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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 3, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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questioned with one large investor accusing thompson about lying about earning a computer science college degree in his yahoo! company bio as well as his previous bio at paypal. thompson's alma mater informed him thompson only has an accounting degree and even more important, the college did not start handing out computer science degrees until four years after thompson graduated. now, in his letter to the yahoo! board of directors, he says it has undermined thompson's credibility and also reflects poorly on the ceo's character. a business professor and bureau technology correspondent john fort weigh in on this issue. >> the problem lies in the fact that when you lie, you violate the trust that people tend to initially put in you. and when you do that, then the question becomes, well, if he's lying now, will he lie later. >> yahoo! is in a tough spot as
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far as its business goes. you see facebook surging, google is doing really great. the last thing you need to be focused on is defending their resumes. they need to be focused on turning the business around. this is just one more thing they don't need to be dealing with right now. >> yahoo! has confirmed thompson does not have a computer science degree. yahoo! describes him as a highly qualified executive leading large consumer technology companies. lobe is asking for a good explanation. if that doesn't happen, he's calling for the board of directors for immediate action. the letter did not state if that means removal. we're live in san jose tonight. george katayama, nbc bay area news. like facebook, break open that piggy bank. facebook is scheduled to go public in two weeks and new paperwork out today shows the price per share will be can s $
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$35. that will put the company's value at nearly $80 billion. if that holds true it would be valued at more than ebay and hp and more than half of google. each of facebook's 800 million users is worth $97. 50. well, a school leader accused of a sex crime. the vice principal at a south bay school is in jail tonight charged with molesting a student. police arrested a 32-year-old at leland high school campus that is just getting over a cheating scandal too. damian trujillo was first to report the sex assault allegations on twitter and then nbc bay this morning. he joins us live from the school. >> reporter: well, jessica, joseph regito ran the assemblies here at the high school. tonight he is behind bars. a principal and another vice principal are on leave. leland high school is now without its top three leaders. joseph regito is in jail.
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>> detectives from the child exploits detail came out to leland high school and interviewed several people. at the end of the day we ended up arresting the vice president of activities here at the school. >> reporter: the school district says the alleged sexual assault on a student happened in september of 2011 off campus. >> i've had several interactions with him. like i said, my daughter did cheer and never felt anything that wasn't appropriate. >> i believe everybody would be shocked in a situation like this, you know. totally something you don't expect to happen at a campus. >> reporter: the district also placed the principal and another vice principal on leave so it can conduct a thorough, transparent investigation. they're expected back at work in a few days. >> that's kind of sad. this is a good school, there's a lot of good students here, have a lot of good activities. i guess that's endemic of what's happening around the country. >> reporter: no one answered the door at his home and he refused a jailhouse interview.
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now a school three weeks from graduation tries to pick up the pieces from what's been a year filled with scandal. bail is set at $100,000. a retired principal will take over this campus for now. we're live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. a jewelry heist gone wrong. vallejo police are on the scene of a jewelry store where the owner shot and killed a would be robber. police say the suspect walked in on the couple who owns the jewelry store just before 1:00 this afternoon. that store is on broadway right near vallejo high school. they say the thief jumped over the counter, pulled a gun and then went after them. the store's owner grabbed his own gun and killed the suspect. the calm of dawn decimated by blasts of gunfire and flash bangs. federal investigators raided a bay area gang, but these raids turned violent and three federal agents were shot. it happened about 4:00 a.m. at a home on mcneill drive in
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petaluma. jodi hernandez joins us with the latest on this daring raid. jodi. >> reporter: raj, law enforcement officials say the raids were the result of an 18-month investigation into one of the bay area's most dangerous and violent gangs. that investigation began right here in south san francisco with the killings of three people in 2010. now investigators believe they have those responsible for the killings and a whole lot more behind bars. >> to the gang members who are still out there, i'd offer this warning. be looking over your shoulder, because there's a good chance we're coming for you next. >> reporter: that's the message law enforcement hopes this morning's raids on suspected gang members sends. federal agents stormed this petaluma home and ten other locations in the bay area, arresting members of the 500 block c street gang, but not before three agents in put leta
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were wounded. >> these agents were wounded when they encountered a barrage of gunfire from an assault rifle. without a shadow of a doubt, this incident underscores how dangerous this gang is and why this morning's arrests are such a welcome news for the residents of this community. >> reporter: u.s. attorney says the petaluma man and 18 others indicted this morning have been under investigation since a 2010 south san francisco shooting that left three people dead. among the charges they face, murder, attempted murder, robbery, and obstruction of justice. >> in the days and weeks that followed, our investigation revealed the defendants went to great lengths seeking to cover their tracks and escape justice. but as the suspects learned this morning, justice is patient and justice is resolute. >> the violence must stop and the indictment unsealed today is a clear message to gang member that say they will be brought to justice for the pain and sorrow
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they inflict on their communities. >> reporter: this man lives two doors down from the petaluma suspect. he shot video and photos of the raid. he can't believe what his neighbor is accused of. >> that's scary to know that you're living next to someone who can make a commotion like this. >> reporter: now, this 37-page indictment spells out a long list of charges against 19 people. those 19 people will be in federal court tomorrow morning. now, those three federal agents that were wounded in this morning's raid are in stable condition tonight with non-life threatening gunshot wounds. they're being called heroes. in south san francisco, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. a dirty syringe has injected an east bay neighborhood with concern, not only about the hazard but also, they say, about the response they got from oakland schools.
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it happened last week at the highland children's center on 86th avenue near a street. a boy pricked himself with a syringe he found while attending an after-school program there. parents claim oakland unified didn't inform them or take preventative measures to clean up the playground until this week. the district is sending out a letter about the incident to parents today. >> we're just really upset and heart broken and mad that this happened on my child's play ground. >> it took them till today to actually get out there and actually start doing what they call professional cleanup. >> there were a lot of missed steps in this process. it's nothing something we're pleased with at all, but we are taking steps to remedy that. >> the child that was pricked is undergoing hiv and hepatitis treatments as a precaution. well, the agonizing search continues. today dozens of volunteers fanned out to find sierra lamar, the missing teen last seen march
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16th. teams led by the klaas foundation searched coyote reservoir. morgan hill police are holding a community meeting that started just a few minutes ago. they're there to address the fear and concern of residents in the wake of the teenager's disappearance. officers will also hold a q & a session with instructors from west coast martial arts, a south bay martial arts school where they're giving self defense classes. just a short while ago it was announced that junior seau's death was indeed a suicide. seau shot himself in the chest, therefore keeping his brain intact for researchers pending his family's approval. also today a makeshift memorial continues to grow outside the southern california home of the former football star. fans have laid dozens of flowers and notes and balloons at his oceanside home. seau's father, who you see here, visited the memorial today and broke down in tears as he tried to talk to reporters. the 43-year-old seau, the former
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all pro linebacker, died yesterday morning. his friends tell our sister iatnion san diego that seau was feeling depressed about his life after football. giants legend barry bonds is back in the headlines today, in a 70-page brief filed by his legal team bonds urged a federal appeals court to overturn his obstruction of justice conviction. it was just over two years ago when a jury convicted bonds of obstructing justice during his testimony to a federal grand jury in the balco scandal of 2003. bonds was sentenced last december to two years probation and a month of house arrests at his beverly hills home. prosecutors are expected to file their response later this month. well, a gloomy day around the bay area as rain made a return. let's turn things over to chief meteorologist jeff ranieri in the nbc weather center. >> a lot of cloud cover from the north bay all the way to the south bay. we had measurable rainfall in the north bay, and then lesser amounts as we move to the south as this really started to break
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up as you can see on the radar. right now a few lone showers across the berkeley hills. that may ano impact areas to the south near oakland and also points to the east like lafayette over the next 20 to 30 minutes. but as far as the rainfall goes, we're done with the worst of it. point reyes picking up our top total with 0.13. as we head into the upcoming weekend, it's all about this hot region of high pressure. we'll let you know how high those numbers go coming up in that seven-day forecast. i think you may even like what we have coming our way into next week. >> thank you, jeff. still ahead, political heavyweights share a stage in the bay area. former president clinton and former secretary of state condoleezza rice are in san jose this evening. rice had some interesting comments about running for vice president. also coming up, the change involving south bay card rooms that could soon go before voters. >> reporter: i'm marianne favro in san jose where new apartments are being built because demand is high and rents are climbing.
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coming up, i'll show you just how high they're getting here in the bay area. and we have the video to prove it, it's a costly problem captured by our hidden cameras. straight ahead, our teef investigative reporter exposes how south bay tax dollars are o tho e light ngrail s tysteras o the light rail sysm. stay wteith us. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit.
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just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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well, your tax dollars built it but tonight an nbc bay area investigation is uncovering problems inside santa clara county's light rail system. our chief investigator joins us with a preview of his hidden camera investigation. tony. >> reporter: jess, we've been riding light rail and watching your tax dollars at work or not at work. our investigation has found vta by all indications ignoring a system failure and choosing not to fix a problem that's costing all of us more than a million dollars each year.
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tonight our investigation takes you inside a culture where free rides are easy to get. >> like ten years, i've only gotten checked three or four times. >> really? >> i don't even buy them anymore. >> reporter: it's public transportation receiving $172 million sales tax dollars from the public each year. >> are you confident you're managing those tax dollars the way taxpayers would want? >> yes. >> reporter: but our hidden camera investigation raises questions about how vta manages fare evaders. the santa clara county light rail system has the highest fare evasion rate in the region. >> i usually ride without one. >> have you ever gotten caught? no? >> reporter: what does that say about vta and it's fare inspection program. >> well, one of several things. either the fare inspectors aren't doing a good enough job or there aren't enough fare inspectors out there checking transit riders. >> reporter: you're running a system that has a fare evasion
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rate of 7.2%. is that acceptable? >> it's not acceptable. we're working to get the rate down. >> reporter: taxpayers want to know you're going to take this information and fix the problem. can you say that? vta's general manager answering that question tonight at 11:00. tune in as our nbc bay area investigative unit takes you inside vta's light rail. the issue here, why are managers allowing a culture of free rides with our tax dollars? the exclusive nbc bay area investigation tonight at 11:00. jess. >> okay, thank you, tony. we'll look forward to seeing that. in the interim, if you have a tip for our investigative unit just call 888-996-tips or you can send us an e-mail to t a missing girl is safe tonight and a santa clara man is accused of holding her against her will.
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23-year-old merced pacheco faces imprisonment and sex assault charges. the girl is listed as a missing person. the 16-year-old was with him on tuesday when she confided in a vta fare inspector at the orchard light rail station in san jose. sheriff's transit patrol later took the suspect into custody. >> the victim did admit that the relationship had been going on for a few months. during that time, she was being held kind of against her will at the suspect's residence in santa clara. >> investigators are still trying to determine whether the relationship between the two started out as consensual. they're calling it doubling down. a san jose card room is hoping to add more gambling tables while another card club is on the verge of opening. san jose's bay 101 club filed papers asking for an expansion measure to be put on the november ballot. it wants to increase its gambling tables at its clubs by more than 60%. but first it needs more than 19,000 signatures to make it on the ballot.
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bay 101 says the move is aimed at cashing in on more of the gambling market that's being lost to indian casinos in the central valley. the city's other card room, you see it here, garden city, is still waiting on approval to move into their new $50 million building near the airport where it will be renamed casino matrix. the fight to keep college costs down came to the south bay. a u.s. congresswoman joined college students to rally against rising federal student loan rates. democratic representative appeared during the student rally today at san jose state university. both congressional democrats and republicans remain at odds on how to keep the current 3.4% interest rate from doubling july 1st. >> there's a trillion dollars in student debt in the united states. it's bigger than the mortgage problem right now. the last thing we should do is to make it more difficult for struggling students and their families to pursue higher
6:19 pm
education. >> now, if student loan rates do double, only future loans would be affected. well, if you've spent any time in a public school recently, you know finding a weekly art class is like finding a picasso. it is not likely. but a new statewide campaign is trying to change that. create california is an effort by business an education leaders to restore art in public schools. organizers of the campaign want to measure a school's performance in art education like we measure reading and math. that's our topic this weekend on my talk show about education class action. >> we do need to be assessing students in their performance on the arts, and we need to be assessing schools' success with students' performance on the arts. >> and that might change the dynamic of how much emphasis and how many resources are put into art, right? >> yes. we value what we measure. >> want to catch it? it's "class action" sunday at 9:30. you can see my full interview,
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including the boeing corporation, state superintendent of schools and even governor brown. >> very nice. let's turn things over now to our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. there are a few sprinkles as we came into work and even right now. >> still a little lingering shower activity. we picked up a tenth of an inch to 0.2 in parts of peninsula. some major cooling from this past weekend where we did have 87 in gilroy, 82 this past weekend in redwood city all the way down to 63. some of our other cool spots, los gatos with just 58 degrees, so somewhat of a winter blast across the bay area. while the rainfall was not strong the cold air making it field a little uncomfortable for this time of the year. 60 in san mateo, 61 in san francisco and also 61 in novato. let's take you out to our eyes in the sky and that is our sky camera network. you'll see we still have a persistent onshore flow in san francisco and that will eventually lead us to some drizzle tonight at the coast but
6:21 pm
as far as the measurable rainfall goes we're pretty much done at this pointing. let's get you back to this satellite/radar picture. just a few showers we. we don't think it will make it back to walnut creek. so we still find spotty showers as we continue throughout the next 30 minutes. then as we look out wider here, all of that rain we had earlier this morning lining up into the north way. it's pretty much broken up down throughout the south way so little to nothing left at this point in terms of rainfall coming our way. in fact our next big focus is not going to be rainfall and cold air but rather this hot region of high pressure coming in that will actually bring some of us into the 80s and slightly increase our fire danger. we'll see winds sliding out of the north and just offshore. that will bring humidities likely down into the teens and also the 20s. as for the morning forecast, we'll start with 49 in livermore, 53 in san jose, 52 in los gatos. a little chill in the air throughout the peninsula with temperatures in the upper 40s.
6:22 pm
daytime highs expected to top out a little warmer with low 70s inland. we'll talk about those 80s and that seven-day forecast and how long they will last. looks like we may even manage some beach weather in between. >> some 80s? wow. still ahead at 6:00, taking a stand. a major fashion magazine with a new policy involving models. also on the hunt, why scientists took to the sky in a blimp today and the connection to that recent meteor explosion. and he's an ordinary student with an extraordinary dorm room. we'll introduce you to the uc berkeley student raising eyebrows over his high-tech digs. it's his dorm room. we're back in a moment. ♪
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police in el cerrito are investigating a string of burglaries over the last week. one of the homes was hit twice. the owner of the home didn't discover the loss until after the second burglary. police say they're pursuing a number of leads. a lit cigarette is blamed for starting this three-alarm fire in the east bay that left about 42 people homeless. it started on the second floor of the apartment complex in martinez. six units were destroyed and 21 others have extensive damage. four dogs were rescued. you see one of them right there. thankfully, no one was injured. still ahead here at 6:00, sharing the stage. former president bill clinton and former secretary of state condoleezza rice speak in the south bay. what rice is saying about her chance of running for the vice presidency. also the eye in the sky. why scientists boarded a blimp today in the wake of that meteor explosion over the sierra. and i'm janelle wang. the blind chinese activist makes a plea from china to congress
6:26 pm
and his request to secretary of state hillary clinton. and osama bin laden revealed, an inside look at what nte al qaeda leader was planning beernational headlines fo your international headlines xt. xt
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so, is your landlord looking for more rent? apparently you are not alone. >> rent is on the rise, big-time. better job market means higher rent across the bay area. nbc's marianne favro joins us in san jose this evening with the new numbers. >> reporter: well, construction crews are working to build a new 444-unit apartment complex here in north san jose, and there certainly is a demand for new apartments. because of that demand, rents in the area are going way up. need to rent? with 97% of the apartments in the san jose area already renting rented, that might be tough. >> rents in the bay area are pretty strong. in fact in the south bay here,
6:29 pm
the rent growth is among the strongest in the country. it's actually third strongest in the nation behind seattle and boulder, colorado. >> reporter: according to, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in sunnyvale is up $104 compared to last quarter n palo alto, the average rent for a one-bedroom unit has jumped to $2,247 a month, thanks in part to the success of facebook and other high-tech companies. >> the large companies like google and facebook, are doing extremely well and are projected to continue that. so that's driving the demand for apartments. in fact our vacancy rate in this area is about 3%, almost at an all-time low right now. >> reporter: which is one reason many tenants are seeing their rents go up. >> it went up about $200 this year and i live in sunnyvale. >> reporter: demand is also high because few renters can save up enough money to buy a home in the bay area.
6:30 pm
experts say it doesn't matter if you're looking for a luxury apartment like this or a more modest home, you can still expect to pay more for what you rent. i remember when i first moved to the bay area 15 years ago and tried to look for an apartment, competition was so fierce and a lot of prospective tenants would bring flowers and bake cookies for the potential landlord. i think those times are about to return, raj. >> very nice, thank you, marianne ann. some political heavyweights are in san jose this evening for an annual conference on business, economics and politics. among the speakers, it's a who's who. former secretary of state condoleezza rice, former president bill clinton and it was hosted by san jose mayor chuck reed. the 40th annual outlook conference was organized by the business group called bay area council. it was held at san jose's california theater. its purpose, to try and forecast where the economy is heading. president clinton had this to
6:31 pm
say about governor jerry brown's job performance. >> and i said how are you doing, jerry? he said this is tough. but i said, yeah, but i think you're doing the right thing. you have to live by the laws of economics and the money you've got. >> nice to see the president in town. condoleezza rice spoke for nearly an hour this evening. she says that mitt romney would make a, quote, fine president but that she has no interest. she reiterated that she has no interest in being a candidate for vice president. she also had some advice for romney about the type of person he should choose. somebody who actually wants to run for office would be a good start. meanwhile president barack obama is hoping to cash in on the bay area again. he'll be here for three fund-raisers on the peninsula. may 23rd cash call comes as his re-election campaign gets into full swing. the cheapest ticket bill be 250 to get into a rally at redwood city. the other two cost more than $30,000 to attend. stop the raids.
6:32 pm
nancy pelosi is speaking out against the obama administration for the escalated attacks on state compliant medical marijuana businesses in california. this is video of the federal raid in oakland last month. that's the cannabis training school. pelosi has strong concern about this type of action and threatens the safe access of medical marijuana in california. she said the opportunity to ease the suffering of people who are seriously ill or enduring difficult and painful therapies is an opportunity we must not ignore. since 2009 there have been more than 170 s.w.a.t.-style raids. chinese activist chen guangcheng wants to leave china. >> chen says he doesn't feel safe and wants to leave china. one report says he wants to fly out with secretary of state hillary clinton on saturday, who's there on a business trip. he even made a plea by phone to
6:33 pm
lawmakers on capitol hill today. [ speaking foreign language ] >> i want to meet with the secretary clinton. >> the phone call took place during a congressional hearing on china. no word if secretary clinton will try to meet with the blind activist who escaped house arrest and fled to the u.s. embassy in beijing. u.s. diplomats said chen never asked for asylum during his six days at the embassy. >> we're just going to have to sit down with him, talk about it and review all the options. >> originally chen said he wanted to stay in china and had reassurances he could live there freely so he was transferred to a hospital where she was reunited with his family but now believes their safety is threatened. osama bin laden's personal letters now online for the world to see. the army's combatting terrorism center released 17 of the 6,000 documents seized during last yeares raid on bin laden's compound in pakistan.
6:34 pm
they confirm the leader was planning another terrorist attack, including assassination attempts on president obama and former commander of nato forces general david petraeus. he felt that would put a, quote, utterly unprepared vice president, joe biden, in charge plunging the u.s. in crisis. 80 years in prison is the sentence prosecutors are recommending for the former liberian president, charles taylor. he was convicted for helping rebels carry out a brutal and bloody civil war that left more than 50,000 people dead. taylor's trial took place at the hague in the netherlands which does notss iue the death penalty. the court will hand down an official sentence on may 30th. russia is issuing a threat to the u.s. tonight. stop creating a missile defense system in europe or be prepared for, quote, destructive force. russia says the system to be completed in 2020 would undermine its military capabilities. negotiations are taking place between the u.s., nalt oto and
6:35 pm
russia but we hear they're at a stand still not going anywhere. well, making good on their promise. the company in charge of redeveloping the bay district came through with its first installment today. in a ceremony at city hall the lenar corporation handed over a check to city officials. the contribution marks the first installment of the $37.5 million earmarked for job training and affordable housing as part of development at hunter s point. the project is anticipated to generate more than 12,000 permanent jobs. >> it means a lot because we're at a stage now where we're fulfilling a very old promise, one that you've all been a part of. >> lenar and its partners have not yet started construction on the project. in oakland, take a look. a hit and run crash causing a lot of damage to a restaurant overnight. it happened at simpson's soul food at foothill and congress. a car slammed right into the corner of that restaurant.
6:36 pm
the driver was able to exit the vehicle and took off. he left before police and firefighters arrived at the scene. still ahead at 6:00, the bold new pledge involving models and a top fashion magazine. also we take you inside a techie's paradise. the fully automated dorm room right here in the bay uearea. and it's being called the bionic eye. the technology helping a blind man see again. and i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. spring felt a lot like winter today with rainfall totals and 0.13 at point reyes. over in the east bay we picked up a few showers totaling 0.02. we'll have details on not only a warming friday but 80-degree temperatures in that seven-day forecast. we'll detail it all in just minutes.
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6:39 pm
a group of scientists took to the skies today in a blimp. they're searching for meteorites that rained down on parts of northern california and nevada last month. now, from the air the researchers from nasa and an institute in mountain view hope to spot sites where large freg minutes fell and follow up with a search on the ground. most of the pieces recovered have been small but scientists say there has to be bigger fragments out there. >> what we're hoping is that we find some pieces about this size. >> so just how powerful was it? nasa estimated the minivan-size meteor released energy equal to
6:40 pm
one-third the explosive power of the atomic bomb dropped on hiroshima during world war ii. in health matters tonight, a 54-year-old british man is regaining his sight thanks to a bionic eye. chris james had been blind more than 20 years. he suffers from a genetic disease that destroys the retina over time. he became the first person in britain to be fitted with a digital chip at the back of his eye to partially restore his eye. it is similar to those used in cell phone cameras. it converts light into electrical signals that is picked up by nerves and transmitted to the visual processing region of the brain. the chip allows patients to see a grainy black and white image. with time, though, he will be able to recognize faces. a bold move by "vogue" that could change what we see on the pages. prestigious fashion magazine. "vogue" is making a statement about its own models, too young, too thin and it's no longer in. the editors pledged today to use
6:41 pm
only, quote, what they describe as healthy models who are over the age of 16 on their editorial pages. the magazine says it hopes to be the ambassador of the message of a healthy body image. then they need to start using 40-year-old short models. that would be the ambassador of change. >> are you hinting at anything? >> i'm just saying. >> just in case they're watching. jeff ranieri is here now. thursday at 6:40, we're right there on the weekend, we're right there. >> on the cusp. you know, just in time, mother nature will be warming those temperatures up as we head into saturday and sunday. we'll let you know how hot it's going to get and who will potentially hit 80s in just a few minutes. the orange and black offense came up short once again today against the fish. we'll have full highlights, plus if the giants weren't already feeling enough pain from losing their third straight game, they're certainly cringing now after losing their third rom e
6:42 pm
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we can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. this is a stressful time of year. most college students are cramming for finals, but one uc berkeley student has found himself in the center of an international media swarm. >> as joe rosato jr. shows us,
6:44 pm
it's all because of the project he calls berkeley's ridiculous automated dorm. >> reporter: it's a ritual of college life for most students to personalize their dorm rooms. but derek lowe wasn't content with posters or a lava lamp. with a few clicks of his laptop, his uc berkeley dorm room transforms into something of a disco. lowe set out to auto mate his room with all the bells and whistles you'd expect from an electrical engineering student. there's a disco ball, strobe lights, black lights, all run by his computer. >> it sends a signal to the laptop to activate by remote and the whole room just goes crazy. >> reporter: lowe even created a setting for the occasions when the mood strikes. >> i do have a row map particular mode that has been getting a lot of funny comment on youtube. >> reporter: and another mode when the party is over. >> so i can be in my bed and shout out "sleep mode." it shuts off the light, closes
6:45 pm
the curtains. >> reporter: this past weekend, lowe posted a video of his dorm room on youtube. since monday, it's gotten 600,000 hits. but among the viewers was the university itself. >> we were a little bit concerned about him altering wiring that might electrocute him or alter the electrical currents in his building in his room. >> reporter: the school relaxed a bit after an electrician checked out the work, but the school still plans to have a chat with lowe this week. the college freshman says he only used tape and binder clips to do the work and wisely decided against the fog machine. >> i don't use it because it triggers the smoke detector, obviously. you don't want to be partying and have the whole building evacuated. >> reporter: though the hoopla has made it a bit tough for his roommates to study, lowe has become something of a star in griffin hall. >> i wish that he would live with me next year or could spice up my apartment. >> reporter: but lowe has just about a week left of dorm life before he moves into his own
6:46 pm
apartment. >> i'll set this up again. >> reporter: joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> okay. we have got to get him out to our houses to put that disco ball. >> party at griffin hall tomorrow night. >> yes. >> so, jeff, you must be excited. la nina left. >> yes, la nina is gone. we could have used that party atmosphere to celebrate that. it's been causing all of those extremes the past two years. our extremes even lately, but it is starting to calm down as the pacific waters are starting to moderate. let's get a look, though, today. it was still erratic here. 58 in los gatos. 64 in redwood city, 64 in san francisco and 58 in san rafael. satellite/radar picture had that lien of showers earlier this morning, but as it moved to the south just as forecasted, that broke up quite a bit, leaving little to nothing down into san jose. we're still tracking a few isolated showers right here across oakland headed toward the
6:47 pm
caldecott tunnel. that's where you'll find showers kicking up those windshield wipers. temperatures dropping into the low 60s from san francisco to san mateo and 69 in sunnyvale with right now 64 in san jose. let's take you out to that hd live sky camera network in san jose. what you'll find is a lot of overcast conditions here in throughout downtown and not too much hope as we mentioned of squeezing out any kind of rainfall from this. just a slight, slight possibility. only about a 10% chance left to get any kid of raindrops for the remainder of this evening. as we head throughout tomorrow morning we'll find clearing conditions. it will stay a little breezy for us, windiest at the coastline. friday sunny skies returning with eventually big-time warming coming in that seven-day forecast. we're going to see this cold front move out real quickly tonight. it's all about high pressure. that's going to get this dome of some hot air real close to california. it's not going to sit exactly on
6:48 pm
top of us. if it would, we would have mid and upper 90s. we'll get drying winds throughout saturday and sunday and expect 80s to return inland. tomorrow will be that transitional day for us. here's the other thing. that stagnant air staying in place will also keep that allergy in the high categories. grasses, ash and mold in the high and oak in the moderate. here's what we can expect tonight. 52 in los gatos, 48 in santa rosa and 53 in san francisco. daytime highs expected to top out just a little warmer in the south bay with 71 at morgan bill, 71 gilroy, 68 san jose, 68 in sunny veil. for the east bay still some 60s, slightly below average but just hang on. in two days we'll see those numbers jump quite a bit more. 64 in san francisco, 67 in san rafael and close to 70 expected in santa rosa. on that three-day forecast numbers really start to go up as we head into sunday.
6:49 pm
temperatures 20 degrees warmer for some of you. then by subbnday it will be mid-80s. monday and tuesday we stay with that trend and possibly some 70s by next thursday but no rain expected in that next seven-day forecast. i've got to add that exclamation for you there on monday, raj. i know you were excited about a beach day. it wasn't a question in the 5:00 show. >> are you taking monday off? >> it might be a field trip. >> you're coming too. >> oh, now that's different. >> do i get to go? >> of course. >> thanks, jeff. let's get to sports. >> oh, invite henry to go with us. >> for sure henry is coming. >> i needed an invitation. i felt like i was being left out for a second here. come on! let's talk some sports for a second, raj and jessica. seems like luck is not on the giants' side right now. the guys aren't just losing games, they're going to lose one
6:50 pm
of their best players for at least a month andth the panda. pablo sandoval is expected to miss four to six weeks after breaking a bone in his left hand. he broke the same bone in his right hand last season and missed 41 games. jamie has been at the ballpark all day and has the very latest. >> reporter: on the one-year anniversary that pablo sandoval received surgery on his right hand, the giants announce he will require the same procedure on his left. >> boy, i feel for him. particularly the way he's been playing and swinging the bat. it's a tough loss for four to six weeks. but it's the right thing to do. let's get this thing taken care of. he'll have surgery tomorrow on it. and we'll have to move forward and try to maintain where we're at and hopefully better until he gets back. >> today is a tough day for me because i travel early and kind
6:51 pm
of run around with my head cut off a little bit. i'm going to try to do the best i can for right now until i get my feet underneath me and just play hard and try to do the best job i can. >> reporter: sandoval thinks he hurt himself on sunday but attempted to play through the pain until it became too much on wednesday. he will undergo surgery friday in palo alto. reporting from at&t park, i'm jamie seier. giants trying to avoid the sweep against the marlins this afternoon. sanchez with two complete straight game shutouts of the giants and he was cruising today. bottom of the sixth, up 2-0. blanco falls on his way to third. that's been the giants' problem, falling and can't get up. melky cabrera grounds into a 3-6-3 double play. blanco scores. 2-1 marlins. bottom of the seventh now, nate
6:52 pm
sheer holtz. a now 3-1 fish. another chance in the bottom of the eighth. blanco will score there but it was too little too late. marlins win. 3-2 is your final. >> we've got to, you know, push forward here. that's all you can do. this is a tough series. similar to arizona, you know, you lose three close games and when you're in these tight games, you have to execute. we've got to get better at that part of the game. but, you know, it's -- you know, there's a lot of baseball left. these guys, they'll get better at .it when you have young players, again, you're going to see some mistakes here and there. more injury news for you, this time from the east bay. x-rays on the a's catcher came back negative after he was hit with a pitch during wednesday's win against the boston red sox.
6:53 pm
suzuki is considered day-to-day as the oakland a's will begin a three-game set with the rays tomorrow. one final note, bob bolsby is stepping down as stanford's athletic director to become the new commissioner of the big 12 conference. he has been at the farm since 2006. in fact, raj and jessica, he's the man who hired jim harbaugh. >> big move for him and maybe condoleezza rice could become athletic director at stanford. wouldn't that be fun? >> maybe, maybe. we'll see how that turns out. >> you better give condie a call. you can watch sportsnet central on comcast sportsnet at 10:30. >> we'll be right back. hello?
6:54 pm
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talk about a tasty treat. this 1-year-old boy's first visit to the zoo is going viral. a lion at the oregon zoo was fascinated by little jack. oh, yeah, i can fit him at my mouth. kept pawing at him even opening her mouth to try to eat him. the boy unfazed by it all. zoo keepers suspect that his striped black and white jacket made him look like a little baby zebra to the lion. lions often interact through the protective glass but she looked hungry for little jack. from lions to bears. three special visitors in the southern california town of altadena right near pasadena. a mother and her two cubs were perched high atop of a tree.
6:57 pm
take a look. witnesses say the bears were just strolling around the community around 7:30 this morning when something spooked them and they headed up the tree. it's not uncommon for people to see bears in this area since it's located right near the angeles national forest, but the bears have since come down. they wandered around the neighborhood a little longer and then went up another tree. >> that is so sweet to see the mama and her baby bears. brent cannon joins us with what's coming up at 7:00. >> tonight the u.s. and afghanistan just signed that new long-term agreement, but what's in the deal? a middle east expert examines that document for us and joins us with some of his findings. plus medical marijuana going up in smoke. with federal raids ramping up and nancy pelosi fighting back, we talk to one of the main bay area figures in that debate. that and more coming up in just a few on comcast 186. >> thank you, brent. enjoy your evening. we hope to see you back again for our 11:00 news. >> bye-bye. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted.
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