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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 26, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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here at milpitas high school but it may be the old adage, too little, too late. one uniformed police officer is assigned to milpitas high school. the campus also hire as private security firm. their job is to make sure no one is cutting class and following other school rules. but some students say they can pretty much get away with anything. >> one time i was wait for a class. they saw me walking around campus but they didn't really seem to care that i was just walking around without a pass. >> security is pretty laid back. it's easy to get off campus whenever you want. >> reporter: there are three security officers at the school with universal protection services. these are replacement security guards. in the board minutes, the principal says the old officers were rude to staff, didn't answer their radios and one female student felt uncomfortable with comments made by a male guard. >> if that is the case, the whole purpose is to keep
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students close. what happened if something happened? >> reporter: the district says it's not tolerant of such accusations. >> not very which is why i believe at the board meeting the board directed staff to put a bid out for another security firm. >> reporter: the security firm did not return its own calls but it left with administrators to correct any problems and started by replacing the officers in question. now the board will decide if the entire company has to go. that contract is worth $100,000 per year so it's quite a contract to lose. we're live in milpitas, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. new tonight at 6:00, put on hold. the u.s. coast guard is suspending the next two yacht races planned in the san francisco bay to review safety procedures. the coast guard says this is a direct response to the tragic accident involving the boat called "low speed chase" which
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crashed in rough waters nearly two weeks ago. the body of one crew member was recovered but four others are still missing. a small bug with a big bite. the very dangerous asian tiger mosquito is in southern california and tonight insect experts are concerned it could make its way to the bay area. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us. this is a notable story especially for kids with little kids. >> reporter: for everyone and even the elderly too, raj. the asian tiger mosquito can breed in capful of water. imagine how many of these mosquitos will be able to breed in a small pond like this. and that's what makes this pest such a threat. there's a bug alert in the bay area. be on the lookout for the asian tiger mosquito. the pest is already been discovered in southern california and the san gabriel valley and may be a car ride away from making its way here.
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the mosquito is a threat because it can transmit a potentially deadly fever with one bite. and that's not good. >> there's another virus that means bent over. you can get a picture of how that virus makes you feel. >> reporter: unlike mosquitoes that feed at dusk and down, it feeds all day long and has the ability to breed in just a capful of water and that's what makes it so difficult to contain. >> it becomes very difficult to treat because it is so widespread. it really is a game changer. >> reporter: in addition, we should also be concerned about these mosquitoes that can transmit the potentially deadly west nile virus. especially given our recent rains. >> obviously with the late rains, there's going to be more water. >> today technicians tested these two dead crows. they were negative for west nile virus. this threat is not new. the asian tiger mosquito is,
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which is why leaders are asking that you alert them if you spot this mosquito. and in order to protect your family, the best thing to do is to eliminate any sources of standing water around your home. that means water that is in any pots or any types of containers, old tires, and also swimming pools that aren't being used. of course if you do spot the asian tiger mosquito, be sure and contact your local control office as soon as possible. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. cash, guns and pot and lots of it. oakland police call it one of their largest drug recoveries ever. police released pictures of the 2,500 marijuana plants, guns, body armor, all of it seized from a warehouse in east oakland overnight. s.w.a.t. team converged on the building on 89th avenue arresting 11 people after an
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investigation into suspicious activity. they found $40,000 in cash, 50 pounds of dried marijuana. police say the door is fortified with steel. >> we conducted an assessment in terms of the risk of conducting a search warrant at this location and the risk was high enough that we initiated a s.w.a.t. callout. we were very concerned because of information that we had in terms of the weapons that were inside this building. >> as expecteded, the warehouse not authorized for medicinal marijuana. after the raid someone came back in and took bags of loose marijuana leaves. happening right now, a civil rights rally on the two-month anniversary of the trayvon martin shooting. that shooting was in florida but tonight the rally is being held at a church in los angeles. the martin family is taking part in this rally along with civil rights leaders including al sharpton and jesse jackson. celebrity stevie wonder and magic johnson are among many
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luminaries. >> lord knows we could have been anywhere else but we chose to be here. we chose to come together and stand for a reason. >> accused shooter george zimmerman claims he shot the 17-year-old boy in self-defense. he faces a second-degree murder charge. also being remembered during tonight's rally is oscar grant who was shot and killed by former b.a.r.t. cop in 2008. the treasury secretary is in the bay area as new jobless numbers show the labor market is stalling. claims for unemployment benefits dropped by 1,000 last week to 388,000. many economists expected that number to fall to 375,000. secretary tim geithner appeared at the commonwealth club in san francisco. geithner talked about the u.s. and global economies. the treasury secretary told the audience that partisan bickering in washington continues to hurt our economic future.
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>> with the political system we have in this country with the country so divided is going to be able to start doing things and not just fighting about them. i think the biggest overwhelming boost to the american economy. geithner was appointed by president obama in 2009. more people looking for work, a silicon valley company finds itselfusier than ever. >> scott budman joins us now with a way to network your job to a new job. >> it's a beefed up app made for your ipad and it comes from linkedin. the newest way to network from the silicon valley come growing quickly as our economy as sputtered. linked in's head of mobile sat down to give us a tour of the newest app to help you find a job. it's linked in's ipad debut all about networking and getting to know the people who will boost
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your chances of getting work. >> it is that networking activity that connecting with friends and connecting with colleagues that helps people find new jobs and new opportunities that are out there. >> linked in's mobile team is with the rest of the company expanding quickly as our country's job numbers fizzle, the stock price soars with more people using the company's tools to get connect. already on desk tops, ipads, iphones, androids, the app is for those that lean back when they work. >> there's a spike once early in the morning and once later in the evening right around prime time tv between 7:00 and 11:00 so you can imagine people with their ipads multitasking. >> linked in describes it as learning ten years worth of ston seconds. a way to make that next face to face contact more likely to lead
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to a job. a job that might be just a touch away. a word about linked in's growth, it has leased close to 165,000 feet of office space in sunnyvale as it expands its presence here in the bay area. raj? >> very good. thank you, scott. the bay area has a new millionaire tonight. not a high tech wiz kid but a stanford student with a golden arm. andrew luck was chosen as the number one overall pick in the nfl draft. >> so excited. you know, nothing is truly a done deal until it's done. it's amazing to be out here. this moment for the family to be here. really excited. >> andrew is a done deal now. indianapolis colts as expected drafted him as number one a short while ago. 22 million bucks will be his contract. his favorite restaurant is mepia my heart and old pro.
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john elway back in 1983, san jose's jim plunkette in 1971 and bobby garrett in the 1954 draft and luck is getting celebrity treatment. he'll be a guest tonight on "the la david letterman" show. their son was allegedly caught in a cheating scandal in a bay area school but now his parents are filing a lawsuit. why they say school officials didn't do their homework. listen up. we sit in as a bay area rock 'n' roll legends rehearse for a tribute concert this weekend. nbc bay area investigation. removing graffiti is supposed to be good but it may cost taxpayers more than they bargained for. a quarter to half inch of rainfall over the past 24 hours. well, that sun came out today making for a very nice thursday. we'll talk about 70s returning
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and also when we'll turn up the heat to 80s in just a few minutes. at
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it's an unwelcome sight in san jose neighborhoods. we're talking about graffiti. >> last year the city laid off employees and outsourced the graffiti clean up and aren't now getting what they bargained for. >> how much does it cost to remove a tag or a sticker from a stop sign? we found the numbers aren't adding up. here's a preview of tonight's investigation. we pulled city records. more than 25,000 work orders to see exactly how your money is being spend. how much did the company charge to remove these stickers?
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>> all of the sign stickers are five square feet. >> i'm not an expert on square footage. >> neither are we. we do know this mailbox isn't 205 square feet. and how many trees have you seen covered in 25 square feet of paint? according to records, this is one of them. >> it's not what we paid for. >> does it make you mad to see this? >> yeah. i'm disgusted. >> if there's anything you feel is inaccurate, we're happy to follow up. >> that's supposed to be your job. >> the company doing the job is ga graffiti protective coatings. she said that our company spot checks bill ongsings on a regul basis and have consistently found under billing versus overbilling. >> we'll show you the company's
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records and tell you how much they say they cleaned up. why didn't the city catch this? hear their explanation tonight at 11:00. >> looking forward to that. if you have a tip for the investigative unit call 888-996-tips or shoot us an e-mail to a san jose family escaped what would have been a deadly accident. take a look. it happened around 5:30 this morning on king road in san jose when an suv came crashing into this home. there's the picture. the driver nowhere to be found. his suv right in the bedroom. the man who usually sleeps in the room was at work at the time of the crash. >> anybody hurt inside? >> no. nobody hurt. >> three other people were inside the home but thankfully no one was hurt. the search for the driver is on. >> okay. you're going to need patience because you can expect traffic tie-ups in san francisco this
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weekend. very large piece of bay area history is about to come crumbling down. want to give you a live picture over doyle drive. demolition crews are prepared to take it out this weekend. doyle drive built in 1933. now a massive closure is expected to start at 8:00 tomorrow night and will run until 5:00 a.m. on monday. caltrans officials are letting us all know to stay away from the area. access to 101 from marina boulevard at lombard will be shut off and ferry service will double. traffic will be diverted to a temporary bypass that does connect to a new southbound tunnel whichlil w accommodate both lanes until 2015. if you want more information about this weekend's doyle drive closu closure, go to and search doyle drive. we have an animation showing the entire process for you. the city of sunnyvale is considering an ambitious new
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housing project that could add hundreds of apartments in the downtown area. the city council approved the study that will explore rezoning commercial areas just north of downtown into high density residential areas. the study will look at pros and cons of increasing the proposed apartment complex from 48 per acre to 65 per acre. apple employees will soon get a private cafeteria that will allow them to talk business in confidence. the city approved expansion of the new cafeteria exclusive for app app app app apple employees. a heartfelt gift for a world war ii veteran. 92-year-old had his car broken into. several items including a u.s.
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navy tool were stolen but today a good samaritan met with the veteran at the san leandro police department and gave him a replacement. >> my life is starting all over again because i got something that was missing. something was missing. part of my heart was missing when i lost it. now i can start all over again and just -- it's like from night to day. >> he is beaming. the good samaritan is from a military family and can't believe someone would steal something that means so much to a veteran who served this country. >> hazy today. >> a few showers and sun has come out this afternoon making for spectacular day from the north bay down to the south bay. we topped out at 63 in livermore. 70 in santa cruz and outside on our sky camera network to the
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golden gate bridge we go. the traffic is moving along at a great clip and so are clouds. well off to the south and as we mentioned, that doyle drive closure coming up this weekend. so you can head to as we just heard for more information on that. now let's get you back to these number. 58 in san francisco. not only these numbers dropping from 10 to 15 degrees but also that humidity really sinking outside. giving it a nice, crisp, refreshing feel at the coastline or in the east bay. mid and high level cloud cover across san jose. now that's pushing to the south and a decent amount of sunshine here as that sun starts to set here across the pacific. a lot of our cloud cover is now starting to move on out. it's all a sign of high pressure building in and that will be here just in time for the weekend. now, it's not going to be nearly as hot as it was last weekend. however, temperatures are
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expected to go up into the 80s as we head both through saturday and also for sunday. but here's the other thing. once the temperatures go up, we'll see another spike with blooms out here. allergy forecast off the charts in all categories for saturday and also sunday. temperatures will start colder with 45 in santa cruz. 46 in san jose. maybe some upper 30s possible in isolated areas from concord to livermore and 41 in santa rosa and 43 in san rafael. we'll start to warm things up by 8:00 a.m. and then as we head into 4:00 p.m., temperatures expected in the upper 60s to even some low 70s. we'll talk more about that seven-day forecast and when those 80s will be arriving in just a few minutes. >> thank you, jeff. still ahead at 6:00, it's not just any cat. a special feline that came from iran to the bay area to get adopted. potential changes to california's three strikes law that will go before voters. a new study on why the bay
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area is the place to live.
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no talking on your cell phone could apply for bicyclist. a new bill would fine bicyclist for talking on cell phones. he wanted to include cyclist on the bill four years ago but a drafting error prevented it from happening. he hopes to present the new bill to the governor later this year. a south bay tradition could come to an end unless it comes up with more cash. this year's gay pride celebration needs to raise $200,000 for the festival at the discover meadow in san jose. they are also looking for a festival director after their recent director resigned.
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and to lbg nonprofits which used the community center could soon look for a new home because the building is scheduled to be sold next year. women in the bay area are doing well. they have health, money and education. a study published by the measure of america finds that bay area women live longer, are better educated and earn more money than women in many other cities. bay area women live more than 84 years on average. highest life expectancy nationwide and are third when it comes to education for women with 43% of women having at least a bachelor's degree. women in the bay area also rank second in income with a median salary of $35,000. eating berries at least once a week may protect the brain from age related memory loss. studies found that women who ate more berries had a slower rate of developing memory problems by 2 1/2 years. researchers say berries are rich in antioxidants and have the ability to move from the blood
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to the brain. the study was partially funded by the california strawberry commission. from fiction to fact. buzz lightyear was in town today. "toy story"'s pizza truck made an appearance. the truck is identical to the original. even has the exact same license plate number. the students say they made the truck to preserve their favorite -- there's buzz and wood y -- to preserve the favorite childhood movies. >> we were struck by how close we were to the age of andy and how we grew up with these characters and it just really kind of tugged at our heartstrings. >> this was a college project. the truck is something to look out for the next time you watch a pixar film. it's supposed to be in the company's next film coming out this summer called "brave." >> which is about a girl.
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i didn't see jesse in the truck. >> that will be the first time pixar is doing it. >> jesse should have been in there. why wasn't she? she's the cowgirl? still ahead at 6:00, the cute and cuddly animals recently rescued in the bay area. >> plus a bay area student allegedly caught cheating and kicked out of his honors class and his parents are filing a lawsuit. find out why. the terror alert level raised days before a significant anniversary. the secret service expands its prostitution investigation after another report surfaces about agents paying for sex. your international headlines next. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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at&t. >> some bay area parents are taking what some think are
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extreme measures tonight after their son was caught teaching. they're disappointed with their teenager taking college prep courses. >> but more angry at the school. so angry they are now suing the school. jodi hernandez joins us from redwood city where the lawsuit spotting a lot of discussion tonight. >> reporter: this is definitely a talker. this names the high school district, the school superintendent and the principal. the boy's father who is a local attorney here acknowledges that his son cheated but he said his son was unfairly punished for the act so he's fighting back. >> he suffered a terrible amount of emotional and mental anguish as a result of what has happened here. >> reporter: jack says he and his family can't believe the punishment his son has been dealt by sequoia high school for cheating. >> the reality is that my son
6:30 pm
did something incredibly stupid and in no way, shape or form is anyone in our family suggesting that he does not need to be punished for this. >> reporter: his 16-year-old son admits he cheated on a homework assignment in his advanced sophomore english class last month. a violation for which he was kicked out of the accelerated english program for the rest of his sophomore year. >> the reality is that the level of punishment that sequoia wants to give against these students does not fit the crime. >> reporter: he worries his son's chances of getting into a top college may now be compromised for what he believes was a stupid mistake so he's suing the school and the district. he says the boy is a hard working student with a 4.0 gpa. >> we would hate to see that his skills and abilities and hard work are side tracked because of
6:31 pm
a one-time bad decision on a insignificant homework assignment. >> reporter: his son signed a no cheating pledge and one part spells out zero tolerance but page two says students who cheat get a second chance before being removed from the course. tonight other parents are sounding off about the extreme actions the family is taking. >> given the anxiety level of parents these days regarding college and what it takes to get into colleges of choice that parents are so concerned that they will go to almost any length to get their kids on the right track. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with the superintendent who says it is very clear to all of the students in those honors programs and classes that there is a zero tolerance here for cheating of any kind. he says that it is important to
6:32 pm
protect the integrity of the rigorous program and he says he stands behind the school's decision and punishment that was dealt to this student. a court hearing is scheduled to take place next month. in redwood city, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. in education headlines tonight, one of five oakland schools set to close in june was denied a charter application that would have kept it open. parents petitioned to keep the student an independent charter school but the board decided it couldn't afford the 1.4 million it would cost. last month the oakland school board voted to close five elementary schools saying there were too few opportunities at too many schools. >> i channeled my pain into excelling in sports and school. >> that's jennifer. the filmmaker who is now married to lieutenant governor gavin
6:33 pm
newsom. she's opening up about the personal story behind "misrepresentation." it's about the hypersexualization of young girls. >> i was going to frame the documentary with my story. i was told that i wasn't empathetic enough because i was a white woman of privilege. i remember saying what do you know about privilege? have you been to my house? do you know where i live? i went so stanford and i have an education and they made assumptions based on how i look as if i hadn't had life struggles. >> she has including personal tragedy, a eating disorder and more. she talks frankly in her film and now also in bay area schools to young girls. newsom has developed a curriculum surrounding the film and is speaking to students this spring spreading her message. you can see my entire interview and clips of her film this sunday at 9:30 on "class
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action." californians will vote to change the state's three strikes law in november. an initiative authored by a stanford professor will qualify for a statewide ballot. under the proposed measure, the state's life sentence would be reserved for murderers, rapists and child molesters who commit felony offense including shoplifting. it would restrict the third strike to a serious or violent felony for other convicted criminals. the hand wringing is starting after the announcement the budget is coming up short. 2 billion below expectations in incomes tax collections. the governor h yoor asked them the budget in march but lawmakers refused to make
6:35 pm
premature cuts at the expense of poor, children and the vulnerable. a terror alert was issued just days before the anniversary of the killing of osama bin laden. >> janelle is here with international headlines. >> the department of homeland security says there's no specific threat but urges vigilance. it will be one year since president obama made the announcement that osama bin laden was killed by special forces in a predawn raid in pakistan. security will be heightened at transportation hubs and military facilities. meanwhile, bin laden's three wives and nine children who were discovered in that same compound why the terror leader was killed were deported to saudi arabia today. the secret service is expanding its prostitution investigation after reports of an incident in el salvador last year. if it's confirmed, this would challenge the agency's belief that the scandal in colombia two weeks ago was an isolated
6:36 pm
incident. 12 agents were pulled from duty head of president obama visit there after accusations they brought prostitutes back to their hotel room. seven resigned and one will be fired and one retired and three were disciplined. a former brazilian prostitute plans to sell after she received injuries. she says a van ran over her and left her stranded in parking lot. leon panetta would only say the marines were severely punished but offered few other details. the prosecution's star witness in the federal corruption trial of john edwards was hammered by the defense today on day four of the trial. edwards' defense team questioned the credibility of former aide andrew young saying his statements are inconsistent with his tell-all book trying to conceal rielle hunter and their loved child during the presidential run in 2008. hunter is on the witness list but no word if she will testify.
6:37 pm
guilty is the verdict handed down today for the former liberian president. taylor was found guilty of aiding rebels who carried out war crimes in neighboring sierra leon. sentencing is scheduled for next month. the court has no death penalty but taylor could spend the rest of his life in prison. i'll keep you posted on that. those are international headlines. >> very good. thank you. still ahead from iran to the bay area, the cat now up for adoption and he's got quite a tail. >> rocking out. we take you inside the rehearsals for a big-time rock 'n' roll tribute here in the bay area. >> i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. the rain is pushing well off to the south and that sun is arriving for a lot of us here. we'll let you know how long it's going to last and when those 80-degree temperatures will come back in just a few minutes. what'll it be?
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>> a cat found in iran stuck in a road is getting special treatment in san francisco. the cat is about 2 years old found in tehran covered in mud and gasoline with a piece of shrapnel in his face. vets tried to help him but amputated one of his hind legs. someone in that shelter knew someone in san francisco and had the cat shipped overseas. animal care and control shelter in the city where they took the cat. now doing well even though he
6:41 pm
can't use his remaining hind leg to walk. the shelter staff in san francisco say he could be a good candidate for an animal wheelchair and will be put up for adoption when ready. 20 orphan ducklings have a new home. the flock of baby docks was rescued from a storm dane in san mateo. they were separated from mommy after a dog scared the mother off. they are at the humane society trying to keep them as wild as possible giving them little human interaction so they can release them back into the wild. center for compassion is expected to care for up to 200 local wild animals by the end of the summer. they are so cute. >> they are. >> anything they do is adorable. shaking himself off in the water. >> they should do duck cam to tune in and see them all the time. >> that would be good. i aboutette etbet it would get
6:42 pm
hits. >> it was chilly today. >> temperatures did drop about 10 degrees. wind out here as well. and now the clouds have cleared on out. a few lone clouds across or now green hills. we'll talk about when the heat will return in that seven-day forecast. the giants couldn't wait to get to cincinnati. why one swing of the bat cured all that ailed them. it was a lucky day for one bay area athlete. find out if our local nfl squads have a chance to strike it rich in the drafxfinity sports upd xfinity sports update is next. at
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6:44 pm
>> the bay area is the birth place to many legendary musicians and a guitarist is among the legends. >> he died in early march. joe rosato, jr., shows us how fellow musicians are coming together to honor him. >> in a legendary recording studio, old friends are coming togethe together. >> reporter: stories shared. a musician remembered. >> ronnie was a force of nature the way he played. >> he was a gathering of bay area rock 'n' roll royalty
6:45 pm
playing tribute. >> there are a handful of guys that had that conviction when they played. you know that note was coming right from their heart. >> he committed suicide in early march. musicians helped rehearsals at the plant recording student for a friday night tribute concert at san francisco's regency ballroom. >> guitar playing was innovative. i never thought i would stand next to the guy and playing music with him. >> montrose was a guitarist guitarist. he wore his music on his sleeve and influenced generations of musicians. neil was among the musicians play be tribute. >> you always knew it was him. >> reporter: beyond the music, friends say montrose was a joker and loyal friend who always
6:46 pm
spoke his mind. >> we would call it high beams. he would put high beams on. he had these blue eyes and he would look at you. okay. here it comes. >> reporter: with montrose gone, it was now left to friends to channel his music. the challenge even for rock 'n' roll veterans. >> i'm just going to, you know, do the best i can do on his material and try to make him smile up there. >> joe rosato, jr., nbc bay area news. >> a lot of high profile musicians part of the tribute. >> that's true. let's turn things over to jeff in the weather center. >> we'll be on this warming trend. today we went cooler. we have this wind 15 to 25 miles per hour. right now some of the strongest wind back into concord at 16. 22 in fairfield and across some of the hills for the peninsula, it's really gusting. actually shaking our sky camera network around quite a bit here at san bruno mountain. we see wind gusts 20 to 30 miles
6:47 pm
per hour. here's the good news. when that wind did arrive today, it really helped to suck out that humidity from the atmosphere. it's a lot more comfortable out here. 61 in san jose. cooling off to 59 in livermore. 58 in san mateo. 59 in napa. with that cool air in place and clear skies, you'll feed need td your jacket. throughout friday, the sun will stay and just in time for your weekend here comes high pressure. mother nature really couldn't have timed this any better. situated out in the pacific. there's that dome of warmer air that will warm up ten degrees for some spots for our friday and then as we head into this weekend, interior sections expected to spike up into the 80s. not as hot as it was last weekend. it still could be decent enough to get out on the beaches saturday and sunday. here's the allergy alert for you. once the weather warms up, we see allergies spike in all
6:48 pm
categories. it's been somewhat nice for you today if you do suffer from allergies, it will get unbearable by saturday. coldest levels in napa. 42 in livermore. 41 in concord. in spots with conditions near 40, we may have isolated 30s coming our way into friday morning. we'll see daytime highs top out at 70 in santa cruz. also low 70s from sunnyvale down to morgan hill and also gilroy. it will be near that 70-degree mark for a lot of the east bay including walnut creek, danville, pleasanton, livermore and 60s struggling to see numbers going up in castro valley and hayward. 62 in pacifica. 65 in san francisco. 71 in santa rosa. today was one of those days where why would you want to be anywhere else with that sun out and those temperatures cooling off and by friday, a little bit of warming there. heading throughout saturday and sunday, we'll see those 80s rebounding and it even looks
6:49 pm
like it might be a decent day at the beach. definitely not going to be super warm but low 70s by sunday at our coast and then for monday, tuesday, and wednesday, upper 70s to near 80 degrees staying put and then by late thursday of next week, it looks like we might start to see the pattern shifting and we may actually have a few raindrops making it on there by friday. don't count us out here. la nina is starting to weaken. ocean temperatures are beginning to moderate which means the pattern is trying to get back to normal but we're about a month and a half behind on that. >> you said possible 30s tomorrow morning? >> isolated 30s in the north and east bay. >> that's chilly. >> get the jackets. >> thanks, jeff. let's get to sports. let's bring in henry. we were just talking about how andrew luck goes from broke college kid to -- >> $22 million in the bank. >> outhouse to the penthouse is
6:50 pm
the situation for andrew luck. the nfl draft is back in the spotlight and no one in the country was shocked by the first overall pick. as expected, the indianapolis colts drafted stanford star andrew luck with the top selection. we'll have more on andrew's future in indy in a moment. we want you to see what's going on at the 49ers headquarters. san francisco sitting on the 35th pick. we're just about 30 minutes away from the announcement of who they will add to their roster. we always have mindy covering the top stories. she has the latest on san francisco. what's the latest? >> reporter: henry, it will be a different draft for the 49ers. in recent drafts the 49ers had to find that balance between taking the best player available and a player that fits their needs. that was often muddled by the changes in coaches and coordinators they had.
6:51 pm
after last season's success, they created a blueprint for the 49ers. so in this draft the 49ers can pinpoint the players that are best fit for their system. >> it really comes down to their ability, their fit, their fit within our system, and the intangibles, the character aspect of the player. there are certain players that can't play here for various reasons whether we feel there is too much risk in what they have established themselves as from a character standpoint or the fit, physical limitations they may have that would prevent them from reaching potential here versus somewhere else. >> reporter: so when it comes their turn to select a draft pick, there may be some great athletes and great players at positions the 49ers would like to pick up to add depth to their roster but if that player
6:52 pm
doesn't fit into their system, they'll pass on that player. they do believe they can find the best player available that fits their system in the first round. we will see very shortly who that player will be. >> thank you, mindy. back over to andrew luck. he'll wear the helmet with the horseshoe on it in indianapolis while replacing one of the best quarterbacks in the game, peyton manning. >> so excited. nothing is truly a done deal until it is done. amazing to be out here. for the family to be here. excited. >> indianapolis colts. >> great moment right there. former stanford cardinal had a big smile when it became official and he's very eager to play on sundays. we wish him the best of luck. >> so excited. nothing is truly a done deal until it's done. amazing to be out here. this moment for the family to be here. really excited. >> you told me in the back, i
6:53 pm
can't wait. >> over to baseball now. giants and reds top of the fourth. 19-game hitting streak to open the season sets a new franchise record. all right. way to go, panda. ninth inning we jump to. giants down 5-3. giants needing a little bit of divine intervention. find it in the form of angel. three-run homer gives the giants the lead for good. giants win. your final 6-5. >> he's a guy that's very tough. you can't get too big against him. he's very successful. last night he struck me out with a curveball. i was aware he would throw it back again. i put a good swing on it and got him. it's a nice park to hit. obviously i never try to hit a homer but i was trying to make solid contact to help my team. that's what i did. two-strike approach and put the ball in play.
6:54 pm
>> orange and black playing some great ball right now. don't forget coming up tonight at 11:00 we'll have a complete wrap-up of the first round of the nfl draft. we'll tell you exactly who the 49ers drafted and we'll hear from their top executives. that's coming up tonight. we'll see you then. jessica and raj? >> all right. big night. 49ers, raiders and andrew luck. thanks, henry. for a full half hour of sports coverage, you can watch sports central on comcast sports bay area at 10:30 and with us again at 11:00. >> it's take your child to work day. and marianne favro's daughter got into the spirit as she steps in front of the camera. >> reporting on take your daughter to work today. ask your boss if you can have this and it's not just for your kids' sake but for having fun with your kids too. thank you.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
>> what's coming up at 7:00? >> we'll talk about the nfl draft once again taking a closer look at some of the top picks so far and a preview still on the table with 49ers and raiders finding out what they're going to do. we've been talking about that already. a two-time great white shark caught in mexico but it has ties to santa cruz. we'll sit down with the scientist who first tagged that shark and see what they are finding out. that's a big shark. >> need a bigger boat. >> comcast 186 at 7:00. we hope to see you at 11:00.
6:58 pm
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