if you're a parent or a teacher, bullying could be your worst nightmare. this 2009 youtube video was one of many reasons teachers and parents at clayton valley high school in concord, were determined to bring about change. a teacher in the background, is being bullied by students throwing crumpled up paper at her. part of their solution was to turn the troubled public high school into a charter school. while the move seems to have worked for clayton valley, te h teachers in other districts are threatened with being bullied by students. >> reporter: cristal watts is speaking out on behalf of other teachers in the district afraid
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to talk on camera. >> i heard of a situation where a student flung a backpack. it hit the teacher. and basically, she blacked out. she was actually unconscious. >> reporter: one teacher who wants to remain anonymous, shared a letter with me. in it, the woman says a student wrote a rap song with lyrics that stated he was going to kill her. >> teachers feel like, when they are reporting things that are happening, that the administration isn't always following up with tough enough consequences. >> we have many ways to refer them to get the help they need to be successful in our school system. >> reporter: dr. ramona bishop is the superintendent for the vallejo school district. >> there's no question, that the support's there for teachers. our administrators have gone through hours of training. every staff meeting, every administrator meeting is training. >> reporter: educators feel that training hasn't trickled down to
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them. >> it's scary for me because i don't want to be faced with one of my colleagues facing a serious -- you know, serious injury or something even more than that. >> reporter: the vallejo unified school district is holding safety meetings to try to get rid of the problem. >> now, the issue of bullying is one of many that i tackle weekly on my education show, "class action." this sunday, we talk about the dream act and whether illegal immigrants should be given aid to go to state colleges. she's made headlines as a two-time olympic snowboarder. now, elena height's mother is making headlines. deputies say the 51-year-old had $77,000 in cash on her, when they arrested her last week. they think the 51-year-old was delivering marijuana to the east
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coast. now, they are from south lake tahoe. she competed in the 2006 and the 2010 olympics. and is expected to compete in 2014, as well. a follow-up to a story we told you about last week. the santa clara county supervisors declared a home in san jose, heaped with trash, a public nuisance. it's filled with mechanical parts, furniture, garbage bags, all on the roof. it clears the way for caltrans crews to go on to the property and legally begin to clean it up. a bank declares a north bay woman dead. but she's not. and the error leaves the widow in financial limbo. jean elle has more on what it takes to come back to life. >> reporter: looking to go green at home in petaluma, matt signed up to install solar panels. she got an unexpected jolt when it came to financing. >> that i didn't qualify.
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and they were very vague about it, because i think there's privacy issues. but he did suggest that maybe i talk to bank of america. >> reporter: a bank of america customer for more than 20 years, b of a records show she is deceased. >> on valentine's day this year. i realized i was dead. >> reporter: deceased on a bank account and lifeless on a credit report with no score. her husband died in 2006. but she is alive and well. still making a mortgage payment to b of a. but she had to prove it to the bank. >> i brought in a birth certificate. and they requests my husband's death certificate, signed by the coroner. >> reporter: hours on the phone got her to the bottom of the program. but she is still in financial limbo. >> i was in financial difficulty, that i needed some
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major assistance. it wouldn't be there. >> reporter: an unsigned letter from b of a, says the bank is correcting the mistake. in a statement to nbc, the bank said, we have updated our files and have reached out to the credit agencies on her behalf to correct the account information. we apologize for the error. but she wants more. the former state investigator, wants b of a to audit its records and find out so many so-called deceased customers are waiting for their credit score to come back to life. >> 60 days, i'll find out whether i'm alive again. i don't want to wait 60 days. >> reporter: jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> while the letter she received says it will take 60 days to sort out the issue, they are hoping to get her credit restored before that. our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri, rejoins us now. we're talking about the big storm on its way. forget it. it is here. >> it's starting to arrive with a few rain drops. most of the rainfall is off to the north. we'll see this quickly advancing
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from ft. bragg, into eureka. across the san francisco bay area, the next six to eight hours. that's the zone of the heaviest rain. and right now, the rain we're picking up is around san francisco, near the embarcadero. also, fisherman's warf. and the gold en gate bridge. it's going to be getting heavier for you very early morning commuters. we bring it back to our weather computer, we find our temperatures are told out for the rain falling. 59 in livermore. not as cold as it was last night. that's because we had the cloud cover in place that's insulating a lit of the heating we had today. for the morning hours, very early blasts of rain and wind. most of wednesday we'll find areas of rain, sun and also some clouds. wouldn't you know it? once we finally get winter here, mother nature has changes to the forecast. here's the front. we watch it sweep across
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throughout tomorrow. not only a reinforcing shot of cold air that will keep us locked in the low 50s. but the rainfall throughout the morning hours. and for thursday, the instability in the atmosphere, will keep a few showers possible. here's the time line. we saw the rain on the radar. we will continue to accumulate rainfall and see it pushing to the south. passing 3:00 and 4:00. that's when the heaviest rain will occur for the east bay, south bay and the peninsula. by 5:00, 6:00 and 7:00, it's starting to push down into the central valley of california. those in the north bay could wake up to a mix of sun and clouds. and will keep a mix of the showers in the forecast, through 11:00 a.m., and to 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. on wednesday. those getting up at 4:00 and 5:00 it will be the wettest. one to two feet from blue canyon to king vail. and we're looking at lesser
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amounts. but a strong punch of weather. and for the morning commute, a quarter to a half-inch of rainfall. and headed to the sierra. not only the snow, but icy conditions. throughout the morning, we start off at 43 in san jose. 46 in san rafael. and on your wednesday, numbers will struggle to get that these levels in the mid 50s. 56 in san jose. 57 in ever green. and possibly some 40s in livermore. 53 in walnut creek. back to san francisco, we get some wind with this tomorrow. and temperatures will feel like the mid-40s. 50 in half moon bay. and 56 in santa rosa. these are the layers for tomorrow. and thursday, it stays cold. the numbers warm up by friday. and also start to clear out. as we head into saturday, sunday and monday, we stay dry with temperatures that could be back into the low 70s, as we head into sunday. as for tomorrow, the early, early morning commuters will
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have it the worst. if you're waking up at 9:00, you might say, what storm? i didn't see it. >> i'll be sleeping in. >> thanks, jeff. up next, it's not an app. this is the real deal. the -lcefafacetime face-lift. the doctor who is offering the apple-inspired procedure.
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the fda has a new warning for the millions of americans who take statins, like lipitor. they may raise levels of blood sugar and cause memory loss. but the fda says the drugs have shown to limit the risk of heart attacks. and the new information should not scare people off from taking the drugs if they need them. a plastic surgeon is offering a facetime face-lift. the procedure that will make you improve the way you look, when
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using apple facetime. >> it involves a lateral swing. doing that, i don't have to make a cut down here. >> reporter: the procedure's creator says the idea came from his wife who said she didn't like the way her neck looked when she used facetime. >> just use it like this. and nobody sees your neck. just an idea. it's cheaper. we'll have our top ten sports news. you look great, henry. >> thank you. i need to check my neck, though. tonight, it's -- tonight in sports, from the hardwood to the desert to the ice, the sharks tried to bounce back against philly. and an unlikely hero steps up in a big way, next. [ male announcer ] with citibank, it's easy
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>> woman: don't forget the yard work! >> o.k. >> announcer: with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. >> nice job, ben. >> announcer: well played, dan. well played. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. welcome back to nbc bay area. the 49ers locked up another one of their pending free agents by
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signing linebacker ahmad brooks to a six year, $44.5 million deal. $17.5 million is guaranteed. enough about the money. let's get to the action on the ice. sharks and flyers. shawn mcclellan out with concussion-like symptoms. ryane clowe scored his first goal in 12 games, giving the sharks a 1-0 lead, less than two minutes in the game. but antti niemi, sharks win, 1-0, your final. warriors/pacers. steph curry not playing. second quarter, monta ellis drives. no foul is called. leads to a pacers' fastbreak and easy bucket there. third quarter, danny grange we're the wild miss off the board. but roy hibbert is there for the cleanup.
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warriors lose in a blowout, 102-78. >> embarrassing. got outworked. did not take care of the basketball. allowed them to get it going in transition. disappointing part, is we allowed our inability to make shots affect the way we defended. got thoroughly outplayed. over to baseball. arizona's the place to be, where ryan vogelsong threw on flat ground from 75 feet today. it's the second-straight day of playing catch, after sitting out the last few weeks. to the a.l. east, who named mccarthy their starter. i thought it was natural on what he faced last year. colon will fill the two spot. the second st. mary's men
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basketball player in a row to earn west coast conference player of the year honors tuesday. the junior from australia is averaging 15 points, 6 1/2 assists a game. the tournament begins thursday. that will do it for tonight. i'll be back tomorrow with more bad jokes and humor, as well. setoyou owmorr.orwa>> to it. see you tomorrow. t
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downtown san jose was the backdrop of the opening night of the civic quest film festival. they lined up to screen "the lady." over the next couple weeks, dozens of films will be shown on screens throughout downtown san jo jose. yes. nbc bay area is a proud sponsor
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of the 2012 festival. isn't she supposed to be sleeping? >> pulling double-duty. getting ready for the commute in the morning early on. >> a few showers on the radar, from san francisco down to about palo alto. and the heaviest rain will be 4:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. and showers lingering through the day. and temperatures staying cold, in the 50s. windy on that side of the commute. >> have a great morning ahead of you. see you tomorrow. >> bye-bye.
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