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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 21, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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we are starting off in the upper 50s for san jose. san francisco, 58. not much of a sea breeze with light winds near the bay area, but it will stay that way until mid-afternoon. then the late day sea breeze picks up. the coast will see patchy fog at times, 60s and 70s around the bay. the mid-80s to low 90s inland. watch lunchtime temperatures in the 80s. those would be good enough for daytime highs, but getting towards 3:00 and 4:00, that's when you'll see the 80s and 90s pop up in the inner valleys. we have a big change. the seven-day forecast is going on a roller-coaster ride. we'll let you know what to expect for the weekend and the week ahead coming up. >> the hottest days for one of the days we are volunteering outside as part of our comcast care center. thank you very much, rob. a bizarre scandal involving allegations of sex, drugs and videotape leads to a resignation. nadia locknear is resigning with the support of her husband,
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state treasurer, bill locknear. her once promising career is now flaming out. >> reporter: there was no sign of nadia lockyer in her home, but she calls being a mother to her 8-year-old son the most important role. and she needs to recover from alcohol and drug addiction. she says, quote, i owe my family, constituents, staff and colleagues a huge apology. reality is, i set my personal goals in recovery too high and too quickly. this is lockyer's neighbor. >> she's a strong woman, very friendly and nice and i'm sure she'll get her act together. >> reporter: in her letter she goes on to say this recent trauma is just too much and something i can't ignore. she could be referring to a call made to police last week after a
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reporter received a rambling e-mail from lockyer saying her husband supplied her with drugs. the e-mail ended by saying, quote, i simply cannot bear this any longer. good-bye to anyone. bill lockyer denied the allegations and nadia claims her e-mail account was hacked. this broke out in february when nadia called the police saying her former boyfriend assaulted her in a newark hotel. the two reportedly met in rehab and taconi is accused of sending bill lockyer a sex tape weeks before the alleged attack. given all this happened, her fellow supervisors support her decision to step down. >> it is a tragic story. i think that clearly when nadia came to the board she what had a lot going for her. and she'll have a lot going for her again in the future. >> she is focusing on her family, her young son, diego,
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and the healing process herself. clearly i support that. >> reporter: monty francis, "today in the bay." >> bill lockyer issued a statement that reads, quote, i fully support nadia's decision, the last year took a great toll on nadia. it's for her her, best for diego and best for our family that she leave public office. the alameda supervisors will discuss to accept her resignation next tuesday. then they have 60 days to appoint a temporary replacement. voters will elect a new supervisor in november. not a resignation but a fight for his job. the suspected sheriff will appeal to the ethics commission on monday to overturn his suspension. the process to remove him from office is moving forward. once the commission he reviews the misconduct case, it will make a recommendation to the board of supervisors.
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ultimately it is up to the board to make the final decision. >> you can have this ethics commission composed of these particular members say these are the rules we are playing by for this hearing. five years down the road in separate removal proceedings for somebody else it could be completely different rules. that just shows you that there are no standards for this proceeding and that it is fundamentally unfair. >> mayor ed lee suspended him without pay after the sheriff pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of false imprisonment stepping from a new year's eve argument with his wife and photos to show bruising on her arm. hipen afteran after a deadly crash shut it down this morning. a motorcyclist hit the center divide on 101 near octavia boulevard and van ness avenue. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. police found the body of a teenager girl believed to be that of missing santa rosa 15-year-old charlotte molinari.
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police have been looking for her since last saturday morning. she left on a bicycle from her home in santa rosa. the body was found last night in annadel state park. detectives found a recent journal entry that indicated she was contemplating suicide. they reviewed her internet history which revealed she searched for directions to annadel state park. the search for morgan hill teenager sierra lamar continues today and crews will use a new tactic. the santa clara county sheriff's office will conduct a refined search of morgan hill, san martin and gilroy today. specialized search and rescue teams will comb southern santa clara county using specially trained detective dogs and the sheriff offroad enforcement unit. volunteers from the san francisco 49ers will also search today starting at 9 go k this morning and the search continues until sunset. sierra lamar was last seen more than five weeks ago. oikos university, the fineny east bay campus that was the
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scene of a deadly shooting rampage three weeks ago, will reopen monday morning. police say former student one il-go shot several students on april 2nd. he is charged with three counts of attempted murder. . still to come, george zimmerman apologizes to the parents of trayvon martin. we'll hear reaction from the martin family. plus, it is also in the family. why this father/son1 team headig to london for the lo olympic games is an olympic rarity.
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good morning to you. looking live at oakland this morning where lafayette elementary school's duane dwyer will be part of the comcast initiative where 300 volunteers will assist at impacting schools. we are proud of that. a courtroom apology from the
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man who admits he shot florida teenager trayvon martin. as soon as george zimmerman posts the $150,000 bond he'll walk out of jail, though with restrictions. no alcohol, no guns and a gps around his anking. in a surprise move zimmerman took the stand in a florida courtroom yesterday and apologized to trayvon martin's participants. here's nbc's kerry sanders. >> reporter: george zimmerman hand shackled entered the courtroom and for the first time here and trayvon martin's parents saw each other face to face. the 28-year-old who fired a single shot that killed 17-year-old trayvon martin took the stand to apologize. >> i wanted to say i am sorry for the los of your son. i did not know how old he was. i thought he was a little older than i am, and i did not know if he was armed or not. >> reporter: zimmerman's lawyers
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opened him to limited questions from the prosecutor. >> why did you wait so long to tell mr. martin and the victim's father and mother, why did you wait so long to tell them? >> i was told not to communicate with them. >> okay. so even through your attorney you weren't asked to do that right away, your former attorney or anything. >> i did ask them to express that to them. >> reporter: the state challenged the lead investigator who co-authored the pro-affidavit. it reads in part, zimmerman confronted martin and a struggle ensued. >> do you have evidence that depicts who started the fight? >> no. >> what did he tell the officers? >> that he was the victim in this, and that it was martin that confronted him and assaulted him. >> reporter: the affidavit also says somebody profiled the teenager. >> you used the word profiled instead of observed, saw, or any
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precise word of profile. and by the way, was that your word? did you come up with that word? >> i don't recall. >> but investigator gilbreth said what zimmerman told police the night of the shooting doesn't add up. >> won't you agree a lot of the statement can be contradicted by evidence, witnesses or what he said himself? >> reporter: by law trayvon martin's parents were not allowed to speak in court today. their attorneys calls zimmerman's apology self-serving. >> we made all those statements to the police. why not show remorse there if he was sincerely apologetic for killing this unarmed child. >> and that was kerry sanders reporting. george zimmerman's father testified by phone as well describing injuries he said his son suffered on his face and altercation. zimmerman is still in custody and we expect him to be released any moment now. more implications are involving the secret service in
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cost byya. colombia. the agency now that is loss essentials from the event stemming from a late hotel party last week in colombia before president barack obama arrived for a senate meeting there. the latest departure comes after several days of lie detector tests and interviews. much more on "today in the bay." a local restaurant preparing to close its doors for good. and here's a look outside across the bay this morning. fog-free. not much of it is a sea breeze. but you'll also be surprised by what's in the seven-day st.a we'll have aca look at that whe we come right back. l
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good morning to you. looking live at a pretty picture
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of san jose where it is going to be a scorcher. rob mayeda says don't donate your old sweater just yet. keep it around for a couple more days because we are going on a roller-coaster ride. right, rob? temperatures today in the 80s and 90s. you'll think, you can pack away the winter clothes. you mentioned it, kris, you'll need it toward the middle part of the week. but this morning you'll notice the clear skies and a little bit of patchy fog along the coastline. but look how mild temperatures are to start the da mostly 50s near the bay area, but some of the hills near fremont and south of san jose starting off the morning in the 60s. so this is like a running start to the warm up we'll see today. without any sea breeze until mid-afternoon with temperatures warming very quickly. today looking a little more like summer around the bay area. out to the tri-valley and the areas south of san jose, very likely low 90s today. 70s and 80s with areas of fog on the coast. then the ocean air-conditioning will turn on, more so tomorrow, that will lead to cooling.
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then maybe temperatures dropping by 20 degrees by the time we get into monday and tuesday. for a change, the active weather will be heading out towards the east coast. as we wrap up the weekend, notice what happens here heading off to the west, we are not seeing anything from san diego to seattle. this is a large ridge of high pressure for this time of the year keeping things clear on the west coast. 80s and 90s inland today. then the jet stream starts to drop in a little closer with the area of low pressure forming off to the west of us. and it should start to trigger a sea breeze late tomorrow. we'll see a stratus surge up the coast to bring in more low clouds and eventually sets the stage for a big drop in temperatures heading into monday. today, patches of low clouds on the coast. nothing inland looking at this here. not much, at least, in terms of tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon we'll see the coastal cooling take effect. boy, look at the temperatures
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from san jose down to gilroy. very local 90s. at least mid to up ir80s throughout the week. we'll see see a low 80s up and down the coast. and a very hot day by april standards for today. livermore is the exception to the rule. it could take a day or so before the cold front pushes inland. saturday to sunday, a 20-degree drop in temperatures. speaking of drops, maybe rain drops come this thursday. spring forecasts look like this, a chance of warming and then the showers come in. if you have allergies, hopefully the grass will knock down the pollen. >> thank you goodness for that. thank you. tomorrow issette day but foster city is getting a head start with the third annual earth day fair. this year's focus is clean air
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and clean transportation. until 3:00 this afternoon, some of the innovative bicycles will be offered there. there's also a bike rodeo for kids where they learn about safety and you get a chuckle. booths will also sell reusable bags. >>. >> a the earth quake day question for you. after the cleanup from 11:30 to 3:30, you are invited to a free beach celebration with live music and family-friendly activities. a space shuttling that will soon call the big apple home could have run into problems. "enterprise" was pushed back because of -- for now the trip
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has been postponed until further notice. it is an olympic rarity. a father/son team from san francisco is headed to london for the summer games together. so what is rare? dad is coach, greg is a three-time olympian himself. now he is the head coach for the usa fencing team. and the star of that team is his teenager son, alexander. alexander just earned a spot on the team. he's a high school senior heading to sanford in the fall. he trained at the mateas foundation in san francisco. we'll be live all summer long with our local olympians, the opening ceremony july 27th right here on nbc bay area. the health department says that the kim season filthy and the building is outdated but people still love it. in fact, people lined up around
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the block to show support for the restaurant in china town. cheryl hurd supports this from the san francisco institution that could be forced to shut down. >> as i was walking along the line, i could hear everyone's personal story. everyone sad to see it go. >> my mom sent my dad here at 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. because she had a hankering for soup. >> the line wrapped around the corner in the heart of san francisco's china town. sam woo has been ordered to renovate or close. >> we get annual inspections and never have we had any inspector say this is not suitable. >> reporter: she says the health department is demanding the restaurants keep up with safety codes in monomodern standards. but standing in line, carrying
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it is not a big deal. >> this place is not an iconic landmark in san francisco. it is about a energy and the waiters if. it is like the perfect storm. >> some people came to be here to put the restaurant on the map. >> no, no, you can't have that tonight. then he insisted on picking out our food. >> reporter: but rachel rx oabake drove here from san diego for a different reason. she's been coming here all her life. >> my mom and i used to come here. >> reporter: do you want a hug? for rachel, she says it is like saying good-bye to her mother again. this could be the last good-bye for sam wu, unless a meeting next week with the health department, will bring about a miracle. in san francisco, cheryl hurd,
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nbc news. coming up, the robot warnings. we'll show you thehigh-tech dances that fail. what'll it be?
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i'll have blueberry pancakes. uh huh. actually, make that glazed pecans... ok. with chocolate... no... caramel sauce.
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whipped cream? uhhhhhhh, yeah... but on the side. introducing build your own pancakes. only at denny's. this morning rob and i will join thousands of bay area comcast employees and some family members to do some volunteering on school grounds throughout the bay area. this is part of the 11th annual comcast cares day. we are looking live at some of the setup there in milpitas where rob and i will be. we'll be at robert randall elementary school along with our coworkers. we'll plant some shrubs, repaint some walls, weed the flower beds and power wash as well. i want to do the power washing. since it started comcast employees have dedicated more than 2 million hours of service. by the way, in the interest of full disclosure, comcast happens
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to own nbc. other nbc employees will be at other schools including harry academy in san jose, where you can find laura garcia-cannon, mike inouye and christina lorens and jonathan mitchell and his lovely wife. san mateo's fairgrounds have been taken over by the robots and the spikes are flying. >> this is 151 pounds of steel. >> reporter: it must take a real glutton for punishment to build a real robot. and ken is one of those people. >> you put a lot of heart and love into them. and then you find out they roll them in for three minutes, it is a free-for-all. >> reporter: he's dubbed a few hundred hours into building this machine despite the risks. >> you are running your mind all the possibilities of perhaps winning but you have to be realistic.
7:26 am
>> reporter: at the expo in san mateo, the reality revealed itself in the form of a pounding steel axe. following the brutal beating in the ring, young gathered his soldier. >> that's part of the fun, you have to put it together now. >> reporter: the demolition group says it is not all about destruction. there are robots that dance, wrestle and -- >> this is designed to make a cosmopolitan. >> reporter: that's right, a robot that makes a stiff drink and doesn't ask for a tip. one group of college students came up with the robot infused pool table. >> i've only played this -- am i
7:27 am
in trouble? >> reporter: he has it programmed to turn on the television. >> reporter: boyd says the french-made robots could come with different apps for playing soccer or serving as an alarm clock. it is a room full of reminder that is the future is here, even if it doesn't look exactly like the jetsons. perhaps it is just a little more violent than originally thought. joe rigatto jr., nbc bay area news. >> cooler in person. much more ahead on "today in the bay." still to come, after weeks of reaction and calls to resign, we have reaction from nadia lockyer's coworkers. oh, kidney bean again. that's funny.
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gorge to you. looking live at a blue start to the day in san francisco. not a lot of fog to speak of and temperatures will be soaring so the map will be red and orange. just downright warm. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. it will be warm. >> it will be summer-like for most of the bay. san francisco, 70s and 80s. inland, look at the 60 in san francisco. 69 in san jose. not much of a sea breeze as things heat up inland right around 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon. that will trigger the sea breeze, but the headlines today will see numbers in the 70s and 80s from the bay to inland spots by noon. then the 80s to low 90s near san jose and pleasanton for the afternoon today. you can see the temperatures. look at that by 1:00. the mid-80s near san jose. we will crack the low 90s into
7:31 am
the east bay and south bay valleys before things cool off a bit come tomorrow. notice the changes there with an area of low pressure offshore to bring bigger changes our way through the seven-day forecast. we'll look at that coming up in two minutes. thank you very much, rob. embattled all mika county supervisor and wife of bill lockyer, nadia lockyer resigned and called being a mother to her 8-year-old the most important in the world while he recovers from drug and alcohol addiction. fellow lawmakers support her decision to step down. and the supervisors will discuss whether to formally lockyer's resignation next tuesday. they have 60 days to appoint a temporary replacement and an election for the seat could happen in november. suspended sheriff ross
7:32 am
mucarini now must make his case to san francisco's ethics commission and the hearings start on monday. the dunlg judge did not overturn his suspension yesterday as he was hoping, so the process to remove him from office moves forward. once the commission reviews the misconduct case it will make a recommendation to the board of supervisors. >> this ethics commission composed of these particular members decide these are the rules we are going to play by for this hearing. five years down the road in separate removal proceedings for somebody else, it could be completely different rules. that just shows you that there are no standard for this proceeding and that it is fun millimeterly fair. >> the sheriff pleaded guilty to a false imprisonment.
7:33 am
this was after he had an argument with his wife and photos showed her with a bruised arm. search crews are going out in a half hour to look for sierra lamar, but the sheriff's office tells nbc bay area it will conduct a refined search of morgan hill, san martin and gilroy in addition to members of the san francisco 49ers, volunteers and other specialized search and rescue team that is will comb southern santa clara county detection dogs and the enforcement unit. it will last until sun set. sierra lamar was seen fives before she headed out to school. people living in the south bay need to dial a couple extra numbers. this is to increase the population number. callers will need to dial 1 plus
7:34 am
the area code and then the number. then it changes in the fall with all calls beginning with the 1 and the seven-digit number. on november 20th a new 669 area code will be introduced. who gets those? customers who request new service, add an additional line or change their service could get the new 669 area code. nine months after stepping into his new post, san jose state's new president has been installed. the oldest school in the system inaugurated robert cahuny. >> all we can say is change is constant and necessary. that's the best way that predict our nation's future is to create it ourself. >> he originally is from afghanistan and says education was his saving grace. among the notable people who attended yesterday's ceremony
7:35 am
was the afghan ambassador and mayor chuck reed. before taking this job he was president of coc east bay. the principal of a morgan hill school will be held accountable. paramedics treated four at the high school yesterday. they all volunteered to go to the police station for a blood test. the students are okay. they recovering from the incident. the president said that the girls didn't know they were injected marijuana although some of them did. the san francisco yacht club of beveledere will honor the crew of the boat speed chase who were swept overboard last weekend. last night before racing into the sunset, the corinthian boat
7:36 am
dedicated the race to the sailors and held a moment of silence before the gun. one body was ko recovered but four members are still missing and are presumed dead. get ready for a hot one. open the windows, pull out the flip-flopses and slather on the sunscreen today. hundreds of people were out in san jose last night enjoying the warm weather. george kiriyama shows us from a very warm san jose. >> reporter: good morning. it definitely does not feel like april, more like early july. take a look at what it was with these people dancing the night away. santana row on a friday night, actually, a very warm, steamy friday night. a perfect night to dance a little sulsa. >> i'm from peru. this weather for me is just perfect. >> reporter: restaurants and
7:37 am
bars with an outdoor area or patio are liking the summer-like area weather . >> you have to enjoy it. >> reporter: enjoy every sick of ice cream, like these folks standing in line in san jose. the warm weather brought out those who cannot refuse the summer treats. >> i'm celebrating summer tonight. >> reporter: remember last week? yep, it was raining, there was thunder, all that. a distant memory now. >> reporter: business here in santana row is expecting a busy weekend and tonight will be hot again. and this place expects to be packed one more time.
7:38 am
george kiriyama, "today in the bay." we'll check in with rob for the seven-day forecast coming up. and israel's urgent warning towards citizens in egypt. plus another earthquake the latest on the damage there. [ male announcer ] knowing your customers
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reduce expenses, and maximize cash flow. as the number-one small business lender for nine years running, we're with you when you need us so you can be there for your customers. wells fargo. together we'll go far. good morning to you. looking live at oakland, make sure to slather on the sunscreen if you're headed outdoors today. because it will be a very hot, summer-like day. of course, the springtime roller coaster continues. new this morning, a 6.6 magnitude earthquake hit 50 miles off the coast of indonesia. the quake sent people rushing into the streets as homes, stores and the ground shook violently. fortunately, this did not trigger a tsunami. no reports of serious damage or injuries but the wall of a government building did
7:41 am
collapse. indonesia is located in the pacific ring of fire and stratal straddles a series of fault lines. activists in homs say fighting government officials has stopped. a small advance team of u.s. observers left the hotel where they are staying this morning and the u.n. plans to have 30 monitors in syria by next week. and the u.n. security council tentatively agreed to increase the number to 300. the observers are monitoring a cease-fire agreement. new this morning, a warning from israel as israeli says concrete information shows military members plan to attack israeli tourists in the coming days. plans for a massive attack in afghanistan are foiled. an afghan security leader says
7:42 am
five militants were arrested and received a big clash of explosives. three pakistanis and two afghans plan to attack the capital of kabul. the 11 tons of explosives came from pakistan. much more ahead on "today in the bay." still to come, looking for a job in the bay area. then you'll be happy with the news we have for you. and if you like summer-like temperatures, san jose, mostly sunny skies. could be getting close to 90. later this afternoon we'll tell you how warm it will get in the full forecasck [ girl ] my mom always tells me:
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if you want something done right, then do it yourself. that's the idea behind our children, our future -- the ballot initiative to fix our schools. we've waited years for the politicians to do it. now, we can do it ourselves. our children, our future sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our schools... not to sacramento. it benefits every kid in every school,
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with local control of the money. that's why the p-t-a supports it. my mom likes it, too. and welcome back. this morning we are showing you a live, beautiful view of san francisco there. almost every shade of blue in the sky. you're not seeing any low clouds just yet. later on today i think we'll start to see a little bit of fog approaching the coast, but today's weather story will be
7:45 am
summer-like temperatures. summer sizzle making an early appearance near the bay area. we are starting out near 60 degrees in san francisco and sunny veil. 59 in san jose. last weekend we woke up in the 30s and 40s. look how warm things are starting off with temperatures in the hills this morning starting off in the 60s. this is like a running start to the temperatures. no sign of a sea breeze right now. right around 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon we'll see the winds pick up a little bit through the golden gate. right now our temperatures are the 50s and 60s by the afternoon. the 80s and 90s for the warmer sports near pleasanton and south of san jose really warming up. 70s and 80s near the inner bay. and 60s to low 70s out on the coast with patchy fog. then tomorrow we'll see ocean air-conditioning turning stronger, which will lead to much cooler temperatures early next week. we'll see a late season nor'easter race up the eastern seaboard that could bring snow to parts of the northeast. that's where the active weather is come tomorrow, but look at
7:46 am
the radar dry from seattle to san diego thanks to a large ridge of high pressure thanks to the summer-like temperatures today. then this is going to form a cut-off low. by tuesday and wednesday we'll see bigger impacts of that possibly tossing showers our way by the middle part of the week. in the meantime, we'll be timing this for you into tomorrow. the winds are picking up out of the south. we sometimes refer to this at the stratus surge priming the air-conditioning unit. once we get the low clouds back on the coast, we are bringing in lower temperatures with a little bit of cooling come tomorrow. today probably the hottest day we have seen so far this year. and certainly for the weekend you'll be looking at the numbers, the 80s and 90s for inland valleys. a bit cooler back to the inner bay. you saw the tri-valley there in the upper 80s. should be in the 70s to upper 80s near the inner bay. upper 60s near the coast, so summer sizzle or summer preview today. then inland valley still warm
7:47 am
today, or tomorrow, but the sea breeze takes hold tomorrow into tuesday. there's the 20-degree drop in temperatures. the weather roller-coaster ride will bring us a chance for showers on thursday. depends where the cutoff low goes. certainly we'll see cooler temperatures. plan on some scattered showers thursday into friday. then clearing heading toward next weekend. but that heat is going to take a lot of folks off guard as they are out and about today. it will heat up quickly. >> i hope you brought your sunscreen, i forgot mine. >> and some water, too. >> rob and i are heading to milpitas after the newscast to spruce up robert randall middle school. there will be 3,000 comcast employees, family members and friends we wrestled up to roll up sleeves for the 11th annual comcast cares day. here's a live look at the setup at robert randall elementary school. we along with our colleagues will be at that location planting shrubs, repainting
7:48 am
walls, weeding and power washing the playground. a group of comcast employees have dedicated more than 2 million hours of service. we are recent members to the comcast family. comcast owns nbc bay area. other nbc bay areas will be at different schools around the bay area that have been impacted by budget cuts like the south elementary school in san francisco where raj mathai and jeff ranieri will be. the employment development says our area added 11,000 jobs in the month of march, 2,000 each for the south bay and east bay. get ready to see more job postings because a lot of the bay area pet companies are going public. scott budman reports. at the new york stock exchange infobl to, x rang the opening bell while proofpoint
7:49 am
waved in the first moments on the nasdaq. two silicon valley companies dominating wall street on what has been a hot streak of local companies going ipo, splunk up 100% on day one. jive software and yelp also popping with new money. in fact, scenes like this one at recently public vosera are happening all over the valley these days as ipos return with a vengeance. >> you look at the companies going public day today, all driving up employment and clearly establishing silicon valley as a critical hub of innovation. >> reporter: some recently ipo'd companies like linkedn are valued in the billions, each exciting investors while reminding some of past crashes. >> we don't want to have the repeat of the early 2000s with the bubble.
7:50 am
>> reporter: instead they want steady growth from company that is will stick around a while. >> in theory, they will take that cash and hire more workers and maybe even expand in real estate, which is what a lot of these guys have to do to bring in more people. it helps the state of the economy and ultimately grows the market. >> reporter: speaking of growing the market, we put the question to the latest wall street darling proofpoint. >> absolutely we have a lot of open positions and we would love to see those resumés. >> reporter: from wall street to new jobs, you can bank on it. scott budman, "today in the bay." we still have more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, a pair of baby owls are safe and sound, but that was not the case earlier this week. we'll explain where they were found and why they seem to look so confused. but first, here's mike inouye with a look at the community calendar. >> good morning. i'm mike inouye. there's lots to do today in the bay. let's start it off friendly. this is my friend evan. he has autism. he's also a really fun kid who
7:51 am
will be doing comedy along with the rest of the gang at comedy sports in san jose tonight. an all-age live improv group. a portion of the ticket sales go to support him in walk now for autism speaks. that's a fund-raiser you'll hear more about in may again, i promise. now as we all know, the very best improvisers are kids, so the next item is probably going to knock all the older comedians out of the game, but tonight at the firehouse art center, the keen improv festival goes on. the high school improv tournament is a competition featuring talents from local tri-valley high schools. the first place winner of the competition will be in this evening's show along be with creatures of impulse and featured in the local filment project. improv is a great skill to build on. another great skill builder is legos. it will help build up your engineering skills and creativity. play well technologies and 1,000
7:52 am
pieces of lego will head to the oakland library. kids, tell your parents you are learning about physics, engineering, architecture but also know you're using a thing called the battle track, enough said, right? right. besides, it shouldn't be a ba getting you out of there, "today in the bay."
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7:54 am
looking live at the 408 soon to also be the 669, the transitional period is underway. then eventually some of us will get 669 numbers if we get new lines, change service, et cetera. people living in temporary housing in japan's tsunami-hit myagi prefecture are enjoying a spring cherry blossom festival. most of the flowers on the cherry trees are still buds, but
7:55 am
people this morning enjoyed a traditional drum performance. they also tied a world record by standing up together with their arms around each other's waists in a circle. the 123 participants failed the challenge after several attempts, though. an aid group in tokyo organized the event. you can see them getting back to normal there. a pair of baby owls look confused and angry in the south bay and it is no wonder. they were found thursday night at the base of a eucalyptus tree in san jose. they were brought to the wildlife center in silicon valley. they were put in a new and safer nest in the same tree. property owners should be extra careful clearing brush or trimming trees this time of the year. we say they look angry and confused, but they look like me in the morning. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, you have heard the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? but you might say this about
7:56 am
this cat. we'll tell you where he lives and what the folks at the office ardog toe help him trim down. i'll take the usual. got it. if you're open to choosing your own batter, mix-ins and toppings, come in today and build a stack you'll be proud of. only at denny's.
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7:58 am
a little extra fluff is cute on a cat, but this might cross the line. meet meow who at just 2 years old tips the scale at 39 pounds. i don't know what a cat is supposed to weigh, but not that. i think it is like 12 pounds, right? meow is 39 pounds. his 87-year-old owner could no longer care for him so the new mexico shelter is hoping to slim him down gradually to be adopted. meow is not the fastest or fattest cat out there. the fattest cat weighs 47 pounds. you are not just fluffy at that point. >> hopefully things are improving. thank you for making us a part of your morning. see you back here tomorrow
7:59 am
morning. we are off for comcast cares.


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