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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 26, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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developing news out of oakland this morning where police say they are breaking up a major marijuana grow operation. 11 people arrested. i'm christie smith. i'll have details coming up in a live report. and their schools are safe for now. why parents hope a school district will keep their children's schools open permanently. and huff on the disabled list for an anxiety disorder. and a live look outside the golden gate bridge. if you've been outside, you know it's been raining. we'll fill you in 4:30 on this april 26th, "today in the bay." good morning, everybody. very happy you could join us. i'm john kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check that forecast with
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christina loren. good morning. >> good morning. glad to have you back, laura. give yourself ample time to reach your destination safely. what i tell you is the bulk of the moisture has already come through the bay area. however, we have thick fog out there. wherever you're headed, you'll likely be using your windshield wipers. we've got a good-looking forecast shaping up for the weekend. we'll talk about that first. let's see if there's any problems with mike. >> you pointed it out. the slick roads, the fog, the mist, the drizzle. all of that will affect your visibility and traction. only one accident to report on the peninsula right now. northbound 101 after a traffic break. it moved the accident blocking the left lane over to the right-hand shoulder north of 92. no slowing at the scene north of the bridge. but a live look at the bridge itself will show you. well, we have the glowing lights, mist kicking up and on the right-hand side, it says slippery roads and that's a note you'll see a few of the light-up
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signs around the bay. back to you. >> thank you, mike. we are following developing news this morning of an overnight pot raid in oakland. >> several pounds of marijuana and made more than a dozen arrests. christie smith live from oakland where police are still on the scene. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, we just spoke with police and they say this is a major marijuana grow operation that goes well beyond street level. that's one officer's words. i want to stemp aside so you ca see one of the bags of marijuana they're going to be taking out of here soon. this is at a warehouse at 89th avenue and g streets in east oakland with over 1,000 marijuana plants inside. lights growing equipment. officers tell me that 11 people were arrested including ten here on scene and one in the area with a gun. one of the people arrested they tell me was a woman. they also say that the dea has already been out here. but this is really an oakland
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police department operation. they tell me they had 33 officers here at one time going in they say this is an ongoing investigation. there's a whole lot of details they can't talk about yet. but they did tell me it started with a s.w.a.t. operation with flash bangs to enter the building. in addition to the marijuana plants, they found dogs, pit bulls, and multiple weapons. they say they don't believe this had any tie to medical marijuana. also, officers telling us that there is so much equipment inside that they will be here for at least two more hours bringing it all out. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." a grisly discovery could solve a two-week old mystery. if a body found is one of the missing sailors. on april 14th, the sailing yacht low-speed chase crashed in rough waters near the islands. the body of one crew member was
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recovered, but four others are still missing. authorities say the body discovered yesterday was so badly decomposed it may have been in the water for about two weeks. an autopsy will be performed in the next few days. this morning, the search is on for three men linked to a pair of hate crimes in san francisco. police take a look at the police sketches. these men yelled homophobic words at their victims before attacking them. they all spoke with an east coast or foreign accent. the first victim was attacked at 2:30 in the morning. the second attack took place a week later at 10:40 at night. it is 4:34 right now. the man upset with the dmv about his impounded car is facing criminal charges for setting another car on fire. he is charged with arson and vandalism for allegedly setting an suv on fire at the daly city dmv this week. he surrendered at the scene.
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he was angry because his car had been impounded since october for unpaid fines. he pleaded not guilty yesterday to the charges. a brand new survey shows a majority, slim majority of california voters support the governor's proposed tax hike. 54% support temporarily raising the tax for four years. this would also raise income tax for those earning more than $250,000 a year. the public policy institute poll found 39% opposed the ballot measure. now, that same poll shows 80% of californians oppose the automatic cuts to k-12 education which will result if the november tax initiative fails. two san bruno schools threatened with closure are now safe for now. the san bruno park school district deciding last night to keep crestmore elementary open. many of those kids at crestmore are victims of the san bruno
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disaster back in 2010. parents and students urging the board to keep the schools open. the board will revisit this issue in november. 4:36 right now. popular summer kayaking program on the east bay is on the rocks because someone stole the kayaks. it was stored inside the trailer in berkeley. the boats belonged to the activities league, but they're used by the berkeley boosters at summer camps. boosters notified police on april 13th that thieves had towed the trailer away. the boosters say the equipment isn't insured and there's no money in the budget to replace it. well, that mystery surrounding aubrey huff is over this morning. his absence due to anxiety disorder. giants manager revealing huff is on the 15-day disabled list to receive treatment for the condition. huff has seen a specialist down in florida for the condition and his treatment will continue right here in san francisco. dr. sonia kim is a certified e.r. physician who has never
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treated the baseball star, but she's seen the impact of anxiety on her patients. >> anyone who has suffered from chronic constant worrying or nervousness, loss of concentration, poor concentration, sleep disturbance, that affects your daily living activities. >> for the record, huff isn't the only recorded major league baseball player to deal with this disorder. willis for the detroit tigers was diagnosed and put on the d.l. list back in 19 -- actually 2009. >> let's hope the rainy days won't wash those blues away. this rain going to part with us? >> it is going to part with us. and that's good news. unfortunately for you early morning commuters, a rough drive to work. still have rain coming down, although we're not detecting it with our radar. we've got drizzle, mist generated by thick, low clouds out there. so we are going to see an interesting day today. yesterday, we had a nice warm
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afternoon. temperatures actually reached the 70s in some cities. today we're talking about the low 60s. the cold blast moves in. we've got a nice, cool day. after that, though, we're going to warm you back up in the 80s. throughout this weekend. it all works out like this. spotty showers, at least until mid-morning, 9:00, 10:00, we'll see the sun come out. nice, cool day today, gradual clearing, kind of cloudy though, limited sunshine, and then that sun comes out in full force as we finish off the workweek and we're looking towards a really, really good weekend for beach plans. make sure you bring that jacket and umbrella with you this morning. 4:38. let's check your drive with mike. >> well, those wet roads are a factor. right now not a factor in this accident, though. as far as we know from the report. southbound 880 at washington, though a couple of cars did turn sideways. no major injuries and now activity over on the shoulder, but there is activity as you're passing by 238. keep that in mind. 880 further north. a live look past the coliseum. the camera points out there's a
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glow and mist and drizzle and water kicking up on the roadway and that's making these lights glow a bit more. a little slowing on the roadways is advisable, but a smooth drive in both directions. back to the maps. you see westbound 580 moving smoothly out of the altamont pass. eastbound heading out of livermore, we do see some slowing, speeds into the 40s or 50s where you see the yellow there. no accidents or disturbances reported. i'll keep tracking that. that'll probably sort itself out over the next few minutes and a smooth drive into the south bay with no north or southbound slowing. a smooth drive, but watch the slick roads as christina talked about. back to you guys. >> thanks very much, mike. now, this is proof this morning of what caused that loud boom over the weekend. nasa scientists suspected it was a meteor entering the atmosphere and sure enough, a man says he did find some small pieces. the experts say it was likely the size of a small minivan when it actually streaked through the sky. but by the time it hit the
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ground, just pebbles. >> about six hours and i pulled in here and parked and walking along the road and bam, there it was. >> ward says that meteorite may be older than our own sun. about 50 fall to the earth each year but most of them end up in the ocean or unpopulated areas. >> i'd like to see that up close. >> we can arrange that. whatever you need. 4:40 right now. still ahead on "today in the bay," lawmakers talking high gas prices. we'll have a look at your business headlines. plus, mystery solved. how police found the owner of some buried treasure in oakland. and she wouldn't give up without a fight. a woman dragged more than 150 feet as someone steals her purse. we have all that video to blow your mind coming up next. and for all your news, weather, traffic, check us out on facebook. just search bay ea
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good morning to you. taking a live look outside from the south bay this morning. a little drizzly start to your day. see when the showers will clear the all-important forecast with christina loren. 4:43. drivers aren't the only ones
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watching those gas prices. today the joint economic committee in congress meeting to talk about the prices at the pump and the impact on consumers. now the hearing will focus on whether closing refineries in the northeast will have an affect on prices in that region. this coming as exxon mobil reports the first quarter earnings and its biggest boost in quarterly dividends ever. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke says the economy's getting stronger slowly. >> it's a little premature to declare victory. i think keeping interest rates low is still appropriate for our economy. >> the federal reserve has boosted its outlook for the economy this year now predicting growth up to 2.9% and unemployment rate as low as 7.8%. the news gave wall street a boost. jackie live at cnbc headquarters to check how the markets are. good morning, jackie. >> good morning, laura. well, the futures are mixed right now. the markets closed up on the back of positive earnings from boeing and apple.
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there was a muted reaction to the fed which left rates unchanged and reflected an improvement job market and higher inflation. we saw the asian markets higher overnight, european markets a touch lower. and here in the u.s., we'll get data on unemployment filings and pending home sales and as you mentioned, earnings from exxon mobil, pepsico, the nasdaq up 68 to 3,029. meantime, costco is america's second largest retailer and seventh largest worldwide selling everything from food to clothes to consumer electronics. here's some incredible stats. last year, costco sold 55 million roasted chickens, 65 million hot dog and soda combos and 2.6 billion gallons of gas and filled 35 million prescriptions. want to learn more about this retailer? tune in tonight for a special hosted by carl quintanilla called the costco craze and airs at 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific. >> kind of like target, you don't go in for one thing, you
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come out with a couple carts. >> you end up spending the whole day there. >> you could have lunch there practically. >> yeah, they have pizza, some pretzels. and today you might want to buy an umbrella if you head in -- >> at this point, you don't need it. new wiper blades maybe. we're going to have some coming in for the next few hours. you can see through the shot, your highways nice and slick this morning. definitely reason to give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination safely. they'll need the rain boots today. but by this afternoon, in fact, by noon, looks like we're going to see mostly dry conditions and that sun will peek through the clouds. right now, little bit of activity in the south bay. but the greater bay area, already drying out. you'll find thick low cloud cover, and that'll produce mist or drizzle right by the coast this morning. at least until 9:00 a.m. high pressure's moving in quickly. as it does so, our temperatures are going to climb into the mid-80s. this weekend, another great
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beach weekend. you don't need that heavy coat. area of low pressure now moving into southern california. we have a cold front coming through. this is what brought the showers in overnight. we're going to get hit by the cold blast. temperatures are not going to be warm by any means, only going to hit the 60s. about a 5-degree spread between where we are now and where we're going to be in the heat of the day. friday, we're going to bring the 70s back in the forecast. a nice dry bay area at that point. tomorrow, 72 degrees inland, 69 by the bay and 66 at the coast. we're going to warm you up into the 80s this weekend and then we hold on to wonderful spring-like weather monday, tuesday, and wednesday of next week. back to you guys. >> weekend here we come, christina. it was safe to say it was a rough day for the obama administration in the lawsuit against arizona's tough immigration law. while protesters on both sides of the issue demonstrated outside the u.s. supreme court
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heard oral arguments in the u.s. versus arizona. five states have already passed laws like arizona's and many more might if the high court upholds that law. the law requires police to stop and detain people while they determine their immigration status. and congress set to vote on president obama's plan to keep interest rates low on student loans. the president's urging congress to act before interest rates double on july 1st. he spoke to college students this week. >> stopping this from happening should be a no-brainer. >> let's fix the problems for young americans and leave the campaign theatrics for the fall. >> a rare moment of agreement. but the republicans, democrats, cannot agree on exactly how to do it. the republican bill up for a vote tomorrow would pay for lower student rates by cutting president obama's health plan. 4:48. a florida woman suffered minor injuries following a violent purse snatching all caught on tape. the woman was standing outside her car in the parking lot when a white minivan stopped and held
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on to that woman and the woman just held on to her purse dragging her over 150 feet. authorities have identified persons of interest in the case, but so far no arrests have been made. >> it's amazing she even survived that ride. >> let go. wow. 4:49 right now. a mysterious treasure found in lake merritt has been claimed. >> six weeks ago a group of students cleaning around the lake found two canvas bags filled with coins and jewelry. an oakland collector has come forward to claim the belongings. turns out he was carrying several bags as he walked along the lake and then two of them just fell right in the water. >> hate when that happens. >> just out for a nice stroll and you lose your jewels and gold. he didn't realize he'd lost the loot until he heard about the kids' discovery on the local news. police say the man described the items in detail. they do know he's the rightful owner. as far as his memory or paying attention to detail, we don't
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know yet. just lost like $50,000 -- >> i don't know how that happens. football fans will be glued to their tvs and computers today as andrew luck and the other nfl picks, we'll have a little preview. boaters get an up close encounter with a massive shark. where it all happened. >> they should have known by the music. 101, though, nothing threatening about this. there's stanford, shoreline, a smooth drive, but slick roads, we'll show you what's waiting out there when we come back.
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please join me for breakfast on may 2nd as we help people with developmental disabilities. join me for hope services building community benefit breakfast. >> join scott hamilton, olympic gold medallist at the 60th anniversary building community breakfast. a beneficial program serving over 2,500 developmentally disabled children and adults.
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welcome back, everybody, on this kind of rainy and wet start to the day. a live look at the bay bridge. clouds still out there. the rain is starting let up. mike will talk about the roads, it is 4:53. big day for football fans, among the top prospects, baylor quarterback robert griffin iii. luck is expected to be snatched up by the indianapolis colts filling the shoes of peyton manning. 65 players eligible for this year's draft, which will be held over the course of three days. round one starts tonight at 5:00
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p.m. >> should be fun to watch. well, another tough day out on the road for those san francisco giants. giants taking on the reds in cincinnati. tied the game at two, heading into the bottom of the seventh. a wild pitch opens the door for the reds to score. later, joy vatto, line drive to center, reds win it, 4-2 your final. meantime, a marathon game for the a's and the white sox at the coliseum. the game tied at two into the 14th inning, ramirez gets a double to center, sox go up by two, the a's respond. that, my friend, is a two-run home run by cespedes. the game is tied at four. oh, yes, kila, scores, game over, a's win, 5-4. >> i'm glad you got that script. >> yeah, those names and --
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>> easy day back from vacation. 4:55 right now. >> you should have used his nickname, bob. i call everybody dude or bob. we're looking over here at the maze. and a nice easy approach if you're going in your commute direction. eastbound 24, and we had reports of somebody hitting something, nothing found. so this is 24 eastbound at fish ranch road. there may be some debris in the road. crews are checking things out, but nothing big to report. doyle drive closing starting friday night. that's tomorrow night at 8:00. cutting you off between basically the marina and the golden gate bridge. we'll talk a lot about that and look at the golden gate bridge. and this morning, no problems on or off of the bridge. here they go southbound with these headlights. wait for it and there you go. it's open, it's moving, and it's wet, guys. back to you. >> and that's life. >> looks like a few lights missing out there. kind of dark. how about this story? boaters treated to let's call it a rare and eerie sight off the southern california coast.
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>> home video showing the fin of a rare basketing shark off of dana point. that's the fun. boaters spotted the huge animal wednesday morning. they are the second largest fish on earth. they can grow to be more than 26 feet long despite their size, they eat only the smallest of creatures. >> i bet they eat whatever they want. >> probably so. >> the primary food source is plankton. >> oh, that's comforting, meaning we can jump out and swim with them like dolphins. >> no problem. there you go. still ahead on "today in the bay," getting a makeover, how the agency plans to update all the aging trains. check us out on facebook, as well, search nbc bay area news.
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developing news out of oakland this morning where
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police break up a major marijuana grow operation nearly a dozen people arrested. guns seized, i'm christie smith. we'll have that story coming up in a live report. as b.a.r.t. prepares to replace the aging fleet of rail cars, a question about the company they might choose to take on this task. i'm bob redell, live in fremont coming up. and i'm christina loren live in the nbc bay area weather center still tracking some showers on the radar. the good news is, the situation's improving. what you need to know for your friday coming up in weather. and a smooth drive along 880, construction not an issue because of overnight rains. but the overnight rain, that is the issue. we'll show you those conditions you're dealing with coming up. hopefully no issues on the bay bridge this morning, glorious look outside on this thursday, april 26th, this is "today in the bay." good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us


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