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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 23, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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every right not to eat, but to monitor him closely, we put mint medical unit. >> reporter: spokesperson jd nelson says go has been moved to the medical unit where doctors are monitoring him. besides moving weight, he is in fine health. the apparent reason for the hunger strike, shame. >> you have a lot of time to fleekt and a lot of time to feel shame and in this particular case, we believe that's what's going on, he feels shame and just doesn't want to eat. >> reporter: students returned to class today for the first time since the shooting happened. teacher lucas garcia, who helped students escape, also came back. he says everyone's leaning on one another to move on. >> they have just been getting together and they have just been expressing just how they feel and emotional sadness and how scared they were that day and
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stuff like that supporting each other well. nice so see everybody together. >> reporter: as students grieve, the suspect is refusing to eat anything at all here at santa rita. we are been told he is drinking water, also have milk and juice available to him. he may be drinking some of that so far, his refusal to eat has not impacted his ability to be in court or meet with his attorney. he has been transported to the hospital. live at santa rita, i'm jodi hernandez, bay area news. >> thank you. san francisco's embattled sheriff begins the official fight to save his job. the hearing before the ethics commission is getting under way now. nbc bay area's correspondent is live at city what will more on that process. >> reporter: ethics commission is just starting that hearing on the fourth floor at city hall,
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considering whether or not the sheriff should reasonable moved from office. the hearing stems from a domestic violence incident involving the sheriff and his life on new year's leave that left a bruise on her arm. the district attorney filed charges against the sheriff in january. he pled guilty to misdemeanor false imprisonment charges. then mayor ed lee suspended the sheriff without pay and triggered the ethics hearing. the sheriff is fighting in the suspension and fight following keep his job. he is attending this hearing. theics commission will hear from attorneys representing the city and the sheriff is accused of official misconduct. the commission will be setting ground rules and a timetable for a hearing on the matter. they are also talking about whether or not they will hear witness testimony and then the public can weigh in. this is the first step in the hearing process. once theettic commission has its hearing complete it will forward its recommendation to the board of supervisors and take a vote
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of nine of the 11 supervisors to remove sheriff from office. right now, this is the beginning of the ethics hearing process which could take several weeks if not months. we will have an update on this first hearing at 6:00. live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> okay, jean, thanks so much. the police chief who handled trait von martin shooting case turned in hisresignation but it was turned down by commissioners. he will remain on administrative leave until an outside investigation is complete. meanwhile, the man accused of shooting marten was releaped bail. zimmerman left a central florida bail on a $150,000 bond n days leading up to his release, his attorney would only say that zimmerman will be in a secure and secret location, likely outside of florida. >> i think there is stale lot of emotions wrapped around the case and we are worried that some of those emotions are still negative and that may play out
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against george. >> zimmerman's attorneys have said there are half a dozen secret locations they are considering. probation officers say the gps monitoring device will work anywhere in the country. nightly news will have more reaction to the major developments at 530. disgraced an on trial, former presidential candidate john edward is a charged with violating federal election laws. prosecutors have charged him with receiving almost $1 million in illegal campaign contributions claiming he used them to hide his girlfriend and her pregnancy from his wife and the public while running for the president? i 2008. the government's star witness is edwards' former aide, andrew young. the judge today disclosed young improperly contacted other witnesses in the case two weeks ago. the case should last about a month. vandalism of an employee vehicle at a local dmv office could be the work of a disgruntled customer. hofrm tried to set the cadillac escalade on fire failed. the fire department got to the
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parking lot in time to put out the fire before the suv was completely destroyed. repairs will be expensive. >> an arson investigator noticed that there were -- there was evidence of an accelerant. at the same time, made a report of a possiblement is was located at the daly city pd. >> investigators aren't sure but they are exploring whether the suspect had an unsuccessful visit to the department of motor vehicles and left the building angry. a deadly muni crash stopped service in san francisco for nearly two hours today. investigators say a man in a wheelchair was hit at the civic center station just before noon. e man was struck by an m ocean view train and was taken to the hospital where he later died. it is not clear why the man was on the tracks. watched thousands of people throughout the bay area helped search for sierra lamar. the morgan hill teen has been missing more than five weeks now, but what you may not know is her family is leaning on four
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people who walked in their shoes, parents whose own children have been abducted. marianne favro joins wuss a closer look at the search veterans what happened an emotional toll this must take on them, too. >> they say that is what makes this so difficult but happy hi to help. mark class is the most well known, his group class kids foundation, launched a search for sierra but others whose loved one are abducted. they are hoping their experience will help mothers a ways others can't. when sierra lamar disappeared five weeks ago, debbie boyd volunteered efforts to find her. >> brought up a lot of paint first week. as a matter of fact, i actually had to step away for a day or two just brought back too much. >> too much because her own daughter, christie wilson, was kidnapped and murdered six years ago after leaving a casino near sack the cream cent toe.
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now debbie is helping families, like lamars. >> for those going through this and not found their loved ones, i understand the worry the lamars have and what happens if we don't find see you're rat next few weeks, will the attention die down? and at some point, it does. >> reporter: debbie's husband, pat, a retired san jose police officer is also volunteering. his daughter's killer is behind bars but christie's body has never been found. we just want to do anything we can to help them solve that so they are not -- they don't feel quite the same pain we do. >> reporter: mark class is another search veteran, providing invaluable expertise to the lamar family. his organization, class kids foundation launched community search efforts, coordinating 600 people day. his own daughter, polly, was abducted in peta lumme marks and murdered in 1993. >> the advice is simple. gout to eat, you've got sleep and give the never give up hope. >> reporter: michael lei, whose sister was abducted in hayward and murdereded, is volunteering.
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while being here brings up painful memories, he wants to give back. >> i absolutely can identify with just the difficulty in dealing with all of the chaos. >> reporter: she says she wants sierra's parents to know what she has learned that whoever may have kidnapped their daughter can never take away memories of her. the volunteers have been giving the lamars advice on how to deal with law enforcement and get their questions answered and keep volunteers searching as the weeks go on but helping this family brought old emotions about the loved one these lost. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> sure it never gets any easier. thank you very much. still to come at 5:00, one map's bravery to stop an armed robbery in the east bail. >> silicon valley technology fueling safety across the nation. how san jose's police chief is leading the charge for change. plus -- >> these animals are like our family members. horrific things have happened.
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>> and stories of pet injuries and even deaths forcing change. the push to require strict guidelines for pet groomers. and good afternoon i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. onshore flow, a lot stronger today. temperatures dropping anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees that fog develop egg and moving across a good section of the bay area. while that will keep numbers cooler for our tuesday, we will talk about our chances for rain opis we ane a few drops.
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help ing your family in an emergency is about to get easier. police chief chris moore pushed for the $7 billion project, take ten years to develop an infrastructure. when it is complete, the system will allow responders to use aps on tab let's and smartphones to communicate via realtime video
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or other images on the emergency channel. >> you will have a camera on top of a firefighter or paramedic's helmet, a regional medical center, you are getting realtime pictures so that trauma doctors could see what type of trauma they are facial what kind of rollover, that kind of thing and start treatment right then. >> communication was a key problem for first responders during the oakland hills fire and during 9/11 as well. it was available but they couldn't communicate with each other well. that could soon change. in the wake of criticism over his handling of occupy protesters, oakland city leaders vowed to reform their crowd management technique. today, police chief howard jordan announced that outside training experts are being invited to train officers on crowd control procedures by the end of this month. the move comes after mayor jean kwan and the chief came under intense criticism in october when officers used tear gas and projectiles against occupy protesters. the event has spurred two
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investigation investigations, the results expected in the next few weeks. a bolted and heroic move by a truck driver in oakland. before 10:00 last night, police say a woman with a handgun tried to hold up this arco station on coliseum way. pulled the gun on the clerk and demanded cash that's when a truck driver delivering fuel took matters into his own hands, wrestling the gun away from the woman. the would-be thief got away, but did not get away with the money, they are checking cameras for more clues tonight. as the clock ticks toward facebook's offerings last month, papers are filed with regulators. for starters, face book reporting it has 901 million monthly active users, up from 680 mall year ago. the revenue has topped $1 billion in the first quarter this year, a 45% increase over last year. but it also has high costs leading ups to the ipo, profits dipping 12%. also today, its purchase of a huge portfolio of pat tent from
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microsoft appear to link the two companies against rival, google. those pat threaten reenforce the company for its upcoming legal battle with yahoo! should pet groomers be certified in california? a question facing state lawmakers. that is being criticized as nanny government, the stories of pets being injured at grooming parlors has angered state senator juan vargas. he wants pet greerms undergo 300 hours of certification. >> had poor kid who gets the job doesn't know and he is literally shaved the nipples off these dogs. they go into trauma and almost die. >> some footer hours of training will add to the cost of business already operating on small profit margins. the bill was approved by a senate committee clearing it to move forward. two girls and two boys, the nursery count from the peregrine falcon nest perched on the pg&e building in san francisco. the chicks hatched three weeks
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ago and banded today by a biologist. the bands help u.s. fish and wildlife keep track of the birds when they leave the nest. falcons were close to extinction in the 1970s, but are making a stro comeback. the chicks should be flying in about three weeks. a large snowstorm came barrelling through the northeast today, dropping nearly 16 inches of snow some areas. the blast follies mild went they're saw little snow and the warmest march on record. the national weather service issued winter storm warnings from west virginia to new york. the storm caused scattered -- caused scattered power outages in several states. we went from hot to cold, all in three days. i'm a little baffled, jeff ranieri. >> all about the onshore flow this time of year. saturday, we had widespread 80s, also plenty of 90s inland. now, here comes that marine lair, out of the south, 10 to 20 miles per hour. covering the coastline a good section of the peninsula, santa cruz mountains, sky camera
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network, what you will see marine layers trying to push down into southern va neys, ot strong enough there, but making for a beautiful sight through san jose, up into the hills of los gatos, take you into san francisco that flag blowing pretty good, winds out of the southwest, 10 to 20 miles per hour, marine lair covering all of the city back into oakland and also points to the east in livermore and also walnut creek, under the influence of the onshore flow, temperatures dropped accordingly you 63, san francisco, 63, san mateo, 68, san jose, after 91 on saturday in livermore, you are down to 69. so still a little bit more cooling with us here, even into tomorrow, start of patchy fog and also some areas of drizzle. and then we are looking at larger changes this week, with some late-season showers coming our way. how dry we have been, we have this huge upper level area of low pressure sitting onshore, not overly strong, broad in its
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overall size. as that continues to get closer, it will moderate our weather. we head mainly into wednesday that is when we will start to ramp up our chance of showers here across the bay area and up until then, all about that onshore flow with that fog continuing. so let's get the timeline on this activity. tomorrow morning it is all about the low-lying cloud cover. also a few areas of drizzle that may develop. we do think by the afternoon hours, we will have sunshine from santa rosa, livermore, san jose, head into 4 p.m. on wednesday that is that next round of rain looks to arrive, may see a quarter to a half-inch all wait into thursday. looks like a two-day event for us here, on and off activity. as for tomorrow, we will start with 56 in los gatos, 53, santa cruz, double 5s in san jose, double 5s in livermore around san francisco, with some of our lowest visibility throughout the peninsula also for the north bay. daytime highs tuesday, them be topping out, still in the low 70s, enjoyable day for you in
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the south bay, 70, morgan hill, 72, san jose, 70, los gatos, 73 in evergreen. the east bay, low 70s for danville, concord, fairfield, all near 70 degrees, a few upper 60s and 70s, alameda to hayward. as for san francisco it will still stay in the 60s but have some breaks of sunshine in there 68 in santa rosa, 64 in pacifica, 63, half moon bail. three-day forecast, find numbers going down wednesday and thursday, start to introduce the chances of showers wednesday, accumulating rains possible into thursday's forecast. not an overly strong storm system but enough to put a hiccup in any kind of midweek plans that you may have outside. then by this upcoming weekend this is how we like it. saturday and sunday it warms back up into the low 80s inland, upper 70s near 80 bay side and for the coastline, still stay on the cooler side, with 60s. by monday of next week, already a great start.
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for monday, looking ahead toward another monday, you know, always a good thing to do right? >> really? i don't think so. >> welcome back from vacation. >> thank you. >> refreshed. >> tan. >> i should be showing this off. a rude awakening is waiting for this yearers a college graduates. an associated press survey found half of recent college grads are unemployed or underemployed. many young adult with us deg are getting by on low-wage jobs and creating problems for paying off tuition loans. the study found california ranks high in the number of its graduates still looking for work. still to come at 5:00 she never gave up hope and paid off, a lost dog and his owner reunited. a different kind of reunion for a teenager who lost everything in japan's tsunami. why it's all because of one very observant person 3,000 miles away. and singer jennifer hudson's emotional day on the witness o killed her -- allegedly lled l
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killed her family. y
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drying out, the trustees who oversee social security say the program's trust funds will run dry three yearser letter yer than expected. social security benefits are expected to run out in 2033, high energy prices, a slow economy and the inkroo nets number of retirees are just a few of the reasons cited. if no changes are made, the system will be able to pay just three-quarters of full benefits after 2033. the trustees say that congress should address this issue as soon as possible. actress and singer jennifer hudson broke down in tears today
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as she testified at the trial of a man accused of killing her mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew. hudson was the first witness called. she knew william balfour since middle school and never liked him, even though he married her sister. the family didn't want her sister to marry him and he never treated her sister well. also accused of shooting three family members the family's nome a jealous rage four years ago. a treasured soccer ball swept away by last year's devastating tsunami in japan turned up thousands of miles away here in the u.s. add egg to the drama and amazement, its owner has come forward to claim it the ball belongs to this 16-year-old boy who is very thankful to be getting it back. the soccer ball is his only surviving possession and has always been very special to him. when he transferred schools, his friend signed it with messages of good luck. a radar technician found the ball on a remote island in the gulf of alaska. it is reportedly the first salvageable debris from the tsunami that could actually be
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returned to its owner. am t g.>>is l htiligk. rac b w
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a four-legged family reunion a new york city woman who lost her dog, found it the "today" show, up for adoption. that's dusty. the show arranged a reunion. no doubt the owner was tore
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rechlz at the shelter where torres claimed her, they found her abandoned in the bronx. the brother, having a tough time, left the dog in the park and never fessed up to t torres was shocked to wake up and see her beloved irish wolfhound offered for adoption on national tv. >> cooling down. >> a few showers. in case you missed the forecast, we will reintroduce a chance of showers wednesday and by thursday, chance of accumulating rain and by this upcoming weekend, we do expect some sunny and also some warmer weather a little bit of everything this week. >> nice though. okay. looking forward to the warm weather. thanks, jeff. see you back here at 6:00. nightly news is next. ♪
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