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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 1, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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briefed by the public information officer. in the meantime, i can tell you that the fire was called in just before 3:00 a.m. the fire is out, but not before claiming the life of one woman. a supervising police officer tells me the victim is an asian woman in her 30s that likely died from smoke inhalation. he says two others were hurt. now i spoke to a neighbor who was woken by firefighters just as the fire was underway. this man is in good spirits this morning and does not think his apartment is damaged. >> how are you feeling right now? >> i'm just feeling -- i want to go home now. >> reporter: now, as jon and laura mentioned, it happened inside a four plex unit. officials telling me one of those units is a total loss. the cause, of course, too early to tell. the cause is under investigation. again, as soon as i toss it back
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to you two, i'm going to head down the street to get the very latest from the public information officer to bring you the latest in my next report. we're live in san jose this morning, "today in the bay." picket lines planned throughout the bay area as may day rallies bring a slew of protesters together for a variety of causes. right now, ferry service is suspended as workers prepare for a day's worth of protests. damage is already done in areas where the protests have turned violent. this morning, we have team coverage on this day of action. live in oakland where nurses are walking out on the job. but we begin with bob redell live in san francisco where those ferry workers we talked about will be picketing starting in about half an hour. bob? >> reporter: that's right. good morning to you, laura. also telling us they'll be at the terminal at 6:00 in sausalito. to prepare, they've canceled ferry service this morning until the afternoon.
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so if you commute from marin into the city, you're going to want to come up with a plan "b," taking a bus, riding across the bay bridge. you can test out the new doyle drive. ferry workers are going on strike for may day and they're expected here throughout the morning. now, they're protesting a labor negotiation, they don't think management has been negotiating in good faith. at issue, our rising health care cost wages, pensions for new hires, the labor coalition representing the bridge, bus, and ferry workers tells us they've already made over $2 million in annual concessions. the district argues they too have been negotiating in good faith and their offer is fair and equitable and in line with other contracts. both sides are supposed to be meeting again this weekend. the negotiation's been going on for over a year now. now, ferry service will resume as i mentioned in the afternoon 2:15, 1:55 out of sausalito. this is not affecting the bridge itself, also not affecting bus
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service. you can drive, you can take the bus, and also you might have heard there were reports earlier that we had received from the occupy protesters saying they were going to try to shut down the golden gate bridge, but it's our understanding those plans have been canceled. reporting live here at the san francisco ferry terminal, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> started last night as this morning store owners and police dealing with a trail of destruction after a group of mass protesters went on a rampage down the street. windows broken, paint splattered, and broken store windows and eggs and paint on many businesses. police were out in riot gear looking for vandals, but the damage already done. a valet worker says the group started breaking stuff. >> i saw them just litter this place with egg bombs. they came up with -- well, we're missing one of our signs that did most of the damage to this aston martin. they started shattering everything they saw. one guy had a crowbar. >> officers say just one person
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was arrested in connection with the vandalism. occupy oakland will also be a driving force during the may day protests out on the east bay, the events get started at 8:30 this morning and ending at 3:30 with a march from the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station. also called for a daytime work stoppage at the port of oakland. another major may day labor event, a nurse walkout at nine bay area hospitals. live at oakland summit hospital, one of several sites where workers will be on the picket lines today. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. nurses are expected to start showing up here in clarnd at about 6:00 this morning, and then the strike officially starts at 7:00. this is part of a contract dispute between the nurses union and sutter house systems. up to 4,500 nurses are expected to be out here today.
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and a number of other places including berkeley, vallejo. the nurses are without a contract since last summer and say the proposed take aways to sick pay and benefits are some of the key issues and sticking points. you may recall that last september in another strike here that a patient died when according to the chronicle she was accidentally given a supplement while under the care of a replacement nurse. replacements will be in again for this strike and the cna says they really didn't want to walk off the job. >> nurses never want to strike. this is a measure of last resort. and sutter health has put over 100 concessions on the negotiating table and most of these concessions go to the heart of nurses being able to provide safe care. >> reporter: summit released a statement saying they certainly respect their nurses but they're disappointed by this.
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some elective procedures are being put off during the strike. but again, replacement nurses will be here to provide care. they do have a five-day contract. so what that means is the striking nurses wouldn't be allowed back until sunday. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." protesters will be out in force in support of janitors this morning. group of protesters will rally near westfield shopping mall on san francisco's market street starting at about 11:00 this morning. janitors and retail workers are engaged in ongoing labor dispute. they'll be picketing at fifth and market. and we, of course, will have full coverage of today's protest throughout the morning and on our website the search for sierra lamar heading back to waterways. the sheriff's dive team will use sonar scanners again to check several areas in south san jose. parkway lakes will be checked first, then it's on to anderson,
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coyote, and guadalupe reservoirs. there have been five arrests indirectly connected to the case, all related to sex offender violations, not the actual disappearance of sierra lamar. this morning, a teenager accused of killing a high school football standout will answer to charges in court. 18-year-old abraham hait is accused of stabbing to death futi, a former football player at newark high school. futi was at a house party in fremont saturday night and was involved in an argument that led to the stabbing. friends say futi was trying to get his life back together after a string of personal tragedies including the death of an uncle and the murder of his best friend. oakland's police department inching closer to coming under federal control. an independent monitor reporting monday that the department is still far from attaining court-ordered reforms. it said progress has been very slow and criticized the handling of occupy protests. the city says it finally has the right team in place to make major changes.
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oakland agreed to sweeping reforms back in 2003 after the fallout from the police corruption case. a pot club under pressure from the feds is closed. shut down monday night for being too close to two schools. city and state laws require dispensaries to be at least 600 feet away from any school. the club was in business before those laws were put into place. and the clinic had been in business for 13 years. city leaders hoping to put an end to copper wire theft. costing more than $400,000 in repairs and preventative measures. concord city council will ask for the public's health in stopping these kinds of crimes. thieves stole 25,000 feet of copper from at least six parks and one tennis court last year. 5:08. silicon valley may soon address the needs of low-wage earners. to increase the minimum wage from $8 to $10.
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it has several options on the table including enacting it directly or leaving it up to voters in november. the campaign was started by the sociology class from san jose state university and quickly gained community support. freeway closures will be in effect this week hitting early drivers trying to get on the road before 5:00 a.m. this morning. caltran shutting down 101 between marsh and willow roads in menlo park during early-morning hours so crews could get started on demolition in the old overcrossing. all northbound lanes will be closed in that area from 1:00 to 4:00 in the morning starting tomorrow. the number one and number two lanes in both directions will also be closed. and tomorrow, thursday, and between 11:00 at night through 5:00 in the morning. what's the forecast holding for us today? a cool start, but it'll be nice. let's check in with christina. >> you got it right on point. good morning to you. a really nice afternoon. you'll probably need a light sweater or jacket, but something you can peel off once you get into the office and make your
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way outdoors at about 3:00, 4:00 p.m. temperatures are going to be downright pleasant. 50 degrees in livermore, 52 to start you out in san jose. so overall, running about the same is where we were at this time yesterday. if you remember what that feels like. just about as cool out there. patchy fog, we'll see the 70s inland, breezy conditions picking up as we head to the second half of your day like yesterday. and we do have rain on the way, not a lot of rain, but enough to purify our air quality. so we do need that. we'll talk about that coming up. today, 71 degrees at noon, inland temps are going to be really warm. a little bit on the cool side right by the water. 61 degrees at noon on the coast with a good amount of cloud cover all day long. we'll see that filtered sunshine. as we head throughout the next couple of days, things start to change, we cool you off a little bit more and bring in the showers. i'll tell you when, that's ready to go in the next report. switching gears, let's get to your drive this morning. we don't have any serious problems out there. a couple areas where you might
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want to give yourself extra time. we want you to be alert about this. westbound 80, vehicle actually crashed into the plaza, and you will find an active scene there. also we've got another issue to tell you about. this one's in the south bay, southbound 280, disabled vehicle stirring up trouble just as you access that ramp to northbound 880. watch out for that this morning, we will keep you updated. back to you for now. >> thank you so much, christina. coming up, a new round of cost cuts at bank of america. we'll tell you if your favorite teller stands to lose his or her job. plus, the strange story of millions of dollars, an entrepreneur, and underwater hockey coming up in business news. and we'll give you a live look outside. that is the palace of fine arts. the camera a little shaky, might be a little windy out there, but looks like a clear,e ic nday, christina will tell you about that and the traffic. we'll log on to facebook, for the latest news,icweather, and traffic, search nbc bay area. ♪
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good tuesday morning, everybody, a live look at san jose on this first day of may. a calm day, sun will be coming up pretty soon. christina loren will let you know how nice it'll be. >> okay. >> it is 5:14. it's turning out to be quite a week for bay area entrepreneur. rockets and solar panels? >> he's a busy guy, laura. best known for tesla, but musk is making headlines this month after another of his companies comes closer and closer to launching a rocket to the international space station. monday, conducted a full static test running rocket motors for
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two seconds. here they go, let's take a listen. so two seconds of launch capability there, then they shut it down. we're looking for a launch to the international space station next week. his other success, the company he helped fund solar city says it's going to go public. the company leases solar panels to homeowners. and it's filed its initial paperwork for the ipo. the company is run by a fellow south african named lyndon rive. he made his fortune selling natural cosmetics in his home country, made a few more million in technology, and then raised more millions and tried to emigrate to america. and what did america say? america said no. rive couldn't get a green card to work here in the states, but according to the way he tells the story, america would give him a green card if he had a special skill. turns out he does. he is one of the best underwater hockey players in the world.
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i am absolutely not making this up. this is him showing off his skill. he got his green card and the rest is history. well, april's over, mabries flow may brings flowers and hopefully better markets. >> good morning, scott. not a whole lot of action is exactly right. and the futures relatively flat, a little bit positive this morning. april brought lots of showers to the market. we saw the dow just managing to eke out positive gains, but we did see the dow, sorry the nasdaq and s&p slightly lower. a lot of markets in europe are closed. a busy day in terms of what we're going to see here in the united states. we've got data on manufacturing and construction. also pfizer reporting its first quarter earnings. the dow fell 13 points on monday to close at 13,2013, the nand te
5:17 am
s&p slipped to about 1,397. more jobs coming at bank of america. planning to shed 400 people from the investment banking, corporate banking and sales and trading units. last year, bank of america launched a round of cost cuts called project new bac if you remember that one aiming to cut 30,000 jobs over the next few years. and finally, we are watching coca-cola this morning, as well. denying the report in the "wall street journal." expanding presence in the energy drink market. the journal saying that coke walked away after monster shares surged 20% during the day on monday. angry shareholders were questioning the acquisition and the potential price for it, denying the account of it. monster, of course, controls 35% of the energy drink market. that would be a strategic acquisition. scott, back over to you. >> thank you, much.
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now, facebook's made changes where you can show you're an organ donor. i can show you how to do that later. it's a car most mere mortals merely dream of. a set of hot wheels have been recovered more than a year after they were stolen. he lives in the bay area and was in san jose monday night celebrating the grand opening of his new restaurant johnny garlics and is now celebrating the return of his $200,000 yellow lamborghini. it was recovered saturday from a storage unit in richmond. he says he's thrilled with local police. >> marin sheriff's department and mill valley pd, i mean to crack the case, to get the low down and to follow through and to get it and the yellow lambo was found. i never thought in a million years it would happen. a big thanks to them. >> when you're a big baller, you call it the lambo. the spider stolen last year from the san francisco car dealership. officers say the storage unit
5:19 am
where it was found actually belongs to a 17-year-old boy who was arrested in an unrelated case. so guy just leaning to the side doing his lambo. >> nice. good day out there for whatever car you drive. put the windows down -- >> good thing his lambos used to be a whole lot cooler. if you wanted to ride your bike to work, it's a great day to do so. temperatures aren't too cold out there. it won't be that bad. 50 degrees in sunnyvale, 52 in san jose, throughout the afternoon, we're slated to hit the 70s inland yet again. just a touch cooler today right at the coast as we will have more cloud cover throughout the day today, not quite as much as yesterday. basically a repeat performance. those winds picking up just like they did yesterday afternoon. blustery at the coast and as we head through tomorrow, just a little bit cooler. showers arrive as we head through thursday and friday. just wanted to point this out, though, your future cast, stop the clock at 5:00 p.m. as you can see we progress throughout
5:20 am
the day. the winds will start to gust. you look at the key here, the pinks and oranges, really gusty winds moving in at the coastline. between the hours of about 3:00 and 5:00. today's high is looking comfortable for outdoor activities just about everywhere. 71 in san rafael, 75 in san jose and 76 degrees in gilroy. comfortable conditions. we are going to cool off more so and get more cloud cover tomorrow. if you want the sunshine, you might want to take advantage of this tuesday. evening shower on the way for thursday into friday as we head through the weekend, we're going to warm you back up, bring the 70s up into the upper 70s by monday. stellar start. gorgeous conditions. next week, as well, we hold on that spring-like pattern. looking really good. switching gears, drive is looking good. we don't have delays around the crash westbound 80 where a vehicle reportedly crashed into the toll plaza. we do know there's a tow truck on the scene and this accident is now clearing. no delays around it just yet.
5:21 am
we'll keep this one on the forefronts of our mind. let's take it live and show you how traffic is slowing, no problems here, westbound 880 picking up in both directions, no one tapping the brakes just yet. we'll let you know when that happens. >> the time is 5:21. are you a little bit hungry? you'll like this. coming up, not just the best in the west. they are the best of the rest. the bay area restaurants ranked among the world's greatest. taking a live look outside the bay bridge this morning. we'll keep looking at the morning commute and the fantastic forecast.
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welcome back, everybody. it's may day, i'm looking for a basket myself, and that is the embarcadero. it's all lighted up as it always is. and it looks spectacular on this tuesday morning. christina loren along in moments to tell us about the weather. 5:24. well, the south bay on the menu for the best restaurants in the world. ranks number 48 on a list of the world's 50 best. the only other bay area restaurant to make the list is the french laundry in yountville. noma held the number one spot, the results are published in the may issue of "restaurant" magazine. >> have to get out and check it all out. let's toss it over to christina loren to talk about our tuesday forecast. >> yeah, a good-looking day shaping up. another spring-like afternoon. things are going to start to change as we head into thursday and friday. showers on the way to the bay. today works out like this.
5:25 am
50s to start, upper 60s inland by noon today holding on to the upper 50s right at the peninsula with pretty good cloud cover at least until noon. but once that sun comes out, we're still expecting highs in the 60s and 70s right by the water, 71 degrees in redwood city. and don't forget, our giants are back in town. taking on the marlins tonight at 7:15. going to be a little bit on the cool and breezy side. 58 degrees, you can catch that game on our sister station comcast sports net bay area. well, if you've been curious about the furry feathered friends, you'll soon find out if the falcon chicks at city hall are males or females. this morning, they will repel down from the eighth story tower and place little bands on each of their legs which allow scientists to track the birds' movements, he'll also be checking their genders. banding day has taken place at city hall since back in 2007. still ahead, a fire at a
5:26 am
four plex in san jose. we'll talk about the victims pulled out of the burning building just ahead. also, an ousted sheriff's fight to try to keep his job. the setback in the suspension case just ahead. and are bars getting overserved with too many new rules? we'll tell you about the proposed crackdown just ahead. and a live look outside at san jose, very, very peaceful early in the morning before the sun comes.5:26 e we'r iit ibackma5:. we're back in a matter of minutes. [ mom ] to me, chex is not just a little bowl of cereal, it's kind of a big deal. to find nutritious and gluten-free cereals my whole family actually loves? well, the word "wow" comes to mind. and then a friend told me chex has five flavors that are gluten-free.
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right now, an update to breaking news we are following in san jose where one person is dead after flames ripped through a four plex early this morning. good morning, everybody, i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. firefighters had to pull several people out of the building as flames shot through the roof on warfield way. marla tellez live with the latest. marla? >> reporter: laura and jon, i
5:29 am
just got brand new information from a captain with san jose fire. he tells us seven to eight people were inside that four plex when it caught fire just before 3:00 a.m. he says five people were rescued by firefighters, three made it out on their own, four were taken to the hospital, three with critical injuries. now, a san jose police officer tells us one woman, an asian woman in her 30s was pronounced dead on scene. he says he thinks she died of smoke inhalation. now the fire captain says his crews did an awesome job. when they arrived, the flames were shooting through the roof of the four plex and the situation could have been much worse. >> very stressful situation. the fire started in the garage and extended into the residence. this is a four plex, two units were involved and two units were not. >> reporter: now, as you just heard the captain say, the fire
5:30 am
began in the garage which is in the back and underneath the four plex. the cause, however, is still being determined under investigation at this hour. this is all happening on warfield way about a mile from 101 and tully road. one woman pronounced dead on the scene. this is according to a san jose police officer. we're going to stay on the scene to bring you the latest. we're live in san jose this morning, "today in the bay." it is may 1st, also known as may day. that means union pickets and protests. and this year the occupy movements of course added to the mix. this morning we have team coverage on this action. christie smith live in oakland where nurses are out walking out on the job, but we start off with bob redell live in san francisco where ferry workers are expected to hit those picket lines any minute from now. good morning, bob. >> yeah, good morning to you, jon. one thing you're not going to be seeing are ferries coming in loaded with commuters trying to get to their job this tuesday morning. that's because the district has already canceled ferry service
5:31 am
for the morning, not going to restart until the afternoon. and in anticipation of these protests, local unions said they were going to be protesting this morning starting right now at the ferry terminal and then again at 6:00. well, clearly no one has shown up here yet. what they say they're protesting are labor negotiations with the district going on over a year now. they don't think management has been negotiating good faith at issues specifically rising health care costs, trying to shift that to the employee. wages and pensions for new hires. the labor coalition representing the bridge, bus, and ferry workers tell us they've already made $2 million annually in concessions. the bridges district argues they too have been negotiating in good faith and their offer is fair and equitable and in line with other contracts. both sides supposed to be meeting again may 7th. ferry service will start up later again this afternoon,
5:32 am
2:15, 1:55 in sausalito. this is not affecting the golden gate bridge itself or bus service. there are your plan "bs," you can check out the new doyle drive which reopened yesterday morning. reporting live here at san francisco's ferry terminal, bob redell, "today in the bay." and protesters gathering this afternoon in san jose at 4:00, protesters will march from the intersection of king road and in east san jose all the way to city hall. thousands of nurses are gearing up to hit the picket lines this morning for a one-day strike. at issue, sick pay and benefits. christie smith joins us live with more on how this could affect patients. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, we're talking about a lot of nurses, up to 4,500 registered nurses walking off the job. some expected to start showing up here at 6:00 this morning at summit medical center in oakland with the picket lines officially starting at 7:00. now, for those needing medical
5:33 am
care, the hospital will be using replacement workers during this strike, 480 at summit oakland alone. the california nurse's association has the sign up ready to go at their oakland offices. they've been without a contract since last june. they'll be picketing at hospitals in vallejo, berkeley, castro valley, antioch to name a few. the nurses say some of the big problems they're dealing with sick pay and reductions to benefits. >> they're asking nurses to big increases in their health care for themselves and their families. and you figure if nurses can't -- aren't safe in terms of keeping their health care, no one is. >> reporter: now, the job action is, of course, happening at the same time as occupy and other labor actions today. it's the third nurses strike in just seven months. summit released a statement saying it respects its nurses
5:34 am
but is disappointed by this. some elective procedures are being rescheduled, but again, the hospital is ready and open and providing care today. the replacement nurses will have a five-day contract in place which means that those nurses who go out on strike won't be allowed back until sunday. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." a lot of things happening all over the bay area. we'll have full coverage throughout the morning and find it on our website, search may day. 5:34 this morning, in the case of ousted sheriff ross mirkarimi, a judge has ruled a tentative ruling against the mayor's attempt to get phone records from mirkarimi's former campaign manager. the formal decision will be made during a hearing at 9:30 this morning. the mayor wants the phone records as evidence that mirkarimi tried to dissuade witnesses in a domestic violence case against him. mirkarimi pleaded guilty to a
5:35 am
misdemeanor charge of false imprisonment stemming from a new year's day argument that left his wife's arm bruised. he's now filing potential misconduct charges and the potential loss of his job. ramping up patrols on telegraph avenue, both the berkeley police department and university police will be out on telegraph's business district, people's park, and the surrounding areas. they'll be on foot and on bikes six days a week mostly in the afternoons and in the evenings. now, once the -- it was once the colorful center of berkeley life. it has fallen victim to crime and homelessness. they held a brainstorming session to discuss ideas for curbing the problem and revitalizing that area. authorities say they started the two-man patrols yesterday to address those concerns. 5:35. alcohol crackdown, city leaders are set to consider a controversial new ordinance.
5:36 am
walnut creek city council will hold a hearing to discuss the controversial law. if passed, older bars may be required to have security and adhere to alcohol cut-off times. right now, those bars are exempt from a 2004 law that set rules for bars and restaurants. bar owners have threatened lawsuit if that ordinance is passed. san jose's now defunct investment agency setting to sell a wide range of land. set to approve the list of priorities at the meeting held today. among the three dozen properties, a vacant hotel, old fire station, and historic theater and a parking garage. some of those properties will hit that market as early as june 1st. tough decision during the works to balance the budget in palo alto. expected to spend $152 million during the 2013 fiscal year, the palo alto is only supposed to bring in $151 million at the same time.
5:37 am
looking at cutbacks in public safety and spending in order to balance the budget. among the recommendations, having paramedics handle some of the calls usually handled by the fire department. as well as shifting six police officers to new shifts on field patrol. >> christina loren pulling double duty today. she's the meteorologist and trafficologist. that's the word we could use. let's check on the weather first. >> yeah, both are coming into play together, as a matter of fact, as the winds pick up. gusty over local bridges. we'll start with your temperatures this morning. as we do have the 50s out there. couple of 40s, low 40s i want to point out up at napa. little chilly up there, but overall, just as cool as we were at this time yesterday. we do have better news in the allergy department, as well. your pollen levels have decreased substantially from the weekend. and they're going to come down even more so when we get rain over the course thursday into friday. that's the good news, today works out like this temperature wise, you're trying to get the wardrobe ready to go.
5:38 am
71 degrees at noon, peeling off the first layer inland. 65 degrees by the bay and 61 as you break for lunch at the coast. 4:00 p.m., temperatures nice and warm. we can open up those windows in your house and enjoy that beautiful air as it's going to be a touch cooler as we head through tomorrow. and we've got rain on the way. we'll time out that system in my next report. switching gears, let's get to your traffic this morning. as i said, traffic and weather today. high wind warning issued iffer the san mateo bridge. you could get caught by a gust maybe 30 miles per hour plus from time to time. in addition to that, we've been following this crash for you westbound 80 at bay bridge toll plaza where a vehicle reportedly went into the toll plaza. it's in the clearing stages by still partially blocking the number seven lane. live at 880 through oakland, really looking good. that volume is picking up, but really no delays just yet. just a matter of time, guys. we'll watch it for you. back to you for now. >> thanks so much, christina. coming up, the bin laden raid one year later.
5:39 am
but was the call the right move? we'll explain the controversy just ahead. in the meantime, taking a beautiful live look outside transamerica pyramid to the left overlooking san francisco. cool morning but making way for a gorgeous day. >> and that is just a gorgeous shot. and this is gorgeous news. what you can do is come over and check out our news, traffic, weather, on facebook, just search nbc bay area. see you in a minute. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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welcome back everybody on this may day. the sun slowly starting to peek up out there as we take a look at the golden gate bridge. a live look at your traffic there. christina loren will tell you about the traffic and weather in a matter of minutes, 5:41. today also marks one year since osama bin laden was captured and killed. and now it's becoming a campaign issue with plenty of fallout about whether president obama made the right call.
5:42 am
tracie potts joins us live in washington, d.c. this morning with the very latest. good morning. >> and now we're getting more information about what was going on inside the white house situation room when the president made that call. some of his closest advisers not too comfortable with the call to send those navy s.e.a.l.s in and take out osama bin laden. secretary of state hillary clinton called it not a high five moment when they found out that that raid had been successful. mitt romney who at the time called it ill-timed and ill-considered said something different yesterday in and the president reacted. >> you wouldn't haven't given the order? >> even jimmy carter would've given that order. >> if there are others who say one thing and now suggest they'd do something else, then i'd go ahead and let them explain it. >> and brand new this morning from mitt romney, a statement apparently attempting to set the record straight about whether or not he supported that decision from a year ago.
5:43 am
he says and i'm quoting here. i applaud president obama for giving the go ahead for the mission. laura? >> very interesting, thank you. we can tell you more than 100 people are dead this morning in india after a ferry boat capsizes. some 300 passengers were dumped into a river when the boat flipped over and broke into pieces during a storm near bangladesh. 100 people have been rescued from those waters, but at least 100 more are still missing. rescue crews with rubber rafts are right now searching for survivors. there reportedly were no lifeboats or life jackets onboard. heavy flooding in the uk has claimed a life. a man and a dog were killed when their car was submerged by fast-moving water over the weekend. about 10,000 homes left without power in southern wales. according to figures from the meteorological office, this was the wettest april ever in britain. well, in france, as the nation celebrates may day, rallies being held before the upcoming presidential elections. the top three political parties
5:44 am
there will be out in force today to get out that vote. a socialist candidate beat incumbent sarkozy in the first round of that voting, but recent polls show the french president starting to narrow that gap. france's presidential election takes place this weekend. here in the united states, the people who occupied new york city's park calling iffer a general global strike today. asking people to strike at work, school, and any activity promoting commerce. marches and rallies planned for new york city. occupy oakland will be holding a may day protest starting at 8:30 this morning. >> it is 5:44 right now, i say we take quick moments to allow you to get a deep breath here. >> yeah, where are you, mike? where are you now, mike? good morning to you. he'll be back tomorrow. we have a good-looking drive and
5:45 am
weather day shaping up. we'll get you your drive in just a minute. starting with your temperatures, pretty comfortable out there as you make your way out that front door on a tuesday morning. we're in the 50s. so just about as cool as it was yesterday. if you can handle the 50s, you might want to go straight to the sweater or the short sleeves. as we head throughout the afternoon, talking about mid-60s by noon today. area of low pressure passed through the bay area overnight, high pressure's moving in quickly. as a result, we do have the pressure gradient out there and breezy conditions throughout the day today. so it will be a little bit blustery out on the coast. and then we get some showers as we head through thursday and friday. but i stop the clock on your future cast just to show you how those winds just like yesterday are going to pick up just before that sun goes down. so you want to keep that in mind, windy conditions, i like to call those the sun downers across the bay area. as we head throughout the weekend, we have another good-looking weekend shaping up, but like i said, we've got to get through those showers first thursday and friday. today, great for outdoor plans.
5:46 am
75 degrees in san jose, 74 in livermore and about 71 degrees in san rafael, as we head throughout friday, saturday, sunday, things start to warm back up. we're going to bring that sun back out. nice conditions as we head through your sunday. and then monday, we warm you right back up. next week overall, looking at your long range models, looking stellar for outdoor activities. the spring-like pattern that we crave so much during the winter months has finally arrived. and it's going to be with us for a while. switching gears now, let's get to the unpleasantries of the morning. highway 4 westbound just past summerville road, a multivehicle accident, we do know that police are on the scene. give yourself five to ten extra minutes. we'll keep watching it for you. meanwhile, live at the golden gate bridge. no real problems, we'll let you know when that changes, as well. still looking good, guys, back to you. >> thank you very much. the state will be taking a final look at snow pack levels,
5:47 am
but we can tell you the recent numbers not looking very good. snow survey done in late april showing levels were at 46% of normal statewide. snow packs provide about a third of all water for homes and agriculture. but there's some good news. reservoirs are nearly full and the state will be able to deliver more water than originally thought. this is due to an unusually wet march and water that was carried over from the past winter season. things are looking good for salmon fishermen. the recreational ocean salmon season opens today in california's game and wildlife. predicting a large population of the fish. in the fall of 2011, record numbers of chinook salmon returned to the central valley. game officials say this is a good indication more fish were along california's coast. conservation and several canceled seasons helped increase that salmon population. and there's a happy ending for a sea lion found starving.
5:48 am
the pup named al catraz was found more than a month ago and malnourished and weighed 31 pounds, a healthy pup weighs 70 pounds. he will be released later this afternoon with two other rescued sea lions. and two san jose toddlers living now independent lives and they are thriving. take a look at this. a year ago, angelina and angelica were joined at the chest and abdomen, but now look, living their lives, running and chasing each other. game of tag, that's so pleasurable to watch. the new independence, result of a risky separation surgery that took place last november at the children's hospital. and this week they returned for a six-month check-up and doctors say both are doing very well, healing and the girls' mother says the twins, of course, are much more outgoing and have a
5:49 am
ball. >> look at them. cute. that's adorable. great story, great doctors there too. 5:48 right now. here's a quick way to become the talk of the town. just buy it. >> a small georgia town up for sale if you've got the money. most of the town of tombsboro is owned by one developer. he's in the market to sell a train depot, bank, mill, a restaurant, and how about a 500-seat opera house. the town, if you're curious is home to about 700 people. the asking price, just $2.5 million. the developer says this set would be perfect for a movie set. old school, not sure if there's any -- >> it's a fixer upper. >> exactly. that's very funny. 5:49 right now. still ahead, is an a-list celebrity getting the red carpet treatment in court? we'll explain just ahead. and the importance of organ donation. we'll take a look at how facebook is getting involved ahead in business. the live shot right now
5:50 am
oversover san jose as thing light shows itself. also a live look up north, how about the bay bridge? you can see the lighting trickling across as the traffic flows smoothly. more about the traffic and weather coming up with christina loren. ♪
5:51 am
[ female announcer ] the vertical chair-climb. it's not an olympic sport, but it takes real effort and it takes a diaper that fits their every move. pampers cruisers with 3-way fit adapt at the waist, legs, and bottom for up to 12 hours of protection and all the freedom to play like a real champion. pampers. proud supporter of babies' play.
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♪ it's kind of a big deal. to find nutritious and gluten-free cereals my whole family actually loves? well, the word "wow" comes to mind. and then a friend told me chex has five flavors that are gluten-free. even a cinnamon one the kids love. a nutritious cereal that makes everybody happy? like i said, wow. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavors. good and gluten free. we have breaking news this morning from san jose. a four plex went up in flames leaving one person dead, several others injured. the good news is that fire's out originally called in as a one-alarm fire, but raised to a three-alarm fire once the firefighters got out there. as we say, the fire is out, but the damage is done. we will continue following this
5:53 am
and updating you on this. marla tellez live at that scene right now. we will keep you posted. you can keep the fire trucks still there taking care of business even though the fire's out. 5:52. the chicago courthouse staff getting some heat over the handling of the trial of the man accused of killing three members of jennifer hudson's family. courthouse has made special accommodations for the actress and singer for her safety and security. hudson arrives every day through an undisclosed entrance and waits in the judge's chambers. critics say the special treatment is unfair. well, a ruling in the sexual assault case against dominic strauss-kahn is expected today. the former chief of the international monetary fund accused of attacking a maid in new york city last year in a hotel room. the housekeeper says strauss-kahn attempted to rape her in his suite when she said she went in to clean it. he denies doing anything violent during their encounter. former bp engineer accused of destroying evidence related to the gulf oil spill is heading to court today.
5:54 am
two counts of charges of obstructing justice. 11 people were killed during the 2010 explosion at the deepwater horizon drilling rig. if convicted, mix faces up to 20 years in prison. this just in, scott mcgrew is an organ donor. how do we know this? well, we saw it on facebook. >> facebook, jon, has made it a little easier to indicate if you're an organ donor. i don't see anybody running off to facebook if god forbid you are in a terrible accident. but nonetheless, here's how it works. go to your time line and then go to life events and health and wellness down there. here i'm going to click on life events and then health and wellness and then i can say i am an organ donor. now facebook says by increasing awareness of donorships, it hopes more people will sign up.
5:55 am
well, you remember that trial with the ceo larry and the other ceo larry the google/oracle trial headed to the jury. lawyers delivered closing arguments on monday afternoon. at issue is whether google used oracle's software in its android operating system and how much it should have paid to do so. and shares at barnes and noble will open at a high it hasn't seen for months after microsoft announced it would sink hundreds of millions of dollars into the book seller's nook, electronic book system. it's a tiny amount of money for microsoft, but gets nook a fighting chance against kindle and ipad. and frankly also gives microsoft into the tablet game. i see this as a win for both sides. >> there you go. >> that's how the game works. >> all the way around in the weather department. gorgeous day out there. let's check in with christina loren. >> may gray. that's a phrase you'll likely hear quite a bit as we head into the summer months and as we continue through today. we have that may gray on this first day of may already out
5:56 am
there. june gloom is what we look forward to next month. 52 degrees in san jose, 59 in livermore, we're at 50 in sunnyvale this morning. that natural ac coolant right at the coast is going to keep your temperatures in the 50s, at least for the first part of the day in places like san francisco. but you're still going to climb right back up into the mid-60s this afternoon. highs come in at about 3:00 p.m. this time of year. 75 degrees in san jose, 74 for livermore and 73 degrees in los gatos today. giants back at home after a long road trip playing tonight at 7:15. at&t park taking on the marlins, 55 degrees, 7:15, could see that ball carried by the winds, could take that ball right out to center field, guys. looking forward to seeing that. >> it's going to be a good one. >> pumped up. the music gets me going every time. still ahead, a day of action, protesters take to the picket lines throughout the bay area. also, a deadly four-plex fire out on the south bay. the latest on the injuries and
5:57 am
the damage. we'll have that just ahead. and a live look outside, cloudy start over much of the bay. cool but it's going to be great as christina mentioned. we'll have a lot more ahead. stick around.
5:58 am
5:59 am
live pictures from our chopper above. a deadly fire in san jose. it was a one-alarm that turned to a three-alarm in no time. i'm marla tellez with the latest information coming up. golden gate ferry service shut down for the morning commute as workers get ready to protest labor negotiations, i'm bob redell, live here at san francisco coming up. and in just one hour, thousands of nurses set to strike at a hospital across the area. what you need to know


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