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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 30, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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forecast. we'll sort it all out for you coming up. >> and as we watch that progress near the accident in pleasanton, i'll show you what the status is now and what's coming your way affecting your morning commute coming up. and a live look outside for this monday, april 30th, this is "today in the bay." good morning, everybody. appreciate you joining us early on a monday. it is 6:00 on the nose. i'm jon kelley. >> we continue to follow developing news in the tri-valley this morning, a commuter nightmare along 680. big rig shout down the freeway overnight. christie smith is live saying traffic starting to slowly move. >> reporter: yeah, it really is, they've made pretty good progress in the last 15, 20 minutes since we've been here. the cab and the truck trailer that were involved in this. they were right behind me when we pulled up. and you can see that they're gone this morning.
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they were just towed out of here. but the traffic is still backed up. we have one lane open at least northbound right now all southbound lanes are open after a big rig driver lost control. this is around 10:00 last night on 680 near sunol boulevard and crashed right through the concrete center divide. it spilled more than 100 gallons of diesel according to the chp and carrying hazardous material, lithium and a chemical used with semiconductors. there was some concern that if it were to come out that it might explode. so the cleanup was the fuel and off loading those chemicals. turns out that none of the chemicals leaked. here's what the chp told us about the wreck. >> once the truck collided into the center divider wall, it exploded the concrete and was approximately ten vehicles that were impacted with some of the flying debris. >> reporter: and, again, the cab and the trailer were just towed out of here a little while ago. but you can see northbound just
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one lane open earlier the chp had estimated maybe 7:00 to get this side going again. but it looks like that may happen just a little bit earlier. mike has more with how the traffic is being impacted. >> good morning, christie. a lot better than we had expected because that distraction you showed on the northbound side and the two lanes was quite an issue for the southbound side to deal with, as well. anything on the freeways is a distraction for folks. we don't see a lot of slowing on the sensors. you do see the slow drive past christie. the chopper shows us that the center divide, as well, the activity. they showed me while they moved the rig off the roadway and now the trailer has to clear. here's the backup coming north out of sunol heading out of pleasantton. you'll see the southbound side moving smoothly at the top of your screen and all that activity in the center divide. they may be able to open another lane and maybe those two earlier than they thought at 7:00. we're looking at 6:30, maybe
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6:15 is my hope. back to the map, we'll show you in anticipation of that. i was warning folks coming off the dublin interchange at the top experiencing some slowdown. allow some extra time. so far the bulk of traffic hasn't hit the area. they're held back up over on the right side of your screen coming out of the altamont pass and in through livermore. a lot of folks likely cutting through highway 84, livermore into pleasanton making that roadway more congested coming out of livermore. expect slowdowns with 680. but again, everybody seems to be moving smoothly, watch the volume build, guys. back to you. >> thank you very much. keeping things on the road. new this morning, doyle drive has been reduced to rubble. and this morning, that replacement road is open to commuters. bob redell on that bypass, and bob, you have a front-row seat. what does it look like out there? >> reporter: well, they opened up just over an hour ago as was advertised. they shut her down at 8:00 friday night and said we'll have doyle drive taken down and reopened in time at 5:00 a.m.
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and did deliver. we're now just past the golden gate bridge toll plaza heading southbound on the new southbound commute. if you're coming from marin, this is what your drive will be looking like across the golden gate bridge into san francisco. right now, this is the same until we get to about right over here we're going to come back out here live. i wanted to give you an idea of what this commute looks like. this is where it changes, where you start now instead of going on to the left side, which was old doyle drive, now had the new road section here on the right. and as rob speeds up and gets us up to the speed limit of 35-mile-an-hour which is the new speed limit. people get used to this new roadway, you can see there's a tunnel that you're going to enter. and once you get past that, you're going to have a new road alignment that will take you into the marina district area. this was a 57-hour process where they had excavators out over the weekend taking down the elevated
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roadway. it's an elevated roadway that had been there for 76 years. and that's one reason why they took down doyle drive because it was old and also they just deemed it to be seismically unfit. what they did was took it down and this was a temporary road alignment once we get out of the tunnel here and part of a greater project, the greater prisidio parkway project that once complete will be open around 2015, 2016, and be a much smoother transition here with more tunnels and also be much more esthetically pleasing to the eye. reporting live here on doyle drive in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." this morning, four people are under arrest facing charges in connection with the stabbing death of a high school football player. the 18-year-old was stabbed during a fight friday night. he later died at the hospital. an 18-year-old man is charged with murder and three juveniles are facing charges of being
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accessories to murder. >> there was a party that got out of hand. there was a fight that happened outside in the street. the victim was involved in this altercation or this fight and during the fight he was stabbed. so we're still trying to sort out how it started, who started it. >> seen here wearing the blue and white uniform was a running back and linebacker at newark memorial high school. he'd been expelled four months after his friend and teammate was stabbed and killed in fremont in 2010. he reportedly threatened a student who mocked his friend's death. fire sent smoke and flames 15 feet in the air near the bridge. investigators say two marina employees were grinding a metal object when sparks shot out on to the barge. that started the fire and crews, fortunately, were able to contain this thing within about half an hour. no injuries reported. 6:06. it could be a first in the
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effort to keep prescription drugs out of the wrong hands. alameda county will discuss an ordnance today forcing drug makers to offer disposal of all unused medications. all pharmaceutical companies doing business in the county would have to set up a drug disposal program and work on community outreach. board of supervisors will hold a public hearing on the proposal at 9:30 today in oakland. and this morning, hotel guests in san francisco look for a very noisy wake-up call. in about half an hour from right now, workers holding an all-day picket line at the hotel at the embarcadero center. according to the website, workers protesting hyatt's decision to hire subcontractors to replace staff employees. time to check that forecast with christina loren. nice day ahead? >> yeah, really nice day shaping up. taking a live look just a spectacular sunrise shaping up, over the city by the bay and everywhere across the bay area this morning. we do have mostly cloudy
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conditions that may gray, only april 30th, you can count on that through the entire week. we're expecting onshore flow to bring in a fair amount of cloud cover each morning, which is typical for this time of year. and your temperatures are nice and mild. 52 degrees in oakland, 53 in sunnyvale, san mateo, 50 degrees there, by noon, in the mid-60s. that patchy fog will be a factor until about 10:30 this morning. becoming sunny, though throughout the day today, especially inland. we're going to see that sunshine by about 9:00. it's going to take a little longer to clear out the coast. we do have a little bit of rain on the way, but not much and we're mostly expecting it up in the north bay. we'll talk about that in the seven-dave forecast. 70 degrees by 4:00 p.m. inland, 68 by the bay and a touch cooler at the coast today, 65 degrees, but still working with full-on sunshine and a building breeze. tomorrow, things change a little bit. we'll talk about that coming up, guys, back to you. >> thank you very much.
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city college trying to raise money for an unusual cause. students trying to save the cafeteria at the core of the college's culinary arts program. students use it to prepare and serve 900 meals a day. but budget cuts may force them to cut the budget and close the cafeteria in three months. 6:09 right now, controversy in china, the last-ditch deal in the works right now to bring a controversial activist to safety here in the united states. bullets and blast in syria. why people continue to die despite an ordered cease-fire in that area. recession in spain, and what did google know? and when did they know it? >> reporter: and relief for highway 101 commuters on the peninsula. good morning, i'm marlai' ll tei i'll explain the plan for double car pool lanes coming up.
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>> welcome back, everybody, it's a story we've been covering all morning long. originally a nightmare after that big rig shut down the freeway overnight. a live look from our chopper and traffic trying to work its way around as they clean that up out there. what happened was a truck heading on the southbound lanes jackknifed last night. and that crash kind of messed up both sides there. hazmat crews were called in. eight other cars involved. but traffic is flowing. they'll continue to work on it. it is 6:12. speaking of the morning commute. one of the roughest one in the bay area's highway 101 in the south bay palo alto. an unusual solution, however, is in the works. good morning, marla. >> reporter: good morning. it is a first for the bay area. we're talking not one but two car pool lanes coming to this stretch of highway 101 in palo alto. now, we're just south of the
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embarcadero road exit in palo alto. look at that, it's light so far. it's still early in the commute time, though, on this monday morning. vta spokesperson tells me that a plan is under development for double car pool lanes that will stretch in both directions from right here in palo alto to beyond the highway 101/85 interchange in mountain view. to put it in perspective, currently there are four north and southbound lanes. so this means when this project is complete, there will be six lanes in each direction. vta officials say at the height of the morning and evening commutes when congestion is at its worst, there are about 2,000 vehicles in each lane per hour. they say, of course, the additional lanes will help reduce this number. eventually the car pool lanes will be converted to express lanes so solo drivers will have the option to use the lanes for a fee. to start, the double car pool lanes will be reserved for two
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or more occupants. but the vta spokesperson tells me that could change. as for when, they have a target date of 2016. live in palo alto, "today in the bay." commuters driving through fremont may have to find a detour in one part of that city and probably have to do it for a long time. starting today, kato road will be closed to traffic for a total of nine months. crews will be working very busy there on a construction area for the b.a.r.t. to silicon valley's project. want to check the morning commute right now, you've been a busy man this monday morning, mike. >> yeah, we thought it was going to be doyle drive, but no. 680's the issue, look at the slowing on the northbound side. we had an accident blocking both directions overnight now the northbound side is affected. and our chopper's over the scene. we'll see what the latest is. our chopper now shows chp on scene, here's the caltrans
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truck. and they're probably getting ready to pick these cones up. we saw almost all of the activity cleared from the center divide. there's the earlier fuel spill. we also have these folks moving now. this chp officer right there moving in the opposite direction christie smith and our crew. and they should be reopening those northbound lanes in a matter of minutes, but we'll check and i'll let you know when that is the case. the northbound slowing continues out of sunol heading into pleasanton, your typical slowing 580 to the dublin interchange. and an 18-minute drive coming out of livermore. moving over to the bay bridge, the big concern is the metering lights. they're on and causing the backup. that's the only concern. and into the city, i'll clear your way. reminder, doyle drive has reopened and things are moving very nice i will. that construction went right on top and bob redell's going to talk more about that. but christina, this weekend, that was helped a lot by the great weather. what's it look like for today? >> yeah, you know, more of the same today. that's great news, right, mike?
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take a look at the spectacular sunrise over the city by the bay, oakland, beautiful sunrise for you, as well. we're not dealing with as much cloud cover inland this morning. so san jose half as much as we're dealing with on the coast. not as much of the beautiful yellows and oranges as a result. it's still really nice out there. 53 degrees in sunnyvale, 55 in san jose. those winds are going to pick up throughout the second half of your day especially at the coast. you want to keep that in mind. we stop the clock at 6:00 p.m. and we can see all this red and orange and yellow coming in to your inland cities. you look at the key, that's pretty strong winds. keep that in mind. tie down loose objects in your backyard. the winds won't be coming out of the northeast. more of an onshore flow, mild conditions, bringing about a little more cloud cover to start. that marine air keeping us 5 to 8 degrees cooler than where we ended up yesterday. that means 70s today inland, down from 82 yesterday, 78 for livermore and about 68 degrees in san francisco right on track
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with our seasonal averages. in fact, we stay on track with our seasonal averages just about all week long. we're going to see a few more clouds roll in wednesday through thursday, maybe a few showers up in the north bay. by friday, clearing you out. saturday and sunday, warming you back up into the upper 70s. back to you guys. >> christina, thank you very much. new this morning, at least eight people are dead and almost 100 hurt in syria after two bombs exploded. the powerful explosions went off near a military compound causing major damage to buildings and cars in that area. the blast sent debris just flying hundreds of yards. syria right now blaming the bombings on armed terrorists. that's a term they used to describe rebels trying to overflow president assad. happening now, the u.s. is ironing out a deal with china to secure asylum for a blind chinese activist who escaped. they want to reach an agreement before secretary of state hillary clinton arrives in china this week.
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he is now reportedly in u.s. hands in beijing. the state department, though, will not confirm his actual whereabouts. on friday, he released a video after escaping from his village home. chen is a well known dissident who angered authorities by exposing forced abortions. saving money and cutting deficits seems like a good idea, but scott mcgrew points out it's also very painful. >> well, good morning to you. we're seeing this in europe, laura. spain over the weekend measured its gdp says the economy is contracted for two quarters and that's the dictionary definition of recession. now, there's an economics lesson in here as we watch the spanish protest in madrid. it appears most of the contraction is due to cuts in its own government spending. those cuts are what everybody's protesting. in other words, spain created its own second recession voluntarily by cutting spending. now, spain and other countries which way overspent in the go go
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years are under pressure particularly by germany to make those cutbacks to get their deficit under control. now, that's one solution, but it's not the only solution to a country's economic woes. if you are a country in debt, you really have two choices. both of them are kind of lousy. there you go, do what spain did, cut government spending but that hurts the poor and can cause a recession. or you can spend your way out of misery. this is the stimulus choice, theoretically it creates jobs and you increase your tax base. but if you are wrong, you put your chips in the center, made your debt worse. both america and europe are making these choices. europe is choosing the top one there, the obama administration favored the one you saw on the bottom. google over the weekend released a report that showed far more googlers know their street view cars were collecting more data than they were supposed to. google originally said one rogue engineer created software that helped google cars vacuum in wireless data like your e-mail and only he knew about it,
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google said. well, turns out a number of googlers knew. the government's essentially dropped this case. google wants to put the incident behind it, as well. back to you. >> thanks so much, scott. 6:19, the defending u.s. open golf champion stopping by san francisco today. mcelroy visiting with the press. he easily won last year's tournament by eight strokes. at just 22 years old, he became the youngest winner since the 1920s. and a reminder, nbc bay area will have full coverage of this year's u.s. open in june. >> that was a great one to watch last year. well, in case you still have one, go ahead and dust off that library card. the south bay library opening its doors this morning for the first time in eight years. the campbell library back in business after shutting back in 2004. it's located at 77 harrison avenue off highway 17. starting today the library will be on a six-day per week schedule. it is 6:20. coming up, curbing distracted
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driving. could be headed for a crash even if you're driving hands free. we'll give you a live look outside. a spectacular shot over san francisco. the sun is now shining on the city and all over the bay area. christina loren says it's going to be a great week. get out and enjoy. 6:21.
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and this is that live look outside from the south bay this morning. overlooking san jose. a little hazy start. not too cool out there. light sweater, perhaps, before you head out the door. in fact, we're going to check your forecast right now. >> yeah, nice thing is meteorologist christina loren can treat us to the postcard shots and nice spring weather. >> we've got this great shot of san francisco. it shows all the fog just kind of hovering around the bridge. really great shot for you this morning. this is not it. this shows you some high clouds hanging out above. there we go. take a look at that. and then i wanted to show you the actual golden gate bridge and show you we're not dealing with a lot of reduced visibility out there this morning. just kind of a thin layer. as we head throughout the morning hours, temperatures climbing from the 60s now into the 60s by noon, rounding out the day with plenty of 70s. your full forecast in moments. >> you know what, christina, we're looking at the live shot here with 680, which, well, we
6:25 am
have the cones being picked up now. this orange truck and this white truck right here, one of the trucks that pops up in the back. they're all going backwards. this is northbound 680. it is now just about clearing at 680 and sunol boulevard. both directions clearing up once they get the rest of these cones. the backup will clear over the next few minutes, guys. great news and a smooth flow in the southbound commute direction. getting back out there to the maps and show you the slowing just minor there. slowing just north of that livermore exit. and up toward the dublin interchange, nice, easy drive. the south bay shaping up, as well. that golden gate bridge looks lighter, as well. folks might be shell shocked from the weekend construction. it's clear, guys, back to you. texting our talking on your cell phone behind the wheel is not safe. it can be deadly. now tracie potts says there's another cell phone danger out there. good morning, tracie.
6:26 am
>> hey, jon, good morning, everyone. turns out you don't just have to have the phone in your hand, you may be just thinking about using the phone and become a danger to yourself and others on the road. the university of washington took a look at the cell phone overuse scale. they looked at things like how emotional you are about using the phone in the car or anticipating a call while driving. turns out those things also correlated with a higher accident richk. they actually looked at people driving records and their past history of accidents. and for every one-point increase on that scale, there was a 1% increase in the number of accidents. those drivers had, particularly young drivers, about 1 in 5 overall admit driving and texting at the same time. but about half of young adults in their early 20s admit doing that now. many states have started laws to ban cell phone and texting while driving. in california, there a ban on all cell phone use by bus drivers and new drivers, but there's a texting and hand held
6:27 am
ban for all drivers, as well. trying to keep you safe on the roads, put down the phone, and in some cases, according to this research, jon, don't even think about using it. >> all right, tracie, thank you very much. it is 6:27 right now. coming up, putting a name to a face. an artist bringing back an east bay crime victim. bringing them back to life in a sense in the hopes of tracking down a killer. plus, swept overboard. a day at the races turns tragic along the southern california coastline. and this one is a pothole blitz in the east bay, we're telling you where the morning commute is getting a little less bumpy. and a live look outside, 880 in oakland this morning. traffic picking up there. we'll continue to check the morningtemu g, , ou yet out the door if that is where you're headed. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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center divide sending chunks of cement flying in the air. i'm christie smith with a live look coming up next. good morning, i'm bob redell, we'll take you for a live drive. that story coming up. and i'm meteorologist christina loren live in the nbc bay area weather center. we've got some changes on the way as of today. cooler weather and then the rain moves in. we'll tell you when coming up. and of course, we're tracking the impact of that accident been going on since late last night. the latest on the morning commute through the tri-valley. and how about a live look outside over san jose. it's a little bit of that mist and fog in the distance. looks like it's going to clear up real nice. more sunshine, more warmer weather all week long. starting off this monday, april 30th, "today in the bay."
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>> good monday morning, everybody, thank you very much for joining us, the time is 6:30. i'm jon kelley. >> we continue to follow developing news and traffic finally starting to move on 680 after a big rig crash shut down the area. concrete and other debris littering the area. looks like it's moving now. >> reporter: yeah, you know, looks like all northbound lanes of 680 are back in business within the last couple of minutes. we saw them pulling the cones out. and also a little bit earlier crews were out here, they towed the cab out of here and the trailer that had been sitting here basically since 10:00 last night. there is quite a bit of damage to that center divide, though, where the truck plowed through it sending chunks of concrete flying into the air. this was around 10:00 last night, shut down 680 near sunol boulevard. ten other cars were hit with that concrete, broken windshields, that sort of thing. one woman suffered minor injuries, but she didn't have to go to the hospital.
6:32 am
now, the chp tells us this truck was carrying hazardous materials and there was concern that the drums might leak. the good news, though, they're saying that didn't happen. but here's how the wreck unfolded. >> for other reasons, it had traversed and collided into the center wall which caused it to overturn on to the passenger side. >> reporter: now 150 gallons of diesel fuel did spill out all over the roadways. caltrans brought out absorbent material to try to clear that up. but after a very long night, it looks like 680 finally starting to move again. but of course, even when the lanes open up, there's still a backup. and for had more on that, i'll turn it over to mike. >> thanks, you give them the good news and i'll show them the slowdown. i see how it works. 680 on the maps, live chopper shot. actually that changes quicker than the sensors. this is the smoother drive now.
6:33 am
all lanes open in both directions as christie said past sunol boulevard. moved the equipment off the roadway, and now just, well, couple of media vehicles, christie and another crew are out there. a smooth drive here, back to the maps, just a little slowing north out of sunol and pleasanton. but the commute direction moving smoothly and just in time for this build coming out of livermore to hit the dublin interchange and move south through sunol. expect pretty much your normal commute coming out of the tri-valley. that's a relief, guys, back to you. >> thank you very much. new this morning, doyle drive reduced to rubble, and this morning, commuters cruising down the replacement road for the first time. bob redell on the bypass. bob, tell us what you're seeing out there, my man. >> reporter: well, we're taking the route northbound this time from san francisco. and right up here where we're bending is normally where you'd be getting up on to the overpass. the old doyle drive. but you can see it is flat and makes a bend and it basically
6:34 am
stays on surface streets, low-level surface streets until you make the incline up to the approach for the golden gate bridge. the project managers did shut down at 8:00 friday night. so they could take down the old doyle drive right there to the right and more of it to the left. and they said they would be open in time for this morning's commute at 5:00. they actually were about four minutes ahead of schedule. they opened at 4:56 this morning. and they've been warning about a slow commute, but as you can see, the commute direction, of course, being the headlights coming towards us, yes, there is traffic, but it does seem to be moving at the limit. the limit is slightly different, 35 miles an hour, not 40 miles an hour which it was when you used to have the doyle drive overpass here. heading northbound, you'll notice a major feature here, you'll see the new alignment where it does an s-curve. and you'll see the tunnel in the foreground.
6:35 am
a new feature you'll be passing through as you're going in both directions northbound and southbound on this new doyle drive alignment. now the reason why they took down the old doyle drive which you should be able to see outside the right-side window, there's some of the debris there. the reason why took it down because it was old. 76 years old, and because of that, they just said it was seismically unsafe. so in its place is going to be this tunnel and some more tunnels as part of the new parkway project. the billion dollar project they hope to have completed by 2015, 2016 at the latest. again, if you are thinking about taking this in your commute and maybe you don't want to be in the new alignment, services have been extended this week, as well. bob redell, "today in the bay." police right now looking for the person who shot and killed a teenager on an elementary school campus in san jose. officers say people who live near lowell elementary called 911 after hearing gun shots late saturday night.
6:36 am
they found an 18-year-old with at least one gun shot wound. police have not released the teenager's name. so far, no arrests have been made. but police are looking into whether the shooting was gang related. this marks san jose's 12th killing of the year. an artist is bringing back to life a face of an east bay victim who died decades ago. detectives are able to see what the victim looked like and hoping someone will recognize her. in 1993 in june in the town of port costa, a man walking his dog discovered a woman's body. she died of head trauma. a forensic artist who usually works with the actual skulls to recreate a face was only able to use photos this time. hoping to trigger someone's memory to get the case solved. >> until someone identifies it's just kind of a piece of artwork.
6:37 am
and that's not where i want it to be. i'd like that person to be identified. that's the whole purpose. >> through dna analysis, the victim was a white woman, 20 to 35 years old, about 5'5" tall weighing between 90 and 120 pounds. anyone with information should contact the sheriff's office. for the second time in as many weeks, a yachting race has turned deadly. three people killed, a fourth still missing after an apparent offshore collision in mexico. the 37-foot boat was racing when it was clearly hit by something much bigger. the debris left behind tells the story. we were seeing a lot of small pieces, as well and that was kind of an indication to me that whatever happened to the vessel was a dramatic impact. >> right here in the bay area all yacht races near the golden gate still on hold at this
6:38 am
point. that's after that deadly crash near the islands two weeks ago. and over the weekend, the body of 15-year-old jordan frahm was found off the san francisco coast. frahm was one of five sailors thrown overboard during that crash. three people are still missing. at this point, they are presumed dead. one of those killed is alexis bush, the very first bat girl for the giants. the team plans to hold a public memorial for her starting at 1:00 today at at&t park. 6:38, a local nurses union says it'll hold a one-day walkout. california nurses association has been at odds with sutter over pay, staffing levels, and patient care. the walkout coincides with concerns that sutter's san leandro hospital is closing the emergency room to reopen as a rehabilitation center. 4,500 nurses are expected to participate in the walkout on may 1st at hospitals throughout the bay area.
6:39 am
including alta bates medical center in oakland and berkeley. it is 6:38 right now. let's check back in with christina loren to find out about today and the week ahead. >> take a look at all this fog creeping in so quickly you can watch it with the naked eye this morning. science at work over the city by the bay. as we head throughout the day today, the natural ac will keep you on the cool side by the water. we're not dealing with as much. you can vividly see that in san jose. as a result, we're going to see our inland temps back in the upper 70s today. 53 in san jose to start. patchy fog, ragged patches of fog as you pass through half moon bay and pacifica. as we head throughout the afternoon, becoming sunny, lots of sunshine for us today, but temperatures as a result of that marine air a little bit cooler today by about 5 to 8 degrees. the mild pattern sticks just about all week long.
6:40 am
we do have rain in the forecast which we need for our air quality and we're running a deficit. we'll talk about that in my next report. for today, 64 degrees at noon, up to 70 degrees inland at 4:00 p.m., full-on sunshine. back to you. >> thank you very much, christina. well, if you drive through some of the busiest streets in oakland, well, that ride may soon feel a little bit smoother. the city's public works agency kicking off the annual spring pothole blitz this morning. the program is aimed at fixing potholes at high-traffic areas. and this year, crews are starting in north oakland. and they do want your help. if a pothole happens to be rattling your car and you're sick and tired of driving over it every day, the agency says give them a call so they can get out there and fix it. the city can only patch streets as opposed to completely repaving them. it is 6:40 right now. still ahead, four days without food. aker tells u.s. hir tells us ho stayed alive alone in the wilderness with a broken leg.
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this morning, just a brutal highway tragedy out in new york city, seven people including three children now dead after their van flew off an elevated parkway and then crashed 50 feet right to the ground below. firefighters say the driver hit the median then traveled across all three lanes and ran off the overpass into a tram yard that serves the bronx zoo. the initial investigation shows skid marks on the road leading investigators to believe the driver of the van was going at a very high speed at the time of that crash.
6:44 am
the victims are three generations of the very same family, no one and no animals on the ground were actually hurt. >> very sad. 6:43 right now. this morning, we're hearing from a utah hiker found four days after getting lost in utah's rugged wilderness. no food and a broken leg. victoria grover set out on a 6-mile hike on tuesday but became stranded after breaking her leg during a jump off a 4-foot ledge. 59-year-old found herself alone to deal with the elements and cold nighttime temperatures would drop to the low 30s in the high desert. >> i really wasn't scared until i stopped shivering. that was the point when i got scared. because that was the point when i thought if somebody doesn't find me pretty soon, i'm going to die of hypothermia. >> teams did reach her, she was suffering from hypothermia.
6:45 am
she's now recovering in the southern utah hospital where doctors actually expect her to make a full recovery. >> yes, indeed lucky. 6:44. dealitith your pg & e smart o w meter coming up.
6:46 am
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6:48 am
the worst commutes in the bay area. we're talking about this stretch of highway 101 from the peninsula into the south bay. but some good news this morning, i spoke to a spokesman who says there's a plan in the works to relieve this congestion. she says they plan to build double car pool lanes in both directions of 101 from embarcadero road in palo alto where we are this morning to beyond the 101/85 interchange in mountain view. when all is said and done, this means there'll be a total of 12 lanes in both directions compared to the eight now. now, eventually a vta spokesperson tells me the car pool lanes will also be converted into expressway lanes so solo drivers will have the option to use the lanes for a price. as for the price of this project, the officials say they do not have an estimated cost yet, but the money will come from a combination of federal, state, and local funds and hope to have the lanes in place by 2016. now, i spoke to a few commuters this morning to get their take
6:49 am
on this and believe it or not, not everybody is completely onboard. there's a driver who tells me this plan is "awesome." another guy says he doesn't compare because he commutes in the off-peak hours. and another commuter said he'd rather see the regular lanes open up than car pool lanes. we're live in palo alto this morning, i'm marla tellez, "today in the bay." people all across the country and the bay area will rally for workers rights. several community groups have called for a general strike for may day in san francisco. activists marching for immigrant workers rights starting at 24th and mission street at 10:00 a.m. in oakland, there's a noon rally in front of city hall. three hours later, a march for dignity and resistance will begin at fruitvale b.a.r.t. station. and starting at story and king and end around 4:00 at city hall. 6:49, golden gate bridge
6:50 am
unions are asking the supporters to keep the span open while they go on strike tomorrow. got a live look at the golden gate bridge right now where workers will call for a day of action tomorrow between 7:00 to 10:00 in the morning. union workers will be picketing to protest rising health care costs, but they're asking protesters from the occupy movement to abandon their threat to block traffic on the bridge for a strike was called. when it comes to smart meters, pg & e wants to know, are you in or out? the utility asking customers who want to opt out of the program to notify the company by some time tomorrow. that is three months to the day after state regulators gave customers the option of rejecting the wireless electricity and gas meters. tomorrow is not a firm deadline. people can also opt out any time, but you have to then pay a fee. it is 6:50 right now. the "today" show coming up next. good morning, matt. good morning.
6:51 am
coming up on a monday here on "today," seven people killed from one new york family including three children when their van plunged some 60 feet off a highway overpass and into the bronx zoo. we're live with new details on the investigation as to how that could've happened. also ahead, the mother of a missing soldier at ft. bragg opens up about her daughter's disappearance for the first time. we'll hear from her exclusively. and ryan o'neal will be here for an exclusive live interview, we'll talk to him about his recent cancer diagnosis and his new memoir, a pretty raw and revealing look at his stormy relationships with farrah fawcett and his own children. all that plus the always lively diane kei diane keaton. feeling like spring still. >> a little cooler than it was yesterday. we didn't have any fog yesterday or saturday. today, everything's changed. let's go ahead and take you outside show you what it looks like. there's that natural coolant. mother nature turned on the a.c.
6:52 am
as a result, we'll see our temperatures drop off about 5 to 8 degrees from yesterday's highs and throughout the day today, temperatures will be right on track with their seasonal averages. so finally getting spring-like weather that we're accustomed to here in the bay area. 53 degrees in livermore to start you out, 50 in san mateo, good morning in san francisco, 50 degrees there. noon today, temperatures are going to climb up into the mid-60s, we are going to see the winds pick up and they're going to turn a little bit more westerly. winds coming out of the northeast, now onshore flow, the winds will pick up, 5:00 p.m., we stop the clock on the future cast, you can see all the red and orange coming in especially up in the north bay in the city of san francisco and right up the coast. that means the winds will be gusting from time to time. you want to keep that in mind. it's the onshore flow cooling us off. not as warm, mild conditions, low 70s for most inland cities. and the mid-60s right by the water. san jose, we're going to hit the upper 70s today. 78 degrees is the forecasted high.
6:53 am
your seven-day outlook, temperatures around 70 inland all week long, bringing in more clouds and shower activity thursday into friday warming you back up, though, bringing that sunshine saturday and sunday. let's check your drive with mike. we're looking at the south bay and northbound commute route. this is the commute direction from capital expressway, 101 slows into the 40s up toward about the airport. typical pattern as you're passing by 680. 87 similar situation with the 30s and 40s there. 280 and 85 passing by 17, those will follow in short suit, but right now the typical pattern up through the south bay. and a lower bay shore. now this is where marla's been talking about the hov lane. and that's going to be an issue. by 7:30, the speeds slam down in both areas. so that will really change the flow over there. the east bay we're looking over to 680, live look at sunol shows you the southbound side. where traffic's starting to slow now heading out of sunol and into fremont. this is a pretty typical
6:54 am
pattern, a little heavier than normal might be because folks waited till an earlier accident cleared. for more on what happened earlier, i'm headed over to laura. we continue to follow in pleasanton this morning, all lanes of 680 as you mentioned back open after the overnight shutdown. going to turn it over to christie smith live out there on the scene this morning. looks like traffic's picking up out there. >> reporter: absolutely. and what a difference 20 minutes makes. caltrans came in here and they scooped up the last of the orange cones on the northbound side and everything is back in business after a big rig driver plowed through this cement center divide there and rolled over sending chunks of concrete flying. this near sunol boulevard shutting down 680 for a time. now why he lost control, the chp says they still don't know. but the truck carried hazardous materials and there was concern that it might leak. the good news, that didn't happen. but to concrete was a real hazard for drivers coming the other way.
6:55 am
once the truck collided into the center divider wall, it exploded the concrete and was approximately ten vehicles that were impacted with some of the flying debris. >> reporter: now, only one woman was hurt, but she didn't have to go to the hospital. and about 150 gallons of diesel spilled all over the road. crews got on that and cleaned it up just a while ago. and everything is clear, but as you can see, moving kind of slow out here still this morning. reporting live in pleasanton, christie smith, "today in the bay." and new this morning, doyle drive, looks like everything's on schedule has been demolished. and this morning, commuters testing out the replacement road for the first time. bob redell is literally wheels on on that bypass. bob, tell us what it feels like, man. well, good morning to you, jon. we're headed southbound on the new doyle drive. and caltrans did get this open at 5:00 this morning as promised after shutting it down 8:00 friday night so they could
6:56 am
destroy the old doyle drive elevated roadway. and this is where it changes. as you head southbound, you'll notice instead of veering to the left where it would take you on what was part of the old elevated roadway, you're now on this new road and they've got a movable median to your left that could be moved to adjust the five lanes of traffic. that's new. some things you are going to notice is the speed limit. it's 35 miles an hour. you might be able to see that in the lit up sign there as opposed to the previous 40 miles an hour they had in the week prior. another thing is this speed right here, a tunnel, driving through a tunnel now, on this new bridge. you go through this tunnel and get through the tunnel and have a nice s-curve that gets you into the marina district. as far as traffic goes, you can see it's not bad. it's slow and go. there was concerns about being big backups. we'll see how the later morning commute goes. but right now, you can see, we are at the limit. so it's not as bad as was predicted. and this, of course, doyle drive was taken down because it was
6:57 am
old, 76 years old, seismically unsafe and it's going to be replaced with the new prisido parkway. that's projected to be finished by 2015. reporting live on new doyle drive, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, bob. it's 6:57. a lot of economic news putting traders on edge this morning. business and tech reporter scott mcgrew watching the market for us. >> well, good morning to you. two things, this friday we get our jobless numbers. the big jobs numbers. also we're watching another country in europe go into recession. we're talking about spain. the dow industrials down about 30 points this morning, the nasdaq down about 20. bay area companies trading about even. the financial newspaper said over the weekend that google and apple should be considered as two companies for the dow 30 industrials. there are 30 companies that make up that index. so who do you get rid of to make way for google and apple? maybe alcoa ioaluminum or bank
6:58 am
america or hewlett-packard, back to you. >> thanks. 6:57 right now, this morning bay area chefs broiling in a fight. it's the liver from ducks that are sometimes force fed up to three times a dead during the last month of their lives. a law banning it in california set to take effect july 1st. but now chefs across the bay area have joined forces in a last-ditch effort to stop it. golden gate restaurant association claim an outright ban could lead to a black market. the chefs suggest a better idea would be a law requiring the birds be raised in a humane way. >> bans don't work. that's why we really think actually doing regulation is a much better way to go. we think you can regulate it, use the power of the california economy to change farming worldwide. >> a similar ban in chicago had restaurants getting around the law by giving away the food but then charging $20 for the crouton underneath it.
6:59 am
>> oh, creative. u.c. berkeley students cramming for the finals can do some chilling out today with four-legged companions. therapy dogs offering students some stress-free environmental feelings. the dogs will be stationed outside moffett library ready to provide instant anxiety relief. this is all part of the pet therapy program to give students an outlet to try and deal with the stress that you get during exam time. studies show that interactions with animals lower blood pressure, reduce anxieties and help improve overall health and maybe extra studying helps relieve some of that stress, as well. are you ready for this? taking a trip for an australian billionaire who says he's going to finance the construction of another "titanic." clive palmer made the announcement weeks after the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the titanic. "titanic ii" will be built in china and the inaugural voyage made in


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