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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 1, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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started throwing objects at the officer. as we speak there's a confrontation and as we can see there's a standoff between the protesters and officers. in oakland as may day protests took over downtown streets there effectively shutting down traffic at around noontime this afternoon some violent confrontations with police, at least nine protesters were arrested and police do have to come out in force. jodi hernandez is live and those protesters are expected back at the plaza this evening. >> reporter: they are, jessica. emotions have been running very high here in downtown oakland. while things are mellow here at the moment, there have been some incredibly good moment throughout the afternoon as protesters and police have squared off. police used flash bang grenades filled with tear gas to get the upper hand on mayday defensemen
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on straightors who broke out paint and threw objects as they clashed with officers. >> the crowd surrounding the officers issued a disburse order and when they did not, officers deployed a small amount of gas to this crowd. this then allowed the officers to make a lawful arrest to take the person into custody without any further incident. >> i'm horrified. i mean, i expected it, but i'm still horrified. >> reporter: that violent turn followed a fairly peaceful morning. protesters spent most of the day marching through the streets of downtown oakland chanting and shouting but keeping things relatively in check. >> if the police aren't here, then you don't see any violence or any problems. but whenever they show up, then tension and problems ensue. >> reporter: but tensions mounted as the day wore on. oakland police together with other agencies wasted no time moving in when they felt things begin to spin out of control. >> we noticed that the tempo of
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the crowd was a lot more assertive, a lot more aggressive, and so we were -- we had to make some adjustments to respond to that. >> the violence you see here is at the core of occupy and expresses itself. that's why the movement is going nowhere. it has the violence base and there can be plenty of good, well-meaning people here and all their efforts are destroyed by the violence. >> reporter: and we are back here live at the plaza where you can see several hundred people at a rally taking place this hour but there is still a big contingent of people who have not yet arrived here. we were told about 450 people are currently marching towards the plaza. they march from the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station. they were suppose d to make a stop at 8th and madison before arriving here at city hall for a 6:00 rally. they have not yet arrived and things are very mellow as they wait for the people to arrive
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here. now, again, so far at least nine people have been arrested and while the afternoon was marked with clashes, they say that the marchers, the folks who are on the latest march this evening appeared to be pretty peaceful at the moment. in downtown oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi hernandez thousand reporting from oakland and there are hundreds of people, more than 1,000 people in oakland making their way towards the plaza. our nbc chopper trying to establish a shot there in downtown oakland. we'll return to that in a moment. the rally is expected to start at any moment. also there's that standoff, that tense situation in san francisco at turk and goth street. so all of these may day protests actually started early on april 30th. last night san francisco's mission district was targeted by
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these protesters. a peaceful rally quickly turned violent. here is our joe rosato jr. >> reporter: the small army of cleanup crews were at work. eric taylor showed up in his gallery to face the aftermath of last night's violent rampage. >> the windows were all broken. the front door was shattered. it was unbelievable. i went into shock. >> reporter: around 9:00 p.m. a peaceful occupy march took a turn as a group of 100 demonstrators broke off and started smashing windows, hurling paint along valencia, some 20 businesses and 17 cars were damaged. they had baseball bats or crowbars or something. >> reporter: one of the targets was the police station. they weren't able to rally enough officers to stop the group. >> this event unfolded very quickly. we responded en masse and were
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able to disburse them but not before they did some damage. >> i heard this really loud noise and i see a bunch of people all dressed in black and they were breaking up and going crazy. >> reporter: brooke wallace captured video of the group smashing in neighborhood business. >> my bank is still open but my cafe is closed. >> reporter: there is outrage all up and down valencia, a corridor lined with small, independent businesses. >> the small businesses that faced the brunt of this are not part of the problem. they're here to create local jobs. >> reporter: as taylor waited for a repairman, he had plenty of questions of his own. >> for my mind, why us? we're a local business, local art gallery, we show local artists work. why are we a target for that type of violence? >> reporter: joe rosato jr., nbc
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bay area news. >> what do we want? >> contracts. >> when do we want it? >> now. hundreds of protesters forced the shutdown of ferry certifica service this morning. protesters rallying in support of ferry workers, bridge workers and bus drivers. the issue is the ongoing contract dispute between the union and the golden gate bridge highway and transportation district. it was restored in time for the afternoon commute but union organizers say they'relanning another strike for may 10th if a contract is not reached by then. another quick, live look at our chopper for our chopper overhead of oakland. the coverage of the may day protest as you heard jodi hernandez say, hundreds of people are marching where they plan on staging an eveningin rally. we will bring you information throughout the newscast. check out the latest. do the occupy protests help the movement at this point.
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we invite you to take part in our survey, vote by texting or calling 408-300-9222. press one for yes, two for no. we'll have what you think in our results later this the newscast. there are other headlines tonight. a south bay family ripped apart by a deadly fire a. mother is dead and her family injured. the early morning fire was at a condo complex on warfield way close to tully road and galveston. you see the map here. kimberly tere joins us with more on the fire and the devastation that it left behind. kimberly? >> reporter: a family lives in the unit that was most damaged by the fire. you can see it from the front here, at least four of the family members, when firefighters arrived just before 3:00 a.m. most of the people living inside south san jose were asleep when the three alarm fire began.
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>> everybody is knocking on doors and trying to get people out, get people up. >> and she called my name, lee, lee, lee, wake up. fire, fire. >> reporter: a family who lived right above the coverage where inspectors say the fire started had to be rescued? >> the firefighter said there were blackout conditions in there. it was a small unit but it took time to find the victim. >> reporter: two of them were pulled from this window. the blood on the wall is from a father injured while desperately trying to save his family. his 51-year-old wife died despite efforts to resuscitate her. he was taken to the hospital where he's in critical condition. the couple's two sons also had to be carried out from the burning building. firefighters say one of them, a 6-year-old boy, is on a ventilator in critical condition. >> the young boy was unconscious and i believe he was not breathing when we pulled him out. >> reporter: the 12-year-old is being monitored at the hospital but is expected to be okay. three other family members, an aunt, uncle and grand father
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from the same unit why able to escape unharmed. >> they're a nice family, a nice extended family that lived in that unit. really nice people. >> reporter: firefighters say the heat, smoke and flames were intense and the ram iffications could have been much worse. >> it's sad that one person died, but it could have been the entire family easily. >> we have now the clothes on our back. we're just making do right now. but, you know, we're greateful o be here, to be safe, to be alive. >> reporter: i spoke to a family member who told us his nephew is brain dead and puts blame on firefighters who he says brought the child outside of the burning home but according to him did not perform any lifesaving procedures for several minutes. i did an extensive interview with this family member and we'll hear more from him tonight at 11:00. kimberly tere, nbc news. >> what a tragedy.
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thank you, kimberly. a teen facing very adult consequenc consequences. a 17-year-old allegedly stole a yellow lamborghini like this one owned by celeb is right chef guy. he hadn't seen it since last year. police investigating a recent drive-by shooting recovered the $200,000 car saturday in richmond. the teen suspect faces charges in both cases. once again we go to our nbc helicopter above the scene in oakland. hundreds of protesters marching towards franco galla mra a za in downtown oakland. a rally is supposed to start within the hour. they are making their way to downtown oakland. earlier today there were close to a dozen arrests. oakland police did use tear gas on some protesters. relatively speaking it has been peaceful thus far. we will continue to follow this story throughout this newscast. still ahead at 6:00, the job market hard to reach for college
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grads but now a startup is using technology to help make resumes more futuristic. this summer it will be extremely difficult for you to take summer classes at your local community college. i'm marianne favro. i'll show you why coming up. and not so fast. the surprising items that a woman tried to bring with her on a flight to the bay area. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. a cold blast here moving in throughout the bay area as the onshore wind has dropped temperatures some 20 degrees from what we had this past weekend and we're going down a bit more for wednesday. we'll talk about when showers come on back. what'll it be?
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a big day for facebook, making some investors very wealthy. scott budman is following every facet of it's bobbing and
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all the stories and hype generating as we head to the ipo. >> a lot of money to be made, raj and jessica. we are close to that money coming to a lot of investors. according to the wa"the wall st journal," less than three weeks away from actually finally going public. "the journal" says they will meet with bankers and will ipo on may 18th. no comment from facebook today on its ipo plan but the ceo mark zuckerberg did comment on the newest feature announced just today. it's a way to make your donor status known on your facebook page. the company says it hopes to encourage more facebook users to become donors and there are nearly a billion potential donors on facebook already. it may be working within one day, donate life california says it's seen a 700% jump in the daily number of people who typically sign up to be organ donors just since the announcement this morning. let's check your money strength this bay area tech companies help to lift the markets today. the dow closing at its highest level in four years.
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and speaking of making money, a lot of it going to this company today. a startup we've profiled tore you about a month and a half ago just brought in a $100 million round of funding. castlight based in san francisco uses software to make finding and atowarding health care easier. that $100 million will go to growth including hiring more employe employees, jessica and raj, we always like to hear that. >> boy, don't we. thank you very much, scott. some education headlines for you now, there's a plea for help from the state's public higher education chief. asking for more money in next year's budget. today the leaders of the uc system, csu, deliver that message to lawmakers in sacramento. they say without more money, they're going to be forced to turn away hundreds of thousands of students plus cut class offerings and yet again raise tuition higher. >> we have seen a growing correction budget, mao it takes 9% to 10% of the budget which is
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more than we spend on csu and uc. i sometimes say we're more interested in prison strikes than we are graduation gowns. >> drastic stuff -- >> governor brown is promoting a tax hike on the november ballot. he says higher education would avoid further cuts if voters could approve it. >> more cuts means more problems for college students across the state. next on the chopping block it could be summer school which is vital for so many students. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us from san jose city college with how the cuts are impacting the students. good evening, mayrianne. >> reporter: good evening, raj. well, to give you an idea how much things have changed, about three years ago students here could choose from about 300 different summer courses. this summer they can only choose interest 100 different classes and they say that they're frustrated because many meet specific courses in order to transfer from san jose state or another four-year university and if they can't get the summer classes, well, that's valuable time and money lost.
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from san francisco to south san jose, community colleges are slashing summer classes. san jose city college will offer 40% fewer courses than last summer. >> it makes it really harder for us as students. it makes it more expensive. we have to stay here longer. >> to transfer to san jose state so if i can't take that class i won't be able to do that. >> reporter: some college students predict it will take them four years to get to a four-year university because they can't take the summer courses they need to transfer earlier. >> we know in education that the longer it takes the students to be able to transfer, the less successful they are when they do transfer. >> reporter: he says the district is grappling with a $5 million budget shortfall. >> how could i ever be so blind. >> reporter: ryan bautista says he had no indication taking an english class this summer at san jose city college would be so difficult. >> i believe that's very worrisome because i'm not sure if i'll be able to get to
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classes to get the credit. >> reporter: evergreen valley college is slashing summer classes 40%, impacting about 1,500 students, combined the cuts will save the evergreen district $2.5 million. city college will shut out thousands from summer school and shortened the session. it's not just summer studies. they will f that happens they'll really be singing the blues. students who need to take remedial math and english will be impacted the most. those will be the first to go. we're hoping to take some summer courses here in order to prepare for college. reporting live, mayrianne favro nbc bay area news. >> we have a follow-up note, a story we reported last week.
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santa clara county is moving forward with a ban on payday lenders in unincorporated areas. today's unanimous vote comes two weeks ahead of a san jose council meeting when members are expected to consider similar limitations on payday lenders. the permanent ordinance in unincorporated areas will take effect as of late june. a temporary ban is already in effect. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri and i think our weather is going to be changing. >> yes. some showers and the numbers getting cooler today. the wind was really strong across the peninsula. dropped the daytime high to r58. with that wind, little impact still close to 80 in santa rosa but for most of us, the numbers dropping some 10 to 20 degrees from what we had this weekend and now that onshore flow is very brisk in novato. and that's where we are currently finding temperatures in the 50s and you head down to gilroy and still holding on to some 60s.
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let's take you out to our sky camera network in san francisco and we're not finding any fog development. we'll still have to watch for that tonight. we'll bring you back to our weather maps. the onshore flow as we head throughout the next 24 hours hoping to keep that cool air right here across the bay area and then the next larger change coming our way, we do think showers will move in. we'll have that later on in the show. temperatures starting off in the 40s as we head into our wednesday morning. 46 in redwood city. 45 in napa and overall daytime highs expected to go a little bit cooler throughout wednesday with also the cloud cover increasing by the afternoon. we'll have details on the showers and also what your weekend looks like in a few minutes. >> all right, jeff, we'll see you then. still ahead at 6:00, an annual event in the south bay. the high wire act involving those feathered friends of city hall. and a potential change from
6:21 pm
muni that could speed up service but will it also lead to an increase in fares? >> and we're continuing to mon are tore the may day protests across the bay area, this is the scene in oakland, several protesters, the marchers head towards the plaza. we're back in a moment with more details. >> you see the damage at that store. do you think the occupy protests help the movement in any way? we invite to you take part in our trvey. texting or calling 408-300-9222. press one for yes, two for no.
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here's a live look again at oakland right now where it's expected some 3,000 to 5,000
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people are marching towards the plaza. it's a huge crowd that's expected there. a rally that was supposed to start around 6:00 today but it's obviously not started yet. this is after a day of protests where more than 12 people were arrested. police had to use tear gas and it's been a chaotic day all day and now we're expecting this march in a few minutes. >> we've seen these protests in oakland for the last six months and we asked you earlier in the newscast, do the occupy protests help the movement? here are the results of our flash survey. you see the overwhelming response from those of you who texted and called in 85% of you said, no, these protests do not help the occupy movement. let's bring in nbc bay area's political analyst larry gerston. is this movement losing steam or popularity here? >> you certainly wouldn't think so by what we see today, right? no question about it. lots of others taking up the occupy movement here and
6:25 pm
elsewhere. that said, if you take a big step backwards, which is really hard to do today, there have been fewer and fewer events like this and there doesn't seem to be any core theme that's holding this group together. as for the public, though, it's very interesting. beyond today there's recent data that shows the public is pretty split on the movement. according to a poll taken in 2011, 46% of the state's registered voters identify with the occupy movement. 49% do not. far different from what we see today. but you can see in the field poll taken a step or two away you're much more evenly divided and that tells us an awful lot. by the way, a couple of interesting pieces of data here inside that poll, 77% of the people who identify with the occupy movement blame it on george w. bush. only 12% blame it on president obama. >> well, what the presidential election right around the corner, can the occupy movement get a leader, get a message, something clear that can affect the votes or the election? >> it doesn't look like it. they're not nearly as unified as
6:26 pm
the tea party folks. they seem to have a theme that resonates throughout the country. as far as the occupiers go, raj, it's going to depend upon the area. it's going to depend upon the makeup of the population. it's a city by city, state by state and, in fact, it's going to be an election by election type of event. in depressed areas the movement will have some legs and candidates there will have to be very careful on how they handle it. as the economy continues to improve, should it do so, it will be harder for the occupiers to find their troops and fuel their discontent as they have in the past. >> okay 0, larry, thank you very much. and in the country the oakland and bay area, one of the more heavily occupied areas in terms of the protest. thank you, larry. still ahead at 6:00, an unusual discovery by tsa agents and it involves a woman here at sfo. >> the difficult cuts that could be made to balance the budget for one peninsula city. and i'm janelle wang. president obama makes a surprise visit to afghanistan and addresses the nation about a
6:27 pm
ten-year agreement. his time line of the afghan war. and for the first time ever, the public will see documents seized in osama bin laden's pakistani compound.
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6:29 pm
welcome back. i want to take you back to oakland. you're looking at live pictures now where it is nearly protest time. some 3,000 to 5,000 people expected to converge on the plaza for an occupy protest that is also being moved as a may day protest. the occupiers taking this opportunity today to again talk about their discontent of the situation happening. so here we are. this is a ground shot of it as they prepare to have a protest. jodi hernandez is on the ground there monitoring the situation. we'll take you back to her in just a few minutes. we told but the standoff and the confrontation in san
6:30 pm
francisco. and this video just in to our newsroom shows a man on the roof of the building just a few blocks from city hall. we got an update from san francisco police say that go man you saw throwing something there has been arrested and charged with felony aggravated assault. police believe he was throwing bricks at an officer but hit one of the protesters with one of those bricks. there was a bit of a scuffle there. this was around 5:00 this evening when police shut down turk street and started putting up barricades along the building, this vacant building belongs to the archdiocese of san francisco. protesters say they want to turn this vacant building into a commune. >> the building is actually located two blocks south of the archdiocese of st. mary's which is right along gary street. just a short while ago under the cover of darkness, president obama wrapped up a live national address from afghanistan. the timing significant and also historic. janelle wang is here. good evening. president obama says he
6:31 pm
understands that americans are tired of war and doesn't want any more lives to be lost but says the u.s. must complete its mission there. this is a surprise trip into kabul. security was extremely tight for this dangerous visit. mr. obama first went to the presidential palace as you see here where he signed a ten-year partnership agreement with afghan president hamid karzai. it sticks to the time line of the withdrawal of nato troops in 2014 but says the uz luz continue to pro-support with counterterrorism efforts and training of security forces. >> we must give afghanistan the opportunity to stabilize. otherwise our gains could be lost and al qaeda could establish itself once more. as commander in chief, i refuse to let that happen. >> earlier in the day the president spent time with troops at bagram air base. the president's trip comes on the one-year anniversary of the killing of osama bin laden and tomorrow for the first time the public will see one of the 6,000-plus documents seized in last year's raid at bin laden's
6:32 pm
pakistani compound. some of the materials reportedly detailed plans of future attacks. considered changing the al qaeda name. since it appeared that terror network was weakening. five men in hiohio are being he without bail for plot to go blow up a bridge outside of downtown cleveland. they bought what they thought were working explosives from an undercover agents and then planted them at the bridge and trade to detonate the explosives. they were immediately arrested and say the public was never in danger. it released a report saying top executives should be held in contempt for its role of covering up the phone hacking scandal. he is said to have turned a blind eye to the scandal and is
6:33 pm
unfit to run an international company, to british regulators who could punish them by yanking its broadcasting license. >> that could have a huge impact. >> we'll hear from that in the coming months. secretary of state hillary clinton and treasury secretary geithner are focusing on military and economic issues but the escape of a dissident to overshadow the high level talks, blind and frail but somehow he escaped armed guards and is now believed to be at the u.s. embassy in beijing. brent cannon has been following the situation. brent, how could this be resolved in a way where everyone will be happy? >> reporter: diplomats, politicians and hugh map rights groups hope there can be a peaceful end on this. i spoke to a professor and she tells me the best plan might be
6:34 pm
kind of a don't ask/don't tell. there's been a lot of censorship going on. they don't want u.s. leaders talking about it and it's one of those if we sweep it under the carpet, maybe this whole thing will go away and i was told today maybe that would be the best resolution, in fact, as hillary clinton visits and she begins her negotiations, maybe she wants to tiptoe through this because although han is a very high-profile issue, she doesn't want that to overshadow what could be bigger talks, things that will affect our economy, international trade, intellectual property negotiations, even what's happening with military negotiations in particular with north korea, china playing kind of a role in all of that and she wouldn't want to step on anything that could jeopardize that and han explains how china might get through this whole thing. >> i think first for it to all
6:35 pm
go away and disappear would be the first wish. the second would be as quietly as possible. diplomatically without public confrontation. >> reporter: han joined me via skype and says china may want to hand him over and get him out of the country. it may be more beneficial to have him gone. >> it would allow them to get rid of, in their view, a troublemaker, someone who has been causing problems for them publicly. another is that a lot of dissidents when they leave china use a lot of powers of persuasion. >> reporter: chen is a hero of china. he was arrested after documenting forced abortions and sterilizations in china. china may just want him to go away. in fact, most experts monitoring the situation tell me that chen has been erased from the public eye. there is no mention of him in the media, and you cannot search for him on the internet. >> his name and even his abbreviated name, even the word blind have been censored.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: chen posted a youtube video making three demands. he wants his family to be safe, punishment for those who persecuted him and punishment for the corruption in his village. china probably will not meet any of those demands, but the experts i spoke with think that a quick resolution is possible and it will likely include pr protection for his family. >> if there is a solution or a deal between the u.s. and china for his safety, it has to be a package to allow him and his family to go together. >> we have a large extended family, mother, children, wife, and brother as well as his brother's family. so the question would be will they all be allowed to leave? >> reporter: now experts i spoke with say they were able to get updates on chen immediately after his escape because they have several text savvy operatives who can, quote, crack the great firewall of china. but since he is now reportedly in u.s. care, no updates on his
6:37 pm
condition or what the next move might be. my full interview tonight at 7:00 on comcast 186. guys? >> thank you, brent. fascinating story. new tonight at 6:00, no land mines allowed period. tsa officials found three disarmed land mines in a woman's baggage as she passed through security at a new jersey airport. she was catching a flight to san francisco. officials at newark liberty international confiscated the claymore mines seen here. they are land mines that discharge steel fragments. tsa officials say two of the three casings were packed with shrapnel but none featured explosives or detonators. now the woman was not charged. she told security officials she was attending an explosives demonstration. she was allowed on a later flight to sfo without those land mines. in san francisco muni may soon say all aboard through all doors. the city's transportation agency hopes to introduce a new all door boarding policy that would speed up service, cut boarding time and help muni save millions
6:38 pm
annually. muni says it plans to hire ten new fare inspectors to write $100 citations to fare dodgers who sneak in using the back door without paying. nowadays no city is immune to budget cuts. palo alto is facing difficult decisions, facing a million dollar budget gap. so the city's manager is proposing a list of cuts and changes which includes changes to public safety. recommendations include closing a fire station and moving the crew elsewhere. also shifting six police officers from the traffic beat to field patrol and contracting animal services to an outside agency. 13 positions would be eliminated. well, coming up next, the final snow survey of the season. what it says about california's water supply. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. that wind has been cranking all along the pacific coastline for today and that is giving us some
6:39 pm
wind whipped waves, small craft advisory with seas eight to ten feet. and for tomorrow we'll find numbers cooling off. we'll talk about our chances of showers and when that turns in st aew m
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
a commuter alert for south bay drivers. a busy rd in sunnyvale will see a major slowdown later this week. you should expect to see slow traffic and lane closures this thursday if you drive that route. crews are going to be working to replace traffic signals at the intersection of matilda and california. the work is expected to take place from 9:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon so it's going to be messy. matilda is a major artery through the city connecting highway 101 to southern sunnyvale and even cupertino. not your typical bird watching.
6:42 pm
you see glenn storr rappel to band the baby birds and determine their gender. three males and a female. they have been banding and tracking them for five years now. they credit the band of some pest fidz for saving the species. they were endangered until just a few decades ago. >> there wasn't a speck of snow on the ground as the department of water resources conducted its final snow survey of the winter. there is some good news. officials say the reservoirs are still nearly full from last year which is good for the summer water supply. >> that is good. i have to say it was windy today, though, jeff. >> the winds cranking along at the coastline and that will continue for tonight and into tomorrow helping our numbers to stay down and you can see clear skies out across the golden gate bridge. the possibility of fog and, yes,
6:43 pm
even a few rain drops hitting that bridge in a few minutes. and i'm mindy from the xfinity sports desk. the raiders sign another heisman winning quarterback, and it's a night giants fans will never forget. the marlins are back at at&t for down.irst time since buster went we'll take a look coming up. sive your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at
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as you well know the job market is very sluggish especially for recent college grads. so where are you supposed to go if you need work? >> our business and tech reporter scott budman found a brand-new way to get yourself out there with the boost from the silicon valley startup. >> reporter: the statistics are sobering, even in an economy that's getting stronger jobs are still hard to come by for recent college graduates. now there's a startup that wants to help using technology to move beyond the resume. >> our general philosophy is that people are more than a piece of paper. >> reporter: ready force uses software and video to get graduates ready for the workforce and bring them together with companies looking to fill jobs. >> so we think about how do you create this multidimensional profile, that work experience, the educational experience, but what you're looking for in a job and really who you are as an
6:46 pm
individual. >> number crunching and reports making. >> reporter: it's an idea that worked for this woman who made this video a year ago and was hired by ready force. she's now a recent grad and a fu full-time employee. >> i was definitely experiencing a large brick wall no matter wherever you looked, no matter how pedigreed you were. having another tool to be able to present yourself is an advantage. >> reporter: an advantage for graduates and for can companies trying to hire, this is a way to bring people and jobs together. >> especially for the student population where they're scattered around the country, they can't get on an airplane and fly with a bunch of different companies that video allows us to get those folks closer together faster. >> reporter: making you less generic and more attractive to your next employer. in menlo park, scott budman, nbc bay area news.
6:47 pm
>> high tech. looks good. let's turn things over to jeff, talk about the wind that's outside and how the weather will be changing over the next couple of days. >> eventually we'll get rid of the wind and that will usher in shower activity. it is still very strong right up against the coastline, even back to the east bay for livermore to pleasanton winds from 10 to 20 miles an hour and that did help our numbers today to drop accordingly from 10 to 20 degrees from what we experienced had weekend. 55 down to san mateo and across palo alto. overall a decent chill in the atmosphere if you're heading out you'll need that jacket with you and for tomorrow if you're hoping to get rid of the wind it's not going to happen. wind westerly at 10 to 20 and the big headline are numbers going down even a little bit more and then eventually the larger changes and a few showers coming in the seven-day forecast so a look at the pattern now, high pressure that produced that record setting heat this past
6:48 pm
weekend is too far offshore to give us any kind of heat. the flow back behind this is helping to cool us down. a dry air from the arctic and helping to produce this wind so that will keep us with some blustery conditions with temperatures that feel like the 40s when the wind gets kicked up. introduce the showers for thursday. the rainfall for us this week, by 8:00 a.m., we'll see the chance of a few spotty showers in santa rosa down into point reyes and as we head to the 1:00 hour, looks as if right now the forecast models are to san francisco down to palo alto and we may have a few isolated showers in the east bay down to san jose. we're talking about amounts from trace to right about a tenth of an inch so not a large storm system but a big departure from what we experienced just two and three days ago. we'll begin with 44 in santa
6:49 pm
rosa. 48 in san jose. 49 in the valley. 49 in los gatos. in gilroy 46. daytime highs expected to top out on the mid part of your workweek, in the low 70s. that will be one of the warmest spots. 70 at livermore. 60s around the bay and even dropping to an expected 69 in santa rosa. on your three-day forecast we'll find these numbers right near our seasonal averages throughout thursday and also friday and then as we head into this upcoming weekend, look it at this. numbers spike back up saturday and sunday with some mid and even upper 70s as we head into your sunday forecast and even for monday and tuesday it looks as if we will continue this trend and even crank up that heat a little bit more with low 80s coming on back. see what i can do for you on this wind, jessica. your hair still looks great. >> you look great. >> a little more blustery than we've had. i was making a meteorological observation. >> i love your observation. don't get me wrong.
6:50 pm
>> thank you, jeff. let's get to sports. let's bring in mindy from our comcast sports newsroom. it is a dubious anniversary for the giants, isn't it, mindy? >> it is, absolutely, jeff. if you want to not worry about the wind, to at&t. it's always windy there. so you will never know the difference. well, at at&t tonight after playing first base on sunday, buster posey is back behind the plate catching and you can understand as giants fans hold their breath, they are playing the marlins. posey tearing up his ankle after a collision at home plate with scott cuss incompetence. to add to the injury the marlins swept that series. that was in may of last year. for this season's first meeting at at&t, cousins is playing in aaa and posey is currently hitting .353. and you have to go back to last season as well to see the last run matt cain gave up at at&t. cain is riding an 18 inning
6:51 pm
scoreless streak at home this season. he's allowed a combined three hits and has struck out 15 in those two starts. jaymee sires covers his third home start. >> reporter: matt cain has thrived here at at&t park. in fact, he has 40 career wins here which is just one shy of jason schmidt for most ever here in this ballpark. tonight he will look to continue that success as he faces a struggling marlins lineup. >> he's one of the tougher pitchers in the league. he speaks for himself. he hits the spots. he can throw any pitch, any location, anytime. so he's tough. i had to face him a little bit in spring training and touch battle. >> i think he's doing what he's always done here. he's gone out and pounded the strike zone. he's been doing a good job obviously for the team for a long time and after getting a contract you can just tell they made the right decision on that. he goes out there every start, throws a lot of strikes, gets you deep in ball games.
6:52 pm
gives us a chance to win. >> jeremy affeldt has been placed on the are 15-day disabled list with a strained knee. deit while pick up one of of his children. travis blakely's contract has been purchased from aaa fresno. reporting from at&t park i'm jaymee sire reporting for nbc bay area. and speaking of the dl, aubrey huff is still on it but the first baseman took bp with the giants before tonight's game. it's the first time he's done that since going on the dl. huff left the team unexpectedly during the last road trip and the team then put him on the dl as he received treatment for anxiety. how about the a's, a dreary, cold day in boston, degrees below 50. you needed one of those. a's trying to end their three-game losing streak. two on and he's going to send this one right up the middle. the a's take an early lead. top of the fourth with two on and two out for cliff pentagninn batting from the bottom of the order and he gets it done, sends this one to left center and
6:53 pm
suzuki coming around to score. the a's extend to 2-0. next batter it's weekes. his second hit of the game, brings two more in and right now the a's beating the red sox 5-1 in the eighth. how about the oakland raiders, they've added another heisman winning quarterback to the roster signing matt leinart to a one-year contract. the deal means leinart will return to backing up carson palmer, also a heisman winner, which he did when the two played together at usc. leinart has 18 starts over his six seasons in the nfl. nhl playoffs, devils/flyers. game two from philadelphia. early in the first period martin brodeur gets caught out of position and it's matt reid who punches it through the deadlock and the flyers with the 1-0 lead. briz br the point blank save and then adam henrique in front of the goal. the devils have opened up in the
6:54 pm
third getting three goals and they currently lead, 3-1 in the third period. and of course coming up giants highlights and postgame reaction. frozen hamburgers? all these freaks injuries at home. i mean, the poor guy even says he feels bad a calling the trainers, i hurt myself is at home again. >> yeah. thanks a lot, mindy. for a full half hour of sports coverage watch sports net central on comcast bay area tonight at 10:30.
6:55 pm
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bargain basement prices without leaving your home. we'll show you the local startup that lets you browse the closets of others and cash in by turning your own closet into a virtual boutique. that's tonight after an all-new "fashion star" here on 0 bay area. >> continuing to mon are tore the situation in oakland with the occupy and may day protests that are going on. let's turn things over to brent cannon. >> we'll have more of that as well plus white house officials are around the globe tonight in an effort to keep the peace. president obama signing a new long-term agreement with afghanistan. secretary of state hillary clinton is in china kicking off talks there. but the human rights issue is going to shift the focus there. we'll keep an update on that. more of my interview i had a few moments ago plus jeremy bloom, a great story you saw on "nightly news." kind of a make a wish for the elderly in a couple of minutes. >> thank you, brent v. a great evening ahead. we hope to see you back at 11:00 as well. >> bye-bye.
6:58 pm
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