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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 30, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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developing news right now at 11:00. the may day protests have arrived early. san francisco police out in riot gear tonight. a police station has been vandalized. windows are shot. and cars damaged. all this up and down san francisco's mission district. >> let's get right to nbc bay area's jean elle outside that police substation at 17th and valencia. >> reporter: people here say a group of about 100 people, many
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of them wearing masks, marched up valencia street, leaving a trail of destruction behind them. look at the mission district police station. there's paint on the windows. many of the windows are also broken. this is the story up and down valencia street tonight. police are out in riot gear, looking for vandals. but the damage is already done. police say that are searching for suspects right now. this started about 9:15 tonight. we are seeing broken store windows. broken car windows. egg and paint on windows. we are occupied. one valet worker says the group just started breaking stuff. >> i saw them litter this place with egg bombs. one of our signs. and you see most of the damage to this astin parton. >> reporter: the vandalism happened on the eve of several
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plans for demonstrations. labor unions are expecting to protest tomorrow. union leaders marched to city hall, demanding fair contracts for 13,000 workers. occupy protesters are expected at some of the planned demonstration tomorrow. police in riot gear are standing watch here at the mission station. and patrolling the neighborhood. police have made one arrest. no word on how much damage has been done. the valet driver said he did try to confront the group and stop them. and he felt like he was going to be assaulted. so, he backed off. he is okay. police are in force right now. many businesses that were targeted are closed tonight. there will be cleanup tomorrow. cleanup of broken windows and paint.
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and police are out looking for the vandals. >> should be an active 24 hours. your commute tomorrow morning may be disrupted. ferry workers will with on strike. oakland rallies are being planned. oakland p.d. is teaming with other local agencies and beefing up their staffing. they're expecting large groups to rally. oakland port workers are expected to walk off the job, beginning tomorrow. thousands of bay area nurses plan to strike tomorw, fueled by a contract dispute with sutter health. the day of action will be seen down the peninsula and the south bay, san jose, the south hills, redwood city, as well as other communities preparing for protests, as well. we'll have continuing coverage throughout the day.
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and on nbc today, grief counselor on campus. a high school football star was remembered after a deadly stabbing. the young man who is recovering from depression and getting his own life back in order. cheryl hurd joins us from newark where a school and a community is devastated. >> reporter: newark is a very tight knit community. that's why the stabbing death of this football star touched a lot of lives. many of them, hundreds of them gathered tonight in this football field to grieve. >> he loved this school. he loved his football team. >> reporter: it was only fitting that his football team, family and friends would pay tribute on this football field. this field is one of the places
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where a community fell in love with him. >> i didn't want to cry today. it's making it really hard. know that he loved a lot of people in there. it's really hard. >> reporter: it's hard because almost everyone here can't figure it why the football star was stabbed to death at a party in fremont. an 18-year-old was arrested and could be charged with the billing. three male juveniles have also been detained. >> he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. and this is what happened. >> reporter: it happened to an 18-year-old who worked hard to get his life back together. his father died when he was a young child. his family sent him here from samoa, only to relive two more tragedies. the loss of an uncle in a car accident. and last year's killing of his best friend. >> he hit a low point last year,
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losing his best friend. but he bounced back. >> reporter: he bounced back from depression and expulsion. he won a fight to be reinstated at this school. graduation was a little more than a month away. members of his football team paying tribute on the field. dozens of people showing up for a bake sale to raise money for his burial. it is unclear tonight whether he will be buried here or in his native samoa. it is also unclear when the four people who have been detained in the case, will see their day in court. back to the water. the search for missing teen sierra lamar is headed back to the waterways. the sheriff's dive team will use live sewner scans to get a better look under the water in south san jose. it's on to anderson, coyote,
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almaden, and guadalupe. police so far have received more the man accused of killing seven people this month at oikos university says he's not guilty. he entered that plea today in court. the former student may have been targeting an administrator during his shooti ining rampage. barry bonds says it was dear to his heart. he remembered 26-year-old alexis busch, a giants bat girl. >> a lot of parents don't know what it's like to lose a child. we know what it's like to lose a family member.
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>> busch was the first bat girl in major league barrel history. it was busch who greeted bands at home plate when he hit his historic home run. she was one of those who died in the crash in the farallon islands. the most famous stolen car in the bay area has been recovered. guy fieri is thrilled with local police. fieri lives in the bay area. fieri is celebrating the recovery of the 200,000 yellow lamborghini that was recovered saturday from a storage unit in richmond. the car looks like this. it was gone for more than a year. now, he has his wheels back. >> marin sheriff's department and mill valley p.d., i mean, to crack the case, to get the lowdown and to follow through and to get it in the yellow
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lambo was found. i never thought it would happen. big props and big thanks to them. >> that yellow lambo, that bam bo lamborghini spider. it was found in an unrelated case. directs breast cancer. discoveries are turning a basic test into a life-saver. she sold her car to save her business. it she turned to our investigative unit for help. they're living life on their own. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above average. gilroy, 87.
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alma den valley, 85. we'll undergoing cooling for tuesday. but larger changes, including showers.
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when twin girls from san jose turn 3 this summer, they'll celebrate their birthday apart for the first time. a year ago, angelina and angelica sabuco could barely walk. now, they are chasing each other in a game of tag. their new independence, the result of a risky separation surgery. today, they returned to see the doctor who changed their lives.
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all of their organs are normal. the healing has been great. there's structural concerns that we're still monitoring. the shape of the chest is continuing to remodel. >> remarkable to see them now. the girls have big plans for the future. one wants to be a doctor. the other a nurse. a blood test that dedetects pres cancer a year before current methods may be just a month away. they are identifying bio markers. it spots cases up to a year earlier. researchers hope to have the blood tests ready for the u.s. market by the end of this year. a san jose dealership, a signed contract, and an elderly
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woman. >> it's an investigative unit exclusi exclusive. without the money, that woman may be forced to close her senior care facility. >> it's a problem the family wants to avoid. the police and the district attorney says no crime has been committed. the family believes this dealership has stolen the car or stolen its money. tonight, an investigative unit, holding the car dealership accountable. >> you stole my mother's money. you stole $70,000 from her. >> reporter: in the middle of this dealership showroom floor, louise thompson had one goal. get the money for her mom. >> the money's gone. >> what did you do with the money? >> it's operated. it got sucked in a black hole. >> reporter: missing money, the family needs this senior care facility in business, in santa cruz. >> do you like it here? >> i love it.
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>> reporter: for more than three decades, she has cared for the elderly. >> i don't forget you. that's all my future. and they took it. the challenges of the economy have left her with an economy shrinking, while balances continue to grow. >> i will not have the money to pay them. so, i guess i have to close. where will i go? this is my whole life. >> reporter: to save her business and pay her bills, she decided to sell this car, a 1999 ferrari spider. 1 of only 199 built in the united states. a collector car she purchased originally as an investment. do you feel they stole your car? >> yes. they did steal my car. >> reporter: she took her car to stevens creek auto mall.
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the ferrari had a market value at the time of $95,000. if the dealership found a buyer, she agreed to accept just $70,000. >> if we lose our business, some of our residents may not have homes to go to. what my mom does is not a gift that many people are able to provide. if she loses that, that's why i came to you. >> reporter: more than six months after staking the ferrari to the dealership, the family found her car on ebay. and the v.i.n. matched exactly. by all indications, the collector car was sold to a dealer in florida. the contract here says you're supposed to have the money within 20 days of sale. do you have the money? >> no, i don't. >> reporter: why not? >> he kept the money. >> reporter: the family's
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frustration grew after taking their story and documentation to san jose police, to santa clara county district attorney, and the california department of motor vehicles. have any of the three helped you get your money back? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: disappointing? >> disheartening. >> reporter: frustrated with no action, the family went back to the dealership. and we were there with our hidden camera. remember, the owner told louise the money is gone, sucked into a black hole. >> they sucked everything out. and got caught short. she happens to be one of the ones on the short end of the stick. the bottom line is, not her problem. it's my problem. >> it is my problem. you know why? you've stolen money from my mother. >> you want to call it stolen, i'll give it back to you as quick as i can. >> reporter: the owner admitted the car had sold and admitted he was paid. uncovered by our investigation may explain part of his financial problem.
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it says he owes the federal government $604,000. money for failing to pay withholding taxes. >> i'm going out of business in 45 days. >> reporter: after days after promising to pay the 70 grand he owes on the ferrari, the owner of the dealership agreed to answer our questions. the contract she signed, you were expected to pay her within 20 days. that didn't happen. >> didn't happen. >> reporter: why? >> technicality. i can't explain why. >> reporter: it's a account. >> yes. >> reporter: you got paid for the car. >> we got paid for the car. >> reporter: and you didn't pay her? >> at this minute, no. >> i feel very, very angry. and very sad because i didn't realize, you know, people can do this for you. >> reporter: her took her money. is that good business?
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>> not good business. it's her money. it's been delayed. >> i can get this solved. and i get my money. >> reporter: what she wants to know is when is she going to see the money? >> as i sit here right this second, she's -- it's in the process to see her money. so, it's on its way. >> it was a mistake to trust people that i shouldn't trust. >> reporter: it's been two weeks since he made that promise. she still does not have her money. we can report it looks like it is on the way. he renewed his promise on the phone with me today. and a family representative says he has witnessed a good faith effort by the owner of the dealership. everybody appears optimistic that she will get her money back. and the nursing facility will santa cruz will stay open. >> a what hassle. >> a crazy mess. >> thank you, tony. keep us posted on that.
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>> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, call 888-996-tips. or send an e-mail to the unit, at let's bring in jeff raineri. jumping the gun. trying to get to the forecast. >> he's so excited. >> he wants the cooler temperatures we are coming our way tomorrow. the winds are been going strong 12 to 14 hours. the onshore flow has been cranking along. 12 in san jose. that has numbers anywhere from 20 to 25 degrees for our daytime highs. down to 57 in san jose. 59 in gilroy. we'll take you outside right now, live to our h.d. sky camera, working out there. you see the shark tank, h.p. pavilion. it's very quiet. we have low-level moisture in the atmosphere, dew points. the drizzle will main be at the
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coastline. the big theme will be our cooler and the showers. we had the cool front move across today. broke up. there was no chance of rainfall from this. the next thing that it will do is keeping the onshore flow. and then, if wednesday, some of the spots that were in the 80s today, look to drop down to the 60s. here is the other good thing. if you suffer from allergies, this has been phenomenal for you today. we went from everyone in the high category on saturday and sunday, down to low and moderate, as we continue for the next 48 hours, with the clearing breeze from the west. we'll start at 45 in los gatos. 47 in santa rosa. and 52 in san francisco. with the patchy fog expected far over to the east bay, with the best chance of drizzle at the coastline. daytime highs, near average. 74 in sunnyvale.
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73 in palo alto. and we do think a little more of the onshore flow will make it to the east bay. 678 in hayward. and 67 at alameda. and for the coastline, that onshore flow will be the strongest and temperatures the coolest. 64 in san francisco. and 63 in pacifica. the three-day forecast, numbers continue to trend downward. chance of showers on thursday. not a large storm system. we'll get some clearing by friday. and look at this. three, maybe four weekends in a row, i'm losing track here after the great weekend we had. temperatures will be warming up by saturday and sunday, with a lot of sunshine. now, that is something to look forward to this week. >> we like it. fromt p al reality. how "smash" came to the rescue of bay area schools.
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not a party. that's a fight. sailing season opened with fists flying in tiburon. that's a video of a brawl posted to youtube. alcohol was a factor, when boat hoppers clashed with bolt owners everyone detained by the cops was eventually released. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted.
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helpers. forty dishes, all delicious. those five food groups sound a whole lot better when you put them in a taco shell instead of a pyramid. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. hi, everybody. scott reiss in the comcast newsroom. the a's, forging into fenway, a place they've won 5 times in the last 22 games. perhaps, still reeling from sunday's ninth inning meltdown in baltimore. it was an interesting game to say the least. the a's and red sox begin a series. bottom two, david ortiz, a laser. fifth of the year for papi.
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ortiz, off of tommy malone. look at josh reddick. he lost the ball. and he goes clear over the fence. style points on the dismount, no. looked better coming into play. but the home run counts. big day for big papi. atones for a three-run home run. his fourth of the year. it was 11-1. now, it's 11-6. and a's have a chance here. guess who? reddick. dustin pedroia starts the 4-3 d.p. to end the threat. and the sox win a strange game, 11-6. >> bases loaded right there. one base hit. it's a whole different game. now, we're going to different guys in the bullpen. whole different makeup. >> we had more men on our side. after the bullpen shut them down for a few innings. we quickly turned it around. just wasn't enough. i felt like we gave up too much too early.
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you know, maybe if i catch that ball, they don't get five runs that inning and it's a whole different ball game. just six weeks until the u.s. open comes to san francisco and the olympic club for the first time since 1998. monday was media day. the usga divulged some of the particulars. >> this absolutely is going to be the hardest start for any u.s. open i can think of. and the first six holes in particular, if you can get through those one or two over par, i can promise you, you're going to be beating most of the rest of the field. >> your can catch all four rounds june 14th through the 17th. that's a lot more fun down the pike. and the giants back in action tomorrow. it will be a say hey tuesday. we'll be there between the giants and the marlins. >> we're looking forward to it.
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today was the media day to the u.s. open. they allowed the media to play on the course, scott? >> i didn't get my invite. >> lost in the mail, i guess?? - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists
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are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. nbc's "smash," is a smash hit. and it's helping some bay area performers. students starred in the performance of "annie jr." over the weekend. this was the school's first musical. the program is aimed at building new musical theater programs at underserved schools nationwide. organizers said it was an amazing opportunity for the east bay students, all thanks to
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"smash." >> and you can bet your bottom dollar, that jeff has the forecast. the sun will come out tomorrow, right? should i sing the whole musical for you? >> possibly. >> as we head into saturday and sunday, a clearing and warming forecast, with temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. that's what we've got for you. >> you've been bullying him. >> thanks. see you tomorrow.
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seniority. and since new, younger teachers are almost always first to go, we're in danger of losing a generation of teachers. san francisco and oakland are challenging the seen jornty doctrine. nbc bay area supports this change and endorses the idea of giving local districts greater discretion over how they spend and how they cut. the rights of senior employees do need protection. but our schools' first priority is to educate. and we think locally effected school officials should have the flexibility should do what's best for students. mario joyner


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