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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 3, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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san jose police are looking for the suspects who they say beat up a 14-year-old so badly he ended up dying. i'm marla tellez in south san jose with that story coming up. the death of a legend. former nfl player takes his own life. but that's not the person his friends want to remember. how they're honoring him. and vandals destroyed it. now one of the businesses they're protesting is pitching in to clean up the mission district. and a live look outside, port of oakland this morning all lit up for this thursday, may 3rd, this is "today in the bay." very good morning to,
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everybody. thank you for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> let's check that forecast with christina loren. >> good morning. we told you the rain was on the way, not arriving just yet. but we do have showers in the forecast for today. if you are waking up with us, to the north of the golden gate bridge in particular, you might want to grab that umbrella out the door. not expecting a whole lot of rain. 4:31, first, it's a little breezy out there. let's check your drive with mike. >> you do have a wind advisory. for the bay bridge, san mateo bridge, as well. right now we want to look by the dumbarton bridge. reports of an earlier accident here at the center divide, and you have a lane blocked and north of some construction between san antonio and a shoreline just south of there heading through mountain view. keep that in mind. we'll track traffic, but right now, no slowing on the sensors. more updates coming up. friends and family this morning mourning the death of a san jose eighth grader who police say was savagely beaten
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at the park. >> police have no suspects and need help finding those attackers. marla tellez live in san jose with more on this tragedy. good morning. >> reporter: laura and jon, good morning. 14-year-old reyes was an eighth grader here in the oak grove school district. san jose police say he was at a neighborhood park friday evening about 7:00 when he was jumped by a group of gang members. ray was beaten so badly he ended up in the hospital. he made it through the weekend but died monday. the school district president here says the loss as we all can imagine is tough for everyone. >> any time that you have a young person who is killed in this kind of manner, it's a tragedy for the whole community. and our condolences go out to the friends and family of this young man. >> reporter: now, the beating happened at roosevelt park which is between julian and santa
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clara streets west of 101. it's just about 15 miles from his school. now, police say that park is known gang territory as laura and jon pointed out. but at this point, they're not saying what may have sparked the fight on friday night. anyone with information is asked to call san jose police. live in south san jose this morning, "today in the bay." family, friends, and football fans across the country mourning the loss of former nfl star junior this morning. leaving flowers outside the home of the former chargers player where he was found dead of a self-inflicted gun shot wound. he also had friends and family in the bay area. his former teammate now a high school football coach in dublin says he was a good man on and off the field. >> i just hope and pray that s his, you know, his boys and his daughter really understand what kind of dad they had. he really didn't care about
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himself, he cared about everybody else. >> kind of a mysterious stat here, now the eighth member of the 1994 san diego chargers team who has died unexpectedly. he was 43 years old. it is 4:34 right now. morgan hill police will hold a community meeting tonight to address the fears and concerns of residents in the wake of sierra lamar's disappearance. volunteers continue to search for the missing teen last seen march 16th. the klaas kids foundation is leading the effort and plans to search areas that may have been missed in previous searches. the reward has been increased to $25,000 and sierra's mother says it is important to keep the search effort going. >> as long as there's people that are present and they continue coming, it keeps it alive. it keeps the media coming and the coverage continues to stay on us. and the volunteers coming also, you know, lift our hopes.
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>> the city will also host a city wide community self-defense class tonight at 6:00. released this morning after central valley search for more victims of the so-called speed free killers turned up no additional remains. crews spent two hodays at a hom. the property includes a house once owned by convicted killer lorne hertsag. he killed himself after his partner revealed the location of several bone yards to a bounty hunter. san francisco's mission district following that rash of vandalism on monday night. wells fargo says it will give a $25,000 grant to help businesses on valencia street rebuild. vandals tore through the area monday night, smashing windows and throwi ining paint on build. reports estimate more than 30 businesses were damaged. san francisco police say most of the protesters arrested
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during a wednesday morning raid are from out of town. the protesters occupied a building on turk street owned by the catholic archdiocese. four others are from out of state. 4:36 right now. the fate of an accused murderer in san francisco now in the hands of a jury. accused of shooting and killing three people in 2008. ramos is a known gang member but says he was not the gunman in the murders. he says they were mistaken for a rival gang. jury deliberations continue this morning. a north bay teenager charged with being a motorcycle hitman and a lamborghini thief has a history with police dating back several months. 17-year-old max wade was already facing charges of breaking into a vacant mansion in tiburon to host a drinking party for dozens of teens. according to the marin independent journal wade had also been accused of stealing
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his mother's car and head butting a class mate. he's also accused of stealing a lamborghini. police found the car after searching for evidence after wade was arrested for shooting at a couple sitting in a pickup truck in mill valley. here's a word rarely used around san jose city hall when it comes to cash, surplus. predicting a $9 million budget surplus next year. that means four brand new libraries sitting empty could be reopened. they do add the city's still concerned about the rise in retirement costs. >> well, we like a surplus of sun today, but we're going to see rain. where and when? lest check in with christina loren. >> we need it. we're running a significant deficit. so we still need the rain, we're not expecting much. maybe a couple more drops in the bucket nonetheless. i think we'll pick up 1/10 inch even in san jose. yesterday our rain chances
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weren't looking that great. today, looking a bit better. i'm going to time that out in a couple of moments. temperatures are mild to start, but the winds will be gusty throughout the day today. you want to keep that in mind especially at the coast where we have calm conditions right now. those calm conditions could lead to pretty thick fog formation. we'll be watching that today. breezy at times, few showers arrive as we head through the second half of the day. and that weekend, big-time warm-up on the way. temperatures close to 90 degrees in some cities. we'll tell you when coming up. stopping that clock at 2:00 p.m. for today. shower activity in the north bay at that point. but we don't get the action over the greater bay area until about 5:00 p.m. here in the south bay, wait for it, but by 10:00, light showers, maybe 1/10 inch, maybe couple hundredths of an inch. but like i said, good news when it comes to our air quality. and those pollen levels which have been rather high lately. we'll continue to time this out throughout the morning. right now, let's check your drive with mike. >> yeah, bring down those pollen
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levels. looking over here, construction road crews, they're clearing stuff up as we speak. 280 and 92. you have a crew there for the next half hour or so. but along the peninsula san mateo itself, moving nicely. 92 over the water, the san mateo bridge, there is a wind advisory, wind being relatively calm right now. we're looking at a smooth drive now, though, through the castro valley y and the approach, as well. a live look outside shows you the volume of traffic. very light past the coliseum, headlights southbound, taillights northbound right around high street. all lanes open here continuing up to the bay bridge. and again, the bay bridge, the shot from san francisco. camera relatively steady and the waters calm like christina was talking about. we'll see changing conditions and see how things go, but that's beautiful. it's the bay bridge, older than the golden gate bridge. >> it's an illustration of how beautiful it is here in the bay area and all of us living here
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know how great san francisco is. and turns out a worldwide travel site likes it too. san francisco ranks number five on trip adviser's top 25 travel destinations in the world. city by the bay follows london, new york city, rome, and paris. nice company. >> yeah. nice shot too. >> yeah. trip adviser pegs san francisco as number two for top u.s. destinations behind new york city. >> gorgeous to look at, phenomenal food. >> great to live. >> great to live. it is 4:40 right now. republicans uniting behind mitt romney with another endorsement coming today. coming from a former candidate. we'll have the latest on decision 2012. a trip to the meat counter costing you a lot more these days. we'll explain why. and how much is too much? the airline that made headlines when it started charging for carry on luggage now wants to double those fees. >> and need to layer your clothes and start wearing it all. check us out on facebook, search
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welcome back, everyone on a thursday morning. take a nice look there at the embarcadero at san francisco. this is live, ladies and gentlemen. and it's a beautiful day outside.
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but looks like there might be some rain coming. christina loren will fill you in on the needs for an umbrella, 4:43. decision 2012 takes a turn today as the republicans begin to close ranks behind mitt romney. michele bachmann is expected to officially endorse romney today. this comes a day after newt gingrich suspended his campaign and declared romney conservative enough. >> this is a choice between mitt romney and the most radical leftist president in american history. >> the obama administration already picking up on gingrich's criticism of romney during his campaign. the president holds his first set of public campaign rallies this weekend. 4:44, new government report sheds light on the now infamous secret service scandal. 24-page report says at least 9 of the 12 agents hired for sex were paid. investigators have yet to speak with the other three. none of the nine women was found to have ties to drug cartels or terrorist organizations.
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cnn reports three of the secret service members who lost their jobs over the scandal were dismissed after refusing to take polygraph tests. well, you may have noticed your grocery bill getting higher recently, particularly at that butcher counter. beef prices skyrocketing, some cuts jumping more than 30%. cattle raisers say the rising prices are driven by demand. and right now demand is high. fuel and feed costs are also pushing prices up. well, time now for a look at those markets. and for that, we turn to jackie at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning to you, jon. well, we saw the dow lose 10 points yesterday to 13,268. the nasdaq edging up nine points to 3,059. the markets dropped sharply early on after a report showed that private sector companies added fewer jobs last month than expected. that made some investors feel jittery about tomorrow's payroll report. looking at the futures this morning, slightly higher ahead
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of the open on wall street and we'll get data on new filings for unemployment as well as labor costs and a report on the nation's service inspector. gm and viacom reporting earnings. gm coming out a few moments ago looking at the beat and what was expected on wall street. meantime, retailers reporting april sales today. sales expected to slow mostly due to easter falling earlier this year, which pushed a lot of the holiday sales into march. some stores may try to blame the weather with colder temperatures covering much of the country last month versus mild weather in march. and finally, spirit airlines raising fees again. stouing a bag in the overhead bin may soon cost $100. more than for the flight themselves on spirit. spirit charging $45 for a carry-on bag. but as of november, people who wait to pay the fee until they reach their gate, they're going to have to fork over a c-note. the fee going up from $40 to $50. and if you check those bags in online, it'll be $5.
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anything you can fit under your seat, that's free. spirit is one of the two airlines that charges for carry-on bags. back to you. >> that's comforting. still free under the seats, wouldn't you say? >> in your shirt, in your pockets. >> very creative. she's resourceful. >> who wants to sit by me on the plane? >> it's going to rain across the bay area -- do you think? >> no, and i will volunteer first. i do not want to sit next to you on a flight. >> i know, hey. >> three 3-year-olds? >> where's the fun? >> maybe in a couple of years. good morning to you. we're looking good out there this morning. but we're not going to see rain over the entire bay area. i think some cities will get a little spritz. gilroy, you may not see any of this action as the front's going to fall apart as it makes its way south. we're expecting 52 degrees to start you out in san jose. 51 in san francisco. holding on to the 40s up in santa rosa. good-looking day shaping up. really nice day for the first
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part because the showers we are expecting, they're going to hold off until this evening for the greater bay area. winds will be a factor. and stability, and that means we're going to see the winds start to increase as we head through the next couple of hours. winds will probably gust at their highest between noon and 3:00 p.m. then once that front comes through, we'll get a little bit more stable in our atmosphere. area of low pressure's going to ride to our north, but we'll see the tail end sweep through the bay area. as a result, if you live to the north of the golden gate bridge, you have the best chance of seeing that rain today. cloudy start tomorrow makes way to a lot of sunshine and a gorgeous weekend. take a look at where we're headed. 77 degrees on saturday, on sunday, warmest day, 85 degrees inland. yeah, that means 78 degrees at the bay. and we're talking about maybe 75 degrees in santa cruz on sunday. so another picture perfect beach weekend. that's our third in a row. and we know jon kelley likes to get out on the beach. >> always. sun block. >> back to you.
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a political ad has landed a stockton doctor in hot water. protesters will rally in san francisco today against a physician working to defeat a proposed cigarette tax hike. dr. porter appears in this commercial speaking against proposition 29, which would add an additional dollar tax on to back koe products. in the ad, dr. porter says the prop does not guarantee any new funding for cancer treatment. protesters point out the commercial received most of its funding from big tobacco companies and criticized porter for working on them. protesters will gather for a rally at 10:30 this morning. a conservative groups of moms going after jc penney again. the group 1 million moms is upset with jc penney for using this catalog photo which shows a lesbian couple with their arms wrapped around each other and their daughter. both women are wearing wedding
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bands and the text across the photo reads freedom of expression. in february, 1 million moms launched a campaign demanding the retailer fire ellen degeneres because she's gay. that campaign failed. well, this one is nothing short of a major feat. it's 4:50 right now. we take you to some major league baseball history. we'll tell you about a no-hitter served up by the angels. plus, get ready for the summer block busters. hours away from the opening of the avengers. we'll have a preview next. >> i want to see that. we're looking at 101, a smooth drive through the north bay. novato construction, we'll talk about the rest of your commute coming up. hey, your high speed internet here at home...
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and this is a live look outside from the south bay this morning. waiting for the sun's arrival. going to have some overcast drizzly skies throughout the bay area. we'll check the forecast coming up, 4:53. we don't hear a lot about the l.a. angels up here in the bay area, but they pulled off a little major league history. we figured they earned a mention. jared weaver tossing a no-hitter against the twins. we jump to the ninth inning, that's one out, next batter strikes out.
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and finally, yeah, the twins looked like they were going to break this thing up. watch this, torii hunter. now then torii hunter will come up. weaver zoned in, ready to take down the no-hitter and the twins. they take it. jared weaver, you're going to disney world because it's in anaheim when they play. >> disneyland, just down the street. >> you're right. >> get the world and the land -- >> i mixed mickeys. midnight tonight the opening of the "avengers" bringing together some of the most iconic super heroes. some of the characters were featured in separate films which took in more than $2 billion the past couple of summers. the director of the "avengers" says balancing action with comedy will help drive the story. >> i think comedy is a really good in for an audience. it shows them that we understand that this is potentially absurd.
4:55 am
and it's a great way to reveal a character. >> sequel is almost certain. but first, several actors will be making the sequel films for their own characters. and some will be launching their own franchise on the silver screen. >> looking forward to it. it's time to throw it over to our own super hero. we'll leave it to mike. >> traffic guy and i do have the tights on. maybe you'll see them later. >> hope not. >> jon -- >> traffic, buddy. >> we want you to come back tomorrow, jon. we're looking over here to an animation i have created for you, as well the east shore freeway. there's construction going on in the westbound direction. just a lane blocked and no major slowing from the speed sensor. you can see that coming past the racetrack. over on the city, we do have an issue -- emergency repair work going on for the roadway. that's not too busy right now, folks are able to get through the area. but we'll let you know if that
4:56 am
lasts into the next hour as we will see more cars coming off of the golden gate bridge. the change at doyle drive, prisidio parkway coming up, we'll get a live look, as well. we get a live look and you see a very easy drive. the crews are getting ready to shift those cones and not a problem for the drive out of the area. northbound or southbound where we see some of those headlights coming through the area. come on, guys, you can make it on tv. there you are. back to you guys. >> thank you, mike. appreciate it, superman. it took a few minutes and a phone call to make serious artistic history. >> i was curious. one of the most famous works of arts, sotheby's auctioned the art for $120 million. you've seen it very famous, "the scream," painted in 1895. one of four versions he painted. describes his inspiration as shivering with anxiety.
4:57 am
the unknown buyer made the winning $107 million bid via phone. sotheby's will collect nearly $13 million in commission. >> here's $13 million, can you get rid of this old painting we have? still ahead on "today in the bay," how san francisco's using jackhammers, chain saws, and really loud speakers to combat homeless populations. plus, bikes and trikes stolen from kids in need. where it happened. and for all your news, weather, traffic, and good updates, check us out on facebook. you know what to do. search nbc
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an eighth grader at this school in south san jose dies after being brutally beaten. i'm marla tellez. i'll tell you what san jose police are saying about the suspects who are still on the run coming up.


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