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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 25, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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i'm lester holt reporting from new york. i'm lester holt reporting from -- captions by vitac -- good evening. we begin with developing news in san francisco. the police chief just announced they have made an arrest in the case in the five bodies found in a home two days ago. this after authorities thought it was a murder/suicide. monty at the halls of justice with the latest. >> reporter: the suspect is a 35-year-old man with a criminal record. he was taken into custody early this morning. he's been identified. he now faces five murder charges in connection with the death of family in the city's ingleside
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neighborhood. police would not go into detail about how or where he was taken into custody. as for a motive, police did not respond to questions about earlier reports that the killings had to do with a conflict over money. police want to offer reassurances it was a targeted murder. >> the investigation continues. it's ongoing. i want to continue to reassure the public that this incident was specific. >> reporter: the victims are not officially been identified by the coroner. neighbors and family friends have identified them. also, we learned that the victims were not shot to death as police previously reported, but they all suffered some form of blunt trauma and there was a weapon recovered, what police
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are calling an edge weapon or a weapon used to cut the victims. the medical examiner is still working on a cause of death. police are not saying whether they are searching for any additional suspects. >> one quick question for you. do you know if the suspect knows the victims at this point or knew the victims? >> reporter: the police chief says that there was or a relationship between the suspect and the family, and that they knew one another. he won't go into anymore details. he wouldn't say if it was a family relationship or not. >> all right. monty reporting for us. thank you. in the south bay friends and family of a missing 16-year-old is gathering for a candle light vigil. kimberly with more on that for us. >> reporter: you can see that vigil is just getting under way. this is a church just a few miles from her home where she
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was last seen on march 16th. today the santa clara sheriff's office is regrouping after saturday's search for lamar. it was the largest, most extensive yet, and it didn't provide any breaks in that case. they searched under bridges and abandoned buildings using canines and helicopter. friends and family say staying positive gets more difficult as each day passes and there's no sign of lamar. >> i'm not busy, i'm breaking down. we're on a mission. we're doing vigils. we're making ribbons. we're making posters. we've been handing out flyers every day. i got moms coming in and out. i hand them flyers. people that have contacted me, i want flyers. the community has been
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wonderful. >> reporter: today investigators are deciding their next move as they work to document the many interviews that have been conducted. the fbi who joined the search continue to canvass the area going door to door looking nor anything that could help advance this investigation. lamar's purse and cell phone have been found. so far police say neither has yields clues. the vigil just getting under way. we'll bring you the latest from this investigation at 11:00. thank you. on the peninsula, a would be robber is in the hospital recovering from gunshot wounds. the caller said someone was trying to break into a home on crane avenue. they heard gunshots as they rooifed at the house. they say a visitor who was staying at the home shot the suspect.
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police described the suspect's injuries as serious. the intruder is described as a 24-year-old man from san mateo. lawmakers are set to consider a ban on medical marijuana clubs. it would prevent any clubs from opening. two years ago the council adopted a temporary ban. the temporary ban expired last week. tomorrow, the supreme court is said to hear the first argument on president obama's health care reform law. it's destined to become a landmark case and could revolutionize america's health care system. it would change the way insurance companies do business including banning coverage because of preexisting conditions and expand medicaided to 15 million additional people. the timing during the election makes this decision all the more
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significant. some people are lined up at the supreme court hoping to get a front row seat to history. >> because i want to watch history being made. i want to be a witness. >> this law is very, very important to me and my family and millions of american who is are in the same boat. >> this is not about health care. it's not about asset to health care. it's related to religious freedoms and religious rights in america. >> the key questions the court will consider is can congress force every american to pay for health insurance. what are the government's boundaries of power? the high court isn't expected to make a decision until june. speaking of the gop race, the republican front-runner is headed to the bay area. mitt romney will do some fund-raiser here in california. two days of private events are scheduled. romney's rival, rick santorum, is expected at a fund-raiser on
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thursday in the east bay town of alamo. for a quick check of the weather, we want to check in with rob. what's up? >> less rainy saturday night. you mightave noticed around the hill to the clouds building up. right nows the showers off to the east and a lot of the rain we did see around the trivalley and east of oakland has backed off. the atmosphere is stabilizing. we'll let you know what you can expect as you get back to your workweek. your full seven-day forecast come can go up. coming up next, we'll show you how congregations across the bay area and the country paid tribute to an african-american teenage boy from florida who was shot and killed. the new push to investigate
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employers who ask for facebook passwords during job interviews. also. >> nobody needs to tell you you did a good job. you know that inside. that's internal. >> it's a feeling this engineer couldn't get from his day job. up next, one man's rewarding quest to keepeople in motion. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days is-- is huge.
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at many church services across the country people sent a message of support for the family of trayvon martin. some wore hoodies similar to what he was wearing when he was killed. in the meantime, a friend of the killer spoke out today. jay gray has the latest. >> reporter: it's not typical sunday attire but at churches across the country. it was not a traditional sunday message. >> we stand in solidarity with the family of trayvon martin. we stand in support of our children who deserve better than to be stigmatized. >> reporter: pain felt deepest in florida. >> stop the violence. save the children. >> stop the violence. >> reporter: it's a growing refrain for justice for trayvon martin. he is george zimmerman.
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his attorney reiterated his claim of self-defense. >> he suffered a broken nose, an injury to the back of his head. he claims that trayvon martin struck him and he went down. >> reporter: his friends are also coming to his defense. >> through his family members, i learned that right after the shooting he couldn't stop crying. >> reporter: tears shared by thousands nows, most part of a growing course calling for answers and action. jay gray, nbc news. >> a church in oakland was one of several in the bay area that joined in the tribute. dozens of people wore hooded sweatshirts as well in honor of martin. the hoodie is becoming symbolic because the shooter said martin looked suspicious in his hooded sweatshirt. supporters continue to call for
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his arrest. >> there is a misperception about young black men and the problem is that it's okay if a black man dies. >> there's no word at this point if or when charges will be filed in that case. coming up next, if the thought of handing over your facebook password during a job interview makes you uncomfortable, you're not alone. we'll show you what wants to launch a federal investigation to see if it's legal. the showers shut down overnight. may see a few sprinkles out there. more rain is in the forecast as the storm door stays open for the week ahead. a look at your seven-day forecast when we come right back.
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tonchts u.s. senators are
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calling for a federal investigation into employers and facebook privacy. a news conference was held today. they are troubled by a report saying some public agencies are asking people looking for a job for their facebook passwords. they want the department of justice and the u.s. equal employment opportunity commission to determine if it's legal. if more of us our cars are our main mode of transportation. people with little means bite.
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are. >> reporter: jim says good karma bites. a couple of yooers ago isn't about the bicycle. it's about the people. >> we'll take care you have. >> reporter: the people in this case are mostly but not all homeless. >> they're the number of bikes who use the bikes to get to work. they can't afford the tools to go to a shop and have them done for them. >> a bunch of mangled metal. >> reporter: that's why for nine hours every saturday jim and the staff of volunteers set up shop outside a san jose homeless shelter envisioned montgomery street in and repair any bikes anyone brings in. no challenge too big. jim getting paid.
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>> we know that inside. there we are. >> reporter: good karma bites began out of an interest in bike repair and the desire to do some good. at first it was him in the trunk of his car. the feeling he got from the work,000 was too good to ignore, too fulfilling not to pursue. >> when i saw the people self-confidence increase, i saw people transform. i saw them starting to get jobs because of the transformation of themselves. >> reporter: the operation has grown to the point that sometime this summer good karma will work on its 5,000 bicycles. >> again, that was garvin thomas reporting. many of those former clients are
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good karma volunteers. that's some good karma going on right there. rob, what's going on with the weather? >> things a lot different than yesterday evening with the rain coming on in right now. things are trying to dry out in between our next weather system that will come dropping in on us as we get into tuesday. high temperatures today not too bad. got up to 65 around south san jose the generally north of san jose pretty cool afternoon. tt did have showers around the a st bay hills. only saw temperatures in the mid-50s. i want to show you the weekend rain totals. pretty impressive. you can see you been out to the trivalley. passage to an inch of rain and into san francisco and oakland over an inch of rain. it was really coming down to 9:00 last night to about 5:00 this morning. north bay, one to two inches of rain. that will be the next place that i think we'll see another couple inches of rain coming into the
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middle part of the week. we have 50s outside. notice the showers starting to shutdown. we have widespread showers and pretty intense ones. now that the sun is set things starting to stabilize. you can see a break in the action offshore. really action in southern california. that's where the majority of today's energy went. you see the clouds spilling in. we'll see some of that during the day tomorrow. monday will be a dry day, maybe a stray shower here in the north bay hill, but that's about it. plan on the rain spilling in north to the golden gate. as we go through the day tuesday, gusty winds picking up out of the south. this should carry in into first half of wednesday. the rain totals, kind of like what we saw this weekend. we'll see the higher totals up toward the north bay. it should pack a bigger bunch for sonoma county.
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in the sierra between now and tuesday evening, we'll see more snow an it will be tuesday night into wednesday where we should see at least another foot of snow coming down north of interstate 80 for the middle rt of the week. tomorrow's highs, kind of like what we saw today. we'll see low to mid-60s. trivalley a little bit warmer. to the coast not too bad. you watch the wettest part of the week for the entire bay area will be tuesday afternoon into early wednesday afternoon. thursday and friday look pretty good. we may manage a couple of 70s on friday afternoon. saturday to sunday we'll see another system come in. it will bring more rain like the trend we saw. saturday looks wetter than sunday mainly to the north bay. stay tuned. maybe we'll get the rain to move north. >> all right. it finally arrived. coming up next, on your mark, get set. why thousands of people took to the streets of oakland this weekend.
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thousands of people gathered in oakland this morning for the third annual oakland running festival. it's a full marathon, a half marathon, a 5k and a full k. the rain never showed up making it the perfect day for running. >> the run was raelt good. it was a lot of fun. it was my first half in about
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two years. we're very happy that it didn't rain. >> this is the third year for the marathon after a 25 year hiatus. city leaders brought it back to try to help combat the reputation for violence that oakland faces. for a look at what's coming up in sports, we want to check in with scott reese. >> we've got ourselves a final four. they are all legit title con tern tenders. tiger woods with the inside track on his first pga win. the a's play ball and play tourist in tokyo. video you'll only get right here come can go up in sports. i can explain... jumping a ramp in a shopping cart. so 2005. wait, what? and only 3 likes? honey, it's embarrassing. carol's son got over 12 million views on that dancing squirrel video.
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don't you want that? i...i suppose. now go make your dad and me proud. tryomething funny. [ male announcer ] now everyone's up to speed. get high speed internet for $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one year term. at&t. it has been quite the rocky road for tiger woods since the
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end of 2009. a road littered with just about everything but pga victories. he had a terrific chance to end that draught. a one-stroke lead entering the final round of the arnold palmer invitational. sounded good. looked good. tremendous approach. woods would birdie the hole. pretty much in command all through sunday. coming up on 18, he's got a five-stroke lead. really anything short of complete another disaster, he'll win this thing. nice long putt to set up a short putt which wins the tournament. woods was two under today. 13 under for the weekend. 72nd pga win. >> it felt so good. it feels really good. it's been a lot of hard work. still thankful for a lot of people helping me out along the
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way. y'all know who they are. it's been tough. today was unbelievable. the conditions were rough. arnie took it to us today. >> overseas we go. exhibition game at the tokyo dome. the former san francisco giant john grounding out. a's pitcher gave us just two hits on the day. they were terrific as was that guy. two run shot makes it 3-0. later in the inning jimil weeks. brandon allen scores. kate longworth was more tremendous video from tokyo. >> reporter: it was finally time for the athletics to play ball after two days of traveling and workouts. with the regular season just days away it was a great test for oakland. >> it was good.
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i think some things could have been better. we can't complain deepcomplain some of the things we had to deal with like the jet lag. >> it feels good to be out there. a little different environment. we've been in arizona the whole time. to come out to japan and play some exhibition games out here, it gets the adrenaline going more. it's nice to be out again and a couple of days off. it's nice to be back in a competitive environment. >> first pitch i threw was kind of crazy. felt like there was a band behind me playing. obviously, that's something i'm not used to. after a few pitches, kind of just became background noise. i didn't really notice it. >> reporter: with the game being played at night, several a's players visited the air force base in the morning. >> pleasure to meet you. how you doing?
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>> i don't throw like this. >> this is an opportunity a lot of people don't get. we're out of the country, out of our comfort zone. i think that's why you play the game. >> reporter: johnny said the trip gave the service people a little slice of home and the players were proud to be a part of the experience. i'm kate longworth, nbc bay area. >> let's talk midwest regional final. college hoops, north carolina-kansas. about a minute later, taylor in transition and won. taylor with a game high of 22. jay hawks are off to their first
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final. the warriors just tipped off in portland. a little more adventurous. their charter last night was cancelled in the middle of the night. they had to fly this morning. it happens. >> they can manage. thank a lot. thanks for choosing the bay area at 6:00. good night.


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